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Asahi Mikuri‎ya (Tomohisa Yamashita) works at a photography studio, located near the sea. In the past, Asahi Mikuri‎ya dreamed of becoming a famous photographer, but now he as a cameraman for weddings and school events. Asahi Mikuri‎ya was also in love with a woman, but she suddenly left him.

Natsuki Chiyohara‎ (Karina) then appears in Asahi's life. Natsuki works as a manager at a well known Italian restaurant in Tokyo. During the worst moment in her life, when her boyfriend dumps her, Asahi appears and even takes a picture of that moment.

Natsuki begins work as a chef at the "House of Sea," located in the same seaside town where Asahi lives. Asahi's former senior classmate runs the restaurant. Natsuki and Asahi have their past in common and they begin to get closer.

Meanwhile, Taniyama (Erika Toda) is Asahi's former junior classmates. She holds feelings for Asahi.


Summer Nude-Tomohisa Yamashita.jpg Summer Nude-Karina.jpg Summer Nude-Erika Toda.jpg Summer Nude-Ryo Katsuji.jpg Summer Nude-Masataka Kubota.jpg
Tomohisa Yamashita Karina Erika Toda Ryo Katsuji Masataka Kubota
Asahi Mikuri‎ya Natsuki Chiyohara‎ Hanae Taniyama Takashi Yaino Hikari Kirihata
Summer Nude-Shori Sato.jpg Summer Nude-Mizuki Yamamoto.jpg Summer Nude-Yudai Chiba.jpg Summer Nude-Nanami Hashimoto.jpg Summer Nude-Ayami Nakajo.jpg
Shori Sato Mizuki Yamamoto Yudai Chiba Nanami Hashimoto Ayami Nakajo
Shun Taniyama Aoi Horikiri Haruo Yoneda Kiyoko Ishikari Asami Ichise
Summer Nude-Masami Nagasawa.jpg Summer Nude-Shigeru Saiki.jpg Summer Nude-Yuka Itaya.jpg Summer Nude-Katsunori Takahashi.jpg
Masami Nagasawa Shigeru Saiki Yuka Itaya Katsunori Takahashi
Kazumi Ichikura Fumihiro Kominami Setsuko Shimojima Kenji Shimojima


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Yui YamaPi is such a boyfriend material!!!!

yusuf love to see yamapi with masami again ~ so sad not pair in this series

sasaengnya shori only watch for shori sih gue

SD Mac Karina and Yamapi was very good...They are really very qualified actress .

Kai Waaa!!! I really love this series....specially there is my favorite couple Asahi Mikuri‎ya and Kazumi Ichikura....hahah i've been watching the since the series "Puropōzu Daisakusen"...but i'm kinda lonely since this is the developement of their story....

i also love the character of lovets Karina


Mayu I find Erika wasted in a role for a romance drama like this. She obviously shines better in eccentric roles.

Hotaru I really enjoying the drama, and hoping that Yamapi and Karina end up together, because, they are so lovely! =^..^=. Kasumi is someone who belongs to Asashi's past, got it? Have nice end of Summer Nude Karina and Yamapi..:) Bye

kai I want kasumi and asahi to be together again! They suit each other in real life like in operation daisakusen.

kar I think the story is starting to get more interesting. I've always been rooting for Karina and Yamapi's character since they look good together. But I just hope TodaPi shippers won't go hate on Karina. I mean its already predictable who'll end up with each other anyway. Plus I think Hikaru and Hanae is good for each other. That preview and cm for episode 9 is just..! Something to really look forward to na~

Gogo Oh my God, Okamoto Sho of Okamoto's was in ep 8. What a surprise to see him :X

Nina yosh!!! I think ep 9 will be more exciting. on ep 9 review.. i hear that Natsuki and Asahi express their feelings to each other...本当に? も~ 私は待つことができない。

  • ne...i think natsuki and asahi has same habit when their conversing with other people. both of them always playing with their lips. Hanae also have some habit and one of them is put her hands on her waist...^,^ always...wkwkwkw..

sora Huwaa...watching this is realy a pain in the ass for me ㅜㅜ Asashi and Hanae is like my reflection, i also do (and still) keep all my memory with my some-kind-of-obsesion-guy for 4 years, hoping someday he will turn his head over me. I understand why all the people want Hanae and Arashi end up together but, me, hoping they will meet a better couple. Obsession is just a fantasy, it is like put alot of sugar in a cup of coffee, no matter how much you put it in, the taste of coffee will always bitter. well, i prefer hikari and hanae, and natsuki with asashi, coz a couple have to be equal, i'm not a love expert so, i'll watch this just to slap my own face haha....

tamtam OMG, I can't believe someone said Karina's too old to be paired with YamaPi. She's only 1 year older than him! Are all you Yamapi/Erika shippers all empty-headed and filled with nothing but unrealistic expectations and ridiculous fantasies towards your idols?

I like both actresses, and I'm only watching this bc of them, but clearly Karina's the one with more experience and fits the role better. Frankly, I think Hanae is too good for Ashai, so she'll end up with a better person who is more considerate towards her bc he loves her, and not just out of kindness.

Also, I really dislike dramas where the two strong female leads fight over ONE stupid guy, and that stupid guy is almost always Yamapi, Kimutaku, and/or a Johnny's idol. It's so predictable that it makes me guilty for watching the whole thing. But there were some cute moments where it's worth skipping through the more predictable parts.

makke I'M A TODA ERIKA FAN!!! I've watched all her dramas...

I hope she would end up with Yamapi in this drama but I guess it is unlikely to happen..I'm not familiar with Karina though...Anyways, even if she's the second lead, she will do well on it..That's Erika and for sure her screen time will always be good.

Prae I love Karina, i watched her other dramas and i like her a lot. In this drama she's kind of a cool girl (her caracter in this drama) and i love it so much !

Honestly, about asahi, many times watching him i told myself "what the *** with this guy!" He some kind of someone who cant decide what he wants to do himself, i feel bad if natsuki has feeling for him before he does to her.

Kar True, So far I'm loving the drama after 3 episodes although it started out a bit boring but it's still good. The casts too..Hanae and Karina being bff-like in the drama is cute. I don't even are who ends up with who because I can root for both TodaPi and KariPi. Seriously though, I'm glad people are starting to appreciate Karina. :) She's different in this role, I swear if you've watched her other dramas. :)

Gyu god.. Karina so beatiful here!

marinai Plus before people criticize the actress they should actually watch th show! Both actresses are great in their role, I was not a fan of Erika but damn she's improved a lot! Karina, I am not a fan, I liked her in LShuffle but I love her in this role, she's rocking it; The romance is slow, but after episode 3 (without subs) I can say that her attention is growing towards Asahi, and she feels an unwelcoming slight jealousy when he went out with Hanae! Love the drama till now!

marinai After 3 episodes I like it very much, Karina and Yamapi DO have chemistry, I really hope they end up together at the end! I also feel feel bad for Hanae but Hikaru seems to like her so... Plus Asahi does not see her as a woman, she's has always been there has a friend for him and their friendship is precious but a relationship I don't know the guy seems to have a deeper connection with Nastuki (Karina's character)

bizz Im big fan of Karina but less Yamapi. Like her since her day in love shuffle.

Kar People here probably haven't watched Kabachitare where Karina and Yamapi were couple ..they HAVE chemistry guys. If you guys haven't watched that yet then there's no point in saying that they don't have chemistry. They're a pairing which existed even before your TodaPi and MasamixYamapi ship appeared. I know everyone has their own opinion but its irritating to see the bad comments being mdae toward Karina how she looks old and everything but I love her and I can say that she's a good actress in fact she can cry better now. Which means she improved!

Hazel OMG!!! Im so happy Karina and Yamapi are a couple. Im a a big fan of Karina. I bet this drama is gonna be good!!! And I think the role fit Karina. I dont get why people not giving Karina a chance.

Jessica Rose I really want Erika to be the main lead, but here if she is just supporting actress i hope that she would be evil .....its better for an actress to have many experience, for her to be better

eriko The only reason why I have to watch this is... I love ERIKA TODA!!!

melody I love Yamapi & Karina,looking forward to this drama

Sheng Super happy to have Yamapi and Masami Nagasawa back in a drama together. Sad that they won't be together often. I would've much liked Toda to be lead than Karina... But, I'll see how this turns out. It's been a while since I've actually wanted to watch a J-drama.

Hotaru I love Karina and Yampi!! I´am looking forward to see the drama..:)

Yuuki Its also a fact that Karina is one year older than Yamapi in real life. Furthermore she looks older than her age. She's like Yamapi's onesan or big sister. GAH!

Sakura Huh I thought Toda Erika was the main lead actress and Karina is just a supporting role..Why is it the opposite?? Karina is way too old for Yamapi and they dont seem to have chemistry. In fact, Karina could even be Yamapi's older sister. Why is the storyline like this? UGH! Its frustrating cuz finally I get to see Yamapi act in a drama again after so long with Toda Erika but the plot's not good for me. However, will try and watch and see how it goes from there ._.

Kar Honeslty, I agree with some comments here..Guys, please give Karina a chance. -.-

fuyah I like both Karina and Toda, I guess Toda has had more exposure so I suppose she's more liked. However, Karina isn't that bad. I reckon she's improving, as I'd particularly liked her performance in Freeter, Ie o Kau. I'm looking forward to this drama!

dd i agree.. i think yamapi and erika should have been the main pairing :( or even masami cuz i loved prodai sooo much & they made a cute couple.

pitoda Karina and Yampai have no chemistry whatsoever. -o- Should've just let Erika Toda be the main.

silent I would really love this if masami as natsuki. I really ships masami and pi in ProDai. I prefer masami than karina and erika. Pi and masami fit together.

honka15 If Erika was not in this drama, I surely won't watch it... Love Erika <3

me "SUMMER NUDE" ^___________^ masami and yamapi ^___________^

hebeaskim of course i will watch this becuz i love Erika so muchhhh but i like yamapi and karin too

castella evan I love Erika and Yamapi also I watch some of Karina's drama like Daisuki and Love Shuffle~ I don't think that I'll love Erika's character, because the second main lady will always be either a kind, stupid and ready to sacrifice everything or really a b**** that tries to ruin the main lady~ and for Karina, she looks too mature although her age and Yamapi are the same. So, I can't imagine a classic love story, just a love story between two people that share the same fate and sadness~

But if this a story with an unexpected plot, I'll love it because to be honest, TodaPi-my bias. To have a classic love story, they can act it well~I can't wait for the plot!!!

Kathi This is probably one of the only few dramas where I dont care who Yamapi's character will end up with because I like all of them.

I think the actors are chosen well because looking at this big debate already as to who should the main hero end up with already is a testament to that.

Liza I love the TodaPi pairing too but it is clear that the theme of the story suits the KarinaPi pairing because they give off this classy fairytale like air around them. Pi and Erika are natural together no doubt and its clear the two have amazing chemistry but there is a clear reason why Karina is chosen for this drama along with masami as all 3 lovely ladies both suit the roles theyre playing. Give Karina a chance. I guess most fans arent familiar with karinaPi pairing but these two go way back.. way back before the KeikoPi, TodaPi, Gakky and Masami Maki pairing ever came about.

Anyways Im just really excited because this seems like a very nice drama.

3liminator Hope paruru is in this too

Jessica Rose I really hope Erika was the firt female lead :(

Rose I want Yamapi-Erika to be the main couple at the end~ I want it soooooo bad since Code Blue~ Karina can be the leading lady that found another love.. OOO..I wish for it~Poor Erika

yox omg i got excited when i saw yamapi and erika but they aren't the main couple ): gahhhhhhhhh...........that would have been an amazing pairing. don't know why erika is the 2nd lead.

Marlon Brando Yamapi????? Seriously overrated as hell this guy can't even act

act llike wood, same facial screen presence at all.

fish vs. yamapi

i choose fish.


Karii Makes me sad how people react towards Karina..I wish a different actress got casted instead..It's such a waste of talent for both Karina and Toda.

Kati OMGGGG. I'm totally excited for this drama! Stellar cast. But I wanted Erika to be the female lead as well, even though I love Karina. I just want to see Yamapi + Erika couple for once.

ari woawoa... I'm so glad! so many people likes Eri chan ^^ makes me glad, but to be an actor doesn't requiere always been the protagonist u need to experience all kind of roles...

suju4life Seriously this is like the third or fourth drama they are in together and Toda isn't the lead again!! SAD ):

Mayu What a disappointment. Toda is a much better actress to be swept into this sort of role.

junpei mizocendol @tere: She deserves better drama than this. She and Karina will be just wasted in this kind of show

astrijj yes..I agree with you,,Toda better than karina

ariza Yamapi meet Erika Toda again... ^^

Jane Darn it. I like Karina, but I want Toda to be the female lead because I have been waiting for Toda and Yamapi to be in a romance drama. T~T

Mai Uhuu! Can't wait. Hope it will be a good drama. It's been a long time since I don't see any good drama of Pi :S

tere Toda should be the first lead female chara... #sigh

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