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  • Drama: The City Hall
  • Revised romanization: Siti Hol
  • Hangul: 시티홀 / 씨티홀
  • Director: Shin Woo-Cheol
  • Writer: Kim Eun-Sook
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 20
  • Release Date: April 29 - July 2, 2009
  • Runtime: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Shin Mi-rae (Kim Sun-A) is a low-ranking official who's been making coffee for her superiors for the last seven years. Her life takes a turn when she wins a local beauty pageant and later becomes the mayor. Coincidentally her name literally means "the new future" (shin = new & mi-ra = future). Along the way, she catches the eye and captures the heart of the charismatic politician Jo Kuk (Cha Seung-Won), a man with a mysterious and painful past and ambitions to one day be South Korea's president.


City Hall-Seon-a Kim.jpg City Hall-Seung-won Cha.jpg City Hall-Sang-mi Chu.jpg City Hall-Hyeong-cheol Lee.jpg City Hall-Se-ah Yun.jpg
Kim Sun-A Cha Seung-Won Chu Sang Mi Lee Hyeong-Cheol Yoon Se-Ah
Shin Mi-Rae Jo Kuk Min Ju-Hwa Lee Jeong-Do Go Go-Hae
City Hall-Lee Jun-Hyeok.jpg City Hall-Jeong Su-Yeong.jpg City Hall-Park Joo-Ah.jpg City Hall-Choi Il-Hwa.jpg City Hall-Cha Hwa-Yeon.jpg
Lee Jun-Hyuk Jung Soo-Young Park Joo-Ah Choi Il-Hwa Cha Hwa-Yeon
Ha Su-In Jung Boo-Mi Yoo Kwon-Ja Big Brother Jo Yong-Hee
City Hall-Kim Jin-Sang.jpg City Hall-Choi Sang-Hun.jpg City Hall-Yeom Dong-Hwan.jpg City Hall-Park Tae-Kyeong.jpg City Hall-Kwon Da-Hyun.jpg
Kim Jin-Sang Choi Sang-Hun Yeom Dong-Hwan Park Tae-Kyeong Kwon Da-Hyun
Jo-Rang So Yu-Han Mayor Ko Bu-Sil Bu Jeong-Han Bong Sun-Hwa
City Hall-Kang Joo-Hyung.jpg City Hall-Yang Jae-Seong.jpg City Hall-Kim Dong-Gun.jpg City Hall-Jeong-Keun Shin.jpg City Hall-Choi Dae-Sung.jpg
Kang Joo-Hyung Yang Jae-Seong Kim Dong-Gun Shin Jung-Keun Choi Dae-Sung
Mang Hae-Ra Kang Tae-Gong Park Ah-Cheom Director Ji "Eraser"
City Hall-Kim Ah-Rang.jpg City Hall-Kim Neul-Mae.jpg City Hall-Moon Hee-Seo.jpg
Kim Ah-Rang Kim Neul-Mae Moon Hee-Seo
"Run Honey" "Rooftop Cat" "Jessica Alba "

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Nisa I was actually watching 'The Greatest Love' when i stumbled upon reviews on 'City Hall'... Due to claims that CSW shared more chemistry KSA i decided to check it out... And ended up abandoning 'TGL' altogether. After City Hall i cant see the either CSW or KSA with anyone else, thats how good they were together. Those who hasnt seen this drama has missed out on some of the best acting, scripts and all that one would want in a drama. Hope that the 2 leads will collaborate again someday soon

Olivia this drama happens to be one of my favorites. Honestly, I didn't know what to expect from it at first. I heard good reviews and recommendations, but I was still skeptical about it. After watching it, however, I fell in love with it. Cha Seung Won's character is witty and charming, so is Kim SuhNa's. They both surprisingly make the perfect pair. Their enthralling chemistry they shared made me feel many deep emotions. Since I watched this drama, I doubt the level of perfect chemistry other dramas could have compared to this ones. In the end, there is an intention behind their pairing. I would watch this again if I had time. Each time you watch it, you fall in love with Cha Seung Won even more.. <3

gasenadi Sorry, but I can't seem to find Boo Mi's husband anywhere in the credits. He was a consistent presence, certainly more than some of the actors listed. And he was funny!

KSA fan Wow City Hall is so entertaining. Cried a bucket here with KSA and CSW. Such a good chemistry they have. And the sound tracks love them too. . City Hall is my favorite among KSA dramas. .

Lily I've just finished watching this drama. I really love it, so romantic. I adore the chemistry between KSA and CSW, the best so far for me. Cha Seung Won is really handsome here loooooove him, the proposal scene is so beautiful as well. Bravo the casts,bravo KES for the heartwarming love story as always.

arlyn love this series, love the story great chemistry of the lead pair great story of struggle, love, fighting for what we believe in that is right and will benefit the people, being firm on a decision love the KISS... a real one, must watch for those hopeless romantic out there highly recommended

lyn Love the whole story, love the chemistry of the lead actors, at first I thought I will not like it, but as I watch the series, I have come to love it. the struggle, being firm on what is right and doing good deeds for the sake of the people, fighting for what is right even if there is only one who believes in you. love story, superb, how they show cased the love of the lead pair, makes awe.... and the kiss... not just a smack but a real one.... and makes me watch this series again... recommended especially to those hopeless romantic out there

gdr ahhhhhh..this drama is so's been a long time since i laughed that much!! my opinion this drama is so daebak! it and recommend it!!

SLdramalover This is still one of my most favorite Kdramas along The Master's Sun and Thank You. After more than 4 years, this still left me breathless. A must see!

herbmom I loved this drama! It was funny, sweet, romantic, sexy and satisfying. Kim Sun-Ah is amazing and wonderful. Cha Swung Won is great. They both exude charisma and their chemistry is compelling. Includes the best proposal ever! Excellent supporting cast, good story. Even a happy ending! City Hall is everything you want in a drama. Don't miss it!

Samantha This is my favorite Korean Drama.♥

~It's definitely a must watch especially if you are looking for a mature and full of significance plot. ~The script was so well written that you wouldn't want to miss a single line of it. The main actors ~Kim Sun Ah and Cha Seung Won showed their brilliant professionalism when they were acting. Cha Seung Won has got to be my favorite leading man of Kim Sun Ah. ~This drama has the best OST's that made every scene more lovable and heartfelt.

I can say that this is perfection (almost) at it's best :)

Two thumbs up!!! I'll never get tired of re-watching it ☆☆☆☆

clyne A political tale which had me thinking about the true nature of democracy combined with a good romance. Excellent cast. Special praise to the guys who play the three idiot managers.

alee My sister told me about how great this show was. Maybe because I had such high expectations, this show was O.K., just O.K. I thought the character development of the two Leads was lacking and I did not think there was that much chemistry between them ... maybe because I just don't care for Cha Seung-won; he is way too cool = a Korean Paul Newman. Also, Kim S-A overacted in many places. If you want to see Great Chemistry between Kim Sun-A and her Male Lead ... check out "Night After Night" (with Lee Dong-geon) or "My Name is Kim Sam-soon" (with Hyun Bin).

Sa.Ho This drama may not look very interesting but it's super funny . Cha seung won and kim sun ah couple is awesome .

c_u_t_e 13 this drama is like a all-flavored a complete meal...100% cool drama....perfect chemistry with the lead roles...

its a must watch drama...fighting!!!

naima one of the best korean dramas. it's addicting, i coudn't skip any sentence, the script is good, i loved the fight against the established ways of politicians, and she win!!! the chmestry between the two main leads is good ans growing up trouhgh the episodes, i even wanted more episodes, this surely one of my top ten best dramas

Zoe This was a lot funnier than I expected; this is definitely worth watching and is timeless so it's okay to watch even in 2012.

steph i love this drama! sooo amazing! indeed a must see drama! i love you cha seung-won!

Lina amazingly romantic ♥

behnaz mrs Gasenady I absolutely agree with you. and suggest you watch my name is kim sam-soon drama. this drama is very beautiful too.

Gasenadi One of my top ten favorites. The absolute BEST partner for showcasing Sim Sun-ah's talents - a MAN, not a boy; an experienced actor, not mere eye-candy. Besides the comedy and the exquisite soundtrack, this drama touches contemporary issues like food sovereignty, political corruption, environmentalism, the electoral process, etc. Enjoy!

LoonyLizard I'll agree that it's good, and there's no doubt that Sun-a-shi and Seung-won-shi have remarkable chemistry; what else would we expect from two such highly charismatic, sexy cast members? I did find myself a little irritated by Mi-Rae at first, but I blame that on the writers for not showing us more vulnerable moments with her character. I think had this small oversight been corrected, then the first 7 episodes wouldn't have felt like they dragged so much. It's only when she begins her fight against the establishment that the story really picks up and we see both Mi-rae and Jo-kuk grow and develop.

I must say, I thought Greatest Love, Night After Night, and My Lovely Sam-soon all had more consistent scripts, although The City Hall had the one of the most satisfying endings.

I'm still looking forward to the day when I can see a drama or a movie starring Kim Sun-a, Choi Gang-hee, Gong Hyo-jin, and Yoon Eun-hye as sisters. That would be what we in the States call a perfect storm of beauty & talent.

inat Great drama! KSA grabs your attention in the beginning cause her character is so funny and the underdog I'm cheering for. But as the story goes on it's CSW's character that grabs your heart and leaves you speechless while anticipating and wanting more! The story, the characters, the actors, everything is simply superb!

tae I've watched dramas since I was a baby thanks to my mother. City Hall remains one of the best-scripted, well-acted, most-addicting dramas to come out of dramaland in years. Kim Sun-ah and Cha Seung-won are flawless here.

sulyn This is the best drama ever. Suna and CSW sizzle on the screen. Suna's performance is just awesome. A must see drama.

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