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  • Name Maki Horikita
  • Japanese: 堀北真希 (ほりきた まき)
  • Birth Name: Marina Hara (原麻里奈)
  • Birthdate: October 6, 1988
  • Birthplace: Kiyose, Tokyo, Japan
  • Height: 160cm
  • Blood Type: B
  • Talent Agency: Sweet Power


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Mugiko Koiwa She's the most beautiful actress in the world.

ace Words fail me. Wow.

ester grace Maki-chan's just perfect person to show the world what oriental beauty is all about. An excellent actress, versatile, confident. There can only be nice words to describe her!

Eleonora Very good actress..... I'm not Japanese, but her personal style, remember me the beautiful "Audrey Hepburn"..... never over the top since when she grew up....... I'm sorry only that she recently hasn't a romantic good drama (or movie) with Tomohisa Yamashita, because on the screen they are really unique like a best couple.

leductrieu the best in me beautiful + multi-talented + lenient +...

Lissa If she was someone from Korea with that looks ALL the guys around the country would be chasing after her! Heck she's way prettier than Yoona SNSD and many other female korean idols that I know!

Sora She's beautiful and drop dead gorgeous. She needs more attention and play more romantic comedy roles with handsome guys as lead actors again! Please Maki! I want to see more dramas like your previous Tokujo Kabachi, Atashinci No Danshi again!

Sumit I am a big fan of yours Maki-san........

Jay Absolutely love her.

Syazani Rose is red,Hydrangea is blue,if you don't mind,can I kiss you?Hope can meet you someday ^_=

Ganchuluun She is the prettiest actress I ever seen in my life. One day I will meet you ;)

Lyslaï She is an amazing actress, I like her sooo much

GAMINGKPOPOTAKU She should play Mikasa Ackerman in a live action Attack on Titan!

hadi maki horikita is the one of my fav japanese actress. i love her adorable act. she plays different character well. daisuki <3 ganbatte maki-chan!

Claudio Marvel \(^3^)/ horikita maki ...... my idol!!!!! MAKI CHAN \(^3^)/

Djasmin Rosenkreuz I love her so much, when i first saw her on drama, i can't sleep. Love her "until the day i die" ^.^

Meisacas HoMaki's one of the few Japanese celebrities whose shows I actually enjoy following through. Although her acting skills are not consistent in all dramas I've seen her in, she has standout performances that helped mark her name in the industry like her work for "Always", "Nobuta wo Produce", "Hana Kimi", and Umechan Sensei". On top of that, I liked that she's so prim and proper in variety programs. It just goes to show how she's not cashing in on her status as joyuu. It's as if she's on TV for the sake of expanding her filmography and not fame.

MountainTree One of the best Japanese personalities for me :D yeah she may not act well in some dramas but I think that'll be her foundation to learn more :) She'll soar high I know. Love Maki so much! Ever since I watched Nobuta wo Produce. And I fell in love with her chemistry with Yamashita Tomohisa <3 Still the best! Waiting for the producers from Japan to pair them up again!

Maki hara I lovee herrr sooo much!!! Your actg is sooo daebak!.... Waana support u til the end!..

Horikita Lucky lol* she's so cute,,, what amusing girl so pretty and cute i wanna meet her sometime, that's very fantastic on life,,, i expect that :')

Aoi she's cute sometime...but her acting just okey....she's annoying in kurosagi......she should be given a less annoying role i think....

yuuki kirei.. she's pretty nice...

Hermika wow!! she was very pretty and cute..i'm looking forward to see a drama that she act..#fans from malaysia

ai oh my god! Maki-chan is the one of best Japanese actress, and also my favorite actress. Her acting in her drama or movie is very good! She can plays diffrent role in many drama well. I really like her natural face. Ganbatte maki-chan! Don't hear twaddle of some hater! I'm your fans from Indonesia, i'll always support you!

cosmic lunacy I absolutely love maki horikita! She may not be the best actress but her shots for vogue magazine were awesome.

cutie I love Maki! I've seen her in Hana Kimi, Nobuta Wo Produce, Kurosagi, & Atashinchi no Danshi! I really like her acting and she is also really pretty. I hate to say this, but she is a little overrated. She is not the BEST at acting.. But I still LOVE her! I'm a really big fan!

FauziKaria hmm :( i really love her ! her drama hanakimi makes meeeee love her ! the best actress ever i seen  :) . and i want search her new drama ups XD . because her THE BEST FOR ME :DDDDDDD

lorie i love her eversince.......try to watch after school it is a story for friend and love

Umechan Fan I've always believed that Maki Horikita is good in her craft. I've been a fan since 2006 after seeing her in Nobuta wo Produce. I don't like her performance in some of her projects but her work in Nobuta, Angels with Broken Wings, Seito Shokun, Tokyo Shonen, Love on Sunday, Hana Kimi, and Byakuyako kept me rooting for her. With Umechan Sensei, I've come to appreciate her even more. It's got to be her best project in three years. I see a bright future for Maki.

x Maki Horikita is the prettiest woman I ever watch in Japanese Drama (seriously)... I hope I can meet her one day in person :-)

Peaches This girl's very pretty but I feel that she's too overrated. She's beautiful but her acting isn't the best. I really love the drama Hana Kimi but her character ruined it for me, the main couple didn't grab my attention at all. Even so, Hana Kimi is an awesome drama for me it's one of the best from Japan. I wish her the best and I hope she improves her acting because they've given her great roles but she just doesn't pull them off. Actors and Actresses should be rewarded for their acting and skill not for their looks, just saying.

thomasJames Scott Come shoot the rapids around the Bay Maki and bring Mae with U U can stay with me and the kitties

thomasJames Scott I think her agent must be kicking some ass with all the work she has.Forget her romance,she's in love with her roomie Maesa

senon hello maki,i m the great fan of you from nepal.i really love u n ur can u became so u.i really want to meet u in my life.i m 16 years old boy.i m studying grade 10.i m totally fall for can i meet's my life one of the dreams to meet u.waiting for that day................

tahmon I admire Maki's talent and the cute and positive energy she brings to the world of acting. She's also living proof that petite women can pursue an acting career. :-)

Reene hello Maki..:) your so cute and talented i wish someday .... i could talk to you in person .. I like your new movie this 2011 .. "Into the white night" nice hair.. Good luck in your next upcoming movies .. luv u Maki !! :)

. . . . I don't know the song in her movie "Into the white night" can somebody tell me ??

Atem Wow!!!I like her acting (her character is so live within her).Although I can't speak japanese,I really want to talk to her (to express my feeling of course) even for a seconds...Wish my dream came true one day!

Younha26 I like her and her acting but I think she need to put more energy to some roles. No offense. I love you maki horikita!

mayar hi Maki Horikita this is the first time really i comment for someone, but she is really amazing at acting . i just watches these serieses hana kimi ,atashichi no danshi, umareru that's all i'm still searching for another. i like her act , she so pretty and goerges and her serieses are funny and nice. that's all i'll find another series or a movie and comment again because she's an excellent actor. byyyyyyyyyyyyyye

Joseph Cutest and prettiest girl ever. I love her in Kurosagi, Nobuta wo Produce, Densha Otoko, Always: San Chome No Yuhi, Tokyo Daikushu, Teppan Shoujo Akane, Atashinchi no Danshi, and of course, Hanazakari no Kimitachi e. I don't get why some people here keep saying that her acting's so-so, I think she's one of the best actresses. One of the prettiest and cutest ones too. Ganbatte Maki-chan! We love you!

kyouya2909 I've watched Hana Kimi, Umareru, Tokujo Kabachi, I still don't like her that much but I think she's pretty & good at acting!

Indoor Girl I've always been fascinated with Maki Horikita. It's very rare to find a pretty celebrity who is as down-to-earth as her. On top of that, she's a good actress. I like her performance in Nobuta wo Produce, Hana Kimi, and Umareru. I was also satisfied with her version of Yukiho in the 2011 Byakuyako remake.

Dae-hee She's cute. But her acting...not so good. She doesn't make me "feel" her acting. Her acting is just "uh yeah" :P

sho what? she's the most beautiful of ALL the female actresses... and she's an insanely great actor!

lina her acting isn't good. o__O and shes not that pretty compared to other japanese actresses.

Catharina-Renata hello Maki, I'm Catharina-Renata,I'm your fans in the all your Film, and by the way, I''m from Indonesia country, and I'm born in 23 Augusth1989, I never forget your acting for me.

but by the way, May I top known where's your e-mail adreess? please tell me

because I'm your Fans


phia_renata91 I don't really like her. She is pretty, yes. Her acting is... so so. Her best performance is in Nobuta wo Produce. I like her on that drama! But not so much after that. So I kinda dissapointed. Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac is an exception though... (Or maybe... it's because my bias towards MatsuKen. XD) She played a looooot doramas and movies, but yeah... =_= But!!!!! I anticipated her acting in Umareru. She's beautiful-not just pretty- and looks like an adult. ^^

fake she's so suckz. fog u.

Junnaxx Maki and Yamapi! hayyyyyyyz.... i want to see them again together in T.V. or in Movie!! i think its time to make a Kurosagi Movie part 2.....!!

analyn ........maki-chan,i really like you.......just the way you are..... your so beautiful and cute........ i hope you will have another movie and tv series with TOMOHISA YAMASHITA.... i'll always watching your movie,all of your movie....... i hope "YAMAKI" LOVETEAM will comeback.... i will NEVER TIRED of WAITING......... tomohisa yamashita and maki horikita,their so cute together.......

ruby-ann love her so much...i like the way she is...for me she is the best japanese actress i've seen in my 20 years of existing in earth...i like the YAMAKI loveteam they both cute...and they suit very not tired of waiting for their next project...

Izzy I would like to meet you, but I know it won't happen. HAHA

Stickerhappy She's one of the few down-to-earth celebrities that I know. Despite her mainstream popularity both as an actress and an endorser, she's still bashful and reserved, much like how she was when she debuted as Maki Horikita roughly seven years ago. I loved her in "Nobuta wo Produce", "Hanazakari no Kimitachi e", "Seito Shokun!", and "Tokujo Kabachi!!". She was also good in "Always". She can either act as serious or fluffy, but she's better at doing the former.

Awesome! The first time I'd seen her was in Hana Kimi. I'd read the manga and wanted to see if they'd stay with it. Even though the switched it up abit, it was great!!! From then on maki has been my girl! She cool and cute! I would love to see her in something with jun!

Odin Anyone know where to get her photobooks? All I can find is S

Homakifan A new edition has replaced the one below. You may watch at this url: Please enjoy!!!

Homakifan "Maki-chan, arigatou, ganbatte!" Here is a short visual introduction to her as a versatile actress.

cli_che Nobuta wo produce was awesome!!! she's so pretty and talented!!! :D

swallyjie another one of a kind actress was born! she is so very pretty and talented' i am first impressed with her acting in atashinchi no danshi , a family - comedy drama' love it so much

Stickerhappy Horikita-san is one of my favorite Japanese actresses. Apart from being down-to-earth, she also exudes natural beauty---no surgical enhancement! Maki-chan chose to pursue her acting career in spite of being an overachiever during high school.

Her best performances to date are her roles in "Nobuta wo Produce" and "Hanazakari no Kimitachi e". I wish her success. Plus, I also want her to finally get together with someone who deserves her.

mary miyano hi maki ur beautiful.i wish im beautiful as u r.ur so cute keep up the good work.

enuj454 Maki is so awesome!! I wish she would get tons of romance dramas/movies with more Johnny's like Jin or Ryo or Ueda or Kame or Toma... lol

and the drama talking about miracle that was connected to the link - is well a drama called Atashinchi no Danshi made in 2009

Takahashi Takahiro Wow , Maki Horikita's the most beautiful Japanese actress that I meet now ... I'm always search and watch her dramas and films .. So beautiful ... I'm the fans of her .. Ganbatte , maki-chan :) i'm always supported you ^^

jcparkour ow btw here's the link where you can watch the movie im talking bout. hope you guys can help...

jcparkour i want to know what movie is that of talking about miracle? or is it a drama? and also they live in castle. i love the way she act. i hope someone knows can help me with this.

desi-rika omg omg!!! dareka ga kiss wo shita will be the best ever!!!!!

=) Sometimes her acting's kind of stiff and dull. She's got very natural looks and happy she isn't going through surgery to look like the others.

KEY i love her, she is so talented in acting

Paul In my opinion, Horikita Maki is the most beautiful Japanese actress. I have seen all of her dramas and I am looking forward to see more in the future. I loved all the movies with her too. She is unspeakably beautiful and a very cute girl indeed. And there's no doubt about her talent in acting. She is superb ! I wish all the best for her in the future ! Go, Maki - chan ! :)

ea-chan goo maki-chan!!! hopeshe'll have a new drama!! with mukai osamu.. mukyaw!... ahah because its impossible now for pi-kun because he has a drama right know!... gambatte!!!

jess Maki Horikita is SOOOO AWESOME!!!! Anyone that thinks her acting is dull, try watching her acting in Hana Kimi first.....she's so beautiful....!!! But I admit that she's not the hyperactive acting type...she suite calm character best....but overall, MAKI HORIKITA is TALENTED & I'm looking forward to watch her acting in other jdrama!!!

mikan you're wrong she's talented... and she's the best.... her acting is incredible..................................../ SUGOIIIIII!!!

anon She's cool..but I don't think she can really act. She's kind of stiff and dull when it comes to energetic roles.

faye yeah more projects to come our beloved maki horikita sugoi!!!!

makifan hey!!! what the hell was the one with the gakko no kaiden!!!!! i really want to know the whole story!!!!!! please help me!!!!

AokiKasumi maki is so cute...she's a great actress..i also wish that she will be with yamapi someday..they really have a good're the best maki ^^

ea-chan she's really cute!!... i hope she will have a new drama with yamapi!!!.. ahahhah

Cuties Zone For more cuties, visit my page. I can make sure you will not boring looking all the cuties there!

dEEaNNa gosh!! maki is just so super pretty!! seriously!! she is so talented in acting and all!! i just hope she finds her real love soon!! maybe yamapi? or kame? or jin? or toma? or shun? or even ryo? eventhough i know somehow it will not happen..hees... anyway, just wish for her overall happiness!!

Koumiki Wow... she's so pretty, incredible! I can't believe that, I've never seen something beautiful like her *-*

cutejha1n8 i love this girl. she's really pretty and i love the way she act.

mariekarl omg...i love he...she is so pretty!...i wish her and yamapi were together in real life... (giggles)

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