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  • Name: Mirai Shida
  • Japanese: 志田未来 (しだ みらい)
  • Birthdate: May 10, 1993
  • Birthplace: Kanagawa, Japan
  • Height: 152cm
  • Blood Type: AB


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Day-chan why you never crossed paths with Yamada Ryosuke again? i'm so waiting for it.

zvili Height: 152cm ????

shiharu I SUPER LOVE YOU!!! you really stole my heart with your acting. and guuuuhhhhh!! your eyes are the prettiest!!!! <3 goooosshhh!! those round beautiful eyes!

i'm looking forward to see you on a dorama or movie with Yamada Ryosuke. obviously, i really love you both. since i watched TQG last 2008, i became a fan of YAMASHI!!!! <3 i love YAMASHI!!! please i wanted to see you both together again. even just tv guesting! please! pretty please! Im desperate!!!


janine kyaaa!! SHIDA MIRAI!!.. i really like you and i love it.. i really like your acting skills and i love it, it's so natural the way you do it. your so lovely and gorgeous, you have an angelic face and the innocence. the first drama series I've seen is the Queens Classroom, and after that I've search so many dramas that you are in it..

Dawie kyaaa!!~ すごい!しかもかわいい! I am a big fan of you... I really like you! I was moved with your acting skills! and also I Am A BG FAN OF YAMASHII! hmmm!!! I wish you'll have a romance drama with Yamada Ryosuke one day or atleast Movie... that will be totally LOVELY!!!!

Shida-san FIGHT-O! >w< がんばってください!

Shieda I just found out you Mirai Shida when i typed Shida. I read all information about you. Later, i will watch your drama Mother at fourteen. Japanese actress is very good and beautiful just like you. I love japanese anime and drama.

Noel automatically Fell in love with her when watching 14 sai no haha. She still was a lil girl but could act so good!

Sakura Shida shida you are very beautiful I like so I want to meet you but when I'm big I'm going to japan okay tomorrow when I go to university

Yamadaliz I Live her, especially i'am Yamashi Fans...Fighting!!

Umi Shida i love your acting especially when you took a role as a young mother in 14 sai no haha..you are cute with miura haruma....and you really looks like maki horikita..kawaii

noba-chan hi shida-chan. i really do like you so so much. i hope i can meet you someday somehow. i just wanted to say gambatte ne. you're really a great actress. you're one of a kind. that made me want to be an actress, the thought of being like you. honto ni suki i'm a yamashi fan anyway. but i also like shinata and kamishi.

sanpan Always in my mind, .... Anywhere, anytime.... Mirai...

romi Mirai-san, I like you so so so much !! You are awesome !!! Cute, pretty and a talent actress!

Sakura Shida Mirai umm im shy so I want to like be actress like u cuz it funny I really like u cuz u cute pretty and cool funny

junpei mizocendol japanese doramas and movies lionel messi, no doubt

Amost I love you Mirada I fans you From indonesia , I need to japan for you but Im dont have money :p

Rumiko SHIDA MIRAI!! all I can say is.... I LOVE YOU~~~!!! you're awesome! GAMBATTE!

lol-ing sone i love you Shida.... especially because youre the same height as me <3

mch shida, when will you be leading a drama? i want to see you and your acting! :)


ROBIN D.C.KOH I like SHIDA MIRAI......she's cute........nice......i will support her till the end.......! SHIDA MIRAI....GAMBADE NE....!!!

MoMo She is cute, cool, funny, cheerful and a very talented actress.

Every fans who like her should watch one of the best Japanese drama 'The Queens Classroom'....fell in love with her and her amazing acting.

tj i want to meet her someday and know her well...

queensemra love her acting.... she is so beautiful and soooo FUNNY i wish to see Shida-chan in more comedy/romance dramas esp. with RYOSUKE YAMADA both of them grown up

chuckie i really like her drama's and i wish to see her in person she's so cute and now she is totally grown up and i want to find out if she has a boyfriend and everything that is coming :)

starlight i like her but in hammer session she was a little annoying. but she is a good actress nontheless!

does anyone know where i can watch Himitsu with english subs?

chuck mirai is so cute :) i like her drama 14 sai no haha tantei gakuen Q she's much taller now and is now pretty but she is still cute :)

Katie Shida is really good at acting; she always tries her best in different roles. I admire her a lot! She's both cute and pretty.

beula i am from india and i liked her very from tantei q my sis birthday is same as mirai and she was really good and great

diphtegh i like Sihida Mirai !

reilohsj Shida is my fav. actress~ she's so funny...

Moru-chan She is so petite. Between 150-152cm(4'11-5'0)

Nix Shida Mirai is most awesome!

Yumi Shida-chan kawai~engi ga sugoku josu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!omedetou!!!!!!!!!!!

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