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Haruna Nagashima (Ito Ono) devoted herself to softball while in middle school. Now that she is in high school, Haruna believes its time find a boyfriend. Unfortunately for Haruna, she didn't pay attention to trends and is now clueless on how to attract a boy. Through a fortuitous event, Haruna encounters popular upperclassman You Komiyama (Junpei Mizobata) Haruna asks You to teach her how to become attractive to boys. You agrees but with one catch. She can't fall in love with him ...


High School Debut-Junpei Mizobata.jpg High School Debut-Ito Ono.jpg High School Debut-Masaki Suda.jpg High School Debut-Rina Aizawa.jpg High School Debut-Yuki Furukawa.jpg
Junpei Mizobata Ito Ono Masaki Suda Rina Aizawa Yuki Furukawa
You Komiyama Haruna Nagashima Fumiya Tamura Asami Komiyama Yui Asaoka
High School Debut-Sae Miyazawa.jpg High School Debut-Rei Okamoto.jpg High School Debut-Yuka Masuda.jpg High School Debut-Elaiza Ikeda.jpg High School Debut-Muga Tsukaji.jpg High School Debut-Yoichi Nukumizu.jpg
Sae Miyazawa Rei Okamoto Yuka Masuda Elaiza Ikeda Muga Tsukaji Yoichi Nukumizu
Mami Takahashi Makoto Kurihara Reona Matsuzaka Takemoto Tsukaxile teacher

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Aaliyah I LOVE the manga!! XD I was so happy to hear that there was a movie and ARGH MA GOSH!! The story is so perfect and <3 ugh it's to beautiful for words.. *u*

grace I'm gonna watch this b cause of Yuki Furukawa..

julia kaklyya love you JUNPEI Mizobata

high school debut fan who know the song that tsukaji muga sing when Haruna is depressed after she fired Yoh? I love that song though. It nice. I was looking for it but couldn't found it anywhere.

schoolgirl I love japan because the movie....love JUNPEI Mizobata and Ito ono forever...Arigato

hannah i can't believe the male lead in this movie is the same person as the one who play as 'Shuji Hatano' in Buzzer Beat!! in this movie he look so cool and cold while in that drama he look so clumsy and kinda silly.. totally two different character! how cool is that! and he also not a very bad looking, he got the looks..

intan maofuri i love this movie, love...................................

Kaitou Does anyone knows where they filmed that movie? in tokyo or another big city?

junpei mizobata wow this movie is amazing

shin does anyone know if this movie got a subtitle in english .. where i can download it :D cuz i cant understand cuz im a filipino :D

Miho Does anyone know the name of the song that the /fat funny cameo dude/ was singing after Haruna fired Yoh. The one where she was being all sad and down and she kicks the mic down and junk. I like the song so much~ /////

lorie the song is..............FALLIN' LOVE by: SEVEN OOPS

Jenny Pls!! does anyone know the beautiful background music that comes all the time? like when Yoh finally decided to help her! pls! i really like that and i guess everyone does! xD so pls? :D thank you everyone!

2NE1starss As someone who didn't read the manga, I really enjoyed the movie! It was light-hearted, fun and cute. if you're looking for a really lightweight kind of love story then I will definitely recommend this. Although just make sure that you haven't read the manga bc you'll just rage just like these people below me. But we all know they can't really satisfy us that much if it's just a movie. From my perceptive, all the actors did a great job *claps*.

[SPOILER] [SPOILER] I'mjusthappythattheyactuallykissedattheend <3333 [SPOILER] [SPOILER]

Audrey I loved reading the manga, but the movie seems rushed, they tried to put most of the manga into the movie, and it was all out of order. They did this in the Avatar the last airbender movie too, if you never read the manga/comic or see an anime, it may not matter, unfortunately when you have it's a little disappointing or rushed. I would love to see them do a drama or anime where they could play it out like it was in the manga, plus they need different actors, like I said, it may have been cause it felt rushed, and the actors may have not had time to integrate themselves into the part better, but they didn't seem believable like the manga. That is the reason I love anime, they can make the characters look/act the same as they do in the manga...please make an anime of this.

Kenzou @Roselilyfire Fallin' Love by 7!! (7 oops!!) is the title of the last song.

Roselilyfire Does any1 know the name of the very last song in the movie? i really like it, but being american, i can't find out the name of the song or the band! plz tell!

ondowuzz why...?

why mostly comments i read in youtube were very sarcastically negative, but here i find the opposites?

Matsumoto Ran Sadly, the film turned out to be much less than what I have expected. It hurts watching Ito Ono play the part. I honestly think that they could've cast a better actress for the role. The story line was same-old-same-old predictable and did not leave much of an impact. And as much as we want the audience to think that it's a fun movie, I think throwing in a small production number with all the singing and dancing, was kinda pushing it. I was disappointed. The manga was one of the best I've read after all.

ZuriAi The feeling of... Arggg!

I had high expectation in this movie and it didn't let me down!

This movie is awesome!

The characters were adorable!

The actress playing Haruna was so CUUUUUUUUTE! And with Yoh? I fell deeper in love on his character! :"""""""""""">

And ohh! Does anyone of you find Junpei's voice very captivating, too?

This is definitely a good watch. Love and Laugh together! ^^

maaakino The manga is one of my all time faves! ♥ :D It's so adorable and awesome.

The movie wasn't disappointing either. It's really fun and cute ~

hikari wow.. one of the best movie i've seen.... xoxo

Kuroineko LOVE LOVE! LOVE YOH!!!!

Btw does anyone know the manga Haruna's reading 22mins into the movie?

cho_chella ,,Must watch this movie, so funny n really good for teenagers.. ,,I like the opening song but I don't know what is the title, can u tell me ??

Kiyou It's okay. The manga is of course better than the movie. The cast were good except for three: Asami, Fuma, and Asaoka. Asami: wasn't as bi polar like she was suppose to be. Asaoka: lol his hair just got me Fuma: Hair was weird and his personality was off. Yoh was amazing ! So was Haruna :D!!!! The events in the movie was confusing and it was done way to fast I think they should of spent more time on making the movie >____<

But thats just my opinion :P It was really funny I plan on watching it with a friend later

imaai as someone who has read the original manga i still thought that it was a cute movie! the casts are good as well! and the adaptation from the manga is quite nice as well <3 pretty funny too haha xD it was slightly different with the manga but oh well--overall it was a good watch! do watch it if you're stuffed & bored! it's light and relives your stress! lol (:

Neri MUST WATCH~ I love this movie I Laugh and I fell in Love with You Komiyama~~~



chris love this movie!! >o<

frq8 what is the name of song that was played at the starting with the movie title?

ha-ri ending song called, fallin' in love by seven oops (if i not mistaken)...hehehe

margarita What is the ending song called? anyone know please and thanks

anon omg, really? can you please share with us the website you watched on? (:

Kyouya2909 Finished this movie just now, It's so cute!

Algie just finish watching it just expected very funny! and haruna is so cute!

Irene Yes I was so excited that they made a live action movie! I have been checking dramacrazy.net everyday, hoping that the subs version would be there LOL. Sigh I think I am going to give into temptation and just watch the raws version for now hehe =)

Marmar I couldnt believe they made a movie for this manga either!!! I Seriously was screaming! Well for all you people who want to see it! I know dramacrazy.net has It but it's not subbed yet! I check like everyday! :/

nami ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is the best trailer ive ever seen! and omg, cant wait for this move! yoh is so handsome :)

Miki-Chan OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!! can't believe they're making a live action!! so happy! Read High School debut sooo many times, one of the best manga ever!!! the actor playing yoh looks hot! and it seems like they are following the manga to the end! really can't wait to see it!!! hopefully it will be subbed and out soon! = ] who knows, there might be an anime following or a drama!? yikes... toooo excited,, must remember to breathe.. LOL! So HAPPY! :D

Chrissy Has anyone been able to find a website to watch this movie yett??? I'm really getting impatient with this one, I finished the manga already, so if anyone can PLEASE tell me I would be there best friend :D

misso unless someone filmed the movie in the theatres.. you wont be able to see this movie online for another 6 months (or whenever they release the dvd.. hopefully soon!) ;(

while waiting I will reread the manga! hahah

frankie Does anyone know where online we can see this movie. i am in US and want to see this movie :( asap

Lulu Umm...... they arnt gonna kiss right??????????? (even they did in the manga)

The guy playing You is 21 years old... but the girl playing Haruna is fu*king 15?!?!?!?!

adz143 OMIEEEE!!!! wer can i watch this movie with english subs?

Yumi I really can't wait to see this movie but I know I will have to wait a lot... at least 6 months! >< Ohh well...a lot of patience is needed.

The cast is great and the movie looks so fun and sweet! I am already excited about this one...yay ^^

KokoDebut I need to watch this movie!!!! >_<

ilovethis omg omg omg omg omg i can't waiiiit! i read the manga in a week! but i hate waiting TT_TT but im glad there's like a movie

M2tokyo Loved the manga cant wait 2 see the movie!!!!

.:dIaNa:. wen is it going to come out?? plzzz tell me:))

Georgiaaa hi my name is georgiaaaa i'm from greece and i want to see this movieee. :D but i should to wait... :( i believe is very perfect.....because this movie has very perfect cast and i have read the manga i believe is (super wow)perfect!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 high school debut <3 <3 <3

Chris im excited to seen this movie!!

marichan aahhh...cannot waiting~

evilive yeaaaaahhhhhhhhh finallyyyyy it's here.but why movie. and not a drama. yoh was damn hot in the manga. can't wait. i hope ouren high school to get live-action too

Aniholic OMG I soo loved High school debut. can wait till it comes out. was soo elated when i heard about this.

MugiChan love high school debut so much

MugiChan omg.... i can't wait to see this movie. i really really like high school debut manga. It's one of the best ever. superb manga.

Ayashiiih OH.MY. . . CAN'T.BREATHE. . . Okay so maybe that's overdoing it. But seriously! This is one of the best manga I have read! I can't believe they're making a movie out of it! This better be good!

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