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  • Drama: Glass Mask
  • Revised romanization: Yoorigamyun
  • Hangul: 유리가면
  • Director: Sung Do-Joon, Kim Yong-Min
  • Writer: Kim Suk-Gon, Choi Young-In
  • Network: tvN
  • Episodes: 122
  • Release Date: September 3, 2012 - April 4, 2013
  • Runtime: Mon-Thu 9:45
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


"Glass Mask" follows a woman whose father is a murderer. She must deal with tough times and also plots her revenge.


  1. "Glass Mask" takes over the tvN Mon-Thu 9:45 time slot previously occupied by "Yellow Boots" and will be replaced by "Crazy Love" on April 8, 2013.


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Seo Woo Lee Ji-Hoon Park Jin-Woo Kim Yun-Seo
Kang Yi-Gyung Kim Sun-Jae Kim Ha-Joon Kang Seo-Yeon

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Bidemi Adekunle This film is damn so annoying and dumb. I don't believe there's a human being who can be as patient as Kang Yi Kyung. Movies have to be real. I feel like breaking Kang Seo Yeon's head through my laptop screen. I feel like my heart's gonna burst with this kind of evil acts of Seo Yeon while she's always covered and more favoured even when all her evil is revealed. But still I have to finish watching it. I'm damn tired of seeing all this happen to Yi Kyung The more boring it is, the more interesting it becomes. Its weird

kingsley Is drama is very interesting,a lot is learn from it. Bravo to. The director,the writer,and all the main character especially ki yung . Thanks

Kinheart The movie is really interesting and educating. I so much love it.

KhNg how come the directors this drama can even be director lol this country seem lots of loathsome people who are so rich that ready to throw so much money for making this stupid drama. Wait, people like that make me feel so confident about myself. Im going to be an awesome director ever. Lmfao. You've got 5 point rate of mine so far. work hard or should be ashame of yourself

Radhika To people who are considering watching this drama. My sincere advice: DO NOT WATCH THIS DRAMA!

The drama started out okay but OHMG its one of the most draggy and stupid drama I have ever seen. YEs I saw the WHOLE thing! every ep -- almost not fast forwarding anything.

Its alot like Temptation of Wife (except only they dont even come close) and awful acting.

Whatever. Well if you have hours to burn and getting super bored -- then go ahead and watch like i did.

FK Awful acting, stupid characters. The character Kang Yi-Gyung is so gullible, long suffering and downright stupid. Fancy believing everything the evil sister said! Although she finally realised that the evil sister had planned all the bad things, she still did not divulge the truth to everyone. In so doing, she condoned the evil acts of the sister, making the latter bolder! What happened to using the smartphone to record the conversations? Thought the Koreans are ahead in smartphone technology! The evil sister is always one step ahead in her wicked plans! And Yi-Gyung is forever asking her sister why she is being treated like that. Once is enough! It is so repetitive! sigh!

ph So draggy ...topical Korea drama. To capture an expression everything over stretched like for stage production. Script writing repeated many times. Maybe that's why drag so many eps. Actors over acting can sometimes make you want to slap them for dumbest expression and stupidity required for the show. I only like storyline. Unless you are able to take the drag if not you will vomit blood.

SiBohay_Howard The main actress (Seo Woo) did not animates the role, make me boring... I keep watching because Kim Yun Seo, she is the best......

Kathy EXOL Love this drama!! I've been watching Korean dramas since I was around 4 up to now (13) It's been one of my favourite dramas!!! It may be a looooong drama but out of all the 100000s' dramas I've watched, I'll definitely rate this drama 9.5/10 XD

alexis loved this movie from the begining , buh wen it got a little further, i hated it so much,cus it was so damn slow and annoying, then i stopped watching it wen i got to episode 20. Now am starting from episode 80 and am sooo loving d revengeful kang yi kyung, shes awesome!!!!!, cant wait to get to episode 122 tho.

Suzzan Chai......human being with complain.her face is this,,,her face is that as if U are perfect...

Radhika Its me again. I got so addicted all of a sudden to this drama. I saw like 13eps straight! I am on ep 43. Just for everyone's information: the scene in ep1 is continued in the same scene in ep42. which means I am guessing that it gets super revengeful after ep42 and i just cannot wait!!!!!!!!!! starting ep43 now --- so excited! chao!

Radhika the start is really bore! i can see where the story is going but I want it to go there faster!!!! its really slow.. and i agree with below comment on how yi kyung's facial expression does not do this drama justice. I love revenge dramas except this one I'm waiting for it to get interesting and all revengish. I'm on ep 27.

clara I love the storyline but it was too long and there was no intimate scene in the movie atleast there shuld be kissing scene or something like that. I love korean movies a lot but what I dont like about them is their lack of intimate gestures in movie. For pete sake we are all in the 21th century.

Crazy4Dangos LOL! I finished this drama in 10 days... even though i really enjoyed it and it has a lot of meaningful lessons and such, i won't really recommend it to anyone because its way too long. seriously 122 episodes is too much but most of the time i couldn't stop watching but then it was easier to stop like after 50's or the 60's something like that

Rasheed It's such an intriguing story, can't wait for the season 6.

crytique I have only watched up to 24th ep. Intriguing story but I cant stand yi kyung. I dont know about her face but i cant figure out about her facial expression. She cant deliver the right impact because her face could not portrayed what she is saying. I am not trying to attack the way she looks but if an actress could not have facial expression required by the story, should not be in that role. I m sorry but this is just my opinion. I will still watch it but i am already disappointed.

Sully Please when is season 4 coming out?

Koko App I like this drama , i want seo woo and ha joon meet each other

Maris Though I skipped some parts but I can't stop watching d movie. I hv cried my eyes out enough n just wanna see d end

hasnan Wow....I really can not wait, I really wanna complete the series, its more like revenge Buh I want her other side to be more wicked cos I really want her to punish her sister for being the evil one...GOD, I can't wait!!!

Pretty diamond Am tired of crying, its sooo sad but Love it love it,

When is the next episode coming out? When will season 4 of glass mask be released

temmy i cant wait for the season 4 to come out,and we must see the other side of yi kyung's revenge.all those that need to be judged must definetely suffer for it,e.g se yon,kang in chul,d president and his son and shin kae tin must be released from d prison,no silly thing must come out in d season 4 or else u will break my herat a lot.keep the good job guys.

shouahang58 when does Kang Yi Gyung begin her revenge??

sho girl @ bellanaija bcos it does not end with how ur naija movie ends???

bussy @bellanaija why don't you go and write your own and let's see if you will beat them idiot .......mtcheeeeew

holly Annoying but somehow getting interesting. I hope this will end properly, i really want to see yi kyung's other side because she's to kind heart, so annoying:(

Princess adejuwon Well very nice and sad movie God I really cried it almost gets to some point I can't watch it anymore I was really annoyed that the lady was so nice but still always get hurt pls when is the 4 coming out.?

Haha When is it gonna finish ?

treasure Its annoying and interesting, love u guys movies. Keep the good work on guys.. Love u!!!!

olaitan Glass mask is a movie that has some meaningful things but if u are not patient when watching it. U can't get anything but useless not just to look while watching saying is interesting but to watch and gain somethings be site why is the session 4 not out yet or u don't know what 2 do again because am in haste to watch d end of the movie. pleas do not talk against them because if the writer do not write the story u can't be able 2 watch it and the writer 2 put more initiative when producing

Bellanaija Such an anoying and unrealistic movie bt interesting anyway, y does kdrama always copy each other, this drama looks so much like "yellow boot". U guyz like Doing different movie with d same story line, RUBISH...!!! Am geting tired of kdramas alrealdy. They didn't even ended sweet spy very well, d problem with kdrama writer is dat when a film is geting 2 d end they always feel confused and then jst force d end 2 happen, at times gvs it a very bad ending, or d kindhearted person forgives d bad on, that's kdrama's tradition, pls try 2 change dat. one can even predict how a kdrama wld end. I think i'l jst go back 2 watching american movie then.

Angel This drama is one of the worst Korea drama I have ever watch, nonsensical show, very annoying!!!

J ahh, all these idiots. You do realize this is a morning drama. It's what people passively watch while eating breakfast. What's ridiculous is that you took a morning drama seriously. Not much budget goes into these dramas nor production effort.

J ahh, all these idiots. You do realize this is a morning drama. It's what people passively watch while eating breakfast. What ridiculous is that you took a morning drama seriously. Not much budget goes into these dramas.

odegbile olaitan olubusola when will glass mask season 4 out,am in hurry want to watch d concluding part

odegbile olaitan olubusola when will glass mask season out,am in hurry want to watch d concluding part

Faria Its really really STUPID movie!!

Inumidun A.Y We cant get the season 4 here in lagos Nigeria. I m so anxious to watch the revenge part but what am i to do when i ve searched everywhere for the season 4 but couldnt get. Somebody help pls coz this movie made me sleepless for a whole night nd ended up sleepingin the office the following day. I really need to watch the film to the end. Somebody help.

Athena This drama took forever to finish...

What a waste of my time. So not enjoyable and unrealistic.

james @shaky my point exactly, I regret the day I bought this film, the series is just too long, meaningless and annoying. That yi kyung was too dumb, and you don't call that one nice, that is absolute timidity and lack of self esteem.

Fifi @shaky finally,someone who's like minded! Thot i was d only one who felt that way&i'm not even korean! Very frustratin&unrealistic drama! For how long can a person b stupid under d guise of 'niceness'? Dont blame her sister for hatin her-too nice! Dont knw how much more i can endure. Duh!

shaky This is the most stupid, daft & poorly scripted drama I've ever watched! 122 episodes? 4 who 2 watch? Even my puppy can't watch this extremely annoying drama. As soon as I'm done with season 3, that will be it! The untaleÑted directors want 2 bore viewers with unrealistic long episodes b4 the daft kang yi gyung plots her revenge. It took her 100 years 2 grow up. The directors were definately trying 2 get the sympathy of the viewers, but the ended up disguting korean drama fans! I'm highly disgusted and disappointed! SMH

sanmex The movies(series) is just too long and unrealistic

sanmex This movie is somehow trashy. The girl has no self esteem at all, pls make a movie(series) that is realistic

rhmez lesson cant wait 4 Yi kyung's revenge, suspense

Milly I cant believe dat ha joon can really marry seo yeon after proposing to yi gyung. I really cant wait for season 4. Pls i can i watch the full episode. I wish her the best of luck concerning her revenge

sheethings Lovely kseries..still on season 1 but I have cried so much already. Dnt tell me kang yi kyung ddnt end up with Ja hoon......arrrgh! Cnt wait to get to the end.

Abraham olawalephilip What going on with this fillm?till when re we going to wait to see the rest season 4 cus this fillm is taking so long pls realise d rest season cus i can't wait to see my luvly girl to get her revenge on does who hurt her,pls relished d rest seasoning.good luck

naa reallllllllllllllly,realllllllly,realllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly,good and hoping for best for seo woo hope it goes well for her.

olawumi juwairiyah d drama is too boring, revenge bt all in fail i cant neva watch kind of film again totaly nonsense too long for notin

ECTO very annoying drama. i wish her a successful revenge i can't wait for the nxt season(season four)

Jennifer What episode does Seo Yeon and Ha Joon get married?? I seriously hate that it's going to happen

jibzee Its okay.. For high school students, but doesn't really do much for adults.its just too too long and all d naivety and evilness is just very unrealistic.its too long and too boring..I just ket skipping it, hoping to see something better! If u have no patience then...its not d movie for u!

Temilade I cant wait for kang yi kyung's revenge nd i really want her to marry the lawyer (Sun Jae) 'cause, i think Ha Joon is just obssessive about her and not really in love with her

SARAHODUEME it's really a nice movie but i can't wait 2 get 2 revenge point please (che be) i cant wait any longer 2 see kang seo youn beg endlessly 4 her life , i cant wait 2 see her face when see would have realize that dying is better than living .

helen wow,this movie is AWESOME!!!!!because when i first started with it i first found it to be boring then at a stage it came so interesting that i wouldnt want to miss a scene of d movie,is just so funny that d so called kang seo yeon is also shin gin tae daughter wich leaves me to wonder what will happen to the mother when she finds out that shes been loving d same mans daughter whom she thought killed her husband and how interesting it would be to see the look on her face when she also get to know that her so called friend husband kang chul is the one that killed her husband......i cant imagine the look on her face by then,im also starting to think of how kang yhung would handle her revenge when she gets to know that shes trully her twin sister......this movie is a big twist of fate......but the annoying part is have not gotten the remaining episodes because i cant wait to see her get her revenge on every one mostly especially the self centred guardian who destroyed her life for his own personal reason......

adageorge i love this movie kyung really try to act d crying part..i really love this movie..i want her to end up with d sexy lawyer... i cant wait to watch it finish

holarmyte I really love the movie, though sometimes it's annoying when Kang Yi whatever was acting acting so gullible but I got to understand that she was the sweetest most sincere person. I can never make other people happy at the expense of my own happiness, I can only be fair and sincere. I cried a lot, stupid huh? Anyways u gat brain!

muyideen I thought d film is in Season Form 'cos I jst finished watching season 3 where Seoyeon & hajoon had their wedding ceremony.....pls what episode is this likely to be & pls is the film realy in season Form?

tolanimie Can anyone please tell me what happened at the end of the drama, I am still on episode 44 but I wanna know what happened at the end

Pinto Lol I finished this drama in 3 days, I have to say I really scared to watch such long dramas, phew~ finally finished it, a good drama anyway

Derino Why doesn dis film look so muck Yellow Boot

lembiz There are lots of pple here saying dat the drama is too long wel av not yet started watchin it but I hope it ain't borin.Cos som of u av really discouraged me.But 122 episodes is too much i hope it won't be lyk dejoeyoung.i really hate d film and the guy.i watched is too movies dejoyoung and god of the sea so borin i don't lyk him at all i hope glass mask isn't lyk dat

vanessa TThis movie is getting really annoying .I SOOOOOO HATE kang seo yeon.kang yi kyung's really naïve and kindhearted but I wish she could be a little smarter and bolder and also stand her ground.Ireally can't wait for her revenge .I love ha joon but he's a real heartbreaker I mean how could he marry seo yeon *yuck* I hope she really destroys seo yeon and her evil mother. P.S:kang yi kyung's really pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

aminat I love this story and i hate to see yi kyung crying everytime, the dad made a mistake of marying his friend wifey i wish they could all get their evil reward and yi kyung has know the lawyer since high school I LOVE THIS DRAMA

mariam am now at episode 4 but pls tell me what happened

mask88 I always cheer for the one that loves the girl the most. In this drama I believe it's Ha-Joon. However, He gave up on her and even married her sister. This I can't forgive. Everything he does to make up to Yi-Gyung is too late.. This breaks my heart. On the other hand Sun-Jae loves her as well. He is willing to love her for who she is. He does everything in his power to help her with the revenge. However, she doesn't have any feelings for him. *sniff* At this point I don't really care much for who she ends up with but I hope is a happy ending for Yi-Gyung. I really hope the writers don't go soft on the ex-family either. They all deserved to be severely punished.

Seo I started watching when it first aired. I stopped watching when it was around episodes 35+. I guess I got frustrated how evil was always winning. I just recently started watching and the storyline is so enticing that I can't stop watching. I'm currently catching up and is on episode 86. It getting so good!!!

phoenixjokex it has 120 episodes!! Me still want yi kyung to be with ha joon but ha joon married to seo yeon!!

such a boring story :-|

glassmask66 Omg Lee Ji Hoon and Kim Yoon Seo are going to be in You're the Best Lee Soon Shim together :D I hope her character won't be as mean to I.U.'s character :(

dolledup Hey guys, the lead male character is Sun jae, not Ha joon. Ha joon is one of the most important males in the drama, but in the end, it's Sun Jae that is the lead. I know it can be confusing because during the first 30 episodes, the story evolves around ha joon, but if you get to episode 50 you will see the plot shifting towards Sun jae instead.

I loovvveee seon Jae!! He is definitly the brave knight in the show <3 <3

Maggiiee I Just Started Watching It && So Far Its Alright, But I'm Confused As To Who Is Suppose To Be The Male Lead, Sung Jae Or Ha Joon ??? Can Someone Please Tell Me Because Its Seriously Bugging Me To No End. I Can't Seem To Find Any Articles That Explain Who The Male Lead TT_TT

GeonTaeOppa can someone please tell me what's the real name of the girl the one who helps yi kyung to escape from ha joon then got hospital? her name in the drama is ha ra/ah jung? thanks!

mimi Omg when are Yi kyung and the lawyer going to confess their love to each other!!??? When are they going to kiss? This is taking forever, I don't even care about the revenge, I just want to see the love story! I'm at episode 70 and it's taking forever! The writers should plan more scenes with Sun jae and Yi-kyung alone, AND talking about OTHER stuff than the baby girl\or the revenge\ ...

mysticturtle If anyone wants to start this drama I suggest watching ep 1-2 then skipping aaaall the way to 30 ish. From there the show will continue to speak of past events so you don't miss much plus you get an idea of how naive this Yi Kyung character is. Her path for revenge doesn't really start till mid 40s but certainly worth the trouble watching. And does anyone think there is too much evil glares and smirks going around? Soe Woo does it so much now... It's starting to look creepy... I mean.. They stop and literally do it in your face.. Which is hard to miss, but hey, this is dramaland I guess! Rooting for Yi Kyung/Sun Jae couple! He's the only character I've had faith in since the beginning. I refer to him as the hot lawyer.. Yum!

NewKDramaAddict @GlassOFmask, I'm at ep 67, its safe to say there is love in the air. Its slowly happening. I think because they are so determine to get their revenge first but mother nature is knocking at the door! FINALLY!!!!

glassmask66 I love this drama it's soooooooo addicting :D

GlassOFmask @NewKDramaAddict does that mean yi kyung and ha joon are not gonna end up together?? or do we all have to wait until this drama ends? just dont wanna get my hopes up with those two :(

GlassmaskFAN I love this drama but I freaking hate kang Seo yeon!!!!!!!!!! Shes all mean and crazy,to yi kyung when it should be the other way around!!!!!!!!!! I support yi kyung!! I HATE SEO YEON!!!!:?

NewKDramaAddict @ILoveParkBom-hate to burst your bubble, keep watching! This is a fantastic drama!! I'm at ep 58. Sure, all are not subbed in english but that's how good this drama is!!

ILoveParkBom I really really hope Yi Kyung and Ha Joon end up together!!! I'm in episode 24 and Yi Kyung told him she's never gonna have feelings for him! Noooooooooo!!!!

NewKDramaAddict And I'm not a High Schooler, just an old fogey who loves revenge stories!!

NewKDramaAddict Disagree with a lot of the comments. As this drama was going 100+ episodes, I did not expect the revenge to start early. People talking about Yi Kyung being naive but what you see is a person starving for love. That is not something new! People that are deprived real love can be one or two ways, evil or super naive, wanting to please and that's Yi Kyung to a tee. Yes, the revenge starts in the 40's and we that have held out to now are SO pleased with what's happening in these episodes! Now, my only wish is to see the relationship hinted between Seon Jae and Yi Kyung!! They both deserve LOVE!!!! REAL LOVE!! If you think I'm lying, just watch the last 10 min of episode 47! What a revenge treat!!

Jess I get that Shin ki tae's lover had twins and, blah blah blah, yi kyung and seo yeon are related. But this is really starting to get irksome. Yi kyng's naivety is unrealistic and annoying and even Seo Yeons evilness. Plus there's no way someone would get lucky sooo many times, it's unfair that Seo yeo hasn't been caught by anyone but her useless dad! I'm so aggravated by Yi Kyungs foolishness and unrealistic kinddness. The screen writer did a bad job with this, it's much too long for the whole show to be a display of stupidity. If i get to episode 50 and she's still trusting and stupid, I will stop watching this nerve wrecking unrealisitc nonsense!

zueee her revenge side is starting to show on episode 44.

Vcolema4 The writer's scripts are written for High School students. For an adult – the scripts lack substance – are boring, redundant, irksome, tiresome, humdrum, and nit witted.

It's amazes me that Seo Woo a seasoned actress would accept this type of role where she spend every other scene kowtowing, sucking up or crying. It's really annoying - such a turn-off.

But on the other hand – I guess  she needs the work.  I've had enough of this nothingness,  I'm OUT!

However...for the High School students … enjoy!

TraxXus Thats right!! I really wish they would start on the revenge part of the story. The story gets interesting and then they start going back and forth over and over again. And then it starts getting interesting again then it starts all over again. LOL! I sometimes wonder if Seo Woo has extra tear ducks just because of all the tears I see her go through. LOL!.

Get to the REVENGE part soon Please.

Kdrama lover I love this Drama..Great story! Yeah I agree that it is like way too much episodes but I still will watch it!lol I wanted to see the most are Kang Yo Kyung's I don't have to see her crying anymore^^

Haha This drama is too long. I understand this is a daily drama but, it's just back & forth, back & forth. I wish it would just get to the point. I also think the father is a horrible person. A coward. But like we all know in Korean drama the heroine always forgive. I hope this is different and he will get punish. I think I will skip a couple episode until there's a progress in the storyline. For those that are watching this please be prepared for 80-100+ episode. The rate it's going it's going to be awhile before any revenge happens.

jknkj i am so tired of this and i want the mother father and sister get whats coming to them without mercy. you might ask why i would hate father and i my answer is because he watched her go through that abuse for her whole childhood and he didn't even defend her that much and ruined her childhood. then he also didn't admit his cruel crimes and let innocent people get hurt and abused ( yi gyung). what type of person does that!?!? ruining an innocent kind caring and wonderful child's life is a disgusting deed and to top it all off he was the one who married his dead partners wife know what would happen to yi gyung if she found who's daughter she was.

Jae Great drama. However, I heard this drama has more than 50 episodes. Maybe even up to 100. Either way, it's way too long. When it's this long the story lose quality then drags on & on. This is a great storyline. It would have been better if it was 30 episode max. Right now it's on episode 36 and it hasn't even got to the good part yet.

Hej Anyone who know how many episodes there will be? :-)

lin I think that yi gyung and soe yeon are real twin sisters.Shim hae soon their known mother supposed to be pregnant but her child died when she was in the hospital the doctor said it and she and stolen a baby.I think that's the twist of the story.

Sunshine I want Yi Gyung to end up with ha joon! That will be awesome! <3

loveeee07 it would be the greatest turn around when this soeyeon girl ended up to be shin ki tae's daughter... well she's not her daughter from the very start and yi kyung ends up to be her would great if this happens...hhahahaha just saying

zheeeeeeee such a nice drama , park jin woo is very handsomee <3 i hope this drama is under 50 episode , i cant watch seo woo being bullied too long!!

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