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  • Name: Kim Hyang-Gi
  • Hangul: 김향기
  • Birthdate: August 9, 2000
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height:
  • Blood Type:


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Stella She is so much pretty in mv back by infinite

umunie I saw you in the Wedding dress , Thread of Lies and lately You're Pretty Oh Manbook Still have to watch Queen's classroom though... You 're so great in all of these films. you are still very young but you're acting is superb and wonderful compared to adult korean actresses particularly those who are singers but went into acting but do not know how to act ( there are so many of them in Kdramas and I hope producers will stop doing this) . Im sure you will become one of Korea's great actress. Stay humble and kind as a person and keep improving your craft and you will go a long way. I am your fan and supporter from Manila and could even be older than your own mother.. Hope you can read and understand English and will take time to read the comments from your followers here.

Connie Hi Huang!! i don't know how to read your name but i been searching all of your movies and i love it..the first film i saw was the weeding dress and it took me bundles of tissues to get through with it..You're such a great actress.. I'm from the Philippines and one of your fan..looking forward for more of your success..More movies, more fun !!

skbf I heard sae ron and hyang are filming a drama. It's name is secrets. I love them both.

sunny Saranghae unnie. You are really cute.

love hyang gi When she was little kid she looked like a doll. She was so cute and still she is. Her first movie was "Hearty paws" she looked soo cute and very talented. She was only six that time. A six year old kid knows how to act. If I were her I was going to cry for acting. love her a lot

big fans hyang gi you are very talented actress.and you are not only talented actress but also a very beautiful girl.I like when you smile because it is so cute.and the last you are always the best for me..

farel Kim Hyang Gi you are someone who is very special for me. not just because you have a million talents or beautiful face. but also an abundance of charm that is in you could make my heart helpless while staring at you. I myself to forget since when I started fascinated with you but that obviously that's who I felt till now even when I wanted to stop it I guess I can’t anymore. you know why ??? That's because I've been so enchanted by your charm and is very difficult for me to be separated from it. and what do you know where the location of your charm that ?? Your charm was found on your smile . when you smile I hope time can be paused so I can looking at your beautiful smile was longer. and one more thing you need to know, probably a lot of girls out there who have a more physically perfect but none of them who were able to match the strength of your charm. and all that was more than enough to win my heart. in my eyes only you the most beautiful girl who either it now, tomorrow, and forever

No name Kim hyang gi i really adore your acting. Be a successful actress hyangi ya :)

Jilsmol Ann Paulose I love your acting dear..You are the best...Your performance in wedding dress truely touched my heart..I wonder how you could act like that in this little age...Awesome dear..Hands off to you...Movies like wedding dress,my little bride...etc are making indians to be huge fans of korean movies...We expect more performances of yours like this in future days.....

rhea You always manage to make me stunned at the sight of your acting,I really hope that in the days to come I can continue to see you acting.hyang gi you are the best !!!

Fatimah Othman Hyang Gi dear, love yr acting & wish U dont have to grow up. Love watching you act. Stay sweet, pls do not grow up to be a rich spoil brat.. hope U grow gracefully but do not allow your self to be bullied...all the best, Aunty Tim

taejun @Jane watch you r pretty oh man book. u ll cry again. its 1 episode drama special.

jane Letter to Kim Hyang-Gi

Hyang Gi ya, why are you making me crying everytime I watch you in dramas & movies? First time seeing you in Hearty Paw & EVERY TIME, I wish I can bold it, EVERY TIME, I watch it I always ended up crying..even just imagining it now while writing it, the tears show up...then I watched you in Wedding dress, you make me cry again..the fact that you are such a strong girl in the movie and so mature despite your age is amazing..and your letter for your mom is sweetly sad and touching..then The Queen's Classroom is phenomenal..I love all of your can all of you act so good, better than the adults *though Ko Hyun Jung's acting is daebak*?!! and Hyang Gi yaa, you make me cry again in the drama..after that, I look forward to your appearance in dramas & movies..then I watched Thread of Lies...your acting & Kim Yoo Jung are Korea, there are many suicide cases (& suicide attempts) and the movie shows how to find comfort of the people (family, friends, etc) who were left behind & keep being taught you that bully is not a good thing..looking forward for your next appearances...

your eonnie fan ^^

fitri she is amazing young actress.i really love her acting especially in the drama the queen's classroom.

ririn Wow...........sma dong dengan tanggal & bulan lahirku cmu beda setahun

Shawnna She was in a drama special that they don't have on here. The name of it is You're Beautiful, Manbok, and KBS posted it on their Youtube channel with English subtitles. It's tugs at the heart strings but I definitely recommend it! ^__^ Hyang Gi fighting!!

asdfghjkl Wait what? She's only almost 14, yet she acts as if she's L's girlfriend when he's 22... I mean there's nothing wrong with crushing on someone eight years older than you, but she's not legal yet!! But she's a great actress, so whatever.

inspirit_cip she appear in infinite new MV "Back". and she look >< please watch the MV and support them^^

raquel OMG,you're beautiful, very cute and the best child actress in my opinion, I loved wedding dress and queen's classrom, I hope to continue this success! FIGHTING!!

Syaqilahz OMG!! She really looks like D.O. aka Do Kyungsoo from EXO! Both of them are adorable.. Since D.O. is an actor now,, I wish Hyang Gi and him will act together as siblings. I wonder what people will think about the similarities of them. Especially their expressions O.O

dosook15 I'm very thankful because D.O. knows her since last year and recently they took a picture together at backstage during Baeksang Awards! I'm really a fans of her! 향기야, 언니가 항상 응원할께!

August 9 Oh my god yes everyone was flipping out because she looks like kyungsoo or whatever so I searched her up and yay we have the exact same birthday!!! I loved her for Thread of Lies

the pearl dragon Really love her acting especially in wedding dress movie.. she so cute and beautiful :) i think,she look like yeo jin goo.. I hope, one day she can act with yeo jin goo in drama or movie.. i will be waiting :) kim hyang gi.. fighting!! :)

milliscent jane too young and acts well. I really love your role in the drama the queen's classroom. keep it up. love you. wishing to be your friend someday.

Janice Hoi-Shan Lam Hi Hyang Gi! Well.. I am one year older than you. I just finish watch your movie "Queen's Classroom" Wow, you are amazing. I am from Hong Kong and wish to see you in South Korea because i want to be your friends someday....

bethy Hi!!! youre so cute! and pretty I love your wedding dress movie youre so cute when you smilee!!!! and I admire you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nisa hey~ will you add other show? she also play in KBS Drama Special "You're Pretty, Oh Manbok" thats a good drama special ;u; shes great there :"")

fariz her acting so awesome!!! especially on wedding dress movie !! not many kids can act on drama movie like her. but, is she will do a lot of surgery for the continuity of her career ?? i really hate surgery trend in korea, like if there's no surgery, no career to korean artist

umang Kim Hyang Gi!!! You really look like EXO's D.O aka Kyung he your Brother or what sibling??

Ma. Ruffa Gajo Hello Kim Hyang-gi, I am from Philippines. I just finished watching WEDDING DRESS and its really touching! :) Good job girl. mwaa. *kiss

SANDHYA ALEX Hai dear Kim Hyang Gi... :) ... I am from Kerala State, India.. I watched the movie WEDDIND DRESS more than30 times.... It's Awesome ....I love you soooooo much Cutie.....

bloodberry27 Her performance in Queen's Classroom is really amazing. She is really one of the best child actresses of her age. Kudos to you!

farahkim she is so beautiful ! and also she look very much like exo do kyung soo. didn't they relize it? kim hyang gi, fighting!! ^_^

Jasmine Nicole She is perfect, she's PERFECT, I cannot wait to see more from her. The Queen's Classroom was AMAZING, I had to pause the videos to squeal over her like every ten minutes omg. It's insane how much she looks like EXO's D.O., both are so cute <3 Hyanggi hwaiting!

cornfed A well-deserved congratulations for Kim Hyang-gi whose portrayal of 'Shim Ha-na' (The Queen's Classroom) won her the best child actress (along with her male "partner-in-crime, from the same drama) at the 2013 APAN Star Awards (Daejeon Drama Festival)!!!

FarMoon omg i love her....she is a great acter

istri yesung First time I saw Her at Hearty Paws, I like her act, she is so beautiful ^^

audrey shane kiamco hmm.. kim hyang you soo beautiful .. and i'm soo sad because the story is the same on my life ..

ALYSSHA AKIBBA Kim hyang gi is so beautiful and simple..i saw her in THE QUEEN'S CLASSROOM she is so good in acting..Kim hyang keep up the good work..fighting!..:D:D.......

ALYSSHA AKIBBA Kim hyang gi is so beautiful and simple..i saw her in THE QUEEN'S CLASSROOM she is so good in acting..Kim hyang keep up the good work..fighting!..:D:D

L B DANIEL T I have watch almost all the movies listed above and watching Kim Hyang-Gi in 'Hearty Paws' really breaks me apart. I really would love to meet her at-least once. She is simply amazing even at this very young age. God Bless!!!

jaeinah Kim Hyang-Gi is so adorable, I had seen her in Wedding Dress and was really amaze with her acting capabilities. Then I realized that she is the younger version of Ko Ah-Sung, i love them both. I want you to become my dongsaeng, chincharo. Hyang Gi-yah hwaiting!!

Kuaci @nanana and exowifeu: i dont know D.O, but i thought she's the female version of yeo jin goo esp in queen's classroom. They really do look a like..

nanana Kyaaaahh i thought i was the only one who think she really looks like D.O. i love you kim hyang gi and kyungsoo ♥

Exo's wifeu She really does look like the female young version of D.O XDDDD OMG Especially the eye's <333333333 and the expressions O U O/

girian Why korea have so many great child actor and actress? Did you guys have many acting coach? or academy for them?

Rita What a beautiful little actress. Thank you so much for the wonderful movie. It was very moving and I had to use a lot of tissues. You also reminded me very much of my own daughter. Your parents must be so proud of you. Best wishes and great blessings be upon you, little Kim-Hyang Gi! Alofa atu, Rita from Auckland NZ. xxoo

MissyQ She looks like D.O from EXO very much ..

Grace hahahahah she is exactly 1 day younger than me!

Rizal i love KIM HYANG-GI

honey omg :( she's like 2 years younger than me and she has acting talents and i kind of admire her *-* she reminds me of Do Kyungsoo so much i wonder if they are long lost siblings or somth ;u; loved her acting in 'queen's classroom' :D

rosebud123 In Queen's Classroom she kinda reminds me of Yeo Jin Goo.

korean holic Best acting.. I like your movie hearty paws, wedding dress.. Very touching me.. Good luck hyang gi...*\(^▽^)/*

HUNG So Pretty! Smart and intelligent... looking forward to see ur dramas in the future day.... Fighting.! No matter what u are really good at acting since u was young.... I also hope to have s.1 as friend who has that character...

@tryaqiiz KIM HYANG GI really like D.O exo.hhahha #indonesian

이 혁 린 Kim Hyang Gi very cute and very pretty girl. She's like Do Kyung Soo hahaha lol i'm very shocked when the first i saw her. haha Kim Hyang Gi very like Do Kyung Soo oppa ^^

nororo omo! uri sora is getting prettier!! you've just done your first kiss scene, haven't you? unni will always support you hyang gi yaaa!!

miamia OMG ! I cant stop crying when I saw you in your film WEDDING DRESS ,Kim Hyang Gi :) .your acting so good .the best even if . SO AMAZING . and because this film ,I think I would be a better better better girl for my mom ... thx KIM HYANG GI ...sarangheo ,gamsahabnida ..

Abhi hi i m frm india i saw hearty paws.....i cried a lot, great these message i want to send my love, blessing and good wishes,,,,,,really hearty paws is wonderful movies thank kim hyang,,,,,,wonderful acting..........take care.

mitchie shes SUPERB .. i hope she get more drama ,.. like wedding dress . her acting was standout

Jithu I saw hearty paws today..awesome..she is more than cute...her acting is superb..sure she will be a great actor oneday..all the best to her..

nachan I've seen her in wedding dress and hearty paws this little girl makes me cry in most of her scenes T_T two thumbs up for her :D

Yhel I watched the movie Wedding Dress last week. I love the cute girl, Kim Hyang Gi. Her scenes in the movie made me cried.

miory two tumbs up forr hyang-gi....>o<..i just saw weeding dress movie, very heart touching.. and i have little sister, she is of the same age with you..and she likes you too.. like youuu....({})^_^

Remya Im frm god's own country.i love kim hayang very much bcs of her hearty paws.can u pls give her email id

chusna's mom youngest brilliant actress ever!!!!

Lie ann She's so very cute,.i love the way she act.,good day!

deva(india) i just addicted for Hyang-gi Kim....i didn kno korean language..but because of her i saw this film nearly 600 times... i luv her.. hats oly dream is to see her at live.. i luv u.. Hyang-gi Kim... my mail can anyone take me to Hyang-gi Kim..

Ankit She is so cute and loving child , i watched her hearty paws several times, God Bless Her...

Nie She's so cute and adorable! I decided to watch "Bad Couple" because of her. :D

dee-anna like kim hyang gi verry much,I want to have a daughter like her

dee-anna like kim hyang gi verry much

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