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  • Movie: Beck
  • Romaji: Beck
  • Japanese: Beck
  • Director: Yukihiko Tsutsumi
  • Writer: Harold Sakuishi (manga), Tetsuya Oishi
  • Producer: Suketsuku Noda, Shosaku Ohyama, Hiroyasu Murakami, Hiroyasu Asami, Naoki Kitagawa
  • Cinematographer: Satoru Karasawa
  • Release Date: September 4, 2010
  • Runtime: 145 min.
  • Genre: Youth / Music
  • Studio: Shochiku
  • Distributor: Shochiku
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan


Maho Minami (Shiori Kutsuna) returns to Japan after studying in New York. Her half brother Ryusuke Minami (Hiro Mizushima) is an ultra talented guitarist. Maho & Ryosuke then meet Koyuki (Takeru Sato ), a fellow young teen whom Maho takes interest in. Soon enough, Ryosuke and Koyuki form a 5 piece rock band named "Beck," while Maho and Koyuki become involved in a romantic relationship.

The band starts to play live shows and grow an enthusiastic following. The release of their debut CD helps to further the band's popularity. People start to notice Koyuki. The band then endures a producer's planned conspiracy and other hardships. Beck then receives an offer to play at a rock festival, but with the unusual stipulation that the band may have to dissolve ...


  1. Based on Harold Sakuishi's manga "Beck" which was published by Kodansha in Monthly Shōnen Magazine from 1999 through 2008.
  2. TV Tokyo also aired an animation series of "Beck" in 2004-2005.
  3. Shiori Kutsuna, who was raised in Australia, stated she felt an immediate bond with "Maho Minami" after reading the script due to her upbringing in another country and other character similarities.


Beck-Hiro Mizushima1.jpg Beck-Takeru Satoh1.jpg Beck-Kenta Kiritani1.jpg Beck-Shiori Kutsuna1.jpg Beck-Osamu Mukai1.jpg Beck-Aoi Nakamura1.jpg
Hiro Mizushima Takeru Sato Kenta Kiritani Shiori Kutsuna Osamu Mukai Aoi Nakamura
Ryusuke Minami Yukio "Koyuki" Tanaka Chiba Maho Minami Taira Saku

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mikari hope this is better than the anime.

nororo oops.. i meam koyuki's voice

nororo me too @syifa. the movie brought me back to rock after i'd swayed by kpop. lol.. i didn't expect a lot from this movie but i was totally hooked by its storyline,cast,audio and everything. i cry a lot during their performance even when koyuki's inadudible. oasis as ending was great!!! reminds me of butterfly effect!

ridergear kabuto × den-o

Syifa I watched it twice (over cable tv RED too). Have no idea maybe this movie has brought me over rock music. It's been long time since i was not get into rock. I used to like rock so much but these day i kinda forgetting it and listening to other genres which is totally different with rock. After watched Beck, i start to listen to rock music again. Beck hits me, rock never dies!! realize that I shouldn't stop listening it..

And the last soundtrack of this movie is 'Oasis - Don't Look Back In Anger'. Since i'm a fan of Oasis.. When i heard that song, i got goose bumps :')

Well, i'm curious to its manga. Gotta find it asap!

Pearly Just stumble upon this movie at RED channel this afternoon. The title itself caught my attention and after few minutes of watching, I got hooked! The storyline is smooth. The characters played their roles very well. The mix of comedy, romance and action (the bullying scenes) =D are really entertaining and refreshing! I laugh and cried and laugh and laugh at the same time. THE AUDIO EXPERIENCE IS HOLY! Every note coming out from the movie, touched my soul and definitely made me move (and surely other people too).

I just feel some expounding lacking on some of the scenes.I think it needed to elaborate or lengthen or expound some of its scenes like the romance of Maho and Koyuki, Taira's exposure, Chiba's kick ass moments with the bullies at Koyuki's school, Saku's love life and more of Dying Breed's condemning Belle Anne =D or anything like that. Overall I would give the movie 10.75 out of 10 =))))

Eyes Scream05 Ow YEAH!!!! One of my favorite manga turns to a live action movie ^_^ I love the film ^_^ hope their will be part 2 ^_^ For those who likes to watch a Movie with a band try to watch BANDAGE also... it was a good film too ^_^

Darkness~ Based on what I know, Hiro really does know how to speak English, so it probably wasn't dubbed over. He went to some international school in Switzerland for a number of years when he was younger, I think. ^^

Sankalp I absolutely loved the movie.. The manga holds a special place in my heart.. I did not want it to become a movie.. But i must say i am surprised.. The movie turned out to be excellent.. I would give it a 10/10.. Many people may not agree.. But i actually like the fact that koyuki's voice was not audible.. Just like the manga the awesomeness of the voice was left to your imagination.. I bet this was to avoid disappointment to fans who have imagined his voice to be godlike..

One really awesome movie with an extremely awesome cast.. Everybody fits the character.. I just hope they make a sequel and cover rest of the manga.. That would be really great.. ^__^

mami the cast for this movie is Perfect !

sasha hi guys, i'm a bit confused at the ending, did the band dissolve? from what i understood at the ending part, koyuki continues to studying in school and still plays the guitar. Then, Ryosuke went back to New York?

maneki hobbang simply, a perfect cast. i didn't expect mizushima hiro and kutsuna shiori's english to be that good. the only thing that keeps this film from getting a 10 is the fact that you don't hear koyuki sing even though he's a vocal. i understand that sato takeru may not have the "angelic" voice koyuki is supposed to have, but it'd be fine if it's dubbed over. although the way it is does makes koyuki's performance a little more artsy, it is also distracting to hear only the music as koyuki's lips are moving.

Shinigami i love the cast, Hiro Mizushima, Takeru Sato & Osamu Mukai you did a great job didn't like hiro with long hair too bad they didn't let us hear Koyuki's voice, i was hoping to hear him sing

arifrokk zeer indrukwekkend

arifrokk Allah SWT hat sich mein Leben durch diesen Film beck verändert

Rizka A. F. A. AWESOME MOVIE!! The casts really suit the characters from the manga.. But still a lil bit dissapointed coz they didt reveal Koyuki's voice.. It's okay if they dub his voice with another man's voice,, at least I want to be amazed like people in the movie.. X3

Btw,, do Shiori and Hiro really speak English here? Or it's dubbed??

yong wow...just finished watching this movie.. awesome musical arrangement.. shiori cute..

Y.Toshihiro a very great movie, musical arrangements are also cool. gives me motivation to play music

Christian Esperar Just watched it! Man it really rocks my world. They are all really talented and look not an actor at all because they are awesome in the movie!

bood Maho (Shiori Kutsuna).....................Sughoi Kawaiiiiiiii

Chaerul Akbar wah filmnya keren walau awalnya membosankan :) @CRakbarr

123456 takeru sato look so cute in this drama ... kyaaa love him.. <3 <3

kayehana guys where did you watch this movie with eng subs???

satou nai Takeru satou is so damn cute here! Idk if he can play a guitar that cool. Hiro hair is not really worked, but still fine. He look more hotter on this movie. And finally I just realized that osamu mukai and aoi nakamura are HOT

mizulvr I thought it was overly DRAMATIC! to the point where it was clear that they probably watched a bunch of english movie without subtitles and wrote down every word and scenario theysaw and threw it in this movie smh. It was fun to watch anyway. As far as acting goes....Even though Hiro does speak pretty good english....his acting is not that great here(and I am totally in love him btw)....disappointed that Sato didn't sing... fyi Japan if ur gonna cast a hot least let him sing...or dub it over with a guy who has an awesome singing voice(they did it in sister act)... the guy with the blond hair in the band as well as chiba were the strongest actors out the cast....It was still a good movie:)

Arhazivory The movie was very well done and to me the fan, they brought the manga to life.

Misso AMAZING MOVIE... i loved it! -amazing cast (suited for their roles) -<3 the music -love the progression and flow of the movie only criticism is that im disappointed they didnt give koyuki a singing voice.. it would have been more epic.. oh and hiro's acting with his english lines is a little weak.. its okay.. but it feels forced and awkward.. i guess he's not used to acting in english. best character: chiba by kiritani kenta <3<3<# omgggggg

Claire I just watched the movie yesterday. It was overally pretty good. Without spoiling too much the sort-of-suspense revolving around Ryusuke's guitar were kinda laughable. But beside Takeru Sato who's acting were totally bad, the other actors were great! I'm not a fan of Mizushima Hiro but his English was really good, his acting were same as usual. Mukai Osamu were, of course, nice. And supporter actors also did a good job. Music were awesome.

jeezme ok. as much as i love hiro mizushima.....I HATE HIS HAIR IN THIS!...but i still love him...looks don't matter...(hhhmm) but I FREAKING LOVE SATO TAKERU!!! will so watch this.......

SoFF-OnE I've just finished the manga..really hoping to see the movie next.

Sorao When will i be able to watch this? =(

Shiho I watched it in japan last week. Sure is great! I was shocked with the cast, they all make a great job. I´m waiting to watching again, really good movie (and music)

Sorao man I LOVE ALL THE CASTS!!! <3

Dini aoi nakamura ! i'm waiting for this movie !

beng the movie looks great. Osamu Mukai rocks!!!!

Christopher kinda excited for this movie<3

Aiishiteruze Eeekkkkk Can't Wait, I LOVE SATO!

Blaze I never thought I would see the day! I read/watch both the anime and manga. The castings are perfect. I can't wait to see this movie when it's out.

Indira Hiro is truly match playing a rock palyer. Let's see.

docalion Yeah boy!!! This is what it is!! The trailer looks great!! Wooohooo!!! Waiting for the movie to come out! So excited!

sally well you'll have to see to find out won't you?

p3rk3le OSAMU is so hot! I LOVE THE CAST!!!!

LOL hiro doesn't match to play a rocker

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