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  • Drama: Buzzer Beat - Gakeppuchi no Hero
  • Japanese: ブザー・ビート ~崖っぷちのヒーロー~
  • Director: Kozo Nagayama, Masaki Nishiura
  • Writer: Mika Omori, Shundo Okawa
  • Network: Fuji TV
  • Episodes: 11
  • Release Date: July 13 - September 21, 2009
  • TV Ratings: 14.4%
  • Runtime: Monday 21:00
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan


“Love makes people strong”… reads the billboard outside an apartment building in Tokyo where two lives are about to become entwined. This is the story of a timid basketball player and a strong-willed violinist reaching for their dreams,and, although not knowing it at the beginning of the story, doing it together. Naoki Kamiya (Tomohisa Yamashita) had an impressive basketball career in his college days, yet, since turning pro, his inability to deal with pressure has been keeping him from playing up to his full potential. On the other hand, Riko Shirakawa (Keiko Kitagawa) is a freshly graduated violinist who has been unable to get the opportunity to turn professional. Early in the drama, Noaki leaves his cell phone on a bus he is riding with his friend Shuji Hatano (Mizobata Junpei); they just happen to be riding with Riko and her roomate Mai Ebina (Shihori Kanjiya). He runs after the bus and barely manages to let the two girls know through the window that he left his cell phone on it; they retrieve it. Shortly thereafter, the phone rings, Riko answers and the coach of the pro basketball team Naoki plays for, Tomoya Kawasaki (Hideaki Ito) is on the other end. A redevouz is arranged that evening so the phone can be returned to the coach who in turn will return it to Naoki. Although they don't know it at the time, this begins Naoki and Riko's endearing relationship. Days after the phone has been returned to him, the story really begins in earnest as Naoki encounters Riko playing her violin in a park behind her house. He claps for her as she concludes and says he will be her "first fan." Although neither remembers the bus ride together, Riko then asks to watch Naoki play baketball and she hears and "feels" the ta-tap, ta-tap of the basketball as he dribbles and shoots it. She then cheers Naoki up by telling him that she will be his "first fan." The both begin to see what we, the viewers, have already started to figure out--that she's his soul mate and in return, he is hers. In the meantime however, Naoki already has a girlfriend, team lead cheerleader, Natsuki Nanami (Saki Aibu) who is also a front office person for his team, the JC Arcs. And it doesn't help that the person Riko returns Naoki's lost cell phone to, the coach of the JC Arcs, only develops eyes for her. It will take a couple of years, several realizations and many trials and tribulations before both realize the effect one has on the other and that ultimately, their dreams only truly happen when they are together.


Buzzer Beat-Tomohisa Yamashita.jpg Buzzer Beat-Keiko Kitagawa.jpg Buzzer Beat-Saki Aibu.jpg Buzzer Beat-Shihori Kanjiya.jpg Buzzer Beat-Junpei Mizobata.jpg
Tomohisa Yamashita Keiko Kitagawa Saki Aibu Shihori Kanjiya Junpei Mizobata
Naoki Kamiya Riko Shirakawa Natsuki Nanami Mai Ebina Shuji Hatano
Buzzer Beat-Nobuaki Kaneko.jpg Buzzer Beat-Munetaka Aoki.jpg Buzzer Beat-Satoshi Kanada.jpg Buzzer Beat-Akiyoshi Kawashima.jpg Buzzer Beat-Masaru Nagai.jpg
Nobuaki Kaneko Munetaka Aoki Satoshi Kanada Akiyoshi Kawashima Masaru Nagai
Ren Yoyogi Shuto Moriguchi Yoshio Kasukabe Ryosuke Matsuyama Toru Utsunomiya
Buzzer Beat-Miki Maya.jpg Buzzer Beat-Hideaki Ito.jpg Buzzer Beat-Aya Omasa.jpg Buzzer Beat-Ayaka Komatsu.jpg Buzzer Beat-Keisuke Kato.jpg
Miki Maya Hideaki Ito Aya Omasa Ayaka Komatsu Keisuke Kato
Makiko Kamiya Tomoya Kawasaki Yuri Kamiya Shion Kanazawa Yoichi Ose

Additional Cast Members:



Episode Ratings

Episode Date Ratings
(Kanto Region)
01 07/13/2009 15.5%
02 07/20/2009 13.5%
03 07/27/2009 14.0%
04 08/03/2009 14.1%
05 08/10/2009 13.5%
06 08/17/2009 13.8%
07 08/24/2009 13.5%
08 08/31/2009 17.5%
09 09/07/2009 15.0%
10 09/14/2009 13.7%
11 09/21/2009 13.8%
Average 14.4%

Source: Video Research, Ltd.


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sunitchi This drama series really motivates my life .. this is a very very good drama i ever watch so please have a next season :)

bayu good

i lake you keiko kitagawa

Mazze Will there be a season two the ending wasn't that exciting so we are looking foward to a season two

JC I recently came across this series and I really enjoyed it... Just one thing though that I thought was off... The basketball games, including the finals, were not broadcasted according to the show yet during the games there were on air commentators doing play by play descriptions...

jonathan macam i hope buzzer beat will air in the PH.


jenny This drama was awesome! short, sweet, and cute; and the leads had some of the best chemistry and kiss scenes in all of the asian dramas I've seen so far =)

Kyouya I like the male lead, gentle & kind.... (I've never like bad male lead :))

Scott J. I may be an older white male living here in the U.S. but this "too short" drama really moved me. It was only my second Asian show (the first was PGSM) but I was sucked in from the beginning to the wonderful character development and fine acting performances by the leads. Yes, there was some cheesiness in some of the scenes and the ending did happen a little too quikly for my taste, but absolutely one of my favorite shows ever. We need a season 2!

Dumayaca, Archie Tnx for the great drama, by watching this drama you move me and touch my heart..Honestly, you give me strength to my dreams, to face the reality and to show to all lovers that "long distance relationship" is not a problem, trust is the key. So remember all, Love makes us strong!!!

Thank you very much ^ ^

Im really hoping that theres a Season 2 of this great drama.

Sorry for my english..hehe ^ ^

merutaka the best drama i've ever known. i love it!

kalin_rain this drama so adorable...very enjoy to watch it.

snur malaysia THIS IS HE BEST Jdrama EVER~!!! 3 BUZZER BEAT <3

ametesya i love this drama! can't even get enough of this! way to go Yamashita-san! i love keiko too.. they look good together..:)

Pain Nice Drama that wouldnt be as good as it is if Yamapi wasnt in it

omel 'of all the movies i have watched.. ds is 1 of kind that i can't 4get.. 8s so very wonderful movies.. i luv 8 very much.. keep it up.. yamapi & keiko.. luv yah :)

TomoxMe This was an amazing drama! I watched like three times in a row!

tiffvang OMG!!! Tomohisa was so damn hot in this drama. This drama is the best drama ever-to me...

michiru i very,very,very love this jdorama.....i can't believe that yamaPi can act as a nice and gentle person...i love the team up of yamaPi and keiko....bagay sila my chemistry..!!!!;-)

A I love Keiko and Yamapi but had no idea they teamed up for this drama! yay!! just waiting for epi 11 to come out online :P I wish this drama was a bit longer cuz Natsuki and her scheme of tearing them apart was interesting~ but I just noticed an average Jap drama is around 11 episodes ...oh well~ love BB!

Mitzmin I only think they got together too early. Because of that, the end didn't have much of a story, they were just filling it up. I hope they make a special, with a good plot.

winci omg. i really recommend this one. Yamapi's acting has improved in this one and Keiko + Yamapi did a really great job! They really match:)

mitzmin M. I like it very much. t'is really good. Yamashita and Keiko kind of match, but besides that, I loved Keiko's participation, cose she's is different from typical Japanese girls, she isn't the cute "Mery sue", if you know what I mean. I deeply recommend.

Lenya It´s really good. Episode 5 is the best one until now. Love Pi. I think you should watch it and hope you like it.

giselle omg omg omg i lovvveee yamapi and hideaki ito... SOOOO HOT!!!! i want to marry them i want to kiss them i want to ...

kawei hehe~ ^________________^ buzzer beat. yay! yamapi&keiko<3

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I may be an older white male living here in the U.S. but this "too short" drama really moved me. I was sucked in from the beginning to the wonderful character development and fine acting performances by the leads. Yes, there was some cheesiness in some of the scenes and the ending did happen a little too quikly for my taste, but absolutely one of my favorite shows ever. We need a season 2!

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