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  • Name Soo-Ae
  • Hangul: 수애
  • Birth Name: Park Soo-Ae (박수애)
  • Birthdate: July 25, 1980
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Highest Education: Gyeonggi Girls' Commercial High School
  • Height: 168cm
  • Blood Type:


Soo-Ae was born on July 25, 1980. Her immediate family consists of her parents and one younger brother. In an interview on MBC TV program "Muryopak Dosa" (September 16, 2009), Soo-Ae mentioned her father worked as a shoe repairman when she was growing up. Because of this, her family worried about the perception of her father's low paying job might have on Soo-Ae's acting career. However, Soo-Ae did not worry about her father's job or feel any type of embarrassment. Her family also opposed Soo-Ae's wishes to act initially, due to Soo-Ae's introspective personality. As the elder daughter in a family of limited means, she received permission to pursue acting under the condition that she would quit once she earned 30 million Won ($27,000 USD).[1]

Before acting, Soo-Ae was a runner for her school's track & field team. After graduating from Gyeonggi Girls' Commercial High School, Soo-Ae along with friends made a 6 month contract with a management company. Interesting enough, Soo-Ae and her friends did not receive money, but rather paid 350,00 won to the their management company. She went through auditions and first received a job as a model for undergarments. She liked modeling, but the resulting pictures did not look good.[2]

At this point, Soo-Ae wanted to be a singer and practiced with her friends. Soo-Ae took the part of a rapper as they practiced for 6 months. Without ever releasing an album, the group disbanded. During this time, a well known manager recommended to Soo-Ae to pursue acting. In 2001, Soo-Ae started to pursue acting.[3]

In her early acting career people nicknamed Soo-Ae "little Jung Yoon-Hee" due to similarities in appearance. Jung Yoon-Hee was a popular actress from the 1980's who was known for her glamorous look.[4]

In 2002, Soo-Ae made her acting debut in the 1 episode MBC drama "Beseuteu Geukjang Jjak Sarang" ("Best Theater: One Sided Love"). Soo-Ae was then cast for the main female lead in dramas "Merry Go Round," "Love Letter" and "April Kiss". Through these dramas Soo-Ae picked up the image of an actress with a graceful personality. In 2004, she made her feature film debut in the film "A Family". Soo-Ae's character in "A Family" was Jung-Eun, a tough young woman recently released from prison for theft. Her character made a marked departure from the graceful woman she played in earlier TV dramas.

In 2006, Soo-Ae performed in her third film "Once in a Summer" opposite actor Lee Byung-Hun. Soo-Ae mentioned on the MBC TV Show "Muryopakdosa" that during this time she wasn't very confident and, consequently, did not open up to other people. Furthermore, Lee Byung-Hun was an attractive actor, so Soo-Ae kept even more distance to not fall under his charm. More recently, Soo-Ae has become more confident and worked comfortably with leading men like Cho Seung-Woo in "The Sword With No Name".[5]

In 2008, Soo-Ae acted in the film "Sunny". During the filming, she had an unforgettable experience. Director Lee Jun-Ik told Soo-Ae that her acting did not seem real. Soo-Ae then drank 1/3rd of a bottle of whiskey, while director Lee Jun-Ik drank the other 2/3rd. They then filmed her scene while Soo-Ae was drunk.[6]

Prior to the filming of "Sunny," Soo-Ae was more of a loner who kept to herself. She felt responsible for anything she said in public and also afraid of being hurt. Thanks to director Lee Jun-Ik, Soo-Ae began to change. She also picked up the idea that it is ok to try various things.[7]

Soo-Ae then picked up the "Best Actress" award for her performance in "Sunny" at the 46th Daejong Film Awards. In the 2010, Soo-Ae took on the role of a radio show host who discovers that her daughter has been kidnapped while live on air in the film "Midnight F.M.". During filming Soo-Ae found it difficult to run in high heels constantly and also to keep the mental tension needed for her role for the 6 months of filming.[8]

With "Midnight F.M." Soo-Ae won the best actress award, along with co-winner Yun Jeong-Hee for "Poetry", at the 2010 (31st) Blue Dragon Film Awards. Soo-Ae was stunned to have won and when her name was called she could not think of anything. In an interview with Sports Chosun, she mentioned that the day before the award ceremony she flew from New Zealand to South Korea. During the flight she fell asleep and had a dream of two puppies who defecated in two places. Although she didn't think anything of it until after the award ceremony, perhaps her dream forecasted what was awaiting for her in Korea.[9]

In 2010, Soo-Ae was cast as the female lead in the high profile SBS drama series "Athena: Goddess of War".


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erinstar I love you Soo Ae unnie! Saw you in Yawang.. your smile is seriously brilliant, looking forward to more and more works!!

Rysee Natural beauty, and looked so young.. Her eyes so love it!! More projects to you unnie.

peter Queen emotions ... i love soo ae ... cheer up.

parkul wow ... Queen emotions ..... Queen beauty smile of world ... Angel korea.... snow white korea .... wild flower .... them are nikename soo ae ....수애... i love her .... pls show soon .... cheer up.

kathrina She is the best actress

ma-rie Soo ae I love you so much...because you are beautifulllll,sexy. And I like you in drama queen of ambition and the flu....oooooooo i love you One of the best actresses in Korea.I love her Tear.

Daniel She is one of the most talented actress in Korea. Her acting is superb that you would really think that her character is a real one. She tears up realistically. A very humble and nice person in real life. All her dramas and movies are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

SLdramalover I've been your fan since "A Thousand Day's Promise" and I must say that you are great in putting up characters like a tough and intelligent woman. You are a classy kind of actress and as much as I love our outfits, I really am amazed at your superb acting skills! You act so real and just the looks in your eyes says everything at what you feel. I also am speechless about the fact that you can cry (real tears) so easily (like less than 3 seconds). Great acting! Although some criticize you for being shy and putting-up boundaries between you male leads so you wouldn't fall for them in real life, I still like you for who you are. Hope to see your future projects! Especially now that you said you wanted to have a romcom for your next project, A change in atmosphere is so very welcome for me.

Dianne After completing watching the drama "Love Letter", I wanted to commend you on a fantastic job well done! I thought you, and the other lead actors, should have received recognition awards for your outstanding performances. If I had been voting, you would have won!! Now that my eyes have dried from sobbing through the last 3 or 4 episodes of "Love Letter"; I will say thanks for the memories of this wonderful love story...

gf She is best actress's one.I love acting skills.And smile.

neng hasanah soo ae .. very beautifull ..

Femzypo Hmm.scarce in life,endowed wit beauty&talent.kip it up

Lyndsey M I can't stand this actress.I do not like any role in the movies or dramas I have seen her do. Actually, she spoils the movie by being cast as one if the characters.

Patty Must watch her in FLU!!!

herbmom Brilliant acting in "A Thousand Days' Promise." Expressive and beautiful. Look forward to watching more of her work.

Susan One of the best actresses in Korea :) And she's very beautiful, what a bonus!

jerine You are an inspiration. Love your innocent and genlt eyes, your full lips, your radiant smile with those charming dimples, your oval face, your willowy yet shapely frame and your soft black hair!

Love your acting in Nine Outs, Two in, Athena, Sunny.

agustin ..i just watched "sunny" on red channel (ch 37/ph) an hour ago and was fantasized by the lead actress, Soo-Ae acting, and can hardly wait to browse her on the net..just as i thought.. she won two awards in this film. Her acting is natural, her face,very expressive. I'd like to see more of her here on red channel!!

issa one of my favorite actress... yikes she's so great in her acting...her dramas are worth watching.

Anshul DESHMUKH I love you soo ae as a fan

juliet z f Soo u are such an actress am Ugandan and love u so much U made me love acting am waiting to see u in another serie in 2012

juliet z f Soo u are such an actress am Ugandan and love u so much. U made me love acting am waiting to see u in another serie in 2012

juliet z f soo you are such an actress i love you

wiwi You are so amazing soo ae Onnie, sarangheyoo :)

Ballsq i love you soo ae.... you're so sexy and gorgeous.... i like you're act on a thousand day's promise.... fighting! ^_^

mohsen you are very beautiful so ae,i love yu so much i see all of your movie and drama and enjoy them .you are one of the best actress in korea.good luck

Merian good luck for your career and more blessings to come..

Merian she's good and she's beautiful, i like her acting in athena goddess of war at the same time in a thousand promise...good luck..i am your number 1 fun...

La Cruz Hi Soo-ae!!!!!!i'm a Pan-Spanish American from San Juan,LUV YA LOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dalt I just finished *athena* and i know already the*sword with no name*...I'm asking myself how is possible to not make a good pictures with this model in undergarments...the photographer must be really bad...or she's trying to hide them from the family...good job!!! come on!!!

Kundan Arya wow! it was an amazing serial i ever saw before .I am a big fan of u and it's my hard luck to write you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Kundan Arya wow! it was an amazing serial i ever saw.I am a big fan of u and it's my hard luck to write you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

cullengabriela u look preatty......................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jan Does any know what style of martial arts she studied/is using for her role in Athena?

weirdboy An amazing actress, her eyes so expressive, really highlights every emotion she portrays and her smile is one of the sweetest. Lovely. So very lovely. The wedding campaign and Once in a summer are my favorites. Hope to see more movies from her.

glen soo ae is so beautiful and talented! she is so beautiful from head to toes!!! don't complain about her in high heels....she looks so sexy and amazing in high heels!!

Muja Hi Soo Ae !!! I just loved your Movie "Once in a summer" It was so touching especially you in the whole movie.... I have like become crazy about your charm and smile... and I love 9 ends 2 out also....

Sydney 수애, you need to be less attractive so that I can focus on the storyline. Please put less make up on and stop giving us your enchanting smile so that we can enjoy the storyline. Because of your cataclysmic beauty, I had to watch the episode several times to understand what the heck was going on with Athena.

mojojojo soo-ae is so badass in athena! i love her!!!!!!! way better than angelina jolie for sure.

jen for her role in Athena, she needs to pull up her hair and should pay less attention to her clothing and fashion and high heels shoes. She needs to watch more of Angelina Jolie's action movies

P. She is so good and so beautiful in Athena... I'm in love, really.

Joel She is so untalented, Kim Tae Hee was such a great actress in the original IRIS and they replaced her with this girl

Khine I think there are more dramas of hers...

Lisa Hi....I am from AZERBAIJAN. You are very beautiful girl.I am your fan.With great love Lisa............

soo ae fans somehow im not boring see her face..

well the guy that marry her very lucky..

ahahaha just my 2 cents.


japoo hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i am japoo.i am your fan.i am india.i like your serial emperor of sea very much.YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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