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Kong Hyo-Jin @ screening for "Love Fiction"
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  • Name: Kong Hyo-Jin
  • Hangul: 공효진
  • Birthdate: April 4, 1980
  • Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  • University: Sejong University
  • Height: 173cm
  • Blood Type:
  • Me2Day: @kkonglove9


Kong Hyo-Jin. born April 4, 1980 in Seoul, South Korea, is a popular actress. She first became interested in fashion design while in her teens and flew to Australia with her mother and brother to pursue that goal. She then found Australia wasn't the proper place for her to nurture those dreams and returned to South Korea. While attending school in South Korea she then started modeling and quickly expanded into acting with her debut in the 1999 horror film “Memento Mori”.

Since that time, Hyo-jin has appeared in a diverse range of roles showcasing her acting talents. In "Guns and Talks" (2001), "No Manners" (2002), and "Taekwon Girl" (2002) Hyo-jin portrayed tougher characters, while in Family Ties she portrayed a rebellious youth but with warm character, while "M" (2007) & "Happiness" (2008) revealed her sexier side with Hyo-jin portraying women who were in control. Hyo-jin more recently stepped into more divergent roles with her slapstick comedy performance in "Dachimawa Lee" (2008) and her portrayal of a social misfit in "Crush and Blush" (2008).

Her personal life has also been frequently talked about as she first dated actor Ryoo Seung-Bum following their work together in the 2001 SBS drama “Beautiful Days” (Hwaryeohan Shijeol) and the 2001 film "No Manners". The couple then broke up sometime in 2003, with rumors slowly sprouting out in the following years that the couple were back together again. In 2008, the couple officially announced that they were once again romantically involved.


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TREFINDRAZA Asia Grasiella Kong Hyo Jin is a good korean actress, I even think she's the best.

Andrew Ho She is very pretty and lovely actress. I adore her so much in new film The Greatest Love and also she looks like Yuri SNSD

jehncy She is my favorite korean actress. Love all her dramas. Very pretty and a versatile actress. Hoping for more projects. God bless You GHJ. Saranghae...

Panglu Perhaps the only korean actress I thorougly like. She is versatile and extremely expressive. I find that many korean actresses seem to wear the same expression and give off the same acts. She is fabulous and I would continue to watch many more of her work. She also has great screen presence and chemistry with her co-stars. Love her.

suju_hiba eonni <3 <3jinjja saranghae <3 i like your actinng is soo naturell w< hope the best for you :) :D

Dewi Nadeak She is a briliant actress, not just in a drama, but also in teater.wow...

mail-girl my favourite actress.....

Northern Girl I enjoyed GHJ in The Greatest Love and in Master's Sun. But in It's Okay that's Love, GHJ was soooo awful, I had to stop watching it half way through. Her same old acdting style is too outdated and tiresome. I"m a fan, but I have to be honest. GHJ has to reinvent herself.

Frank-USA-NW "It's Okay, This Is Love" — how do I begin to say how extraordinary, how truly great this show has been for me? I've laughed, I've cried, and I've only watched it up until just before the last episode. This I'm planning to save for a very special day soon. However, more than once I've admired the locations, the sets, the composition, the cast, the acting, and I've felt, "I love this show!" This must mean I'm your humble fan.... Much success and best wishes! Fighting! =} ^-^

ranadhans Love your acting and fashion!

DD such a versatile and cool actress:):) saranghaeyo <3<3<3<3<3 i saw almost all ur drama project just 've watched Ruler of Your own World and altough your not the leading actress but ur presence really cant be ignored that show much ur already promising actress since young age

hope to see u in movie project next year :) if drama, hope to see u work again with Thank You writer sorry for poor english

Olivia Such a good actress, enjoyed all of her dramas I've watched her in. She's cute, sassy, and loveable-- which is why is "Gong-vely"! Also, she's such a trendy and chic person, in personality and style. She's a trendsetter, stringing the women globally to desire for her clothes as well as her body. Love you GHJ <3

CW The very first time I saw this actress, I liked her. She's capable, loveable, pretty , and frankly a great actress. That is the energy she puts out. She is in an industry that is hard to stand out in the way she has in her country. But I know that Korean women actresses, can be some of the best on the air. She's no exception. I think she shines and I'm a fan. I hope she is recovering well and is back on track.....She's the "cream of the crop"!!!!!!

Hermoine Your acting skills are promising. It's very natural. I love your dramas. I started following your dramas after I watched The Greatest/Best Love. :) I also love Master's Sun and It's Okay It's Love. Your chemistry with your partners were superb! :)

n i've watched master's sun and it's okay that's love and i absolutely love her acting. and her chemistry with the actors are undeniable! she's an amazing actress, no doubt.

Annie Wonderful actress and an uncommon beauty. To borrow a little from from Paul Newman 8/10 people may prefer a hamburger but why bother when there is filet mignon available.

elfyn Hi I'm from Indonesia. You're my fav actress, your acting skill is perfect. I love all of you in Master Sun and The Greatest Love. God bless you :)

sky your power of crying is amazing..definitely you are one of the most versatile actress in your generation.

Myatyatizaw I miss u l like your drama .master's sun and gratest love my favorite drama I want to see yours new drama i love u ..unie♥♥♥

joanne mae corpuz I Love your series specially Sang Doo,Its okay This is Love,Thank You

poornima hi! i am poorni from india. i saw your serial few months before. its very lovely, i thougth both of you become real pair, you are the best couple in korean .i love both of you very much. i want the greatest love part 2 .this serial make me relax and love impress.i m waiting......

nick hyo jin !!!! really adimire you..i love the way you cry in your acting.. i felt like want to cry also. seemed natural overall .. love youuu i hope i could meet u up someday

G0Th I admire your talent.. keep fighting, i will be waiting for all your drama/movie..


Dunetz YOur the best actress for me ! Love you so much in Its Okay, Thats Love the chemistry you have with Zo In Sung was soo amazing and very natural ! I'd been watching your dramas greatest love, pasta , masters sun were all great because of you. IDOL! Love you here from Philippines! Hoping for another great dramas from you. Have a full rest for your arm and legs to fully recover ! SARANGHAE!

Somalia My Rom/Com TV Queen <3 I can trust anything with this beautiful, talented actress.

renee hi! im your fan here in the philippines, i always follow your k drama. your such a great and excellent actress, thats why i really like you so much. more k drama and awards to come. the greatest love and the master sun that i really love most .god bless you always.

Vijay Kumar Hai madam .. I m from india... just few days before I saw your serial the greatest love… the day 1 wen I saw the drama I just thought tat y Korean series been dubbing and telecasting here .. I said to myself really Indians won't like it....but I watched the serial fully on the first day omg really I'm impressed and felt relax inside of me. Someting is the in tat drama which made me feel happy and relax ..... and especially Kong and cha seung acting was extraordinary and awesome ... I continues watched the greatest love so many times whenever it was telecast in channel.i never felt bore of watching same episode.India awaiting to see u again n another dramas...

jake i seriously have never loved an actress as much as you , i just literally fell in love with you , if i were to marry some one that would be you or some one like you , i like everything you do . I love you , i am your biggest fan ..

Mei Santos Hello to our Romantic Comedy Queen and Award winning Actress. Been following you since I started watching Greatest Love,Pasta, Master's sun etc. your such a great and natural actress. Never seen an actress who can be in chemistry with your screen partners. Very versatile, drama or comedy you always shine. Thank you for your talent. Keep up the good work!!! I will support and pray for you r successs! God bless. Hope to meet you someday.

mau Hoping you could be together in real life with so ji sub. Were looking forward to a new drama series with so ji sub. You two guys are really meant for each other. Die hard sogong couple.

Khwen The way she acted in her dramas were amazing... I hope she will have a new drama series with So Ji-Sub... I really like their chemistry... ^_^ I really love "THE MASTER'S SUN"...

Diane Gahhhh she's so amazing >_< so beautiful and such a great actress! She needs to be castes as the lead actress for the upcoming drama Absolute Boyfriend! I think she will play the character very well. It will be based on the manga! That manga was one of the first mangas I've read and she would be perfect for the role!

Gili She just broke her arm in a car accident today

harold14 I really love kong hyo jin. She such a very good actress. Master sun series made her as as strong and better actess in her generation. saranghae.

garaciella I m one of your fans who really admire your in and out. You are absolutely one of kind actress that i was really hope to see in person, not because you are famous in your choosen field. Looking forward on your next upcoming movies or even series. Your fashion reall rocks on me and my sisters!!! atcha ms. Gong Hyo JIn! atcha!!

cynthia88 the greatest love and master sun, these two dramas get HITS because they pick right / suitable actress for it :) Gong Hyo Jin is great great actress. cha seung won and so ji sub, both also have same aura and bring strong charisma to those dramas.

cynthia88 the greatest love and master sun, these two dramas get HITS because they pick right / suitable actress for it :) cha seung won and so ji sub, both also have same aura and bring strong charisma to those dramas.

kfan OH! Gong Hyo Jin eonni is so lovely! she really deserved the GONGVELY name! she's reigning also for "queen of RomComs and CF's" she has a natural acting and also her face is natural! Im so inlove with her! She's been famous before BUT NOW she's even more famous/popular!!! gaining more fans! One of the best actresses in korea! TWO THUMBS UP!! I hope you and so ji sub are real couple HAHAHA! Eonni! YOU'RE THE BEST!!!

Arianne You will always be one of m favorite actresses. You are a naturally beautiful and a very talented actress. Whenever you act, I'm always mesmerized and I'm always drawn towards your character. I'm looking forward to your new drama It's Okay, It's Love because I'm excited on how you'll bring your character to life. I hope you'll find the one that's meant to you (although I think you already did and its SJS) because you deserve to be happy. We'll always be with you and support you until forever ends ♥

rechelle after I watch the master's sun you've become my one of my idol in Korea:)

yenwu gong hyo jin love eonnie gong hyo jin..

Maddie Gong Hyo Jin has been my solid favorite RomCom actress. After watching The Master's Sun, I can say that she's really good at romantic comedies (after watching TGL and Pasta years back). I'm looking forward to another great year with your new project "It's Okay, It's Love." You definitely one of S Korea's rare gems.

nada24 Wishing you a day as special as you are.. Happy Birthday, Gonvely. Sweet 34 (4.4.1980-4.4.2014). Looking forward for your new project :) Guys, here are some link fan made video for Gong Hyo Jin's Birthday..

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojg8TkcNv3o http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUQqC_bx5v8

May your birthday be filled, with sunshine and smile, laughter, love and cheer. Sweet 34.. Saranghaeyo :)

Myat Yadanar Htun Tae Gong Shil....,Fighting. I'm little upset you didn't attend SBS drama awards.

Annie Contrary to some of the opinions here, I find her to be far more unique and beautiful than most Korean actresses. A bit of custom cannot stale her infinite variety about her. Plus she's a natural, engaging actress who enhances anything she is in.

Unic0rnPuff5 Greatest Love was the best and first kdrama I ever watched. She is my idol, and I just love her smile. She is my favorite actress. ♥.♥

Unic0rnPuff5 I love this actress!!! Greatest Love was the best kdrama I ever watched. ♥♥ Forever my idol!

nangli24 my favorite actress i'm addicted to her . Just rewatched her 3 dramas. TGL, Pasta and Thank you. Best actress.

nangli24 I'm addicted to gong hyo jin.. It's been 3 years already since I became her fan. I just rewatch TGL, Pasta, and thank you. Amazing actress. I'm looking forward to her new drama with jo in sung.. I bet she will also have a great chemistry with him. Damn lucky girl she always get sexy tall guys. I really want her to date again only this time with one of my favorite actors.

Dori Anne I just decided: you're my fav corean actress. Keep it up with the good work. Fighting!!!

Aria I miss you unni! Being one of the best and one of my favorite korean actresses, I'm looking forward to your future projects. May this New Year be a good and successful one to you!

yennycall i love you unnie!! you are my favourite actress alongside Jun Ji Hyun and Shin Min Ah. don't worry about the awards cuz for us, you are always the best! please continue to do your best in acting and may the future will continue to be brighter and brighter for you. can wait to see u in a new drama with Jo In Sung <3

SLdramalover You are one of my most favorite actresses in the world. More than 3 months after The Master's Sun, I've watched almost all of your works and I must say that I'm in for more! You are definitely a gem of South Korea. You really deserved your nickname "GongVely" and your title as "The Invincible Queen of Romantic Comedies." Too bad SBS didn't acknowledge all of your great efforts at TMS. You definitely need to win something at Baeksang Awards this year. I'm excited to see your future works and They'll all surely be successful. Keep up the great personality and acting skills!!! Fighting!

Jujungwon Master's Sun is very good, I can't believe she got nothing at SBS DS '13 :(

Chakitababe I first watched you in "Thank You" and found a beautiful soul in a warm and fabulous film that was so real, natural and inspirational. I then watched you in "The Masters Sun" (because I am an avid SJS fan) and found your chemistry with SJS outstanding and totally amazing, which made TMS an unforgettable and enchanting romcom that I have come to adore. I then watched you in "The Greatest Love" and again, was enamoured with your talent and ability to portray roles in such a way that immediately draws one into the character. "Crush & Blush" again saw you in a different role which I was impressed with too, bravo. Your style in fashion speaks for itself, I absolutely love your fashion sense and you are so beautiful, natural, chic, and so warm towards others. The "Peoples Princess" I absolutely agree with because your bright and outgoing personality shows through your humility and kindness towards others. Thank you for doing great work for your fans, we absolutely appreciate and respect you. Much love, blessings, happiness and success to you always....Fighting....

MegaPrani I like your act soo much in Pasta and Master Sun. It is soo natural act and AWESOME also... ^^ Keep fight and give the best, eoni... \\(^.^)//

Aigoooo Her beauty is very unassuming. I didn't like her at first but she kinda grows on you. All her dramas are very good. She really knows how to pick em. "The Greatest Love" is the funniest Kdrama I have ever seen.

cmcross She is so amazing. I love her in the shows and movies she's done and can't wait to see what projects she takes on in the future.

Charlotte Fell in love with her and So Ji Sub in Master's Sun! She's so talented and beautiful! I love that she doesn't look like your typical Korean actress - eyes wide open from plastic surgery and unnaturally white from skin treatments (not that they look ugly, you can just tell it's not natural). She has her own beauty that shines when she's on the screen! Wishing you a long and happy career! Thanks for all your hard work!

Sunny You were wonderful and lovely in Master's Sun, you are such an amazing actress. Good luck and best wishes. Fighting!

ZanC Started watching her in The Greatest Love.Quickly falling love with her cute charm and excellent acting. Then I started watching Pasta, Thank You, Flower Boy Ramen Shop (because I found her name as cameo appearance) and the latest The Masters Sun.Never failed to impress me. Now thinking of watching Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy. hope you will act more dramas in the future-and hopefully romcom drama!!Love you..

Berry I have seen this actress in three kdramas: Hello my teacher, The Greatest Love, and The Master's Sun. I can say that she is my favorite actress considering that I do not tend to follow actresses but male actors. The first time I saw her, I thought she was beautiful even though some may consider her "plain-looking" which is?

International Fan Gong Hyo Jin ssi, missing you so much in the Master's Sun. My day is really incomplete without seeing you. So, daily I'm checking you in the Google just to see your amazing pictures to made my day before i start my work. Keep up the good work. I love you so much.

devie gong hyo jin ssi and so ji sub ssi please to be a real couple.. the master's sun is the best drama ever.. you are and so ji sub is the best couple ever.. i love you both,i wish you are and so ji sub will fall in love each other and have a real date PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love sogong couple.....so DATING please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you both have good chemistry and you both looks adorable together.. so prefect match.... i will supporting........ the master's sun is the best...

Sam Unni! You are definitely one of my favorite actresses of all time. With that bright smile, superb natural acting and great personality, You're definitely one of my role models. My favorite of all your works is 'The Master's Sun.' You're chemistry with So Ji Sub was off-the-charts that I thought I was seeing a real couple. Great job there unni!. Thank you for bringing to life the character of Gong Shil in Masters Sun and same to your other works. I'm looking forward to your future projects, though I think I'm still hooked up with 'The Master's Sun' because of it's fresh and great storyline. I'm gonna repeat it for the nth time now because It's definitely worth rewatching. Fighting unni!

Amy Robinson I have really enjoyed all the dramas and movies you acted in. I hope to view more in the future. Your fan from Australia. Sarang. FIGHTING!

cherrie For sure another award for ghj and sjs.. Wish they could make another drama Su Ji sub and gong hyu jin.. Love this pairing.. 10/10 for master sun

Wilson Shek I have been the fans of GHJ just a few months ago when seeing The Greatest Love re-run. Love her acting and some relating as I think she is related to the great scholar in our Chinese history. Then, rolled back to see Pasta, absolutely great for such an unbreakable young lady who supports her other half. Thank You is also not bad but I still treasure Master's Sun. GHJ has once said that she is not beautiful. Yes, she is normal in appearance, but her charm is something I cannot resist. Go Gong Lovely Go

Wengski I love you GHJ, you proved again in THE MASTER'S SUN how excellent and superb actress you are. You bewitched me since i watched your PASTA. Continue stunning, stay humble and simple because you are perfect. You cannot please everybody in this world, so just ignored the haters.....

I will continue to support you. I'm your silent international fan. Missing you so much in TMS.

blablabla i love u unnie <3 haters may go die :P

whatsoeva LOSER@HATERS what the hell with u guys haters lol she's dull??omg can u act like she did?haha lol and she's not beautiful oh pls u cant judge a prsn by looking at their face -,- u should judge them by looking at their personality haters!! she's a great actress and she's not dull she's beautiful inside and outside and yeah go get a life loser :P p/s : dont give a shit here pls do it somewhere else LOSER -,-" love u unnie ^3^ FIGHTING!!! i hope u and so ji sub will be a real couple xD just ignore all this loser-haters

alian25 Loving all your dramas!! Currently watching masters sun.. i kept wanting to watch ur dramas so i watched the greatest love which made me cry by the way... u seem to have a natural way of captivating ur audience.. ^^ so i watched thank u... really nice portrayal of a mother..inspiring^^... and i just finished watching pasta ^^ hahahahah i cant stop laughing... when u and the chef giggle it seemed so natural and it was very catching that i giggle by myself... u bring out the best character from ur leading men ^^ cha seung won really looked great beside u, as well as so ji sub... jang hyuk too... and yes chef was also admirable ^^ if there is one korean actress i would like to meet, it would be u ^^ u are born to be an actress hahhahabaha and i just ate pasta by the way and kept remembering the chef shouting at u "dashi"!!! So Gong Hyon Jin unni, 다시!!! ^^ fighting and again make ur audience fall for u again ^^

Ann Not gorgeously beautiful, but really talented!!!!

nadzskie idk what it is Gong Hyo Jin has but i tend to love her roles in the dramas that i've seen: first Pasta, then The Greatest Love, and now The Master's Sun. i think out of the 3 leading men, she has the most chemistry with So Ji Sub *totally shipping them* <3 i hope they do more dramas together. i'm gonna watch Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy after i'm done with The Master's Sun. she's has been one of my favorite korean actresses since Pasta. and i love that she looks the way that she does, unique and natural, definitely more beautiful than all those plastic faces in the industry imo. i think that's what's captivating the viewers :) Gong Hyo Jin fighting!

missDandelion The Master's sun will end soon, hope you will be pairing with my favorite actor on your next project film/drama : 1. song seung hun 2. Eric shinwa 3. hyun bin 4. yoon hye sang

de gong hyo jin and so ji sub so really sweet prefect romance couple.. i wish they are be real couple in real life and get married.. cause them both still single.. they are very adorable together and very match.. please be real couple in real life.. gong hyo jin is very beautiful and lovely.. she have inner beauty and she is so very friendly.. she have kind heart and she is a kind woman.. i think she is will be good wife for so ji sub.. and so ji sub is very handsomen man and so ji sub is a kind man.. i think so ji sub will be good husband for gong hyo jin.. so i wish they are will be a lover.. i will happy and supporting them both... gong hyo jin and so ji sub is the best,very the best couple of this yea and eternalt best couple.. i love them both so much...

아이샤 저는 아가씨를 사랑합니다!!

아이샤 저는 아가씨를 사랑합니다!!!!

taraha awesome and amazing this drama The Master's sun, i really loved it.. the combination hero and heroin it's a great and the best i had seen.

Wengski Miss Gong it seems you have a spell, he he he. I hate drama but when i started watching the The greatest love, i was hooked then next to PASTA, i even search the personal life of your leading men (Lee Sun Gyun and Cha Seung Won) but they are family men. I believe in PASTA if not because of you it will be boring, but you did a great job...amazing!!!! and now in TMS...so WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW, you and So Ji Sub so awesome. Oh oh oh most of the fans they are shouting and hoping that both of you will turn into real relationship. The whole world wanted for it. We will support and watched out for both of you...he he he.

Rowena Go for a date Miss Gong with So Ji-Sub, both of you are compatible each other and this is the right time with the right person. Both your chemistry and rapport in the MASTER'S SUN unexplainable. Being an excellent actress is innate in you and i believe that you are the one who can give life to your leading men in the drama series you have been played.

You and So Ji-Sub its time to settle donw and have kids....we are many of your fans shouting of this all over the world.

You are beautiful in and out, most especially a witty woman. I have been watching drama series from your contry such as Stairway in Heaven, The baker King, Temptation of Wife, Dongyi, etc. i never watched it repeatedly. But in your drama series (PASTA, THE GREATEST LOVE/BEST LOVE/THE MASTER'S SUN) i watched it repeatedly and I even made it as screen saver in my laptop...lol. This is how addicted Iam for your Miss Gong Hyo Jin... Good luck and stay as sweet beautiful and nice person. Im your avid fan....lol

giva unnie, please play a role as perfect women, no one look down on you,like you are goddess, role with complicated problem like moon chae won character in Nice Guy, or else,something serious,dramatic but still....romance include of course :)

moon sang hyun i do agree that gong hyo jin is same with average girl outside there but she still IS beautiful and her acting is really superb.. not dull... n i don't think some 'more' beautiful actress can act like her in this drama..i love her since biscuit teacher and star candy and pasta.. she is really cute girl actually and her acting is honest also... so ji sub.. you are really handsome... even i love yoon sang hyun and lee kwang soo more... haha.. anyway keep up on your work... daebak

sora 수고했어요! 주군의 태양 너무 재밌게!!! 언니 과 소지섭 오빠 아주 조화!! 너는너무예뻐요!!

언니 화이팅!!!

herling i love her, she is so great actress and talented. i love her drama so much. keep move and now i saw the masters sun...its funny and like it so much. bravo.

aurelle i really like your acting, especially in Pasta and this drama. keep shining :). you're one of my fave actress.

Jen First of all, I see some people haven't google imaged her to see how absolutely gorgeous she is! Shame on people for saying such ugly things. I know it is an opinion, but I really don't think we need to focus on such negative feedback. I'd like to see those that feel she is ugly or unattractive win so many accolades, and be cast on as many movies as she has. Just saying my piece. Those opinions are why young Korean girls feel ugly and want plastic surgery, because they don't fit into the perfect ideal mold. No, she is no Yoona (SNSD), but she IS beautiful.

I love both So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Ji and think that they both are excellent actors and have such great chemistry on The Master's Sun. Not to mention that they are both really nice looking, lol.

ray nitschke jersey good post to help someone looking for assitance.

goshhhh i think her acting is way better than so ji sub in masters sun. that guy really cant act

Maja I think she's brilliant ! Absolutely. She's gorgeous as well and has one of the craziest yet oddly cute ways to express her roles ! Loving her and the chemistry between the lead in Master's Sun!! Can't wait for episode 5! AMAAZZZINNGGG drama. So far. Definitely meeting the high bar of I hear your voice!

Alas, can't wait to see more of her. Totally a huge fan <3 natural beauty and talented!

Mimiya Why is she cast in leading romantic roles? I don't want to be negative, but she is not a good actress, and her looks are less than average. I don't understand! Does anyone think she is attractive? Or can act? Or has a charismatic personality?

Seriously, PLEASE stop casting her as a romantic lead.

It is even worse when she is cast opposite handsome actors and in good dramas: i.e. I can see the love in Jang Hyuk 's eyes (Thank You) or the love in Rain Bi's face ( Sang Doo...), but she ruins the entire illusion and I snap back to reality as soon as her face appears. Sorry for the negativity, but I felt someone had to make an appeal.

yung hwa She has no facial expression whatsoever, her acting is so dull

Io i love her~ she's cute when act on drama pasta >w<

devie aggusy annyeong,nal johaeyo... neoneun yeppeun.. i'am a big your fan. you are pretty women.. you are beauty nature,i love your acthing.. i can't wait you in drama The master's sun.. aggusy saranghae....

Sandy Everyone loves what you guys tend to be up too. This sort of clever work and exposure!

Keep up the wonderful works guys I've included you guys to my blogroll.

Mhine Saranghamnida Gong Hyo Jin Unni <3 .. Take care always ..

kath ♥♥♥ hyo jin i hope i see you in person because you inspired me a lot

Maryam Dear Gung Hyo I am from Iran.I like you.I knew you from "Thank you" dramma.Youhad excellent acting in it.you have a very kindly face and eyes and I think that you are really kind person.when you cry in "Thank you" I cry.I have wacthed it 3 times.I hope you travel to Iran and I see you. kiss you

airacamille annyong unni :)) your a great actress and im a big fan of yours..hoping to see you soon .. maybe 2years from now..promise to go in south korea just to see you..i dont know what to say.. but im so happy everytime i saw your smile.. sarangheo unni :-*

Yarie anyeong unni :) I'm Yarie from Philippines. the first show that I was able to watch you is The Greatest Love , and you really caught my attention, I admire you and I love you. I'm still wishing to watch all of your shows and movies. you're a very talented person and a very pretty one. I want to go to Korea only just to see you in person and Im praying for that to happen. Hope you can visit here in the Philippines. I was easily attached to you and I must say that Im your fan. I love you Olive and hoping to see you in person anytime soon. hwaiting! nomu saranghae unni ♥

jackie alaba keep up the good work.. and looking forward to watch another drama series with Mr. Cha Seung won

riri I just saw you in your several tv shows. And although I like most of the stories, I dont see why you enjoy taking roles of a weak, dumb and naive type of girl that could create certain images about you..? Please writers, let olive have more clever and edgier characters...

Collibosher An actress/woman whose beauty doesn't immediately knock you over the head like say Song Hye Gyo or Kim Min Jung's does, but one whose subtle and delicate nature allows the hearts engine to slowly warm. In 'Thank You' (One of the best all-round dramas ever!), 'Bisquit Teacher', and 'Pasta' (just to name a few) there are heart-pounding beauties playing alongside of her who slowly disappear from view once her character begins to work her delicate magic upon you. It will hit you slowly, and you'll fall just like her co-stars do. The treasure of this actress is in both her versitility and the believability that she infuses into her characters. Life's greatest treasures are ultimately it's most simple and close to the heart. A nice warm bowl of soup and a crackling fire on a cold day are every bit as satisfying as fireworks display. Kong Hyo Jin is like a nice warm bowl of soup... :)

John She is a very talented actress. I first saw her in "Thank You." I have been hooked since. She is captivating and very expressive. I am definitely a fan.

dredz Yeah Chef! Definitely unforgetable

dredz SWEET looking, and MEMORABLE definitely one of my favorite korean actresses you make your mark on each of your projects I wish that you could make MORE ROMANCE COMEDY dramas

tncdel I was surprised to learn that she is a lot younger than she looked to me. In the Greatest Love, I figured she was about ten years older than the leading man, Cha Seung-Won. Instead he is ten years older than she is. But she already looks like a middle-aged woman.

varirie PAsTA... <3<3<3

varirie i really like your acting ......

pistachione I so love her. She's one of the best actresses in Korea. taking different roles to improve her skills. It's amazing how you could turn yourself into another person when you act. As you can see, the real hyo jin is quite edgy and eccentric in terms of her fashion, but when she acts she could be anyone and portray it well, be funny. girly, scary..etc.. I hope I'll be able to watch all of her dramas and films. I'll take it one at a time. More projects to come for you!! ♥♥♥

sya u are so cute..i like your acting... u are the best couple with chef...go go chaiyoooo


ika I love, when u say : "yes chef..!" You look spoiled n cute. N because of that too, the chef really love u. You're so cute, plain, without sin, n you have a kind heart. Both of you are excellent. I love both of u..

ika Romantic love drama. So amazing. N your acting with lee sun gyun very2 good n I really like it. The story is so interesting, good, n touched. I love u n lee sun gyun :).. Both of you are my idol.:)

essa putri anyeong! hy Iam your fans from indonesia when you come to indonesia?? do you know? in indonesia you have much fans , spesialy from pasta film! i like your acting in pasta cause you are look funny girl,, :)

ema i love ur acting.....it's very nice....

evi Hai Olive ,

Your acting in Pasta was excellent , hope many girls & women inspire they live to see your acting be the one with out sell the body .......................to man.............! and respect about love ...................in pasta.

Yes chef ..........!!!!!!!!!!!! I watch this drama when I'm down in my job............ha.....mantap

Sri I love your acting in pasta in love so much... You are so cute, pretty... Gong hyo jin... You have a genuine beauty and so natural... I love chef n you very much in pasta, you are the best couple ever... Gong hyo jin... Wish u all the best. ^_^

aldo i order 1 pasta with full love..!!!!!

ziya PASTAA !!! :D :D

AngGa PrayoGa oh yea... i think PASTA drama is a ferfect drama for me... only this all... Thanks.

AngGa PrayoGa wow... so amazing.. i like PASTA story....so cool

Marwan beautifull as Seo yoo kyung sweety girl I loved..PASTA LOVE drama

alex "you fire" its so funny

EGLC Although she has the ahjumma's look, she is very cute and her acting is superb. Don't miss her out in the Greatest Love drama :) the male lead is cute too :)

dindin I like Cha Seung Won and at first I thought I'll watch his next drama (discovery of affection).. But when I knew the actress was her (Kong Hyo Jin), maybe I won't watch it.. I don't like her.. don't know why?? Sigh~ I have to wait for Cha Seung Won's next drama, after "discovery of affection".. (>.<)

Xmada ur are so cute in pasta,"Yes, chef"

sheena ba-al hi!! you know your one of my favorites of korean actress..iloveyour"biscuitteacherandstarcandymovie"keepitup!

Yu_lee . I really love your acting in thank you . And you're my idol in korea

Pasta ah... the sound of "Yes, chef" in Pasta

taburetto I liked ery much her acting in "Let's Go to School, Sang Doo" with Rain. Since then she is one of my favourite korean actresses^^

RamenLover I first saw Hyo-jin Kong in the 1999 film "Memento Mori." Although she didn't have the typical Korean movie star look, she was still able to hold stage presence with her (at the time) more popular co-stars. Then watching her again in more recent films like "Family Ties" and especially "Happiness" really opened my eyes to her and talents. Her choice in movies is pretty impressive, can't wait to watch her in the big budget "Dachimawa Lee" as well as low budget films "Crush and Blush" and "Sisters on the Road." I will just pretend I never saw "M" and not mention that film - everything about it stank.

JL Liked her acting since watching her in Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy, Volcanos High, Thank you, etc. Looking forward to watching more of her movies. ;-)

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