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Sometime in the near future, the Korean peninsula attempts to reunify. The South Korean government, which needs enormous funds for the unification to succeed, develops a landmark new technology called the TWR. The TWR is a high speed nuclear reactor and other countries want the technology.

To prevent terror in the aftermath of the TWR breakthrough, the government establishes a new organization named NTS (National Anti-Terror Service). Jung-Woo (Jung Woo-Sung) is transferred to the NTS group from the NIS. He's excited about the transfer and hopes to live the life of a real agent, but then discovers his main responsibility is to watch North Korean defectors.

One day, Jung-Woo is given the order to travel to Italy to track terrorists from North Korea. Jung-Woo goes to Italy with Ki-Soo (Kim Min-Jong). Ki-Soo is a former North Korean agent who has defected to South Korea. Ki-Soo's specialty is information on the European region. Up until now, Ki-Soo was one of the North Korean defectors that Jung-Woo had to monitor.

While in Italy, Soo-Young (Lee Bo-Young), the daughter of the South Korean President Jo Myeong-Ho (Lee Jeong-Kil), is kidnapped by terrorists. To solve the case the Korean government sends additional NTS agents including Jae-Hee (Lee Ji-A) to Italy. The NTS agents are able to negotiate with the terrorists, but during their negotiations Hye-In (Su-Ae) suddenly appears. Jung-Woo and the other agents are surprised. Hye-In works as a guide at the exhibition hall in the NIS building. Jung-Woo has always held strong feelings towards Hye-In, but he has never expressed his feelings towards her. Following Hye-In, Son-Hyuk (Cha Seung-Won), the chief of the East Asia branch of Department of Homeland Security in the U.S., suddenly appears as well. The NTS agents are mystified by their appearance.

Jung-Woo learns that there is a secret "solutions" group within the NTS whose sole responsibility is to solve problems that others agencies can not. More surprisingly, Hye-In is part of that group.

Other mysterious cases start to occur and Jung-Woo's intuition leads him to believe that there is unfathomable conspiracy occurring to rearrange the power structure of the entire world. That conspiracy is led by Athena.

What is the real identity of Athena and what does Hye-In and Son-Hyuk hide in their NTS "solutions" group?


  1. "Athena: Goddess of War" (taken after the mythological goddess of war) is a spin-off of the 2009 KBS2 drama "IRIS" with new characters and will be aired on SBS.
  2. Production company Taewon Entertainment, responsible for the original "Iris", will produce "Athena: Goddess of War" and the upcoming "IRIS 2" (KBS2 will air the sequel to IRIS sometime in 2011).
  3. Filming for "Athena: Goddess of War" is expected to start in June 2010. Locations will include 6 different countries including Singapore, New Zealand and Japan.
  4. On April 15, 2010 it was announced actress Lee Ji-A will play NTS (National Anti-Terrorist Service) agent Han Jae-Hee. Her character is described as strong physically, beautiful, & the perfect special agent. She is somewhat the anti-thesis of double agent Yun Hye-In (Su-Ae) who will be calm & cold. Both ladies will have relationships with main characters Lee Jeong-Woo and Son-Hyeok.
  5. "Athena: Goddess of War" will takeover the SBS Monday & Tuesday 21:55 time slot previously occupied by drama "Giant" and will be followed by "Midas" on February 22, 2011.
  6. Actors Jung Woo-Sung & Jung Chan-Woo were injured on January 23rd, 2011 while filming for "Athena: Goddess of War". The scene was being film on location at a parking lot in Kyungwon University. Actor Jung Chan-Woo was driving a car which he lost control of on melting snow. Jung Woo-Sung attempted to avoid the car and injured his right knee, while Jung Chan-Woo need stitches for cuts on his head. Jung Woo-Sung wil take 2-3 days break from filming before returning to the series. Episode 14 originally scheduled to air on January 25th will air the following week. In its place, on January 25th, SBS will air a special "Athena - Soo-Ae's Secret" (스폐셜-수애의 비밀).
  7. "Athena - Soo-Ae's Secret" (스폐셜-수애의 비밀) will consist of narration by actress Soo-Ae and features cut out scenes + making of the drama "Athena: Goddess of War" + interviews.
  8. Related titles:
    1. IRIS (KBS2 / 2009)
    2. IRIS: The Movie (2010)
    3. Athena: Goddess of War (SBS / 2010)
    4. IRIS 2 (KBS2 / 2013)


Athena Goddess of War-Jung Woo-Sung.jpg Athena Goddess of War-Cha Seung-Won.jpg Athena Goddess of War-Su-Ae.jpg Athena Goddess of War-Lee Ji-A.jpg Athena Goddess of War-Kim Min-Jong.jpg Athena Goddess of War-Choi Si-Won.jpg
Jung Woo-Sung Cha Seung-Won Soo-Ae Lee Ji-Ah Kim Min-Jong Choi Si-Won
Lee Jung-Woo Son-Hyuk Yoon Hye-In Han Jae-Hee Kim Ki-Soo Kim Joon Ho
Athena-you dong keun.jpg Athena-lee jeong kil.jpg Athena-kim young ae.jpg Irish-kim seung woo.jpg Irish-oh yoon ah.jpg
Yoo Dong-Geun Lee Jeong-Kil Kim Yeong-Ae Kim Seung-Woo Oh Yoon-Ah
Kwon Yong-Kwan Jo Myeong-Ho Choi Jin-Hee Park Cheol-Yeong Oh Sook-Kyung
NTS Director Korean President Secretary for President N.K. enovy science lab boss

Additional Cast Members:


Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2010-12-13 1 25.9 (2nd) 26.2 (1st)
2010-12-14 2 25.4 (2nd) 25.8 (1st)
2010-12-20 3 20.2 (2nd) 20.7 (2nd)
2010-12-21 4 19.8 (2nd) 19.9 (2nd)
2010-12-27 5 19.0 (2nd) 18.8 (2nd)
2010-12-28 6 18.7 (2nd) 18.2 (2nd)
2011-01-03 7 15.1 (3rd) 18.8 (3rd)
2011-01-04 8 15.1 (3rd) 18.4 (3rd)
2011-01-10 9 13.8 (3rd) 16.0 (4th)
2011-01-11 10 12.4 (9th) 13.7 (6th)
2011-01-17 11 13.0 (4th) 13.7 (6th)
2011-01-18 12 11.9 (5th) 12.9 (7th)
2011-01-24 13 13.3 (4th) 13.6 (5th)
2011-01-31 14 11.4 (8th) 12.9 (6th)
2011-02-01 15 11.8 (6th) 13.1 (6th)
2011-02-07 16 12.7 (4th) 14.6 (4th)
2011-02-08 17 13.6 (4th) 15.7 (4th)
2011-02-14 18 11.8 (9th) 13.1 (7th)
2011-02-15 19 11.5 (10th) 12.5 (8th)
2011-02-21 20 12.4 (5th) 14.1 (5th)
Average 16.1 -

Source: TNS Media Korea

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hola Wowe...nice Like

Chakita3 OMG!!!....Jung Woo-Sung...I have always loved your work, and this one....amazing! absolutely amazing!!....Athena - Goddess of War...absolutely daebak!....Lovedlovedloved it!!...All the actors/actresses, absolutely divine, so much colour and beauty on screen....thank you.. The action/thriller type dramas need to capture the audience straight away and I must admit, K-Drama, you did so well (for me anyway), in keeping me interested and glued to the screen right to the was amazing! Cha Seung-Won, always the baddie...(but you do it so well...!!!), love your work, absolutely! The action scenes of JWS and even Soo Ae, heck EVERYONE was incredible. I prefer this one to Iris....even though I thoroughly enjoyed Iris too....(Awesome work Korea!)... Congratulations to all the cast, crew, PD's, writers....lovedlovedloved Athena - Goddess of War.. Bravo, absolutely!!

Dy Worst than iris.. I watched ep 3,4,5 thought..just for Lee Bo Young that doing the tiny cameo...

Sherriff i love the movie soo much and soo-Ae you are a good fighter and jung woo-sung too i like his acting if i would had got the chance she will my personal teacher in fighting.I really enjoy watching Athena Goddess of war and Iris.please send my regard to Soo-Ae

sivrid Should i watch this? Hope the testimony below help alot. I watch most of because of Kim Min Jong is one of the cast . His acting skill is great.

Diamond My star actor was Son-Hyuk and Andy.i love andy's loyalty and handsomeness.i wished son-hyuk and andy didnt die.

Ngao hu Very Good performance. If we could have contacts for the characters we could praise them Individualy. Good guys.

Ace please what is the name of the song at the beginning of episode 8 Athena that was being played while BOA was in the car.

xseouldreamerx By the way, Athena is the goddess of wisdom AND arts of war. Aris IS the god of war yet Athena is the goddess of ARTS of war. It makes sense because Athena (the organization) was clever, quick and nice in ARTS of guns, fights and stuff.

xseouldreamerx I love Athena. I don't think that's pretty to compare it to IRIS, because the action scenes and the ending scenes were better, yet IRIS (I think) had a better plot as the series were running. I mean, the writers put too much strenght in the love story in some episodes and then it vanished. They should've done it gradually. Still, I loved Athena and the Episode 12 was epic. 'Yu Jin-sshi', Jung Woo's last sentence in that episode. AWESOME. And the cliffhangers are also great, because it leaves the viewer like 'OH MY GAWD, WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN?!'. Resuming and concluding, I love Athena and I don't intend to watch IRIS, because I don't want to lose my admiration for Athena. I mean, peepz are comparing both and it sounds like IRIS was far better than Athena, when the ending scenes and action scenes weren't. And there's Soo Ae's knee kick, Lee Ji Ah's cobra twist and Jung Woo Sung's 'two-guns' scene. ACTION IS THE BEST IN ATHENA.

Ria IRIS is more realistic, but personally i thought it dragged on for too long- i got fed up with it.

TSTMP Lee Jung-Woo is too arrogant. IRIS is more realistic. Like in EP4 how can they send Kim Ki-Soo, outsider on field. This not make sense, and he only there to make it harder. Yes, writer want it to be harder so he send the crown.

jb i wish kim so yeon had a bigger part in the drama, but so far it's pretty awesome!

Don Nice at first

Sherryl. Choi Si-Won !!!!!!!!!!! you're so handsome and cool in that drama ))))) saranghaeee <3<3<3<3<3

isabela i'm srsly thinking about watching this one.. Cha Seung-Won, Lee Ji-Ah and Siwon.. all the three did an amazing job in my favorite dramas *U*

Mikey Look IRIS and Athena are connected in the sense that they are in the same universe in the reality of both movie both event occurred and is true, and it is evidence with flashback to IRIS scene at the very beginning of episode 1 and the fact that Jung-Woo also mentioned about IRIS to Hye-In. In another aspect in my opinion IRIS has better drama and overall story line with LBH, Kim Tae Hee, and Kim So Yeon it really did touched the audience who watched the series however Athena has better ending to IRIS. Either way both series are really well done and I m really anticipating for their respective sequel. :D

Rhodrino Amon Can somebody tell me if iris and antena goddess of war are two different movies am lost

Rhodrino Amon Can somebody tell me if iris and antena goddess of war are two different movies

donchi i just want to watch IRIS 1 got soooooo attached with the great characters in there.. by the way how could the writter finish the story like that honestly Killing KIM at the last scene and nt giving us a clue u expect me to be loyal to another drama .. explain this

Amane this's one of the best dramas i ever seen !!!! choi si won is so handsomee x i only watch this drama because of him !!! saranghaeee <3

kayronman Personally, I think this drama is 100 times better than IRIS. The story is better and it has an happy end (that is well made).

Freeman Please I need the names and series of the mobile phones that was used in this movie.

hayzed Best Action korean film av ever seen.......plz, does any1 knows the brand of phones and cars used by the main actors? If u know the names (phones & cars),kindly send it to my e-mail address asap.....

kato moses I have watched some series with detective, espionage content, but this really took me. fell head over heels for this project, it has been more than words can ever express. i just cant thank enough those who put in every input to make it a success, and certainly enable me thousands of miles away to enjoy such a beautiful piece of work. thank you so much. am just hoping you could makee the story continue further into the second season, i can envision a lot more hot, exciting stuff in the supposed second season. if only yu could just go on with the project. i didnt get enough from the NK lady agent in NZ, need more of her, then ki soo fantastic character. jae hee didnt deserve to die, her death broke me down. we need more from that fantastic team that put together this fantastic work.

awaiting 2nd season. kato- uganda thank you so much may God bless the whole team

Suuna Alex ONE BEST KOREAN u guys...keep it up....always remember athena !!!!!!!!

Suuna Alex i just loved this inspiring.....u guys all keep it up....always remember Athena !!!!!!

KPOMPY1 wow!!!!!!is IRIS the contiuation of ATHENA?

tunde i love athena movie,my best actor is soo Ae and woo sung but is full of woman

Angelville I like Soo-Ae in Emperor of the Sea with Song Il Gook. I also like her fight scenes here in Athena and she's beautiful and sexy. I like her smiles. But I am quite disappointed because Lee Ji Ah was not the lead female. I just cant make sense that Jung woo ignores Han Jae Hee just like that after her father told him to break up with her. When jae hee joins NTS too and Jung woo starts wooing Hye In ignoring Jae Hee I jump to final episode to see who's really the female lead. When I saw that Jae Hee died I lost the desire to continue watching it.

Shinkapo Yoshihiro Akiyama, the Black Agent who works for Director Kwon, is the best! LOL! been anticipating his appearance after his 'supposed death' in the bathroom fight with Son-Hyuk...he's cool man..wonderful martial arts he has got! just a pity he lasted only two eps....

kim7 this drama is not as good as IRIS. the male lead is quite a jerk and some kind of stupid. not to say unprofessional when doing his job as an "agent". too much unnecessary romance (main lead always dreaming & imagining doing something romantic with female lead) made me think he is like a small boy that has just meet his first love. athena's 1st epi did not impress me at all, no wonder the ratings keep going down. and it's unfair to compare action scenes between Kim Tae Hee and Soo Ae because one is a profiler while the other is BLACK/field agent; furthermore Kim Tae Hee acting is a lot better (not to say prettier face) than Soo Ae. while IRIS made me finished watching all the episodes within 3 days, athena is already made me bored & irritated at only 5th epi (-.-)''''

Tola Theng athena goddess of war is more action than iris :P

shin mi rae i think i'll try to watch coz this drama has Cha Seung Won. am a fan of him since Cityhall.

Cullengabriela I've been wait for this.....This movie is fantastic....awesome gunfigthin.....great action....;-) jung woo sung act looks like tom cruise n his face likes christopher reeves.....!!!i wanna rewatch this movie over n over again

Mendel In Episode 2, the very LAST song... can anyone tell me what the name and singer is? I'd love to find it on an Mp3... Thanks

blaheiei QUESTION! I thought Park Cheoul Yeong died from IRIS: The Movie... why is he alive in this one? did I miss something??

Victoria I was looking forward to this drama so much, there are so many awesome actors. It is just boring though. I just finished episode 8 and still the first episode was the only one with an epic fight scene. I really want to see some more ninja moves and less guns and zooming in on characters faces. I haven't seen IRIS but it seems like it would be much better maybe I'll go watch that. I still plan to finish Athena hopefully it gets better.

jacqueline i love soo-ae act as Yoon Hye-In!!so cool! wow~i liked her!

lavino What was Sun-Hwa doing then? It never explained. The timeline is right comparing to IRIS because 3 years ago ... 1) She suppose to return to N Korea long time ago and help captured Park Cheol-Yeong. 2) She killed lee bhung hun at the end of IRIS (at least according to the movie... I think the TV never showed the killer. Then based on 1 and 2 how can she be in New Zealand with a husband and a +3 yr old daughter. I don't remember the daughter was her ex's daughter with another woman (that would make more sense). But still.. doing all that in 3 years and not return to N Korea?! Doesn't make sense. Plus it never explain what was her revenge...

suraya sometimes, i find this series is quite boring however, my enthusiasm to watch this and be a regular viewer to this show because of soo ae. love her. especially in 9 end 2 outs but in this series she's quite slow and boring too. nevertheless, i will stick my ass to watch this until the end for soo ae and the cars.

kenapa intelligence korea nampak macam dalam Alias? perlu ke desktop background dan computer tools nampak mcm sgt intense?

haleluana Just viewed episode 3 on tv where i live. why is it that the writers of these dramas make people look so stupid just for the sake of excitement or of stretching the drama to make it fit the time slot, or just generally to stretch the entire drama just because it's drawing viewership?

Case in point: in episode 3, the 2 "intelligence" officers have these 5 or 6 photos which they show to this woman they meet in italy. They don't know that she's the president's daughter at that time. The woman looks at the pics and says, "I'm not sure what these pics have in common, but they are the photos of where i work, where i live, where I go to draw". DUH???? These "Intelligence" people cannot find a common denominator until after the fact!! I mean....didn't the director/actors/writers, etc....pick up on this stupidity that they couldn't find out a common denominator was the girl and that she would be the target?

I'm sure there will be more to come in future episodes!! LOL.... There were a few in Iris also, and it's very commonplace in regular dramas...

axela yes its the end athena.... coming up IRIS season 2 lee bhung hun and kim tae hee kim tae hee

faizal Any koreans out there, how many episode they plan to publish actually?Is it 20 or 15 will be the last one?

A fan ;]. Yes, I have to agree with AndrewLee's comment, IRIS does have a better introduction and more intense than Athena. Athena focus too much on romance. Actor and Actress on both drama are very good! I hope the rating go up soon, they deserves to get more viewers! With the actor, and the right script for story line, it COULD be as good as IRIS, but so far, too much romance! ;x.

aa i like this drama nery much... JWS n SA is better than LBH n KTH in acting... Kim Ta Hee membosankan...

mitkenski Can someone tell me what is the name of the song in the ending of episode 7 after Cha Seung-Won says "you cannot imagine how much is this case connected with politics" or something like that pls help by the way Athena is pretty good i like it

AndrewLee Honestly, I think that IRIS had a better introduction, plot, and story line. The action in IRIS seemed more professional and intense. ATHENA's introduction was kind of "ehhh.." The plot is more focused on the relationships between the characters in the story. Lee Byun Hun did a better job, in my opinion. I think that Soo Ae is a lot prettier than the main female lead in IRIS. I hope to see more intensity and hate in ATHENA.

lavino Actually.. ep12 is not that bad. It is by far the best. You don't really have to have tons of super gun action. The environment in ep12 is pretty good even there isn't really a whole lot of action. I hope they cut the whole loving relationship and turn it into hate and revenge. But let's see...

Momo I was so anticipating this drama at first cuz IRIS totally ownedd but after seeing a few episodes it was OBVIOUS athena cant even compare with IRIS.... the plot is confusing and meaningless... the drama is too choppy... i mean altho IRIS was confusing too at first but everything CONNECTED for example the president daughter scene.. watching it was exciting i admit but after its like ...and the point of that was?

sigh honestly the only thing good bout this drama is the various comical scenes lol those i look forward to

POL Lee Jung Woo is SO STUPID! Him and his stupid blind infatuation with Hae In is making me really question the the male protagonist going to continue be this inadequate throughout the series? Because after episode 6, I am really wanting to drop this already. UGHHHH!

However, I really love Soo Ae, she's such a versatile actress! Seen most of her works, and she is really good.

shiryl i like athena better that iris.. and i also love to see lee ji ah in this drama.. also the other main characters are not bad.. it make me so eager to watch that can't even wait for the next episodes to be uploaded. i just hope it will not have a tragic ending like that of iris... more power athene...

lavino Well the story so far isn't the greatest but then it is not the worst ;) Problem is that there are quite a few spots that doesn't make much sense to me. I am sorry to say that even Plan-B had some of the plot twist that is better thought of imo.. LOL. While watching the show I constantly had to say to myself "Come on! You gotta be ****ing kidding me!" I like the whole DTS is in the NTS office plot but it is nothing clever. The whole "Keep your friends close but keep your enemy closer." theme totally failed in this case. Things are so flat and dull. With better plan and writing the first 10 shows could have been a great mind-game struggle between the Athena, S Korean and N Korean governments. There wasn't enough N Korean involved so far. They could have been the x-factor that killed both sides plans instead of all these not so clever plots. I don't hate the show but it doesn't really impress me that much so far.

ddongkae this has to be better than IRIS. IRIS was good up until the last few episodes when it really dropped the ball. Kim Taehee is cute but she cant act to save her life. Seeing her hold a gun and trying to look like a tough secret agent was laughable. Her and her plastic barbie doll friend that resembled Michael Jackson were a big let down for the series. Lee Byunghun is a pretty good actor though so his role will be harder to fill. Kim Soyeon was a much better female lead in that series.

time to start downloading :)

IRIS @kimchichigae that's true no expression from Jung Woo-sung and actress

IRIS IRIS IS BEST!!!!!!! ATHENA is not best at all but not bad LBH and KTH are best actor and actress!!!!

Kimchichigae Jung Woo-Sung can't act ! One expression, only one. Lee Byung Hun was much better in Iris . Too many characters running around, plot is just too messy for me

kc @ei32

If you don't like the show then please gtfo =)

ei32 LOL at ratings dropping like a rock.

Crappy acting, laughable action scenes, and predictable plot.

It's not hard to see why ratings keep dropping. People are not stupid.

Bosukage agree with comment #47 Judyannlou Says:

Even in Korean drop but at outside a popularity is spectacular at least in both country i've living, I'm from Indonesia and now i stayed at Japan with same popularity, every single movie fanatics is waited this series day by day on many websites who shown this drama online, hope this series not only IRIS 1 & 2, it's loved see a series type like this, amazing, salute n perfect stun

lavino Wow I haven't seen BoA for a long time (I used to watch her via Avex's webcast but they start charging the feed since 2003 so I stopped). She changed so much now and look so different. I have to say I like the old BoA more =P Btw I think so far the story is totally turning off all female viewers (and we all know how much rating that represents). At least I know my wife is totally not interested in Athena but she is so hooked with Secret Garden. She is being a very typical female viewer so go figure... ^_^

Judyannlou I do like Athena more, than Iris. Though every episodes drops its rating throughout Korea or Seoul, but for me as viewers outside Korean country Athena is the best Korean dramas I've watched( out of the 200 Korean dramas). Every episodes gives me a thrill and I've always been eager to wait for the next episode with corresponding English subtitle. When watching this drama, one must concentrate its conversations/subtitles then truly one can fully understand or digest the storyline. I'm from the Philippines and I love to watch Korean drama.

bettyblue To clarify, I think Athena isn't IRIS 2, its a spin off of the concept. Hence a different name. Athena: Goddess of War

Iris 2 is currently in talks for productions in March 2011, they're talking with the original characters on the terms before they can produce it. Everyone has to be in it for Iris 2 to work. So lets just cross our fingers and hope they'll all sign on to do Iris 2.

Tub Huh? Kim hyun joong is acting? As who?

lavino I think Su-Ae's acting is excellent so far. She has that psychotic look on her face which makes her perfect for a cold-blooded killer agent. Yet in daily life her face was showing some artificial emotion that you can tell is all fake but it was just enough to fool everyone around her cover. Even her smile while under cover was showing some degree of her laughing inside while fooling everyone around her. I seriously can't think of another actress who can play her role... Ok may be except Kim So-yeon (but she is already in the drama as a diff role ^_^) but still I think Su-Ae will do a better job.

Ki @jas "Two female leads are pretty mediocre actors, especially that Su-Ae girl. She seems to only have two facial expressions.

Stopped watching after 3 episodes.

IRIS was so much better. (It was also bad with action scenes, but it had better acting and more engaging storylines.)"

I am thoroughly enjoying Su-Ae in "Athena" - she's sexy and has an attitude which fits her character. Furthermore, I watched Su-Ae in this year's thriller "Midnight F.M." and she gave one of the best female performances that I witnessed this year (left me seriously impressed). Comparing her to Kim Tae-Hee seems silly to me. I haven't watched "IRIS" but I have watched & grimaced through Kim Tae-Hee's performances in movies "The Restless" (maybe the worst performance ever) and "Venus and Mars" (disappointing). Everybody does have their opinions and mine is - Su-Ae is perfect for Athena!

Ben I wondered if anyone caught the movie version of Iris. In the ending, ---------------------- was the one who killed LBH and --------------------. I wonder how are they coming back to life in future.

mina it is very good.i love siwon very much,dostet daram siwon

2221 I wonder what ep soshi starred in......<33

lavino I think it is too early to judge which one is better. People tend to like whatever comes first (that's why we always have ppl saying the good-old-days were better). I found both IRIS and Athena are very different in style. IRIS starts off in the mid point and then re-cap you back to the starting point. Athena is more just show the story in order... so far. Of course the opening is better for IRIS since most of us will wonder just how did he got there and what happened after ep1. If they don't screw it up Athena can still be good because this time the story peels off like an onion. I don't know how much of a shock factor there will be compare to IRIS but we shall see. If this one disappoints.. no worries, there is still IRIS2 ;)

SoFF-OnE @lavino "why Dr Kwon got spared by Son-Hyuk 3 years ago?"

I think its because some personal feeling and out of respect to him because they both are good in their profession.remember in bathroom fight,at the end he put the jacket on his rival.also, dr kwon managed to outmaneuver him rescuing the his respect grew more and his bold enough to defy direct order to kill him.its unthinkable that he unintendedly missed the chance to kill thinking that dr kwon was tied and so on.

on another note,i have to remind myself that this story is just a SPIN-OFF! it starts with the timeline after the shooting of North Korean fugitive in Europe(so the story is before the shooting of LBH hence parallel with IRIS).so we can assume that this is another team within NIS and another agencies in the story.then it fast forward to 3 years after where we can safely assume also,that the president will come to the end of his term.

Quality-wise,I think IRIS is better in action that Athena(primarily because of the background music).Athena exudes more mysterious feeling right off the start compare to IRIS with high-note from the start.With more episode to come,I hope the character built-up will be better because right now it just gives the feeling of introduction.Some of them,I haven't seen their acting in Drama so I can't compare if they are good or not.(right now i just finished Ep opinion subjects to further development in later episode)

SAsuke What Episode does bOa Star in?

jas Pretty disappointing so far.

Very cliched, especially all the action scenes. Pretty bad soundtrack/score.

Two female leads are pretty mediocre actors, especially that Su-Ae girl. She seems to only have two facial expressions.

Stopped watching after 3 episodes.

IRIS was so much better. (It was also bad with action scenes, but it had better acting and more engaging storylines.)

lavino And was the WHOLE Italy mission Jung-Woo's dream or just the kissing part? Everything is too perfect like he jumped down the car spot on and etc... kinda makes me think that may be it is all but just a dream. But then something must have happened or else end of ep1 won't make sense... If he was involve in the Italy mission then why he whined about he didn't do anything in NTS? Don't get me wrong, it is still very good. I am more of a fan of Lee Ji-A so I am so happy to finally see her in ep2.

Ki @lavino "why the Dr got spared by Son-Hyuk 3 years ago?"

... while watching ep.2 I didn't think about it, but just assumed they shot him in the torture chamber and he didn't die (he was one tough guy) and managed to escape. so that was my take, but maybe there was more (conspiracy!) ... we'll see.

lavino Something I don't get is why the Dr got spared by Son-Hyuk 3 years ago? I guess this will be explained later... So far so good. I like ep1 better but will see how it unfolds.

Ki watched ep.1 of "Athena: Goddess of War" tonight live on SBS. I didn't watch "IRIS" and tried to watch the big-budget (I presumed) action themed "The Fugitive:Plan B" ... but couldn't sit through a whole episode. "Athena: Goddess of War" on the other hand left me seriously impressed and amped to catch the second episode tomorrow.

Loved seeing all the stars (Jung Woo-Sung, Cha Seung-Won, Su-Ae) and thought they were all very good. Ok Jung Woo-Sung might have been a wee too giddy when he first met Su-Ae at the amusement park, but didn't mind (I would have probably had the same reaction). Cha Seung-Won's fight scene in the bathroom was amazing and Su-Ae with a high powered automatic rifle looked great!

Hopefully the story doesn't get wonky and builds on this great beginning. I'll be watching tomorrow ...

ACLT511 dvlover - you are not the only one! I love Siwon and he is the reason that I want to see Athena! Siwon is so hot and he looks and acts amazing!!

cikupik love lee ji-ah and cha seung won they are great actor, never been impressed with su ae i can't remember any of her role, hope this will be different

Tricia i really wanted the main characters to remain the same...esp not knowing who assasinated LBH, it seems like there was much more that needs to be told about the first story...idk if im excited or not...

Cherly oh!!!I like it very much.

m oh nos, how many tons of firearm was that!?

Suzy Lee ahhhhhhhh...jung woo sung, choi si won & kim min jong are here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3<3<3

kim ji eun i want lee ji ah to be the athena.. i was disappointed to know that shes not the lead actress(athena)

NightLizard Boys:

Both Jung Woo Sung & Cha Seung Won are great actors, I hope Athena will be good, cuz IRIS was marvelous! Choi Si Won was a real surprise for me, but a pleasant one ^^ Kim Min-Jong - his role in "A Man Called God" was the only thing holding me from dropping this drama, so I hope he will get a good part in this one. He is a really good actor.


Su Ae was not bad in "Two Outs in the Ninth Inning" I'm not a big fan of her... so I just have to see what she can... Lee Ji Ah - I don't like her, she annoys me in "Style" so much... ok, ok, she was better in "The Relation of Face, Mind and Love", but I think that was just cuz I was watching Kang Ji Hwan all the time....

I just hope this drama would be interesting. i don't want to compare it to IRIS, cuz I think it is a little different works, I'll try to look at it as fairly as I can.

sylvia navarro I prefer watching this than the previous IRIS simply because the actors here are more handsome. The leading lady may not be as beautiful like kim tae hee but in action dramas ladies are just second leads, the actors are more important. I wonder why the koreans find the actor lee byung hung as handsome but the truth is he's not, his looks would just fit it for a taxi driver or ordinary character.

kangy It's true that most people who watched IRIS doesn't feel like watching Athena: Goddess of War even myself because the IRIS cast was superb ... the drama scene was perfect .. the story line was super touching ... the action was fantastically awesome ... but we have to trust the production since they originally produced IRIS out ... maybe they will do even better than IRIS .. Actually i'm quite excited waiting for this drama as you all know cha seung won is a good actor if you've seen him act in city hall drama ... The rest i'm not so sure ... haha but i will give them a chance to try .. :D

RainF I do not like Athena, do not like its sypnosis. Leading actress su-ae is not pretty & acts poorly in the past. It seems that Fugitive with Rain & lee na young is better.

lol Why does the person with the eyeliner holding the shot gun at the bottom left reminds me of Jang Geun Suk? lol

owc Iris 1 characters are perfect!!!!after watching Iris 1, i just got attached wif the characters and dun have a feeling to watch Iris 2 casted by other people.... :-(

dvlover OMG....!!!!!!!! look who's there>>>>>>>>its SiWon.... He looks great with his great body...haha.. just addicted with him...@@


minji they left out kim hyun joong :o

Sophie People, Athena is supposed to be a spin-off. A spin-off is where the story takes place in the same universe as the original, but has a completely different storyline and characters. Iris 2 will be the real sequel to Iris.

zuephy is it true that suju's siwon will casting in Athena- kim joonho role?? i thought there is been a rumors saying that ss501 kim hyun joong will join this series with that role??? sorry my eng is not so good!!

Hyeonjin I'll watch the spin-off, even though I am not as familiar with the cast. I've only seen Jeong Wooseong in a movie with Son Yejin. But I have high expectations for this drama since it's from the same production company, and Iris was an amazing drama, so this one must be as amazing, if not better! :) I really hope they will air and finish this drama by the end of this year so next year will be completely focused on Iris 2. I'm really hoping they find LBH's character on time to save him! LBH + KTH :D

lavino I would like to see a real sequel for IRIS but then... who's left to finish the story off? It is highly unlikely Seung-hee will return to the force. Sure the president and the new NSS chief can form another team leading the investigation but through IRIS we already know that the organization is much bigger than anything that 1 nation alone can deal with. Sure they can do that in the plot but it will be awkward or whoever responsible will end up like Hyeon-joon. I would love to see Seon-hwa (love her!!!) and Park Cheol-yeong continue the 'revenge' from the North Korean side but then... there will be difficulties in the plot planning that way. May be we can go into the direction of new team join forces international anti-terrorist teams like that Japanese chic (forgot her name). I think the spin off idea is probably better as they are on the tail of Mr Black, who is likely be overseas by now; however, I doubt that he is THE guy in charge of the whole thing alone. Anyway, I am waiting for Athena all so anxiously.

RamenLover Julio it says under notes #1 - "Athena: Goddess of War" ... is a spin-off of the 2009 KBS2 drama "IRIS" with new characters and will be aired on SBS.

You know "spin-off" like in the same universe but with different characters. Same world, following same time-line and such, but focusing on different characters. The actual sequel to IRIS & I'm quoting from #2 under the notes section "KBS2 will air the sequel to IRIS sometime in 2011"

-- hope that helps.

Julio There is something I still don't get. "Athena: The Goddess of War" is supposed to be the sequel of Iris? If that's so, why is meant to be the sequel of Iris if characters, history, argument are others, similar but still very others?

Are "Athena: The Goddess Of War" and "Iris 2" different things?

What's the real deal?

jack Actually Athena was more than just the goddess of wisdom, she also was the Greek goddess of wisdom, war, the arts, industry, justice and skill. Before telling other people they need to do research you should do some of your own.

lia By the way, Athena was the goddess of wisdom not war.... Aris was the god of war.... I think they shoul do a little bit more research before putting such a title.

Chloe Cha Seung Won yay, i'll definately watch this drama because of him. but when should we be waiting for it?!

libby they left us hanging on IRIS and now they're not going to have an IRIS 2 or is't true that there will be one after ATHENA? but then people are saying that, athena is the second season????

Justteeka It's better if LBH & KTH stay in production! but,nice to know Cha Seung Won take a part of this!yeayy... can't wait ATHENA any longer!

axela hOw abOut IRIS 2??.. i like Kim Tae Hee and Lee Byung Hun tO be in seasOn 2!! :) Kim Tae Hee and Lee Bhung Hun!Kim Tae Hee and Lee Bhung Hun!Kim Tae Hee and Lee Bhung Hun!Kim Tae Hee and Lee Bhung Hun!Kim Tae Hee and Lee Bhung Hun!Kim Tae Hee and Lee Bhung Hun!Kim Tae Hee and Lee Bhung Hun!Kim Tae Hee and Lee Bhung Hun!Kim Tae Hee and Lee Bhung Hun!.. ajAh! ;D

janelle i think akp has made an explanation about this.

athena will come after the first season of iris. then iris 2 will come the year after. this iris 2 will still feature kim tae hee and lee byung hun.

i think the story is interrelated that's why this will come in between.

tk3 lol it its IRIS 2: Athena: Goddess of War! Looking forward for the 2nd season!

Nguyen i really don't like this. How about IRIS ? it's not done yet i just like Kim Tae Hee and Lee Byung Hung's characters :">

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