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  • Drama: Golden Rainbow (English & literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Hwanggeum Moojigae
  • Hangul: 황금 무지개
  • Director: Kang Dae-Sun
  • Writer: Son Young-Mok
  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 41
  • Release Date: November 2, 2013 - March 30, 2014
  • Runtime: Saturdays & Sundays 21:45
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


7 siblings, all of whom are orphans and not blood-related, love each other more than real siblings. They go through many hardships together. Challenges then wait in the seafood industry.


  1. "Golden Rainbow" takes over the MBC Saturdays & Sundays 21:45 time slot previously occupied by "Scandal: A Shocking and Wrongful Incident" and will be replaced by "Hotel King" on March 29, 2014.
  2. First script reading for child characters took place August 22, 2013. At the script reading Kim You-Jung, Song Yoo-Jung, Ahn Seo-Hyun, Jung Yoon-Suk and others attended.
  3. Filming begins September, 2013.


Golden Rainbow-Uee.jpg Golden Rainbow-Jung Il-Woo.jpg Golden Rainbow-Cha Ye-Ryun.jpg Golden Rainbow-Lee Jae-Yoon.jpg Golden Rainbow-Kim Sang-Joong.jpg
Uee Jung Il-Woo Cha Ye-Ryun Lee Jae-Yoon Kim Sang-Joong
Kim Baek-Won Seo Do-Young Kim Chun-Won Kim Man-Won Kim Han-Joo
Golden Rainbow-Do Ji-Won.jpg Golden Rainbow-Jo Min-Gi.jpg Golden Rainbow-Park Won-Suk.jpg Golden Rainbow-Ji Su-Won.jpg Golden Rainbow-Ahn Nae-Sang.jpg
Do Ji-Won Jo Min-Gi Park Won-Suk Ji Su-Won Ahn Nae-Sang
Yoon Young-Hye Seo Jin-Ki Kang Jung-Sim Jang Mi-Rim Chun Eok-Jo
Golden Rainbow-Choi Su-Im.jpg Lee Ji-Hoon Golden Rainbow-Jae Shin.jpg Golden Rainbow-Lee Won-Bal.jpg
Choi Su-Im Lee Ji-Hoon Jae Shin Lee Won-Bal
Kim Sib-Won Kim Yeol-Won Seo Tae-Young Park Woong

Young Cast Members:

Golden Rainbow-Kim You-Jung.jpg Golden Rainbow-Oh Jae-Moo.jpg Golden Rainbow-Song Yoo-Jung.jpg Seo Young-Joo Ahn Seo-Hyun
Kim You-Jung Oh Jae-Moo Song Yoo-Jung Seo Young-Joo Ahn Seo-Hyun
Kim Baek-Won Seo Do-Young Kim Chun-Won Kim Man-Won Kim Sib-Won
Golden Rainbow-Jung Yoon-Suk.jpg Golden Rainbow-Kim Tae-Joon.jpg Golden Rainbow-Choi Ro-Woon.jpg Golden Rainbow-Lee Seung-Ho.jpg Kim Dong-Hyun
Jung Yoon-Suk Kim Tae-Joon Choi Ro-Woon Lee Seung-Ho Kim Dong-Hyun
Kim Yeol-Won Kim Il-Won Kim Young-Won Seo Tae-Young Chun Soo-Pyo
Golden Rainbow-Lee Chae-Mi.jpg Golden Rainbow-Jeon Joon-Hyeok.jpg
Lee Chae-Mi Jeon Joon-Hyeok
Kim Baek-Won (child) Kim Man-Won (child)

Additional Cast Members:


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Episode Ratings

Date Episode TNmS AGB
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-11-02 1 10.7% (5th) 12.5% (3rd) 10.9% (6th) 11.3% (7th)
2013-11-03 2 11.2% (6th) 13.6% (4th) 13.2% (5th) 15.1% (4th)
2013-11-09 3 12.2% (5th) 13.7% (3rd) 12.7% (5th) 14.3% (3rd)
2013-11-10 4 11.8% (7th) 12.9% (5th) 12.2% (5th) 13.2% (5th)
2013-11-16 5 12.9% (2nd) 15.5% (2nd) 13.2% (4th) 14.6% (4th)
2013-11-17 6 11.6% (7th) 12.9% (5th) 12.3% (5th) 13.7% (5th)
2013-11-23 7 12.1% (5th) 13.2% (3rd) 12.4% (3rd) 13.3% (3rd)
2013-11-24 8 12.1% (6th) 14.2% (5th) 12.2% (6th) 13.4% (6th)
2013-11-30 9 13.8% (2nd) 16.6% (2nd) 12.6% (4th) 13.2% (3rd)
2013-12-01 10 12.7% (5th) 14.0% (4th) 12.1% (6th) 12.6% (6th)
2013-12-07 11 13.7% (2nd) 15.4% (2nd) 13.7% (2nd) 15.1% (2nd)
2013-12-08 12 13.8% (5th) 15.9% (3rd) 14.9% (3rd) 16.5% (3rd)
2013-12-14 13 15.3% (3rd) 18.0% (2nd) 15.4% (2nd) 17.4% (2nd)
2013-12-15 14 14.4% (5th) 16.3% (4th) 14.7% (4th) 16.6% (3rd)
2013-12-21 15 12.3% (7th) 13.5% (5th) 13.4% (5th) 14.4% (4th)
2013-12-22 16 12.0% (5th) 13.7% (4th) 14.3% (3rd) 15.4% (3rd)
2013-12-28 17 13.3% (5th) 15.0% (3rd) 13.5% (4th) 15.2% (3rd)
2014-01-04 18 13.2% (5th) 15.4% (3rd) 12.8% (7th) 13.9% (5th)
2014-01-05 19 12.1% (6th) 13.9% (5th) 12.8% (7th) 13.8% (7th)
2014-01-11 20 14.4% (4th) 16.0% (3rd) 13.9% (4th) 15.5% (3rd)
2014-01-12 21 13.6% (5th) 16.3% (3rd) 13.0% (7th) 14.0% (7th)
2014-01-18 22 14.0% (4th) 16.9% (2nd) 14.2% (3rd) 15.9% (2nd)
2014-01-19 23 14.4% (4th) 15.9% (3rd) 13.7% (4th) 15.0% (4th)
2014-01-25 24 15.6% (2nd) 17.5% (2nd) 14.7% (3rd) 15.9% (2nd)
2014-01-26 25 14.3% (4th) 15.7% (4th) 13.8% (6th) 14.7% (6th)
2014-02-01 26 14.1% (5th) 15.6% (3rd) 13.6% (4th) 13.8% (7th)
2014-02-02 27 14.8% (5th) 16.9% (3rd) 15.0% (4th) 16.6% (3rd)
2014-02-09 28 15.5% (4th) 18.4% (2nd) 15.9% (4th) 17.2% (4th)
2014-02-15 29 15.3% (3rd) 17.2% (2nd) 15.7% (3rd) 17.3% (2nd)
2014-02-16 30 15.9% (4th) 17.4% (3rd) 16.1% (4th) 18.0% (4th)
2014-02-23 31 15.3% (2nd) 17.5% (3rd) 15.3% (4th) 16.1% (4th)
2014-03-01 32 16.7% (2nd) 18.6% (2nd) 14.9% (3rd) 15.5% (3rd)
2014-03-02 33 15.8% (2nd) 17.0% (3rd) 15.3% (3rd) 15.5% (4th)
2014-03-08 34 15.7% (2nd) 18.7% (2nd) 14.8% (5th) 15.9% (3rd)
2014-03-09 35 16.1% (2nd) 18.1% (2nd) 15.3% (5th) 16.1% (4th)
2014-03-15 36 15.0% (3rd) 17.2% (2nd) 15.3% (5th) 16.1% (4th)
2014-03-16 37 15.0% (3rd) 17.2% (3rd) 14.5% (6th) 15.5% (4th)
2014-03-22 38 16.0% (2nd) 17.2% (2nd) 15.2% (4th) 16.2% (4th)
2014-03-23 39 14.7% (2nd) 16.9% (3rd) 14.5% (7th) 15.4% (5th)
2014-03-29 40 15.4% (2nd) 17.5% (2nd) 15.8% (2nd) 16.3% (3rd)
2014-03-30 41 16.3% (2nd) 19.2% (2nd) 15.2% (7th) 16.1% (6th)

Source: TNS Media Korea & AGB Nielson

  • NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson.



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vangie the best drama i ever see ... with a lot tears ... lonelyness... cherish to each other .. loving to there family ... specially i like the best is how Kim Baek-Won cherish her father Kim Han-Joo .... all of you is good actor & actress .... Good Job ... more power to all of you .

Dera the most i loved was kim man won & his boss the girl her rudness & every situation she had with lee jea joon was amazing <3 <3 it should have been more of them in this drama ...afterall it was really good drama i enjoyed it their father was great

peace I don't know why the scripwriters write that Man won like beak won because it doen't make sense at all. When they were children, he was the one who want to have family and so he ask her to become his sister, no friedn bu sister, there is a meaning. More, beak won seems to be a very selfish person when she was little,always on demand and cried when she doesnt have what she want! So when she grew up and become a very good person it seems a little too much for me! Plus her brother ask her to become her sister so why she is portraying like she dont know! Don't make sense!

Mariana I Recom this drama. only dont like for UEE's act, so strange.. for some scenes i cant get the feel from her. really like the last few episodes. i'm happy for the ending. its not strange or anything else like another drama.

bluelysia I'm on ep 15 right now.. and I found out why I think that Uee cannot portray Yoojung's mature self that well.. because she lacks of detail in acting.. the way she smile, think, eye contact, and other habits is too different from her childhood, not to mention now she is a fist-first woman while when she is teen she always use her words wisely first.. it makes Baekwon character lose charm.. so does Manwon.. why is he now all smiling? Back days he didn't smile a lot.. the only character that suits both young and mature self are only Doyoung, Cheonwon, and Taeyoung.. I hope the story will hooked me but still I like the story far better when they were all children.. Yoojung is really great in this drama good job! Kim hanjoo is great too!!

Maxyne ... Aren't Do Young and Baek Won cousins though??

billyfejer the story of #goldenrainbow is very good, thanks to the PS and the Director/s , very nice drama. two thumbs up! saranghae JUNG IL-WOO you are such a very good actor as well as #Uee. keep it up:)). best korean drAMA i have ever watched!

KSH-DMJ review? anyone recommend this 41ep drama? TY

gdn Miss Do Young Baek Won - Il Woo Uee sooo much!! Such a sweet and cute couple. Looking forward to seeing you both in a drama together again...

joy love it !! keep up the good work !!! SUPER SATISFIED!!!!

11111111111111111 TO TINA;

i think BAEK WON bring him in the rehabilitation center.

dadz . . .hehehhe . . .same here jonah.. . I wasn't able to have enough sleep because of this drama . I slept at 2:00 o'clock in the morning already and my sacrifice is worth it knowing that it was a one of a kind drama. Actually, at the last episode I felt a little disappointment because I thought DO YOUNG(Jung il woo) would die but thanks God it didn't happen. I love the way it ended.

     GOOD JOB ! jung il woo's character makes me like him since i don't like this guy in the first place . . . . .

jonah The first longest k-drama I've watched ever.The dvd I bought, if scan/scroll to see how many episodes u can't see it, it automatically played.Never thought it has 41 episodes. It takes me 2 days to watched w/ only 8 hours sleep. I love the story. love the casts. I appreciate so much the strong relationship of siblings even though they're not blood related. Happy to see the fair end-up relationships. Ha-bin/Baekwon w/ Do young, his bro Man won end-up w/ Hwa-ran, his sis Chu woon end-up w/ Tae-young. Happy to see the return of the youngest Young Won & he's so cute. The ending is happy & satisfying. I feel the story is somewhat complete..not like the usual korean drama, the ending are always hanging, unclear. you always question urself, that's all? they just met and only did eye to eye?Golden rainbow is one of it's kind. One of my much liked k-drama & I''ll never forget it.

jonah The first longest k-drama I've ever watched.The dvd I bought, if scan/scroll to see how many episodes u can't see it, it automatically played.Never thought it has 41 episodes. It takes me 2 days to watched w/ only 8 hours sleep. Anyways, I love the story. love the casts. I appreciate so much the strong relationship of siblings even though they're not blood related. Happy to see the fair end-up relationships. Ha-bin/Baekwon w/ Do young, his bro Man won end-up w/ Hwa-ran, his sis Chu woon end-up w/ Tae-young. The ending is happy & satisfying. I feel the story is complete..not like the usual korean drama, the ending are always hanging, unclear. you always question urself, that's all? they just met and only did eye to eye?Golden rainbow is one of a kind. One of my much liked k-drama & I''ll never forget it.

Jaerin Helloooo anyone can remember the exact "lyrics" of the lullaby grandma sang to Baekwon/Ha bin ?

jane spoiler alert!:

there is a 1 out of 10 survival rate for gunshot wounds to the head. however, the 1 that does survive will almost always has some type of remaining deficit. that part of the finale was extremely disappointing because i felt like they didn't give it much thought. to make the finale overtly dramatic, they resorted to that outcome.... it's unfortunate, that they had to end it that way. i was just expecting a little more than i was given...

Tina I can't believe it ended, im going to miss the casts a lot, I followed this drama eversince it just started. Good thing it have a happy ending.

Spoiled Alert

How did Do Young survived that? what the heck, he got shot in the head. I was crying a lot. I didnt think that he would shoot himself, when he did i was just noooooooo whyyyyyyyyy I really like the ending, everybody is happy, only Jin Ki suffer but he deserve it.

misch oohhh...sad.. this drama is over. why did they finish this in episode 41? i didn't want this to end too!! anyway, thank you to the staff and actors behind this drama! i really enjoyed watching this drama!! one of the best ever! :)

angriantika why should end in episode 41? This drama is not boring, want to continue watching! I love this drama, but unfortunately had to end in episode 41? really unfortunate!

gdn I dont know what to comment about the writers!! They just have no idea how to wrap it up nicely.

Lucky they have such great actors / casts. DY and BW's love that keep me going with the drama 'til the end. UEE and Il Woo's chemistry is just awesome!! Their performance is outstanding!

Hopefully they both will be paired up again in the coming productions / dramas...yesss pleasseee.. they're so adorable together..

Frosty When are these writers going to learn how to end these dramas in a way that we don't shake our heads in disappointment? So much unnecessary lameness and fluff throughout then the ole fast forward caper to tidy things up. There were plenty of episodes in this one to make it decent so the excuse that it was shortened, doesn't cut it

alya This is the best drama I have ever watched!!! I love do young and baek won so much!! I don't want it to end hhhh Every one should certainly watch this drama♥ #1

Ky. OMG! Do not want this drama to end. One of the best dramas I've ever watched. Don't hate do young. He's doing that because of baek won. He loves her and he's just trying to protect her. He's giving false information to his dad and is helping the one he loves. I love do young so I don't understand why people are hating on him. I love this drama and people who have not yet watched it.. It's worth every minute.

Yumi I thought this show ened at 40, what the heck there is now 41

jan as i read the comments, i don't understand why people hates do young when he's suffering the more pain.. from the very start of his split up with baek won, it was already predictable that he's going to do things that may hurt baek won coz it's the only way that he can help her.. haven't these people who have written comments below realized how hard do young tried to get evidence to pin his own father down for baek won and in the name of justice but still to no avail? and the only thing for him to do is to enter the tiger's den to defeat the tiger.. that would mean gaining the trust of the tiger itself.. this is simply common sense.. do you realize how painful it is to betray the one you love only so you could defeat the enemy and secretly help her? geezzzz, watch the drama attentively to really appreciate and understand well the story line.. do young character is deep and profound even at young age.. he is full of character and wit.. i admire do young more than baek won.. in all fairness tho both characters are indeed amazing.. i only hope the end justifies the means for do young. he has suffered to much.. do young's father did a lot of bad things.. killed many people.. imprisonment isn't enough for him at the end.. hopefully, the people behind the production would give justice to the sufferings of the characters.

wisa I'm sooo happy this drama is finally ending...awww yesss!!! Make way for HOTEL KING.!!!...can't wait. Hurry up and end drama!

GeonTaeOppa wae its down to 41 waeeeee :(((((( gonna miss this and uee <33333333333 hope there's a new drama for uee asap

ucieh Hi CCS :) It's 41 eps in total.

CCS It wasn't 50 episodes? Was it cut down?

Dawn So, it's been really hard for me to keep up with the last few episodes, but I believe the last one I caught, that snicky ass Jin-Ki was trying to play like he was grandmothers son (the one he killed) so he could fish information out of her about the muddy beachfront property she owns. If ever there was a sorry ass excuse for a human-being it would be this guy. I mean my damn is it not anyone in this drama that can knock this dude down marjorily. The slower this drama plays out the more pissed off I get...get a grip writer, all of these small blows are killing the viewers. Do Young, is turning into a crybaby...if you gonna play evil, then be can't be crying about every little thing you do to hurt Baek Won and asking her at the same time to hang in there with me, until I can free myself from this dungeon and return to you...the further Do Young goes...the further away from Baek Won he gets. Of course, realizing it's a drama...writer did you have to have Chun Won/fake Ha Bin crush Baek Won by rubbing a marriage and relationship with Do Young in her face??? Really, are you serious and all you could have Baek Won do was cry like some fool. You'd think that Baek Won would be tougher than she is given how hard and cold life has been for her. Yes while I don't won't Baek Won to lose her humanity (that's the beauty of her character) I would however like to see Baek Won do one huge think that knock Chun Won on her ass and I mean hard enough that she can't get back up.

Tae Young, he's just stupid...but I do remember saying several post ago, that he was a BLOCKHEAD!!!! Basically, he is a horn-dog with no brains, to stupid to knw that Chun Won is playing him for a fool...even when Do Young told him to his face. But when you look at his mother, it's not hard to tell why he's a major pain in the ass. At this point I don't even want this dummy to keep or have a job within Golden Fishery when it's all said and done. He and Chun Won need to be kicked out on there butts. As far as his mother is concerned....I think she's waking up a bit to late to salvage anything for herself. She's lost all of her inheritance to Jin-Ki, and it would be on the mercy of Baek Won if she gives her anything when it's all over. I mean you husband shoves you to the ground over another women....I'd think you can call it OVER!!! But she better dig her head out of her butt crack and get a plan to come out with some cash and a place to live when it's all over....because she can't expect for Young Hye to be kind to her.

I was so hurt for Man Won when he went to confront the sorry ass play uncle...I mean after all Han Joo did for him, feeding him, keeping him around, giving him a job at the restaurant and for him to keep turning on those kids like that. He is really beyond helpless...he will whore himself for a dollar...seriously writer I was hoping to see this character redeem himself after Han Joo's funeral when he stood up to Jin-Ki, but I guess that's why they say alcohol is liquid courage...Man Won needed to hit his ass. If Man Won beat the crap out of him...he'd be alright. I don't know what to say about the uncle and his wife or what the writer plans to do for their characters at this point.

It's also obvious that grandmother isn't going to get any better (this actresses needed to have won an award for the way she plays this role...AWESOME)...Baek Won take care of your grandmother, make sure she gets the best care....when all of this is over.

Forever/Young Won....thank you for getting the courage to reveal yourself to your family and for stepping in to help Baek Won as much as you did. Getting left behind, was really an unforseen blessing....

I will be back to comment everyone when I've watched more episodes or re-watched the previous 2 episodes...maybe I can come up with an idea for the writer on what to do with that damn uncle and his wife and also about Chun Won that will help him out in ending this drama on a high note.

kresha youngwon daebak!!!!he's a genious...intelligent than DY!rich kid and inventor?really awesome!

Dhen Yeah!!! Ep 36! Wahhh!!! Forever/Youngwon is the new CEO of the company Rainbow :) He helped his noona :) Good job writer! I can't wait for ep 37!

samieEXO @ucieh Thank you :D

Alice4334 They should return the ten episodes they took off because it gives more time to wrap everything up. I'm going to be mad if it's a cappy ending.

Dawn @Me, I watched the episode where Young Won a/k/a Forever Mincinski appears...woah! Really, like a superstar! Well I guess the writer was listening, but it should have been more of a mystery...Young Won should have been the missing piece that came back and put everything back in it's rightful place for Baek Won and Golden he should have been adopted by a powerful family in America that had deep connections to Baek Won's grandmother and Golden Fishery....he should've showed up like the deciding vote or mysterious shareholder know one knows about to keep Jin Ki from overtaking Baek Won (that can still happen!!!)

Do Young, really wanting to comeback to Baek Won after all the nasty shit you've said and done to this are the monster you believe yourself to be....writers we know you have to make it saucy by turning Do Young into the jerk from hell, but I can't believe in his tears...and it's not enough episodes to repair this love interest business....if you only had more episodes...if you had of kept Baek Won in love with Do Young no matter how fawl his ass got, then forgiving him would work. I know this is a drama, but realistically this is a hard sell!!!

On a sidenote: Jung Il Woo, I love the hair oppa...that hair could withstand hurricane force winds...and I love joke. I need whatever hairspray they are using on your hair!!!! I was really sort of hoping that Baek Won's style and hair would have evolved throughout the drama but I was hoping for to much....I mean the greedy uncle's wife/girlfriend got an upgrade...seriously Baek Won couldn't we do something stylist for the last 5 episodes with her....I mean she is the heiress of Golden Fishery/Golden Group....

I'll end by saying thanks writer for seeing the error of your ways...better late than never and for bring Young Won home to his was an emotional homecoming!!!! Loved it!!!!

ucieh The actor plays as adult Young Won is Park Sun Ho.

samieEXO LOVE Young won older, can't wait for more of him. But does anyone know who the guy playing him is please tell me.

Me @Dawn, they didn't forget about Young Won in today's episode there was a scene showing Young Won coming back to Korea as a guy name Forever Micinski or something. And he seems super HOOOOOT!

Alice4335 I have to say I really hate how they did DY turning him into the villain but never fear because DY has a plan! If you've noticed how he gathers information form various sources and knew as a prosecutor, he could not arrest his dad so what better than to go under cover to get the proof you need to convict your dad for murder. Did he not say even if he had to go to hell, he would put BW in her rightful place? He knows his dad killed all those people so he has to gain his trust in order to hang him. As for CW ( Chun Won or fake Ha BIn), BW should not trust her after the crap she pulled but now she knows BW and DY broke up, she going to pounce on him even if it hurts BW. That woman is a snake truly and is only out for what she can get! I agree with everyone, where is Young Won?! This is why this show should not have cut from 50 to 40 episodes because there are going to be loose ends even the show ends.

Dawn @Chick, that would be a super twisted I mean then what would become of the Worldwide heiress who really like Man Won. We both know it's not gonna end that way...I'd really like the heiress to end up with Man Won, her feelings are truly geniune. Man Won, needs to finish licking his wounded heart and realize that his relationship with Baek Won is nothing but a sibling relationship. He has to wake up if he doesn't want to follow the same path as their adoptive father. See how this story is a repeat for the younger and older cast....history repeating itself....Baek Won like her mother Young Hye caught between two men that love and want her but she (Baek Won) loves the one that is obviously an idiot right now and that's not gonna change...even after she knows that Do Young knows his rat bas**** father killed both of her fathers (she's too forgiving!!!!)


Fake Ha Bin is like Jin Ki obsessed over having other people's life and will do anything to get it...instead of building something for themselves from the ground up...just steal whats already been developed...still not convinced that she is on the real Ha Bin, the grandmother or her adoptive mothers side....remains to be seen.

Poor Tae Young, he was left along without any parental guidence...he has a really stupid mother, so it's no wonder he turned out the way he did....a total BLOCKHEAD. I don't really think there is any character development to be done with this guy this late in the drama....the only thing that can be hoped for is, that Tae Young will be there and be supportive to his stupid mother once the fall out has finished!!!! That he will give up his gambling addiction and live somewhere within Golden Fishery, happy to have a job, maybe 1% of the companies shares and with the Fake Ha Bin as his wife/!!!

For the scheming uncle and his wife, I hope they get caught in their trap and finally get ousted by Baek Won and Man Won...ousted from the restaurant and from having any contact with them...and for Baek Won's mother...I hope she is put in her rightful place....CEO of Golden Fishery because Baek Won doesn't have the experience and she will safeguard her 1st husband and daughters legacy better. Jin Ki and all of his followers need to be put in jail for a long, long, long time.....

Chick @Dawn, that hairdo bothered me too, but the lipstick color drives me crazy also. I guess these dramas think idiot, trampy women should all wear the same lipstick shade. Do Young is being clever trying to get the goods on his father even at the expense of his relationship with BW. I also think he feels so unworthy of her love since his rat, bast*** of a father killed both HER fathers. Lots to iron out, that's for sure. I just want MW to be happy. Poor guy, he feels the blame for letting the little brother go, lives with his horrible gangster past, and knows his one sided love affair will amount to nothing. I wouldn't mind if this story had a twist and he finally gets BW.

Dawn Alright, I have watched ep.32 and 33 over the weekend and I don't know if the writer has suddenly come out of his coma and realized he needs to put forth some real effort on this script or what, but I'm not really understanding how the writer has suddenly turned Do Young into a major about a 360 degree change and I mean overnight. I really feel for Baek-Won, because she has suffered a lot and doesn't deserve this kind of disrespect. I kinda have an idea of where the writer is trying to take this drama in it's last remaining episodes, but being realistic....there is no way I'd forgive Do Young if I was in Baek Won's shoes...I mean you know that your father killed my dad and she zipped your lips about it and start acting an ass to me....SERIOUSLY DO YOUNG!!!!

It's also hard for me to tell if fake Ha Bin is on Baek Won and grandmothers side or not...that's gonna be real interesting because I feel that she isn't over her wasn't enough that Jin Ki outted you as a fake and sent you to prison to serve time like you schemed this mess on your own...but then to entertain his's way to much still going on in the drama....WRITER ALL I CAN SAY IS THIS SCRIPT HAS GOTTEN INTERESTING AND THERE ARE ONLY 7 OR 8 MORE EPISODES TO GO....HOPE YOU PULL IT OFF....IF YOU DON'T BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME.


On a sidenote, I am so thankful that the hairstylist person finally did something with Uncle Eok-Jo's girlfriends hair....thank you for straighten it out....thank you!!!!

Uee, keep up the good work...I sincerely believe you are trying hard. Your facial expressions are good and the crying also, it has made me cry with are giving a lot to the character Baek Won....I really look forward to seeing you do more in future roles to come.


Dawn @Chick, I agree with you about Lee Jae-Yoon! Someone had said about a 100 comments ago that the actor who played the dad Han Joo (Kim Sang-Joong) begged to be killed off because this script had turned into a piece of crap...and it was looking like maybe Jung Il-Woo was trying the same thing seeing as how he'd been knocked over the back and almost died from it...he's been ran over by a speeding truck and almost died from it....but maybe they offered him more money per episode the reason he regained his life w/only minor scars....(money talks).

Anyways, I also agree w/@samieEXO, as has been stated about a 100 comments about by me and the hell does the writer plan to find and re-introduce Young Won before the 40th episode.

samieEXO @Chick then watch My Love By My Side (2011), he smiles in there and i think he does get the girl.

Chick All the veteran drama watchers know how a myriad of loose strings somehow get tied up in the allotted time frame---everything gets speeded up at the cost of unnecessary scenes on the front end. Too much was thrown at us in the beginning and now, since we have so much time invested in this drama, we have to see it through to the conclusion. The only thing I'm taking away from this drama is a new favorite---Lee Jae Yoon. I'd like to see him in something where he actually smiles---and gets his girl!

carist It’s really annoying that almost everyone in the drama knows who the real Ha Bin is, but even one person is willing to do something about it. Moreover, if instead two weekly episodes just one is been transmitted, for how long is going to be dragged this drama around? The same thing is happening with other dramas like Soo Beak Hyang, for example. By the way, is there anybody who can explain this? Any excuse, other than the awards season or Olympic Games, please.

alice4335 @samieEXO - I've been wondering the same thing on how they are going to find Young Won in just 40 episodes. I'm not sure why they cut ten off and Do young is annoying me big time. Every time something small to Baek Won, he leaves her side. In episode 31, he found out Baek Won was the real HA BIn and stops talking to her. If he is ao afraid for her, then protect her! It's not like you guys are blood related!

samieEXO 1. Eok-Jo was Cheon Hong-Chul in May Queen.

2. Young Soo-Pyo was young Cheon Sang-Tae in May Queen.

3. Young Man-Won was young Jang Il-Moon in May Queen.

4. Young Baek Won/ Ha bin was young Cheon Hae-Joo in May Queen.

5. Son Young-Mok also wrote May Queen and is writing Golden Rainbow.

6. May Queen & Golden Rainbow short ver. of the story, a young girl goes missing at sea/ or ocean at a young age, also the heir to one of/ or the largest group in Korea but doesn't know it because she has been raised as someone else; and mother thinks she is dead.

In My opinion I would say Son Young Mok needs to change her storyline (and some actors) fast. If her next drama sounds like both May Queen & Golden Rainbow in won’t be watching it at all, I will try, but I may not get to finish it. I Also thought GR was going to be 50 not 40 episodes, 40 is too little, how are they going to find Young-Won (if they find him) in that time.

rowaida i used to watch the short dramas 16 to 20 ep , so it's kinda challenge for me to watch this drama , in my opinion the events are to slow !! and there's unneeded scene and speeches i am still in the beginning i hope it will change to better in the upcoming eps

Dawn I really don't know what to say about Golden Rainbow...this drama started out with such promise, the younger cast did a fantastic job of setting the stage...but somewhere along the way the writers must have smoked something horrible because the script went to hell. It is so hard for me to stay with the drama and I'm sure a lot of people who've been following it worldwide are possible of the same mindset. The only reason I keep coming back time and time again to see what tom-fooler is going on this episode is because I love Jung Il Woo (such a handsome man) and of course Lee Jae-Yoon (Man Won)...he's such a cutiepie....

Really, the script sucks! I don't know what MBC was thinking to approve this crap! To Jung Il Woo, oppa I really hope you follow this drama up with something more spectacular. This is so no like you....of course, I understand you are giving this drama all you've got, but I really want to see you in something more serious...and more well written. The writers of this drama are some blockheads, to have come up w/a script so ill developed...and MBC are double blockheads to approve this shit for production. There is no possible way to wrap this drama up in an understandable way with all of the foolishness they created. Song Young-Mok (writer) what is wrong w/you???? Seriously, I hope they didn't pay you a lot to do this drama. It plays out like you got the assignment and waited until the last night to write it, and you wrote some crap!

I'm gonna stop because the more I write on it the more upset I get. Just hurry up and call it quits. Hang in there Jung Il Woo, I know you will lead in something way better thant this when it's over...hang in there Lee Jae Yoon, I know there is something better in your future after this...hang in there Uee, I've seen you get better and better with each, you keep working at it. ..that's all!

Tina I think its going to get more interresting after everything had been revealed but WHAT IF the grandmother die, then what will happen to the company ??? I think they should shorten this drama to 34 or 35, 40 its kind of too much!!!

late well i think it's time to reveal what happened to the little brother

Sky Zoeya Daebak, there's so much lesson in this wonderful drama.., always anxious to wait for the next episode..... start watching this when i know uee and il woo are in, but fell in love with the whole things now. Golden Rainbow hwaiting!

Renee I've been watching the show on huluplus usually on Tuesday & Wednesday but this week it hasn't aired. The last episode that was aired was 28 what happened?

Amanda I honestly really like this drama ♡ I love the main characters as well :) It's sad to know that the end is coming soon.. A lot is going on. Cried multiple times at scenes. Keep up the hard work!! Get lots of rest :) ♡

Chick I am seriously getting sick of the shenanigans of these evil characters and the wimps who let them get away with stuff. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!

Lauren I though it was only going to be 30 episodes im I like insane since when was there 40 epsiodes?

Jan @dawn Thanks Dawn. Trying to track down Park Hae Mi singing at the Drama Award Show. YouTube doesn't have Part 2 where she performed.

Winnie Honestly I watched 17 episodes and I was done....mental diarhea so true

Puppy this drama is typical of MBC dramas, nothing at all, just crap with long episode. MBC, don't you think they should change their writing team? I think MBC dramas only good (but not really) at Wed-Thu slot, and the rest are craps with no innovation, just between birth secret, exchange child, affair and love triangle.

Trent I knew young sib won looked so familiar .she was Suzy's sassy little sister in dream high

Gunn I agree with @chick 40 episodes is already too much this drama is going me mental diarrhea

Dawn @Jan, I believe it was Park Hae-Mi...althought it's been a minute since the awards aired...but this would be my best guess.

Even in that drama she sang way better that the younger sister that was supposed to be a classical singer...ha.

On a sidenote...when is Seo Ha Jeo gonna be cast in another drama....he's such a cutiepie.

Now back to Golden Rainbow, can anyone tell me if this drama is gonna finish out it's 50 episodes...because the way it looked after episode 28, they seem to be trying to wrap this drama up pretty fast....maybe because the ratings aren't were the writers/producers/show executives at MBC hoped that would have been....just guessing.

That being said, episode 28 wasn't bad...I was surprised when the grandmother gave Baek Won 15% of Golden Fishery shares and even Do Young received 1%. Grandmother didn't give that sneaky ass Jin-Ki anything...which was hilarious! You knew grandmother would never voluntarily give him any company rights...even as she looses her mind, she's aware that he is a greedy blockhead. The daughter and grandson...can't stand them. Both are BLOCKHEADS....SHE GETS CAUGHT IN A FAKE AFFAIR AND GIVES UP HER SHARES TO KEEP A MAN WHO DOESN'T WANT HER...SERIOUSLY WRITERS! AND HER SON GAMBLES ALL OF HIS AWAY...BUT YOU KNEW HE WAS GONNA BE A TURD EVEN WATCHING HIS DURING THE CHILD EPISODES....BLOCKHEAD!!!!

Now all Baek Won and Do Young have to do is fight these vipers and take Golden Fishery from them...but it's gonna be a huge challenge seeing as how Do Young can't keep his suspicions to himself....TELL ME WRITERS WHY YOU HAVE DO YOUNG REVEALING HIS HAND EVERYTIME HE FINDS SOMETHING OUT!!!! NO ONE WITH ANY COMMON SENSE DOES THIS...YOU THINK I WOULD TELL THE PERSON WHO I KNOW IS EATING ALL THE ICE CREAM IN THE FRIDGE I'M SUSPECTING IT IS THEM...WHEN IT'S OBVIOUS THEY ARE EATING ALL THE DAMN ICE CREAM!!! WRITERS Il Woo's character is a Prosecuting Attorney, he's smarter than the way you've written this character...why because he couldn't have lasted as long as he has in that messed up family if he wasn't....Baek Won, is suppose to be another strong character, but you've got her second guessing her feelings...and when she acts on them...her actions end up blowing up in her face....really.

We know you end this drama with everything being put back in it's right place...good overcoming evil....but why are you taking the stupid route...the audience watching aren't idiots!!!!

Okay, I'm's to frustrating to comment anymore about.

ucieh @Penina, mbc broadcasted only 1 episode last week, i.e. ep 28 due to olympic winter games. Next week will have 2 episodes on saturday and sunday night as per normal.

Penina Ekeroma I thought new episodes come out on Saturdays and Sundays? I am waiting on 28 and 29. It is bad enough u guys kill off Han Joo but now episodes are not coming on as planned. Come on!

rororo I lost the mood after the death of han joo ... whether it is still important to watch the sequel ..?

Jan @Dawn. Just a question about the other drama we commented on... Princess Aurora. Do you know which of the sisters performed a song at the. Awards Show. I watched it once and can't remember who it was or sheer I watched it. Thank you. Jan

Maratrix People definitely get involved in their tv dramas, which is to be expected... however, we should not be so quick to loose faith in the writers. So far it was good, but now that Hanju is dead it seems that there is no point in going on with the story. I disagree -- I think this drama has got a lot of talented actors and if the writers put themselves in the viewers' position, they will be able to really stir things up and make this a memorable drama. Come on writers, don't give up yet! There's still 10 + episodes left!

Chick 40 EPISODES IS EVEN TOO MUCH!!! Writer, kick these malevolent people to the curb ASAP and let these poor, suffering people enjoy a well deserved happy life!---and find that missing kid while your at it.

ucieh @Dawn, I was about to provide you with the link for the 40 eps announcement but it seems I am not allowed. I have posted it here before but it is not showing up.

I read it at soompi forum and one of the members of the drama Golden Rainbow (GR) thread posted it there (credited to her). If my translation device is correct, it was planned for 40 eps anyway. I read an article about Lee Dong-wook will be playing in the next mbc weekend drama (something about hotel) following GR and the first broadcast will be in March 2014.

ucieh @Dawn, here's the link for the 40 eps announcement I read it at soompi forum and one of the members of the drama Golden Rainbow (GR) thread posted it there (credited to her). If my translation device is correct, it was planned for 40 eps anyway. I read an article about Lee Dong-wook will be playing in the next mbc weekend drama (something about hotel) following GR and the first broadcast will be in March 2014.

Well, yeah...quite dissapointed with the writers at this stage...I was expecting the storyline would be good in a way that it would be different from other family type of K-dramas (makjang some people say). For me, the start was good (I was so impressed with the child actors) until eps 27...really dont know what the writers are up to. Mmmm..I have never seen May Queen before and I heard the story is quite similar ...what would be the point of making a new drama and having the same plot / story-line (typical kind of)...I just dont get it. The writers just cant accomodate the outstanding performance of the actors...too bad huh.. The writers couldve done better than that...oh pleaseeee!

I dont mind it's being 50-eps though (I was expecting 50 eps initally) but if the story gets screwed up...yeah they better shorten it. The writers better fix the mess they made for the remaining episodes..

Since I have not seen many K-dramas therefore I am not familiar with the actors...the chemistry between Jung Il Woo and Uee is soooo gooooddd, the fact that I have never seen their previous dramas. The senior actors Kim Sang Joong, Jo Min Gi and the Grandma as usual deliver such great performance.

Oh well...will see whats gonna happen next...

misch Episode 27 is the saddest episode ever. I'm still crying.....

Golden Rainbow is the best! Fighting!

Dawn @ucieh, where did you see/read that annoucement. I want to read it, and what was the reason for the drop in episodes. I mean the actors are really good...and I can see what everyone means about the storyline being way out there...and of course the similarities with May Queen. I don't think the person who wrote this story thought it out to well. It's way to much going on for a 1 hour much left to the imagination, a lot of starting one issue and fanning the flames and then starting up another issue before resolving the prior issue. The beginning was really good with the younger cast, but when the older cast appear that's when the storyline started to go all kinds of crazy.

Of course the actors that are under contract have no choice but to stick with it whether it fails or not....or as Domino said "beat their head on the floor like Kim Sang-Joong until they let you out of your contact" That might've been what Il-Woo was attempting, but maybe that re-upped his contract (offered him more money to stay)....thus the almost deathly car crash and the revival.

If MBC did cute the drama down to 40 episodes because of the ratings it's the wisest decision, I don't think anyone would be upset. I'm only watching because of Jung Il-Woo and then I became a fan of Lee Jae-Yoon....I'm hanging in there because I really want to see real Ha Bin kick fake Ha Bin ass and Do Young put his crooked father in prison and Grandma get to know her real granddaughter, the stepmother wake up and do something other than whine, like learn about the business her mother created, Young Won be located (WRITERS IM NOT DROPPING MY OBSESSION OVER YOUNG WON...COULD IT BE YOU WERENT ABLE TO CAST YOUNG WON AS AN ADULT THE REASON HE HASN'T APPEARED....REALLY.....THERE ARE TOO MANY TALENTED SOUTH KOREAN ACTORS OUT THERE TO NOT BE ABLE TO DO THIS PART JUSTICE. AND DON'T DO THE CLICHE' AND FIND A COMEDIAN FOR THE PART...JUST BECAUSE YOUNG WON WAS A SILLY AND LOVEABLE KID. DO THE PART JUSTICE AND MATURE YOUNG WON UP BUT STILL MAKE HIM LOVEABLE/ADORABLE AND LIVING A BETTER LIFE EVEN HAVING NOT GROWN UP WITH HIS SIBLINGS).

I'm hanging in there to see Man Won find love...of course, the writers are predictable so his love interest is gonna be the fallback chick....White Bears daughter (SOMEBODY/ANYBODY WHAT IS HER NAME????) because of course he can't have Baek Won whose been his sister all these years and frankly it's a bit incesteous...RIGHT! Same issue with the dad and Young Hye....incent storyline is really not good. Oh well, I will be back with other comments....


ucieh It is officially announced by mbc that there are 40 eps for this drama.

Chick 50 episodes, no way! Wrap this baby up and put it to bed!

Piyo this is like the same as May Queen. Similar plot as well as same characters. Lol. I can see 4 actors from May Queen and in this Drama. But well, the beginning was good.

renayaa in one night, rating down of 95 to 94, here...I think the producers of this drama .. forgot to do a survey of what kind of story, which is a cliche for the viewers....heeeeh

Domino @SAQ MA DEEK...yup, that's about it.. Now, if you were Kim Sang Joong wouldn't you be banging your head on the floor until the writers let you off this INSANE show???...LOL

SAQ MA DEEK so...the good guy dies, the brother is in love with his sister, the girl likes her cousin who's father is a killer, the grandmother is losing her marbles, the people that work at the restaurant likes to steal, they abandoned their brother, their oldest sister that they adopted stabs them in the back...

seems pretty realistic...

Domino @Dawn..personally, I think Kim Sang-Joon probably begged the writers to kill him off. So, don't be sad. He's too good an actor to be tortured by being in this ridiculous comedy/romance drama or whatever it's supposed to be. IMO, it started off good but has gone way downhill and I was really rooting for KSJ, and mainly watching for Jung Il Woo here. But JIW might even be next. He's got to be hating being in this at this point too. He's too good for this too. I KNEW Han Joo was going to be taken out. I could just see the frustration in his face and it wasn't coming from the character. I for one am happy for him. KIM SANG-JOON, you are so classy and superb as an actor. I hope you are already hired in another drama and I get to see it soon. FIGHTING!

Dawn Sorry I wasn't the writers have killed off the dad...the glue that was holding those kids together. Han Joo was a a brawler to the end...he didn't go without a fight...that was one strong dad. The cliffhanger of trying to tell Baek Won (we know the real Ha Bin) and Young Hye they are really mother and daughter...we we understand it had to be done way to make it good and dramatic for the show.

Are ratings and issue!!!! Please someone tell me.....but I knew someone was gonna die, because when the plot to kill Baek Won was first introduced and Do Young was run over instead...I'm like this isn't ending here....the writers are in cast kill mode. @Kim68, I agree with you, I would have been alright with amensia or a temporary coma...anything but death....SERIOUSLY WRITERS!!!! NOTHING BETTER TO DO, SO YOU'VE STARTED THE CAST KILLING THING???? YOU COULD'VE BEEN USING YOUR TIME TO FIND OUT WHERE YOUNG WON IS...OR DID YOU FORGET ABOUT THAT CHARACTER WHEN YOU HAD BAEK WON RESIGN FROM BEING A POLICE OFFICER!!!!

Anyways, there is a special corner of hell for Seo he had the nerve to show up at Han Joo funeral and shed them fake ass tears....I wish I was there....and the uncle Eok Jo was right...just wish he wasn't drank off his butt and wasn't the coward he's been the entire show....he should have at least punch Jin-Ki....I cried so hard, because Han Joo didn't deserve to die like he did....on and that Chun Won (fake Ha Bin)....her and Jin-Ki should be biological father and daughter...but like my momma always say....when piranha don't have anything else to eat on they will start eating on each other. Can't wait to see these two PIRANHA start at each other...because if Jin-Ki thinks the fake Ha-Bin is gonna let him have Golden Fishery and if she thinks he is gonna allow her to come in and take it from him....this is gonna be funny.

This story can't be anymore confusing, and I agree @Tina about the May Queen similarities....I just wish the grandmother wasn't losing her mind,'ve got to hang in there a little bit longer. If you lose your memory the real Ha Bin is screwed because fake Ha Bin will never all her to succeed....that fake Ha Bin is a persite....she sucks the air out of the room when she walks in...there is nothing sincere about this girl, except her greed. Her greed is worse than Jin-Ki's....she's a sociopath!!!!

Anyways, I will be back when I see the next episode...until then, everyone have a good week.

renayaa writer and director have run out of ideas .... hahahah. so they must kill Han Jo ... This story made ​​of sad, then burst out laughing. silly and ridiculous. why stories 80s even came out in 2014 ... khakhakha

kim68 Goodbye hanjoo appa. you will be missed by us T^T how could the writers be sooo damnn cruell? you are the most pathetic character and you deserve a happy ending! not this kind of ending TT^TT writer, you should let hanjoo appa to marry young hye, at least. Im okay with amnesia rather than appa being die. T^T Cliche? fine ! but, why do they need to kill him? SEO JIN KI! You are in trouble !!!!

Chick Whoa, the whole dying/funeral scene was way over the top. Everybody wanting to blame themselves for the death. But poor ole Han Jo, he's in a better place. He has left his mark and people will be better for it----we can only hope!

Tina How come all long drama have kind of the same plot ! This one is kind of like May queen and you're the best. The main female lead always parted from her real mom and the real dad always died! The fake dad also die when trying to tell her who she really is

Chick I would love to have the restraint so many of these characters have in loving someone for so many years and not acknowledging, or being able to express it.

Dawn @Domino, best laugh I've had in a minute...."I want that hairspray." You are so right, I don't care if it's Hurricane winds that hair will not be dismantled. I think all of the twist and turns, and almost getting caught moments are frustrating. I know the writers have got to built the excitement and then let us down fast seeing as how they're only 1/2 way through this drama...but they started revealing to much of the truth to soon.

I mean, they reveal whose behind stuff or people's true identity but then the characters all play deaf, like they didn't hear it or see Han Joo hiding behind the brush and seeing fake Ha Bin and her mother talking about the truth....and then he acted like he was in such disbelief....he wants to believe her sooooo will make you do wrong. And then Jin Ki, being in love with Young Hye all these years....FOR REAL!!!! I would've slapped him GET THE FREAK OUT!!!! Dude that woman wouldn't touch you with rubber gloves on. If you all are like that moment, ya'll probably said to yourself...wait until she finds out you had her daughter kidnapped for your own greed, she gonna split your wig!!!

The issue with Man Won loving Baek Won is tragic...some Shakespeare vibe going on heart hurts for him....but he's been liking her since they were children....that's when he first started to feel it. Poor Man Won, but don't fall into the clutches of White Bear's daughter...what the hell is her name....please WRITERS DON'T DO THAT TO THE VIEWERS!!!!

Anyways, I'm looking forward to the tomorrow 2/1/14, so I can see the next episode....I will be back with more comments....

roveloin I think thats kiss will be TRENDs this years....wakakaka.. i really stuck by thay KISS...haha

renayaa as long as I watch this drama, I really like it.. first 5 episode, i think this drama will apply like old IDEA which usually done because the term "COOL", but "EXPIRED" so be boring to explore again... But not this drama,.. as far the story is more Open-minded...More part which I think will not explored, because classic thought..was explored....hahah.. but i dont know why, even i think the story will be odd, but the fact the story really good... maybe because there aren't drama DARE to explore this story really fresh.....all over was nice...

Chick @Mike, Ever hear the expression, "TRUTH is stranger than fiction."

Rawan I'm really in love with this drama . Especially jung il woo I love him so much , his character is awesome . I hope this drama has a high ratings . Good luck and do your best jung il woo and uee . Don't care about the bad Criticism you can do it . i believe in your hard work , fighting . I'm pray for you guys .

Sorry for my bad English ^^

Form Saudi Arabia

Domino @Mike W.. LOL I agree, ..and when this is at it's end, if the two leads do get together, they will be cousins! #24 & 25 eps, are unbelievable too. Jung Il Woo amazes me, no matter happens to him, never 1 hair out of place I want THAT "hairspray!" & whether he's beat up or what, the next day he walks around like nothing happened... that's "realistic" .. UEE is supposed to be a COP with, I would think some kind of training, but when "someone" gets hit by a TRUCK, she asks "Are you okay?" and "oh, what do I do?"...smh, yeah, all that aside..

MIKE WOZAWSKY im not going to lie but their family is literally the most fu(ked up i have ever seen... first of all.. the brother is in love with his sister... the daughter of a rapist becomes the daughter of a millionaire.. i mean there are so many... can they be at least a LITTLE bit more realistic.. how can this actually ever happen in real lifel..

all of that aside.. this drama is fu(king awesome

Krista does anyone know the song thats been on recently in the drama ? the song in ep 25 beginning and the preview if that helps.

Chick @Domino, we have to bare with it re the jackets. You'll notice that one of the sponsoring companies is sportswear. A lot of viewers are tempted by the clothes, shoes, handbags, etc. worn in these dramas and will go out and buy them. There is even a website that will mention clothes in certain dramas and where you can find them. Anyway, I'll think about you whenever I see an excess of obviously expensive gear worn by people who obviously can't afford them. Oh, and forget about locking Uee in the room with JY----I decided I'd rather be in there with him!!

Domino @Chick..Oh, you're so right about the suitcases! coat thing though is outrageous..the worst was seeing UEE in an oversized RED plaid jacket with a HUGE fur collar running after gangsters with a gun raised leading cops in uniforms LOL! ..and then they had Do Young & Baek Won going on a stakeout in the biggest reddest jackests I've ever seen..LOL ..I think they should rename this drama "GOOFY Rainbow" it's not as funny as it is dumb..half of this I have to fast-forward now. I DO agree about Man Won..he's gorgeous..and strong. (LJY deserves a much better drama to show off his skills!)

Chick I'd like to line up the following: Chun Won,Jin Ki, and the free loading family of Wok Jo, Mi Rim, and Fat Boy and place them before a firing squad! No mercy for the wicked! Then, I'd like to lock Baek Won and Man Won in a room for about a week. His animal magnetism will have her changing her mind about Do Young The Wimp! Also, @Domino, so funny you should mention the vast array of expensive jackets. But this happens in so many dramas. You know, for instance, when somebody throws a few things in a small suitcase and like the loaves and fishes multiply, the clothes multiply as well--all nicely pressed as well!

Chick I'd like to line up the following: Chun Won,Jin Ki, and the free loading family of Wok Jo, Mi Rim, and Fat Boy and place them before a firing squad! No mercy for the wicked! Then, I'd like to lock Baek Won and Man Won in a room for about a week. His animal magnetism will have her changing her mind about Do Young The Wimp!

ashley Such a good movie... it always had me holding my breath from the beginning. Love this movie so far. It has become one of my favorite drama. Can't wait to see more.

Gothic girl Just watched episode 24 and Do-Young pushing Baek-Won out of the truck and getting hit himself, had me in tears! I hope he doesn't die!

Domino Why does UEE wear so MANY new, high fashion coats in Golden Rainbow? Isn't her character a low grade police det. and she works part time making sushi? I've never seen so many coats put on an actress (that don't fit) before and her family is supposed to not have much money, right? The coats are like watching an injected commercial and usually doesn't make sense, especially on UEE. The brother is working for gangsters because they had no money but the sisters are looking like they're from Cheongdamdong Alice. What's with this drama? If Jung Il Woo wasn't in this, I wouldn't be watching anymore. If another "idol" is put into the mix and not a solid actor, I'm definitely done.

noira Dawn:..I agree with you.. I also like open or extroverted drama...Why??? because ...1. Drama which is like this (OPEN MINDED) tell that the director NOT a coward....2. The Story Plot can be WIDER every time, because more IDEA can enter to... As far I enjoy it & 10 Thumbs-up for all Crew....

Dawn So I just finished up episode 23...this thing is really coming together...the writers are doing a bang-bang job of pulling it all together. The one thing I ABSOLUTELY LOVE about this drama, is they are not waiting to reveal who is who...they are revealing it but at the same time the characters are sitting steal with they truly know. I know it's a drama and I don't want to spoil it for anyone who is not current up to episode 23, but fake Ha Bin and her background....everyone knows the truth that's been around her but somehow they go mute when there is an actual moment to trap her rotten sceme butt. Anyways, it's really getting the dad Han Joo and Man Won facing a difficult moment together....awwww, my heart broke for Man Won. He's such a nice guy, but things are difficult for him....I won't say anymore....I just hope there are people out there among the commenters who are loving this drama just like me. But I hope the writers have not forgotten about Young Won and the fact they are suppose to be finding him and reuniting him with his family....please writers lets not drop off on that issue....let's not wait until it's the last 2 episodes before our Young Won returns....if you are having a hard time finding an actor for the adult Young Won...try not to stress out to much...althought, I myself can't think of anyone that would fit the role....all I can say is cast an unknown and hope for the best....a cute unknown of course. Because if you cast some idol, it will pull away from the main leads...Il Woo and Uee as far as visuals go. However, if I had my say, I'd cast Kim Myung-Soo a/k/a L of Infinite....he's too gorgeous!!!!

Anyways, until my next comment, I will continue to ship Do Young (Jung Il Woo) and Baek Won (Uee), and Man Won (Lee Jan-Yoon) and Baek Won (Uee). Good luck entire cast.

fhn I can't forget that kiss...hahah

noira episode 21-22 really perfect & balanced in every part...I'm really excited to see next episode...

BA This Drama is amazing I really love it and Il Woo is acting really good and so are the others :)

tara ananta Love Love Love this drama.. Uee - il woo was so great .. Love il woo character so much i Think this story will complicated so much , but this gorgeous cast can make it more interest .. so we will so much curious in every ep ;) Il woo oppa fighting ....


Chick Il Woo, way too effeminate. Give me a manly man like Jae Yoon.

Kawaiigirl I just viewed episode 22 and I have to say for me the ending made up for episodes 19-21 but wait until Do-Young finds out his dad had a little chat Baek Won causing their "break up" or had a part in it. I'm hoping they find Young Won too much longer. Can't wait for the next episodes!

joy oh my god! my favorite young actress!! .. and Jung il woo is here too. I must watch it ..<3

CiCI I'm a huge fan of Jung Il Woo but not here in "Golden Rainbow" as I had hoped, since it was his comeback drama. I think he's too good for GR. Even though it's been a while since he did a drama, he should've raised the bar IMO. He's naturally funny and in dramas like 49 Days, his personality just draws you in. I hope he already has a new drama ready after this one and he screens the writer. I agree he looks better in dark hair than red. Leave the facial hair off though, he has too nice of a face to cover it up.I wonder if they're not showing the ratings because they've dropped. The show has definitely gone downhill & how would they explain giving UEE an award after such few episodes and then it not doing well.? Too bad there's not a way to bring Kim Yoo Jung back in. Oh, well, I stopped watching anyhow. There are way too many characters I don't like watching, esp. that Polar Bear's daughter.

Genesis I don't know what episode anyone else is on, but can we all agree not to so any huge spoilers and ruin it for those of use that may be behind in broadcasting because of country we are located in....IF YOU JUST CAN'T HELP YOURSELF AND YOU MUST GIVE A SPOILER BECAUSE THIS DRAMA IS AIRING EARLIER IN YOUR COUNTRY...THEN PLEASE DO NOT BUT THE EPISODE YOU ARE ON....THANKS SO MUCH, FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!!!

Anyways, can't wait for the next 2 episodes to air. I guess they've stopped posting the ratings for this drama....hummmmmmm!

I've also read some of the other commenters and the questions on Jung Il Woo and when he will act in something more his style and/or 49 Days, Moon Embracing the Sun....well, it's been a little bit since he's really done anything, so maybe he's finding his groove again. Maybe he really wanted to do something no so serious as he did just come off of Moon Embracing the Sun. Whatever roles Il Woo decides to take on, we can only hope they are entertaining and bring much success to him....I'm always looking out for him in dramas...if I had any complaint, it's that he doesn't do enough dramas....but more than anything, I'd like to see him make the leap to the big screen in a movie....of course I think he'd have to darken up his hair and grow some facial hair, and do some weight training for something serious like a murder/suspense/thriller or action kind of movie....but if he stuck to romantic would be his style since he did such a fantastic job in Flower Boy Ramen Shop (LOVED, LOVED, LOVED IL-WOO IN THAT)....

Oh yeah before I go....I want to say I hope the writers aren't gonna mess this drama up by putting Man Won with that dead guy (White Bear) daughter...because, she is not cute at all and that spoiled give me my way attitude already SUCKS!!!! The man has already been through a lot, why make him have to deal with that garbage! If Man Won has to have a relationship, it's better he doesn't have one at all if it has to be with that woman....seriously.

And Mi-Rim (Tae Young's mom), writers can you please, I'm begging you...make this woman less of an airhead in the coming episodes...I've never seen a woman so dumb to her husband and what he is capable of...if it wasn't so crazy it would be funny...but you've really made this woman into a pathetic fool....and that's AWFUL!!!!

Alright, now I'm was a lot I know....SORRY!!!!

renaya Personally for me, this is FIRST time I watch the drama 50 episode, but their story like 24-30 episode drama....... Frankly I'm astounding the kiss in episode 21... This kiss...hhihiihih, I'm rearly found like that's scene in dramas before..... The kiss really similar with drama 24-30 episode....hhihihihihihii....make me curious to see what happen on next episode...............

Ma Te'a Aren't you guys suppose to release episodes 22 by now I don't get how you go by episodes. You are one episode behind.

noira i'm very, very like the scene of Do-Young ask Baek-Won keep to work together with weep, (not yet cry),.. because he need to Baek-Won (In deeper meaning, " He need to See Baek-Won, to keep Live as Human being, because he frustate of his live ")... Honestly.. this scenario really touched...In many Drama, Usually men will keep his dignity as man by more trick word..but that type was absurd in reality... On real life, sometimes or maybe in their hope of her man.., women need ingenuousness of man... not trick word... a lack of this scene was So-Do-Young not yet keep until his cry, it's just weep... so the feeling is not yet reaching the feeling peak...but all over i'm personally really touched by this idea..but allover was nice

Genesis Alright...I have a lot to say, 1st it's a 50 episode drama and it's been moving a bit slow and has to many holes to be up to episode 21. So I'm extremely interested in how they will reveal that Baek Won is the real Ha Bin and will she and Do Young be able to maintain the budding love for each other..even though they aren't blood related, 2nd when does the real Ha Bin get to kick the fake Ha Bin's ass for betraying the dad and for stealing her birthright, 3rd will Do Young save the stepmother and brother who don't care much for him. Will grandma surprise everyone and not leave Golden Fishery to anyone but Do Young...since she was losing her mind and she did talk with the lawyer since that biological grandson Tae Young is a blockhead.

A great many of us are wondering when the adult Young Won will appear and I bet my lunch Do Young's dad knows where Young Won is...and I think the dad Han Joo needs to kick hs ass when it comes out because he's the one that set everyone out on this path w/his I think that's gonna happen around episode 46-48 and the last 2-3 episodes will be Baek Won claiming her place as Golden Fishery heir, rrepairing the company, locking up the real smugglers, forgiving her mom who ends up in prison for her shady part and marrying Do Young because they aren't blood kin and living happily w/out the mooching uncle and his family but he dad Han Joo, Man Won, Sheib Won, Yeul Won and Young Won.

That was a lot huh!!!

alice4335 I just saw episode 21 and Baek Won found out her brother is a Dochi which didn't matters any better when she found out Do Young knew about it. The fake Ha Bin moved in the house with the grandmother but some how her real dad got released from prison. I say in a few more eps will come out. Also I'm glad Baek Won and Do Young finally had their kissing scene so maybe now they can get past all this. Can't wait for Do Young to find out his dad had a chat with his woman too.

Chick It's ep. 20 and things are heating up. I have a suspicion that the dead mob boss's daughter will play some romantic roll with MW. Since he will be losing out to DY for BW, that should help his poor heart. Such a lot of loose strings here. I hope writer and director do the story justice. Good casting. Oh, and how do these guys manage to keep their teeth in these fight scenes?

Nou-Nou I hope that Seo Do-young will find out that his father is making Kim Beak Won not let him not meeting her! It's not Kim Beak won false for not like him. HOPE HE WILL FINE OUT SOON! He will know the truth that she like him too!

Domino I continue to watch Golden Rainbow because of Jung Il Woo and I'm a big fan of Kim Sang Joong. I do have to also say I really miss Kim Yoo Jung in this drama. She was my favorite too and Golden Rainbow feels empty without her.

noira About il wo......Personally, I'm like jung il wo as actor, but he usually FAIL in crying scene..He only pass if act as naughty or tricky boy... By me, personally, Jung il wo will get BIG succes in drama with type on act.... like smart boy with litte tricky.. But That drama type is very rare in Korean-drama...Maybe he can get it type in japanese drama...PERSONALLY I think in all korean actor, he is one of the perfect choice if role play is SMART-TRICKY-CUTE Drama type... Maybe we have see the drama like Brilian Legacy, Cityhunter, Nice Guy and many more drama which need smart-sly boy act....If They gave me any option, maybe he is my FIRST Choice....But once again...SMART-TRICKY-CUTE Drama is very rare in Korean Drama

anora story of episode 19, too similar with more drama in more country.. nice, but boring to see story like it, again n again.............

roveloin i dont know what will new idea in love interaction of them, but i think will be same as long last drama....i dont hope for love interaction of this drama, because mybe like last story, so i just hope nice story

elif anyone know the song name which is playing han joo and young hye scenes and also episode 19 ending... I really want to know :=)

samaneh great drama...I love UEE

fairy To : someone older young won will be play by supernova song ji hyuk.

Delores7 I was hooked at first episode but for some reason, I liked the first 12 or so episodes before they grew up more. The young Baek did such an amazing job. I will watch more work from her definately! I love euu however, I am not sure if she was the right person for this role. I hope as I watch more, my opinion will change. Great story line.

CICI Although I simply adore Jung Il Woo and like UEE, I think they both are kinda over-acting so far in this. Jung Il Woo is really cute but to constantly see him so enamored with himself isn't working for me here. Too many scenes look like photo shoots than playing a character. UEE seems to be overacting too with too may wide eye moments. Yeah, I know she got an award for this but how, when the drama isn't even over and she has only been in 7 episodes? I hope JIW gets a good, serious ADULT drama like Moon Embracing the Sun or 49 Days again and shows his real skills or has he forgotten? Still love ya, JIW!!!

Someone Who plays older young won?

Anonymous Excellent drama. If you enjoyed May Queen or Scandal, prepare to enjoy this even more.

Michelle I hope it doesn't take forever for Baek Won and Do Young to get together!

K_luv great Drama :) But I think I like the first 14 eps. more...

Chick I love the way these people get the crap knocked out of themselves and manage to recoup so fast. Like DY getting smacked in the back by a pipe and then being able to still move afterwards. It will be interesting when CW finds out who the Golden fisheries president is. I am fearful of what the fate of MW is. How can one leave the mafia, how can he escape jail time, how will he get over is long term love? Seems he is destined, like his father, to lead a star crossed life.

JaeMoo-ILWoo Fan Jung Il Woo is always handsome! Oppa why u so handsome,scheduler ? Baby Kim Tak Gu become baby Seo Do Young !! Oh Jae Moo you are 2 years younger than me ,so I am your noona fan..JaeMoo-ILWoo fighting !! Golden Rainbow fighting!!

ottoke? Omg..i'm jung il woo fans..i ve been watch every drama that oppa in..i would love to follow this drama as well..but since it is 50 episode,i dont think i can follow it bcoz i dont like a long episode drama..even 24 episode is long for me..but the still cut from the drama is driving me crazy..oppa look so hot in this drama..what should i do?huhu

Jang nae I absolutely love this drama. It has definitely met my expectations. I think the storyline is a great puzzle that will all be pieced together in the end. I applaud the cast and also the staff crew for their efforts and also Son Young Mok for their creative and amazing works. I hope that this drama meets the top charts. Well done :)

noira I actually watched this drama from the beginning. enough, two episodes at the beginning had me interested. but some of the stories in between episodes 4-10 story has a lot in common. so like a story repeated. I just hope the story on the next episode could be more varied and challenging. hopefully, director & writer can make the story more rival with king's family & raise the rating also.. thanks

Venus Shame Kim yoo Jung and oh jae moo ar gone I hope they have a tooniverse drama plzzzzzzz could you make not only for me but also for the other fun . I love Jung Il woo and uee together I really like this Drama

Genesis What can I say! Love, love, love this was good the transition into the adult characters. I want to know what has happened to Young Won so heart cried out to because they lost him or rather he got left I was mad at Man Won oppa also.

The one thing I am extremely glad about is that the writers did not allow the drama to go for episode after episode before Do Young and Baek Won learned of each other and found each others whereabouts. Althought, the drama is moving a bit slow I hope it picks up speed and excitement soon with the adults being introduced...and could someone tell me how it is the dad (Do Young's father) got younger looking all of a sudden....yeah!!!

I also can't wait so see Baek Won when she re-unites with Chun Won...oops its Yoon Ha Bin now....this drama is really good....the ratings are only going to increase.

Continued luck to all the cast and crew!!!!

ami This drama storyline is very nice and i would praise our writer-nim Son young-mok for his/her touching script, and other crews and actors/actresses also done a goodjob. Fighting! I hope this drama's rating will increase from day to day. :)

ForeverFanofKpop I really love the storyline and the love story between beak won and do young.

KD it would be nice if small young won have came......................this drama is veryyyyyy nice.

Nou-Nou OMG!!!! They finally grow up! I SUPER EXCITING for to see how the grow up going to act! Well, I just got done watching ep. 11 and waiting for the ep. 12 sub done & I'll start on ep. 12. I really want to see how Jung li woo and Uee act their part. I think it will be GREAT!!!!!!!!!! <3

Jang nae Just finished watching episode 11, I was so sad when all the kids were on the train but young won wasn't ~ how could they just leave him there, if that was my little brother i would've jumped out of the train.. it wasn't even moving fast. Anyways.. I'm so excited to see whats going to happen next. I saw the preview for the upcoming episode &nd I saw that they finally grow up ~ eeeee E X C I T I N G :D

Hanee Jung Il Woo oppa and Uee noona....I lost my word I Love you both.... best ever :D

Nou-Nou OMG! I feel sooooo sad for Beak-Won, When I see her, she made heart cry out. I feel bad for her that she doesn't know her mother. Even though she live with her. I would like Beak- Won & Do Young to be together forever! And Chun-Won to be with Man-Won but not forever thought because she bad for him. I love Man-Won but I don't like how he like Beak-Won. She not for him. She is for Do Young!!!! Still can't wait for more ep coming! <3

Byun HaNa This drama is so good! All of them actually look like a real family. I cried soo much! It's also so suspicious like I wonder why Kim Chun-Won is always wanting attention from the people who are related to the Fish company. Like Chun-Won why are you being so mean to Baek-Won... Plus The children actors are cute! I hope the older actors will be good. If you like romance, funny, heart touching, action/fighting, etch then you must watch. a poor family that aren't related to each other love Each other so much, but later there's going to be backstabbers, love, etc. This drama is the bomb . com  ! mustt watchhh !

Jangnae Aiigoo, this drama is just daebuuuk. what can i say.... I absolutely love the cast.. I found out that seo young joo was starring in this drama so i watched and his acting is getting better and better - I love his fighitng scenes. The children are just adorable.. especially when they cry & great storyline. I'm so hyped for the upcoming episodes. Overall, well done.. to the director, producers and staff; the hard work paid off. I hope it all goes well throughout the season.

~Hwaiting :)

tibetlover One of my favorite kdrama so far! Beautiful story. I love all the young cast and can't wait to see them grow up. It's heart touching, funny, romantic, and everything life is about! I love it! It's way better than Heirs!

Genesis Okay, I am watching Ep. 7, and Do Young brother need his ass whooped...the parents are some real idiots. Han Jo oppa, is way to nice. He needs to separate himself from fom Jin Ki and Young Hye....and move his children. For them to involve his son...but then they don't want to take the risk, but gain all the profit...this storyline is messed up.

Writers, please this can't go on for months and months, with no light....I don't know if imma be able to keep watching!

I will comeback, once I've seen more episodes....

Kay The kids are awesome but what I'm waiting for is those grown up boys!

Twtchwich Han joo! Why you need to take all the blame! Think of ur kids! Think of them!! Not only you and your so-called sibling! They just ruin your beautiful life. Cant you just think about u just for once? At least for ur kids!??? -.- but, what should i do? You just follow the script. Heeeeeooool! This series making me frustrating except for the kids excellence role and also for dad. Please live happily.

Marimar I'm growing to like this series but I will definitely stop watching this as soon as the kids grows up.I really like the kids also and hope that they just stays like that.I adore Kim You-Jung and I am also hoping to see her on her own drama.The dad and the ahjumma's love story is good also.I hope they end up together.

Seohyun I'm loving this drama.I'm watching it because of Kim You-Jung.All the kids are adorable and plays their role good.I hope they just stay throughout the drama and never grow up.I hope Kim You-Jung will have a drama of her own and not a teen part of the main cast.

kris Would anyone know the name of the artist singing in the drama(ost)?

Nou-Nou I love every part of this drama & I hope that this drama will be having a good ending!!!!!! Fighting Golden Rainbow!

syams I'm here coz of UEE unnie. Can't wait to see her. young seo do yong remind me to kim nam gil a bit (woori bidam <3). How I wish young Man Won have a lot scene as much as young baek won. Man Won is really all kids here. They r so adorable n really lovable. Mind my English

Krissy The lighthouse in the show looks so familiar, like the beach in Santa Cruz, California

kimcheejoy43 This drama is really DAEBAK!!!! Younger versions portray their role so well that they could continue acting throughout the drama. Kim Young Won is really cute! Especially in episode 3 where he was teasing Do Young and Baek Won. I have no comments to the adults because as expected they were very veteran in acting. I can't wait to watch the adult version of the younger ones, especially the main 4 character: UEE, Il Woo, Ye Ryun and Jae Yoon. I'm also curious what will happen to Ha Bin or Baek Won. I hope Young Hye and Han Joo end up together. I'm nervous about Jin-Ki and his Son also Chun Won, I think they will do whatever they could even if they hurt others to be able to reach what they want. Is this really 50 episodes? I hope the writer would continue making the drama interesting as possible and would not create unnecessary and too much plot.. I'm looking forward to Baek Won and Do Young love story. And I'm curious what will happen to one-sided love of Man Won. Golden Rainbow Fighting! <3<3<3

Genesis I have watched both Episode 1 and 2, and this is going to be a FANTASTIC DRAMA! I am excited about Episode 3 to the end. I wish the entire cast the best, those little kids are doing a great job of drawing the interest of the viewers. I hope the older cast will be able to follow through and hold the viewers attention.

I'm sure everyone is looking forward to Jung Il Woo's entrance, because I am too but I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's character interaction. I want to wish the entire cast the best of luck with this drama and continued success with all other dramas after this one.

Your American Fan!!!!

nabi omo the younger cust doing good..i hope the adult ver do well too..i hope this drama dont end up like TMTETS

Ki2_Zhia Wow daebak,, jung il woo is back. I can't wait for Ep.3.

Dawn Alright, I've watched Ep. 1 and Ep. 2, I'm hooked. This is going to be a GREAT drama. The younger cast are really building this drama up. I LOVE IT!

To the entire cast...even thought, I will come to dislike the villians alot...and love the underdogs...I encourage you all to do your best. I can't wait for Ep. 3.

FIGHTING! Your American Fan!!!!!

aisimichan Jung il woo is back Woooow Daebak ^^ fighting

Ngan All familiar faces! Loving this drama already can't wait for more <3

tina i dont think that the adult character will come ultil later on in the drama .

tina 50 episode??? aishh i cant wait that long

clara wow... im already love the drama.. cant wait for next episode... hope to see Uie and il woo soon... Golden Rainbow Fighting!!!!

deli I am thrilled that Jung Il Woo is back in the dramaland and we'll get to see him for six months =)) but I think directing is a bit rough from what I see with the first 2 episodes. I wish it turns out well and the drama gets good ratings..

CICI I am so excited to watch "Golden Rainbow" because of Jung Il Woo being in it. I'm so happy he is finally back in a drama. He's such a class act. Finally, the wait is over! Love, love, love JUNG IL WOO!!!!

Jung In Hyun Their name are so unique..baek chun man sib yeol il young Baek(100) Won, Chun(1000)Won, Man(10000)Won, Sip(10)Won, Yeol(10)Won, IL(1)Won, YoungWon(Forever)... I started watching this drama because of UEE,, Golden Rainbow Fighting!!

Th If baek won and do young ends up together...wouldn't they be considered as cousins? :/

Nereyda F* Saw the 1st episode on November 3rd and it was good. I will definitely keep watching...especially because I love Uee in dramas. Anyways might I add that Kim Sang-Joong is a very handsome man♥ (I don't care if he is way older).

Sunita It's a weekend drama, 50 episodes are normal. Can't wait! Couple hours until its uploaded online. wonder how long until its subbed?

lana123 yeah, i know right 50 ep is too much....but im really excited for the two main cast!!! cant wait for two more days ! its coming out in november 2...soon :D

Ciz I wonder how many eps there are....i hop not 50 or something like that!

B.Girna How many episodes are there?

Gita Uee is the reason I clicked this and waiting for this X3

nonna oppa oppa oppa jung il woo :) can't wait to watch

rava Heiii....oppa jung il woo..... :)

isabel after long time ...I´m waiting anxiously to watch it, my oppa Jung il woo ♥

DerpyBird YAY two main characters that i both like and they are both hawt :D

Natalie H At Least new drama from JIW .. \(ˆ⌣ˆ‎\) (/ˆ⌣ˆ‎)/ HOoORrAaay.. Can't wait to watch .. JIW .. UEE FIGTHING (งˆ▽ˆ)ง. HwAiiTiingg !!

Glare Al fin mi Jung il Woo en la pantalla, si nos hizo esperar a todas sus seguidoras. I love Oppppa!!!!!!

tabita me encanta volver a ver a jung il woo lo esperare con ancias mi oppa se ve muy interesante el drama a esperar.

Kyuelf Jung il-woo & Uee Wow~~~~~ it will be great drama

Carla Wow yo veré esto!! KIM YOO JUNG! <3~~^^ JUNG ILWOO, UEE!!

ggfff omg IJW finally!!!!!!!! it's about time he's a lead again!

FanOfUee New drama of Uee!!!!! I want to see it!!!!!!!

Iris I thought Jung Il-woo was confirmed for this drama???

katy I wANT jUNG IL WOO !!!!!!

sami Jung Ilwoo Please!

biankoy Uee and Jung Ilwoo please!!!

Hanee I can't wait to see Kim Yoo Jung again... Best of Luck :D Fighting

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