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  • Drama: The Painter of Wind (English title) / Garden of the Wind (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Baramui Hwawon
  • Hangul: 바람의 화원
  • Director: Jang Tae-Yoo, Jin Hyeok
  • Assistant Director: Choi Hyeong-Hun, Song Ji-Won
  • Writer: Lee Eun-Young
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 20
  • Release Date: September 24 - December 4, 2008
  • Runtime: Wed. & Thurs. 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


In 1766, Kang Su-hang, a painter and senior member of Dohwaseo, the Academy of Painting, was found killed after being secretly commissioned by the son of the crown prince who would later become King Jungjo (1752-1800, the 22nd King of the Joseon Dynasty). The commission was to paint a portrait of the crown prince. Seo Jing, another member of Dohwaseo, was found dead while investigating the death of Kang Su-hang. In addition, Seo Jing’s wife was murdered and his daughter went missing. Ten years later, Kim Hong-do, a senior member of Dohwaseo, discovers Shin Yun-bok, a new student. Hong-do discovers great talent in Yun-bok and tries to protect the student from conspiracies that surround him. King Jungjo also discovers Yun-bok’s enormous talent. Kim Hong-do and Shin Yun-bok serve as the eyes of the king, depicting the true reality of the common people. However, powerful palace officials conspire to get rid of the two painters, and soon afterwards, they are kicked out of Dohwaseo. Then, the king secretly orders the pair to find the portrait of his father painted by Kang Su-hang ten years prior. Kim Hong-do and Shin Yun-bok are successful in recovering the portrait, overcoming hurdles and dangerous traps set up by enemies. The recovery of the painting also helps reveal the secret behind the death of Seo Jing, who is actually Shin Yun-bok’s father. In the process, Kim Hong-do realizes that he is truly in love with Shin Yun-bok. However, he tries to leave him because he knows that the affair would be an impossible one. But to everyone's surprise, the truth is revealed. Shin Yun-bok is actually a woman. She had disguised herself as a man to enter Dohwaseo, an institution limited only to males, in order to uncover the truth about her father’s death.


  1. "The Painter of Wind" is based on the fictional historical novel "The Painter of the Wind" by Jung-myeong Kee.
  2. The novel examines the life of 18th century painter Yun-bok Shin. Although highly regarded for his erotic & satrical paintings, there are few documents relating to the painter's life in the present day. Jung-myeong Kee's novel then presents the hypothetical question, "What if Yun-bok Shin was actually a girl dressed in men's clothes?"
  3. Actress Moon Geun-Young fractured her nose on Oct 9, 2008 while filming a scene for "The Painter of Wind". Co-star Park Shin-Yang accidentally hit Geun-yeong with his elbow while shooting an argument scene. Filming for the show halted for one week while Geun-yeong recovered.
  4. Other titles based on the same story:
    1. A Portrait of a Beauty (2008)


The Painter of Wind-Park Shin-Yang.jpg The Painter of Wind-Moon Geun-Young.jpg The Painter of Wind-Ryoo Seung-Ryon.jpg The Painter of Wind-Bae Su-Bin.jpg
Park Shin-Yang Moon Geun-Young Ryoo Seung-Ryong Bae Soo-Bin
Kim Hong-Do Shin Yoon-Bok Kim Jo-Nyeon Jeong-jo
The Painter of Wind-Lim Ji-Eun.jpg The Painter of Wind-Kim Eung-Su.jpg The Painter of Wind-Park Jin-Woo.jpg The Painter of Wind-Moon Chae-Won.jpg The Painter of Wind-Lee Mi-Young.jpg
Lim Ji-Eun Kim Eung-Su Park Jin-Woo Moon Chae-Won Lee Mi-Young
queen Jung-Soon Jang Byeok-Su Jang Hyo-Won Jeong-Hyang Mok Kye-Wol
The Painter of Wind-Park Hyeok-Kwon.jpg The Painter of Wind-Ahn Seok-Hwan.jpg The Painter of Wind-Lee Jun.jpg The Painter of Wind-Jeong In-Gi.jpg The Painter of Wind-Kim You-Jung.jpg
Park Hyuk-Kwon Ahn Seok-Hwan Lee In Jung In-Gi Kim You-Jung
Lee In-Mun Shin Han-Pyeong Shin Young-Bok Hong Kuk-Yeong Yoon-Bok (young)

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Capricorn0Angel terribly sad. made me can't forget the sorrowful feelings 2 weeks after finished watching this.

Quan DanWon-HyeWon = the best love story. It's comparable to the best of love stories there is out there. I believe it's due largely to the very authentic acting. Their body language speak volumes and the music (Song of the Wind), especially in Episode 4 when they were doing that mural, is smack on the mood. I found myself wishing for a Sonsaengnim like Kim Hong Do :-) There's so much to see and hear (wow lots of music) in here. 20 episodes is too short for me :-) I'd have loved to see Dan Won and Hye Won work together for a loooong time, make beautiful art together, make up for lost time, enjoy their special relationship with the king. They still have so much to learn from each other. I love it that their personalities match, and that's why they always have fun when they're together, and they understand each other without too much words. So much symbolism and parallelisms.. and I also love the art school guys' support for Yun Bok and Sonsaengnim. I must mention Hyung/Orabeoni Young Bok as an ideal bff, and even lover...he's the sweetest... Congratulations to the author, writer, artists/musicians, and directors for a story that will live on. I'm so happy for all the staff/workers and actors/actresses that were involved in this production --- you've accomplished something very valuable and relevant...I've been so touched by it's gravity and respect for the audience...thank you very much...I wish you all the best...blessings.

sarezh best of drama its amazing

christopher it is best drama, it is so logical. i like every thing, I still looking for second sesion, after the painters chased out

Santi @ Tamir Apr 14- 2010

you suka banget but not happy with bad ending ? Can you read english? If yes then you can seek the ending in a fanmade sequel to POTW . is called "POTW of Ink and Song". Just Google the name and you can find the link. . It's composed of two parts, very long story but very interesting. Seru ceritanya, first part YB live alone then accidentally met Jeong Hyang, she cared for him when YN was almost dead by a deadly snake bite, then she won't part again with him (her) forever, JH not as a gisaeng but an ordinary woman now.

Yoon Bok must wear man's dress forever due to the order of the King Jeongjo which forbids her to disclose that she's a woman, so she became a man forever (for the eyes of others), so he (she) was forced to assume a marriage to make good of Jeong Hyang's status living with a "man" 2nd partThey must track a Japanese spy disguised as a Gisaeng (!) by King's order.. Happy end at last, Tamir

santi Tamir and Kristine : About sad (or bad) endings... I guessed Yoon Bok in real life will in her (his) wanderings alone will at last seek her (his) first love Jung Hyang and live happily ever after, seemingly to the world around as man and wife the King forbade Joon Bok to proclaim herself a woman in all her (his) life long, so that she will be impossible to live together with Hong Do as it will seem to others as two man living together..

Tia I love this drama. The story is really good.

jujuju A really great series, brilliant instrumental background music.

Veronika examples:), I used wrong keys, sorry

Veronika In Hungary , we are some who become Corea fans, first through DongYi and Ji Jin Hee, and now through the painters! I follow these 2 Corean actors till every films and series...

I also would like to read the novel, and we looked after any information about the real painters...the series is fantastic, true intellectual joy, it reminds me to some Shakespeare drama..Great to discover Corea and its cultural heritage, thanks to all who contributed. Perfect work!

Personally, this charecter formed by Park Shin Yang, gave me lot of examole to follow in life!:I

Kristine This movie made me cried a lot, though it was really thoughtful and impressive on the beginning till the end. A really sad ending, Yunbok had to leave Hong do but I still want to them to be together just like Hong do promised he will be with her till his death...... TT_TT

Hebe The painter of wind makes me love Korean dramas. I think Moon Geun Young and Park Shin Yang did the best. Thanks directors and the writer. I love you all!!!

samira saleh I really didnt watch the film ,but i watched the drama that carries the same title . This particular drama has made me interested in the korean tv ,i owe this drama alot because since i watched it i have become a constant fan of the korean tv and it made me love love everything about korea , its culture .traditions , nature even its language .Before that korean language was a puzzle to me with its characters and the circles which are used in abundance in words writing . Now after studying this difficult language ,i am proud to say that i know the consonant and vowel korean letters and why are circles used so much .I have known the rule that each word should begin with a consonant and if the word begins with a vowel the vowel should be preceded by the consonant ng which is silent in the initial position . I am now capable of reading and writing some words but with a bit of difficulty .Thanks a lot to the korean tv ,it doesnt offer us amusement only , but it offers us education of all kinds . Special thanks to the drama Painter of the Wind which enhanced me to discover the treasures of culture in the korean tv

Vanessa wow!! great Korean Film!!!! I prefer the love story of Jeong hyang and Yunbok.... Emotions are there..... COOL PAINTINGS!!!!! :D

Belindaa I just love it makes feel like an artist "coolest film ever"

tamir we ska bngat sama drama ini, tapi kenapa sih endingnya bikin sedih.............. so bad, kenapa mereka gak di ceritain bahagia ja, ......... bad ending......... we gak suka banget endingnya.....

Saras Funny story... But full of inspiration...... 4 thumb (great) for this film!!

Toray I have watched a lot of Korean TV films but "the painter of the wind " gave me the most impression. Not only the content but also the movie stars' ( M.G Yeung , P.S.Yang , M.C.Won ) performance made it better than any film I've seen. Besides , the music as well as the art of photography contribute so much to the success . In breif , I love it so that I want to buy the novel in English to read .

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