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Masaki Okada at 2011 BIFF
(photo by AsianWiki CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)


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  • Name Masaki Okada
  • Japanese: 岡田将生 (おかだ まさき)
  • Birthdate: August 15, 1989
  • Birthplace: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
  • Height: 180cm
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Talent Agency: Stardust Promotion


  1. Although he didn't win the award, Masaki Okada was nominated twice ("Villain" & "Confessions") for "Best Supporting Actor" at the 2011 (34th) Japan Academy Prize.
  2. Read Q&A for movie "Life Back Then" with Masaki Okada and director Takahisa Zeze (from the 2011 Busan International Film Festival).


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Icha Masaki wears a wedding dress and dresses up as a pole dancer in "Mindset"! Now THAT's something... He's gorgeous, and he's very talented. And now he's pushing his limits, so that's good....

krissy i just can't get enough of okada masaki recently. He looks like a good guy, innocent and friendly. And a great actor indeed! I love his all-out smile, his cute voice and facial expressions.. im just so head over heels in love haha! Watched Kiyoku Yawaku for the nth time. His character in that movie is truly my ideal guy kyaaaa :">

He's really handsome in Otomen and sooo funny at Hana Kimi. I can see that his roles are pretty much diversified after watching kiyoku yawaku, otomen, hana kimi, confessions, villain, akko's secret, and a gentle breeze in the village. God bless, Ma-kun <3 I sooooo heart u! Hope you visit the Philippines <3

Jill I just can't get enough of Masaki!!! Handsome face, good acting - big star! Hope he'll give us more dramas =)

Mingoy I just love him! He's soooo adorable. I first saw him in Hana Kimi 2007. That adorable face and sexy lips. *sighs* Then I've watched his movie "I give my first love to you" Gaaaah! Made my heart melt. A tear jerker flick. Masaki-kun I ❤️❤️❤️ you alot!!!

Mingoy I just love him! He's soooo adorable. I first saw him in Hana Kimi 2007. That adorable face and sexy lips. *sighs* Then I've watched his movie "I give my first love to you" Gaaaah! Made my heart melt. A tear jerker flick. Masaki-kun I ❤️❤️❤️ you alot!!!

Shika The first time I saw him was in HanaKimi. I like him in a first sight and the only one from hundred of man in that drama even he was just a suppprting artist. After that I never even think about him until someday my brother told me a good japanese movie, Space Brother. I like that movie and masaki of course, but I just relized that both of the main artist are also played in hanakimi after finish it. Now, I just relized how can I fall in love with the same person even I don't know that I ever like him before. Haha Now, I know that he's actually a big artist ^^

Defi Chan i just watching I give my first love to you. and i very like you masakii okada! aishiteru. you look so cool,handsome,and romantic >.<

nourmakky he's so handsome. i love him in otomen. anyone got any recommendation for any movie/drama that's great from him?

ZaraChoi I really like his character Sekime in Hana Kimi, Takuma in I give my first love to you, and the teacher in Kokuhaku. The way he smiles, scratches his head in confusion or even gets angry never fails to make my heart beat faster. You are such an adorable actor, keep up your good work!!!!!

Umu hmy Masaki Okada.. I just watched your movie " i give you my first love " you made it! Im impressed.. Although im a Bruneian i love japanese movie.. Especially romantic movies! I cried few times watching your movie.. I was so touched.. Hope to see you!! Please come to Brunei if you have time!!! I really want to meet you!

Love, all the way from Brunei! Arigatao!

mayo_neko he's so cute, isn't he :3

Noran Masaki Okada, if you're reading this then, I speak on the behalf of all your fans! You're a great person, don't ever let anyone make you think otherwise! Keep smiling! We will always be there for you no matter what happens and our love for you is infinite, because you have touched our hearts with your honesty, innocence and pure heart. I hope God will guide you in your life and career. In the end, please take care of yourself and be happy! ♥

All The Love,

Noran from Egypt

blah @kimi there is no rule saying that a man with a awkward smile can not be cute, (( hes really cute when hes not smiling)) :P :) well crying off screen refers to him crying at most of the premiers (check tokyohive, under his name).. hope u get it

Kimi @blah, i don't get anything that you say? how can he be cute if his smile is awkward and he's crying off screen!? how do you even know that. lol... looking forward to his movie with tatsuya fujiwara. :D

blah ultra kissable lips, awkward smile and always crying (off screen) :P lol overall a cute man.:D

zayniee I love his movie I GIVE MY FIRST LOVE TO YOU :) it really captured my heart , and I can't move on from this movie :( He's such a great actor , I want to see more from him :)

Lea I so love Masaki and her "The Lightning Tree" movie. Such a big fan here from Philippines.

Red Not only Belinda, he also share the same birthday as Joe Jonas from Jonas Brothers :-) same year also...

k.y.s whoa, his birth date is same as Belinda's, the mexican singer, in same years, too. btw, he had a great chemistry with Kaho in Tennen Kokekko and Otomen. I hope they will play another project together. :)

Eunice He can do it :) Okada-san is such a World Class Actor ;)

DaDa @nonsibi he's a workaholic. Hehe. :-) 2013 will be his year too. I hope he has time to rest though.

nonsibi Apparently 2013 will be a busy year for Okada-san. Ganbatte !!

Icha I just LOOOOVVE Masaki so much! Found about him in late Aug this year and have seen almost all his Eng-sub projects ever since. Heck, I even follow 'Taira no Kiyomori' without sub, just because I love seeing him as Yoritomo! I hope all the best for you, Masaki. You're such a good actor, a good and innocent boy, and a good friend for those who know you. And your smile and laughter always brighten up my day. Thanks for being you!

DaDa I enjoy watching his movies far more than watching his jdoramas.. I think the only jdrama I liked him in was The Golden Piggy LOL. His movie choices are far superior and more enjoyable to watch.

yoo Masaki’s acting just keeps getting better and better with every project! That’s right, good job, ~mah boy~. <3 And the projects just keep coming! I think he hasn’t rested last 2010 and this 2012 because the number of movies he just did! I am so proud! Then when he smiles, it’s as if it’s connected to my lips and mine also curve upwards. He seriously has a contagious smile. And I love it!

Meww Masaki-kun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i never seen someone as gorgeous as you!.. goodluck with your career :)

Susie In this picture he look poorly, strange, like woman. Profile needs change the picture. Thank you

jdramaconfessions Waah I so LOVE 'Mirai Nkikki' I think it's the best drama of its season!

Thomas He's so handsome and so cool. =))

taeccool I love Saki-kun since 2009 >__<!!!! his smile.. actually <333

Daisy I'm not really attracted to younger guys (Masaki is 5 years younger than me) but I absolutely love Masaki Okada. He's as talented as he is beautiful. I'm so happy that he's been in a lot of dramas and movies recently. Can't wait to watch Future Diary and Akkochan with Ayase Haruka!

intan i like see him in OTOMEN. he's soooooooo HAND SOME with silky black hair, white skin, red lips. Mmmm you looks PRINCE in comic romantic every day i read. i wish u will always sukses. lot kiss, hug and support from me in Indonesia. GAMBATE!!

intan i like see him in OTOMEN. he's soooooooo HAND SOME with silky black hair, white skin, red lips. Mmmm you looks PRINCE in comic romantic every day i read. i wish u will always sukses. lot kiss, hug and support. GAMBATE!!

Antoinette Ma-kun! I really love you and your movies. You were great in Kokuhaku, Boku no hatsukoi kimi ni sasagu, and Halfway. You were great for the part in Matataki Lots of love from Europe!

Katsushikachan @kyouya2909 Yihhh ? WHAT EVERRRRRRRRRRRRR :P

kyouya2909 Katsushikachan you're are so not his biggest fan, That's me!

kalpana gunwant hey Masaki I do really loved your movie named I u. you really acted so well that i am gone fan of you.I wish you for your bright future. bye

sa0mai_bt He will be a good actor in future.

Rini i just watched Halfway.. the other day ..i watched Confessions .. if i hadn't read the note here .. i would've never known that he was the one in Confessions { Kokuhaku } HALFWAY WAS REALLY GREAT !! >~< がんばってください !!

takamure heshani mechcha kandou shithayo ... 'bokuno hatsukoi kimini sasagu' wo mithe hommani kandou shita.. arigatou.. daisuki...

Aida he's so cute.. >_<

tiekah comelll... im falling in luv wif him.. let i give my first love to u.. wakakakakkaka LUV Masaki Okada

Mimi I will always remember him for portraying Takuma in I give my first love to you. That movie was really splendid it really made me cry.

Hanna William I love his smile.He is very tall and thin.I want to be his young sister.

Fafa he is so handsomee..looks gorgeous in otomen dorama..

MKL I love him in all the movies I've watched of his, but he was especially outstanding in Eriko Kitagawa's "Halfway". Okada Masaki is one gorgeous and talented actor.

non sibi Thank you Ki for sharing the photos.

Ki I came this -><- close to watching the world premiere of "The Lightning Tree" at the Pusan International Film Festival, but the movie played outdoors and heavy rains that evening made me leave before the movie started. I didn't want to leave but I also didn't want to see a real life lightning tree happen in front of me either. Even though I missed the world premiere I did get to watch Yu Aoi, Masaki Okada, & dir. Ryuichi Hiroki make a live appearance at the PIFF village for a Q&A session. Here's some photos of that :

mai he is sooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

doreen arco hey !! wazzuupppp... i love masaki okada over.. cant take it !!! he`s so very handsome, so charming..

Shinkei-chan Masaki-kun's portrayal as Takuma Kakunouchi in "I Give My First Love to You (Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu)" is truly marvelous! I am so in-love with his character! He is so charming and amazing! I love Masaki-kun! :)

VioletSakura One of the BEST Japanese actors. His performance in "Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu" (I Give My First Love to You) is GENIOUS!!! A wonderful and sad movie! His part in Otomen is great too! Loved him since Hana Kimi! Gambatte, Masaki-kun!!!

besikap can somebody please change the profile pic of him and put the latest one on? many thanks

queensemra omgggggg he looks so good and is so coollllllllllllll

Okada Masaki Love Es el japones mas guapo que he vist en toda mi vidaaaaaaa!!!!!Lo AMO

Dany ES HERMOSO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ME ENCANTA!!!!!!!!!!!

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