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  • Drama: Bloody Monday Season 2
  • Japanese: ブラッディ・マンデイ シーズン2
  • Director: Shunichi Hirano, Manabu Aso
  • Writer: Yusuke Watanabe, Koji Megumi (manga), Ryo Ryumon (manga)
  • Network: TBS
  • Episodes: 9
  • Release Date: January 23 - March 20, 2010
  • Runtime: Saturdays 20:00-20:54
  • TV Ratings: 8.1% (weekly average)
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan


Set two years after the first season of "Bloody Monday," an aircraft carrying a nuclear weapon threatens Tokyo & genius hacker Fujimaru Takgi (Haruma Miura).


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    1. Bloody Monday (TBS / 2008)


Bloody Monday2-Haruma Miura.jpg Bloody Monday2-Takeru Sato.jpg Bloody Monday2-Michiko Kichise.jpg Bloody Monday2-Sei Asina.jpg Bloody Monday2-Hiroki Narimiya.jpg
Haruma Miura Takeru Sato Michiko Kichise Sei Asina Hiroki Narimiya
Fujimaru Takagi Otoya Kujo Maya Orihara Kaoru Minami J
Bloody Monday2-Umika Kawashima.jpg Bloody Monday2-Yutaka Matsushige.jpg Bloody Monday2-Mina Fujii.jpg Bloody Monday2-Raita Ryu.jpg Bloody Monday2-Takeo Nakahara.jpg
Umika Kawashima Yutaka Matsushige Mina Fujii Raita Ryu Takeo Nakahara
Haruka Takaki Ikuma Kano Aoi Asada Akihiko Kujo Takano Sonoma
Bloody Monday2-Tomoka Kurokawa.jpg Bloody Monday2-Masahiro Takashima.jpg Bloody Monday2-Hisashi Yoshizawa.jpg Bloody Monday2-Atsuko Anami.jpg Bloody Monday2-Kensei Mikami.jpg
Tomoka Kurokawa Masahiro Takashima Hisashi Yoshizawa Atsuko Anami Kensei Mikami
Hibiki Mizusawa Taro Hagiwara Goro Kirishima Miki Sawakita Shinji Makimura
Bloody Monday2-Makoto Akita.jpg Bloody Monday2-Hikari Mitsushima.jpg Bloody Monday2-Keisuke Horibe.jpg
Makoto Akita Hikari Mitsushima Keisuke Horibe
Yoko Takuma Risa Kurano Kazuhiko Akaishi

Additional Cast Members:

Episode Ratings

Episode Date Ratings
(Kanto Region)
01 01/23/2010 9.5%
02 01/30/2010 7.9%
03 02/06/2010 8.3%
04 02/13/2010 6.6%
05 02/20/2010 8.4%
06 02/27/2010 9.1%
07 03/06/2010 7.4%
08 03/13/2010 7.8%
09 03/20/2010 7.7%
Average 8.1%

Source: Video Research, Ltd.


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Raden Ahmad Satrio Wibowo awesome! i'll really wanna watch the next season of this drama.. I'll wait for the third season! :) Please make it as soon as possible! :D Thanks a lot! GREAT~

Madeli Awesome! I hope there is still season 3

pissbol daebak! i love dis movie series..

Ellie Wish there's a Season 3 of this drama. Love it.

Mariama it was a cool drama !! love it so much !! to be honest i wasn't really excited when i saw S1 maybe because i didn't like Miura Haruma at first because he appear with a cold-act but S2 is really awesome and out of control !! Miura Haruma had become more mature as an actor, he did improve his acting as well as his face expression. Ohhh God !! i'm in Love with J <3 how can you not love a cute and smart guy like him !! don't care if he is in the bad side, he is my favorite bloody Monday character !!

katherin awesome series. very intense. I just finished it now. one of my fave japanese series. very underrated drama. I wish it was more popular.

needs season 3

dramalover the manga is already finished

Bloody Monday - Last Season It has been a year since Fujimaru Takagi disappeared and now he has appeared once again, as a terrorist.

M What are the chances of having Bloody Monday Season 3? Huhuhuhu! I really want NHK to finish the manga so that I can see Haruma kun!

a the reason this drama or mostly j drama not popular overseas is because they don't make their characters pathetic and always dwells on self pity. if you'll just observe most drama are like that with the exception of jdorama. it's the main reason i love jdorama so much unlike dramas of other countries. jdorama focuses on positive aspects of life drama of other countries focuses on revenge and self pity.

lalala i dont understand why the ratings are so low. The whole season was so underrated. I love everything about this drama.

codon2 There will most possibly be a 3rd season and probably the 3rd would be the last, since the newest manga season says "Bloody Monday Last Season". The manga is still new since it only started in July 2011. I doubt that we'll have the 3rd season till either late 2012 or early 2013 :x. That's just my assumption. And well, i cant really say that there will definitely be a 3rd season, it all depends on the company that produces these dramas lolz. And of course, my dear Haruma is a star =).

L I can't get enough with just two seasons!! ><


Ichaa Hope this dorama get to the movie or SP!! x3

Gavin Really hope that there is coming a season 3. It was so awesome... love it

alissa hermilah i like this's so cool....

syira bloody monday is the best full of suspens.

Colin 十分期待第三季,还有太多的疑团没有破解。

Keysii I do hope for a season 3 too.. Well, I hope the manga will have one (even though I don't read it) cuz it'll be possible for a season 3 once the manga decides to make one. Afterall, they're following the manga plot right?

Rain I highly doubt there would be a season 3. J was the instigator for the opening of Pandora's box and he even said that he must now atone for his sins. Nothing more can become of the story. K (Anzai) looks as though she has developed some sort of condition, perhaps from being traumatized from her actions in season 1, and J seems to have learned that Hope will always prevail in the end. It is best left this way I reckon.

sassygirl989 FALCON you're the best, no one can beat you!!! i love you haruma miura-kun! I WANT SEASON 3!!!!!!!!

Steffanie Please let there be a season 3. Does anyone know??

May I want a season 3!!! The way it ended makes it possible. Even though J says he's going to atone for his sins, a new plot can come out of him still being alive with K. Haruma Miura is amazing! I've seen a lot of his works and i can't wait for Kimi ni Todoke! :] MOAR!! The series really got my hooked, now i need to buy the series XD kekeke. Love Haruma Miura, can't get enough.

In case anyone needs to know where to watch it...go to mysoju.

kiyumi i'm not really satisfied to how the season 2 ended... i was expecting more from J and Falcon in this sequel...but i somehow the drama was still great and i truly love the casts, especially fujimaru and j.

stu461rain somehow i can't really find the last episodes... please, can someone tell me how it ends for j? i've really come to like him during these past episodes... he survives, right?

Eri I really really love this series, I even read the manga. It was quite awesome, uh, no I'll removed the "quites" because this drama rule big time. And of course I really love my husband here, Miura Haruma, my boyfriend Sato takeru and my stalker Hiroki Narimaya

Okami I've already watched the whole season 2... and I'm waiting for the 3rd! Kirishima Goro is the cutest one, I'm glad he's not dead... yet

cambagus S2 had an open ending as well. The terrorists siblings didn't get their arses blown up. Hopefully there'll be S3 or a movie to close the story. Yeah, J&K vs Fujimaru&Otoya should be fun tripping.

Ja Will there be bloody monday season 3?.

juice i really hope there's going to be a bloody monday season 3 !

Puri does anyone know who spider is?

dini Love so much this drama,,, i've watched episode 1 and makeme shock and excited... many surprise on this season 2

waiting for another episode,,, ^ ^

keep fighting bloody monday 2!!!

Ai-yamapii Hi! Bloody Monday S are good drama:D

queensemra omggggggg Haruma my baby <3 Your are the best good looking, the coolest and the gratest actor "BOY" ever

Karon i Love Haruma.He's the best. I really love watching him. His ability as an actor developed a lot. I love him as Kazama Ren in Gokusen 3, Hiro Sakurai in Koizora, Satoshi Kirino in 14-sai ni haha, Izumu in Akihabara@DEEP the movie, Ryo Shirishi in Binbo Danshi, Noto in Negative Happy chainsaw edge, Mochizuki Kotaro in Samurai High school and now im really happy that he will be back as the genius hacker fujimaru takagi. i miss falcon. I'm with you haru-kun. Together, Let's SAVE THE EARTH.

coco I've been waiting for this!!! bloody monday is such a cool series and the actors are one of my favourite actors :D yay ^^

Sornim Miura Haruma is my Favourite Actor !! And Bloody Monday is gr8,,,,

Cant W8 ^^ !!!

Emine Can`t wait to watched this new the drama Bloody Monday S2… =)Haruma Miura is a very good actor!

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