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  • Drama: Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy / Hello My Teacher
  • Revised romanization: Keonbbang seonsaengkwa byeolsatang
  • Hangul: 건빵선생과 별사탕 / 건빵 선생과 별사탕
  • Director: Oh Jong-Rok, Kim Hyeong-Sik
  • Writer: Park Kye-Ok, Kim Jeong-Ah
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: April 13, 2005 - June 2, 2005
  • Runtime:
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


A tough teacher with an attitude and her cute student have an exciting time at school.

Na Bo-Ri(Kong Hyo-Jin) was a legend in high school for being a troublemaker and getting into fights. Then one day she gets expelled from school for being involved in a fight. After overcoming numerous hardships, she gets a job as a substitute teacher at her old high school. She is excited with the fact that she will be able to meet her old teacher, Ji Hyeon-Woo(Kim Da-Hyun), whom she has had a crush on for years. But a womanizing troublemaker in her class, Park Tae-In(Gong Yoo), keeps getting her into trouble. Tae-In is a smart and an athletic student. From Tae-In’s point of view, he dislikes Bo-Ri because she isn’t smart, but at the same time, has a headstrong personality. As his relationship with his teacher turns for the worst, he gradually becomes attracted to her through a series of complicated events...


ink=Kong Hyo-Jin Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy-Gong Yoo.jpg Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy-Kim Da-Hyun.jpg Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy-Choi Yeon-Jin.jpg
Kong Hyo-Jin Gong Yoo Kim Da-Hyun Choi Yeo-Jin
Na Bo-Ri Park Tae-In Ji Hyeon-Woo Nam Jaem-Ma
Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy-Lee Hyo-Jeong.jpg Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy-Yang Geum-Seok.jpg Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy-Jo Hyeong-Ki.jpg Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy-Park In-Hwan.jpg Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy-Geum Bo-Ra.jpg
Lee Hyo-Jeong Yang Geum-Seok Jo Hyeong-Ki Park In-Hwan Geum Bo-Ra
Park Joong-Sup Ji Young-Ae Dong Chil-Hwan Hwang Kap-Soo Bae Yi-Da
Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy-Jo Sang-Ki.jpg Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy-Kim Yoon-Kyung.jpg Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy-Hyeon Yeong.jpg Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy-Lee Yun-Ji.jpg Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy-Park Hyo-Jun.jpg
Jo Sang-Ki Kim Yoon-Kyung Hyun Young Lee Yoon-Ji Park Hyo-Jun
Nam Sung-Ki Oh Joo-Yun Jo Ji-A Na Seon-Jae Oh Sang-Tae
Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy-Seo Jun-Yeong.jpg Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy-Jang Hie-Jin.jpg Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy-Cha Seo-Rin.jpg Biscuit Teacher - Sin-A.jpg Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy-Koh Joon-Hee.jpg
Seo Jun-Young Jang Hie-Jin Cha Seo-Rin Sin-A Koh Joon-Hee
Park Jae-In Oh Eun-Byeol Lee Hye-Bin Kang Ri-Ping Kim Seon-A
Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy-Kang Do-Han.jpg Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy-Park Ki-Yeong.jpg Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy-Jeong Ui-Cheol.jpg Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy-Jeong Kyeo-Woon.jpg Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy-Shin Hyeon-Tak.jpg
Kang Do-Han Park Ki-Young Jung Eui-Chul Jeong Kyeo-Woon Shin Hyun-Tak
Lee Yu-Jin Park Su-Hyeon Choi Chang-Il Lee Ho-Jun Park Man-Chang
Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy-Ki Moo.jpg Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy-Jang Ji-Woo.jpg Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy-Joo Ho.jpg Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy-Nam Chang-Hie.jpg Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy-Lee Eun.jpg
Ki Moo Jang Ji-Woo Joo Ho Nam Chang-Hie Lee Eun
Choi-Hoon Lee Jang-Baek Kim Young-Song Kim Baek-Joon Yeo Se-Ra
Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy-You Da-In.jpg Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy-Cho Hanna.jpg Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy-Song Jin-Young.jpg
You Da-In Cho Hanna Song Jin-Young
Honor Student Bae Pil-Soon Pil Jo

Additional Cast Members:


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lola Hai im from Sabah, Malaysia.. I love to watch biscuit teacher and star candy so much.. This is 1st drama of gong yoo i've fallen in love.. So fun to watch and made me cried.. But anyway this is the best drama i've ever seen.. Love u gong yoo..

ailana the drama is very funny and can excited if to watch, every watch I usually smile and happy.this is my opinion and you...........

Clarkdale44 It was good drama from comedy prospective but i didn't liked the its plot much neither casting.

First thing is the compatibility of the main leads, Na Bo-Ri and Park Tae-In i don't think they have much of a chemistry together... I didn't felt that deep feelings between them together... I don't usually feel bad for the other party but this time i have to.. I really feel sorry for Ji Hyeon-Woo, Nam Jaem-Ma and Eun-Seong. Na Bo-Ri destroyed the feelings of three peoples. She wasn't sure about her feelings and took advantage of Tae-in's feelings when she needed comfort. She was going back and fourth to Park Tae-In and Ji Hyeon-Woo during the entire series. I am the guy who usually likes for the main leads to be together in such situation but for some unknown reason ending of this drama didn't felt right. Well everyone has their own opinion!! I will give it 5/10(for decent casting and story)

Sawako i haven't finished this dorama yet, but I think it's pretty interesting. Though I'm a little bit confused by the matter of "does the art teacher like her"? He seems a bit jealous.. Well, I'll have to finish it to know but I guess they'll form a pretty cool love triangle. hehe (=^.^=)

Karen Prestidge Liked it a lot! However, the last comment that Tae In made was confusing.

Are they still together? He said he loved her and will remember the interpretation a little off? Thank You. Karen

areyung ayung(areelayung peace) i like biscuit teacher and star candy,i from malaysia

areyung ayung(areelayung peace) i like biscuit teacher and star candy,im from malaysia

cloud_JS The best dorama I ever saw. Every episode - just tears and smiles.

P.S. Sorry for english.

rien does anyone know the title to the main song??

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