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  • Drama: You Taught Me All the Precious Things (English Title)
  • Romaji: Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta
  • Japanese: 大切なことはすべて君が教えてくれた
  • Director: Masaki Nishiura, Hiroki Hayama
  • Writer: Naoko Adachi
  • Network: Fuji TV
  • Episodes: 10
  • Release Date: January 17 - March 21, 2011
  • Runtime: Monday 21:00
  • TV Ratings: 11.4%
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan


Natsumi Uemura (Erika Toda) is an English teacher at Meiryo High School. She has always dreamed of being a teacher. Until her middle school days Natsumi lived in the U.S. She is now a first grade home room teacher and advisor to the basketball team. She is bright and has a positive character, so she is popular with the students. Shuji Kashiwagi (Haruma Miura) is a biology teacher at the same high school. Shuji is a 2nd grade home room teacher. Shuji is faithful and considerate. He deals with students with his heart so not only students but also their parents support him completely.

Natsumi and Shuji graduated from the same high school and university. They plan to marry in 3 months. Natsumi's friend and roommate, wedding planner Sayaka Todo (Mariko Shinoda), helps the couple with their wedding plans. All signs point to Natsumi and Shuji being happy.

On the first morning of the new school term, Shuji finds a naked woman sleeping next to him. Shuji thinks back to the prior night and recalls becoming drunk and having sex with the woman. He becomes embarrassed, but gives the unidentified woman a key and leaves for work. Shuji feels guilty to Natsumi and regrets what he did, but tries to calm down and prepare for the new school term.

Students in the 2 grade 1 class like Shuji as their home room teacher. When Shuji calls roll he discovers two students, Hikari Saeki (Emi Takei) and Nozomi Sonoda (Ayame Gouriki) have not yet come to school. At that time, one female student walks into the class room. The girl is Hikari. Shuji tells the students to move to the auditorium for the opening ceremony of the new school term. Hikari stays in the classroom until the rest of the students clear out. Hikari gives something to Shuji. The item is Shuji's apartment key. Shuji realizes the woman he spent with last night is Hikari ...


  1. Emi Takei was cast for the student who has an affair with Haruma Miura's after being selected from an audition with 800 participants.


Taisetsu-Erika Toda.jpg Taisetsu-Haruma Miura.jpg
Erika Toda Haruma Miura
Natsumi Uemura Shuji Kashiwagi
Taisetsu-Emi Takei.jpg Taisetsu-Yuki Uchida.jpg Taisetsu-Morio Kazama.jpg Taisetsu-Masahiro Nishimura.jpg Taisetsu-Mariko Shinoda (AKB48).jpg
Emi Takei Yuki Uchida Morio Kazama Masahiko Nishimura Mariko Shinoda
Hikari Saeki Aya Mizutani Satoshi Tsuruoka Yosifumi Nakanishi Sayaka Todo
Taisetsu-Masaki Suda.jpg Taisetsu-Ayame Koriki.jpg Taisetsu-Kento Nakajima.jpg Taisetsu-Arisu Hirose.jpg Taisetsu-Anna Nose.jpg
Masaki Suda Ayame Gouriki Kento Nakajima Alice Hirose Anna Nose
Naoki Hiraoka Nozomi Sonoda Kentaro Kodama Ryoko Kagawa Masayo Kaneko
Taisetsu-Anna Ishibashi.jpg
Anna Ishibashi
Yuna Watanabe

Additional Cast Members:


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Episode Ratings

Episode Date Ratings
(Kanto Region)
01 01/17/2011 12.1%
02 01/24/2011 11.6%
03 01/31/2011 10.5%
04 02/07/2011 11.0%
05 02/14/2011 12.1%
06 02/21/2011 12.1%
07 02/28/2011 11.0%
08 03/07/2011 12.3%
09 03/21/2011 11.2%
10 03/28/2011 10.5%
Average 11.4%

Source: Video Research, Ltd.


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Mirai this drama is so so annoying!!! it ruind my day you know, i hate natsumi!!!! i wished that shuji and hikari would end up together, ugh too baaaaaad!!!:(

no one Don't watch this drama if you don't want to be sad. :'< so sad

merry a noer i m so sorry, this drama was so annoying with toda erika. the only thing that i like to watch is emi takei, she is so pretty and cute.

Viva I love Erika soooo much because of Death Note and I have just finished watching Liar Game. Also, I love Miura because of Koizora and Kimi ni Todoke and now.. I was like, WOW! THIS IS AWESOME! I‘LL DEFINITY WATCH THIS!

anonymous This is a very well-crafted and well developed story. I find a lot of dramas (especially kdramas, some jdramas) melodramatic in an unrealistic way, which makes me squirm in my seat because I can't take them seriously. Taisetsu will strike many people as too boring or slow because it lacks that element, but that's exactly why it's my favorite non-comedy drama. With the way the story is set up, no synopsis can really do its wonderful execution justice. Something about it pulls at my heartstrings, and I admit it did make me cry towards the end. I felt for each character even if I didn't like all of them. But I was able to see where they were coming from. It's a pleasant surprise that the writers managed to create this realistic story out of such an overused premise. I don't regret trying this at all.

leslie HARUMA MIURA, YOU'RE THE CUTEST TEACHER EVER!!! I started watching this coz Haruma's in it. :D

OtakuManiaBerry The Ending Song by Porno Graffiti :Title: EXIT

M Who wouldn't love it if you got Haruma Miura as a teacher? In all my life, I never thought of him to fit a teacher role. But then again, he's such an amazing actor with such potential!

manP Best Jdrama Ever

loti I just can't get over with this drama!!! I really love it!!!!

kyouya2909 I bought this drama DVD because I'm a big fan of Haruma, but, after finished the first episode today, I've to say this drama is really good, must watch

Farah Amazingly beautiful !!

I was a bit skeptical when I first read the synopsis and also when I read all the positive comments as I’ve been hugely disappointed with many ‘high-rated’ dramas this year.. When I started the drama I jst kept watching it cuz of the beautiful cast,wonderful direction and amazing performance by all the actors, but to be honest I was still in doubt whether I’d like it as I hate stories of intrusion of third party between two lovely couple(I don’t call them love-triangle) and not to mention here the characters are in teacher-student relationship! But what a pleasant surprise it gave me! The drama is so well-written that at one point u get to accept all the characters,understand their reasoning and sympathize with their situation.Although I like Miura Haruma this is his first drama that I liked.Erika Toda has always been my fav and it was a pleasure to watch them together.This is one of those dramas that remains in your heart for a long time.I’m really glad that I watched it.
Although I wish there were more romance and chemistry between the two main characters(I guess all those Kdramas have made me greedy :p) , this drama has become one of my fav Japanese drama.I give it a 9/10

anyeeM229 the plot is meaningful and mature. the 3 seems to form a love triangle, but it's actually about a simple teacher-student bond and a couple's understanding and commitment. it isn't a drama i watched just for fun. it contains numerous meaningful lessons that i actually gained a lot from.

Luki Awesome drama... love the storyline, totally unpredictable ^^ I really hate Hikari till the end x( --- well that shows that she really delivers her part well xD, and everyone, well esp Haruma & Toda acting are really great!

bubbletears123 by far one of my favorite japanese drama if not in my top 5 japanese definitely in my top 10 asian dramas over all. its just one of dramas that dont have much but makes you think alot. i was literally obsessed with this drama for like 3 weeks. its just one of those dramas u have to watch even if u won't completely enjoy it. plus the cast is full of of eye candy. i mean Haruma Miura is in it so it can't be that bad! and i can't wait to see more of Emi Takei! shes so darn pretty and a pretty decent actress! i also loved the ost. when i heard pink i thought WTF?!? but now it seems so natural like it wouldn't feel right without hearing her music. and her music (minus the lyrics that dont really match) goes along with it so well! cant imagine watching this drama with out pink!

kimkun08 Just finished watching the Finale.

I gotta say this.. After watching this drama, it kinda raised the level on how I look at j-dramas, on how they should be like. It has kinda set this BAROMETER on what I should look out for in a drama. Like lately when I try to find another drama to watch, unconsciously I've been comparing them to 'Taisetsu" and say to myself, "I hope this one's at par with Taisetsu or I won't finish it.."

That goes to show how this drama's effectiveness to make the viewers relate to every scene was that good. ;)

An excellent job to the whole cast who made me shed a tear a bunch of times! XD and again, OTSUKARESAMA DESHITA to TLS for subbing this magnificent drama! :D SALUTE! ;)

wmzahh I like Nozomi Sanada role here a a good friend.. cheerful and positive thinking. I hate Hikari Saeki act as a tragic person, blackmail teacher, break up couples, and selfish. Both Natsumi Uemura & Shuji Kashiwagi act as a good teacher, and protect their student I just hope bad thing not always happen to them. Huhu.. cant wait episode 9 and 10... (^.^)

astrijeje favorite drama!! I love the ending themes,,,what the title of thas song????

Akiea waahhh~ love the ost ( does anyone know where to download the ost?? ) guess what,... i cried while watching natsumi ( toda )~!! she is soooo strong! I really really hate shujii !!!!!! daikirai!! but I like miura haruma of course..!~ hahaha :)

Sukii ah~I like sudakunnnn >_< but this drama haruma and erikachan really look like teacher ^^ umm, I want to have this teacher in my school ne~

Michelle I think Haruma Miura is gorguess. I don't see him as a teacher

nisa cool...

amazing< i love it....

nisa i like this film......

so cool....

alissa film yang hebat..... keren...

笹本希美 「Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta」 Episode's release date times.

「大切なことはすべて君が教えてくれた」 エピソードリスト フジテレビ系(月)夜21:00 All the important things you taught me: Episodes List. All episodes start on Monday at 21.00 (9.00pm) Japan time on Fuji Television.

Continuing on from episode 3 (The man's response), the next episode's subtitle will be called 'Exposure' and it will be released on February, 7th. 第4話「暴露」(2月7日) Episode 5 will be released on February, 14th. 第5話「」(2月14日) Episode 6 will be released on February, 21st. 第6話「」(2月21日) Episode 7 will be released on February, 28th. 第7話「」(2月28日) Episode 8 will be released on March, 7th. 第8話「」(3月7日) Episode 9 will be released on March, 14th. 第9話「」(3月14日) Episode 10 {FINAL} will be released on March, 21st. 第10話「」(最終回)(3月21日)

mofo I love erika toda and haruma miura. They look so good together. however the story makes me not so enthusiastic. he has an affair with a student?? um... I hope that does not mean he is eventually going to end up with the student and ditch his fiancé. But Uchida Yuki is in this one too so I will probably give this a shot.

maisya awesome haruma san will act in another drama and yet he is so charming.........................

Sassygirl989 I totally agree with you B2STShineSuJu!!! I want Maki Horikita and Haruma Miura to have their own drama together. I'm waiting for it. hope they can read this and immediately do a HARUKITA drama. waahhh I WOULD REALLY LOVE IT ~! but as u said, i do like erica toda too. I'll wait for this drama. HARUMA i love you!! <3

Shi Toda Erika! i can't wait to watch this drama =D My NO1 fav actor and actrees <3

cory Miura Haruma kun Aishiteru I always wait you new drama

jianing23 OMFGGG AHHH! I CANT WAIT! these 2 are my fav actors~! :D

ari Miura Haruma es uno de mis actores preferidos y Toda Erika ES mi actriz favorita, no puedo esperar mas para ver esto, por favor tiempo, pasa rápido!! xD

loveRiLindRa yahuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yuri WOOOOoooowwwwW!!!!!

I Love Miura and Toda Erika!! They become , I can't Wait!!!!

Cath Whoa! Miura-kun will be playing a teacher for a change ^_~

B2STShineSuJu OMG OMG OMG WHEN WILL THIS BE OUT!! MY 2 FAV ACTOR & ACTRESS!! (Would've been better if the female cast was Horikita Maki instead tho cuz I've always wanted to see Haruma & Maki in a drama together hehes) But anyways, still love Toda Erika too! Looking forward to watch this drama!

Arisa ahh! two of the best actors (actress) in the business! i can't wait :D i love these two very much~

Balqis Ah~~ can't wait to see the drama!!! Haruma-kun <3

Emelie I can't wait to see the new drama! :) The sweetest smile in the world....

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