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  • Movie: Paradise Kiss
  • Romaji: Paradaisu Kisu
  • Japanese: パラダイス・キス
  • Director: Takehiko Shinjo
  • Writer: Ai Yazawa (manga), Kenji Bando
  • Producer: Takero Hisamatsu, Toshiaki Muramatsu, Takeshi Onoda, Hiroaki Kitano, Toshiya Nomura
  • Cinematographer: Hikaru Yasuda
  • Release Date: June 4, 2011
  • Runtime: 116 min.
  • Distributor: Warner Bros.
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan


Yukari Hayasaka (Keiko Kitagawa) is a high school student who has become tired of her life of constant schooling. She then comes across a group of student fashion designers in need of a model for their "Paradise Kiss" clothing label. Yukari knows nothing about the fashion world and is taken back by the group's eccentric ways, but she soon comes to admire their free thinking ways and ability to pursue their dreams with a one track mind ...


Paradise Kiss-Keiko Kitagawa.jpg Paradise Kiss-Osamu Mukai.jpg Paradise Kiss-Yusuke Yamamoto.jpg Paradise Kiss-Shunji Igarashi.jpg Paradise Kiss-Kento Kaku.jpg
Keiko Kitagawa Osamu Mukai Yusuke Yamamoto Shunji Igarashi Kento Kaku
Yukari 'Caroline' Hayasaka Jouji 'George' Koizumi Hiroyuki Tokumori Isabella Arashi Nagase
Paradise Kiss-Aya Omasa.jpg Paradise Kiss-Natsuki Kato.jpg Paradise Kiss-Hitomi Takahashi.jpg Paradise Kiss-Shigemitsu Ogi.jpg Paradise Kiss-Michiko Hada.jpg
Aya Omasa Natsuki Kato Hitomi Takahashi Shigemitsu Ogi Michiko Hada
Miwako Sakurada Kaori Asou Yukino Koizumi Joichi Nikaido Yasuko Hayasaka

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mimi22 i'm looking forward to this it as good as the manga? hmmmn, i have read the manga and it was sooooo amazing!!!!!! i was really crying in the end part because they did not end up together coz they both chose to reach their dreams. the anime was also good though.... i hope i can give two thumbs up on this adaptation...

Rit Saw some mixed good n bad reviews over here. My personal opinion on this movie: well i liked it esp., Keiko Kitagawa. Shez so beautiful all throughout the movie and her expressions durim those modelling shoots was remarkable. I havn't read the manga yet, but overall the story seemed practical to daily lives. Evrythg doesn't come in easy or have a happy ending. Simply loved it....the songs too....have downloaded them and enjoying it... Hello and You by Yui were the best tracks.

Rimi Poor acting and poor casting ! The actor and actresses are so awkward and overreacting... Completely disappointed.

Nikki Perez I LOVE EVERY BIT OF THIS ENDING VERSION!♥♥♥ CAREER OVER LOVE. BUT THERE CAN BE WAYS. For me, they just have to let each other SPREAD THEIR WINGS and FLY HIGH without denying each other the love and support they have given each other and THAT THEY CAN STILL give to each other AS THEY TREK along the ROAD TO SUCCESS...

Osamu Mukai's so HAWT! His kisses are so PASSIONATE and HOT that it was like George is sucking up Yukari's entire soul through his kisses! KYAH!!!♥♥♥ His DIMPLED-smile (LOL) is so CUTENESS OVERLOAD! And just like the original blue-haired George, I can feel at the end, that he loves Yukari TRULY and that he misses her so much!

But still the scene when Yukari found the room full of George's beloved entire creations for that special someone of his to wear them. My heart was just STABBED... Hurt, clenched and drenched in a thousand liter of tears.... I was like Yukari with my hands on mouth crying so much... Just like the same when I read the manga and the anime series...

Oh, the songs as always would be the plus factors in making me cry all the time... Plus! Aya Omasa, who played another fave, Sunako, and Yusuke Yamamoto, who played Tamaki in another fave live action, are in my beloved Paradise Kiss Live Action!!! WHAT COULD GET BETTER THAN THIS!!!


Batty I just like the fact she finally ended up with George. The movie was rushed, but it still made me cry. ...probably because I know the story, and just substituted the ending. Teehee.

Kinoko Completely disappointed. Worst casting and adaptation ever. Superficial. The characters in the original story have many problems and questions about themselves and in the movie are not. Happy ending? Plz!

Aileen20 I like this movie. This is great. I will include this in my movie list. And their ending is looks so cute.. Good job. ^_^

Karylleshii I will include this on my list :) Harhar! I see it interesting..

Aizawa Shien it's happy to see the ending, it's sooo goood :) it's much better than the ending in the manga , love it

hunhany x lyly i really love the movie, it made me starstruck with osamu mukai i hope their will be part 2.... ureshii OSAMU MUKAI

kafaira the anime/manga is more better than this live action. How could they change the ending? it's not climax anymore. Eventhough she's not with George anymore, at least George is her first love. But, why Yazawa Ai make the ending like that? Truly not happy ending, same like NANA. But i love the story. Ohmygoddddd

Lovely Sanchez ..:) oH my..For me this movie is the best Ever...unforgetaBle, i hope i'll meet mr. Osamu mukai..i love it...whole paradise episode..:P

jessicamaelim i wish have a part 2......

BELLA OMG,Osamu!!!!!!!!!..........?

jessa I love the movie because its a happy ending in manga she ends up with hiro and i don't like it I hate george because he never loved yukari but kaori instead. but i'm happy that there's definitely amazing twist in the movie... the best!!!

tania nhay I really liked the movie "paradise kiss".

I really hope to be able to meet you "OSAMU MUKAI"

Egg Tofu i like it ... <3 osamu mukai

karmito i love paradesa kiss movie dis is so kool......

tina this movie paradise kiss inspired me lot..

i was inspired from the lines of Goerge that " walk on your own feet, just walk the way you like it"

rida i love u so much osamu mukai..

i want go to japan for meet you..

kiroro plis tell me the song when first three model appear on fashion show? it's always used in almost every fashion show I watched..

melissa finally found the song in the end credits!!! if anyone wants it, look for YUI - YOU. She did the Hello song in the preview too. ^__^

faith hey. what's the title of the piano piece played at the very last part of the credits, accompanied by violin!? I really want to play it!! > < can anyone please tell me!?

girlstrike seriously sweet movie,, i love it so much!!

Aiko hi charmon, the music you asked is i-dep - MAGIC

charmon may i ask? what's the title of the music during the fashion show of kaori's team?

Rima I really liked this movie! As someone interested in fashion I couldn't help but be at awe whenever fashion-related things come up but of course you cannot forget the romance. I love it!

By the way, I want to ask. Does anyone know the song that's being played during the credits?

SusieW The movie was good, but alot more happened in the manga/anime

SusieW If anyone wants to know- The song playing during yukari's big fashion runway walk is "Everything's gonna be alright" by Sweetbox. Love this song.....

Yuki Ehh.. I think this will be good. Gonna watch this next.. >_<.. Keiko is as pretty as ever.. (XD Keiko fan...!!)

chara I absolutely loved this movie!!! ♥

Unique story and the actors were great too! The main girl is so pretty.

And I really loved their fashion! So glamorous and fun >.<

LOLZ I love this its sooo cool i LOVE it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bibi Keyko Kitagawa looks like Risako Sugaya

lelanie i fell inlove to this movie. i really like it..very cute movie and the first movie i've watched for 2012.

paradise kiss wow i love this drama....i keep watch it but still i never get tired on watching this movie.... i like the male lead and the female lead they both look great together... love them much....!

lily i saw somewhere it says that infinite's L made a cameo in this movie. i watched the whole movie months ago and can't seem to recall anything about L. Help?

Ann This movie is AWESOME! I watched it TWICE! And also they changed the ending omg! The ending in the anime was not so good. I didnt like it. But in this movie she ended up with George (the main actor) <3 I JUST LOVE THIS MOVIE

l3xi hey, does anyone know the songs played at the fashion show? ive been searching high and low LMAO! love this flim got the mp4 on my itouch! thanks x

mei Okay,I can not understand how someone who read the manga or even only watched the anime,can accept this movie as it is.If you didnt either watched the anime nor read the manga,then alright you might like it since the mangaka already provided that.BUT,the manga isnt just about the plot.It has some major elements that makes it so damn awesome.First of all the HAIRSTYLES in the manga where absolutely IGNORED. I mean how dare they? Miwako was one of my fav. character,she was a LOLITA and how can you accept the Miwako in the movie as Lolita?Seriously where is her huge eyes,fluffy huge pink dresses and her PINK HAIR???Where her STYLE? Arashi is another issue...His STYLE was also completely ignored.If you make Arashi wear a leather jacket,you arent making him anything near Arashi.Arashi was a PUNK with his alternative music,PIERCINGs,Earrings,etc. BUT I COULD LOOK PAST ALL THAT,IF THEY PUT INFRONT OF ME A SLIMMER JOJI WITH ******* BLUE HAIR.And that fringe they gave YUKARI is ******* wrong.Its not right!!!!It should be real short way above the eye borrows. I am sorry for ranting so much,but this was one of my favorite mangas,and THEY ***** IT UP.Sorry.

Yanka I finished that movie now, and I can't back from George's & Yukari's world... It was so beautifull movie. This is amazing in real world. Thx for that movie, for anime and manga.^^

Avenx Maison Add my facebook  :D

search " Skyxie Reveniex "

hehehe <3

k Wow. people liked it?? I think the anime/manga was wayyyy better. Might of had high expectations, but seriously. Keiko might look good in the prints and the photos but i had to stop myself laughing when she did those awkward poses for the photo shoots, and the fashion show runway was not convincing as a real attempt to mimic high fashion couture. Keiko also failed to grasp Yukari's character, and all the together the movie lacked depth and insight to any of the characters, shame since all the characters have some really colourful backgrounds. I admit the ending was much more happier, I honestly preferred the edgier ending of the mange, and you can't really fit a whole manga in around 2 hours, but I honestly wouldn't have preferred a spin off rather than a remake.

sissyn maru hi sakura, I think the song you're asking about is 'I know You're not alone' by Sweetbox..

sakura For those who already watched this FANTASTIC movie, can anyone tell me the title of the song used while Yukari was in a pictorial in a restaurant? (the other one besides Hello by Yui) thank you :)

sissyn maru OMG.. this is the most romantic movie i ever see... i love Osamu.. I've watched it more than 3 times and didn't get bored at all!! I love their on and off relationship. how they courage one another to pursue their dreams.. and yet still faithfull to each other.. and most of all, i just love caroline's make up. flawless and fairly natural.. most recomended movie this year..

Mia i love this movie! the actors and actresses were good! i think it's really moving! <3 sigh will keep in my heart <3

Ren Beautiful Plot, and the ending is just so...GAAH. I LOVE IT<3 Definatly my favorite movie yet. (:

Jennifer I love this movie just finished the movie now.

silencer000 anyone knows who's the lady with Tokumori towards the end?

she seems familiar but i just can't remember....

messx0o1 Finally got to watch it and it was good. I think i held more expectations for this movie than I should have though. Being an avid Parakiss fan and loving Ai Yazawa's works, i was expecting it to have a bit more of a Nana feel to it like the live actions did for nana. I noticed a lot of the smaller plot points were taken out and some were much more important to the plot than others, so i was a bit irritated with that. (like how Yukari and George are not actually together until the end... again, being a big fan of the series and with having read the manga numerous times and watching the anime whenever i please, things like that you notice are important. So the fact that such an important detail was left out was... annoying. Mind you i give them credit for the ending, for all us crazy fans out there, the ending was heartbreaking for the anime and manga, to see the ending reinvented into something we all had wanted to happen was a very welcomed change. Because of the ending i probably like this live action much more than i would have if it was left out.

Ann OMG! I freaing LOVE this movie!! It's wayy better than the animie!! I have to say the ending was very emotion and I've never seen a happy ending with a little tear at the end.

yooki aa-- how a touching movie it is ! :D it makes me learn that i have to sure about my choice , not anyone else's ;) i really love this film :D and also , osamu mukai was so cute , he fits with keiko kitagawa there nyaan~

Chinadoll OH EM GEE! Must watch. The kisses are so real and so lovely to watch. Yummmm. I wouldn't mind me some George <3

Kyu_Rin after i saw this movie.. i'm officially osamu mukai's fan... ah,,his smile killing me..

hannah it is the best movie i've ever watched this 2011 :DDDD.........YUKARI♥GEORGE.....4EVER :DDDDD....WAAHH...I'VE GONE CRAZY AFTER WATCHING THIS...GET TIRED OF KPOP??,,,,TRY WATCHING THIS :DDD...I REALLY LOVE IT :DDD

kyouya2909 One of the best Japanese Fashion movie I've ever watched!

Larasica OMG...OMG...OMG... i really love this film... Yukari & George is GREAT.!! and from now on i'll be Osamu Mukai fans.!! :-*

Nonette GOODNESS!!! I love this movie!!!! REALLY??? I hate this movie.. it makes me want to watch it all over again!!! I really want to watch a movie similar with this.. especially when OSAMU MUKAI is there!

mayeth g. used to watch the anime version of Paradise kiss, I was sad when George went away with Isabela. Hope in the live animation, they a happier ending.

xoxoelaineee The movie's out on Dramacrazy w/ Eng subs already. Sucha good movie that I can't stop watching once I've started.

Not too sure bout Mukai Osamu in the show (he doesn't seem to really fit the fashion designer prodigy role to me) but I adored Kitagawa Keiko, Yamamoto Yusuke & Omasa Aya's roles a lot!

Never read the manga before but after the movie, I think I'm gonna give it a shot. (^^)

elyse It's available on now! :D

  • so happy*

Ashen >< REALLY WANT TO WATCH THIS~ Any idea where I can get a copy? Or download it? Hmmm.

skuld420 i think yusuke didn't suit the role of hiroyuki, yamashita tomohisa would be great in that role. anyways, i can't wait for the movie to come out in eng subs...

CyndiRYT the trailer is so FAb... so it says with the movie.. can't wait to watch it.. hope it reaches us here

Karen the girl is somewhat look like Sam Pinto :D

Totem After its release tomorrow, maybe I'd wait for about 1-2 months more to get a copy via torrents :D

Sasha Can't wait for this!

nado0osh What is the date of broadcast?

Yo Yusuke mmmmmm

hmmmmmm OMG!!!!!! i'm still waiting for kimi ni todoke sub... now theres another one!!! these japanese movies are really testing my patience!! urgh! hahhah

btw, i think the casting is perfect... both yukari and george.. also i think its better that osamu didn't dye his hair blue.... even if it looks ok in the anime, i still can't imagine him with blue hair...

Riisa I think KEIKO could act as the manga girl but judging from the teaser above, Osamu Mukai don't really fit to play the manga guy George. :P

yamadaryosukeichiban i have to wait until may! i can't wait til then i want to watch it now! i'm looking forward to it

Donna I definitely agree. I don't see Keiko as Yukari, I like her and all but I think Oomasa would've fit the role better. As for a George, I think Mukai Osamu can carry the role. He's quite versatile.

Wishing for the best still! I can't wait.

sads This just seems soooooo miscast to me. :/ Nana and Last Quarter both had such perfect actresses/actors for their roles. Mika Nakashima was a perfect Nana O.(in fact SHE IS Nana to me), Hyde was a perfect Adam and Chiaki Kuriyama just has a Yazawa look to her. I like Keiko Kitagawa and Osamu Mukai but they don't fit ParaKiss to me. Keiko is so short and where is George's blue hair? Would it have been that difficult to dye Osamu's hair? I mean Tomomi Maruyama SHAVED his head for Nana! Hair dye is not that permanent. >>; I'll hope for the best and hope I'm mistaken.

beatrix I remember reading the manga and watching the anime and thinking, if they ever do this as a live drama in the future, I want Keiko Kitagawa for the role of Yukari. So excited my wish came true, and the trailer's amazing!

fushgiaddicted26 Gosh! Why is it taking so long to reach May 2011? Really really can't waiiiit!


Misa Wow this is going to be AWESOME! Favorite manga & anime... soon to be my favorite drama! <3 CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Haiisa Its so cool!!!! i can't w8 to watch it >.<

pocky they have it in manga then anime and now drama! i think it going to be good!

shana Gonna be AWESOME!!!!

Beng OMG, Osamu!!!!!

maridiamonds OMG, I am so looking forward to this movie.

Paradise kiss :* WoW they made the manga into a drama???!!! I can't wait to watch it.......!!! I hope it will be as amazing as the manga was LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT

sophie can't w888888

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