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  • Name Cho Seung-Woo
  • Hangul: 조승우
  • Birthdate: February 12, 1980
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 172cm
  • Blood Type:


  1. Influenced by his sister who performed in musicals, Seung-Woo grew up wanting to be a performer in musicals.
  2. During his high school years, Seung-Woo was notorious for his disregard for education. He often carried musical CDs in his backpack rather than books.
  3. His love for musicals quickly took a back seat to acting in films after Seung-Woo auditioned for Im Kwon-Taek's Chunhyang and received the starring role.
  4. On December 15, 2008 at 1:30 PM, Seung-woo Cho enlisted in the South Korean military for his mandatory two year service.


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demi If you haven't seen him in The Classic movie then his character in God's Gift is nothing cuz that movie is SOOOOOOOOOO OMFG TEARS... FLOWING RIVER OF TEARS!!! But yeah this guy needs more recognition!!!

God's Gift Somebody give this man an award for simply being amazing in everything he does. Best male actor so far, DUCK Leonardo DiCaprio. This right here is a real man, the real actor. Grammys on him! I LOVE YOU DONG CHAN

Yatie He's character as Dong Chan in 14 Days God Gift, make me want to know more about Cho Seung Woo and from now on i'm his biggest fan. Huhu still can't accept the last ep of 14 Days but i need to move on and wait for his upcoming drama and movie as soon as possible :*

bio i love his voice

Emrys First time i had watched Cho Seung Woo drama in God' Gift 14 days, he such a good actor with big tallent. i keep searching about his background. He's one of the actor can make me cry with his acting tellent with his charming face also with his amazing voice it make me became one of his fans, hope i can see him again in future drama. Fighting!!!!

Saphir It's my first time watching Cho Seung-Woo in God's Gift. He had a really interesting role. His acting was just amazing, as he died in the last minutes of the drama, I was like no you can't die now. I couldn't stop crying at the scene. I'd love to see him in the next drama ♡

Saphir In his last drama that ended yesterday Cho Seung-Woo had a really interesting role. His acting was just amazing and it was for me as if he died really. I couldn't stop crying. I'd love to see him in the next drama♡

Chrissie I'm not a fan of Korean movies, koreanovela and Korean actors and actress but when the horse doctor aired here in Singapore the series catch my heart. Coz the story is really amazing, and have lessons to be learn. Don't give up no matter what. Do things that makes you happy. In this story I started to love Jo Seung Woo in my 27 years on earth he is the first Korean actor who catch my heart. That's I searched all about him. His background, movies, musical everything . I'm proud to be your fan Jo Seung Woo. More power.

kim hee jin i really really love you cho seung-woo

wisa Love him in gods gift 14 days...what a great actor. Didn't realize it was him who played in Horse Doctor, now I will definitely start watching it.

Dragon Your act is awesome in the 'Horse doctor'! I love that TV series!

MeiMei Oppa!! your act in Gods Gift 14 days is awesome!! you are the best. Good Work!!

Michi Kay somadasa i am also sri lankan! I live in Canada, what channel does Korean drama go on???

somadasa Your acting is very nice and real.This drama also very famous in sri lanka like other korian dramas which were telicasted .Any way I wish all of you to best future.

sansala I realy realy like your act.i haven't words to tell about your self comfidence.great future @i LOVE u 2........

sudarshani You are very talented actor. I like you very much.I really enjoy horse doctor.I wish you all the best.

teshini i love you very much..... SARANGHA.....

tae shi ni anyeonghaseyo.. oppa..I'm from Srilanka.. I'm crazy of you.. you are very smart & handsome.... i love you very much.......sarangha....

jinendra I like to watch your acting. because It is very interesting. I wish your all the best your future. Good Luck!

Andreea The Classic was wonderful. Thank you for playing Joon Ha. I will never forget him.

Vinu I really enjoy you're acting in hourse doctor.actually your preformance in the 'Hourse docter' is Perfect and beautiful.your very beautiful and we like your smile.I wish you all the best for your future.and happy new year....

stefania your acting is very beautiful(horse doctor) ...... wish you all the best.

Masha Actually your performance in the HORSE DOCTOR is perfect.I wish u all the best 4 your future.

Hansi I really enjoy you're perfect acting in horse doctor. good luck!

Hani awesome. there is no any word to appreciate u. if u re single i'll apply too.

Sarath Chandra Your action are very nice in Horse Doctor.Now it telecasting everyday in Sri lanka Rupavahini television net work.Best of Luck Dear Cho Seung Woo Happy future

anna i love you are very beautiful....your acting is very beautiful,,,,,,

huokoo44 Anyone, does he know english? Fancy

Maddie Just amazing... You are absolutely an incredible actor, singer, a well accomplished artist at such a young age...Congratulations. Thank you for sharing of yourself with the world. With my sincere gratitude and encouragement for a blessed future.

shine if he's single, i would like to apply.hahaha gosh! i love you babe!!

lani i luv his acting sooo much.... fr indonesia w/ loves

gunju i crazy for you you is best actor and singer i love you seung woo fighting !!

nana He's really something! Good job, Seung-woo!

Riisa He's a good actor

prizzy nan niga joha oppa.......

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