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  • Name: Cha Seung-Won
  • Hangul: 차승원
  • Birthdate: June 7, 1970
  • Birthplace: Anyang, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea
  • Height: 188cm
  • Blood Type:


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Paulene One of the praised and best actors... He's so hot and a vetaran in acting. Love him, love all the YG artists. By the way, he has that oozing charisma you will never forget when you hear his name being mentioned.

Paulene One of the praised and best actors... He's so hot and a vetaran in acting. Love him, love all the YG artists.

ayooosh one of the best K-actors ... gentle and handsome with brilliant acting skills :)

KSH I can not believe he will be 45 years old this year! koreans dont age, it's incredible! @kinggofing definitely yes! he is charismatic ;)

gena He's a good and versatile actor. I really enjoyed watching him in TGL. Keep it up!!

kalsoom i like his acting ..he has a great ability to do different roles.... lovely acting indeed and a kind of charismatic personality....

Yolanda He is such a stunning talented actor.

rebina it's amazing that he can switch from comedy to action xD first saw him in man on high heels ... from then on i watched TGL and some of his famous movies ... and now watching ghost house he is damn funny !!

shin u are my favorite character in you're all surrounded

kinggofing Am i the only one who can see him acting as a Korean Iron man?

Chae Damn he's a fine actor and extremely handsome. Loved his performance in Greatest Love. Will be checking out of his work. I'm addicted.

Ellen This man is such a great person despite some of his villain roles. He does everything to protect his family. Even if his family are the one in the wrong. Such a genuine person and an incredible actor. I have the utmost respect for him.

kachy Cha Seung Won, you are great, i like your acting in Athena, also your hot temper in this drama BODYGUARD made you to be sexy, you're a good actor

eghonghon First time I will enjoy watching a guy kissing in Korean drama you are a wonderful actor really . really had fun watching this Drama. Didn't know I would laugh so much. After seeing him in Antenna. Great job guy.

Arun vimal I Love chu seung-won . You are greatest actor.When you born in india, you are only one super star in india

mozah i love him!!!!! he's so handsome for a 40 year old man !!

PRIYADHARSINI.R hai hero i am from india (tamilnadu) you r the best you always rocking.i really like your acting, comedy,expression and words to say ......especially my mom like your greastest love series......

saranya hi my dear cha seung won, i m from india, state Tamilnadu. I love u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. Recently i saw ur series The Greatest love. Your acting was sooooooo impressed me. I love ur way of speech, and Attitude, and ur cute and handsome smile. No chance. i Miss u. I pray to god for ur all success and happiness will come ever.

Aksshaya Dear sir ,

             I am from india. Recently  i saw your  THE GREATEST LOVE series. I love that very much.  And your perfomence was extrodinary and out standing and i tried to collect informations about you . YOU ARE MY GREATEST HERO WHO I WILL NEVER EVER FORGOT IN MY LIFE. 
                Sir if i know that you will receive this comment or heared by any one i will be proud and glad that my hero received my comment it was a greatest plessure to me.
                  And wish you all the best keep successing in your lIfe. 
                   GOD WILL EVER BLESS YOU FOR MY KIND REQUEST .sir i will really miss you.............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                   THANKING YOU SIR 

                                                                                             with love 
                                                                                          your big fan AKSSHAYA

pavi hi sir i am your great fan i like your acting so much and u look very handsome

Czarina All the way City Hall! I can re-watch the drama any day. Even learnt some philosophies on politics while watching this drama. Culture and language is no barrier when the portrayal of emotion is great! :D

ananthi. Hi sir how R U I'm in India still i like ur acting so much ur just amazing in the drama the greatest love i became a very big fan of urs.

Julie interesting character you have got

Jam.T I believe I cant ask for more from this man. Gorgeous with a perfect body. I watched TGL many times and yet do not get enough of his arrogance. Moving on to YAAS now, I am witnessing his superb acting skills once again. I want to see you more, CSW. I hope you will promote YAAS and have a fan meeting around my region. I want to hug you ( and more ; p hopefully).

Raine You are oozing with sex appeal! I like everything about you oppa! Hoping to see more of you.saranghae:*

Malfoy OMG, you already 44 years old, but still look handsome >.< Saranghae ajjuhssi! <3

odette You made me

ChaCha you are so amazing, you are so handsome oppa

ChaCha your so handsome my god, i love you so much, oppa

KidDo that's just amazing , he starts acting before i born!!!!!

sweta u just blew it in GREATEST LOVE..!! u were just damn good.. loved ur acting.. <3 n u too..

Mhonic Cruz Panuringan Hello! i like ur last tv series greatest love please make ur tv show again

Lenore Can't wait to see more shows with this actor. Its been slow work and lots of K drama stories but I finally got my co-worker to watch Greatest Love and shes on episode 6 and completely addicted. This amuses me completely because she went from "Please don't tell me any more!" to "omg, Dokko Jin! How cute is he! How fun this show is!" Im busy patting myself on the back. yesss. my work is done.

Prisces I don't care what genre he acts in - rom-com, action, comedy, horror, melo just as long as he stars in any movie/drama. It's been ages since The Greatest Love. It's a TORTURE for Cha Seung-won fans like me to wait that long. Desperately waiting for High Heels and You're All Surrounded.

Prisces I don't care what genre he stars in - action, rom-com, comedy, horror, melo, etc but just star in any drama/movie... It's been ages since The Greatest Love... It's a torture for CSW fans like me to wait that long!! Desperately waiting for High Heels and You're All Surrounded!!

Mfae I like him a lot :)

nono pleeeeease make comedy romance drama with lee si young You're good in comedy and she's perfect in comedy i think You'll look super on the screen together just think about it will you :)

priscilla Banahene oppa ive watched city hall n greatest love n i know u r a great actor n a comedian. hop to see u soon in another hit drama . i reali enjoyed watchin ur drama. seung oppa saranghae!!!!

shahla I really enjoyed "the greatest love" and "city hall". I will watch your other movies, Cha Seung Won.May i know your personal facebook account.

DC74 I knew you just now after watched The Greatest Love drama then after that I watched City Hall..I suddenly fell in love.. You are really great actor.. The best Korean Actor.. I really love to see your handsome face, great body, sexy voice and great in acting.. wow you are such complete actor.. You are also best kisser.. Make my heart dugeun dugeun.. Actor with great passion.. Hope to see you soon in Romantic comedy drama again like TGL and City Hall..and as a Lead or Main Actor.. Jebal...The Hottest Actor... Daebak.. Oppa, Saranghae...

paria late to know you but.......LIKE YOU..... A LOT. i wish i see your new comedy drama so soon. im from iran, May i know your personal facebook account. im your big fan. <3 <3<3

S.K. Epperson Your comedic timing in The Greatest Love was perfect, making me laugh again and again. Lots of fun to watch you. You have another fan here in the U.S. :)

Amy Robinson I really enjoyed "the greatest love". I will watch your other movies.

Laika are an amazing, outstanding, attractive Actor! Stay well and may our Lord be with you always to guard and guide daughter muffin says hello to dingdong..more projects..fighting!

Wulan Love seung won oppa.^^!!!really like his eyes... Ahhhhhh.. Melting. really Great actor. Always support u.~^

SSJ I LOVE U, Cha Seung Won :^)

Meredith Nguyen You are such an excellent actor! I was so amazed by each of the character you played. Please stay well and be certain that another drama with you as a lead will highly be welcome.

SoCalG Cha Seung Won totally stole my heart in Greatest Love, then I watched City Hall and realized how well he can mold himself into each character. I see he have done tons of different stuff...but I hope to see him in another drama series as a romantic lead (please)...also who cares about age when you keep looking better, sexier, and hotter :) I see you are dealing with a family matter and i hope it resolve soon, so you can get back to what you do best, you are an awesome entertainer, love you in all your roles...Fighting! :)

HL Hope you will recover from the scandal soon , we all love your great and professinal acting.Fighting~

Rocile hello. .mr. Cha <3 I Love So Much!! Saranghee!! your my best korean actor. I wish you can visit here in the Philippines.

Tshering I was totally infatuated by you after watching The greatest love.

sanirabegi he is one of the best korean actor i'm looking forward seeing his actings

tina hi Mr cha i love you too much you are relly best actor i wish i see your new comedy drama so soon im from iran and my familly love all of your dramas good luck

SHANE mr. cha, seung won, when will we see you on your next tv drama series, we miss you a lot, hoping your next project will also a comedy love story, it's nice to see you on that role.., we are very excited to watch on your next project..we love you...saranghe..

evez ....handsome Cha Seung Won...that's what you are to me...i finished watching your two drama series "Greatest Love" and "The City Hall"...frankly speaking i like more of your character as Jo Guk in The City Hall, it's more appropriate to you..and of course you are paired with one one of may favorite Korean actress Kim Sun Ah...hoping you will be paired with her again....your team-up with Kim Sun Ah is great...though your character in "Greatest Love" as Dokko Jin can't be're such a funny one..i guess that's why you earned an award as best actor..."The Greatest Love is still being aired here in the Phils...and it will end the telecast this week...Crazy me...but to catch up with the episodes i bought the dvd copies of your drama series including Athena...i did so because after office i can no longer watch the episode here in our local channel...hope to see you more...saranghe...

abbby here in the philippines is airing the greatest love which i love the most,its funny,romantic,love the attitude its cute & love the cast so much...the lead actor is great now im falling for him...joke inspire me i wish i could find someone like you in the future...hope to watch more of your movies

cherrie greatest love one of the best korean movie i ever watch! i laugh, i cry sometimes! definitely amazing movie! great actors and actress! good job! hope to see you soon cha seung won! i salute you! hope you can visit phils!

keLssey Wish you can visit us here in the Philippines. :) If That will happen, i'm sooo excited. I'll be the First who want to have a picture with yooooouuuu. :)

Bonnie Lynn Katzell Muench By far one of the best I have seen, " THE GREATEST LOVE," I laughed so much in this and cried a little to I love dorky doko...and played so well....I applaud the actors and actresses as well as the writers and directors, not one flaw at all as far as I am concerned....

Jackie I don't know how many times i'm watching the greatest love....everytime i watched it my heart filled with love and joy..... i laugh and cry because sad and happy...what a wonderful story. are so brilliant in this drama , Mr. Cha and so is Ms. Gong Hyo Jin..It' s really an honor watching your great talent.... Take care of your health because i still want to see you in another GREAT Show...

Mimoshika excellent actor :) ♥♥♥ Greatest Love the Best Forever :)

Jaechunsuk I just finish watching The Greatest Love last night and I can say that it is one of the best korean dramas I ever saw. The ending turned out very well and I really like how the casts played their roles especially Cha Seung Won :) For me he is one of the best actors in Korea :)) his drama is really great "I'm Dokko Jin !" This is the thing that would always remind me of his great acting skills :")) i really love him ! :) his wife is truly lucky :))) fighting Cha sEung Won <3 saranghaeyo :))

andrea Cha seung won marrry meeee I love you The greatest love

mahmood I love you cha seung won

felma dear mr, cha, im one of your avid fan here in the philippines ..hope you can have more projects..that your filipino.. can see all of those.. you are the no. korean actor for me.. see you...

raquel hi!! I'm one of your biggest fan here in the Philippines your drama series "The greatest love" is actually airing in our country (2013).. the drama series is really great I love it hope that you can visit our country just for an asian tour or just spending some vacation so I can see you personally my name is raquel umerez hope we could be friends hope that you can add me on facebook if you can read this message of mine .. GOD bless you always and please do take care of your health also ..:)

Mary ann bartolome Hi! Cha seung won! I will always support and pray for you. May i know your personal facebook account. I want to talk or message you personally.

nikka Will you marry me?

micah23 Mr.Cha seung Won, your my favorite korean actor,,you're the best and you're so handsome,sexy and gorgeous....and I really like you because you love your family so much. God bless you and your famil. More power. Saranghae

jhopay im an avid fan of koreans,.and i really love watching korean tv series even movies.but the greatest love is one of the most beautiful tv series that i've watched.the lead characters here are very great.,esp cha seung won..he's so handsome & good looking even if he's age is in 40's already..he's so talented,had a great body & so looking forward to see you in person..if i had a chance to go in korea?keep up the good work cha seung won...

naomi misaki oppa you're my one and only iron man,.,saranghae♥♥♥

sheryl malabanan i love this guy!!! he so handsome...he is really looks like my younger brother especially in his tv series the greatest love!

kim eun hye many people like cha seung won...why? maybe because he is a good man...his wife is very lucky girl...

eunice it was the first time I saw cha seung won on his drama "the greatest love"....I don't know but...I like him ( its not a love confession so don't misunderstand)... I like his act...also his personality...and he is very cute (to the highest level)...actually I like koreans that's why I'm studying korean language now...I hope I can go to korea someday and meet him (as if I can see him)...just a dream ^_^...honestly...I do like crush

eunice it was the first time I saw cha seung won on his drama "the greatest love"....I don't know but...I like him ( its not a love confession so don't misunderstand)... I like his act...also his personality...and he isvery cute (to the highest level)...actually I like koreans that's why I'm studying korean language now...I hope I can go to korea someday and meet him (as if I can see him)...just a dream ^_^

WuXiuFen So coollll.......

Buie I am Korean Drama Fan from US and watch shows either on Dramafever, Viki or Netflix with Subtitle. Recently I watched Greatest love and fell in love with it. Beautifully written & Talented actors. Both the leads are immensely talented.

Will recommend to watch this to my friends. Keep it up

Sanmex Great actor, am obsessed with korean movies

linda Hope you read this, I love your character In the greatest love, love you as an actor, But, love you even more when read about. How you love your family so much, I pray that you will always have a happy marriage forever. Great success to you.

fan club Watching City Hall, I am hooked to your act, your charm, your look. I watched this serie over and over many times each day and still can't get away from you. Just feel desperate that you exist only in my imagination. Please do go to visit your fan club in Thailand. This will mean a lot to us. We are looking forward to meet you once. Go visit us and make us proud more and more of you. We are your big fan

JANE hello mr cha,

when would your next television series be showing? i really like greatest love a lot. thanks and wishing you and family every happiness. God bless!

Nina I really enjoyed "The Greatest Love"! it was very impressive and the best serial I have ever watched! thank you for making me so happy in my rotten days! :)

khool lee I never laugh and cried so hard in my life watching your dramas (City Hall and The Greatest Love)!

Keep up the excellent work!

andari Waawww cha seung won oppa.. Your acting very nice.. You can be a really different character. In the greatest love, you so funny, but in athena you're be a bad boy.. Really different.. But that's why i like youuu oppa.. Keep fighting oppaa

wenny fong I don't know what to say,but I love your act in "The Greatest Love".you're so funny,and my mom really like you.I have watching this drama for two times. Send you love from Indonesia oppa...^^ Hwaiting!

vany k. hai,i think he is very good in acting.oppa sarangheyooo ^.^

Taraneh Hey there, though I just saw one of your TV series( The greatest Love) I can Say that You are absolutely Awesome darlin, I have to admire you for such a greaaaaaaaaaaaat acting! I'm W8in For Your other great movies, Great Job n Good Luck :-)

mehrasa you`re so cute & wonderful in "Greatest love", waiting for your next TV drama, you`re very handsome:) you look so younger than your real age! best of all

Princess Hope your next project soon. Never satisfied with other acting in romantic and comical role after seeing you...... Love you in City Hall and G

neda like your character in the GREATEST LOVE...YOU ARE VERY CUTE...

rynn hye! really enjoy watching u in the greatest love.. ur funny n i love ur voice btw.. hahaaa.. good luck sir!.. ;D

valeria happy life and more,more movie for your fans.Congratulation for your family and yuo have my respect.From ROMANIA ,thousands kisess,Valeria

anggun a man that gracefully aging.. cha seung won manseee!!!

nuovi Ajusshi, you are my own brand of heroine. <3

Cha Niko you are my inspirations ajusshi. FIGHTING.

Zefanya Really miss your acting.... Among all romantic comedy drama that airing now, nothing compares to your acting. Honestly,... you make a romantic comedy become a sweet and heartwarming drama to watch by u'r dialogue, gesture, look and kiss to your heroine. Even a childish character could turn into a sweet and lovable one by your acting. Not every actor could do that..... When will you entertain us again, Actor Cha? (Hope you find a good script A.S.A.P)

Rinzy Nussy i love you with all of my heart Cha Seung Won... You are my no.1 favor Actor in the world.. proud to be your fan .... Muahhh :-*

nicole hope to c u in Malaysia,love u so much.... :)

mayaer really love and adore you cha seung won...i'm a big fan of u although there are more people that love you too...dream to meet someone like u...hehe...pray for me...sincerly from malaysia..~~^_^~~

Anya Dear Mr Cha Seung Won..... You are the actor that i'm looking for. A talented actor with happy family. You are an actor with great acting in every roles.... action, comedy and mellodrama and of course... an actor who love his wife and children so much. It is very rare in entertainment industry, a familyman good looking sexy hot actor who is married once for over 23 years (and still going strong...). I pray you'll be making a movie in Hollywood as Superhero just like Dok Go jin....*HAHAHA*.... Proud to be your fans ..... Keep make us proud of you, Actor Cha....

nesh Actually I'm new fan of you and already watched your drama the greetest love. I'm 22 (and my dad 51 so supposed u'll be my uncle in ur 42 xoxo) buuut..for god's sake! Your appearance as well as 25. Goodlooking w/ ur hot sixpack body! You're such a great adorable actor which is from arrogant to lovable u play very well. Cha seung won, there are many handsome actors in SK but you..your attention w/ ur family and protecting them so much makes you gonna be perfect figure of a man for me and women outhere for sure :) So, keep it up Oppa! Always support and waiting ur next drama *bighug

Ah ya, tattoo! Um,how can I say? Just like it perfectly fit w/ you. I love it so much^^

dian i'm your no 1 fans in indonesia, love u so much i can't wait u're next drama...

anne artajo He just look amazing and his a very good actor. I like him so much..:)

Daisy My aunty who is 15 years older than me cant take her eyes off of you since "City Hall" and now it's my turn.... i cann't take my eyes off of you since "The Greatest Love".....^-*... Mr Cha Seung won, right now you are loved by all ages and my no. 1 fave actor in the world.Great actor, husband and daddy. PERFECT formula of a man !!!!. Keep up the good work..!... Cann't wait for your next project....

apithea I think he's more good looking as he got older. I watch him on bodyguard, n he absolutely look more charming on Greatest love. age gracefully

momnaj most wanted dad :))

Gasenadi Absolutely loved you in City Hall and Greatest Love. Will search and see all your other work, too. Many blessings from Puerto Rico.

Lolit Caruncho Cha Seung Won, You are the best! Hope to see your forthcoming tv series and movies. I want to watch also all your previous movies. Hope to be able to collect them all. You are superb when it comes to acting. You're a good husband and dad! I like very much your tattoo on your right arm, "RACHEL". She's your daughter, right? Be a good dad, forever. Maintain your acting power to the max! Am your avid fan, though am already 60.

Michelle Cha Seung Won, you are indeed one of the Brilliant Actor I ever came across. Stunningly good looking, body to die for, Dedicated husband & Dad, is every woman dream. Blew me over in City Hall, did a great job Greatest Love. Look forward to many more of your upcoming Drama's and Movies. XoXoXoX

Jenni and people need to shut the fuck up about his english being bad. and stop hatin just because he is in his 40s and probably looks better than the people leavin comments am sure. :D

Jenni omg i absolutely love CSW.i think he is such an amazing actorr. ever since watchinn greatest love i became OBSESSED with his ive been looking at his movies and other dramas. and damnn that man is not only sexy with a hot body but he's absolutely sweet and a cutiee <33 i love him also as a person because he's a great father and husband.. damn his wife is the luckiestt woman in south korea.. probably in the world!! lol anywayss im super exited for his new drama the 3rd hospital on march!! cant wait.. :D lovee yuu Cha Seung Won. btw i am just a teenager. lol and i dont care that he is old enough to be my dad.. fuck that he's hot asz hell ;)

Sheryl chua

is one of the best dramas i have ever seen! Hwaiting cha seung won ajusshi :)

Sheryl chua I love dokko-jin!!! Can you please come to singapore?? Keke

Christy My Husband: Honey, what kind of man is this "Cha Seung Won"... till u adore him so much?" Me  : Well,... he is 42 yo, i've been checking this for thousands plastic surgery, perfect six pack,

                 tall, the hottiest and sexiest actor in SK, versatile actor, funny, smart, hard worker, full of charisma, love his  
                 wife so much. He even said that he loved his wife till death when he drunk, have 22 yo son and 9 yo daughter,  
                 Really a Family Man ! What else...mmmmm...

My Husband: I see, at least i know your criteria of man indeed.... Me  : It's OK, honey. You're still no 1 in my heart... *wink* My Husband: Ok.... count me in to be this "Cha Seung Won" fans... (LOL)

fiona to my 남편 후 두번째 사랑; u really aged well.. can't help but i can't stop admiring u.. i even change my laptop's background, i hope my husband will not find it or else i'll be dead.. so good that his working i don't know how u make me admire u that much... maybe because of ur overflowing charisma.. i even planned to go to korea just to see u of course with my husband.. he knew that i like u very much as an actor but didn't tell him that my laptop is fully loaded of ur photos.. haha.. he might kill me.. lol i even watched all ur videos in youtube, everything about u,.. i'm going crazy.. haha always take care and waiting for more movies/dramas... ^^

Jaysee Smith Excellent actor! I'm from the USA but I could say for sure that Cha Seung Won is way better than Brad Pitt!! Keep it up.....

eva I really like ur acting in City Hall, awesome.....can't wait to see ur next comedy drama with Kim Sun A

jackie Cha Seung Won, you are one hell of a Actor, you can play any roll, and do it well...Not to mention You are one fine, sexy, tall drink of water...

We (myself) here in America love you...speaking for the black woman who love also, be blessed with many more years as a actor.

Fania Dear Actor Cha,.... watching your latest project The Greatest Love and T-ARA new MV, Cry-Cry...... make me realize that you are really "DAEBAK" in everything you've done. You are so talented ! Knowing that you're a wonderful husband and father makes me adore you more. I'm curious about your next project soon.

aoi Cha Seung Won oppa ..^^ I really love ur acting in The Greatest Love .. You're the greatest actor .. Hope you will get many awards ..

  1. praying

Thank you to Kong Hyo Jin unnie, because I like her in Pasta then I searched her another drama .. And then found that Cha Seung Won oppa is really funny, charming, cool, and handsome At the same time ..

Cha Seung Won oppa hwaiting^^

(Your fans from Indonesia)

Jenny I love the drama you act in, the greatest love, it is my most favorite drama.

ainie Loved to hear his voice...

jemimah the first time I saw him was in the Athena.. though his a bad guy there but there's something deep in his character that it made me like him much so as Jeong Woo-Seong. A very naive man yet deep inside very romantic, you can't help falling in love with him.. that's I'm looking forward to finish his new comedy love drama..His very funny there and lovely.. I really like his eyes , his very sexy abs , his voice and the tattoos.. very artful.. His a very effective actor.. Wishing he'll get an award for being a best actor oneday.. I love you Cha Seung-Won.. keep up the good work.. mwahh mwahhh tssupp tsssuuppp...

Toshiko Anderson I would like to send Mr. Cha Seung Won a fan letter. Could someone please tell me where to send? His manegement office or something? Thank you in advance!

Mary OMG he was soo funny, cute and ofcourse very handsome!! real MAN! Charisma man! hiihiihihihihi I really love his character @ "the greatest love"

Dokku Jin lover after TGL, Cha Seung Won has smitten me .. you are the best! Sarange.. cannot wait to see your up-coming movie hope i can visit korea sometime and meet you in the same time.. never thought that man in 40 still so sexy .. you are my goddess of sex

dee Gosh.... at 4o's you even hotter than Daniel "Bond" Craig.....You are "The Asian Bond". Great actor in many roles who drive the girls crazy, Great husband and Great father. What a man !!!!!! Keep perfect, Keep macho and Keep healthy. Don't stop to amaze your fans who support you ...... Can't wait for u'r international debute in acting, Mr Cha Seung Won.

inat "A Day with My Son" should be on the movie list. I recently saw it and was completely blown away. It's a beautiful story, very touching. That movie should have gotten an oscar nomination in the foreign films category. My heart clenched and ached with CSW's when his son held his hand while reality set in. Who knew you could find humanity and sympathy for an armed robber and murderer even when his actions are completely un-excusable. That's how great this movie is and that's how exceptional an actor CSW is.

ama daebak! keep up ur great talent in acting! <3

Nejiki Nejiki Dictionary 차승원 (Cha Seung Won) n. perfect male prototype; Korean actor; good husband and daddy; adj. versatile; very masculine; hot; oozing with appeal; charismatic; funny; dorky in a lovable way

inat He's such a versatile actor. Very talented! He can take on roles as the bad guy in Athena to a charismatic hero in City Hall to a larger than life character as Dokku Jin in The Greatest Love. Loved him in his movies also, especially Secret, Eye for an Eye and 71 Into the Fire. He's simply amazing! Can't wait to see more of him. Hope he gets Best Actor for 2011 playing Dokku Jin in the Greatest Love. That was a tough role and can't imagine anyone else who could have pulled it off. Now for the looks.....he's 40 yrs old and has an amazingly HOT boy...20 yr old guys don't even have 6 pack like he does! I like his hair style and facial hair best in Secret. He's not you're cute boy next door, he's more of the HOT man oozing charisma (which is something not many guys can pull off). From interviews I've seen of him, he's very charismatic and funny in real life....something that grabs your attention and leaves you smiling while wanting more.

Nurita Halo oppa...sarange i very2 like your character in the GREATEST LOVE...YOU ARE VERY CUTE...

Zainab your talented is the best :D i like you so much ahjussi xD I hope you always healthy, saranghae <3

michan mmm.. 1970, it means now u are in your 40`s. For real.... sir, u`re not the very handsome one.... a lot more korean actors are handsome than u. but i like your voice.... and your face when u are being so funny.... and I get myself falling in love with you as dok ko jin..... I hope dok ko jin and gu ae jong end up together in the real live.....

dokkolove so HOT and handsome. Best actor ever!*love dokkojin character

frostylady Cha Seung-Won! You are my favourite K-actor. Love your works in City Hall and The Greatest Love! Oppa hwaiting! :))

Atina seung won sshi.. otsukare sama 4 ur hardwork in city hall and greatest love...i really lve u character...ganbatte 4 d next movie or drama...tanoshimi shitemasu... hope 1day u'll visit Indonesia...

non sibi By seeing the posters, I won't like watching Athena :(

lhaznam di athena dia pling keren abieees....

Malice he's not the cute guy you'll fall in love at first glance but he's talented and he's so hot :> and i think he looks good with this hair style.

Jenn and his hair style is terrible… isn’t that a popular Korean hair style?

dr. zeus I'm new to Korean cinema so I don't know what other dramas Cha Seund-Won speaks English, but in this drama i agree with (Joel), his English is terrible. It sounds he's chewing his tongue when he talks.

Joel In Athena, his English is horrible, it's like he's just reading the korean version of the English words and chewing on his tongue...

swui waiting for Athena...

Chloe Whats with the "Fashion king"?! when is it coming out?! BTW I love Cha Seung-Won :)

pham dong trang toi rat muon co duoc dia chi email cua anh cha seung won! Toi muon biet phai lam nhu the nao de co the gui email cho anh ay??Co the giup cho toi dc khong hoac la vao dau de co the biet duoc nhung dieu do? Lam on giup cam on that nhieu dieu gi xin lam on gui vao email ho toi duoc khong ah?xin cam on nhieu!!

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