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  • Name Erika Toda
  • Japanese: 戸田恵梨香 (とだ えりか)
  • Birthdate: August 17, 1988
  • Birthplace: Kobe, Hyogo, Japan
  • Education: Horikoshi High School
  • Height: 162cm
  • Blood Type: AB


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Hendra OMG.. busy year for erika-chan! 3 movies in 2015! Gambate!

hebeaskim when is she going to have a new drama??? love her!!

ester grace I like her smile. It's seriously the cutest, looks so beatiful. She plays a lot of memorable roles, but what I like the most is "baka shoujiki no onna" Kanzaki Nao in Liar Game, her innocent expressions in the beginning of that drama was make me laugh so hard.

Anastasia I love her acting! Everything drama and movie she plays in are all very intriguing.

Noel One of the best from Japan entertaiment! She's kinda annoying in HYD2 but it means she can play the character well! Love you Erika-chan!

Anita Anakashi She's my favourite japanese actress <3 I love her acting. Did you see her in "Taisetsuna Koto Wa..." ("You taught me all important things")? She was amazing! Bravo, Toda, keep up! ♥

hannah SPEC is one best Japanese drama/movie ever... the casting and music are sugoi. . . I can say Erika Toda is good in portraying her roles! Her BEST works for me are death note, galcir, ryusei no kizuna, oh! my propose, you thought me all the precious things, dog and police, liar game, code blue, boss, summer nude and my number one of course SPEC:):)still have to watch her other works. . .i love and support her all the way. GOOD LUCK to your next projects and stay cool but humble..

tina I love Erika Toda! She is one of my favorite actress!! She is so cute and pretty! All those rumors about her are so not true! They say Matsuda Shota did not want to film with her and that why she was not in Liar Game reborn movie, but that is so false! If that was true then why are they both in Umi no Ue no Shinryoujo together even if her role is small as of now?? If you watch all the videos of them from the drama, I can't see it at all. They hug and look like they are really good friends. Same with her and Gakky! Haters are just going to hate!

SuperShadow96 I love her acting in SPEC! Her ability to summon dead people and use their SPEC! I love you! Erika.....good luck on further shows!

Hikaru Yes, I miss her chuby cheeks too :( but I still love her face, and her acting skill still the best :)

shane she used to have that sweet and innocent face before but now her face seems to be longer and thinner? i wonder if it's just diet but she looks completely different now, if you compare her face in summer nude back when she's in death note and liar game you will notice her cheek sink and her jaw seems reduced... anyway she's still PRETTY :P i just like her face before

micha SPEC is a kind of horror-detective, and actually I hate horror, but since Erika is the detective, I just watch it...(because I love her so much) and now-- I CAN'T STOP WATCHING IT-- xD

honka15 No matter what they said, in my eyes, ERIKA TODA is the best actress in Japan <3 GANBATTE ERIKA-CHAN!!!

Momo Hinamori Erika, I'm not sure what you think of yourself. But, if you don't have confidence in your awesomeness, you have to change! You are the sexiest person I have ever seen!!! I LOVE U, ERIKA!! You're so pretty. Love ya.

Emily's Boyfriend ERIKA, wanna go out? I love you. You're hot! Sexy! Beautiful! Pretty! There aren't enough words to describe you. I love your epic personality! You rock and you're hot+ sexy+ beautiful+ pretty!! I love your smile. I wish you were my sister.

Emily Erika Toda, you are sexy. You sexy beast, I am in love with u!!! My boyfriend has the hots for u, I'm so jealous. U SO SEXY GIRL!!

Jessica Rose I love you Erika... You are such a beautiful and lovely girl....And an excellent actress

Mami-rin such a good and pretty actress!!! i really love your dramas and movies! especially in Liar Game and BOSS!!!! I hope you can also do another drama with Matsuda Shota!! you really really look so cute together!! <3 <3

S I didn't watch liar game reborn because you didnt play in it, i want you back!

Xyna Blair After watching Liar Game, I instantly liked her. She's a natural talent, and a great beauty...I wish she will act alongside Kazuya Kamenashi...That'd be a great pairing...

kuriya17 i really love this girl!!! she is such a great and pretty actress!!! daebak!!!

yo Fav actress. I'm a big fanboy haha

love i love erka toda...kawaii in death note

Erika Fans She is cute, hot, multitalented... everything in one package... respect for her... BAKA UMAII!!!!

ERIIIIIIIIII i want to see her in a new drama!!!!!!!!!

fan i really like you in keizoku 2 ! you are my favorite actress <3

kyouya2909 I Like her smile!

EriKira this is my most of the most faverite actress !! she is so kawaii !! >< my hope is oneday I can go to Japan n say 'Hajimemashite, Toda-chan'. u are one of an inspiration for me. keep going on !! waiting for ur newest drama Dog x Police n SPEC SP. good luck !!

dia she looks so cute with matsuda shota :3 i hope they have another drama together but a romantic comedy. erika is my fave actress! i agree..she's very versatile.

sabbie Erika's acting skill has improved a lot since I saw her in Nobuta wo Produce. Now she's a very versatile actress... may it be comedy, drama, or action & suspense, she can pull it off. Hence, she's now one of my favorite Asian actress especially her portrayal of Nao in Liar Game S1, S2 and movie. Way to go, Toda!

Krishim11 I just love Erika Toda. very versatile actress and cute yet strong features. haha! I just love her. I will be watching SPEC soon.. and I have read good reviews on it. I'm excited!

xDeather Erika Toda :D

hye_erika love her acted...waiting for her new drama soon!!

jeje_toda I love all drama that she played..Kawai^^

larisza shes pretty,,but i dont know her,,i just saw her name in youtube,,top 10 most beautiful actress in japan,,but the most beautiful japanese actress ive seen,, Erika SAWAJIRI,,,shes so pretty!!!!and i like her acting too,....erika toda is also pretty,,japanese people are cute!!!

hebeaskim I love Erika Toda!!!! she is my favourite japanese actress!!!! she is very beautiful and i love her acting!! cant wait for her new dramas!!!

LuNa Toda Erika is my favorite Japanese actress !!! she is so versatile, I love how she doesn't just go for the innocent roles Her role in SPEC is my favorite !!! she's so funny in it! so glad she won an award for her performance!! Erika is also very cute & a natural beauty <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

misso to be honest i didnt like her at first.. she was okay in death note.. and i hated her in HYD (her character) and then she did liar game and instantly fell in love with her!! no homo haha the BOSS then SPEC!?!?! she's actually really funny hehe and definitely not a weak character or a one role actress i also like her with bangs and wavy hair! very pretty ;)

SPECial news I heard that second season of BOSS is coming this April. And Toda will appear in it. Can't wait for it to come out!! <3

Francis Just love her portrayal of every role that she have....especially in the drama the BOSS...

TomaSaya Erika is my fav actress!!! I so love her! She was so funny in Gal Circle and in Liar Game. And now she's so cute-weird in SPEC ^o^ Totally love her <33

Jess I love Erika Toda in all her roles! Liar Game was amazing, and so far she's brilliant in Keizoku 2:SPEC. Love her <3

Saki Toda Erika is my favourite actress! First i saw her in Nobuta wo Produce and I loved her character. Then in Liar Game and Code Blue. Her acting was fantastic in Koikyokusei or Tea Fight. Now I'm watching Keizoku 2: SPEC and I see that made a good choice on a fav actress. Anyways, I love her acting and her toothy smile x3

haruki she's a very good actress. she can play as naughty/cute girl (Death Note), mean type of girl (Hana Yori Dango), innocent (Liar Game) and so on. i really like her in Liar Game and yes i agree with the comment below that she and Shota look good together :D can't wait for her new Liar Game movie!

Naomi She's my favourite actress and she's so cute~! =^o^= I really love Liar Game. She looks so nice together with Shota Matsuda xP


Kelvin I love you, Erika-chan

Hiro Erika... I LOVE YOU!!! *-*

Azi565 Erika is the best!!!

I like her! keep rockin girl

helena erika toda is my idol im her biggest fan to.

Misaisa Erika Toda é uma das mulheres japonesas mais lindas que já vi. Com aquelas buchexas então ^^ adoro ela.

coolguy she was hot in the deathnote movie

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