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  • Name Ryunosuke Kamiki
  • Japanese: 神木隆之介 (かみき りゅうのすけ)
  • Birthdate: May 19, 1993
  • Birthplace: Fujimi, Saitama Prefecture, Japan
  • Height: 165 cm.
  • Blood Type: B


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kaka wow he acted so well as seta

@VIRAORDI When first I look at you on kyoto inferno, you like Dori Sakurada but I wrong But I love your action..

Kimkim You are one of the only few versatile actors in the world. In fact, je pense, tu es le plus beau a la monde. You made people love even villains. (Who would forget Ninomae and the Tenken?) Surely, a great future awaits you. We love you!

nek019 He was born on May 19, 1993 so he's only 21.

sara he is 21 not 23 by the way :)

Jenai Your such a great actor!!! 〜♡♡♡ I loved Soujiro Seta ever since on the Anime, But you made me loved him more when you played his role on Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno!! \(//∇//)\

Jenai You have become one of my favorite actors! 〜♡ I have loved Soujiro Seta ever since on the Anime, But Kamiki-san make me loved him more!! \(//∇//)\ Kamiki-san your such a great actor!!!

arhipel Keep playing great movie!! Whether you become the main character or the villain, your acting still superb!!!

nororo i watched him in family game. he looks like changmin tvxq

Yume-chan He has a cute face! I can't believe he's 20! He doesn't look like his age! :O I totally ship his pairing with Shida Mirai-san... An actor I would want to cooperate with in the future surrounding my future manga becoming a live-action movie or dorama...

dự án vp6 linh đàm i love seta from manga he is my fan, i hope you same like that i 'm waiting for your movie and skill

SuperShadow96 Ahhhh.......... he is so good in SPEC....... Not bad for a 23 years old guy.....

Reira If you enjoy his more recent work, I suggest you watch his older drama Aikurushii. He is a genius kid actor! Plus the series itself is a rare pearl, full of love and wisdom. Very precious to me!

Other than that, I really love his acting in SPEC, Tantei Gakuen Q and Kogure Shashinkan.

Suju Chingu waw...kamiki-kun birthday same with my brithday,,,but im 1995...hahaha ^^

junpei mizocendol He is the next Tsu-mabuk-i Satoshi

Donna Watched SPEC~First Blood because of you!! And you did not disappoint :( I swear, I wish you could be given wonderful breaks in the future. You're brilliant and talented. Good luck!!

Ichigo love you Kamiki-kun! kawaii sugiru kakkoii sugiru anata wa saikou no hito desu daisuki desu!

at love him in SPEC

junpei mizocendol a real genuine japanese wonderkid, looks like he'll be a big star in the future


) i love your acting, your really talented.

Your also very cute by the way but i bet you get told that alot and i bet your not even gonna get or read this comment :/ all well i can dream at least :)

~ <3 foxchan

Luna i just watched spec-firstblood and i really love your acting ! you are so cutee ... i luv you )))

Unknown ... Kamiki-kun !! You are so handsome,,cool and in the same time cute ^^ I really love your acting !!! Iloveyouuuu <3 x

Hasna OMG!! You're really kawaii.. xD

Kuro RYUUNO ILY <3333

kat Please update: Karigurashi no Arrietty he voiced Sho.

dhitaemin kamiki kamiki love u so much.. ganbatte bro...

Mumtaz a.k.a Mio Well..what can i say... kamiki-kun daisuke dayoo!!ahahaha..ganbatte ne!!

Mew kami-chan I love you ne~.

Sophie You're my favorite Japanese male actor!! your such a skillful actor and charming too. I wish you good luck in the future ^_^

Oraclegirl Kamiki chan! You're so kawaii! Ganbatte ne!

At i love you Kamiki-san!

Mysaki-san kamiki, a lot of people think you're an amazing actor. I envy how much achievements you've received at such a young age. Keep up the good work and strive for the foal! :D

Mika Kamiki-kun u're the best!

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