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  • Name Shunsuke Daito
  • Japanese: 大東駿介
  • Birthdate: March 13, 1986
  • Birthplace: Sakai, Osaka, Japan
  • Height: 182cm
  • Blood Type: A


Shunsuke Daito is a popular Japanese actor & model from Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan. He was born on March 13, 1986 and grew up as an only child. As a child, Shunsuke Daito enjoyed activities by himself like watching movies or imitating famous people. He thought that making people laugh was a great thing and this inspired him to become an actor.

In 2005, Shunsuke Daito was signed by Top Coat Management Company through an audition. He debuted as a model in FINEBOYS magazine and then debuted as an actor in the NTV drama "Nobuta wo produce". Since that time Shunsuke Daito has made his mark as an actor through popular youth films like "Crows: Episode 0" and "The Chasing World" as well as many television dramas.

In 2010, Shunsuke Daito, already acting in the TBS drama "Tumbling," was cast for the TV Asahi drama "Keishichou Keizoku Sousahan," but had to withdraw from "Keishichou Keizoku Sousahan" after suffering injuries from a moped accident. On June 18th, while Shunsuke Daito was riding his moped in Tokyo's Setagaya ward, Shunsuke collided with an automobile. The resulting accident caused a compound fracture in Shunsuke's femur. He plans to resume his acting career later in 2010.

Shunsuke Daito's hobbies include cooking, listening to music, watching movies, collecting tennis shoes, and writing on his blog. An actor Shunsuke looks up to as a role model is Hiroki Narimiya. Shunsuke is also good friends with actor Shun Oguri. He is also proud of his hometown of Osaka and still speaks with the local Osaka dialect.


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gideon My favourite hair style was fit on you, it look perfect on you in crow zero, I am great fan of your

nubz Why didnt he acting as main actor a lot? Damn!

asiska1520 I'm your fan from Indonesia.. actually I've difficulties to watch you drama/movie because those aren't officially aired here.. so I just watched a few like CZ, OHSHC, Fujoshi Kanojo and Hana Kimi.. but it was enough to make me happy >_< hahaha.. also I love the way you smile.. because your smile is too sweet... and I love you Shunsuke san~^^

asiska1520 I'm your fan from Indonesia... actually I've difficulties to watch your drama/movie because those aren't officially aired here.. so I just watched a few like CZ, OHSHC, Fujoshi Kanojo and Hana Kimi.. but it was enough to make me happy >_< hahaha.. also I love the way you smile.. because your smile is too sweet.. and I love you Shunsuke san~^^

kimono he is so cool....i watched his film crows zero1 nd 2 ...seriously hes so hot nd cute...i lov him

Megane I love you from the bottom of my heart. Keep up the good work xD

Desiree ^_^ Kon'nichiwa. Anata ga hontou ni kuruna desu. Daisuki, Daito Shunsuke <3

JackieNg Awh!! He is so cute! :) <3 Love him!!

Dayana Asyiqin Auwhhhhhhhhh..................... I LOVE YOU DAITO SHUNSUKE-KUN!!!!!!!!! XD

Yajrah loves YOU Daito ~ ooooohhh.. la la la ~ I love yoooouuuu Daito . I'm so addicted to you!

rii.young When I saw him in OHSHC, I was like "OMG, Kyoya just walked out from the manga". Seriously, I'm so head over heels for him.

ai i saw him in Gokusen 3,, ep 9., be one of the usual student., even just slightest., not a member of 3D.,

nina I wanna ask something.. In the SUMMER NUDE drama series..asahi's friend from tokyo(photographer..he is daito kun,isn't he?

Sakamoto He is so cool in OHSHC !!! Love you Daito-san!! XD

nana He did a really great job portraying Kyoya in OHSHC! I love him! ^_^

maha he is soo cuteee nd adorable love u <3

saki Daito! You are an amazing actor. You're so cool, handsome and hot. You have the perfect eyes. I really loved your hairstyle in Crows Zero. Please continue in new movies again. I'm a big fan of yours. Love you.

Honda He so freaking hot

Phoebe you really are my love Daito, your beauty never fails me to look at your photos, i never get tired just by looking at those handsome,kakkoii pictures of yours. I hope you could read this. I'm gonna watch all your drama series, movies starting this february. I hope you appear on new movies or series as main character..:)

stoneblood warhead keep doing good film. all the very best. arigato !

stoneblood warhead the most handsome actor from japan and outstanding hair style.

Ta naga gal.(-_-) / \ Yo br0. . .!!

  try to keep your hairstyle like in the movie crows0 forever. .He2~

Atsuko Love you since I saw you in Crows Zero!!! Keep Fighting!! U the best <3

shun ur the most handsome and boyish actor in the whole world!! :) <3

pichy OMG,,,,, so cooollllll boyyy :)

ino he's hot. his eyes! Gawwwwdddd.... I'll faint if he stares...

Mai You are so beautiful and you have the most beautiful eyes! I like your acting too. Really hope to see you in a big project in a leading role soon ^.^

lala Not my favorit actor, but he is cute, so is his voice

kiara daito-ssan....aishiteru...

Shilpa I loved you the moment I saw you in Tumbling ~ You were really good and then I saw the trailers of you in Ouran and now that is next on my list. I've seen Shibatora and a bit of the My girlfriend is an otaku one... I really really like you and you are so handsome. Can't wait to see what you will be in next :D

Aka Brilliant, splendid, stellar actor XD (oh and also an ikemen)

kyouya2909 I've alway liked Kyouya the most out of OHHC ever since this manga been release in my country (you can see by my own acc, I've used this since 2008) & I'm so happy that's Shunsuke played Kyouya really well! (Sorry for my poor English)

Hannah I enjoyed watching you in Ouran High School Host Club. I have seen the anime version before and your skills as an acter are very good, you brought your own way into becoming Kyoya but was still able to stay in line of the charicters ways. But i believe you have more to offer than that so I cant wait to watch the other things you have been in. Look me up if your ever in the states.

randy i like his hair sytle

Priya U r so so so cute. Luv ya

tenzing choenden yo lets be brothers and u r dam coool and your hair style rocks it and crows iz wery famous in north east india and u r da best and i am u in my gang

Patrick Uchia you are an admirable person! I wana be your N-Chan!!hahahah

kyoko hello hironi kirishima a love you

Seba Yeah.. Daito is so cool.. I hope he is not a gay..

secret u so handsome...guy....i like u in the crows zero...i hope u will read this comment...

Ovais Ali He is really good looking not in a homosexual way =D

annmisuki i love your acting in tumbling......any leading role that u have......the best.....

big daddy u looked ausome in crows zero hiromi kirishinma

Margarita A. Daito if your reading this don't for get to e-mail me! I am trying to watch all your movies. Your so cute and cheerfull off camera :) I hope to see more movies! I'm a great fan of yours! Your number one then Ikuta toma is my number 2!

KB He is such a hottie! He played his character in Crows Zero very well. He matched so well for that role and his eyes made his character in Crows Zero more vicious (and sexy too, kekeke!). I'm a fan of his now. I hope to see more bad-ass movies of him in the future.

Catee I couldn't be more shallow but I'm amazed by those perfect-almond-shaped eyes. I've never seen anything similar to them before. And the great thing is that despite playing roles of cool deliquents (mostly), Shunske himself is always smiling! Adorable.

Preeti Hi U r super cute u know.The moment I saw that movie "Crows Zero" I become superfan of urs.I wish I could meet u once.All the best for ur bright future.Love u.

Gina You are the most beautiful actor i know:)

lauren ur sooo hot especially in crows zero!!

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