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  • Drama: Hana-Kimi / For You in Full Blossom
  • Romaji: Hanazakarino kimitachihe / Hana zakari no kimi tachi he: Ikemen paradaisu
  • Japanese: 花ざかりの君たちへ イケメン♂パラダイス
  • Director: Hidetomo Matsuda
  • Writer: Shogo Muto
  • Network: Fuji TV
  • Episode: 12
  • Release Date: July 3 - September 18, 2007
  • Runtime: Tues. 21:00-21:54
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan


Japanese-American track star Mizuki Ashiya (Maki Horikita) transfers from a school in California to Japan, but not to just any old school. The school is Osaka High School - an all male high school! Mizuki Ashiya must disguise herself as a boy, all to get closer to her hero Izumi Sano (Shun Oguri), a high jump athlete who attends Osaka High.

Now with short hair, flattened chest and deeper voice, Mizuki becomes roommates with Izumi Sano, but trouble soon starts to brew. Izumi Sano discovers by accident that Mizuki is a girl and falls in love with her, but Mizuki is unaware of the fact. Complicating things, fellow classmate Shuichi Nakatsu (Toma Ikuta) starts to develop feelings for Mizuki, unaware that she is a girl!


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    2. Hana-Kimi SP | Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (Fuji TV / 2008)
    3. Hanazakari no Kimitachi e 2011 (Fuji TV / 2011)
    4. To The Beautiful You | Areumdawoon Geodaeege (SBS / 2012)


Hana Kimi-Maki Horikita.jpg Hana Kimi-Shun Oguri.jpg Hana Kimi-Toma Ikuta.jpg Hana Kimi-Hiro Mizushima.jpg Hana Kimi-Yusuke Yamamoto.jpg
Maki Horikita Shun Oguri Toma Ikuta Hiro Mizushima Yusuke Yamamoto
Mizuki Ashiya Izumi Sano Shuichi Nakatsu Minami Nanba Taiki Kayashima
Hana Kimi-Masaki Okada.jpg Hana Kimi-Ryo Kimura.jpg Hana Kimi-Mahiru Konno.jpg Hana Kimi-Seiko Matsuda.jpg Hana Kimi-Takaya Kamikawa.jpg
Masaki Okada Ryo Kimura Mahiru Konno Seiko Matsuda Takaya Kamikawa
Kyogo Sekime Senri Nakao Akiha Hara Principal Tsubaki Hokuto Umeda
Hana Kimi-Mayuko Iwasa.jpg Hana Kimi-Yuma Ishigaki.jpg Hana Kimi-Nobuo Kyo.jpg Hana Kimi-Yuu Shirota.jpg Hana Kimi-Takashi Ukaji.jpg
Mayuko Iwasa Yuma Ishigaki Nobuo Kyo Yuu Shirota Takashi Ukaji
Hibari Hanayashiki Megumi Tennoji Himejima 'Oscar' Masao Kagurazaka Sawatari
Hana Kimi-Susumu Kobayashi.jpg Hana Kimi-Mirei Kiritani.jpg Hana Kimi-Manami Kurose.jpg Hana Kimi-Airi Taira.jpg Hana Kimi-Junpei Mizobata.jpg
Susumu Kobayashi Mirei Kiritani Manami Kurose Airi Taira Junpei Mizobata
Yoshioka Kanta Imagasaki Komari Imaike Erika Abeno Kazuma Saga
Hana Kimi-Shunji Igarashi.jpg Hana Kimi-Hiromi Sakimoto.jpg Hana Kimi-Mitsuomi Takahashi.jpg Hana Kimi-Kohei Takeda.jpg Hana Kimi-Keisuke Kato.jpg
Shunji Igarashi Hiromi Sakimoto Mitsuomi Takahashi Kohei Takeda Keisuke Kato
Shinji Noe Arata Kyobashi Mitsuomi Taikoku Kohei Kitahanada Hikaru Yao
Hana Kimi-Ryohei Suzuki.jpg Hana Kimi-Yuichi Sato.jpg Hana Kimi-Sosuke Nishiyama.jpg Hana Kimi-Ryo Hayakawa.jpg Hana Kimi-Shota Chiyo.jpg
Ryohei Suzuki Yuichi Sato Sosuke Nishiyama Ryo Hayakawa Shota Chiyo
Shoichiro Akashi Shota Tetsukayama Shoma Shizido Sako Gotenyama Taichi Yotobashi

Additional Cast Members:


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Lasha Hana Kimi was my first drama, and I loved it!! Maki-Chan is amazing, there are so many hot guys, so much comedy, and just a hint of romance. Can I girl ask for anything more? This drama is about a girl who dresses up as a boy to go to the exclusively for hot boys school that her idol, Sano, a high jumper attends. Sano had given up on high jumping, and Mizuki had made it her mission to see him jump again. Lots of comedy, really great drama!!! Gambathae nee!! Season 2 o kudasai!! ( I learned my Japanese from anime drama, so correct me if I'm wrong)

Bernice Lim HANA KIMI is a wonderful lovestory , but I could be very happy if you made the part on when OSAKA HIGH went to California .. I would really like to see that pls.........  :)

JapanLovers Junpei from HighSchool Debut Ikuta Toma from Hanamizuki Shun Oguri from Crows Zero Yusuke Yamamoto from Ouran HighSchool Maki Horikita from Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac ^_^

AiRikux For me this is the best ever drama!! If I were Ashiya I can't really pick >U< I just found out that there's a 2011 version but this is still the best in many ways! I love u Nakatsu-kun!

EunAmmirJi one of my favourite J-drama ever ^^

ZaraChoi First Jdrama I've ever watched, as well as the most humorous! I love you Sekime and Nakatsu (/∇\*)。o○♡ Better than Korean and Chinese versions, and, in my opinion, slightly better than Taiwan version :> Great manga great drama =))

vvv The best of the best. Still trying to find comedy series that i would enjoy like this one. Sadly,none so far. Do you guys have any suggestions?

sphinx a lot of famous actors are all gathered in this drama :)

lookthissmallgirl this hana kimi drama makes me giggle because of the sweet scence this is the best japanese drama i watch and there are parts that happen in real life

Brad Pitt Matsuda Theres 4 Kamen Riders on this show.

Littera This series was the first Japanese drama I've ever seen. This sweet, a bit crazy story is just heartwarming. There is a good feeling, when i´ve watched it . It makes a for a certain time forget of the problems of everyday life. This time was very precious to me! Thank you for the beautiful hours! In these one has the feeling of being part of this story - love greetings from Germany

Sorry for my bad English ^.^

T.Awesome I love this drama. It's so sweet and silly and doesn't try to take itself seriously. None of the stuff they do could happen in real life, but that's okay, because you're content to just sit back and let the craziness unfold. However, it is also a drama that really touches your heart and makes you fall in love with all the characters. The first drama I've ever watched, and I love it so much I'm willing to watch all the other versions, even the remake. However, none will compare to this one ^^

lorie most of the best actor in japan are here...

sassygirl989 deym this is the second drama (next to Gokusen) i've been hooked so much!!! Maki-chan is sooo pretty, and Toma-kun soo hilarious in here! all the casts are great, they did this drama so deym good. :)

edyl horikita maki, oguri shun and ikuta toma is a best charecter for this story... i want to tell to nakajo to make the story of hanazakarino kimitachi e for seasons 2.. i want to say thank you if my wish will be accept... thank you...

edyl i want this story will be doing for seasons 2... i dont want to see a remake story like in the year of 2011..

jdaramaddict I can't get enough of this drama!!!!!! from the series to the special!!!!! XO this drama has a total package!!!!! everything you want is in it already, the best ever!!! OH and i love you Nakatsu and Sekime! your the cutest ever!! ,Mwuaaahh!!! <3 sana ipalabas ulit ito sa gma 7 o kahit saan pa man!!!

sphinx This is the best version ever and one of the best Japanese dramas.

kimmy I've watched this more than ten times, no exaggeration at all. For those who isn't favor of illogical-totally-random-not-making-any-sense drama, this might not be your cup of tea. But if you just try give this drama a chance, you might find it entertaining. Although this was filmed back in 2007 but it is still one of my most favorite Japanese drama. Totally recommended. And Ikuta Toma as Nakatsu is amazing. he's hilarious ! My fave character in here. In my opinion, this is the best drama version for the manga ever.

keira Hana kimi is a total weird yet funny jdrama that i've ever watched. Even i agree that the drama plays so much anime alike which is make the drama lack of serious moment. but, ow come on baby,, despite all of it, hana kimi is a must jdrama to watch bcos it is totally hillarious and very unforgetable to watch. I guess there will be no remake that can beat the original one. I'm a fan of nanba minami senpai character,,he's funny and poor playboy. Hana kimi .... BABY ... !!! Full of laughs ...

Cynthialova my favorite drama d(^^)b recomended

Jashom Wait.....hmmmmm This kind a story... It's bringing up my memory of "He's Beautiful (korean Drama)

NinjaBride This is one of the best J-Dramas ever, no joke. The cast was amazing and full of craziness. I was very disappointed in the main couple. The girl was constantly chasing after Sano and didn't pay attention to anything else. I understand why she was grateful to him but she was too focused on him and the romance wasn't well-developed at all. She clearly looked like a girl and she didn't portray her character well in comparison to the rest of the cast who nailed it. I'm not a fan of Maki's acting but I think do think she's beautiful and would be a great model imo. I was also disappointed in Sano if you check him out in Gokusen he's freaking awesome but I hated his character in Hana Kimi. Nakatsu was incredible I think Hana Kimi is a worth watching just to see the guys especially the dorm leaders lol. Tennoji's relationship with his girlfriend was very annoying but he himself was hilarious. If you're willing to ignore the bad details I totally recommend this drama.

driaandria Best comedy drama ever! re-watched it and still i laughed so hard :D

Clarisse the best drama I ever watched.. the cast are perfect.. :D they're all awesome/./

maria I really really liked this show. Both the actors/actresses and the story. I really do like every story where the girl disguise herself as a boy :D

jenny ahhhh my first jdrama....absolutely awesome!!!! because this was so good i dont want to spoil my memories of hana kimi by watching the newer version

Kyouya This is the perfect version for Hana Kimi!

achel weird drama...but it's fun...maybe better if they make the story in anime more than use real people.... :-P

dia I thought I would like this jdrama cuz of the hype but it was very overrated. It was so over the top, random and weird..all they did was have dorm competitions,etc & they tried to make it too much like an anime. the storyline was lacking and the end was abrupt. the two main leads lacked chemistry. I like oguri shun but he had better roles like in hyd & never was a fan of maki cuz her acting is very bland. @_@

Ryuichi-tsu Nice drama. LOL comedies. Handsome characters. Whatta perfect film♥

MNKW123 i dun know if u still want to know who plays Julia but its Minami ; she’s half Japanese and Half French She was in Yukan Club too as the sporty one?

evilive this was one of the best j~drama. ^v^. every ep. was soooo funny. i watched 2 times and wiil watch it more in the future. cuz it´s damn hilarious. and smentertainment is going to make a korean version of this. (can´t wait). super junior is going to play and dbsk, shinee, snsd and f(x). they are thinking of minho as main character.

shafinaz arshad Hey can I ask something? Who plays as Julia a blonde girl in this drama?

damay... I've been watched this J.Do for more than 100times (maybe).... I love this J.Do...so much!!!

billylee Iwasa Mayuko as Hanayashiki Hibari Matsuda Madoka as Kishizato Juri Kiritani Mirei as Amagasaki Kanna Kurose Manami as Imaike Komari Taira Airi as Abeno Erika

iqyan what is the real name of hibari four's KANNA?

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