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  • Name Takayuki Yamada
  • Japanese: 山田孝之 (やまだ たかゆき)
  • Birthdate: October 20, 1983
  • Birthplace: Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan
  • Height: 169cm
  • Blood Type: A



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aliza2824 Iloveyou takayuki yamada!

Christie Love this guy!He's crazy hot and super sexy.

mousam i think he is more talented then genji ....

asari I like him when watched Crow Zero, first time I saw as Serizawa I know I like him second movie I saw that he starred was Densha Otoko, that movie makes me love his acting then I watched another dramas and movies about him such as byakuyako, taiyou no uta, sekaichu, fireboys, 13 assassin, seaside motel, tegami, sono toki wa kare ni yoroshiku, gantz, arakawa under the bridge, yuusha yoshiiko, yamikin ujishima-kun, waterboys, even churasan hmm. you can say that Im crazy of his act,, :)

nur khairiyah takayuki yamada........good luck!!!

GoldenAgeOfJapanCinema I watch many old classics samurai movies and toshiro mifune and tatsuya nakadai was the 2 gods of japanese cinema back then. Years and years have past I was looking for a modern japanese actor that can atleast match 1/2 of what mifune and nakadai gives, I find tadanobou asano and odagiri joe but I was looking a younger one so that I can follow his career. BUT its difficult since japanese cinema now is conquered by fangirl actors produced by this sh!t old guy johnny kitagawa( this guy destroyed japanese cinema IMO).

Lucky that japan cinema is not dead since I find this actor who I think will be the next nakadai or mifune (I HOPE). After seeing 13 assassins and byakuyakou i believe he has a chance to get that intensity what toshiro mifune gives, and his acting range is somewhat same with nakadai with his movies densha otoko, crowzero, epic show yuusha yoshihiko, sekai no chusin(ironically yamada best role to date "matsumoto sakutaro" is the grandson of "Matsumoto Kentaro" PLAYED by nakadai) and recently milocrorze where he played 3 different roles. He's also chosen by newyork festival as young rising star of 2011 and hollywood reporters top 10 young actor to look out for. His fanbase abroad is bigger than more famous actor in japan becuase of his films with takeshi miike and for his character Serizawa.

I have a feeling that he will go in the same path like actors toshiro mifune and tatsuya nakadai.

therealthing 3 things why he is the best japanese actor.

1. He's in the saddest thing I ever watched ( sekai no chusin de ai wo sakebu )

2. the coolest thing I ever seen ( crow zero 1 and 2 )

3. the epically stupid thing I ever seen in my whole life ( yuusha yoshiko )

anjal hy takayuki i lik ur name serizawa in crows zero n i lik ur kick n fight . n ur the best in crows zero in part 1 u looking so handsome

ashish Tamao i like u in the whole movie as well as yur attitude on it..... i m dying for CROW ZERO 3, plz do somthing for it if its going to make.

Say Now YamaTaka-san

>///.////< I really love him and how he act in movie, like Crows Zero series or MW~

his fans Ah, I love Yamada Takayuki and his beautiful eyes~

Love how he played at Crows Zero 1 and 2, and of course at MW XD

mousumi tripura I just love him !!!!

mousumi tripura I saw his crows zero 1 & 2 both. I was never fascinated by Japanese or Chinese actors. but Yamada has stunned me !!! I just love his attitude,way of acting his personality. and also his eyes .............. his smile just cracked me !!! in crows I prefer him most than Ogure Suri

iphey first tme i get my idol i nver hv an idol bfo.. cool..

Nilim sarma I like ur actions in crows zero

tahmon Hats off to such a talented character actor!

karan u will always be remembered as serizawa tamao ,the man without whom the film would be an incomplete treat..............

sonu though im indian bt u r my real superstar

sonu he is my favourite actor ,when i sw his only one movie" crow "from dat very moment i feel like i hv found my actor.indeed he is a superb actor.i wish him all d best in his upcoming film. keep it up my fren !!

kim juz love him~da onli asian actor i drool over<3~n grt actin skills~

BloodyHell just saw 13 assassins HUAT DA HELL WHAT AN ACTOR IMO the best japanese actor in his generation. Those fan girl actors like yamapi kame nino jun matsumoto are no match with him i even think that he is better actor than takuya kimura, he's not on the level of those guys he is on the level of Watanabe ken possibly the next japanese actor to be recognize by hollywood.

non sibi I just finished watching drama 'Taiyo no uta'. I noticed that he has a great smile. Cool !!

gloria hot guy,

i' d like his style and cast in crow zero..

totally awesome


gloria he looks so hot in crow 1&2, almost falling in love ^^...

i' d like his cast and the style of course..

totally awesome...


Chie I have watched several of his earlier dramas, like Lunch Queen and Taiyou no Uta, among others. Couldn't recognize him at all when I saw the movie Crows Zero II (first Crows flick for me). He has more appeal now that he has changed his image, and he gets to play roles different from what he was cast in before. Looking forward to seeing him in Gantz!


ami first saw u..... u were serizawa...... second meeting u were a loan shark...... wow u are totally cool....... hei serizawa let`s play chicken...... ha...ha... now i drive my self crazy to find more and more of your movies............ oh..... by the way, can u lend me $100,00 ..... ha...ha....

saaasaw i have watched seaside motel, try downloading it in asiatorrents subtitles is included

Thistle huhuhu~ where can I get english subtitles for Chasing My Girl??!?

Bang!!! I hope Serizawa will be part of pirates of the caribbean 4 he fits the pirate character along with jack sparrow......heheheh WHAT a DREAM.

lisa ann serizawa..lets play chicken..haha i like he partner with sawajiri erika in taiyou no uta.. so sweet..i hope it be true..

payma crows zero is very interesting.. i really enjoy watching it over and over again.. serizawa is my best.. i support army... anticipating for the next level of crow.. SERIZAWA ROCKS..

skyler SERIZAWA !!!

syauritara hello,i like him because he is the best actor

i wish for he lucky for the actor.,.,. 
 that all can i wish for u,.,.,. 


Serizawaaaaaa Tamao Serizawa............................iz the best actor ova the world .....i saw him first in crows zero and i became a huge fan of him....And i love the way he smiles and he's the greatest character in crows zero....love ya Takayuki yamada....Cant wait to seeeee crows zero 3...................................hope it will come soon....

abe just bought a movie called waterboys2. i will look for crow zero :) I like how he acts. i like him.

nur diyana i love him in crow zero and crow zero 2 the name of serizawa tamao fits better! i love his powerful, twisted kick! i love how dorky he is! i love how much he cares about friendship! and he is super cool!

i end up supporting serizawa's army instead of genji's warui!

KB OMG! I didn't know he was in the movie "Crying out love, in the center of the world". I saw a little bit of the beginning but I never finished it. Now I will definately have to watch it just because he's in there.

I fell in love with him in the movie Crows Zero. He's a bad-ass in that movie. His character in that movie was tough but yet also cute, kekeke! I love his motorcycle accident in the beginning of Crows Zero. It was hilarious. I love how Japanese actors make there cocky, mean or sad faces, especially his, LOL! He is a great actor. I'll have to look up his other movies/dramas to watch now. Did I mention he's hot?! He did great in the movie, Crows Zero. He showed leadership and friendship in that movie and for that it showed a different side of him being the leader of Suruzan High. The producer/director did a great job in showing that. The fighting scenes were awesome too. I hope there will be Crows Zero 3. Maybe in the next part they can try to smoke less, LOL!

kaze kyaa.....>.< kakkoii....hontou ni sugee...yamada takayuki san....totemo daisuki ^,^

Danswrang He's the winger for crows. It was an amazin last move to finish 'RYO'...

ファン 芹沢すべてのベスト!

Acid_Fusagareta he and Genji Takeya are my fav actors in CROW ZERO! I cant wait to watch Crow Zero 3 and hopefully it will be make. And next year cosplay, im gonna cosplay as Serizawa Tamao and Genji Takeya. Cant wait to have hair like them! Good luck to u Takayuki Yamada. You always the best Japanese Actor!!!! >_<


ruka sukiyo takayuki

qq this kids a foig enuff said

shun-san first saw him in CROWS ZERO then saw him in ikigami and other films he's an amazing, versatile actor <3

don't be a good boy wow!! favourite character... you style serizawa!! exactly same height with me.. wanna duel? haha.. gudluck for your future!!

mitz YAMADA TAKAYUKI is simply the BEST !!! aishteru !

aien TAMAO SERIZAWA!!!!!I like that name better!!he's the coolest guy in crow zero!!!!and the greatest fighter among all!!!!i love the way he smiles and fights!!!! WATASHI DAISUKI!!!!!SERIZAWA KUN!!!!<3 <3

Emine Happy 26TH Birthday Takayuki Yamada!!U're a great actor!^^

NaNa LoVe yOurs aCtiNg=)

TaYaTsu Takayuki Yamada!!! very great actor!!!

i love SERIZAWA TAMAO of CROWS ZERO 1&2!!! he's really cool!!! amp! inlove with a movie character!!! XD


ateyzahari he's wonderful! i love him in every movie he did.

and, really wish for him to act 'cute&nice' role again.


rituxa_chan The best male japanese actor ever! He fits perfectly in every single characters! He is amazing!

I love his acting in Densha Otoko, Taiyou no Uta and Crows Zero :) and all the other movies and dramas! xD

Takayuki Yamada 4Ever!<333

LinWei Such a natural actor! One of the best male actor in Japan.

M_E_W my gangster idol in crows zero...he should be hero along with genji...

Novian great,, the best artist ever..

maxi En Crows Zero... un actorazo Tanto para la accion como para la comedia Un grande!!

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