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  1. Tomohisa attended Horikoshi High School. His classmates was Teppei Koike, Yu Shirota.
  2. Tomohisa Yamashita is member of J-pop group "NEWS".



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tenten I love Tomohisa Yamashita... :) yamapi... :)

fifi I knew yamapi since 1 month ago, when I watched Proposal Daisakusen. I like female lead, she is so bright and beautiful. I like the story also. But I don't like the ending (episode 11 final).... but then I watch Proposal Daisakusen Special, that's the ending, so sweet ^ ^ ..., It made me addicted watching Yamapi... I also watch him @Kissinglish program at youtube. So funny and educative. Yamapi very good at english, He is so calm, mature, knows how to talk, not overacting, funny, simple, natural, humble, and SMART. It so difficult when idolize a japanese idol, because almost all of the video has no engsub. Fortunately Yamapi good at english so I still can watch him at that english program. I hope yamapi's fan club from Japan could make engsub for every yamapi's video so that his fanclub members can grow. This guy makes me wanna learn japanese language :))

Ele The best of his performances is with Horikita Maki. Never a kiss, but their intensity is over the top, more than with other actresses filming with love situations...... I don't understand because the producers have left this very interesting couple out of the screen. (See fanvid about them on you tube to believe me.....)

scha my b.o.d same with it!!

kyraelle i reaaaaaaaaally like him mostly in Nobuta wo produce and Operation Proposal...i can't believe they're both played by the same person..please gain a little weight, yamapi:)good luck

asha97 love buzzer beat... support yamapi & keiko...

Nubz Seriously U and keiko are really good in couple. So please, I need u guys in buzzer beat season 2. I doesn't want other actor. I want u and keiko.. Forever lorr..

Umi Yamapi really love you in nobuta wo produce drama..akira was too funny and even now im watching it bcause of you and kazuya and guys are so suit together...and also in dragon zakura and stand up because you were with my favourite actor in stand up,narimiya cute and funny...i'll support japanese entertainment industry even now kpop is conquered but i didnt like kpop at all..

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amane @stuffs no offense but i think you're the pathetic one.. kurosagi aka the black swindler, and its listed above

stuffs Where is "Kurosagi"?! AsianWiki is becoming appalling with lacking the basics. I'm going back to D-Wiki. This is pathetic.

Mai <3 He is the best in all aspects <3

Emmy agree with some people here, may not the best actor nor singer, but definitely the most good looking JActor! the smile, yeah totally to die for..

oh not to forget the hottest too lol

Ms. Stiff uumm Yamapi, as an actor he's definitely not the best one, there are many out there thats better than him in term of versatility, his acting not always good, but at times he can really2 nail the character he played. I really love the way he portrayed Akira in NwP, it seems so original something i've never seen before. also love him in Ashita No Joe. to say that he's a bad actor isnt quite right! he's just not that versatile IMO..but can be quite good at times depends on the character he portrayed... what surprised me is that he tends to get carried away with the character he portrayed!! when he was Akira he behave Akira-ish in real life, so did when he was naoki, he was soo naoki-cool-type, I find that interesting! its like he inserts a bit part of himself into the character he portrays and yet takes a lil part of the character to use in himself, well thats the impression I got!

now as a singer i guess we all agree his voice isnt that great... its not the kind with wide range of vocal, but hey thats not the only point to make a song enjoyable! his voice though average its quite catchy! at certain songs like 'moon Light' he even managed to sound really2 sexy and i love it. its always fun to hear his sexy average voice lol

apart from all that I wont deny that his main charm is his looks, fangirls falling head over hill with the looks, he doesnt even need to try.. Its like he's been that cute since forever, so no wonder they go all kyaaa-kyaaa over him lol

ERO P haha! I really love his new album ERO!! The music video is so hot. New yamapi, well EROP, is so hot but still kind and sweet. I'm a fan since i'm 9 years old And now i'm 14. Yamapi changed my life. I'm studying japanese because of him. Because of him I love Japan!! His drama series are soooo good. A great actot, singer, idol and a great boy. Haha. A multi-talented idol. He is a kind and sweet person. Even if he got that almost perfect looks and figure, his heart is still pure, he communicates with his fans. He always tries his best and ended as a good result. He still respects everyone. Everyone he works with respects Him. He likes to try new things. He is an adventurous person. He always try to challenge, like making a song, like ai texas, its a good song and melody but with a boring choreography and PV, some says. But to me, its a good step for yamapi after leaving NEWS. and also love chase. Its a big improvement compared to ai texas. Great choreography ad great song and melody and also PV. And now with ERO. its really perfect. I'm waiting for the concert tour (EROP) i wonder what he will do. He is from COOL to ERO person. Haha. But still kind and sweet. I will still protect you! Don't mind the haters. Haters gonna hate, just leave them alone. Just keep on showing them what you truly are and that you are a great person. You are a work-a-holic person so do your job! Hahaha. I will forever support you. Until i die! Till death do us apart! Hahahaha. はい、それでは。ありがとう、山P、いえ、エロP。(笑)バイバイ。 大好き!

imharezky i just wanna say"i Love yOu so muchh,,,"

regine0910 i first knew him from propdai and after that i became his all his drama and movies.he has a great personality!

razz I really love his roles especially in Nobuta wo Produce and Proposal Daisakusen

chalifach i love YAMAKI couple..!!!! hohoho

Ann WOah!!! So HOT!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS ACTOR, He is an amazing actor!!!!!

japanxlover i love all japaneese band i love yamapi i love ryo nishikido i love yuta tamamori i love okura ilove yuma nakayama

ANA Dudo que estos comentarios los lea realmente Tomohisa, pero... sí si, aquí tenes este, para que practiques el español que aprendes. Actor? si, aun en crecimiento constante, falta madurez, pero a falta de eso, lo cubres con ese... carisma tan tuyo, nadie creería que eres una persona "seria" y que no te gusta hacer reír, cuando tienes esa chispa de forma innata en ti. lástima, no puedo dejar imágenes, por que tengo un gift que me regalaron de ti, en tu personaje de nobuta wa produce, de lo mas simpático, segura estoy que te gustaría. suerte y que siempre sigas superándote, algún día me encantaría ver a un tomo, hecho un gran actor.

Kyouya Well, I've never watch any of his dramas or movies but I think he cute! (Gonna watch Buzzer Beat! cuz Keiko Kitagawa) :P

Carol1646 i spent most of my time watching dorama and end up falling for Yamapi, though I must admit his acting skill is still not that good, but HE IS NO DOUBT THE CUTEST JAPANESE EVER, i know i'm being irrational to love him just by his looks---but lemme say it one more time: DEFINETELY THE HOTTEST AND CUTEST JAPANESE EVER!!

But, i really really enjoy most of his dramas, he definetely got that "charm", ah, its hard to explain it in english, but I think he has talent for acting. And his eyess, slurpp, his eyes so mesmerizing! xD

I hope you make more drama in the future, i'll definetely be watching it all...!

PI daisuki I LOVE PI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His shows are the best and i never get tired of watching them... Great chemistry with all the actors!!! YOUR THE BEST!!! PI DAISUKI!!!!!!!!!!

sa0mai_bt He won four Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix in years 01-2000, 06-2005, Spring 2007 and Summer 2009.

Chris This guy is possibly the only one that i can continue adore forever. He isn't perfect, definitely far from it from me. But the imperfection is what makes him more believable and lovable. When he act, he carried a bit of himself in all of those roles: the twitching lips, all the cute little gesture, the dark eyes, etc. Some people will say it his flaws, some will say it good. Acting, same like any kind of art out there is all about perception. That's why there'll always be a pro contra to something, especially those thing that have to do with subjectivity rather than objectivity. Someone said he is a BAD actor, but for another one he can still be a GOOD one. No need to bash him just because your opinion is opposite to what the fans think^^

Dear Pi, i hope you will continue doing your best everyday. I can't wait for your next acting project. Code Blue 2 was so far away and i really start wondering when will we see you again for season drama. I hope you'll pick a good script and then wow-ing your way again in many people's heart. Just ignore the haters :D

BWAHAHAHAH Whenever i see people saying yamapi is the best actor I thing that the world is really gonna go to an end. Such a BAD actor and its stupid to compare him to KIMUTAKU and i dont even consider kimutaku a great actor. It is so frustrating to know that this guy have many supporters than real actors like tsubamuki satoshi and yamada takayuki. Fangirls Die your the reason why japanese actors are considered bad actor because you keep supporting shit actor like this that they keep appearing on tv and the world keep witnessing their stupid acting. F

ai-yamapii Hi!! Happy 26 th Birthday to Yamashita Tomohisa =). Your The Best is Drama and Movie.

mamik pi&masami.. kakkoi ne... ^_^

lolo jose a very talented young lad with good looks, talent and intelligence.

shosho LoOooOoVe U SoOo Much

Ester I love PI so much and almost all of his doramas., proposal daisakusen is my top #1 list dorama., great chemistry with masami, my most favorit on screen couple.

mamik i want in a next movie or drama with Nagasawa Masami :D Go YaMAsami :D

Agatha ivo Aishiteruuu yamashita!!!

ruby-ann i like the loveteam of YAMAKI-tomohisa and maki horikita....the two of them are really cute i watched their tv series and movie "nobuta wo produce" "kurosagi" and "kurosagi:the movie"....they look soo cute...!!!!love them so much...i will never be tired of waiting for their next project....

robelin i really amazed of you.,,,you are a great actor.....

qeyzn aah~~ he's the main factor i got to know jpop and jdrama.. thanx for the beautiful performances, yamapi-san.. hope to see more of him in the near future..

wea05 yamashita is so fucking cute!! ohmygod!!! he's cool when he smiles, the way he talk it's just natural!!! so sweet too! the way he pronounced anyeonghaesaeo in proposal daisakusen, god! it melts me!! whew... :)

Von Yamapi is the BESSSSSSSSSST. No, really. Haha. And he's still humble and sweet to his fans and everyone he works with loves him lol. Kk.

ametesya oh Yamapi! you are so good!~ not only is he good, but also a down to earth guy.. hope he continues to be that kind of person. though he is a workaholic, i love him for that..he inspires a lot of people.

i really HOPE to see him in the future! hehe

Ai-yamapii Great Happy 25 th Birtday with Yamapii... I hope you have a family and friends. Yamashita Tomohisa is so sweetie:D

Emine-ki I Wish You A Very Happy 25Th Birthday To YamaPi… Keep Up The Great Work & Hope To See More Of Ur Acting In The Future =)

Takahiro Kenzou Suge .. You're the cool and the best actor that I meet until now .. Your action and your role in every your dramas and films are so good and cool .. ^^ there are many fanz of you that waiting for your next action in your other next dramas and films .. So , keep your action .. I'm always support to you , Yamashita-kun , ore no nii-chan .. \\^0^//

Daisy Dear Yamapi, I have just finished watching Buzzer Beat and as always, your performance is excellent. Apart from kimutaku, you are the only actor that can make me cry with you. Please continue making romance comedy, my favorite. Love you always, Daisy

kisha I am so in love with him. He has surpassed even what i believed to be impossible for him as an entertainer. I really am so impressed with his character as a man, and his philosophy for life.

I realize there is no such thing as a perfect man, but he is damn close to perfection,... Yamapi!!!!!!

mitzmin though he sings well, He's got a great voice.

Eveline He is really handsome and a good actor. i always cry if something bad happens to him in a drama. he always be serious of happy or very young :P when he have to play a person like that. he plays so good that it look that its real. i really want to meet him in real, i want to be a actress so when i go sometime to japan, when i'm old enough. i will play with all my might to make the people believe that it's really something. Yamashita tomohisa is really awesome !! \

i only need to learn my Japanese but i have my time, because i'm 15 :P i hope that he will play for a long and long time ^^


mitzmin I don't know him, but I think in real life, he must be someone kind've boring. By the way he speaks on interviews, he's too mr.perfect

Lenya Poor Pi!! He and Ryo are with influenza! Get better soon!!

Hinata Yamapi wa tottemo kakkoi!!!!!!!!!!

Lenya I love YamaP. I started knowing him when I first watched Operation Love.Then I started listening to News.Now, well...I already watched almost all of his dramas. Love Code Blue, Operation Love, Stand up, Nobuta wo produce and I like the new drama he is doing Buzzer beat).

Mitzmin He is a good actor. I watched many dramas with him and if you don't know him yet, I think you should start by trying to watch something like Code blue, Nobuta wo produce, and operation love. Though, in my opinion Byakkotai, stand up and code blue are the best.

Ja Yeon Pi is my favorite celebrity.

i hope to see you ... face to face.. kiki
maybe next year.. i will go to the Japan 
to meet you~~~

misteriousgirl you know yamapi im angry to you at first because i thought you were a proud person but im surely wrong i saw how to treat akanishi and news and especially your a good sempai to the other johnny's sorry again for my bad impression to you but surely im your fan now i love you yamapi

Emine Hey,Happy 24th Birthday Yamashita Tomohisa.....

ambix05 Pi-chan! i love you! great actor, singer and whatever! you're the best! Mwaaaaah!

Aoi This is insane.. maahh.

Yamapi is just amazing. He is not like any other in the industry. He is sweet, humble and he truly cares about his fans. He knows he's not perfect but he always tries his best to improve and wow everyone.

A charming face, great stage presence and amazing acting skills.

Thats Yamapi.

Also hope they change the pic.. they outta post a pic that is more recent than that.

Emine Yamashita Tomohisa is realy cute!!It are more than just a good looking actore..The cuters person in this world..Hope can see more dramas & movies from u.Wish u can become a succesful actore!!!!

yuki Masami x Yamapi =LOVE! GO YAMAPI!

Emine I really love all your actors!!Yamashita Tomohisa is so sweet..He is so cool!!That would be great.......

ChoiPi what the!!.. Yamapi don't have any comment!!! is this new site or somethin!!

well well.. my comment is enough ^^

Yamapi.. pleeeeeeeeez smile more for ur poor fans who have a -200% chance to see u..

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