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  • Name: Osamu Mukai
  • Japanese: 向井理 (むかい おさむ)
  • Birthdate: February 7, 1982
  • Birthplace: Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
  • Height: 182cm
  • Blood Type: O
  • Profession: Actor
  • Star Sign: Aquarius
  • Talent Agency: Hori Agency


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Marrie He's lovely. And easily adding the good acting! ;)

Frizzy Do he have a brother? About 10yo? And has a name jj mukai?

F.a.n.ta damn, he is getting married.. it is hard to find another single guy like him (oh well)

suna chan kawaii... i wonder who were his parents are....

Khate~ kawaii!!!! Osamu-san!!!

Handsome as ever,,,

nice acting on Paradaiso kisu,,,

omedetou gozaimasu


turquoise I think I love you >.< God he's perfect~!!!

eam zamora he shall to go in the police station,he has a case of murdered because of having a killer smile..

-Osamo your so handsome and cute...your not look like a 32.

@alyaviska osamu mukai my brother .. Wkwkwk He is very perfect :p I want meet with he :)

@alyaviska osamu mukai my brother .. Wkwkwk He is very perfect :p

Jhanz_29 wooooh...supercute and talented in paradise kiss.....if osamu is kissing u surely you are in Paradise. <3...muwaaaahhhh...i love you osamu!

Milu Can't believe he is 32 already, he looks like 24. He do look like Minho si, Minho is cuter.

fiffy He's look like Choi Minho oppa but Minho oppa is more handsome than him.

Sakura You look so natural.. I really like u especially In paradise kiss..I really miss Japanese actors because in the past Japanese drama growth before Korean drama.Missing Fukuyama Masaharu too

aldean Osamu your so cool especially in the movie of 'PARADISE KISS", i love the movie so much and ... i like you very much =)

her_coolest Osamu.. i hope can meet you soon.. i love George Koizumi. :D

lyly i really love him especially in PARADISE KISS it made starstruck with him the way he act in the movie it made me inlove with him... i even put his picture as my screensaver in my laptop...love love love

Hann I've watched him in Beck, Hanamizuki, Paradise Kiss and Honey & Clover. I love him at Paradise Kiss the most. I'll definitely watch his other movies and dramas soon. I hope that someday I'll see him in person.

L Hope he can play in japanese aviation drama ( looking forward to see him play as a commercial pilot )

sandra manggopa When you come indonesia in kotamobagu ( SULUT. I'am wait you mukari.............

Nana Your character in Paradise kiss a all time favourite !!!

oucha luv u mukai osamu.. i just watch you in paradise kiss and hotaru no hikari 2... you look so handsome,,you smile brightly and makes me melt on your smiling. hope I can see u and get a picture with u.. ^_^ LOL

in hotaru no hikari 2, you match a lot with hotaru,, but you weren't her couple. and you look so match with keiko kitagawa to (in paradise kiss). you are a best couple.

wish u luck and do the best for your carrier,, and your love also your life. ganbatte kudasai ne.. :D

Ishie I think some of the japanese actor are kinda cute...:)..your one of them..hope to see you in more t.v shows and movies... Keep up the good work and hope to see you soon...

P.S I don't usually watch Japanese movie.But when I watch the BECK..I got curious....:)

Godbless and more power

Yus こんにちは向井さん。お元気ですか?

I first saw you in Bambino and at that time I felt that even you hold a small role but I kinda attracted to know you more. Then I saw a DVD of Paradise Kiss which you take the role as George san. It is one of my fave anime and I bought the DVD. Surprisingly, you really light up the character along with keiko san. Now I am watching your newest drama Summer rescue. Haven't finish it yet but it is such a good drama with good scenes. Your character as Hasami sensei is quiet serious but it suit the character. おめでとうございます。I am looking forward to follow you with all movies and drama you were in and all the best for you. いつも頑張ってね。Thank you for brighten up my days.

Emily Your Eyes... it's so...

Karin Omg he looked ao friking adorable and hot in BECK he looks so hoog with blonde hair he should keep it blonde not black~~~

Novia Agatha Osamu Mukai

I am Mukai Osamu Lover! ♥ i will LOVE Mukai Osamu always! i truly pray to God every night, that i will meet him one day... i cried,everytime i searched for his pictures on web,& saves them. thinking,will i ever get the chance to meet him. my feelings were actually more than just admiring.. i call this love.. i am seriously in love with him... and it breaks my heart to see his photo on An An magazine. but i still laugh hard on it, cz he is so damn sexy & hot !!! Mukai Osamu, if anyhow you read this comment,please come meet me.. i would be so happy, just to have a picture or two, having you hugging me... i will cry in happiness.... I Love You! ♥

tiik the way he played bass is suck.. but he learn it only to act in BECK .. and he's cute :D i like him a lot..

taira kun is my fav character in BECK

benedette he looks really brilliant when he played bass in BECK, i he really play bass,,,,I wonder why he won't come out with a band or something?

zhai i guess we're soulmates.... =D its also my day today so... HAPPY BIRTHYDAY... to US!!!! hehe! gambate ne! muah!

lu i saw him in "BACK" and I love him...But in Paradaise Kiss itsn't look like him :( My mother is japanese and in the summer whwn I go to my mother's grandad and grandmum I go to know him !!! OMG (scuseme for the bad english)

Teo I first saw him in Honey and Clover drama where I started to like him, and now I see him again in his Paradise Kiss movie~ He's totally become sexier! I just love him more! XD

Irish does he look like 29 years old? :D omg, he's so cuuute :3

Clarisse I first saw him in Bambino.. he's so cute..

Yue he's a cute actor, has a cool personality and charismatic, love him, u should watch him in Paradise Kiss movie

cutie by the way... we have the same birth date... destiny... LOL =D

cutie oh me ged!!!!! his appeal blows me away... there's something in him that captivates me....grrr! gambate ne! muah! =D

kyouya2909 He is so cute, I've only watched a few of his movies & dramas like Twin Spica, Hanamizuki (he wasn't even main role) but I like him so much, just can't wait to see Paradise Kiss with Engsub...

HoaNNgoK I like to watch Osamu's movie and game shows , i really like him a lot !

Grasshopper When he gives interviews, he gives this really smart person vibe, while being so humble. He sounds like such a nice, kind and considerate person. All the best for him!

Grasshopper Extremely smart actor. So humble and kind. All the best to him!

clarissa caca i just knew him YESTERDAY when i was watching atashinchi no danshi via online, and thought "nyaaa, this guy is pretty cute~~~" today, i went to a dvd store and spotted bouchou mania 09 by coincidence. i finished watch it just a moment ago and really addicted to osamu right now. wahahahahaha then, i begin to love him, and now i searching about him like crazy, nyahahaha

Sano Lana I was watching Smap X Smap last night, and Mukai-kun was the guest! Mukai kun ordered "curry rice" and Kimura Takuya's dish was considered the best out of the the 4 who cooked for him. Here is some info about him .... before he joined the agency, he used to work at many kinds of restaurants. He mentioned that he used to be one of the cook at a restaurant to make Omu-rice, Curry Rice as well.

The super hot thing about him is that he used to be a bartender. So, Mukai kun made a drink for Kimura Takuya!! He made a fizzy fruity drink for kimu-taku!!

Karen kawaii! The first time I saw him is in Nodame Cantabile but he didnt caught my eye.. But when I saw him again in Hotaru no Hikari 2.. i just couldnt take my eyes off him.. i began looking for other series that he was in and started watching them simultaneously.. ima ga I'm pretty much hooked on him.. :D I do want to know more about him so if anybody whose reading here and have an idea as to where i can read more about Osamu Mukai-san please pm me @ fr3ak_19@yahoo.com.. thanks..

Mukai-san, oshigoto wa ganbatte kudasai.. :D

eh omg hes 28?

asuza Not just cute, but handsome!

Emine Happy 28th Birthday To Osamu Mukai!!!U have many more wonderful Birthdays!!^^

japanlover i first saw him in honey and clover...luv to see him wearing spectacles...i can't recognise him without spectacles! well,he looked good in everything he wear..i really want to watch his new drama with horikita maki,atashinchi no danshi...a heard it's a super good series like hana kimi.. osamu mukai is one of my favourite japanese actor..luv you

Autumn_light I dont know what i should 2 say bout him. He's so awso~me 4 me. When i 1st time i watched his act in Bambino! I'd spontantly says.. Oowh, my God.. This guy is very cute!! I've absolutely fallin in luv with him...


princessstacy11 i knew him for a loong time and is the greatest fan of him!!! he is soooo hot and i watched all the movies/dramas that he was in even if the parts he acted were really minor. and btw did u guys know that he graduated a suppper elite college in japan and was a bartender 4 like 7 years!! wowo that just blows me away! plus he didn't even have to go to the agency to become an actor cuz he wuz sooooo hot that he was scouted into the business. so HA! that just proves that im his #1 fan.....HAHAHA!!!

ea kuyyaw!!.... he's totally cute,,, and cool!!

evilive he is really handsome in Atashinchi no Danshi. i like it. he has a good character in the drama.

Emine Hi...I love to watch your dramas very much.You are so beautiful Mukai Osamu!!U are the coolest & most good looking actor!!!Keep up your good work =)

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