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Nao Yoshino (Emi Takei) is a teenager who gets into the technical high school Asuko. Unfortunately for Nao, Asuko only has male students. Nao failed to enter a female school which she dreamed of entering. In its place, Nao must settle for Asuko. She initially feels lonely as she's the only female student in her class, but soon enough, friendships and love sprouts for Nao Yoshino ...


Asuko March-Emi Takei.jpg Asuko March-Tori Matsuzaka.jpg Asuko March-Kento Kaku.jpg Asuko March-Kento Nagayama.jpg Asuko March-Keisuke Minami.jpg
Emi Takei Tori Matsuzaka Kento Kaku Kento Nagayama Keisuke Minami
Nao Yoshino Yujin Yokoyama Makoto Tamaki Kazuya Takeuchi Tsuyoshi Wajima
Asuko March-Takuya Ishida.jpg Asuko March-Mary Matsuyama.jpg Asuko March-Yuki Furukawa.jpg Asuko March-Yuta Kanai.jpg Asuko March-Yusuke Arai.jpg
Takuya Ishida Mary Matsuyama Yuki Furukawa Yuta Kanai Yusuke Arai
Satomi Hirose Kyouko Naganuma Tetsuro Kishi Hajime Murai Koji Hirakawa
Asuko March-Yosuke Nishi.jpg Asuko March-Satoshi Jinbo.jpg Asuko March-Takashi Sasano.jpg Asuko March-Ayame Gouriki.jpg Asuko March-Miho Shiraishi.jpg
Yosuke Nishi Satoshi Jinbo Takashi Sasano Ayame Gouriki Miho Shiraishi
Okano Fujio Yoshino Momo Aizawa Kanako Sugisaki
Asuko March-Rei Kikukawa.jpg Asuko March-Masanobu Katsumura.jpg
Rei Kikukawa Masanobu Katsumura
Sachiko Toru Omukai

Additional Cast Members:


Episode Ratings

Episode Date Ratings
(Kanto Region)
01 04/24/2011 7.5%
02 05/01/2011 4.9%
03 05/15/2011 5.4%
04 05/29/2011 6.7%
05 06/05/2011 6.8%
06 06/05/2011 5.9%
07 06/19/2011 5.5%
08 06/26/2011 5.9%
09 07/03/2011 5.0%
Average 5.96%

Source: Video Research, Ltd.


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etakawaiii Emi Takei is so pretty and able to portrait Nao, warming at heart, good looking guys, hilarious scenes (flirty, funny, kind and wise grandpa), love this drama so much...personally, this deserved a better rating

Zara Choi At first I didn't expect this to be good judging the rating it had but after watching the first ep I knew I was totally WRONGGGGGG. This turned out to be awesome, really, really awesome

Jocelyn Probably one the best dramas I've seen in a while! I finished this whole drama in 2 days because it was just so addicting. After one episode you're tempted to watch the next and the next and just idiejeidj it's so good. I love my lovey dovey dramas and this one has a "relationship" but they don't really focus on the whole love thing in this one. That's why in the end i was sad that they didn't get a real kiss. BUt overall a good drama. :)

Shahrul Jasnizam Emi and Tori are great couple in youth dorama. With Ayame and Mary in this dorama,I hope this dorama can get best rating. Expecially mechanics that don't know how the syllibus of mechanics school.

Katia emi takei kawaii!

Sarah It's a cute Drama... I really liked it ^^

anyeeM229 FUNKY MONKEY BABYS, who are used for the entire soundtrack, is really good. i listened to them for the first time because of this drama. now i'm a big fan. the ost includes

maneki hobbang i wish this drama received better ratings. i think the 3 main guy's beat hana kimi in terms of looks. the setting of a girl going to a school that simply has few girls is more realistic than going undercover to a boys' school. after watching takei emi's seductive concept in "taisetsu na koto wa subete kimi ga oshiete kureta," i was worried that the teenager would go on the bad road. i'm glad her agency planted her right back into a teen drama that fits her better.

kyouya2909 I got this drama DVD today cuz I like Emi so much, I thought it's not fun at all but after I watched the first episode, I watched all the rest, It's really good & must watch drama!

yano koichi at first, i thought of NAO to end up with Yokoyama but then i was really hoping she'll end up with Tamaki, he's so hansome and i like the way he does everything to feed his siblings and stuff, and i also like his annoying attitude.. and i dont really care about him living in poverty, not his fault.. maybe im gonna go back 2 yokoyama when i get to watch more about him in the story though.. im really confused about these 2,wait, is this even a romance story, not? im not sure, i kinda thought this is like gokuzen (mayb she just coincidently there @ school 2 solve problems).. uggh! well, if this is a romance.. can just any1 tell me right away whom shes gonna end up with? i dont wanna focus on the other guy

GermanGirl24 Chrissy: thank u very much, but i know dramacrazy already sorry i sould have mention that^^´, my mistake sorry and i know the sides: mysoju, asianrice and ep-drama it´s to dump that viki don´t have jdramas anymore in, i think they would be fast too sometimes even with the subs :´-(

dramacrazy is setting that inside a little bit late i think is there not another side maybe who is setting it in maybe even on sunday or monday? because i´m so in this drama^^

GermanGirl24 Hello guys i have a question does the drama come every sunday or just every second sunday? because i can´t find the Episode 7!! when someone knows where i can find it to 100% then plese tell. even if it is still unsubbed i look it even without sub!!

thanks when someone can answer that

Greetings from Germany!!

chrissy I really hate Momo, shes a bitch. Love Tamaki, his sooo cute ♥

sahara I really hope she ends up with tamaki! they have sooo much chemistry :) .. i've bin trying to find the manga but i cant?? does anyone know where i can read it or order it even ?


Nina~ no i think she okay, *shrugs* ^^ , oh n u can watch this on viki~

Nina~ you can watch this on viki

Yunho I hope she ends up Kento Kaku but I have a feeling she won't.. LOL :((

misso soo excited for this drama.. i like dramas adapted from mangas (even though i can't fnd this manga anywhere!!?!?)

anyway~~ takei emi~~ she's a promising actress.. and my loves kento nagayama AND kento kaku are here aswell!! whoot~~

chicka_tricia Cool!~ Another drama from Takei Emi! I can't wait to watch it! She's a very versatile actress, i must say. She can turn to a very adorable character to a fierce individual! :D I want to see how she pull this one off!~ She'll be awesome!

fyi This drama will start april 24th and takei is one promising young actress. wouldn't even think about watching such a cra*py reversed-harem drama if it wasn't for her :P

Adi Ryo erm.....when this drama start???? i can't wait for this drama!!!!

... To comment #1 Your really a stuck up Bi*ch that doesn't even know wtf she is talking about. She doesn't act cute.. because she is cute and more than you will ever be. So, why don't just back off

... WTF, she is surrounded by guys in the drama. she is fking ugly, and super act cute. DISGUSTING

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