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  • Movie: Sky of Love
  • Romaji: Koizora
  • Japanese: 恋空
  • Director: Natsuki Imai
  • Writer: Teruyo Nogami, Mika
  • Producer: Masayuki Morikawa, Jun Nasuda, Kazuya Hamana
  • Cinematographer: Hideo Yamamoto
  • Release Date: November 30, 2007
  • Runtime: 129 min.
  • Genre: Romance
  • Production Company: TBS, Toho
  • Distributor: Toho
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan


High school student Mika (Yui Aragaki) has yet to encounter true love. One day, she runs meets Hiro (Haruma Miura), a rebellious young man with white hair, during class break, but is of put off by his unusual demeanor. Mika then loses her cellphone only to find it again with all her contacts deleted. Then a mysterious person calls her daily, leaving memorable remarks for her. Mika becomes interested in this mysterious person. Finally, the person on the other end of the phone asks to meet Mika in person.

The next day, Mika is shocked to learn the person calling her is Hiro. They soon become a couple despite their differences. Mika then becomes the target of a horrific act, when Hiro's ex-girlfriend hires three guys to rape Mika. The tragedy serves to only strengthen Mika and Hiro's relationship. A few months later, Mika becomes pregnant with Hiro's baby and the couple ask their parents to accept their marriage. Tragedy again strikes when Mika has a miscarriage.

The next semester, Hiro, inexplicably, gives the cold shoulder to Mika. Mika even finds Hiro kissing another girl at a house party which she only learned about through a third party. When Mika confronts Hiro about his recent behavior, Hiro tells her that he wants to break up. Mika, completely devastated, shuts herself off from others until she meets sweet natured Yu Fukuhara (Keisuke Koide). Mika slowly opens up to Yu as they become closer. Mika then uncovers a shocking secret about her first boyfriend Hiro.


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Sky Of Love-Yui Aragaki1.jpg Sky Of Love-Haruma Miura.jpg Keisuke Koide-sol.jpg Karina-sol.jpg Asami Yusada-sol.jpg
Yui Aragaki Haruma Miura Keisuke Koide Karina Asami Usuda
Mika Tahara Hiro Sakurai Yu Fukuhara Minako Saki
Aoi Nakamura-sol.jpg Haru-sol.jpg Ryuji Yamamoto-sol.jpg Yumi Asou-sol.jpg George Takahashi-sol.jpg
Aoi Nakamura Haru Ryuji Yamamoto Yumi Asou George Takahashi
Nozomu Aya Hirokazu Sakurai Akemi Sakurai Katsuji Tahara
Yuko Asano-sol.jpg
Yuko Asano
Yasue Tahara

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james wh do all Japanese romance movies end in a tragedy

mark anthony claveria it make's me cry :')

 i love the story !! good jobs guys :)

Ignant This was the the trashiest movie I've ever attempted to see. I understand that the sex was important to the author but it destroys any continuity of the movie. No one with a functional mind wants to see softcore, child pornography. This movie is trash than the trashiest Hollywood movie.

maryyayay i cant help myself but cry., after 4 yrs . i watch it again and my eyes got swollen again..

Pauu it made me cryyy :((

glydel ..i dont like sad story but i still want to watch it!!!..this movie made me cry so much..!! :-(

hina suhail This movie has novel type book and in the end it is said that A month after Hiro's death, Mika discovers that she is pregnant by Hiro with another baby girl, and feels a sense of closure knowing that Hiro has left a new life behind for her. She is later on seen placing a pair of blue mittens for Hiro next to the smaller, pink ones that were meant for her baby and praying for both their happiness. (BUT THIS PART IS NOT SHOWN IN THE MOVIE )

Mili baruah I love this drama but why are the cast members so boring .I think that the plot is not too good to watch with family members.

Jill Mushahary This is my first japanese movie but have never cried so much in my life......mika and hiro really made me feel the love for each other .....I cried it like any thing wen hiro died. I watched this movie in the sub titles .....I thank all the people who made such a lovely movie.....thank you very much..... mika performance just too outstanding....she is too cute .... hero is the sky now.. he can watch over on mika above.... like a stalker hahaha..... Thanks for making such a movie...

Clarkdale44 Man o Man, my head went insane after finished watching it... Probably the most depressing drama i have ever watched... Aki Fukada's act was mind blowing.. I could feel her pain and suffering. Anyway it was a great romance show ever... <<<<<<>>>>>> I had no idea that this drama has sad ending, otherwise i would never have watched. I feel like i made a mistake, now i won't be able to sleep at nights for a while thinking about it. For some people the ending might not look sad as Tahara got remarried and have a daughter in the end. But still i think it was sad because of what happened to Hiro. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Vea Angelica Delos Angeles I really love this movie..It really t0uch my heart that make's me l0ve all the character's..Especially Mika and Hiro..Ive watched it s0 many time's and cried s0 many ntime's..Their acting was g0od..I will never f0rget them..I l0ve u all Koizora characters =)

snsd ohh!this story got to me..i really like it..hiro and mika 4ever... i cried alot in this story..huhu..this the best romantic story ever!

Zombie movie was good,but the 1st half was disappointing, i mean how ofter u have sex in school library? 2ndly story like this doesn't need any sex scenes so often, as it kills the story. Biggest loop hole in the story was girl met guys family (father,mother,and sister) but when these guys broke up she tried to ask him but he never answered, right? can't she go and ask his sister, or his father or his mother (as she gave her gift too)???? but she didn't went,instead of that she kept looking pictures, writing on boards but never tried to find out, i mean its harsh but u can't give up relationships like this, you have to fight what belongs to you and do what ever it takes! and guy thought she will come and kept waiting! :( actually the waiting for his love killed the guys will to live, and when she gets back He wants to live again! Anyhow good movie, must watch! IF U GUYS WANNA SEE, JUST WATCH "DOLLS" 3 LOVE STORIES,6 LIFE'S,1 TRUE LOVE AND IN THAT MOVIE AT LEAST NO ONE EVER GIVE UP! TILL DEATH DO US APART.THIS WILL MOVE YOU FROM CORE OF YOUR HEART ALL REAL LIFE 3 LOVE STORIES, MAKE YOUR EYES MELT 100%, CHEERS HAVE FUN

Gift I can't stop myself from watching this movie over and over again. Every time I watched this, my eyes are always wet, wet of tears.. First Japanese movie that really touch my heart.. Congratulations to the casts.

Is This movie, opened my mind to japanese dramas! Dayum, I can't stop rewatching and crying my self to I almost dry up..

Sv Ames i like it..well itz one of the best lov story...i'd like to create such stories once for my life....i control alot nt to cry though.....Cindy..i would wipe ua tears.....

Svi~Ames 4eva% :-

Dean the bad parts of this movie are there are a sex, this just too odd if in romantic movie have a story like this, even in highschool. and the ending would be best if Mika back with Yu at the ending, i don't know why, the story after Mika knew the truth about Hiro, it really lack of something

Hiro on the first place I think it was a nice movie, yeah 'nice' is enough to give to this movie. Well, the story is not a new thing, you can find the almost same storyline with Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu, an handsome illness guy and his girlfriend till then die, well i cried when watching it, but not with Koizora, I don't mean to compare it. Though it's has a good ending and the acting was really good (i'm fans of gakky), but the first part didn't really impress me. You know i really admire Japanese romantic movie, for the lack of sex and pregnancy part, but this movie show all of them. I can't say that i hate them, but i also can't say that i like them, but we all have our own opinion, and for me it's a bit dissapointing, but i really apreciate it of course, i'm sorry if it's harsh

roshni i m crying in d middle of night bcz of dis movie..... Really damn romantic n cute....i will b alwyz in my heart..... I hope i cn find sum1 lyk hiro.....:*

viave i am crying in middle of night because of this movie :D sob :(

Hime I've been watching this drama repeatedly since 2 years ago but I still can't get enough! I really love this drama 100% much and Haruma and Gakky really look good with each other. I hope they'll make a collab again in a jdrama too in the near future. I hope they'll end up in real life!!

kania ratna Love Koizora FOREVER!!!!!!

Joanna#k Well, this movie was good :)

It leaves me a lesson and I was attracted with Hiro :)))))

he's Cute. Their acting satisfied me, they made me cry :D

Mitu i like this is a great story...

lorelie millares oh ehm giee!!! im a filipina here and i super like it!!!! i already watch it several times but it doesn't change anything it always makes me cry everytime im watching it, this movie was marvelous, it's fascinating and it really capture my heart..

rainfairy this was my first japanise movie although i prefer koreans but i loved it i cried my eyes out watching it

Thy Adha The movie makes me cry heart out

mitzi last day . we went to my friend's house . we watch together sky of love . i so much love this movie . this is my favorite movie now . we always talk about it . until now .... and during our watch we cried a lot . huhuhu . and we couldnt stop it .. we cried so hard . . i really cant forget this movie .. even it has a sad ending . it makes me cry in front of people . and its the first time :(((( it will be always in my heart .. hu huhuu . even im a pilipina . i so much love this movie .. and makes me interested in japanese movie ...

rupam i haven't cried like i cried after seeing this movie in my entirw lifetime.....its really heart touching and heavens this movie

Joe-Chan Not the best jdrama. I dont like the acting of the actors. It's less convincing....

Phantom hiroki plays a very interesting role. :) i remember my old friend, Russel, he is so interesting like Hiro. I hope i can find someone like him. :) nyaaa! XD.

Mika KOIZORA is an amazing movie. me and my friends cried a lot. :) it is a job well done.. I hope i can make a story like this one :)

Blessel This movie is so great!!! It makes me cry that i felt like it was truly happened to me....... Shocks! I super love it !!

Aruna Boro i think i hvnt cried do much in my 1st brk-up, d way i cried wtchng dis mvi... <3 :*

haje me and my friends really cry for mica ..grrrrrrr...its stupid but enjoy

haje i love this movie ..its really amazing...

yukirin I just watched this movie yesterday and instantly fell in love with this movie. Actually this is the touching film. Its very sad because mika should be losing her love, hiro. but she's really strong girl. They should be a couple who happily FOREVER. Thousands thumb for this movie. kawaaaaiiii !!!!!!!

Blue I really want to know more of the author this a true story?according to my research , it's based on her life it true??..ppleeaassee!! I want to knoowww TT__TT

Widichan I'm so hooked up to this movie. Love it a lot! A must watch movie! I'm wondering, why Haruma colored his hair? and why the color must that bright-_- I'm so happy when he blacks his hair again, but then he lights it again-_____- Overall, it is really good movie. My rate 9/10 Good luck my boo Haruma♥

at this movie was truly touching and beautiful

at this movie was really touching and beautiful

Rtshe i ll watch it

Rtshe i hvent watched it but i gonna watch it nw i m sure 4 dat bie readin avove comment i want to see it

yesung I watched this movie on APRIL 5,'s just like the other common movies that i had watched but the difference of this movie from the others is, 'sky of love' really touches your heart... and that's because, all of the cast had portrayed their character very well..... I was completely in awe of all the cast, especially Hiro and Mika....... THUMBS UP..... :)

naruto it was a very touching movie... i suggest to the director to have an another season of this movie.... the reincarnation/reborn of hiro.... that will be very interesting, isn't it?

czarina i watched it since last last year if i’m not mistaken,i saved it in my flash drive but it got virused when i shared it to my classmate’s pc.. but still i find ways to saved it again in my flash drive.. i liked it very much.. the actors are great…i just fortunately found this page..yasashii haiyuu to joyuu…Ii eiga

czarina i watched it since last last year if i'm not mistaken,i saved it in my flash drive but it got virused when i shared it to my classmate's pc.. but still i find ways to saved it again in my flash drive.. i liked it very much.. the actors are great...i just fortunately found this page..yasashii haiyuu to joyuu...Ii eiga :)

mae this one of the best movies ive ever watched.. its very touching and i dont now what more can i say, good job for the storyline and it touches our hearts, i cannot even stop crying at this moment... the actors and actresses really did a great job i want to crave for more even though i my hearts feels so crumple because i was so affected i still wants to look after more good movies.

good job(*^_^*)arigato gozaimasu

사랑의 천사 나는이 이야기를 좋아하는 것 같아.

cp soo love the movie very much, i cried a lot and my boardmates keep on laughing at me coz of what had happened in my eyes after crying... hiro, soon i can find a man like you... :) but of course he'll not die...

maneki hobbang out of all the first-love-facing-difficulties movies, this is one of the few that tugs at my heart every time i think of it.

swostika sky of love is amazing is a haert touching story that we want to see. i think all people should see this flim you will surely like this.

sorliza malto hero can we be friends plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..!!!? :)

when i go to japan hope to see u soon..!!

you look so handsome,cute,and a good actor..:P

sorliza malto a wonderful story..!!!!!!!! but hope the leading man hero wr not get died bcouse its make my heart break, and i thought im mika which is also suffer wth him.. very like story hope hav a big break and give a part2 skylove...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for the movie i felt inlove inspire and cry wth it... love it;) all my co workers also felt it too..they love watching too..

rainy nak pinjam movie

Demy I'm in love with this movie! It's one of the best movies ever. Koizora forever <3

kat so much like!!!!!!!!!!

kat it was a nice romantic movie...... it showed an everlasting love.... nice.... :)

Sakura Loved this movie and the male & female lead casting <3

Acira I Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllyyyyyyyyy super Loveeeeeee this Movie. . . I watched it a 1oo times. haha thumbs up

haeL i super love this movie...super duper like!! :) i cried... so sweet... the guy was one in a million... is there a guy exist like hiro?... aizt...

love it!

witchiee i really really love the story,, in fact it is one of my favorite movie.. i don't care what would people say that it is crap, boring, unbelievable, etc. but it have sense in a way how it touched others including me.. i watch i over and over and did not get tired of watching it.. i also love the characters especially MIKA and HIRo.. hiro is so very cute and mika as well.. their tandem is very cute.. i hope they will make another movie together and this time it will not make us cry instead make us happy and inspired, and no one will die at the end of the story.. i want a happy ending love story for them.. there's a chemistry between of them.. ♥♥♥ i love mika and hiro..

Chrissy I'm INLOVE with this movie ♥ I watched the movie and the series, and I wouldnt mind watching it over and over. Its not a good movie, but an AMAZING one ♥

aya haruma was a very strong,handsome japanese boy.he is a very good actor.he is funny sute strong handsome.this movie makes me strong with loving someone.i love haruma miura.i want to see him in personal.hehe

shone i love it.............♥♥♥it made me cry...... i dont expect it that ki will cry but this story is so touching.......... the girl love the boy even if they separate............... how sweet?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥<3♥♥♥

baboo hmm, very pretty actors and cinematography, but the storyline was crap. maybe it was the author of the novel's fault, who knows. I thought it was so fast-paced everything that happened came off as absurd and ridiculous. I got bored midway and stopped watching.

Yui This is one tear jerking movie!! I thought it was just another stereotypical japanese movie, but it made me cry my eyes out!! Rating: 8/10 :)

Himawari I love this movie, one of my favorit

Untouching. rating: 3/10

Seriously? What was so good about it? The love didn't convince me at all. At the beginning, they're just desperate teenagers. I couldn't bring myself to finish the movie. It's just so....boring.

You ppl who say that this story is touching, you guys haven't seen deeper real stuff. And for those who say that it's related to them: you guys life are not that sad.

rhea alfanta Da?!?!simple!it's a very nyc and touching story...but sad to say,,I hate the ending!why do Hiro died???but over all,,,u really made me cry....:,(if im gonna rate u,,it will be 99.9%/100%!!!!!

YmiNgo I watched this 3 times and I still cried all 3 times T^T best movie ever

Ruatfela Maki looks so cute....... i like the was touching.

aini trah OMG.!!! this movie is so touching...and it make me cry...and i love this movie sOooooooooo..........MUCH.

patrick petran very very beautiful..........^_^ she is very very cute n hiro is nice hair

Cathrina ;) BEST MOVIE EVER! <3

clang i really like the movie its very unique

tk3 im deeply inlove with this drama! i cried, i laugh; and i smile! haha :)

meil i am his avid fan...^_^ go hiro!!!!!!

donline whattaaaa!!!!!!!!sad but lovable story!!!!!it's one of my unfor

mei damn. this movie was so amazing!!! I LOVE IT!!

Carlos OMG LOVED this movie. It was awesome, somewhat predictable but still awesome acting delivery and the plot was awesome, especially the beginning plot :)

Meiri This movie was quite nice. I loved it! <3 Such a touching and lovely story with great actors. Yui and Miura fit the roles perfectly.

It was actually pretty shocking to find out how much this movie was so much like my life, in a way. But of course, there were a lot of differences but I was just surprised. (O . O) Mika is a lot like me, so i can relate to her.

Great movie! Worth a watch, definitely. I don't know why some of you don't like it, really. Because it's a really well-done movie. But all of you have different opinions, so that's good to know. :)


Ntsebo Haruma-Kun!!!!! This Movie Is One Of The Best I've Ever Seen. It Made Me Cry Sooo Much! It Was Lovely To See Haruma-kun in his Pure Element Beautiful Acting!!!!

paula it is a great story !!! It is the first drama that makes my eyes cry a lot !!! it has a touching story and a great love story !!! the cast of this movie is so good !!! Especially Miura Haruma !!!

aniSzy miura haruma so kawaii!!!!!!!!!!!! i love him 4ever!!!!!!!!!!! yui aragaki cute too!!!!!!!!! this movie i dedicated to my sister mien!!!!!!!!! she likes this movie n yui aragaki!!!!!! don't angry mien!!!!!!! mien likes haruma -san actually!!!!!

Misa i watched this because of Haruma Miura. and he's really a great actor; he's got many different roles.. he's never been the comic character, but he's been in a variety like 14 sai no Haha, Bloody Monday, Binbo Danshi, and Gokusen 3, etc. i dont know much about Yui Aragaki, but she's pretty good at acting too from her previous discography. as for this story, i kept forgetting that it was a movie because it was moving fast. and i normally do not like sad stories. so i was thinking to myself "if i were to watch the drama, i'd probably hate that i was consumed in a longer 'sad love story'". so i was pretty glad that it was moving along quickly. it was sad. and i cant believe a guy like that could ever exist.. he seemed so mature, and gentle, but his image and past of having an ex was weird.. like, how'd he and his ex breakup? how did this charming guy really not love his ex? it was just weird.. and he sees Mika and gives her a try and "fate" matched their personalities together? haha, it was cute but impossible.. anyways, why does it say two different actors played Nozomu? was it a different guy when it showed them as university students? o.o?

reyna who say's it was not a touching movie? duhh? its really great .. i really love it .. it burst me in tears!!!!

Yen I love this movie so much..still like the dramas story better but the actors of these are cuter except for mika (yui). If the actors of the movie would have played the drama (+ mika from the drama)it would have been perfect...

Ki Warning: If you are averse to ultra-sweet love stories, “Sky of Love” may be hazardous to your health (think uncontrollable laughter all the way to the urge of upchucking your lunch). The film is based on a super popular mobile phone story that had a reported audience of 11 million Japanese readers. If true, I can just imagine all the packed Tokyo subway trains filled with commuters crying into their mobile phones while reading Koizora. Scary thought indeed.

In “Sky of Love” high schooler Mika has yet to encounter true love. She runs into Hiro, a rebel with white hair, during class break but is of put off by his unusual demeanor. Mika then loses her cellphone only to find it again with all her contacts deleted. Then a mysterious person calls her daily, serenading her with his witty observations. This does the trick and Mika is floored by this mysterious person. Finally, the person on the other end of the phone asks to meet Mika in person.

The next day Mika is shocked to learn the guy calling her daily is the punkish white hair kid she ran into earlier. Yet, it doesn’t take long before they become a couple and more. Tragedy soon strikes when Mika is raped by three guys, hired by Hiro’s ex girlfriend. This tragedy only strengthens Mika & Hiro’s bond and makes their relationship that much stronger. Then a few months later, Mika becomes pregnant with Hiro’s child. The teenage couple decides to have the baby and ask their parents to accept their marriage. But, things turn for the worse again when Mika has a miscarriage.

The next semester, Hiro inexplicably gives the cold shoulder to Mika. Mika even finds Hiro kissing another girl at a house party. When Mika confronts Hiro about his recent behavior, Hiro tells her that he wants to break up. The devastated Mika then wallows in isolated pity until she comes across nice guy Yu Fukuhara. Mika slowly opens up to Yu as they become closer. Before there relationship has a chance to develop further, Mika uncovers a startling secret about her first boyfriend Hiro.

“Sky of Love” starts out better than expected. Topics like rape and pregnancy are not what you normally expect in a saccharin sweet jun’ai pic, which works in the movie’s favor. But, with the episodic nature of the original cell phone novel, the movie then quickly devolves into choppy chapter like segments riddled with every single cliche from its genre.

By the time the big secret is revealed towards the end of the film, most viewers will likely find that they just don’t care. During one particularly excruciating scene, I could only guess that there was a laundry bag of stinky socks placed under the hospital bed to make those parents produce such classic expressions of grief.

The film does feature two likable leads; Yui Aragaki and Haruma Miura. Yui Aragaki having impressed this reviewer in “Tokyo Serendipity,” does what she can to make the script passable for non-diabetics. Haruma Miura, burdened with a ludicrous blond mane and way too much makeup, still gives enough of a performance to make teen girl’s heart flutter in glee. Visually, the film has the look of a daytime drama rather than a feature length film. This is likely due to director Natsuki Imai, having previously directed many popular Japanese television dramas like “Midnight Sun” and “Orange Days.”

For this reviewer at least, the end credits just couldn’t come soon enough. The film feels a lot longer than its runtime and literally moves in slow motion during its lengthy middle portion. What starts out as a promising “All About Lilly Chou-Chou” like film, degenerates quickly into a heap of ultra-sweet sentimental crud. If your craving a genuinely touching jun’ai pic you have a lot to choose from. Recent films like “Heavenly Forest,” “Tokyo Serendipity,” and “Rainbow Song” are all worthwhile and infinitely more enjoyable than “Sky of Love.” Now, excuse me while I go barf.

hana honestly i agree. this movie kinda sucked for me. i had really high expectations and i wouldn't compare it to lily chou chou. that movie had way better acting and more soul to it and the stories are nothing alike other than the rape part which is done more depressing in Lily. anyways my friend and i made fun of this movie for 2 weeks so at least i got a good laugh.

tnutz i personally think yui should at least shed some tears in those potential touching scenes.. i dunno wat actually happened in real life.. but cancer for a teenager? it'll take at least 20 years to develop tumor and turn into malignancy.. unless it's leukemia.. (scratch scratch my head..) anyhow i think it's an above average movie. good music. good story. decent acting. 4.3/5.0

zyha this movie was fantastic.i cry over it.the cast played it very well. although it is just a movie n sometimes it doesnt makes sense but it really teach u a lesson if u really in to it. love is priceless.i learn to be devoted to someone i love bcause life was too short.

btw,well done! i would rate 9/10 i actually prefer hiro to live but that doesnt make a sad story, isnt it i love this movie  ;DD

Leara This movie was amazing. It was very touching and had a very nice plot too it. I highly reccomend this movie too anybody who loves romance movies. 10/10

Jo It's a dumb movie.. sorry. Hahah. My friend said it would be good, and all.. but it was boring, rly. And doesn't rly make sense. Very draggy.

lil gun Crap to the max... there's no "power of love" that can help u find a missing person... and how can u even have sex in the library? won't anyone see that?? ;)

RamenLover For what its worth I thought this movie was utter crap. "Sky of Love" is basically Shunji Iwai's "All About Lily Chou-Chou" redone in a slick package but without any of the heart. I wanted to puke multiple times throughout this one.

era she's cute he's cuter

som i just watched this and i can say its the most amazing touching movie i have ever watched i really like it left me crying my eyes out i love it :( 10/10!!

cAth the movie is amazing,it so touching .i've cried many times my gosh i did'nt imagine that theirs a movie like that. i love it so much♥♥♥

Mikan The phone miki is using in the movie, where can I get it in singapore? Which brand?

Teddy The movie was fantastic... I love the story line it was good... It was so sad and make me cry... I wish the ending Mika and Hiro can be together until the end of thier life n they got child together... Why Hiro must die....

vdudettev do you know where we could get the book??? i really want to read the book...

Lee It is a nice movie.. I can say that I can relate to it and understand it well. Even though it'a quite predictable, it still makes you crave for more. The actors have good chemistry and did really well, especially the leads. All the stuff that may seem a bit exaggerated to happen in real life, but it's all quite possible. And to the author of the novel, I commend her. It left an imprint inside me that very few movies have and I am extremely impressed.

Rei The movie is amazing, it is really a sad but touching story. Some may think that the story line is like any other or "cheesy" but really, even if you thought that, once you started watching it, you would've already started to sniffle a little bit. The characters in the movie really amazed me as well because all of the cast had portrayed their character well especially Muira Haruma. Over all rating : 4.9/5 !!!

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Orange Marmalade *KBS2 drama
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Make A Woman Cry *MBC drama
Kiyamachi Daruma
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Planck Constant
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Hwajung *teaser3
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The Chronicles of Evil
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Let's Eat 2 *character teasers
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The Treacherous *teaser
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Love Clinic
Amw-South Korea-flag.jpg
Fall in Love with Soon-Jung *ep.1

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