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  1. Yuki Furukawa moved to Toronto, Canada at 7 with his family and lived abroad for 11 years. He moved by himself to New York at 16 and returned to Japan at 19.
  2. He is fluent in English and Japanese.


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Ainul Mardiah Hi Yukiiii Furukawa I'm your fan from indonesiaaaa When i saw you in itazura na kiss i thought you're 20 years but... your face make me crazyyy, your baby face make me want to watch your drama every day.


Hanazawa Yui Yuki-san, I like your cold face in Itazura na Kiss, wahaha... First time I saw you, I thought that you're 20 years old. Damn, your baby face has fool me. Hope you're always shine, and I can see you acting in many next dramas and movies.

zin zaw lin Hi yuki ^_^ i really love your character as Naoki Irie in mischievous kiss 2!!!!!!!!. You drive me crazy :( :( !!! I really love you Yuki and i can't wait to see you :-* :-* :-*

Sweety Hello...Yuki san,I am your big big fan..... I really like you and I really admire you... If i have a chance i want to meet with you in person...

Ai shiteru.......

Lalita Hi Yuki^^ I'm your fan. I really love your role in Itazura na kiss.. It looks cool and calm so i love it and you were caught by my attention. Finally I'd like to tell you that I love you and I'll support your work and I'll be your fan forever.. <3 <3 <3

Natalie Hello Yuki I am your biggest fan u supper cute not cute hot I wish u the best I hope they like u just as much as I do I feel in love with u when u played in love in Tokyo u r the right person for the job I can't wait to see u in the next episode u r so talented it is astonishing xoxo

Tale`a Hello Yuki I am a fan of yours all the way in Kailua Kona Hawaii.

Anne Hello yuki i am your big fan ........i love your tv drama itazura na kiss love in tokyo.................................i hope i can see you in person......

Alice I like this movie v.V.V.Fighting

Girlie Love your role as naoki irie..you're the right actor to portray naoki, love you and i will support you always, i go crazy with japanese drama because of you...wish you all the best!!

Shana Yuki Furukawa, I like your role as Naoki Irie. I hope I'll grow up fast, so I can show you that I'm a beautiful lady.

MGD Fuki, after having watched both Mischievous Kiss, I think you're such a great actor. I like your calm and cool character. I'm now a fan of Japanese dramas because of you. Anxiously waiting for more of you!!!

Almond Yuki Furukawa u r my number one actor in Japan I really love u hope there is Mischivous kiss 3

Kaying lor I wonder how it feels to work with such a young actress who is beatiful

Sky Hi i am a big fan and i like your dramas LOVE IN TOKYO very much.And i really like you .i hope you can bring us more good works.

Bryauna hi i am a big fan and i like all your dramas and moves. You are a amazing actor. I wanted to know if u are going to do another drama for 2015.

Hannah Molano Hi! I'm a big fan of Mischievous Kiss love in Tokyo 2!!! I came from the Philippines. I would really, really, LOVE if the cast of Itazura na Kiss would have a fan meet here in the Philippines. PLEASE , if there's a chance, PLEASE go to Lipa, Batangas! I LOVE YOU MIKI HONOKA AND YUKI FURUKAWA!

Maren I love Yuki and miki forever and ever I wish the mischievous kiss is have an part two again. I love the michievous kiss ever!!!!

Love maren Yuki and miki we

cindy omg im not okay.. im from Toronto too... 0.0

Serena Furukawa Yuki, all the best! I never thought you're born in 1987! That's a shocking and beautiful truth. Your fan, Itazura na Kiss fan from Myanmar. btw, I really like the way you speak English. I used to be a k-drama fan but I was attracted by MIKI's and your charm, your chemistry. Keep on the good job.

Best wishes

Jasmine do yall realize shes still a kid in real life and hes 10 years older then her

bea lontoc I wish that mischievous kiss 2 will watch here in the philippines ,,,vacation march 30 2015,,, please and i wish you and honoka miki will be your girlfriend forever...

cosooocancn sorry i don't speak english well.....

cosooocancn I love how you act in itazura na kiss!!! you are fantastic and i think you and miki honoka are a perfect couple,i hope that she became your girlfriend!!! =^-^= a kiss for you from england

Tifhanny Shin Park I wish you & Miki Honoka will be your Girlfriend Forever & Ever....

I Love You Yuki Furukawa & Miki Honoka.....

Perfect Couple... Yuki & Miki

I'm fans from Seoul South Korea

MiYuki FuruNoka Forever.....

Kei You're cooler than the frost bitten pizza in my freezer. Please stay that way. (T3T) Merry Christmas and a very late Happy Birthday! (;^;) Your glorious acting skills brings tears to my eyes.

mary ann sedenio I wish that you and miki honoka will be girlfriend beause you and miki are so perfect to be couple. you'se so cute!!! i'm you're fans in the philippines.

xiuhanie... kyahhhh yuki so cute.... i like his acting in itazura na kiss he is really my ideal type >.< -yuki fans :D-

chendy retno ambarwati Yuki you are so handsome . I like you when I watched your acting in drama Itazura Na Kiss Love in Tokyo. I'm from Indonesian

Danica Valentin I really like Yuki Furukawa especially when i watched him on itakiss. I like the way he portrays Irie-kun and i like his smile and the way he acts. I wanna watch his other series too to see his other sides in acting. Ja gambatte ne, yuki-kun! XD i'm from Philippines! :)

-dada-chan ^_^

Yuli Restanti Yuki Furukawa you are adorable, You are the first japan actor that I love very much. Wish someday you will come to Indonesia. Totemo daisuki Yuki san !!

Nana oh yuki!! i adore your acting. i be your fans since i watch High School Debut. may you'll success in your career.

love from Malaysia

Jahziel peralta Hi Mr. Yuki furukawa , im very happy that you are my idol and its my pleasure if you will accept me from being a friend . ;) you know that i like your posting picture in facebook,for being a good actor and i appriciate your doing .

                 Its your loving little girl (jass)

i love you ^ - ^

PhuongThao Yuki Furukawa daisuki ^^ Love from VietNam ^^

emma shs I REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE YOU YUKI! hoping someday if I go to Tokyo, I'll meet you! (oh, I wish!) "Love at first sight" like as in the Mischevious Kiss hahaha! I'm so happy knowing that Irie Naoki has the same birthday as me, (12th November right? if I'm not mistaken) oh I really wish that you wish me a belated birthday :( that would make me the happiest girl alive! xo <3

emyliaputeri OMG he's so handsome !! aargghh freaking cute ~! >.<

Dhedhe Koonci I hope someday I can meet him. And when the time comes, I would say how much I love him. *It's my dream

sibyl Furukawa Yuki daisuki ^^ love from England

Isma Kim I keep searching and watching whatever his dramas/movies Falling in love into him, he's caught my attention when i was watching Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo >< Yuki Furukawa! fighting~~~~~~

Love from Indonesia ^^

Ma.Justine Mateo Good Luck with the season 2 of Mischievous Kiss .. Its very inspiring <3

Jae Kinda weird how he's 27 and Miki is only 17, with them starring in Mischievous Kiss. But it's acting, and good acting nonetheless. ( I will always love the Korean version of it though. )

nayyee i hope he take role on Aot Live action to be Levi, idk XD

Nielle Watashi wa aishiteru yuki!!

Tlover Wow! He looks a lot younger than he actually is.

susie I love Yuki since when I first saw him in this drama {Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo} this is first time I am watching japan drama enjoy every time I watch It make me very happy

Scarlett Lots of love here in LA, California!!! We send tons of love to you, Yuki Furukawa! Fangirls uniting! lol

Scarlett Yuki Furukawa!!! I loved your character in Mysterious Summer, that story was so beautiful!! Oh yeah and every other character you've played! <3 <3 <3 Fangirling!

ORO CHI Yuki Furukawa in “Mysterious Summer” I could not find it . Did not come down yet ? Incidentally I was horrified when I saw you dressed girls and working strange movements xD I said to myself, Is this really Naoki Irie ? I'm bad in English , you making effort to understand Which type it قامباتي يوكي كن *Arabic Language* $: I'm on the other side of the planet I hope to see you someday ♡(': What do you think to visit Saudi Arabia someday ? It's a joke, it is impossible , Right? \\\\< . Ja..

ORO CHI Yuki i love you (': You are a handsome man ♡. You are very beautiful in Drama itazura na kiss love in tokyo *^* I love the personal kotoko and naoki , You and kotoko beautiful with some , kotoko kawaii (≧∇≦). look forward to part 2, a beautiful the end . Do not be sad Kotoko never again ): Ja..

shinta R.I.P. English-_-...

rowan rose hi Yuki i am one of your fan's and i wish i can see you face to face so i hoop you see my message thank you .◠‿◠ ❤ 。◕‿‿◕。

aira Hi im your fan in the philippines i wish see you in person.

aira Hi im your fan in the philippines i wish see you in person

glydel natividad yuki i'm the #1 fan of you. your so handsome. can you be my boyfriend?

cutetiger YUKI FURUKAWA how I wish to see you in person. I always dream about you,thinking about you all the day long. I wish I can go to Japan and see you two Miki-san and bond together. Always remember I LOVE YOU AND ALWAYS WILL.

aila I'M very fan of mischievous kiss so when I heard that there's a japanese version

so I cant wait to watch it!!!!!!!!!!!! what a very nice artist in this show specially YUKI FURUKAWA:>:>:> I hope i will see you in personal:D:D:D

glaiza AHHHHH ! it was a wonderfull show ! :) MIKI HONAKA you're so cute and pretty :* congrratulations to your show :))))))))

Nicole Laurea I'm very very very fan of MISCHIEVOUS KISS and Miki Honoka and Yuki Furukawa I wish someday I see you in personal....<3

                       I LOVE THIS SHOW.......

donamae hi im your fan in the philippines i hope i can meet you someday in philippines i hope

Aimee Hi! Im a big Korean fan of yours...not to mention it but I'm obsessed with you! I know it sounds a little weird...but trust me...I'm not the stalkerish kind of fan :). I hope I can meet you someday in Tokyo...which is probably not gonna happen :3. Lol i don't know what else to say but if i have something else to say then ill post another comment :D...Luv you forever and always

Thai Omg there's part 2

Jade CANT WAIT 2 SEE MISCHEIVIOUS KISS 2 LOVE IN TOKYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! going 2 see family in in Okinawa next year hoping 2 watch it there

Rebekah そ I noticed you in the drama called and Im such a huge fan of you Im Chinese and I really hope that you can develop further in China such as star in the Chinese drama sort of.... now Im learning Japanese by myself

  love u   always and forever

Arriane Joy Kon'nichiwa Yuki Furukawa! :) I super like you so much. You, your dramas, your movies, the way you act, the way you talk and all about You :) I hope you and Miki Honoka would have the chance to visit all of your fans here at Philippines. That includes me of course :) And i am hoping to get the chance to have a picture with you both when that happens. I hope it will :) That's all and i am wishing you good health and more career opportunities. Watashi wa supa domo daisuki! God bless you Yuki :)

kisha cristelle vedonia furukawa yuki please visit me here in the philippines i really like you and make more and more movies and also drama love you please!!!!!!!!

bianca i really like you furukawa yuki !!!!!!!!!! ;p dont ever leave miki ok? <3

angelika hi am llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee iloveyou furukawa yuki i wish that iam your girlfriend

r.r dionisio yaa mr.yuki furukwa suki dayo mischievouskiss I wish that you can play it coming soon in the phil. the mischievouskiss2 love in okinawa

                                                           #sukidayo naoki and kotoko :D

anxel saez hi...yuki im one of youre fans in philippines i love youre drama series mischievous kiss...i cant wait until the airing of mischievous kiss 2...

AtTic_cAt I don't know why ppl ask stupid questions here. Smh!!

Jasmine Hello 'm a...... girl fan lol in australia who is korean, i love all your dramas but especially "love in tokyo". i didn't know the korean version of this was a remade one from japan and watched the k- version first and then started watching japanese drama because since im in high school i do Japanese for language but i dont really like anime and loveeeee drama. It was weird a bit at first but then i adjusted to it and fell in love with it. You were like really cute, like no joke... soo handsome..

Hannah Ernestina Hello yuki! I am hannah I want to tell you is miki honoka is your girlfriend? I wish it was miki honoka and I also wish that itazura na kiss 2..  :)

Angelica Diola hi! i wish that itazura na kiss 2: love in tokyo will be published in here the philppines

rhea planas I Like to ask you ?

If Miki Honoka is your Girlfriend ?

Liam Hi! Yuki i just want to tell you a question

1. Did you have a girlfriend? 2.Who is she?

Gift Fieldad Ohayoo Yuki Furukawa ! Watashino Namaewa Gift L. Fieldad :) I Always Watching Mischievous Kiss/ Itazura Na Kiss Love In Tokyo .. I Live Here In Philippines , I See Most Of The Comment Live Here In Philippines And They Want To Meet Both Of You Miki Honoka, Were Hoping You Read This . And Im Waiting For The New/Second Season Of Itazura Na Kiss , Keep Up The Good Work ! Godbless ! I Love You Irie-Kun HAHART :3

Chelleymae Abaya Ohayoo Yuki Furukawa ! Watashino Namaewa Chelley desu :) I Always Watching Mischievous Kiss/ Itazura Na Kiss Love In Tokyo .. I Live Here In Philippines , I See Most Of The Comment Live Here In Philippines And They Want To Meet Both Of You Miki Honoka, Were Hoping You Read This . And Im Waiting For The New/Second Season Of Itazura Na Kiss , Keep Up The Good Work ! Godbless ! I Love You Irie-Kun HAHART :3

Ziny Allaba Konnichi wa, watashi no namae wa Ziny Allaba, You dont know me but I know you ..:)Since, I almost done watching your drama series ''MISCHIEVOUS KISS "I hope it will continue..because I "LIKE" it so much !!!!!together with your partner Miki Honoka<3 I'm your BIGGEST FAN here in Philippine Yuki<3<3<3<3@_@ I wish more more more more more more project will come both of you and I'm willing to wait it..

  :)=+_+=~_~AISHITERU <3Yuki (Y)

Ziny Allaba Konnichi wa, watashi no namae wa Ziny Allaba, You dont know me but I know you ..:)Since, I almost done watching your drama series ''MISCHIEVOUS KISS "I hope it will continue..because I "LIKE" it so much !!!!!together with your partner Miki Honoka<3 <3 I'm your BIGGEST FAN here in Philippine Yuki<3<3<3<3@_@ I wish more more more more more more project will come both of you and I'm willing to wait it..

) :) :) :)=+_+=~_~AISHITERU <3Yuki (y)

Mairi Furukawa Y U SO FABULOUS. I wanna watch all your movies and shows, but i can't find them online. too bad :( Anyway I'm your new fan! Hiiii!~

arbelyn paguirigan Kon'nichiwa, Yūki Furukawa. I am Arbelyn a fan from Philippines just like Arlon and all of your other fans here. I want to see you personally and have a selfty with you. :) hope you will come here with all the cast of Itazura na Kiss: Love in Tokyo. Daisuki da yo. :) Arigatō see you in Philippines. And even tough I have school that day I will skip it to see you

arbelyn paguirigan Kon'nichiwa, Yūki Furukawa. I am Arbelyn a fan from Philippines just like Arlon and all of your other fans here. I want to see you personally and have a selfty with you. :) hope you will come here with all the cast of Itazura na Kiss: Love in Tokyo. Daisuki da yo. :) Arigatō see you in Philippines. And even tough I have school that day I will skip it to see you personally :)

raquella baula hello I,am samantha @yahoo.com yuor e-miel

Arlon Konnichi wa, watashi no namae wa Arlon desu. hello Yuki I'm Arlon. You're welcome here in Philippines. I want to see you in personal... And also I want to watch the MISCHIEVOUS KISS 2. I'm so excited to watch it. Daisuki da yo.

nagato yukimora konnichiwa!!! ii became ur biggest fan when i finished seeing itazurana kiss!! iafter that i decided to see all the movies and dramas starred by you they were all amazing !!! i am a high school student and ur recently became biggest fan from india !!! looking forward for ur works!!!! hope some day ull visit india!!!

Star Hi!!!!!!!! ^-^ I absolutely love your drama series イタズラなKiss:Love in Tokyo <3 o <3 The first time I watched it in Tagalog version, and then I liked it that's why I also watched it in Japanese version <3 I hope you'll visit here in the Philippines

Aila Omedetōgozaimasu. Itazura na Kiss-Love in Tokyo, is such a wonderful love story. I watched this series in Japanese language, and it is way better than the aired/dubbed version.

Hope to see you in person. Yori oku no denryoku!!!

Sseh-a hi Yuki <3 I really really love your drama series which is the "Mischievous Kiss: Love In Tokyo" <3 ^_^ You are so cute ^_^ <3 I hope I could see you .. <3 :) You are superb <3 daisuki desu <3 ^_^ I'm your fan from Philippines .. <3 God bless you <3 :) ^_^

Shandy Kon'nichiwa Yuki-senpai! I'm your fan from the Philippines and I loved your drama series called Mischievous Kiss - Love in Tokyo (Itazura na kiss - Love in tokyo) I wish Mischievous Kiss 2 will be also aired here in the Philippines. I hope that you'll visit our country and stay in Manila because I want to see you in person =) Watashi wa anata o aishite!! Dōmo arigatō! ♥

kate albiño Hi Yuki..!! im your fun also .. and i really really like your movie titled mischivous kiss .. and im so excited for the part 2. Ahm blessed you all (cast) and hope you can come here at the philippines.

Dada Helllooooooo :D Im the one who's watching Mischievous Kiss now airing here at the philippines :D I really love your love story :D Hope you all (cast) come here in the Philippines :D We're so happy :)

Dada S Helllooooooo :D Im the one who's watching Mischievous Kiss now airing here at the philippines :D I really love your love story :D Hope you all (cast) come here in the Philippines :D

jhomalyn ocampo hi im jhomalyn im no.1 fan of you and miki super i like your movie Itazura na Kiss-Love in Tokyo i wish you come to philipinas!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥

Melijel Hi Yuki-kun!!

I love you. ♥♥

Ptryzzia thank you sooo much for making mischievous kiss love in tokyo 2, i saw it in your facebook page. feeling excited now for the next part of mischievous kiss love in tokyo... GOODLUCK in your shoot, DO YOUR BEST :)!!!!

Koo Kai Hello, I Know You But You Dont Know Me. Im The One Of Your Million Fans. I Just Hope You Would Come To The Philippines :D. Arigato ;) Your So Great !

Monica Hey Yuki-Senpai I really like your character in Asuko March at first I was finding you but I already liked your character there I thought that wasnt you Hehe well gomene if I mistaken Aishiteru Yuki-senpai I hope on seeing you

Yhanskie Pakyoot xD Hi-Yo.. We are really Hoping that you and Miki Honoka Will be a REAL LIFE couple Soon.. <3 you two are perfect together!

ALEXza Hi-Yo.. We are really Hoping that you and Miki Honoka Will be a REAL LIFE couple Soon.. <3 you two are perfect together!

Princess Carol Hello. I missed your show itazura na kiss love in Tokyo. You and miki honoka are good couple.

Moira Hernandez Hello YUKI, Im one of your no.1 fan.I love itazura na kiss love in tokyo,for me,it's more nice than the movies i've been watch before...I hope you could be here in the Philippines w/ Miki Honoka. you know what? for me you and ms. Miki was a perfect match....and i also love the theme song of itazura na kiss,Appudeto (apdate) by: SABAO......ARIGATO for all the great movies....I hope mischievous kiss have part two and Im willing to wait for it.

                                                               = )

Meriam Claire Hello yuki Im one of your no.1 fan heheh your so handsome:)hope you could be her in the Philippines..I really love mischievous kiss..hope merong part2..♥♥♥

julia uy Hello yuki Im one of your no1 fan

 you are soooo Handsome  I watched your Drama Mischievous kiss love in tokyo!!!
 Bagay talaga kayo ni Miki<3<3<3

Cheska Andrea Nogoy Konichiwa!!!!!!......Yuki....I am also your greatest fan in Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo w/ Ms. Miki Honoko you really did your best I saw it because Id also watch your BTS in other words Behind the Scenes you and Ms Miki looks real couple but your not your just friends so I just wanna say hi cause atleast now you know Im also your fan ARIGATO for all great movies,series etc. you did I always watch it keep it a goodwork ^_^...<3

Christine Mae Cuyoca Hello! Good Day Mr. Yuki Furukawa =)) I'm Christine Mae Cuyoca! I am a fan of yours! Mischievous Kiss is really a wonderful drama series! It is showed here in the Philippines. Wahhhhh! You and Kasey are such a great actors and actress! Congrats to the both of you! Hope you come here in the Philippines to see all your fans! I am really really one of them! =)) Congrats! You're my Idol! I really really love Mischievous Kiss!! More power to the all of you!! :)

Min Yeon iLoveYou Yuki Furukawa <3 I'm Your One Of the Fans ! I wish that sOmeday I saw You :))) , iLoveYou NiccoLo <3 <3

april joy hi yuki furukawa you and honoka miki are perfect couple

kyla Hello Yuki ! :) I'm Your fan in the Philippines , I hope that you will visit here in our country :)

myka Hello yuki furukawa :)) You know I really really love Mischievous kiss :) I love it and im your fan from philippines many people were enjoy your character as Niccolo , tall and handsome , smart and cool guy Im hoping that you will come here :) thank you <3 we love you :P

braynuel Hi yuki furukawa :) I really love mischievous kiss because its so amazing. Im your fan from Philippines and i hope that you could visit here in our country because i really really what to see you in personal because your so very cool and handsome :)) Thank You and God Bless You :*

Zuchyne Rillera Cañaveral Hi Yuki-sama i dream to live in Japan someday....i hope you can read this message just for you......right from the start i saw your face in the tv I've like you cause for the first time i saw a man as handsome as the anime..........i like to see you someday and meet you.....i wish i could contact you and be your friend........thank you for inspire me.....arigatou gozaimasu,watashi wa zuchyne hajimemashite yuki-sama desu.......aishiteru<3

kynjustiniani I congratulate for you new movie and keep working hard take care always ;)

Mikaela Bartolome So you mean your age gap between miki honaka is 10? Really???

nicole marie Kon ni chi wa !!!........I just want to congratulate you and miki honoka for having a really wonderful movie,we're always watching your movie:).....I know that your busy because of your schedule but i really wish that your able to visit philippines,we're excited to see you soon.


Faith Omg! He's so great. So sweet! He looks like LUHAN-Oppa!! XD I Love Him. We <3

Ellah Yuki Furukawa is really a good actor. I've watched a lot of his drama series, etc. and he really impresses me. I hope I could meet him when I go to Japan someday. More projects and stay humble Yuki! Take care always and I'll be your no. 1 fan forever ^_^

kate aguilar im your number one fan..i like you and miki honoka i love itazura na kiss love in tokyo.im so very excited everyday to watch your show i wish your show will never end..

leslie one of his tv series i like most is mischievous kiss :) and i like your love team with honoka miki i've already finished your tv series itazura na kiss (mischievous kiss love in tokyo) i'm very happy with the last episode....SO EXCITED ON ITAZURA NA KISS 2 LOVE IN OKINAWA.....:)

Maria chona Sasaki I admire Yuki Furukawa for his intellegence and for being smart even he is a bit shy! Keep up the good work!

Khristine joy Badiana Go Go GO Furukawa san!!!! >///< Go Go Go Irie kun!!!!

Aishiteru Furukawa Yuki san!!!

I wish you can visit Philippines!!!! I cant wait to see you!!!

Gean Paulo Francois Hey there Yuki Furukawa. This would be the first time that I'll becoming a fan of a japanese actor and its you. I'm watching your show here in the Philippines and you're quite awesome and cool! I wish I would be as cool as you are and intelligent too! Kidding! I hope, wait! Let me rephrase that, we hope that you'll be visiting the Philippines soon! We will be glad to see you here and you'll surely receive a warm welcome from us! But before that, you must bring Miki Honaka too! I wanted to see her and you too. But it would be better if both of you will go! Thanks and keep it up! Break a leg! XD

cathy yeah they're right you should come visit us here in philippines, i really love you're movie with miki itazura na kiss love in tokyo. it's really great. hope to see you and miki one day.. bu the way your cute together with miki,

Mary hi, I Want to meat you in personal..

starry You're so gorgeous, Yuki....and you're so great in acting. Come, visit the Philippines with Miki.

ANDI.NURZIKRIANI at the first time I see yuki in movie Itazura na Kiss-Love in Tokyo I'm very excited, coz ur so cute handsome and never cease to notice your photo...

GLAIZEL RAMOS your so cute Yuki Furukawa you face look like 18 years old and not 27 years old :) your so cute,handsome... your so perfect :) :) :) <3 <3 <3 You know I watch your movie the title is MISCHIEVOUS KISS... very exciting episode this day...can you visit here in the philippines.....

chelleymae abaya Konnichiwa Yuki Furukawa ! Ogenki desuka ? I watch everyday (Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo) I live here in Philippines , May I have a request ? I would like you to visit here in Philippines with Honoka Miki . Your always welcome here . Please read my comment . Your so hansamu and kawaii I hope my wish will come true . Arigatoo

Rainie Shin wow super cute face very charming boy just like your drama series (Mischievous kiss: Love in Tokyo) very very watching your drama????? im happy because that my idol im looking for the TV..... i hope you can visit in the korea because im looking your face in personal because im fans me..... i like it the drama from the Tokyo Japan.. because im very watching Manga Animition.... I really like your character for Mischievous kiss... i wish again again your drama..... If the probability of getting hit by a solid planetary material is one in ten-billion Fans the korea... but the next epeisode of Mischievous kiss im watching im very very happay.. My wish you is again your career and Miki Honoka im happy for you just your age is 17 year olds you now.... I hope that you will see my coment and I want to the visit here south korea... I LOVE YOU Furukawa Yuri and Miki Honoka,,,,,, Arigato!!!

Aaliyah Cruz Hi Yuki!Your not just a grest actor but you are also a great dancer and model.The movies and Drama series I watched is Itazura na Kiss-Love in Tokyo,High School Debut,Bitter Sugar and Rich man,Poor man.My Favorite drama series is Itazura na Kiss-Love in Tokyo and my favorite movie is High School Debut.I hope that you will see my comment and I want you to visit here in the Philippines.Arigato!

Angela Marie Parcon Hi! Yuki.Iam from the philippines. I watched all the version of itazura kiss but the version that you play naoki is the best. I really like how you portray naoki. I already finish watching season 1 and I can say that you are really cute I hope you can visit the philippines someday, I know at first I didn't notice you but while watching and looking at some of the pictures of mischievous kiss love in tokyo, I notice your cuteness. Your not just a great actor but your a great dancer and a model too. Well I guess I got addicted to you also to mischievous kiss love in tokyo, I really love your character and also kotoko <3

I know its imposible that you notice and reply to my message but I hope you will read this.

Lara Yuki is so cool. <3 I checked things about him through various sites / blogs, and nothing happened to me but to like him even more. I also watched videos of him, and he is totally cool especially when he speak in English. <3.< please make it done, as soon as possible. - xoxo :*

karla cubero hi yuki!!!!!i always watch u in mischievous kiss!ur so very handsome!!i like the way u are!!!i wish smeday that we meet in personal and u will in philippines!!! all i need is u yuki!!!i love u very much!!

Marie Angelicka De Guzman Hi Yuki Furukawa Your A Great Actor You Know . I've Finished watch all your Drama series and your movies

. i hope someday i will met you . you know what , i'm coming to

tokyo , japan very soon to see you . I Wish you and Ms. Honoka Miki , Will Make Another drama series . i hope you will . and she will . you two looked very cute couple how i wish . someday you will visit at the philippines . and i wish you will be more successful . and good luck to your career -(one Of Your Fans ) :)

Marla Ann Lopez Hi :) This isn't my real name btw but I sort a use it often. I'm from the philippines :) I really admire you. I watched the different version of itazura na kiss, the Taiwanese and Korean but japanese is indeed the best. At first, you didn't catch my attention. Then there comes a time that I searched itazura na kiss in youtube. After watching it for 1 day, I'm so into you. Like what kotoko aihara said you hit me like a shooting star. If the probability of getting hit by a solid planetary material is one in ten-billion, I guess the probability of you by any chance reading this or noticing me is one in a hundred billion. :) I would really appreciate if your dvds and all would be available here in our country :) I admire all of you, not only on how you look but most of all, your wittiness. Hoping one day, you'll come here. :)

Clarissa Almoguera Hi....I'm from the Philippine.....you know I love Asian Novela and your Drama Series the "Itazura Na Kiss" I really love it...I want to become a actress in south Korea because I want to travel at south korea it's my dream and I also like Korean girls..and your so fluent in English and your cute.. when I was a child I really like Korea my little sister always say to me "why I love Korea" and I always said to myself because Korean girls are so cute and they don't have a scars that's why...why I love Korean girls......By the way you and Miki Honoka is so great! I really like Itazura Na Kiss and...you and Miki Honoka are best match .... I really love "Itazura Na Kiss"....

Kathleen Del Castillo Hi! I'm from the Philippines..I like the way you portray your character as Irie Naoki. And you have a handsome face and you are so fluent in English. I'm so impressed. I watch different version of Itazura na Kiss and your version is one of my favorite version. Your love team was so cute..Miki Honoka and Yuki Furukawa is great! when i read about you...i was shock because you are 10 years older to Miki Honoka. you look younger. you did great at that Drama Series! :)

Saimon Aguilar I am starting like jdorama because of missmchievous kiss love in tokyo.

Park Nin Yoon wow super cute face and very charming boy for me just like your Drama Series for (Mischievous kiss: Love in Tokyo) very watching for my TV channel im happy because that im looking for my idol from the TV.......... i know that im excited for the next episode for Mischievous kiss very very i like it....... I LOVE YOU YURI FURUKAWA...... My name is Parkninyoon from the korea my wish you is go to the south korea because that im looking your face for personal look you... your very handsome!

sherieann ohayo!!!!yuki furukawa,,i know that you are a english fluent..so i know that you know what i say....thank you for being the part of itsuna kiss,,,where very happy and very insprired bout your talent..its amazing and,,arrigato!!

Maria Jeniece E. Alcorasres Hi Yuki Furukawa I'm from Philippines I love you so much because admired you because your so cute , handsome and gorgeous My name is Maria Jeniece E. Alcorasres its a hard name you know but I love your Drama Series name: Mischievous kiss: love in Tokyo / Itazura na kiss - love in tokyo :)...

mylene marciales I really really like your drama ..itazura kiss:love in Tokyo..Im from Philippines..you look very good at that drama.and great..most of I like when you act..in that drama..wish you luck and be happy..IM a fans..

Cheska Nogoy Konichiwa!!! Arigato for the great movies,Drama series you' ve make I really like it and the most I like is with Kotoko Miki Honoko and you Naoki Irie youre Mischievous Kiss Love in Tokyo all so known as Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo in youtube I wiss Ill see you around here In the Philippines because is the place were I lived.... I am youre HUGE FAN..... mwah mwah.... :))))) I wish You and Miki Honoko will be more friends more powers to come........... mwah mwah!!!!!

christinejoydadis Hello ! :) Im Christinejoy dadis number one fan from philippines your'e reallyu handsome ! someday i will you meet :)))

Jasmine Ella Kon'nichwa , I really loved the movie itazuka na kiss love in tokyo, it's now showing here in the Philippines and even if i know what's the ending , i want to watch it again and again because it's very nice from the beginning, middle and the last ... I hope you and MIki Honoka visit here in the Philippines .

Jasmine Ella Kon'nichwa , I really loved the movie itazuka na kiss love in tokyo, it's now showing here in the Philippines and even if i know what's the ending , i want to watch it again and again because it's very nice from the beginning, middle and the last ... I hope you and MIki Honoka visit here in the Philippines ... ♥♥♥♥

I love you, Yuki Hi Yuki! I don't usually do commentaries on my idols especially not on internet because it's pointless that's what but I did it to you anyway. I seriously like you and I want to know more about you. When you come here in the Philippines will you try to convince your management to meet as many fans as possible? I really want to meet you and get a hug from you. :) That would be the greatest moment of my life. Arigato for simply existing in this world. Love in Manila!

alyssa mae hizon hi Yuki i'm alyssa i've your number one fan from philipines your'e really handsome.cute kawii

lizzie lepiten Hi! I'm lizzie. I've known you because you have a movie called Itazura Na Kiss. Im your number #1 fan. Not that your'e really handsome but you can speak English and Japanese fluently. keep it up.

                                                                                                                        Your Fan,

Arleena Lelina Hi! I am your number 1 fan.I really like you becouse your so cute,handsome.atractive,and cool I wish that i am kotoko chan so i can see you and i can hug you I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH YUKI FURUKAWA (Irie kun)

Cherobelle Hello~ ^-^ I'm a new fan. Actually I don't no what to say.. >////< You are to handsome for me to criticize.. Anyways, I wish you would have more projects and I wish that it will be also aired in the Philippines! ^w^ Stay handsome! ;)

Aping Pilapil Konnichiwa Yuki-sama ^_____________^ i'm your Number 1 fans....your so very handsome and I love the mischievous kiss,,God Bless Youd :)))) <3

Christine Take bless today and Forever . May the glory to you! <3 you"re very good in act in your movie " Mischievous Kiss~love in tokyo " <3 =)

Cylamae mendoza Hi. Im Cylamae Im Your Number 1 Fans . Your So Very Handsome . i Love You <3

Jaymar Sorza Konnichiwa Yuki-sama ^^ Congratulations. Your ItaKiss: Love In Tokyo is a big success. Keep it up :) <3 So Cool. Kawaii \(*0*)/ Sugoii (*0*)v

BernicePhil. grabe mukha siyang 15 years old pataas! yun pala 26 na pala siya! pero ang cute niya!

cristine you very handsome

yukiiiiiiiiiiiiii they said ITAKISS love in tokyo season 2 will be aired by next month!!

Lexi Shet! New found crush! T^T kinikilig ako! Omnaygawd!

Yuzuki Sora hey Yuki, i wish you could read this. anyways i really like your personality, you're awesome and i like your eyes *w* you're like the human version of Himoru Tatsuya and aside from it you're a japanese like him! oww, i hope i can arrive there in Japan sooner and meet you! hahaha, Thanks for making us smile! :))))

Yuzuki Sora hey Yuki, i wish you could read this. anyways i really like your personality, you're awesome and i like your eyes *w* you're like the human version of Himoru Tatsuya and aside from it you're a japanese like him! oww, i hope i can arrive there in Japan sooner and meet you! hahaha, Thanks for making us smile! Arigato :))))

Jean Rose OMG!!!!! You're really handsome!!!! I wish you're my boyfriend!!!!

jhane37 OMG I REALLY LOVE YOU NAOKI ! Actually , i already finished watching the 16 episodes of MISCHIEVOUS KISS LOVE IN TOKYO and its sooooo beautiful ! i like the they act . yuki and honoka are a great couple and i wonder if they are dating in real life . i like the way yuki act , esp. when he snob and smile . yuki is a good actor and as one of your fan here in Philippines i wish that more careers to come to your life .

P.S. i wish that i can see you in person and also honoka because thats my dream .

ARIGATO !!! and always be happy YUKI FURUKAWA :)

kyn Your handsome

    you 're fans in love to you and love you so they are keeping love you ans support forever.
   look at this they are comment they are like you act and they keeping watching your movies and drama.
so work hard.

Mogu Is it true? That there will be a 2ND SEASON OF ITAZURA NA KISS LOVE IN TOKYO?!? OMG :"">

CesChi Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo will be aired in the Philippines today around 5:00 pm- 5:45 pm...Filipino fans be sure to watch it and support it :)

Ayaka Sato Yuki And Miki Is A Very Cute Couple.... I Wonder If They Are Dating In Real Life

mimi so handsome!! aaaaah!!

Ree OMG! I really love you Irie-chan! Your snobbish look at the series makes me crazy and when you smile, I can't help myself to just simply look at you. Gahd! Mischievous Kiss: Love In Tokyo replaced the earlier versions of Itazura na kiss in my heart. Oh! I really love your chemistry! God Bless :)

jane more power Yuki !!! I really love Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo. your poker face makes everyone crazy when you smile. :))) goodluck on your career. God Bless :)

abby hi yuki you are so very very very cool and you so very cute... ;)

rovellecostibolo Hi everyone! This is my first time here :) BTW. I'm from Philippines! Actually, I've already finished watching the 16 episodes of Mischievous Kiss Love in Tokyo :) And it's soooooo beautiful. I Love the way Naoki jealous :) hihi. God Bless you more Yuki Furukawa!

julieanncuna Yuki was my first japanese idol from her drama series mischievous kiss her face is like baby,he's so cute and formal and i love her tandem with Miki

love mischievous kiss very much...

eLi jaH tisado This is totally great!!! Itazura na kiss is now on GMA!!! . I <3 it!! Yuki is so<3 <3

aishiteru yuki furukawa <3

vixx_ken Waaaaahhhhh... ive jst finished watchng itazura na kiss!!!! Sugoi!!! I fell inlove w/ yuki as soon as i saw the trailer wahhhhhhhhhh. Yuki kun kawaii!!!!! Daisuki desu!!:** <3!!!and btw im from phil. U guyz better watch it at youtube.ja sayonara

Viel I'm so excited 'cause it will be aired at the philippines! I already watched it in anime but i think it's still cute when i watch it at live isn't it? Yuki-kun is soo handsome when i first saw him i got star trucked!! Oh, Yuki and Miki is a good match!! :)

CesChi OH MY! Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo will be aired in the Philippines on April 21 at GMA Network...Can't wait for that...I hope the cast will have a visit here :)

maco hello there!!! I'm also from Philippines!!! I've always been an avid fan of anime and honestly I always prefer anime than live but when i had watched "Itazura na kiss Love in Tokyo"..I instantly got star strucked to Irie Naoki and right there I have decided to watch it and no regrets, they really gave me goosebumps!! kyaaa!! I still can't suppress my excitement and it just escalated even more when i had read comments telling that there's season 2!!!!! I can't wait!!!!!please don't make us wait that long....

P.s. I'm not the type to harbor long term of crush to any celebrity I had watched but to Yuki Furukawa!!!!! Ahlabya!!!hehehehe:)

Linh Your acting is sugggoiiii! I want to watch your previous dramas and movies but your not the lead....oh well, I seriously cant WAIT for Mischievous Kiss: Love In Tokyo 2, I ship you and Miki together so muchhhh! Even if it's 10 years age difference! So cute and good luck

Yuki OMG Yuki furukawa, even tho my name is yuki but after I saw いたずらん きす ,omg he's freaking handsome . So excited for season two......when is it coming up?!?!?!

Frances Chi Yuki-kun looks adorable! in the drama series Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo! His voice is like the Naoki Irie of the anime...Honto sugoii...I can't wait for the season 2...We must definitely watch it ne?

Jane Pare Hi there! ") Well. Yeah. I'm from Philippines. And I am not really that fan of other country's stars or what. But then. I just finished the series Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo today. I freaking day. My first impression was. "OMG! Handsome guy!" My classmate was an avid fan of Japanese but then I always say that they're. Ahm. Let's just say not that good. But when I saw him I changed mind. Miki and Yuki is so cute when together. Even there age was not that close. 10 years it is. They suit well. No awkwardness at all. As seen with its eyes. I've made it further. So, that's it? Hahaha.

Vanessa Alcantara Hi there! I'm from Philippines :) I just finished watching this series an hour ago and I took 1 day abd Half to watch :) because the series is so addictive that I can't help it but keep watching :) and I am so surprised after reading the other comments that it'll having season 2 :))) can't wait to watch it <3. The couple, Yuki and Miki, they are so cute :)) they suits to each other :))):-)

gsonicks OMG! Yuki FuruKawa is the cutest japanese actor I've ever seen. Love in Tokyo is the BEST. Keep up the goo d work and please do more dramas. I Can't wait for the season_2. _Yuki-Miki_ the cutest couple ever FIGHTING!!!_

fufu wow I cant believe that he's 1987 and Miki Honoka is 1997 :o But anyway I love this Couple :*

chiyu I'm a big fan from Iraq and WOW I was amazed when I knew his age ,I thought he is 19 or something ! I saw him in itazura na kiss and from that time I was spending my time drawing him♡♥♡♥

jnreyes Hi there..! I'm a fan of Yuki Furukawa, like going "gaga" to him..I really, really, love him in Itakiss LIT. I've watched the drama for soooo many times. I'm so excited that season 2 is coming soon..!!compare to other version, i like the yuki-miki team up. Their chemistry is perfect eventhough yuki is older than miki (yuki looks younger than his age). Me also suprised when i found out that he is 10yrs older than miki. OMG! this guy is so adorable, cute, handsome, can do breakdance, and the bonus factor is...he speak english fluently. I want to see more drama or movie of him w/ miki. I-LOVE-YOU---YUKI..!!!

Gyabo @Chanel - It could throw some people off but hey, it's acting. As long as they're playing the role well then I don't see any problem. Besides, Yuki Furukawa is really baby-faced lol When I made my friend watch ItaKiss, she thought he was 19 or sth haha

SO OBSESSED with Yuki Furukawa rn like, omg I love him <3 :3 ;A; Can't wait for ItaKiss Season 2!!!! I AM SO READY for Kotoko and Naoki to grace my screen again ahhh <3

Fhina I'm a fan from Philippines..:-) Daisuki da yo, Yuki-kun.

Chanel Does anyone else find it a lil creepy tht a grown ass man is kissing a 16 year old girl (im talking about michevious kiss). Thts a bit too awkward for my liking

Selin Konichiwa Yuki!!!! Ur such a good actor! I've watched mischievous kiss love in tokyo about 10000000000 times! Ur sooo cool, I wish something like that would happen to me!!! ^_^ Please answer if u can lol I've only just randomly had to write this because I desperately love u and ur films!!!! Ur sooo cute, that's strange huh? Hehe x ^_^ ~Instagram name: selin_ozgulleciler, if u have it I'm desperate to know ur name!!! Thanks *_* ^_^

mayra i think you are good actor becos

Krezha Mae Denum Hi Yuki-kun...!!!!!!!! waaaaaaaahhhhh hahahaha... gosh I really think I've fallen to all of your characters! This might sound crazy, but... gosh [nervous] I'm rooting for you! Keep up the good work and always enjoy everything you are doing. >///< - daisuki Yuki-kun!

Dolores You are a really good actor I forgot that u were acting

mary He is the cutest person ever<3 theres no way he looks 26 more like 17. Hope to see him in more dramas, ive onky seen love jn tokyo

ambar keep calm :)

khadijah bakr um i was wondering is yamada yuki your brother in real life bacause yo both have the same name

CingVung I saw ur acting....I love love love ur character especially in Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo. Ur the perfect guy who could play in Kim Hyun- Joong part.....Ur so cute, charming, and handsome....I hope u could do more Drama Series and Movies and the future. -Love Cing

intan maofuri you so handsome, on your acting

nisrina anaqah i love your acting on Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo | Itazura na Kiss-Love in Tokyo, i like your style, i like your face, you really cute...... your acting is very good. Naoki which man becomes cold, cool, smart and highly admired throughout the school but did not eliminate the inhabitants of your face like a cute little boy. I LOVE everything about you Yuki Furukawa ^^

Talia Phan Dear Mr.Furukawa, I've watch Mischeivous Kiss:love in tokyo,and I am really inspired by ur acting.

Paula Dayao Mr. Furukawa,

          I've watched the version of  Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo, I really like your acting skills. The way you showed your coldness to Ms. Honoka-san yet you were able to showed that you really care for her. Complicated right? I don't know how to explain it to you, but you really capture Irie Naoki. Maybe even better... I supposed. This is only what I observe to your performance and to others. I love how you teased Ms. Honoka-san =). I think it really captures everyone's heart... 

Keep up the good work, Mr. Furukawa. I'll always support you, though I can only do is watched you in my computer since Japan is far away from my place.

                                                                                                                Your fan

Marianne Fabrig Hi Yuki,

I'm Marianne and I'm watching your version of Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo now via Youtube. Congratulation for your very good acting skills, you really justify your character. My sister introduced me your live action series, which is Mischievous. Now, I really love the story and your character. Hope you could visit Philippines to see you personally. Keep up the good work!


Kendall I can't believe you and kotoko are 10 years apart like whattttt!?!?

Hema Cute when you smile though :)

Hema The perfect cold-heart, Irie Naoki !

mei heny furukawa you very handsome. I'm fascinated to see you, when God bring us hahaha. But maybe only in my dreams. Huhuhu ... I love you my new Idol

Sali OMG! He is NOT 26!!! He looks like he's 18 or something! And he's soo cute... He doesn't really looks like a Japanese. He could pass in kpop industry w/ that looks!

Jessica Kyaaaa!!!!>< Yuki you make me fell soooo aaahh I love u Yuki. Your act in Itazura Na Kiss is perfect.

Sherry Mansuit you can act as Irie very well. I'm impressed with it. you are really suit with that character.

lolipyon I have liked furukawa since the first time i saw him on koko debut. so i was so excited seeing him as irie-kun on itakiss. i can't wait for season 2! (★^O^★) if they are going to make on lol

DarkPrincess Waaahhh i just finished watching Itazura na Kiss and i really fell inlove >..< I like you and your acting ^______^ Daisuke..

Himeka Sooyoungster II You're the first japanese actor that can make me so crazy for you(coz i'm kpop lovers). You're not handsome but your face is pretty cute.... Look's very Young than your age. Love your acting and your personality !! >.<

Kotoko OMG!!!! I can't wait for the season 2!!! And i really hope and pray that there will be a season 2!!! Daisuki Yuki Furukawa!!! See you soon!!! hahahaha

jules Hello Yuki, I just finished watching itanazura kiss. Really cool and ur acting is really fantastic.... Especially the cool face. :) I am ur new fan....

Faii He is my boyfriend

Happy I love yuki, your so cute did you ever go to Winnipeg? I really like the show itazuta an kiss but don't watch the korean version the japanese version is way better I watched it but I didn't get to watch all the japanese version yet

Kageri Rajid yuki san,actually i love Naoki Irie character and i fall in love with him...when i saw the anime...i started think is there in this century have a guy like him...itazura na kiss (anime) i saw 2009.and i search for Japan version...drama still can't find..until the Korean version came out first...but still i want the japan version...and right know..I just finish watch itazura na kiss in tokyo ,you act as a Naoki Irie..and I really surprise that you and the character too much similar and the result is I fall in love with you,,,heheheehheehe AND i will support you from now...I hope you success in the future.

I don't know...what to do when"1 day I meet some one like you" cool

aaaaaaaaaaaaa :) because 

I think i have the same CHARACTER with kotoko san too...hahaha so Gambatte kudasai Yuki Furukawa I hope can see the next of your movie or drama in the future.....:) fighting ...!!!!!! suki yo yuki san....:)

Azura Hello Yuki,,, I really love you,, I like your acted in Itazura na Kiss,, you are so cool and very curious, but because that make you more interested. I hope one day I can meet you,,,

ATOM Hello! Yuki.Love in tokyo is very good-looking,I enjoyed it very much.You acted very well.I'm looking forward to your next one works.


Bella He is so handsome >< my birthday is the same with his! XD

Aisya huwahhhh~ i really really really like him! Please be in a lot of drama and movie cause i'll be your first fan to watch it! keke.. :D

arisa when season 2 out??

Amira so... is there any plan of seasons 2 of itazura na kiss ?? çoz i love the drama! :D

Angelin Jashinta Yuki you are so handsome and cute baby face.. I like you very much. Cant wait to see your next drama series.

Angelin Jashinta Yuki you are so handsome and cute, I like you very much. Cant wait to see your next drama series.

iffaa Yuki I like you in dorama Itakiss You are very handsome in there I will wait for your new dorama ganbatte

Amalia Marina I hope season 2 of Itakis LIT will be aired soon!! can't wait for it... first time i saw Yuki on High School Debut, hahahaha Asaoka is really cute :) until Yuki become Irie Naoki... OMG >_< Good Damn! he stole my heart... please take care my heart LOL xD but sure, Yuki's English is 4 tumbs up!! can't wait for another Movie/Drama with Yuki as the Cast <3 Oni-Chan Ganbatte!!

p.s: Would you make a fan meet in my country?

Nadya Stefani OMG my lovely oni-chan, Yuki san ><. I'll wait your new dorama, Yuki san. I always support you. Hihihi. Ganbatte Irie-kun~ ^^

Ami <3 Yuki-san i love you so much !!! xD I really love your fluen English, it might be better than mine lol LOL you are both cute and handsome at the same time which is awesome ! :D Wish you would put on some weight though .. anyway , ganbatte! <3 :)

ゆきなあすか Yuki is an excellent actor!You are the first actor my love.I will always be your side.Fighting!ずっと応援しますよ~!


leeda weve been loving korean drama since 2009 but when we watched itazura love in Tokyo we lost it.........we don't want to watch anything but love in Tokyo......over and over again ...........we never get bored.........CONGRATULATIONS YUKI!!!!!!!!!!!!you did well.......congratulations to other casts.......staff and producers as well...........the best thing about it furukawa was a living irie somehow this manga could happen in real life.........wow

Sarah I Love you yuki furukawa.. Every night i always insomnia becoz watching you in this drama.. Good job :)

ROKSANI its very rare for a Japanese to be fluent in English, and when i heard Yuki spoke English fluently in Itazura Na Kiss, i was like 'oh god this guy turns me on'

dee the first time i saw him in 99 days with a star,n....i said "ok.this guy is cute". then i wached itazura na kiss...n im schock.he can change from cuties become the coolest one. n i love it.keep doing great job yuki.

mamiki When was Furukawa Yuki born? Some site said it is 18 December...not october... Does anyone know the truth?

safiya_min ho yuki needs to star in more shows/movies

ksfnjdks can't believe itazura na kiss love in tokyo's done!! :( I sooo love it, especially Yuki Furukawa!!!! I need more dramas of him and Miki Honoka like pretty pls w a cherry on top :(

amanda amieiro He´s really perfect .. I love you guy ... Furukawa Yuki you are the best....

YUKI_HIME-Chan OMG!!!! He is totally super super super CUUUUUTTEEE!!!! when I first saw him at Itakiss I really thought his only around the age of 18-20!!! he's baby face is soo deceiving never thought his 26 years old!!! I really loved his acting at Itakiss...for me he really is the closest actor who portray Irie Naoki the best (I already watched the Korean & Taiwanese) ...Kyaaa ^^ Furukawa Yuki-san you're the best!!!!!

Dianne He looks so young.. never though that he is 26 year old man.. he looks like 19

rifka amanda Yuki face look like a child.. But so handsome n cool.. So cooolll

shine he's too cute to be Irie Naoki though._. but yeah he's handsome lol

Yuiki Keiko He was so cool in Mischievous Kiss >,< He really is the best Irie Naoki. Looking forward to your 'main-guy' roles next time, Furukawa Yuki-san :D

Mayra Legal age of consent in Japan is 15, I believe.

Anita Ricci I love his chocolat eyes :x

Dancingracie Good acting in ItaKiss and i like his story telling eyes...He looks younger than his age. and also I'm so impressed by his english speaking b/c few Japanese actors speak fluent english, looking forward see to his next drama

Dancingracie Good acting in ItaKiss with a pair of story telling eyes. He looks much younger than his age... and also I'm so impressed by his english speaking b/c few Japanese actors/actresses speak good english

Kat i didn't know he was in Richman Poorwoman! (shun <3) i saw that drama b4 and didn't even notice him. omg. watching him now in Mischievous kiss love in Tokyo and love it.

acmiyus no wonder he looks so familiar. he was in high school debut, richman poor woman, asuko march, 99 days with superstar????!!!! i watched those shows!!! but did't find his cuteness back then...hmmm gotta dig my dvd collection again to watch those shows!!!!

cyoko dayniz i've watched all the drama series of itazura na kiss (1996's japan, taiwan, korean)..and currently 2013's japan, seriously i think yuki furukawa as irie naoki is the closest character to the manga/anime..love it! There also have improvement in his acting. N likely, i'll never forget his baby face. Although his should put some of little weight. ^^ kyaa

kaye i think he has similar face with korean actor Joo Won and SJ's Wookie LOL xD i love his cast on itazura na kiss with Honoka Miki

Mimi If you guys don't like it then don't watch it. Get over it! Yeesh! I love these two so much and actually wished they were together in real life. I mean I wouldn't mind dating someone in their 20's as long as it's not like 27. I checked and turns out he's only 25 not 26

sha it's opening or intro is kinda the same in taiwan version's.. the scenes in the street..hehe:)


a; he's super super super super super super super super super cute

Raingirl Yuki looks young for a 26 year old. He's doing great in INKLT so far. If I haven't seen his profile I would've guessed his age is between 17 - 21 y.o. But pity I don't remember his role in "Rich Man, Poor Woman." (We're not even sure if they are going to include the honeymoon scene so relax)

jocylin 조슬린 Hold up. ... this guy is 10 years older than his costar in itzanura kiss. .. she's 16 and he's 26??? I'm sorry but i can't watch something like that. ...I don't care how good of an actor he is. .. that's NOT Okay especially because that drama requires a honey moon scene and a minor should not be playing a role like that. I hope to God it's a mistake on Asianwiki's part about the co stars age. ....

CingVong Omg your soo cute I am looking forward to more dramas as you the main actor and Itazura na Kiss-Love in Tokyo was a really great show. I hope we could meet someday :) <3 uu Yuki

Hanna I hope you can come to China someday!!! You have countless fans here!!!

minkha28 i'm in love with him from ItaKiss...he is so cute....the girl is so lucky...

mosss11 omg. i didn't know he was the guy that played Asaoka in Koukou Debut. hahahaha. just noticed him now that he played in ItaZura. wow... I love his acting.

rmlyeh Love his acting! The first time I saw him was in Itazura Na Kiss - Love In Tokyo, and so far, his acting's really good! It's quite shocking that he's already in his twenties! He looks young. I love the fact that he is fluent in both English and Nihonggo! Haha, I would like to talk to him. He's a great actor, he really knows how to act the role given to him. I think he will make it big! :) x

anngaemgyu his baby face is damn awesome !

ibabysky how is he 26!!!! he looks at least 17 years old, so cute though!

desi Love him in itazura na kiss !!! So cool , great acting , look so young & his deep voice make me melting..

Although 9 gap , but you look socute with honoka miki.. hope you wil dating her in real life :-)

rrr I just can't get enough of him, he's so cute.

Sely Tha One thing that I suggest him... he should gain his weight... hehehe Well, he attracted me in Itazura na kiss... he's so cool although he has baby face...

yvonne I love him so much in ItaKiss!! And he looks much younger than his age!! I was very surprised!! But he's so coooool xD And I even forgot he was in Koukou Debut

His english was very good in ItaKiss, and I was like "Ooh.. So this is why.." when I knew he lived overseas when he was young. With this, I think I will put more attention to his acting career!!<3

JUST AN OPINION NO HATE its kinda gross how he is like 10 years older than the girl hes acting with in itazura na kiss.. i mean like shes 16 and hes like 25 and they have to kiss and act like a couple.. i just don't think it's appropriate, but i still like the drama..

PING CHAN He looks younger than his age

chubbychinita can't believe he is paired up with a 16 year old in itazura na kiss! that girl is sooooooo lucky!!

lykasian This guy is so adorable.Like seriously,im inlove with this guy right here.Tehehehe

Lucky He's a older than me~ kyaaaa~ I love his acting~ I love it~

herzel his cute and smart my type problem is his like 10 years older than me that sucks but age doesnt matter when its love.

Arisu He's my new crush! I thought he was dubbed when he was speaking English in a scene from ItaKiss. Well, it turns out he's a great English speaker too! I just learned that he came from the States.

Angelica Here it says his birthday is October 18, but others say it was December 18... what is it?

yehey ^///^ i love him. specially his smile :)

Baekhyun his english is so cute.

yoona u are the best^^<3<3<3<3<3

snooglebunch wahhh~ his bilingual cool! also his an amazing actor! ^^*

Dulsinea I loved him in High School Debut,he has beautiful eyes. (=

yunho I loved him in Boku to Star no 99 Nichi, even if he has little screen time in it! And I love how he speaks in english!!!

Per5eph0ne Agree! He was adorable in the movie.

mari chan i agree with u ceceliaS69! he was so stylish..he looks adorable too...^.^

CeceliaS69 He was so admirable in Koko Debut. Surprising no one comment about him yet! I'll look forward to his acting in the future ^0^

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