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  • Name Kazuya Kamenashi
  • Japanese: 亀梨和也 (かめなし かずや)
  • Birthdate: February 23, 1986
  • Birthplace: Edogawa, Tokyo, Japan
  • Height: 171cm
  • Blood Type: B
  • Talent Agency: Johnny's Entertainment


  1. Member of Jpop group KAT-TUN


Drama Series

TV Movies


  • Panasonic 'Lamdash' Shaver (2010)
  • NTT DoCoMo
  • SKY PerfecTV!
  • Contact Lens Solution
  • Lipbalm
  • Nintendo Gamecube Dance Dance Revolution with Jin Akanishi(2005)
  • Oronamin C
  • Lotte Gum (Green Apple, Blue Citrus, Pink Berry)
  • Crunky Chocolate


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agnes Not bad acting

Patrick One in a million....what an experience........blown away. One of my students introduced me to it.

nora he is very good actor and I want to see him in new drama and movies to show us how he is very talented in acting . I wish him to be the most popular actor and singer in japan ans asia

victoria i fell in love with you,when i first saw you in Gokusen 2 .. your act is good and your handsome. take care.love you.!

kamemin23 It was by an accident why i fell madly in love with kamenashi kazuya. It was my brother's fault. I was asking him to find one J-dorama i'd like to watch but he showed me Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge. I was so annoyed because i don't even know the guy who starred in it. But my brother knows how much i love the manga version so he thought i might love the drama too. I've been actually dreaming of meeting kyouhei in person though he's only a manga character. I even wished japan would do a drama version for this. But that was a long time ago. I grew up and forgot my infatuation with kyouhei takano (the manga). But just over a year ago my brother showed me the dorama. While watching the first episode i was like, "This kyouhei, who does he think he is. He's supposed to be the most handsome boy in the drama but he is not." I was like that for the first 10 minutes. But after that i already admitted to myself that he is the most beautiful guy i had ever laid my eyes on. He's getting more and more handsome. So that was the start of my undying love for him. I've watched all of his dramas not just once or twice but several times already and still watching them. Right now i'm watching tokyo bandwagon and yamanade. Another bonus was when i learned that he sings and dances and that he is a member of KAT-TUN. I'm so delighted. He's so full of talents. I am proud to say that i am one of those who love and adore him. I will not get tired of supporting KAMENASHI KAZUYA! Hope to see him one day.

phoenix This kid never ceases to amaze me. I admire the fact that he portrays characters who face conflicts within themselves. As an actor, and as a person (based on his interviews), he has depth and substance. As a singer and dancer, well, I normally hate cheesy but Kame-chan is an exception because with him cheesy becomes cute and funny...

Over the years, he has definitely grown as an artist and as a person. I look forward to watching more films and dramas from this guy. And it would be pretty interesting if he plays the anti-hero, even the antagonist, because I think he really has the making of a great actor. And of course, I'm also looking forward to hearing more beautifully-written songs from him. I love everything he's written but Kizuna is my favorite... Well, HE IS MY FAVORITE Japanese guy. :)

Rawexposed I really enjoyed watching Nobuta wo Produce. Your acting really helped make that show what it is. Thank you for acting and keep doing whatever you did xD It felt pretty real (cried a few times near the end). Nobuta Power... Enter!

Inear Kazuya wa hotondo ga denwa shite, kare wa totemo kuso AMAZING ni suru monodearu kare no sotogawa no kagayaki ni itchi suru intāgurōdearou mono ga arimasu! Watashiniha Kazuya wa, kare ga Nihon no sutoraiki no kokoro ni hanasa reru to, kare no tatchi ga utsu jibun no karada o tsūka suru denryū no yōdenakereba naranai to iu koe ga kokoroda to shite, subete no ue ni, anata no tamashī o kaishite chokushin-me o jiki hada o motsu yō kare wa watashitachi no tame ni okura reta ten wa mite tanoshimu tame ni ningen sonchō Satomi ni tekisetsuna ​​ otokoda.

Translation:::::Kazuya has what most would call and inter glow that matches his outer glow that is what makes him so darn AMAZING!! To me Kazuya has porcelain skin, eyes that goes straight through your soul, he as a voice that when spoken in Japanese strike the heart, his touch must be like electric current going through one’s body that hit's the heart, and on top of all that he is respectful and downright proper guy He is heaven sent for us humans to enjoy looking at.

Rkdjrjdjffd You girls are weird he's not all that I seen se of the dramas and for some reason I hate because I believe That you don't act from your heart

Nobody This is nonsense it's not true your acting should be from the heart not fake I really hate you all these people like you because they don't see that it's fake

Hikarinnnnn He's great in every role he does! I especially love Nobuta and Tokyo Bandwagon

An Zhen You're great kame-chan . I first saw him in Gokusen II, since then I became his fan :) i really hope you and the rest of Kat-tun will visit us here in the Philippines :D you're so talented and has a great appeal :) keep it up Kame :) We, your fans will always be there for you, no matter what :) LOVE YOU SO MUCH Kazuya :)))))

Hieina He's the best one *_______*

zineb lemdechech sogoi kame chan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anatawa very handsome you're my favourite idol , i like you so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i'm a big fan of you and always i'll be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope to see you playing in other drama/movie cause you're so coolllll so please work so well and don't worry of others opinions about you , always remeber that there are fan who suport you (including ME) ^_______^ dakare FIGHTING and to make feel happy i'm from morocco arabic country and you should know that you're so famous in the arabic world so work well

saki I love everything about kamenashi so much....maybe he is my ideal boyfriends......hahahaha i just dreaming.....i hope i can meet him in real not internet :)

anna ann Excite to watch Tokyo Bangwagon. My man kima is finally back :)

Toni Ah! He is my favorite actor all around. It isn't just because he is handsome, but he is so talented. I am completely envious of those who've been able to work with him. I love him in his bad boy roles in Gokusen and Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge. He's just love!

Ringochan He's a very good actor. I first saw him in the Japanese Drama ---> Gokusen ! He was so cool ^__^

yasmine kaaaaaaaaaaaaamee!!!! my gosh I'm deying. kame is my first love ever...:) since I wasn't beiliving in love before... or that my dreamboy was somethind didn't exist in reality... till I saw Kame and My heart goes all doki doki... I was like a fool into him as he was really infornt of me.... how can someone be so gorgeous, sexy and cute in the same time ^^ loooooooooooooove yaaaaaaaa now & forever coz u'r the best ever.. 愛してる。

Narnia Tatta Hitotsu no Koi = Love of my Life

Himawari Kazuya Kamenashi is one of actors that can actually act! At first glance maybe we can't see anything special with him, but when we continue to watch him more. Woaww... Just like me. I can't take my eyes of him. First I saw him in Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge and I got angry because I thought that this actor was not suitable for Kyohei "The most beautiful boy that make all women fall for him". But I was wrong. He can portray Kyohei very well. His act really something. Seems like he blends with all roles he played. And his voice is really sexy. How can I say? He's the perfect actor.

Umi I love you so kazuya kamenashi..your acting are terrific especially as ryu odagiri in gokusen 2 and shuji in nobuta wo produce..you are really different from others...love you and kattun.pleasee come to malaysia

Abigia Kirimova ♥. You are adorable. ♥ cute, and very beautiful. ★★★ KAMENASHI KAZUYA ♥ You are a wonderful , ♥ I love the songs, films with his participation. He is charming and beautiful.

  Kamenashi Kazuya, he's very talented, kind and sweet person. When he sings, affects to the core. Thank you for the beautiful and wonderful songs

ayyu kazu .. you are so cool The first time I saw himin the drama 'Gokusen 2' I immediately liked I really admire his acting in any drama or movie. he is my favorite actor... :D

Prima_Optima Not the typical handsome guy but man! When he starts acting, he gets more handsome in my eyes =)

annep i love his eyes.. it makes me wanna blow in the universe.. happy birthday!

sheyshey he looks girly but damn.... that man can ACT!!! he kinda grows on u ... and suddenly he's not as girly as he looks.. but seriously great acting!!!

stuffs "Tatta Hitotsu no Koi" of all things is not listed?! Who wrote this?! >:O

Xyna Blair Kame...How would I say this...He looks a lot like my nampyeon T.O.P from YG Entertainment's Big Bang. After I saw one of his dramas, I decided to watch it because it was voted most popular. After a few episodes, I got tired of it and stopped. But yeah, I already noticed the resemblance. And then, I saw another of his dramas, and it was also quite popular, so I started watching it as well. I got hooked. He's a one of a kind actor. His voice, while delivering his lines was perfect. He can portray any type of character. That's how I realized how amazing he is. While watching his dramas, I noticed that he acted alongside Erika Toda a few times, but was never paired with her. That was just my wish. For both of them to act in a romantic drama together...Of course, as a pair.

Ria Ganbare!!! Kame, you have really helped me even if you don't know i exist so - keep up the good work kamenashi kazuya-san !

Nargis you are a nice person, i would like to see you in a movie or a drama in 2012/2013... keep the hard work up... SCHOOL UNIFORM SUIT'S YOU.....

bhara Kame chan is really great and always working hard in everything he do. I am Kame's fans and I really admire him, not just because his cute and cool face but his kindheart and his worked-hard, really inspired me!! I'll always support Kame!! Good luck for all the things you do, Kame chan^____^ Aishiteru Kame!!

Nobuta He's the only idol I like. What can I say, he's too powerful not to like LOL. He's not only handsome but talented. He works hard and he loves to work (he's a workaholic) which makes my heart goes doki doki (heartbeats) even more. He's a very good actor, singer, dancer, mc, announcer, and almost in everything. Gotta love him!

Mike Don't you think his face look a bit like Takeru Sato?

Kelana happy b'day kame-kun . . . really love his acting at nobuta wo produce

kamelia Kame so cute and very good with acting and singing!!!! I really like him!!!! I wish KAT-TUN will come to Malaysia!!!!

abcd he is soooooo cool ^_^ and like 'Kame--Eyes?They're Beautiful...' says i wish you would tour not just in Australia but have a mega tour worldwide..... and it would be nice if the rest of the Jhonny's idols can join you :D ^_^

Lina I hope you will make all of your dreams true. Keep dreaming!

Ann Ahh!!! So hot! He's a good actor and an amazing singer. Love him from the drama "Nobuta Wo Produce" and mostly my favorite ---> "Yamato Nadeshiko Shinchi Henge" <3

samia-chan love you kazu-chan >>> take care kawaii kame in the world .. hope see you one day ~ <3 <3 <3 from Afghanistan ^ ^

neku_rhen ~kazuya kamenashi~ your my idol! your so good in acting and indeed very handsome! n_n

Qieqie I live in Indonesia .. just a beautiful dreams i can meet you.. Take care ... :) :)

zitszack never notice how gorgeous and talented he was while watching nobuto wo produce ... but my feeling has change about him in fact i am head over heals falling in love after watching him in tatta hitotsu no koi ... he can be soooo romantic and soooo sweet .....in that drama .... love ya


aaa anjali yadav deaf yes

kazuya facebook name? please why anjali sad yes

hale Ha! ha! I guess in the case of poster#20 "Rollan", it sure takes one to know one!!

Oishii Misa-> Kame's isnt ugly, he's always gorgeous --' and what about the old pic? he's still Kamenashi Kazuya ..

non sibi This is what Misa says, according to http://freetranslation.imtranslator.com/lowres.asp

Vocês estão sendo ruins com o Kame, que foto velha e feia! You are bad with the Kame, what old and ugly photo!

Coloca uma nova ou pelo menos que pareça mais com ele atualmente... A piece of news puts or at least what looks more with him at present

Anya He sure is a very beautiful guy. And a very talented actor too, he can play many different roles absolutely perfectly. He can play everything from a funny guy in Nobuta wo Produce, jerk in Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge, quiet "joykiller" in Gokusen and a heartbreaker in Tatta Hitotsu no Koi, where he was so wonderful and beautiful that it made me bawl.

johnnyrose Kame chan is absolutely the cutest, I love his acting, singing, and he's absolutely too funny. Really hope to see him in more dramas soon (please don't become a serious actor, I like jdramas more) Hope he never changes, and continues to be childish and cute always...


he is a very good actor... he looks sooooo good so beautiful... he is so coollllll.....


Ai-yamapii Hi Kame!! Happy 24th Birthday.... will hope new with The best Drama and Movie late... He are very good Actor and Funny :D.....

JM he is so hot and so cute!! love him !awah!! he Likes maki? wahh aprove aprove!

natsuki i love his hair in orange

Kame--Eyes?They're Beautiful... i love kameeee!! He's my idol and ultimate god! His songs are epic and i wish him the best BTW.... R you ever gonna tour in australia o.o??

hikari-chan kame-sama , honto ni daisuke...... gambaremasu!!!! kakkoi...... aishiteru itsudemo....

Emine You’re so beautiful Kamenashi Kazuya...Hope To See Him In More Dramas & Movies!!!!Keep up the good work!

u-can club i luv kame... he so cute and calm... 4ever only kame

misteriousgirl KAMENASHI KAZUYA ever since that i knew him i cant take my eyes of him and i just saw him again in my friends photo album i shout"KAME KAME THATS KAME" he is too cute

TopazDana U R SO RITE, Kanzaki Ayumi! He's so cute n talented! I REALLYREALLYREALLY wanna see him in person...wish u all d best, Kamenashi Kazuya-san!^^

Kanzaki Ayumi Kamenashi Kazuya is like MY GODD! Like I love him!!! Cannot begin to tell , express how much I love this guy. Wonder what my life will be like without him...

Kame , doeshitemo , zettai ni akiramete , dakara fans wa zutto matte :]

( idk if its rite T.T )

Emine Kamenashi Kazuya is so sweet & KAT-TUN is super cute!!Ur such a talented actor & so cute.Wish to see you in person =)

dEEaNNa OMG!! he's soo handsome!! super hot!! he would be a good match for horikita maki-san!! hees!! some magazines had said that he tried to date horikita maki-san..he even gave her his band KAT-TUN concert dvd!! OMG!! he really likes her!! hope he would be with horikita maki-san since he tried his move...=]

Misa T.T

Vocês estão sendo ruins com o Kame, que foto velha e feia!

Coloca uma nova ou pelo menos que pareça mais com ele atualmente...

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