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  • Drama: The Hours of My Life (English title)
  • Romaji: Boku no Ita Jikan
  • Japanese: 僕のいた時間
  • Director: Hiroki Hayama, Hidenori Joho, Miyako Yasoshima
  • Writer: Atsuko Hashibe
  • Network: Fuji TV
  • Episodes: 11
  • Release Date: January 8 - March 19, 2014
  • Runtime: Wednesdays 22:00
  • TV Ratings: 10.1%
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan


Takuto Sawada (Haruma Miura) is an ordinary university student. One day, he learns that he has ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) and doesn't have much time left to live. Instead of wallowing in despair , Takuto tries to live his life actively.


Boku no Ita Jikan-Haruma Miura.jpg Boku no Ita Jikan-Mikako Tabe.jpg Boku no Ita Jikan-Takumi Saito.jpg Boku no Ita Jikan-Mizuki Yamamoto.jpg Boku no Ita Jikan-Shunsuke Kazama.jpg
Haruma Miura Mikako Tabe Takumi Saito Mizuki Yamamoto Shunsuke Kazama
Takuto Sawada Megumi Hongo Shigeyuki Mukai Hina Murayama Mamoru Mizushima
Boku no Ita Jikan-Mieko Harada.jpg Boku no Ita Jikan-Miyoko Asada.jpg Boku no Ita Jikan-Shuhei Nomura.jpg Boku no Ita Jikan-Mantaro Koichi.jpg Boku no Ita Jikan-Mitsuru Fukikoshi.jpg
Mieko Harada Miyoko Asada Shuhei Nomura Mantaro Koichi Mitsuru Fukikoshi
Sawako Sawada Shoko Hongo Rikuto Sawada Akio Sawada Kazushi Tanimoto

Additional Cast Members:

Episode Ratings

Episode Date Ratings
(Kanto Region)
01 01/08/2014 11.2%
02 01/15/2014 9.4%
03 01/22/2014 9.4%
04 01/29/2014 8.5%
05 02/05/2014 10.4%
06 02/12/2014 9.2%
07 02/19/2014 9.2%
08 02/26/2014 11.0%
09 03/05/2014 11.3%
10 03/12/2014 11.8%
11 03/19/2014 9.1%
Average 10.1%

Source: Video Research, Ltd.


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Tith Sampiseth No word to say just want to say that .

Selena This was the first Japanese Drama that I ever watched, and what a first Japanese Drama it was. I was just curious when I clicked on it, and I'm glad I did. It was emotional and moving and hard to stop watching. The acting done by Haruma Miura is amazing. Because of him and Mikako Tabe, the fact that they're both good actors and so cute together, I started watching an anime that had a live action version made with them as the main characters again. I can't wait to finish the anime and compare and see the two of them acting again.

Jonalyn gonzales After i watch kimi ni todoke i realize that miura and mikako are the best couple so i find another movies that the main characters is miura and mikako. :):):)

This story is so very touch movie the that miura disease was so ....... I like this story because mikako always care miura in this story ....;(;(;(

I hope miura and mikako has more movie like this.......:);):)

miura haruma and mikako tabe both of them are good actress and actor

Dianne I love this drama! Great acting, amazing story, and wonderful story-telling!

Cara I am at a loss of words for this fantastic drama.Its one of the best I have ever watched.

Arerifx This is the best drama I ever watch...The story of the drama is a great example for other directors out there.Mikako Tabe,Haruma Miura and others done a really good job

MeMe Very Good. Very Sad and Heartbreaking.

nora can anyone tell me the names of all the soundtrack in the drama ?? there is a music that is played but i can't find it :( it's an energetic one

L Analu SUPERB. Miura's portrayal of a person's incredible struggles because of the harshness of ALS & Tabe's portrayal of a selfless, compassionate, faithful soul are OUTSTANDING. But this dorama gave even more than EXCELLENT acting. WELL DONE to the writer, director & producers who really "open our eyes" to consider what a person who has a debilitating disease may think, feel, have to decide, battle, suffer & endure, often silently & by himself/herself, time after time about so many changing situations, & we still may never fully know or understand what he/she is experiencing. Takuto's lecture in final episode 11 is an EXCEPTIONAL summary of some most important things to learn in life: (1) Have true, everlasting sensitivity & compassion for the afflicted, elderly, widowed or needy persons. Give help & support by considering, asking & finding out what they may need, be thinking, feeling, suffering & enduring. Whether we are young or old, whether we are companion, family, friend, physician, caregiver, even as citizen, we can always be caring for unfortunate persons. (2) No matter our personal situations, realize there is a purpose in life for everyone & to live it the very best we can. But if we do not know what the purpose of life is, search & find out. When our life is difficult, seek & ask for help to be able to live our purpose in life. (3) Above everything else, our most valuable treasure & wealth in life is our most precious loved ones instead of all the grand, plenty wealth of money, possessions, or positions in life. Ne, mina, I learned so much from this dorama. I hope we all may become sincere, genuine & everlasting in caring for others, especially for the ones who are suffering.

raineal what have you've dome to me? huhu Haruma Miura you are such a great actor, I've been following your shows since I've watched Koizora, which really made me not to sleep the whole night until morning with my swelling eyes, and now watching this, huhuhuhu (still wiping my tears whiel writing this comment) huhuhuhu I LOVE YOU! and i love this drama

txtlinda Just started this jdorama and i am getting hooked. It reminds me of Kimutaku "Beautiful Life". If life throw u lemons, make lemonade. Its not what life makes you but what you make of life.

Adramelech everytime i watch the episode, its makes me cry :') I hope this drama never be forgot and I like when Haruma and Mikako always together like a couple,since i watch Kimi ni Todoke. I wish Asian Wiki always update new drama and movie rolled by Haruma and Mikako or one of them :) ARIGATOUUU!!!

Doyle-chan I watched Haruma-kun's Koizura, and it was really heartbreaking. Now I'm watching Boku no Ita Jikan, well I guess its gonna be another heartbreak for me. :( </3

pokeyoakey Great drama with fine acting by all involved, especially Miura and Tabe. Mikako Tabe has to be one of the finest character actors in Japan today. For her to realize this at so younf an age is amazing. Let's hope she gets the type of parts, like Deka Wanko and Ooku, that she deserves.

Rosie An outstanding drama,, superb acting by Miura-san for portraying such a devastating ailment with respect and dignity! The cast is superb! Thanks to the writers, producers and directors for tackling such difficult and social subject, educating us, engaging us while entertaining us. Miura-san, please continue challenging yourself as you are a superb actor. Congratulations!

Mary Rose What a wonderful drama and what a superb acting by Haruma Miura-san. The supporting cast is wonderful as well but his acting tops it all. Haruma-san brings dignity and respect to a deadly ailment and shows a resolute strength in the way he deals with it! I hope to see more such hard topics depicted in the entertainment industry. My hat off to the writer(s), director and producers for taking on such a project. Thanks for educating us while keeping us interested, engaged and entertained. Haruma-san, I hope you continue taking on such demanding roles and prove again and again what a great actor you are! Congratulations!

Kristen I haven't finished the series... only on the third episode, but I'm already heartbroken. This jdrama is simply amazing...

Cool Just finished watching the last episode glad that the ending is okay. I'm fine as long as it was not a sad ending.

Icilma Excellent drama! I love the entire cast. The acting is awesome. Watching this drama, I was never bored for a minuten and never thought about skipping a scene. I am nervous and excited about the last episode.

dotty Ive watched many dramas but none has made me ball in tears like 僕のいた時間! Sooo many tears, it has such a beautiful soundtrack by Rihwa. The acting is pretty good, my only comment will be in Haruma Miura (Takuto), I would like to know whether there was adequate research in movements for ALS patients. I have somewhat an experience with someone with ALS and occasionally movement/body placement of Miura is somewhat unrealistic/untrue. However, I understand that an actor with working abilities of movement will find it difficult to be of true inability. For that I praise the productions and Miura for the splendid job of a show! I await the final episode (11) and hope it is a happy one! :')

Daiki This drama made me cried a couple of times, I've seen till episode 10 and I can't wait for the final episode which Idk how it'll go but if Haruma Miura die, I'm going to cry. Why does he always die in his drama/movie. Anyway, this drama is beautiful. It will ruin your life.

springmoon The best drama I've ever watched!!! Everything from story to direction to the performances are topnotch!! Unbelievably realistic and true to life. Started watching for Miura Haruma but later got addicted to the drama!! Miura and Tabe compliment each other so well !! And Miura Haruma! What a talented actor!! He has given his best ever performance !! Arigatou!!

rena MASTERPIECE!!!!! Excellent work from the writter,director,screnewritter,...........,actors,actreces!!! A must seen drama for everyone. ARIGATOU GOZAIMASOU!!!!!

pokeyoakey Once again, Mikako Tabe is outstanding. She needs her own lead role in a series again. Her and Miura work wonderfully together. As for episode 9...How on earth can Shigeyuki get away with what he did?

Maricon The best drama ever!!!! Very inspiring and the actors are all great especially, Haruma Miura.

Tanya Torkhani I really feel sad for this young man he finally found someone to love him for him, a job that he really can make a difference helping people, when he gets this horrible illness that is breaking down his body, he has to lose everything because of this, I hope he finds happiness in the end!

Namui I love Miura Haruma, he's a great actor. While this story is sad I really appreciate that he's the main character, I want to be in the medical field and I have gathered inspiration to research more about this disease and hope for my future. The story shows that nobody has it easy in life, not even people who seem like they do. Thank you for making this drama and for Miura Haruma for portraying the main character flawlessly. ♥ (PS. I hate his parents, they have TWO sons not ONE if they didn't want two and weren't going to pay any attention to him or support him what for did they F-ing have sx. I hate parents like them. Every child needs support and they should be glad that Takuto is a great son and even though he has ALS he still work his hardest and enjoys life! My message: Fxxx You!

Mah feels whyyyyyy~~??? ToT... episode should've been out already, isn't it?? It already saturday!! *snif* I want to seee itttt *sob*

Min The fourth episode, I really can't stop crying! I also don't know how I feel about that senpai

1004 Ep 3 was so sad... I actually cried... :'(

Teshni At the beginning of this drama, it was seemingly depressing… but as it was progressing to the second episode, i was really interested in watching the rest of it. BUT, I KNOW for sure that, by the end of the drama, i will be in DEEP tears

raffy At the beggining I didn't want to watch this drama because the topic is soo sad but then I started it anyway and now i can't wait till the next episode. It's really a good drama till now! Go and check it out if you didn't. ^^

unfeeling how many times I think mostly Japanese drama indeed very inspiring... This drama also very humanity inspire. Really, I think...are there this story really happen in japanese hearts ?? ... not degrading the Japanese ... only think the real thing...

unfeeling really sad drama.. like "have fall, then struck down by ladder"... TT

disty what? haruma-kun doesn't have much time left to live in this drama?? it will be sad...

della aaaahhh... when the next episode with English subtitle available?? cant wait to see. even i watched again and again Kimi Ni Todoke because of them!! well............... ILL BE WAITING!!!! *patient* *patient*.

mairu_chan arghhhh... I want to watch it so bad!! I can't wait any more >.<!!

nana-chan I already watched eps1, and it's good! Actually kind of see Sawako and Kazehaya (kimi ni todoke, Miura and Tabe already co-starred b4) in more ordinary version. But I like their chemistry. Even Tabe's older than Miura, they can make good couple, I think.

I'll keep watching this series until the end, no matter if the ending will be sad :P

SwaggyDude Omg finally omg! Haruma and Mikako are in another thing together Aha! I love them!! I can't wait to watch this drama <333

therealmaan Haruma-kun and Mikako-chan look good together! Im sooooo happy they are back on screen. Another sad story for Haruma-kun but still, I am excited to watch all the episodes. 1 down. :)

micha omg! my japanese crush

nabi Haruma my all time Japanese bias (along with his bestie takeru).... but can anyone tell me how many ep of this? thank you this year i definitely follow this one and Jun's heartbroken chocolatier

Yaj 4 days to go!!! too excited ! Yay ~

veronica Gosh.. Im a 101% fan of haruma hes so cute! I love him especially in love&drama movie he's so cool in Last Cinderella can't wait for 2014!! reading the plot above gives me more excitement! Love u haruma! Kawaii :))

Kristine Honestly , I'm atcually craving more for kimi ni todoke because. I really want more so I almost jump out of the window when I found out that they're having a new drama again the feels~ after 3 years they met again <3

Kristine I'm so excited about this I can't way to see them reunited again. Oh my gosh SawakoXKazehaya feels~ <3

Acacia Wow~ I can't wait to watch this! 2 months seem like an eternity !!! Though ouch, it sounds like it's going to be a really sad drama T^T

Monica Manurung (@monicateree) finally they meet again.. waawwwww :* :D :) {} sooo exicted

mhickai Finally!!! hooooo. I can't wait to watch his new drama. La la la ~ I love you Haruma-kun. J-dorama is the best!

green2 i've been waiting so long for this :)

KazeKuro FINALLY~ I have been waiting for this! Alas, only few months to wait. :3

WaWa OMGGG They reunite :*:*:* I'm fangirlling right now ASDFGHJKL <3 <3

Mischa89 Awww Kimi ni Todoke cute couple. Finally, they reunite again ! Can't wait !

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