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  • Movie: Gokusen: The Movie
  • Romaji: Gokusen The Movie
  • Japanese: ごくせん THE MOVIE
  • Director: Toya Sato
  • Writer: Kozueko Morimoto (manga), Michiru Egashira, Yuko Matsuda
  • Producer: Masatoshi Kato
  • Cinematographer: Masaaki Ichikawa
  • Release Date: July 11, 2009
  • Runtime: 118 min.
  • Production Company: NTV, Toho, J Storm
  • Distributor: Toho
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan


A passionate teacher, Kumiko Yamaguchi, a.k.a. Yankumi, is now overseeing the new students of Class 3D of Akado High School, who still have not opened up to her and are giving her a hard time.

One day, the students of 3D get harassed by street hoodlums. Then, Reita, a leader figure of 3D, shows up and beats up the hoodlums, yelling “Keep your hands off my friends.” The next day, the guys beat up by Reita come storming into their school. Principal Sawatari berates the students for getting mixed up with a gang, and gives Kumiko an ultimatum: “You’re fired the next time a 3D student gets into trouble.” Then Reita tells Kumiko that he doesn’t want to owe her anything, and he takes off by himself to settle the score with the gang…

Meanwhile, trouble was also brewing for the former 3D student who just graduated. The police are after Ren for being involved in an illegal drug transaction. Upset Kumiko tries to find him with the other former 3D students. However, they later find out from her grandfather, the head of the Oedo Family, the shocking identity of the mastermind pulling the strings of the drug deal Ren is being accused of…


  1. Based on the manga series "Gokusen" by Kozueko Morimoto.
  2. The story of the series is about a young woman, Kumiko “Yankumi” Yamaguchi (Yukie Nakama) living in the world of Yakuzas as the 4th generation heir of the Oedo Family. She is self-sacrificing to protect the weak, tough at fighting and firmly believes in the importance of friendship, dreams and family as she teaches and advises punks as a hot-blooded high school teacher.
  3. Related Titles:
    1. Gokusen (NTV / 2002)
    2. Gokusen 2 (NTV / 2005)
    3. Gokusen 3 (NTV / 2008)
    4. Gokusen Graduation Special '09 (NTV / 2009)
    5. Gokusen: The Movie (2009)



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april Gokusen was great...i cant get over with yankumi and shin .i was also confused because i found a video showing sawada had his passport going to africa but i dont remember watching that in gokusen..does anybody know what im saying ??

Liz I really like gokusen. I want see a Matsumoto jun ( sawada shin ) i really like Him . Pleease I want have a part of old student and yankumi with sawada ( to be a lover /?) :v in season 4 . I hope they have a project season 4. be honest I more like season 1 than season 2-3 . I want the play the movie character is the old student 1 yankumi .

Phoenix Fire All the Gokusen seasons were great. I have no quarrel with them not being the same as the manga or anime. And in this movie, even though I've wanted Shin-Kumi moments, I still don't feel cheated. I'm just glad Odagiri's in it because he happens to be my favorite character as well as Ren Kazama.

Many people smirk at the Gokusen series because of the utopic and overly-ideal scenarios presented. But that's okay. To me, Gokusen was able to make me feel more hopeful and more inspired to do my best as a human being. And that's something I'd always be thankful for with the creators and actors of the Gokusen.

michael donato I thought nobody's gonna watch this I'm very thankful that I'm not alone watching this year 2014 I hope they will have a project for season 4.

ju'z Me too I love gokusen because their have more value ,lesson, teach you be a good person and knowingness of our God. I hope yankumi found her true love in season 4 I like sawada and yankumi partner .I want to watch the reunion party in season 1 to 3.

AKI I want Shinkumi love story..Follow the manga series! Please! I love gokusen so much!

Imnubz Masaka? There's no shin sawada(matsumoto jun). It will be better if matsumoto jun take part. Right?

Sakura14 confirm!!! there will be gokusen season 4 but its still make it. I hope you will support guys the gokusen season 4....

miame they can't put together nakama yukie and matsumoto jun because of the past relationship they had. There is an article saying that Jun was suppose to appear in Gokusen 2 and in the movie but Jun and Yukie were fighting. But I guess it's the time for them to reunite in a movie I love there chemistry so much.

Miss L. gokusen is superb! this i say! manga and drama are way too different, that is to be expected if the way of talking on television be minimized for the good of the viewer's education. comments mostly showed a rating of high expectations to such specific people. it is great to give high regards to a character. i bet they did it a success in using different characters, it was not long enough though to make them even more memorable. gokusen just keeps giving knowledge and lessons. funny and enjoyable.. chow!

Go i would me more glad if they choose shin sawada as the main character here not that ren kazama

Kagumi I loveee shinkumi veeeerry much...

cossette I'm a fan korean drama but when I watch gokusen it touched my heart and I start to watch jdorama, gokusen, and I was in high school too and i don't trust teacher, during gokusen aired in our country but when wacthed gokusen 1 it changed my mine and i love watching gokusen 1,2,3 specially gokusen 1 i love their five students kuma, minami, noda, uchi, and shin and yankumi . when heard the movie I can't wait to see and when I watch gokusen the movie I'm so excited and happy this is the stories I learned so much I'm thinking that all of his student appeared but a little sad because sawada shin do not show in the movie so so sad I keep waiting for it to show shin to yankumi I remember in final episode in gokusen 1 shin like yankumi i hope he pursue his love for yankumi but still happy minami, noda and uchi are in the movie but it is still incomplete or not satisfied. I grow up with this drama gokusen and I proud of this drama part of life and it will never been erased this gokusen marked in my heart forever and i love nakama yukie and the whole cast of gokusen 1,2,3 and the movie. ^_^ I looking forward for the next story and her encouragement for their students and I hope if possible there will be gokusen the movie 2 or in tv series pls..... make it jun matsumoto be part of the story and I know he is an adult could be possible jun matsumoto in gokusen he will be the true love of yankumi or nakama yukie in gokusen they are cute together a lot people called shinkumi. I hope for that atleast in the show they will be together as a couple ^_^ ...

tidee before the part where Jun is a JE's elite..there were also rumors that Jun liked Yankumi in real life also, but she didn't felt the same way and he got really hurt... so i've heard. Too bad :( i've wished to see an Shinkumi ending as well..they should totally do a 2nd part to this and convince Jun to participate :D

sassygirl989 I'm not a fan of asian drama but I started liking them (esp Japanese drama) when Gokusen was aired in our country. Gokusen got my attention and I became addicted to it. I really liked its plot of how the badass yankumi changes the lives of her students. I love her and Shin soooo much. I waited for the movie for soo long and I was totally disappointed when I watched it and didnt find shin up to the last minute. I want yankumi to end up with shin just like in the manga. I cant move on.. T.T there should be a part 2 of the movie, this time, with shin ending up with yankumi... I know I'm not the only one hoping for this to happen. Please hear us Lord~! *seriously hoping*

emi i expected sawada shin(matsumoto jun) from shirokin....will there be season 4????i love gokusen..^_^...another movie would be cool too...but gokusen series is really cool...make sawada from shirokin come back....

LoveHurt I just finished watching all seasons of Gokusen up till' the movie. I don't regret watching this series it was so touching and very memorable. I always looked forward to meeting the new characters and learning their personal life stories. A lot of people would complain that it was the same thing over and over, but each character was different and their values were unique. I really wished that the leaders from Gokusen 1 and Gokusen 2 would be present, the ever popular Sawada Shin (Jun Matsumoto) and Yabuki Hayato (Jin Akanishi) but unfortunately they were busy. I'm glad I got to see the path each of the students took. I wish we had gotten to see the faculty from the first season because they were very entertaining although I could do without the English teacher. People are being to picky with Odagiri. I think he did a great job and even though he was always serious he constantly watched out for Yankumi and even stood up for her. I'm glad Yankumi didn't end up with any of her love interests because originally she was supposed to end up with Shin but with how the series ended we can imagine she ended up with whomever we wanted. I personally liked Sawada, Shinohara-San but my favorite was Natsume because he was the sweetest one of all and he even invited her to the movies hehehe. Anyways, Gokusen is golden and I'm very glad to have experienced such an excellent drama series. I don't care if Japan's drama industry doesn't hold the same budget as South Korea or other countries, for me J-Dramas will always be the best because they're wholesome, unique and impactful.

Shelly balboa I've watched the movie.... I loved it sooooooo much! I almost cried at the end!! all her former students are there, but sadly except for sawada shin(matsumoto jun) and hayato yabuki(akinishi jin) which are the leaders from shirokin and kurogin gakuen..... and i love it that her students are so good-looking!! :))) I wish there is a part 2 of the movie! and this time hayato and shin are there....

nadine I watched the movie and it's so awesome... I really really love Gokusen from season1-3 until the movie... and I'm hoping to see more...

I hope there will be season4

and there will be a big reunion from the class of Yankumi from season1,2,3 and Reita's group... I want to see SHINKUMI together <3

fighto~oh! ah, i love the movie! but i want sawada too!

honey oh i am sort i've mistaken the spell it was so nice and it was hayato yabuki

(at the last part it was already

honey oh I watched gokusen the movie and it was so ine but so sad because shn sawada and hayayo tabuki was not there maybe it would be better it to of them are there too. Takeda was very cute and i really like the character of chuchia there he became a camera man which was very helpful coz they had found ividence that ren was inoscent. But i wonder why was mr shinuhara who was the first love of yankumi in the first series of gokusen became the drug lord he change his character and his name, i know there many actors in japan so why they chose ikki sawamura. I will also love if the cast of gokusen1 have more scene because they already appear on the last part of the movie but it was a tearing moment for me i cant help to cry because i really missed them so much it was a kind a reunion for 3d classes. I hope someday producer will make another movie for gokusen and jun matsumoto and akanishi jin will be there alrady....

over all IT'S GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!

henny Gokusen 4..pls include matsumoto jun!!! imiss him...yankumi.

honeyz i wish sawada shin was in place of odagiri... :( anyway in the manga, it was shin who got hostage by the bad guys that's why yankumi did not fight the henchmen... oh i love those bad guys on how they were lying there on the stage for a minute and then gets up like they are not hurt at all and walks away... hahahhaha.. did they have shortage of actors in Japan, bec. her first love in Gokusen 1st series Detective Shinohara is the same actor as this Drug Ring Leader Rusoke, they could have chosen a new face...:))

anyway, these movie could have been the bomb if all of her students appeared specially the main ones like, Jun Matsumoto and Jin Akanishi, i wonder how much is there budget for this movie

and they could at least give her a love life for pete's sake...

Kimi This movie was awesome! I loved seeing all of Yankumi's former students; it felt like a big reunion .<

Sawadafan This movie was good but without Shin Sawada it's not the same... I would like to see 4 season where Yankumi will end up with Shin.

Matsumoto Ran I SUPER LOVE THIS MOVIE! It kinda brings you back to some memorable episodes from the earlier series. Especially when you see familiar faces of previous students. Too bad Jun and Jin wasn't in it though. These guys are way too busy. Bummer! The movie is perfect. It could have been more perfect if those two were present. It's a great movie nonetheless! 10 of 10!

GokusenLuver~ I know why Shin wasn't in the movie, cause he's supposed to be grown up, cause it's already been like 5 or 4 years since yankumi hasn't seen him! But I do wish Shin was there, and Jin Akanishi too!

belle09 im so sad,,shin sawada was not part of the movie and jhin akanishi as well... yet im so excited...

Adi Ryo I Love This Movie Gokusen movie Yankumi::Fight!!!!Oh!!!!

Adi Ryo emerland-09::Jin was appear but at the ending song.....he was become artis(draw)....

merly looking forward for this movie.. im one of the vid fan of GOKUSEN.. finally to have another season of this.. gamare...





nastasya i like this movie so much<3 reita... kawaii...

charity y is that jun matsumoto did'nt appeared in the movie?i hope that theres an english sub.of the movie..more powers..:D

charity i wish that the gokusen will last longer ..:D


emerald-o9 ahe.. i already watched the movie on a cable channel but it's Chinese dubbed AND subbed.. huhu.. =,( but i still watched it anyway.. hehe.. can't help it!!

  i have to say that i LOVED it!! (*n_n*) especially the parts where Minami,, Noda and Uchi from season 1 made an appearance on the last part.. i even cried when i heard Minami's voice again.. =,( hehe.. but i was kinda disappointed when Jun didn't make an appearance.. and so does Jin.. so it was kinda sad.. but i'm really happy to see Yankumi's students from season 1 up to the movie.. :D i just hope that they would make a series for the students of class 3-D on the movie.. Reita's kawaii.. (*n_n*) i'm really craving for more Gokusen series.. i wished they would make more,, maybe just until season 5?? 6?? perhaps 7?? haha :D

jade I wish Shin Sawada was in the movie too...Jun Matsumoto...^_^

kate i wish Shin Sawada was in the movie too... Jun Matsumoto..^_^

april i like the movie .. but i wish matsumoto jun and akanishi jin was there too...

dora i like it.......................................................................................

dora this movie is very................................................................................................................................................... good..............................................................................................................................

farances rexie joy I hope there is another series of gokesen!!!

Kepii Uhhhh I hope Hayami will have a significant role! I'm still watching the first season of Gokusen, though!

Cassandra Matsumoto Jun was not in the film because, to be honest, he was wayyyy too busy. while they were filming the movie, he was working on the premiers for one film, filming a movie, filming a drama, a drama special, doing arashi's tv series, making singles with arashi and other commitments he had through Johnny's entertainment. Although a return of Shin would have ended Gokusen perfectly, as it does in the manga, there was just no humanly way he could, i'd die if i had the schedule he was already working on lol. maybe they'll make another if enough fans in japan complain, but he's a prolific actor, he's always working on something. He's an "Elite" for johnnys after all lol

tim sad.... Jin akanishi was not on the movie huhu :((

Patii i watched the movie ........it was great odagiri looked sooo hott and there many funny memories..... i just wish this will not be the last movie... :(

Phoebe I wish all the major cast from Gokusen 1 and 3 were part of the Gokusen the movie. I wish Uguri Shun, and Jun Matsumoto was in the Movie too. Kamenashi Kazuya was great in playing his part but it would have been more great if there was more actions. Hahaha well anyways, I love the movies but I really miss Matsumoto Jun. I love kazuya.

Melry Fai: Thanks so much for letting us know about the manga. I always thought that Sawada Shin should end up with Yankumi. It definitely makes me want to read the manga now. Too bad in the movie it didn't happen, I really missed the appearance of Sawada Shin (Matsumoto Jun). It's just not the same without him. It would have been a perfect end to it and definitely would have been a great callback to the first Gokusen.

Nicole I wish Ryu odagiri and shin sawada partnered with Yankumi they attend to think alike sorta I am not sure but I can't wait to buy it though. But I hope they make a 5 yr party and to see ALL 3-D classmates would be like and meet Yankumi and ketchup on things and a few problems hapen and she will always protect her precious students it will be a good way to end it even if she have to take her own life to protect them it will show the world and teachers, students, head masters, parents and everyone else what a teacher should be beside the yakuza thing. It is all about Yankumi's teaching her precious students

Donghae i like the movie but there is something missing in it....i like how odagiri ryu became yankumi's partner in protecting their precious new batch of students of class 3D!!! ..i really wish it was sawada shin and not odagiri ryu whose with yankumi.....

schlapa SLap me till I'm uncounciness, I forgot about my first asian hearthrob - Kang Dong Won ( Temptation of the wolves) HA, good fighting scenes for a romance flick.

ss i love you! come out already on the internet! i need to watch you! i can't wait anymore! this is the worst form of torture! i've been waiting for months and this is the only japanese drama i truly love. i also want to see haruma miura. i wish Korea will make their own version.

haleeda im so dissapointed there is no matsumoto jun here...(shin,sawada) id luv to see his love story with yankumi... hope can buy it at MALAYSIA,,, love gokusen,.,.,.

Choco The DVD from Gokusen the Movie will be released in Japan on the 20 January 2010 so maybe after that date it will be on the internet It think

reeve i hope the next gokusen can bring back character shin sawada because i want known about love story shin and yankumi.

Susie o.o hey for anyone who has watched the movie does yankumi really get shot? cuz that just totally added a new twist! she never gets hurt! this is going to be fabulous


pana i watched this awesome movie 4days ago in a plane when i was on my way home from Japan to Malaysia.. to begin with, i didnt even know that there was Gokusen the Movie..haha

Cynthiaa why?? this movie dony stay at indonesian teatre?? huhuhu... i cant watch this film... but i can!!! huaaaaa....................... give mi choice how can i watch thiss???

junlover aagh. i watched the movie and loved it, except why why why why why was shin sawada(matsumoto jun) not in it????? really? jun is a really good actor and his role was great, too. its just not the same without him in it :(

mitsuki waaahhh... i never thought that kazuya will be a teacher too!! im so excited to watch it

eizel13 i cnt wait until it show..i relly want to watch it..

but so sad jin akanishi and jun matsumoto was no there....

but its okay bec yuya takaki was there and the other cast of gokusen 1,2&3..

jun mat and akanishi jin was not there... 私は本当にサン私はそれを待って傾けるみんな....それを見るまではそれを見る.....したい



rawr ._. when will gokusen the movie be out in ontario , canada !!! i wanna watch it online with english subs !!! D: GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

Shu I just watched the movie! It's very nice. I love love love it! :D It's not just another episode of Gokusen and was really a very good conclusion for the series :)

thumbs up for Yankumi and the pretty boys!!! :D

soley will this movie be released in new zealand?????

i really wanna know!

my chan 3-D student n yankumi is very coooollllll,,,,,

i love gokusen so much,,,,,,,

Shibby I read online somewhere that the gokusen movie dvd won't be out until January 20th, 2010. DX

Gina omg so sad that sawada is not in it....... *sob* ああ。。。人生は最悪だ!!! ok i think that sawada, odagiri and kazama is awsome!!!!!! kazama is so hot!!!!!! and im dying to watch the movie!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! LIFE IS RETARDED!!!!!! i wish the movie would hurry up and get to australia.....

fai its so sad that SHIN SAWADA isnt here... but all in all im glad SHUN OGURI and the others are here ^^ also, i have the manga as a resolve in knowing that its SHIN and YANKUMI^^

in the SP Manga of Gokusen:

It is also revealed that she is attracted to men in a fundoshi; going into a trance when she saw Shin in one. In the 2008 SP manga, Yankumi finally returned Sawada's feeling after Sawada saved her from a gang of bikers. In the manga, he is given the alias of "Young Master Red Lion" from Kyou.

Also in the Special Manga 2008, Sawada was a top student of Toudai University and he has a stable life and job as he's seen taking Yankumi out for a movie with his own car and constantly flirting with her, stating why he was so cooperative with her back then was because he fell in love with her at first sight and set up their casual meeting to turn it into a date. For the first time he is shown with emotion when one of Yankumi's new students trick her to fight a gang of bikers and he goes off to save her - he managed to save her and Yankumi finally returned his feelings, and they ended up kissing.


so i think that will suffice me...

i think the movie with subs are on going... just hope that it will be there soon ^^

rawr (: WHEN WILL IT BE OUT D: ive been dieing to watch it !!! if anyone knows where to watch it PLEASE tell meeeeee ._.

KAT-TUN_Lover Where can I watch Gokusen the movie either raw or with english subtitles??? If you know where to watch it send me a message on youtube my username is LoveAnime456.

Daisy I really wanted to see Matsumoto Jun in this......... He should have at least made a cameo or something. So disappointed. :-(

marina wAAhh!...i relly love miura haruma..i can't wait to watch gokusen the movie.!..anyone who can ask info..when it cn b in dvd..huh..i love matsujun too..but why he's not included?

khim ahhh!!!! can't wait to see it!

I wonder why shin (matsumoto) is not included in the cast... He must be in it since he was the section 3D leader in season 1!!! the 1st student who found out that yankumi is from the yakuza but accepts her right away... but still i'm looking forward to it... i love gokusen series!!!!

xichigox when will the dvd release???can't wait for it.

Sakura19 The reason why you can't watch it anywhere is that I don't think it's been released on DVD yet. Once it has, people will RIP it and then upload it. And of course, once fansubbers get the DVD quality, they will begin subbing it.

Shimizu Jelina Watched this movie 2 months ago~ ehehhehehhehehehhe

Dai Scoop Daichuki~

馬鹿なレイタ! 緒方君かっこい!全てキャストかっこい!

lilly93 the moment someone finds this (RAW, Subbed same shit just if u find it) please post where we can watch it here!! >.< that wau everyone can watch it^^ same with downloads^^ if u find a place to download it:P

Thanks for understanding and for ur help^^ i bet everyone is very excited right? its not just me right:P?

^^ yaaaaaaa il sort quand le film que j'aille le voir!je veux tros le voir pour voir kazuya mais aussi tous les autre !!!^^

asia I know i thought jun would be in it this too but what i heard was he has been really busy or something like that same with akanashi.I really want to see this movie i just dont know where to watch it it is so annoying ^^

sweet_lee i also thought that sawada will in it...i always think that yankumi will be end up with sawada...coz from 3 season.. it only sawada who said he like her..... is it true this will be the last gokusen?...so sad...

kongaishang Uwa!!!! i want to watch this!!! Iya!!!! I will Watch this!!!

jhesz wishing all students from seasons 1-3 were present at the movie esp my fav. season 1 hehehe i think that would be more exciting!!!!shing! shing!

Eclipsed I can't wait to see this! It would have been nice to have seen MatsuJun and Jin in it (just because they were the class heads) again, but I can live. OguShun, Narimiya, and Haruma are in it >D

Mira Kame can't wait the movie...

I'm so DAMN addicted to this Gokusen..Ahahaha~~

raiza so many comment....cauze we cant wait 4 the gokusen the movie. ai addict at gokusen....i really love it...tell me if it's on yt already,huh?

AznRaynebow where can i watch gokusen the movie!!! jun & jin isnt in it D: aww~ the trailer was so awesome!! but i wanna watch the movie T-T WhErE~~~~~~!!!!

nikka mae moshi moshi!i love your movie.this is he one movie i ve watched in the whole world!!!!!!!!!

gokusen_addicted OoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo I cant wait for this movie to be posted on the internet!!! I really love the Gokusen series and I've been watching it for 4 years now. I mean I saw the first seaso 4 years ago, the 2nd season 2 years ago and the 3rd season somewhere in decembre 2008. Anyway I started it again and right now I reached the 8th episode from the 2nd season and I still love it. I know I'm crazy but this is one of the best Tv-Series ever.

Of course I'm a bit sad that matsujin isnt in the movie... I mean if they could bring the 2nd season class (without jin :(( *sad* [how could they?]) I thought maybe they could have brought the first season class too. They where Yankumi's first students after all.. Anyway the movie its gonna be great and I cant wait to see it. Actually I cant belive that I saw just now that there is a movie. I was surfing the internet and I came to koike teppei's page on dramawiki, and there I acidentally looked at the movie section and there was written :"Gokusen: The Movie 2009"

I swear, I looked like I saw a ghost. I thought I'll never see yankumi and 3-D class again. By they way of "3-D", I think someone should make a smiley on messenger and to be written like this "3-D" :)) It'll be really funny :P Or does that already exist? Anyway, cant wait!!! Please ppl upload it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ann Cant wait to see the movie!. Kinda sad without Jun and Jin.. Demo, most importantly I can see Kazama Ren and heard that he will bring the prob in the movie!. Yatta!..Miura Haruma, aishiteru.. =)

Hanna Yuuki Love Gokusen... Kame no hountou kakoi desu ^_^

sufy the face of the people in the gokusen season 1,2,3 has change...everyone was so cool acting in the gokusen 1,2,3..i hope..they will act with good acting in the story of gokusen the movie....


sufy when i watch the gokusen 2..i know that how to be a best teacher..working so hard for the student...my ambition want to be a teacher..before i watch this story....when i watch this story.....i like to be a best teacher when i grown up....i like yukie nakama..i was 13 years old now..i want to watch all the stories of gokusen 1,2,3 and the movie...i just watch the full stories of gokusen 2...i love gokusen ....now...i know..much about japanese word...

lori when will the movie come out in new york?? i really really want to see it

Shiyama Ichigo I'm so happy that theres a gokusen movie does anyone know if its on youtube or something cuz I want to see it so bad.

Fernanda I am from CHILE, Hello WHY NOT SEE JUN MATSUMOTO, it is very important in history, this film should be declared "Sawada" the teacher "YANKUMI" because it assumes you have a few more years and I stop being a student of it, WHY DOES NOT APPEAR MATSU JUN T_T? T_T WHY?

Nozomi WaAaHhhh... i CaN WaIt FOR THIS.. I ReaLLy LoVe GoKUSeN.... NaKaMa YuKiE-SaN IS THe BeSt.... ALL ACSt OF GokUSeN 1_2_3.. GoKuSen tHE MoVIE... i WiSh THey Are aLl ThERe.. EspEciALLi.. JiN AkAnIShI-Kun AND Jun MATSUmuTo-KuN.... YoSH!!!! GANBATTe Ne.. mInNa-SaN..... -=NoZOMI-CHAn-=

Anna Sabino I wish That someday i will meet all Gokusen cast !!Especially Takaki Yuya.!!!!!! And All of the writers of gokusen !

Anna Sabino I really love Gokusen even though I'm 12 years old I can relate on it. I became sad when I learned that Gokusen 3 is the last Gokusen but when i learned that theres a gokusen the movie i became very happy. I wish i colud also have a teacher like Yankumi that will do everything so I can have a good future. "I'm a certified Gokusen Lover"

I'm addicted to gokusen

Love it!!!!!

Joy I coulda died of disappointment when I heard Jun and Jin arent in it. D<

The movie would be more popular if they were in it.

suzu chan kinda disappointed with the cast !! :'( oh no !! my jin is not in the movie :(( i hope he's included .. and also matsujun !!

gya !! >.<

but then, am going to watch it .. koike teppei & miura haruma is ther :DD

i'm missing them soo much ..

hope that AKAME is back .. also SHINKUMI loveteam .. waaaahhh !!

looking forward to it ..

the trailer is so nice ..

i really hope that jin && jun are included !!! whew !!

ps~ pls include all the cast !!!!!

JUN && JIN LOVE :) this movie is going to be sooo HOT xD 'cause they all have hot men in it but STILL ! it's not complete without JUN AND JIN :(, im actually kind of disappointed since both of them have a big role in the past series WHY!!!!!???? :'((. UGH hope the director is thinking about this, being jun and jin not in the movie :(. but hey hahaha shun oguri and harama miura is there :)) so im kinda okay with it :D.

UGH ! p.s i miss shin sawada :(

lynz what kind of video player the trailer thing used. can someome pls tell me thanks.

Angelica Wow!!!!! I Didn't Recognize Kazama Ren. He's So Handsome..... I Hope I Can Buy The Movie And Watch It As Soon As Possible..... I Want To See Takaki Yuya!!!!! I Love You Yamato Ogata And Kazama Ren!!!!!! -HSJ- -ryomaedward-

Ryuky-Chan I wanna see this movie..!! but i have to wait till i can find it with English Or Dutch sub.. -.-" i wanna see it now..!! ^___^

paula OH MY GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  TRAILER IS SO GOOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HARUMA AND TAKAKI IS SO CUTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'M SURELY WATCH THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angel If I'm not mistaken, it's a movie so you can only see it at the theaters right now. We'll just have to wait a bit peeps. @_@ It just came out on the 11th.

Lori where can u watch the gokusen movie. i searched it on Google and only the trailer show up

KC OMG!! I want to watch it! why Matsujun is not in it?! but I like gokusen even if matsujun is not there. Matsujun! At least Teppei Koike and Oguri shun is in there but I miss SHIN SAWADA!!!!!!

Yashin-chan Yay!! I'm so happy this movie will be released soon!! (two days from now) though I'm wondering when will it be available in my country >.< Hey, hey, MatsuJun should be in the cast too!! I want to see him again as Shin XD, well at least Koike Teppei, Oguri Shun and Ishigaki Yuma will be in the film, that makes me feel a little better.

daniela OMG! I want to see this! Oh, Jin and Jun are not in it... :(( Too bad... I hoped Shin would come back and end up with Yankumi!! But still, I'm SO happy that Kame is in it, too bad Jin isn't here with him... Wait, 'Yankumi' said there will be a big surprise in the movie... Maybe one of them?!? :D I'm looking forward to see this...

shes Where... Sawada where... hiksss!!!

Gaeb Oh my god!it will be five days from now hope to see the movie on streaming sites ....

janessa ..sugoiii..!!

..i love it somuch..i just can't wait to watch it very soon..

..i'm so happy ..my very idols are here..kamenashi kazuya and miura haruma..

..i admire them sooo much.. they're togetherinone movie..

..this is what i'mwaiting for..

..i can't wait to watch this..


hanako Huhuhu, where's matsumoto? I want him come back to confess his feeling to yankumi!!!!!!

shacomei a'ahhhhhhhh, i can't wait to watch gokusen movie but y sawada shin not acting in this movie..., for me sawada shin is the character that make me want to watch gokusen but with sawada shin is not acting in this movie it look like not complete right?


Kamenashi+Ali=SEX I cant wait till it comes out, and my favorite actors will be there, and there all HOT as hell!!!!! And all you twilight fans can suck it!

aoi_twilight Looking forward for this movies!! ^_^ I hope Matsujun will be in this movie...

JH i am looking soo forward for this movies ....really can't wait to see this movies. do Singapore going to show this movies ...? i hope so !! ya bty is Jun Matsumoto in this movies i hope he is !!


Kurokage Tenshi Wow I can't believe that Gokusen has a movie. I can't wait for it; I have already watched all of Gokusen Seasons and I love them all...I can't wait for the movie to come out; I'll be waiting for it. I am delighted to know that Yankumi's old students are also in the movie....ike Yankumi...

Lori omg why isn't matsumoto in the movie. i was looking forward to seeing him in the movie and probably telling yankumi that he likes her. where can you watch the movie when it comes out. tv internet where. and will there be subtitles.

matsumoto jun and akanish jin . why aren't you in the movie.!!

TraceD HEy someone check Matsumoto Jun's movie schedule and see if it is any way possible that he could be in this?!! Because if its empty it might happen, yet again they WOULD promote Jun being in it because he is a big ass star. and Jun fans that dont know Gokusen would come right, dang just made myself depressed!@!!!

Lori i cant wait for gokusen the movie to come out. 2 bad shin and hayato wont be in the movie. when the movie comes out where can you watch it tv or website. i cant wait . i luv gokusen

jpop_freak omg... i cant wait for this movie but it really sucks that jin and jun are not in it owell i'll watch it for yuya, haruma, shin, kazuya ,and the other guys of course

                              I LUV GOKUSEN !!!!!!!!!!

Ando maybe..you know the movie producers are trxters..and they like "hohoho were not mentioning that SHIN would be in it" right?then later we watch it he'll be there..and most of us will be crying for the LOVe that was meant to be...but what if imaging this will make it not happen...PRAY! PRAY! and also pray that yunkumi doest die with that gun shot. PRay it will be a happy ending.............hhehe i sound like some asian drama priest..DONT PAY ATTENTION TO THIS COMMENT!!

geli. ohh that sucks jun is not going to be in the movie :( im actually looking forward for the movie to come out but thinking jun is not gonna be part of it is just making me not to watch it anymore. RE-DO ! LOL.

jhan jun matsumoto will not be in the movie.. damn.. im looking forward for the head of the three series to be there... hmpf....

japanlover i can't wait this movie out in my country... seem exciting with season1,2,3 cast...but really, i want to see matsujun n his gank here... but>....???? will he not appear??? still wondering....

Tsugo OMG!!! I am so excited! Though I do wish that Matsumoto Jun would be in it...I so wanted them to hook up XDD Well I'm looking forward to it!  :'33

Momo All the stars comes up!! Can't wait to see it!!? But, where is Shin who said wants to claimed Yankumi's heart!!? Where is Hayato anyway,,? But I'm still looking forward to it, even not all of the cast from Gokusen 1 and 2 will play,,

aniSzy kazama ren!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love u 4ever!!!!!!!!!!!! i just see kazama ren in this movie!! so kawaii!!!!

aiai AHHHHHHHH=DAISHITERU OGATA&REN!!!i♥yankumi!!!!!grrrrr when will it come out in U.S!!!!!!!!!!T.T wahahaha.well tell me sumbody!!!!get at me at I_tauiliili@yahoo.com=myspace!!!!!!!!!gokusen♥'r#1

buubuu NOOOEEZZZ im going on vacation when it comes out!! nooooo~~:P i rlyyy wanna watch it:D kame is back:D YAY:D AND KOIKE TOO!!! OMG:D and miura is in it yuya too:D WHAAA":D cant waiT!

mie this is sooooo different than just the typical gokusen! i can't wait for this! where are matsujun and jin? are they not in it because of the overflowing je boys? who cares! i want to see them...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

megzie WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i can't wait to watch it WAHHHHHHHHHHH

hanakimilova OMG!!!! O.O cannot believe there's going to be a gokusen movie ahhhhhhhhh!!!! loved all three seasons!!!!! but YYY isn't shin in it very disappointed :( ....maybe in future years they will make another movie or show go YANKUMI!!!!

joyanne when are gokusen the movie are coming in us

misteriousgirl woww........................................... its so unbelievable the gokusen will have a movie gosh im so excited to watch this i really really watch this i hope i can make my flight till july 11 in japan i just wondered too why did akanishi and matsumoto do this film? ah i think because akanishi have a movie to make his no free i think yeah watch bandge too..........

Michelle omg wheres matsumoto jun. y isnt he in the movie he was so good in gokusen. im so mad he isnt in the movie. if matsumoto isnt in the movie who will claim yankumki's heart. i want to see. matsumoto please be in the movie.

nie omg, where's matsujun?!?

abbie can wait for to watch it...hope....go yankumi.;...

TopazDana OMG i am so excited 4 this movie!!! but i wanted d WHOLE cast here, including jin n matsujun. Totally looking foward to it! XD

jamine OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the cast of 1,2 and 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kamenashi kazuya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but i was wondering............... why jin is not in here and jun matsumoto?

Michelle @TraceD yes he did! omg that part was soo awesome! but yeah i REALLY REALLY want shin to be back in gokusen ! ughh he's not on the cast list T_T i want original cast back too...some of them are but shin isnt. :( (aka matsumoto jun)

TraceD Man i NEED Shin to be in this one finally watching the others without seeing him or Uchi no lie KILLED me So i get one, but what about the other!!!! I want the original cast back!!!! HEy didnt Shin at the end say he was fighting for Yankumi's love too!? what happened!

miamia cant wait!!! argh! actually, this drama really gave me a little bit of eerie feeling coz the plot was always similar. good thing that the actors in each seasons were cute enough to please me. lol. then before i watched the 3rd season last year.. i was kind of hoping that actors from previous season will come out to help yankumi's new students but it was always KUMA whom she always bumped in! haha. i think getting previous actors were difficult for them regarding the actors' schedule and talent fee. who knows! :)

hmm.. about jun. is it true that he can't shoot the movie coz of his ongoing jdrama? or the stuff plans to scheme us a little bit so we'll go gaga when we see matsumoto in the film? hahah. too much thinking XD

aaaaaahhh! if you're like me who'll just watch this freakin drama online.. i think we need to wait for months until they release the DVD (this happened to me few years ago regarding the Death Note trilogy. it really sucks! hate it! especially here in US. foreign movie screenings are always only limited in california, nevada and such states. geez)

good luck to us.

himiko aizawa OMG! i'm sooooo excited about this movie. i really love gokusen.. i've always wanted to watch it with the casts from gokusen 1-3. yatta! it's here!!

Khoerul MW PAsti Seru........Aku menungguuuuuuuu!!!!

Mora seriously what happened to jun coming back to claim yankumi's heart and all that

Putri Tomohisa why akanishi jin and jun Matsumoto,, does not participate in this film, they are also the stars, and who replaces them?

sw33tie101 when will it be out here in the usa? i wonder when because i want to watch the movie very badly.

gEth WHAAAAAAAAAAT!!!!!???? there's gonna be a movie!? i caaaaan't wait!!!! ooh i wonder when the version with english subs will come out. ooh mab, oh man!!!!!!!

bridgette yea i hope so too but i wish that they could make more of gokusen is rreally cool i love the show just put new people in also the old one too

Airam can't wait for the movie to come up...^_^

cathrina :x wow everyone is here!!!! :D except for jun and jin. amp :(

but still can't wait for this. love this! :)

love haruma, yuya, hideo, jun, shun, jin, kame, koike! :">

wiiw! hope to watch it soon. :)

Maii ii agree with jane. if the no jun the show is in complete ... with AKANISHI JIIN too.. cant wait for the MOVIE tuu be out. will the movie be showed in THE SINGAPORE Theatre?

TEPpei + grAZHE = TEPAZHE yatta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! im sooooo excited to watch it!!!!!!!!!!!!

go teppei!!!!!!!!!!!!

aishiteru yo!!!!!!!!!!!

jane wow! im so very excited to watch this movie...

i am an avid fan of gokusen from the very start including its anime version...

but i think this movie is not complete if jun matsumoto was not there.., hope he is the surprise guest...!!!

nielyngrace Y-A-T-T-A!!!! i am really very happy about the movie!!!!!!!!!! wow!!!!!!!!! i've watched gokusen 1, 2, and 3... and i've been waiting for the next!!!!!!!! is this really the last?????????/ i was hoping for more reunions... ne? hehehhe like... i'm so grateful that oguri shun is back in the movie.. but i'm hoping that jun matsumoto is also in the cast...

Yamashita Sakura Eh!!! Reita is the head of the new class that yankumi will teach how nice if ryu or kame will be teacheing at akadou.

Tamamoru Yuta as Reita the enemy of the akadou class 3d when they are suppose to graduate!!!

Ravenclaw I think that the suprise is Sawada Shin`s back. i don`t think that gokusen 3 is the last series of gokusen. how sad!!! but i was wondering why Jin,Koike and the others are missing in the movie?, it should be their complete movie if it is the last series of gokusen, this movie is most focused on the gokusen season 3.



I thought that there would be up to gokusen season 5 and the SP or movie will become there reunion is it good? it would be their reunion...

jessie I love that Kamenashi is in it. But I also heard that there is going to be a surprise. I don't know what it is. But I saw an interview on set and Kamenashi and Yankumi were talking about that the movie would have a surprise in it. I hope its Shin again back from Africa or something.

Shimizu Jelina kyaa~~ I saw this yesterday on the Magazine~~ Miura dyed his hair full black again..T_T

Road Show just wait for me~! Just 2 months to go... wonder if the roadshow will be on roppongi... so i'll now where to go~!>u<

ahh~I'll be seeing you guys in there~! matte te ne... zenbu ga aishiteru~!

FC AHHHHHhHhhhH!! I am sooo excited for this movie!!!!

I'm very verrry happy they put Kame in :3 although I'm going to miss Jin and Teppei if they're not in it. ah well. I'm still glad about Kame~

two more months until you lucky people in Japan get to see this xD meanwhile us Eastern USA kids will have to wait a bit ><

miura lover really can't wait to see this!!!! woooo.. sooo exiting.. !!!!! miura haruma.. uR mY pRincE!!! i lOve yOu!!! *lolx.. :))

Jamie i'm waiting for this .. ^^ and i'm hoping that they include the main casts from season 1 and 2 .. or even Matsujun, Shun, Jin and Teppei somehow.. i know that Kame is already one of the casts .. well, hope to see the movie soon ~

liza gokusen the movie is composed of 2D who is now 3D in akadou and the rest of the students of GOKUSEN 1,2 and 3

Olivia I heard that Gokusen 3 students will be in the movie. I don't think Gokusen & Gokusen 2 students will be in the movie.

khaycie i hope, Jun Matsumoto will be in this movies, as well as the other students from the past series

crystalics looking forward to see this.

Emelie Heyy! So i'm pumped for this movie!! XD but i was wondering if it was going to involve any of the old studends from season.

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