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  • Name: Masaki Suda
  • Japanese: 菅田将暉
  • Born: February 21, 1993
  • Birthplace: Daito City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan
  • Height: 176 cm.
  • Blood Type: A


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Puri In Shinigami-kun, he played bad guy again but it's a hot good-looking bad guy that everyone would adore him instead of hate since he has that cute face and his acting made audience acknowledge the playful-like-kid side of the character. He got so many awards from this! There're many more dramas of him that I like. A Restaurant With Many Problems was really fun. Princess Jellyfish, he's so beautiful*O* Now I'm looking forward to Akegarasu so much, want to see his comedy acting, the trailer is already so funny! Also Chanbon Tabe Taka and Pink to Grey. I want to see him singingXD In Kamen Rider W, he sing with shoutaro, I think he has a really nice voice that I want to see more and since he can dance too, it would be great if he dance and sing! From cute Philip, now he has grown to cool-looking guy! I love his Karma look, it's awesome & charaismatic. (But it would be great if he's back to Philip style sometimes, I miss that cute boy>.3

Puri I started to know him from Assasination Classroom. He played my favorite character, Karma. I think, this man looks so cool, then I start searching his info. I went to watch Kamen rider W for him and I fell in love with his character, Philip. Even though he's just 16 at that time, he played so good . He make the character not only cute but looks awesome and cool in someway. Then, I start to watch other dramas. He played so well that I'm really into it! In Veterinarian Dolittle in the last episode, he put a lot of emotions that I can't hold my tear. "You Taught Me All the Precious Things", he play cheerful & straight forward character, I found another cute side of him. In "No Dropping Out: Back to School at 35 " he played such a bad guy and he played real good that many want to punch him (But I feel like wanna pinch his cheeck >..3

Bhavana Masaki san! you are really a star that shines in the immense sky.God have blessed you with great talent.May you shine always brighter and brighter in your career. may god always bless you!!!!!!!!!

Mike Warr Hey, I saw this guy in Girl in a Sunny Place. Awesome Film. He was not the main actor but he was Fantastic and helped to make that film an awesome Film. I cant wait to see this film too.

Misaki Masaki san your drama & movies so great ٩(•̤̀ᵕ•̤́๑)ᵒᵏᵎᵎᵎᵎ

Yua Shinkawa you have really good acting in the drama

Sakurai Nozomi Suda Masaki-kun, my sister is your number 1 fan! She's really like you!

chichi I'll be looking forward to his role in Kuragehime. He looks so adorable there. I mistook him for a girl though. Haha.

Aki He's born on the same day as me but not the same year

firippurani you are both handsome and beautifull i hope you back to your old hairstyle. long hair is most suited for you. i love you <3

bellavlorance I hope he will always succes in what ever does he do. I love philip-kun

Miss G-Masaki I don't know that he will act in a movie for this year 2014...but i want to say congratulation to Masaki & Aisyiteru Masaki-kun...Kawai;3

Miyuki Kurahashi Ahahaha I guess I'm the 2014 generation XD Anyway, love your acts! Keep a good work on it :)

kabao lynhiavu masaki suda, you are so cool, cute, and handsome, i hope you do more acting so i could watch you even more as an actor <3 i love watching the karmen rider w, you were so cool in the movie <3 <3 your biggest fan <3

arinah shakira masaki suda hope you still acting in kamen rider because you are so cool and hensem.kamen rider w is the best i ever watch.

nadhilah zulkifli i'm also like her very much but i hope he and all of actors and actersses of kamen rider convert to ISLAM.AMINNNN.....

livinm ASDFGHJKL SUDACCHI~~ KAWAII!! You're the most handsome and beautiful guy I've ever seen~ Gaaaahhhhh I love youu ♥

L I'd like to see you on a lead role..hope that you're for it..soon..;)

nany Philip kun ~~ masaki suda I will support u until I die ^^ u r gorgeous n awesome like u

revita permata Wow.., Masaki san you are very cool and handsome guy ^3^bb I hope you can come to surabaya, indonesia and I can meet you in reality

nemi wow your so cool wish to see you im a big big big fan of your iv`e watched kamen rider high school debut

yunika sari i like your movie ( kamen rider w double heshin )

yunika sari please come to gianyar, bali. in my school SMP Neger 2 GIanyar. i hope i can see and meet you in my school

yunika sari i hope one day i can see you in realiti not in story

yunika sari watashi wa , masaki suda ni koishite iru

yunika sari watashi wa, masaki suda ni koishite iru

putra I really like his hair!

putra I really like his hair.....

yana syasya I very like you act in kamen rider very cool in this story...i hope one day i can see you in reality not in story...

rei i really like him in kamen rider can i say... i can't sleep without looking him.....he good in acting...hope to see him in another story....

misa i reallyyyyyyyyyyy like him in kamen rider w... he very cute even i see.......

Roseii I love all the shows that I hhave seen you in. Thank you for being the way you are! I can't wait to see you in the next show and movie! Happy belated Birthday!

ryuki kamezawa masaki suda you so cool.....................:)

Gita-chan Happu B"day to Masaki Suda.. You are a GOOD BOY.... I thing you are a friendly person... And God Bless You...

andy desu yo happy burfday to masaki suda

marsya i love his outfits in kamen rider w!!

mari' chan will appear in juui dolittle a.k.a Veterinarian Dolittle as DOMON JUNPEI...yatta!!! i can't waiting for that drama...huhu Ganbari masu...masaki-kun!!!

Hotaru He's a very good actor for a younger guy. He's quite adorable in kamen rider w. I think i feel in love with that show thanks to him ^^ He's on of my boys to stalk kee kee XD

mari' chan really like him in kamen rider W and hammer session drama... ganbatte kudasai

mari' chan really like him in kamen rider W and hammer session drama...

Emine I really like this drama Kamen Rider Double..He's pretty cute.Masaki Suda is the best actor in the world.... I hope the Drama is best like the Movie... =)

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