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Shuji Kiritani (Kazuya Kamenashi) is one of the most popular guys in his school. He is pretending to care for all of his classmates,but deep down, is quiet and doesn't open up to others.But for some reason,when his eccentric classmate Akira Kusano (Tomohisa Yamashita) is around, he can show his true self.

One day, a new girl from another school comes to Shuji's classroom.Her name is Nobuko Kotani (Maki Horikita).Nobuko=Nobuta. Fromher gloomy looks, she begins to get harassed by the class bullies in no time.The harassment was devastating.Her lunch gets ruined, she gets a vase of flowers on her deskmeaning she had died, and she even gets water splashed while she is in the toilet booth.After knowing that the bullying is by Bando (Fumiko Mizuta), Shuji and Akira advise Nobuko to try to harmonize with others. But Nobuko tells them that she has tried to do so in the past,but every time it turns outmiserable. Shuji tells Nobuko to have a more positive attitude, and he protects Nobuko from the harassment.However, he feels that the bullying won't stop that easily.

Hearing about this, Akira comes up with the idea to makeover Nobuko from her looks to her personality, so that she'd become one of themost popular girls in their school.That way, there's no way the bullies can harass her.And so Shuji and Akira's greatmake-over begins... A Cinderella story which portrays the social life of Japanese teenagers.Can this gloomy girl really become popular in her school?


Nobuta wo produce-Kazuya Kamenashi.jpg Nobuta wo produce-Tomohisa Yamashita.jpg Nobuta wo produce-Maki Horikita.jpg Nobuta wo produce-Erika Toda.jpg Nobuta wo produce-Kanako Fukaura.jpg
Kazuya Kamenashi Tomohisa Yamashita Maki Horikita Erika Toda Kanako Fukaura
Shuji Kiritani Akira Kusano Nobuta Kotani Mariko Uehara Nobuko Kiritani
Nobuta wo produce-Takashi Ukaji.jpg Nobuta wo produce-Yuichi Kimura.jpg Nobuta wo produce-Yuto Nakajima.jpg Nobuta wo produce-Yoshinori Okada.jpg Nobuta wo produce-Katsumi Takahashi.jpg
Takashi Ukaji Yuichi Kimura Yuto Nakajima Yoshinori Okada Katsumi Takahashi
Satoru Kiritani Saotome Koji Kiritani Takeshi Yokoyama Ippei Hirayama
Nobuta wo produce-Mansaku Fuwa.jpg Nobuta wo produce-Seiko Takuma.jpg Nobuta wo produce-Kiyoshiro Imawano.jpg Nobuta wo produce-Mari Natsuki.jpg Nobuta wo produce-Rumi Hiragi.jpg
Mansaku Fuwa Seiko Takuma Kiyoshiro Imawano Mari Natsuki Rumi Hiragi
Yasuo Ebara Hiroko Kuroki Goyokudang Owner Kyoko Sada Kasumi Aoi
90x Nobuta wo produce-Honami Tajima.jpg Nobuta wo produce-Ryuya Wakaba.jpg Nobuta wo produce-Kazuma Yamane.jpg Nobuta wo produce-Mai Miyazawa.jpg
Naoki Tanoue Honami Tajima Ryuya Wakaba Kazuma Yamane Mai Miyazawa
Hiroyuki Akaishi Misaki Inoue Shittaka Bunta Endo Rie Oishi
Nobuta wo produce-Takaaki Iida.jpg Nobuta wo produce-Mayuko Tate.jpg Nobuta wo produce-Tomu Suetaka.jpg Nobuta wo produce-Akiko.jpg Nobuta wo produce-Wataru Kawaguchi.jpg
Takaaki Iida Mayuko Tate Tomu Suetaka Akiko Wataru Kawaguchi
Tetsuji Kawai Airi Kimura Toshiaki Kondo Nami Saeki Manabu Sato
Nobuta wo produce-Aoi Miura.jpg Nobuta wo produce-Shunsuke Daito.jpg Nobuta wo produce-Tsuyoshi Hirose.jpg Nobuta wo produce-Yukina Takase.jpg Nobuta wo produce-Natsuko.jpg
Aoi Miura Shunsuke Daito Tsuyoshi Hirose Yukina Takase Natsuko
Yuka Takada Kenta Taniguchi Shingo Tezuka Mayumi Numata Akemi Nomura
Nobuta wo produce-Yuino Saito.jpg Nobuta wo produce-Keisuke Watanabe.jpg Nobuta wo produce-Fumiko Mizuta.jpg Nobuta wo produce-Takeshi Toyooka.jpg Nobuta wo produce-Natsuko Tatsumi.jpg
Yuino Saito Keisuke Watanabe Fumiko Mizuta Takeshi Toyooka Natsuko Tatsumi
Reiko Hashimoto Toshiaki Hasegawa Kozue Bando Kosuke Fukura Asako Miyasato
Nobuta wo produce-Masaaki Tatsuzawa.jpg Nobuta wo produce-Eric Masahira.jpg Nobuta wo produce-Ryoko Masujima.jpg Nobuta wo produce-Tomoya Ishii.jpg Nobuta wo produce-Yasuhisa Fukuhara.jpg Nobuta wo produce-Miku Wakusawa.jpg
Masaaki Tatsuzawa Eric Masahira Ryoko Masujima Tomoya Ishii Yasuhisa Fukuhara Miku Wakusawa
Kyohei Yazawa Yamada James Takashi Hitomi Yukawa Hiroshi Yoshida Takuzo Wakui Chie Watanabe

Additional Cast Members:


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沙昼味 This is a really nice and moving drama. You can fell the warmth and good-feeling as you watch it

el I'm originally a K-dramas fan, but lately i got stuck with some awesome J-doramas..nobuta wo produce was my first fav.J-drama ever. i reaaallly like the casts fav,, all of them! watching it just like watching my personality split into 3 of them.since then i keep up with other good J-doramas like Ending Planner, Osen, liar game, etc. i just want to say that both K and J- dramas are unique on their own. neither is better than the other,.^_^

Person Prior to watching Nobuta wo Produce, I had seen Gokusen (season 2) in Japanese class the previous school year. To be honest, Kazuya Kamenashi was the reason I watched this J-drama. I really enjoyed the drama as a whole; I was able to relate to Nobuta (generally because I have similar personality traits as her.) My favorite characters were Akira and Nobuta.

Prima_Optima I like this drama because you learn a few things along the way without getting that "preachy" vibe. Impressive script, impressive actors. I'm a J-drama addict now! =)

J-drama_forever @Hater, you suck. you're just comparing japanese dramas to your favorite koreans. anyway, korean dramas are just a cliche and copycat to j-dramas. even their music.

hater episode 1 - boring.......... later on - BOOOOOring ending - Suck

i don't why this drama won many awards but it doesn't impress me at all....the worst jdrama ever....i hate the main character......i'm hoping for more......nobuta still a shy girl till the end.....the jokes are also suck(worst).....i give 1/10

better to watch other school's dramas like my boss my hero :) 10/10

LoveHurt I really liked this drama. I said it once and I'll say it again, Japanese Dramas are the best. I enjoy watching dramas that are realistic but are unique in their own way. I liked how all the main characters overcame their own struggles. What I liked the most was the fact that Nobuta remained herself until the very end instead of becoming somebody completely different. I've never been a big fan of Maki Horikita but she did a good job in this drama. I especially liked Yamapi, he was hilarious and super cute. Kazuya did a great job as well I've been a fan of him since Gokusen it was nice to see an outgoing side of him. This story was very heartwarming and I'm glad I watched it. I'm going to remember the Nobuta Power! and Mayonaka-Sama lmao.

:( good start, boring from middle to end :(

Anonymous IMDB says Natsuna Watanabe also was part of the cast for this show and I've seen other sites claiming this was the show she started her career in... is this true? If so, what was her role/who did she play?

Orange Very good drama. Didn't care for the ending.

Pain Kazuya and Yamapi are explosive together and surely showed in this drama that they have the nack for comedy

RamenLover @Pickledshoes the drama is based on the novel "Nobuta wo produce" written by Gen Shiraiwa & published in 2004.

Pickledshoes ok i know this is based of an anime. does anyone know the name of it?

Gallya This is one of the best Japanese drama that I have watched. Yamashita and Kamenashi are the best as usual, but I'm kind of disappointed of Hirokita Maki. I don't think that she is the right one for the role!

Lenya It is good but I don´t really like Kamenashi. YamaP is very well. I think Akira is one of the best roles he ever did. You should watch it.

Mitzmin I love Yamashita, his role as Akira is cool. The drama is nice, though I think it could be better. The end sucks. If you haven't watched I think you should give it a try.

stephanie that movie was great....

because thats my idol....

i love you kamenashi....

and also i like the girl.....

she is cute...

i know!!!!!!!!1

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