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  • Name Haruma Miura
  • Japanese: 三浦春馬 (みうら はるま)
  • Birthdate: April 5, 1990
  • Birthplace: Ibaraki, Japan
  • Height: 178 cm.
  • Blood Type: AB


Haruma Miura born on April 5, 1990, just north-east of Tokyo, in Ibaraki Prefecture is an actor and singer in Japan. Haruma Miura was enrolled in Tsukba Actor's studio as a child and made his debut at the age of seven on the NHK television drama "Agri".

While continuing his acting career in Japanese television dramas, Haruma and two other students formed the boyband Brash Brats. After Tsukba Actor's studio closed down, the trio joined one of Japan's biggest talent agencies, Amuse.

Shortly afterwards Haruma's popularity grew even more following his performance in the NHK family drama Fight. Haruma then put the Brash Brats on indefinite hiatus. His career took off even further, appearing in the big screen version of Sky of Love and starring in the TBS drama Bloody Monday. Haruma Miura is slated to star opposite Shun Oguri in Takashi Miike's Crows Zero 2.


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Park My first comment has lots of mistakes. I'm Sorry. My phone's auto-correction is on, that's why.

Park Haruma-san! I feel in love with you whenever I first saw you in KOIZORA (Sky of Love) .. You mate my heart there and I can't stop crying. You're the best! Love from Philippines!!!

gaamatsu16 Haruma <3 <3 <3 one of the hottest and ebst j-actors ever existing.

rahmah one of my best actors. last watched hours of my life and oh my God himura was the best. hope to see you soon in other films better yet in dramas

ichigo959 how hot was he in the movie "from me to you"? I instantly fell in love with his smile. Sigh.

Bella You and Sato Takeru are my favorite Japanese young actors. But, I love you more. You are more handsome. You're my dream guy.

Leanne I freaking love his smile in From me to you. Just perfect. Love him and Sato Takeru. 2 best friend in real life, and talented young actors.

Esha Dear Haruma Miura san, I love your acting, your voice and YOU! Did you ever consider to do a Korean project? I'd love to see you in a Korean movie/drama. Be well and continue to do what you do best!! Finger crossed! ^_^

Daniella Dear Mr. Huruma I love your acting in the Last Cinderella, you and Shinohara Ryoko make me laugh so much, I have been watching the Last Cinderella 5 times already, and I can't get enough of you too. :)

Kristen He's so gorgeous... a prince *o*

Mr.Aiueo Wow, really Eren? i hope he can fit the Eren Character. just like on his previous Live action drama. in Bloody Monday. Haruma are quite good for played some characters. but still ? for eren.

I hope the development team, choice the right cast for SNK Live action. they must be very stict to find the cast, i hope it so.

Maejor Rizza i'm looking forward on how are you going to act as Eren.

  1. IReallyLoveShingekinoKyojin

Suzuki I just watched Hi wa Mata Noboru, man you are so awesome, and in coincidence you are the Eren of Shingeki no Kyojin live action!

denizzhoe really? shingeki no kyojin live action movie? kyaaaaa....can't wait your act... >o<

jeamy Dear Mr. Huruma I love your acting in the Last Cinderella, you and Shinohara Ryoko make me laugh so much, I have been watching the Last Cinderella 5 times already, and I can't get enough of you too. :) Will be so great if you guys make part 2, when you too have twin baby. Somes of my friends agree with me, we want to catch you too with baby. Please come back :( We want the whole group of The Last Cinderella BACK!!

Aloha I love your role of Boku No Ita Jikan! the story is good! You're the best actor! Keep up the good actor! Ganbatte!!!!

Keputihan can't wait the movie, attack on titan

Nami97 Good luck in Shingeki no Kyojin Live-Act! Do your best! Ganbatte! (^o^)/

Patty You are MY DREAM GUY, not for myself but for me to idolize.

Mina You are one of the best actors in Japan~ I adore your acting and your smile, of course ;) your smile can literally melt ice!! After watching Koizora (Sky of love) I've literally fallen for you.. I hope to be able to watch your future projects, I'm sure they'll be as awesome as the old ones! Keep going, you have a hudge fandom standing behind you :D <3

Ivet I just love u so much Harumaa... Ur the best I cant imagine im ur fan from this long time since 2005.! I've watched all of ur movies and TV dramas/movies.They were all awesome im waiting for more ;) :* Loves u <3 ^w^ !!!!!

hana Ever since I've watched the last season of Gokusen, I've been a big fan of yours to be honest. Not all of the delinquents could pull off those highlights and especially you having white hair in Koizora, not many people would still appear as good looking as you. XD Being a closet otaku and knowing you're playing Eren in the movie, I would probably be so excited I'll watch the movie twice because I can't handle those 'feels' and won't the understand the movie as much as the others so us women have to control those hormones to understand the movie. I blabber too much. Oops. Stay down-to-earth, natural and adorbs actor omg all women love you, don't forget that. God bless :*

ruchi Cant imagine Ive been your fan since 2008. Who would have imagined? Still love you dont worry

Mikeechanged Hi, I've been a fan for almost 5 years! I love all your movies and your characters. You are such an adorb person, wish to meet u personally! I am not certain if you read such comments, however if ever you do.. I wish it'll make you happy how many people have fallen in love with you! HAHAHA suki desu ! If ever we meet, I'LL KISS YOU!

rhei anne samson Im your Biggest Fun..super.. ILOVEYOU <3

maha You are unbelievably talented! Your performance in Boku no Ita Jikan is outstanding!! I wish that role takes you to more higher status and wins you many awards!

Dinma I loved your role in Boku no Ita Jikan

mikaela is it true that he has scandal with manato?

Maricon You're an excellent actor, your acting is very natural. I hope to see more of you in dramas and movies. More awards and more power to you. God bless.

Noel his smile! oh no his smile!!! one of the most charming smiles i've ever seen!! he's also very talented

ZaraChoi What a talented actor he is! I really love the way he accurately portrayed Kazehaya. I also watched Koizora and Gokusen 3. Even when he played the role of a gangster, he was still adorable and charming. Keep up your good work, neh :>

ZaraChoi I knew Haruma Miura after watching Kimi ni todoke. I fell for him immediately when he smiled. What a bright and charming smile he has, really (/∇\*)。o○♡ He is the first Japanese actor I ever know and ever love, because of not only his attractive face but also his cuteness in the way he acts. Even when his role is a gangster (in Gokusen 3), he's still adorable. Keep up your good work, fighttttt-ohhhhhhhhh

JDS This guy is an incredible actor who is getting close to his peak right now. He is definitely Oguri Shun's protégé and will soon succeed him. Looking forward to his dramas!

Mariane I came across (From Me To You) the movie on Youtube and I immediately fell for Haruma. His smile can just make anyone's day much better.^-^ He is an amazing actor I just finished crying after watching (Sky of Love) I think he is going to go really far in the entertainment industry is he just keeps doing what he is doing. I wish him the best for the year that is coming up and the years after that also. Much Love from a Peruvian Fan that lives In the USA!! <3 <3 <3 :-D

Bella Love Haruma. Just watched Tokyo Koen. I also watched lLast Cinderella, I learned all the important things from you and Samurai high school. They were all good. Was nice to watch Haruma in Samurai high after last Cinderella . He was gorgeous and funny. Great actor.

Genesis What can I say!!! I never knew I could be so interested in anything and everything Japanese, until I watched Haruma Mirua in The Last Cinderella...and that was by accident. It was an accident that I clicked on a youtube clip, but I soon realized omo, omo, omo what have I discovered here....lol!

So, this prompted me to spend money on my new found joy....I bought "The Last Cinderella" and much to my delight, I have become a forever patient (FAN)....and I say patient because, it's something healing about the way you act....it just made me feel so happy watching. I've since gone on to watch other movies, dramas, etc that you appear.

I hope that you will always be successfully in the films that you participate in, and that you continue to have the best of luck in life and in your career....stay healthy and happy.

An American Fan!!!! Yoi jōtai o iji suru

Yaj I love yooooou Haruma-Kun <3 Puhleeease come and visit Philippines :) Take care always and more power. God bless you!

sam I am a huge fan of you haruma. You have got a mesmerising smile. After watching sky of love I was stunned by your acting skills and cutness. Loads of love to you and best wishes. Xoxo

Melissa Haruma is so handsome. You are my inspiration and one of the reason why I take my course Animation. Hope to see you in person.

Princess i havent met any guy as charming as him.. cant get off my eyes of you..you are really an adorable one.

leotina alex this guy is hot n cute i wish i had one like him

Shai This guy is so handsome. Aishiteru Haruma! ^____^

Kianni He is most definitely not IZUMU from Akihabara@DEEP!

micha omg! such a cutie guy

Tonoha Omg chilax Mizuki , take a chill pill

Mizuki There is an error in this wiki. Haruma is not a professional singer, and he does not want that he is also so. His specialty is the only actor. Video of his song in stage and event, is something that were shown off as an actor. This have been declared several times in interviews in Japan. Please correct this mistake for him!!

Joyeli Lim Haruma Miura... after I watch your movie on sky of love.... You admired me so much... I hope one day i'll see you... I will make you as my inspiration... Your story had a lot of meaning to me... I'm happy that I know your name :)

Celal hi, nice video about last cinderella, :)

efsha iskandar you'll live forever with me,,, T_T

rica canchela i love you @HARUMA MUIRA .. FOREVER:)



lee shuha he is so cute!!! saranghae falcon!! :)

rosiana epy ''why do i fall in love with you???''

Vithaaa OMG! I've only seen one drama and ive been mesmerized by him!

Y.Nari My only favorite actor ! All his act make me asdfghjkllkjhgfd >///< Love that he's easy-going with everything, but that everthing he does he's so cool !! His personality is also mature, doesn't look like his age. I really love this part of him. Really manly with everything. Love it ! I'll always support you Miura Haruma !! <3

Y.Nari My only favorite actor !!! All Haruma's act make me asdfghjkldfj >//////<

Jane Tumapang All your movies are inspirational, miura you are my top 1 Japanese actor. I love your movies and I hope I can at least see you 1 day :((. Ganbatte neh miura <3.

shika Haruma miura kakkoi ne? I love him especially in bloody monday.. Very good acting,4 thumbs for you miura kun..

nava i really loved you in kimi ni todoke, koizora, but the most in last Cinderella! im a big fan of you from israel wish you luck あなたを愛して

tina im fans from indonesia.....haruma miuraaaa I LOVE UUUU!....:D

Bella he very handsome in kimi ni todoke.. he and makako tabe is a perfect match!

Rabby what a man! Pffft <3

Risma He's special person for me. His smile is so wonderful. I like him so much. If I watch his movie, it makes me fall in love again, and again. His characterization on movie is always success to be acted. He's one of super actor in Japan. Love you Haruma-san. You are 23 years old, I'm too. I wanna marry you, will you?

azumi @Krista relax please, i'm a fangirl of him too

Reflection Love Aregan does haruma now has girlfriend? hehe.. who is that lucky girl then, that smile of him makes me wander everyday.. :) hihi :)

zoko @vnus you said just what I had tought! XD

heeeee If we have a chance to meet each other.. I willl make sure you fall in love with me hahaha LOL :)

Jhane I really like you . I like to go in jspsn just because of you^.^ i hope soon when i go in japan i can met you <3 xoxo ♥ i love you Haruma Miura !!!! I'm your no1 fan from phil ♥ take care always!! godbless ..♥

Krista 1. Haruma's nose is not big. 2. Everyone's nose widens when they smile, because their face is stretching. 3. Honestly.

Heartbeat @azumi, yeah right :-) for me your one of haruma's loyal fans that tells the truth about him and not calling him perfect.. :-) cause being a fan doesnt mean you have to treat him perfectly,.. despite you know what he's weakness you still like him.. lol XD and about his nose you are talking about, the same happens with shun oguri and toma ikuta.. their nose widens when they smile XD

azumi He's handsome but when he smiles, his big nose ruins everything. LOL XD but i still love him! so hot when he's serious and staring..... ~_~

M Haruma Miura is my all time favourite Japanese actor. Hoping that I'll see you in person in the future! ♥♥♥

judette konnichiwa!!!


he is so nice and cool

i hope i can see him in personal

vnus hi.

 I've been a huge fan of Miura Haruma since I've watch Gokusen 3. I really really love it.

I like the way Miura played his role in that movie ... his smiles...his eyes... his spiky hair..LOL. keep it up Miura. You really inspire me. Hope I see you in person. You are really adorable.


Mariana Merry Christmas :)

tcee Recently i've watched a lot of Miura's dramas and movies. He is definitely one of the rising stars. He is really versatile and has played diverse role. I hope to see more of him in future. Good luck and keep working hard!!


Cyrel MIURA HARUMA is a very good actor!!!he's very natural that why many people especially the girls love him!!!!

Marilynn Ah HOT HOT HOT HOT SEXYYYYY SEXYYY SEXYYYY I LUV U SOOOOOOOO MUCH..... ;) ;) HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE u look sooo hot in koizora i luv ur hairstyle nd ur smile rocks nd ur eyes r sooo beautiful wish to see u in real life too ;) <3 :*

Razz I really like Haruma Miura as an actor. He's so flexible and versatile in his acting skills. I really like him in Kimi Ni Todoke and Samurai High School. :)

angelli b. venus OMG!!! he made me go insane!! gosh!! i ell in love with him when i watched koizora!! gosh. he's sooooo cute .. i am dying to see him in person

Shammy I only watched Koizora with him, but it was definitely worth it! I wept like crazy. I don't usually fall for cute guys, but this one is something special. Sorry to hear he's so young *sigh* But nothing can stop me from dreaming =P

afrianda I'm fans of you from Indonesia. Haruma Miura I Love you :D

Yoya J.P. Hope to meet u someday.. I love the way you acting in Gokusen.. So damn cute.. Hope to see u perhaps.. ^^ I wish u luck all the time.. I love your name as " Kazama Ren " :)

Hauru I would love to see him play the main role of a film Hayao Miyazaki, especially Ugoku Hauru no Shiro. This is my dream!

nick He looks like Vhong Navarro

Clean I first discovered in Kimi ni Todoke, I found it really refreshing and when I see him play I do not know why but I'm happy.

kireinanina i think i'm fallin' in love with this guy.... i hope i can go to japan and see his smile.... he has a charming smile and like that....


julive im really touch to this story

mikis_hosho Very good in Koizora, Bloody Monday, Gokusen and Kimi ni todoke!! Almost all! or i mean all!!! he's very hot and kawaii, he's my most favorite j-actor in japan, for me he's the best <3333

tina you are really a good actor.I like your smile very much.I love the movie "KOIZORA" a iot.

Shiba Miura Hi, Harumi san. I'm also a Japanese and we are really proud to get very good actors in Japan. ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR FUTURE

Nita Haruma Miura... He is make me falling in love by first time I saw him at Koizora. He is multi talented I think.. He can to be arogant person, and at the same time he can to be a kind person... His act is so real for me. I like his face, his smile, and the mole on his chin.. And I like his voice too. Hmm... I want have a boyfriend like Haruma san! :D Khukhukhukhuu...

  1. For Haruma, keep fighting and good luck!! ;)

Lonely Days I really love this guy. He is an incredible actor. I feel that every time he gets in front of the camera he becomes a completely different person. He actually transforms into the characters, which I think it's really awesome. Everyone remembers him for his excellent portrayal of Hiro in Koizora. He is not only handsome but incredibly talented. I wish he would get more dramas because I just can't get enough of him lol. Best of luck to him.

yesung i suggest to the director to have an another season... The reincarnation/reborn of Hiro, that will be more interesting isn't it? :)

yesung i had watched this movie on April 5, 2012 and i didn't know that it was the hiro's birthday... :) well, that's my tribute for him,... well, i know that i was very late to watch this movie but it's not too late to praise him... the story of 'sky of love' was very common to the other movie that i had watched, but the difference between them was, this truly touches the bottom of our heart, and that's because, all the cast had played their character very well.. I was completely in awe of all the cast of 'sky of love' especially, hiro and mika... THUMBS UP and JOB WELL DONE..... :)

jasmyn omg i love you sooooooooooo much i swear i wish you a very happy safe and sexy ;) birthday <3 love you always :)

Soua I love you so much!!! Your acting is just too perfect!!!

shontae hey everyone i think miura haruma is a sweet talentive person i think his acting is real great and everyone he does have wonderful smile oh my goodness i can just take it and snatch it off of him, just kiddin he is cute for one i admirer him dearly so.

petitorenji He was godly in Kimi ni Todoke and Koizora. His smile is perfect. I want to see him more often.

Kris ______________

jaselle my gush !!! i LOVE you so much . your so cute , specially when you are in the movie CROWS ZERO II and GOKUSEN :) <3 i want to see you ! <3

AnneDewel i love u so much..you are the cutest guy that i ever seen.....(though in a movie only) you are cute,sweet,handsome,macho and full package...love u so much.. <3 <3... muuuuaaaahhhhh..... kamek syang kita glakk2...

eurola actually.....why should you?

Malaysian Girl Haruma !! i watch u for the 1st time in Crows Zero II & i like ya hair.. my fav part is when u kick Washio.. HOT! I took a pic of u smiling coldly at Genji & showed it to my classmates.. well.. the girls gasped then shouted hysterically!! even my Muslim friends exclaimed " Astaghfirullahalazim!!! " haha!! (any Muslims who read this, forgive me if i misspell, i'm a Catholic, thats why) suprise! i'm still 12 yrs old.. but anyway, as a Sarawakian, i wanna say; KAMEK SAYANG KITAK, HARUMA MIURA! p/s: sorry if i sound like a bitch or my english is broken

mrs.haruma like 0oMgzZ i L0v3 mIuRa HaRuMa<3 h3 iiZ $o k3wt!!!!

Yoyo Haruma ,I'm Thai. your smile make me so crazy > <''.cute guy! I love him!!:D

Yoyo Haruma , your smile make me so crazy > <


  • I love him he is a great actor,i think it will be awesome if i meet him in real life!!!(:*


  • I want to meet him in real life i think it will be awesome!!!(:*

Tiffany your a great actor..i love him!!

mizukilunanight Haruma Miura, you are a great actor, i cant go wrong there.... i hope you can read this but i think i fell in love with you, but i dont think i deserve to fall for you and its not because you are adorable, cute, handsome or even your smile, but its because you are you and the way you express your feeling through your acting and singing... i hope one day i do meet you in the future, but you saaw me you would come up with an excuse and then leave... ha ha ha hmmm :( :)

shinrin I admire you, Harumacchi XDD

Ren-Chan I'm watching him in Koizora right now, he is a wonderful actor! Extremely brilliant (: And he has a killer smile. Next, I shall see him in Gokusen 3, with many other great actors I know. I am confident that, that will be a great film with him as well. :D

Hailey I agree with all other fangirls here, although I dont fangirl over him I find him an amazing actor, and he has a killer simile like everyone says, ya... it's pretrty damn adorable, he puts alot of emotion into his acting. The one and only drama from him I have watch from him so far was Bloody Monday, im a sucker for the cute, cocky, and emotional actors. I will mentally keep his name so i can keep an eye out for future drama's from him. Haruma Miura If you ever see this i wish you the best of luck in the future and keep up your amazing work!

Alannah To be honest, I've only just recently started watching Japanese Dramas/Movies. But I've seen two with Miura Haruma and I'd like to pass on my congratulations. You're a great actor who knows how to get the attention of the audience and puts a lot of energy and feel into the roles you take. I hope to see more of your work. Wishing you the best in your future endeavours.

20gotcha well~ i know you probably can't read this, but i admire you, and i think you're great in acting, you make girls fall in love with you ~ 'coz they think you're handsome ;).


Margot I know is a crazy thing to write you! Because maybe you never read this... And All I want you to say many people already told you... So I have no chance that this message have read by you... But anyways I'll tell you... I just want to say that I fall in love with you since I saw Koizora... and well When I saw Kimi ni todoke I totally confirm that I like you so much... I think that nothing's impossible... And I promise to work hard for someday meet you... Because I love your smile... When I see you smiling my world makes happy... When I watch you in some movie my heart starts to beat so fast... I know you are so far away from me I am from Mexico... and maybe you think that I am crazy... But this makes that someday will travel to Japan.... Greetings from Mexico... :D

harumaPi-chan i just know his last month by watching kimi ni todoke, and now i'm in the processed finishing all his movies & dramas. i love bloody monday the most & he's my biggest crush to date. love his smile & his eyes!!

Why i must love you? I hate you ! Haruma. Why must i love you? You can be a start in all people's heart, however, you can not be in mine. Although, i love your smile, which does not mean i love you. Right? Why don't you answer everybody's commets.? You receive a lot. You nearly have everything . Why don't you share your everything to all your net fans. You are scared of paparazi.?? You are afraid of the rumor? There is no need for you to do it? .................. That's the reason why I do not trully love popular starts, even have a dream of meeting them.

Why i must love you? 1/ I do not love you. I envy you as you have got a so attrctive smile. 2/ You ought not to cry??????! 'cause you are not suitable for droping a tear. Hope that your every day will be full of fun and love apart from mine. 3/ keep smilling even when you are in trouble. Let try to love another actress. i like to see you smilling, smilling , smilling.

    I....................DO NOT LOVE YOU................I ENVY ...................YOU!!!!!!!!????????


Beahtriz ...i really hope that we can be friends even though we're far away from each other...

kylie aquino i don't but there's something in his eyes that keeps me on watching him haaay .. one of the best, i mean the best actor for me :) i've seen alot of his work i hope to see more :))))

Banu Happy 21th birthday Haruma. You thaught me everything 'Drama' was wonderful. Btw @ early posts I'ts Haruma's 21th b-day not 26th right? ^__^

yuli45com miura,,, becase of you i succeed to forget my ex-boyfriend who dumped me,. Arigato gozaimas.,, thanks very much,...

ai-yamapii Hi Miura haruma ƸӜƷ Happy 26 th Birthday ƸӜƷ I like good drama ƸӜƷ

farhana Hi Haruma,

I am currently watching Bloody Monday. The suspense in this drama is great. Well acted. Keep up the good work. Have a super birthday when it comes.

P.s Hope you and any of your family members weren't caught in the disasterous quake.

Take care buddy!

Cathy love u forever!!! ❥ ♥ ❤

jkgh14 i just realized that my best guy friend looks exactly like haruma!! except my friend's taller X3

anjali yadav anjali friend miaru haruma yes please

miaru haruma facebook name?

anjali yadav miura haruma facebook name ??

anjali yadav anjali friend miura haruma yes please

alissa i think,i like bloody monday, that's a good film..

monica osang hey really love u n ya hopeing to meet u one day

Yang Farhana I love Him very Much....Haruma Miura i love u....i <3 u are a good actor....u are soooooooooo handsome....MUAH I Love You... <3

caressa your'e so amazing!!!!wow!Its a nice movie "Bloody Monday"

   And your'e so cute when you smile and cry...

tsuko i totally fall in love with him in bloody monday, he's such a hottie. yes i love his smile, he can totally capture your heart with his smile. for some reason even though he is young but he seems very mature to me, he can totally play any type of role. just love him love him and love him moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! 春馬くん大好き!!!!!

Hasna I love him.. & I wonder if there are any fans here in Dubai.. LoL..

harumalover026 miura haruma is sooo kawaiii

.........❀✿❀✿............❀✿❀✿ ....❀✿........❀✿......❀✿….......❀✿ .❀✿...............❀✿❀✿..............❀✿ ..❀✿.................❀✿................❀✿ ...❀✿.............i love... ...........❀✿ ......❀✿.............him............❀✿ .........❀✿........kawaii........❀✿ .............❀✿.................❀✿ .................❀✿………...❀✿ .....................❀✿...❀✿ ........................❀❀✿ .........................❀✿

Anna He is a great actor and sooo handsome,hot......:x :x I love him

athena haRuma RockS!!!!!kawaii!!!!!!!

anne haruma miura!!!!!!!!!!he is so fluffy......i_m gona die....:):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

michiru Haruma miura is my honey! kyaaah i sooo love him! <3 <3 <3 best looking guy in Japan ( in my eyes but dont u agree? ) :PPPPPP Love the Koizora movie. I'm going to DL all his dramas and movies!!! H.O.T.

Keysii I love the way he smiles 8D He has that 'Innocently mischievous or something' look 8D BLOODY MONDAY, GOKUSEN AND KOIZORA FTW~♥

I hope for the best of his career and life :) I love the way japanese people laugh :D

sista He's not as good looking as his brother, Miura Shohei!!!!

sista He wasn't a good actor in Koizora, in my opinion. He's trying too hard to act "lovely-dovey" that made me thought there was something suspicious going on as if he was a bad guy. :P Looked fake.

Emine I like u so much Miura Haruma ur such a good actor!!! Keep up the good work!!Take care always of urself!!

('\__/) ('\_(\ ⊹ (='‿'=) (=' :') ⊹ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ (")_(") (,(')(')̡ ̡ ̴̡ı̴̡ ̡͌l̡*̡̡̡̡̡ ̡ ̡ ̴̡ı̴̡ ̡͌ ♥M ♥H ♥

Amez hes cute but he needs to cut his hair a litte kinda looking gay but anyway.the cutest asian guy i ever seen is TAEYANG and hes a good singer and he can dance u cant beat that. WEDDING DRESS BEST SONG EVER BY HIM.


Febri Kurnia Dewi Sayonara,Miura Haruma! Can I call U onii-chan? Ur too far away from me. Impossible to meet U, to call U "onii-chan". Take care urself. Bye!

sassygirl989 i love you. i watched all your shows because you are a very great actor. Keep it up! :)

athia lily hey..........miura u r damn cool....!!!!!!!!!!i like u da very moment i saw u in koizora.. silver colour hair rely suits u...wanna b frens wit u...

YumikaIchiban Haru-chan is too awesome! Great actor and above all that, extremely good looking too. I sincerely hope he has a great carrier and wonderful life. ^-^ がんばってね。

Maris Hello! What's up, guys? What's up, Haruma-kun? I think you should be a UNICEF Ambassador or something. You have a very strong influence on everybody. Not just the young ones, but the young at hearts also. I started liking you when I watched Koizora (just a couple of weeks ago!). I never heard of you until then, but I quickly fell in love with you (sisterly love, that is). One thing led to another. You were great in Bloody Monday 2! It was better than the 24 Hollywood drama series. Fast-paced, non-stop action, intellectual. (Kudos to the director also.) You were funny in Samurai High School. You're a package deal. Be it drama, comedy, action, you excelled them all. A good singer, too. And of course! Very good-looking young man. I'm in Dubai right now. It's impossible for me to purchase your DVDs (no credit card, huhuh!), but I will grab them all once I have the chance. GOOD LUCK! BE A GOOD BOY ALWAYS. Sayonara... For now....

RAY miura haruma -- スーテーキーーーーー!!! ちょー ラブラブ。hehe, i love all his roles. i wish he could be in even more dramas!!!

Nuria OMG! I tottaly love the way he acts he's such a good actor and too handsome BTW! IF YOU ARE A FAN OF HIM YOU CANNOT NOT SEE "KOIZORA" :( I cried a lot for this movie specially when he died. hiro why did you died? but i think that's how life goes on right? you can't always get what you want and in this case you want your BELOVED person 4ever

Angelica god! i looove him he is so hot and a great actor. If you haven't seen koizora then i suggest you do. It's great but very sad i cried a lot..

coldbore Preferred his roles in action dramas. Appears to have a man crush on fellow actor / best friend Sato Takeru. Not that it's a bad thing really as it goes both ways. Haha.

comment He reminds me of Kame from kattun...but better i guess...not too skinny like kame =P

Rebecca LOVE THIS GUY! Great acting, personality, and very flexible <3

xharmx .. wahh .. miura haruma .. galing mu tlga .. wafu mu ! belated apie bortdei ! .. super <3 qu un smyl mu .. ur lyk a medicine 2 me! ahe .. go ! go ! hope 2 see u soon !

queensemra HARUMAAAAAAAAAAA my darling <3<3<3<3<33<3<3<3<3

love him so much... he is the coolest actor i have seen

hiromi74 hi haruma. ur so cute. see you in my dreams. hehe belated hapi birthday! :)


                          I LOVE U HARUMA MIURA!!!<3

ai-yamapii Hi!! Happy 20 th Birthday Miura Haruma ;D...... I hope you are glad with good family and friends :D So nice

hawwa im just a gal from madives...and i watch bloody monday..and i love dt series..and haruma is quit goood too :)

charlyne i love you more thAN anyone else in this world....

Lisa Haruma Miura is an amazing actor i like his roll in the movie "Sky of Love ~ Koizora" i found that roll is the best than ever :) The movie is so beautifully and at the same time so sadly he came there so genuinly forwards into rolls as Hiro I has so often cried when I looked the film because he touched me these whole emotions such a good roll :D I've seen a lot of films but my favorite is "Sky of Love ~ Koizora" the movie is so unbelievable wonderful Haruma Miura is for me the Beste Japanese actor and the beste actor ever :)

Cristina hey!! i'm Cristina from Moldova :P Haruma..U're THE BEST & THE SEXIEST!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

Ai-yamapii Very good with Samurai Seventeen is the most and Funny..... Great job!!

noone don't you feel lonely among all this people don't know you but they love you?

mi-chan Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ! Haruma forever in my heart ♥

Anna I think he is really great. Because his acting is just supernatural, in my opinion. I just never thought such a thing could exist. I'm happy my friend brought me all these disks with Japanese films and anime, because I would never spend time downloading any of these things myself because I never knew anything about Japanese cinema! (except Takeshi Kitano (or Kitano Takeshi?)) Now I know a lot! Arigato gozaimasu!!! I’m from Russia)))))

Tina agustina Hi.. miura haruma I'm tina, your fans from indonesia, i like y0u. y0ur ackting very very well.. y0ur fans in ind0nesia is very much.. y0u're s0 c0oL.. i like y0u.. Aishiteru..


I LOVE YOU........<3<3<3<3


KawaiiMiura For me Miura san is da best actor in the world ^^

gigi Okay, He's Really Great, i admire him, he's cute, and innocent, AHEM! LOL But i'm curious, is and and Shohei siblings?

mitzmin I don't really like him. He's too much of a show off, even though most of'em are, I just can't get to like him

Linda Translation..... sorry i do not understand what he is saying because i only know really limited japanese

maa...... ur so cute when u smile ..................... so keep smiling on and on .............. ur best fan

秘密 Very impressive \[^.~]/

Chieko I love Miura Haruma, he's such a very talented singer and actor! His smile is very captivating.

For those who's curious about him dating Morning Musume's leader, Takahashi Ai, is definitely a rumor. Would you guys link me to that rumor. She's 4 years older than our Miura.

The possibilities: Miura likes older women and fanboys Morning Musume!

Clarice CiRAhm, did Miura really got a girlfriend name Ai Takahashi? if it is true, i'll be shock!!!

Selly Wheew.. He is so cute and cool! Hope I can get a dream of him everyday.. He5..

Shana I love him <3 His acting in Bloody Monday is superb. His smile is so captivating <3

CiRaHm hi, is it really true that she had a girlfriend? name? ai takahashi


  • sighs* Haruma is perfect <3

r He's the reason I don't mind admiring a teenager as a man (but not in a super pedo way). :P

ann Miura Haruma?. Gosh, i dreamed about him everyday.. Totally cool and cute! Hopefully after crows zero 2 and gokusen he will come back with new drama or movie.. mebi another role like Sakurai Hiro?.. Damn love him..

narvik i am so in love with you and a love you ok

keith watch KOIZORA TEASER

jean yan i lyk his movie koizora teaser w/ aragaki yui

Rina Haruma-san is my idol!... He is an awesome actor!!',,, I cant beleive he is only few years older than me.. ,,a young and great actor!.. I wanna seeeeeeeee him more in the future..

farah my birthday..is..on..april..of..15th i.love.him!!!!!!!!

Rebecca Miura Haruma is a really beautiful guy, hes so natural looking and has lovely eyes. Its just recently discovered him from watching 14 sai no haha, it was his eyes that stood out most for me. Miura Haruma is a really good actor and the characters he plays in film are acted out with passion. I'd love to meet him one day. x

lei he's one of the reasons why i exist! :)) he's the LOVE in me!!! :)) i've seen ALL of his films and i never had this feeling of "CLOYNESS" because his "KAWAiiNESS" just melts my heart!!! ^_____________________________^ love him xo0!!!

LaLaBoo uuuuuuhhhh...loving him !! XD

aniSzy miura haruma 4ever!!!!!!!!!! i like him since gokusen3....he so hotttt!!!!!!!!!! i hope haruma can be more success in this career!!!!!!! i hope too miura haruma can come to malaysia one day!!!!!!!!! for my sister mien..i hope you don't jealous for yui aragaki!!!!! she just acting ok!!!!!!!!

Thao Omygod! Haru-chan's soo hot! Honto Kawaii! He's soo kute, great singer and such a good actor. Even though he's five years old, lol But i still love him! he's soo cool!

Christelle He is so freaking hot ! I love his movies, he always look cool. Four years older then I am :]

paula haruma-san is the most kawaii actor that i ever seen !!! And he is a very great actor that i ever seen !!!!!!!!!

misteriousgirl haruma your so cute you know my best friends is crazy about you they say your so handsome and they take your pixs when they going to have an exams good luck

nikki_sayson Gomen nasai Minna!His only dating w/ Ai.He has feeling for Ai,but Ai only neglects Harumacchi.

ellyn haru-chan is so Kawaii... -> i wish i could meet him in person... i wanted to visit japan and look for him.. -> gomen demo.. i do not like Ai for him.. haru-chan got this wholesome image and Ai is so wild..(-) -> a very talented person... his my ideal guy... i wanted to marry a man someday just like him... aishiteru HARU-chan..

(for those who do not know him... well you should now!)

kenaruma_05 i like haruma very much!

aisteru yo miura-kun!

Nikki Hey Minna!I gave you all a wrong info.Haruma doesn't have girlfriend.Haruma has feelings for Ai,but Ai neglects Haruma 'coz Ai is more on career than love life. XD

Nikki Haruma kanojo i mean his girlfriend is: Ai Takahashi. XD

keruma miura haruma is a good actor, that's why i like him!

Justine Can I marry him please? hahaha

Gi-Ling Lo Though I think that Haruma shouldn't playing boys who impregnat other teenage girls, i also believe that he is a promising actor. He almost made me cry in 14 sai no haha, so i think he is really amazing. And of course, hes just so kawaii... dont know how to explain the rest... o---o. So just go check him out (your on the page already) and prepair to be amazed.

miura lover ur my prince! :) cant wait to see gokusen the movie!!!!!!!!! loveyah

Arasu miura is sugoi,,, im wondering if he has a girlfriend...anyone knows??? even rumored gf is fine...thanx

JhayCee Haruma Miura is so.....Hot☺☻♥I wish that I can meet him someday and sign my autograph ☺☻♥☺☻♥☺☻♥☺☻♥☺☻♥☺☻♥☺☻♥☺☻♥☺☻♥☺☻♥☺☻♥☺☻♥☺☻♥☺☻♥☺☻♥☺☻♥☺☻♥☺☻♥☺☻♥☺☻♥☺☻♥☺☻♥☺☻♥☺☻♥☺☻♥☺☻♥☺☻♥

roxanne .....what aboout yuya.....haruma is cute so as yuya...right??????????don't know much of him but hes a good actor....specially in GOKUSEN 3...love his acting..he's somewhat funny...

aya i really like him, since i watched the movie koizora (sky of love)

he's my favorite japanese actor

Nikki WTH?!

| | |


Ulyssa Elaine I really like him!!!! When I saw him at Gokusen 3, I felt that I love him.. When I saw him, I've realized s0mething. Loving is always a learning process. With love we learn to care and sacrifice, we learn to share and reach out, we learn to be unselfish and give more than we can. When loving someone, never regret what you did, only regret what you neverdid. It's not matter of finding the right person but it's matter of being the right person for the one you choose to love.

I hope someday Haruma Miura and me will meet. I love him s0 much..

Keep smiling Haruma Miura!!! =)

Emine Happy 19th Birthday Miura H!You are the best actor in the world,keep up the good work....

stenashi when is the movie crows zero going to start.....

ren-faith eh??? hontou ni?? sasamoto ois he's real surname????? masaka!!!!

Nikki he's real surname is: Sasamoto not Miura! :D

bon haruma miura is so cute and a fine actor too.. i wonder if he has a girlfriend already... hahaha!!!

dudu gagaggaga...i watched already Bloody Monday all 11 eps....i wished i was the laptop he bring along with him wherever he goes on that drama...hahha..LOL...damn it..his hand is so beautiful and clean and gorgeous....too gorgeous for a guy...hhhaha...first japanese actor i fell in lurves with...hahaha...but the thing is..he's only 19 years old..huhuhu...i wish i could be younger 3 years...

terry LOVE BLOODY MONDAY.................... you are really sexy here....... hehhheee........

vina can't hardy wait for his next dramas and movies.

xinitabonita <33333. I thought perfection did not exist until I saw him.... Unbelievably handsome... And beautiful hands :) <3 koizora <3 bloody Monday <3 gokusen 3

Adelaide i love him so much!!! :) he's such a wonderful actor even at such a young age. he's really good. i love him more in koizora. *sobs* i still have to watch bloody monday. so far i've only watched 2 episodes. haha :)

lipsie glozz 3 words-gorgeous,talented,cute..haruma got the whole package 2 become 1 of the best japanese actors yet..His role as the protective n loving boyfriend in kizora really touched my heart..His acting is impressive 4 a young actor that he is..looking forward 2 watch him in other shows..I wish him success in both his acting and singing career..All the best and be cool always,Haruma Miura! :p

ya as he's a good actor. I come from Thailand. Love Love You.

jam A very promising, rising young talent. First saw him in Koizora and was left with a strong impression - his work in Bloody Monday only continued to showcase what a natural actor he is. Definitely a bright future ahead in the acting world. His sweet and sincere appearance will certainly make a mark in the audiences' hearts.

LoLa the first time I've seen him ..... I really liked him that was on sky of love movie .... he's really cute even with that dry white hair ..... I also like his voice .. so gorgious  :)

Summer He is by far the most intriguing actor I've seen in a while. He has already made his mark, but i'm interested in seeing how far he takes his career. Plus, he's ridiculously handsome :)

Yura L love him so much!! cute and sexy look..

Vernice Miura's smile is killing me!!! He better have dramas n movies lined up!!! love u!

Sylphie I don't think too much of his acting skills (-). I guess he's pretty good looking (+), but needs to stop making me want to hit him over the head every time I see him in a drama (-) and needs to stop impregnating teenage girls (-). Meh...I guess his looks make up for most of that though...XD (+++)

anna he's totally hot!!

mika-chan O.M.G.!!! hE;S SO CUTE.. HOT.. SEXY.. and looks great.. every girl's dream guy!!!

jaims .....*drool*...omg..seriously ...H.O.T

miko He is my addiction!I love him especially in koizora!Haruma gambateh!I cant wait for Bloody monday!

RDJ Hyaaa! Bloody Monday!!! I def watching that! <3

Miki i love youuu miura kun! marry me! lol :)

lics haruma miura is the most hot guys that i'v seen.love you!mmm...as friend...

mi He's a pretty good actor and very handsome =].

  • Sigh*

Pretty boys are so impossible to get~

Kelly I admit, I've only seen one of his works and that was Gokusen 3. He was pretty good and I liked how he played the character. Although, it is said that every girl falls in love with him, but I have to disagree. I didn't fall for him, I just think he's a good actor.

Vivian Haruma Miura is sexy!

christina he's a good actor. every girl falls in love with his killer smile. =] every movie or drama he does, it's very meaningful and good actor. he's more than 15 our of 10 hehehe way over the top! the best japanese actor.. well best teen actor ever!!! eheh