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  • Drama: Hero
  • Revised romanization: Hieoro
  • Hangul: 히어로
  • Director: Kim Kyung-Hee, Lee Dong-Yoon
  • Writer: Park Ji-Sook
  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: November 18, 2009 - January 14, 2010
  • Runtime: Wed. & Thurs. 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Do-hyeok Jin (Lee Joon-Gi) works as a journalist for a third-rate newspaper. He lost his parents at an early age, after they were involved in a fatal hit and run car accident. Do-hyeok was left with only his older sister Do-hee (Jang Young-Nam). Although Do-hee is older than Do-heyok she is immature and impulsive. Whenever Do-hyeok has money his sister would take his money. Because of his poor financial situation Do-hyeok was unable to attend college. This created a temporary roadblock for Do-hyeok. He always dreamed of becoming a journalist like his father. Do-heyok wanted to work at the prestigious “Daese Ilbo,” but because of his lack of college education he could never work there. Instead Do-hyeok works for the third rate news rag "Monday Seoul". Even though the "Monday Seoul" is several orders lower than the "Daese Ilbo," Do-hyeok works with passion and uses any means necessary to cover a story.

Jae-in Ju (Kim Min-Jung ) lost her father at an early age. Her father died while on duty as a policeman. Since that time, she has wanted to follow her father's footsteps and become a police officer. Jae-in eventually graduated at the top of her class in the police academy. Although she leads the violent crimes division and excels in the martial arts, she prefers to wear pink pajamas at home and is shy around other men. She likes Hae-Seong Kang (Uhm Ki-Joon), who interviewed her for the "Daese Ilbo." Jae-in also was interviewed by Do-hyeok for the "Monday Seoul." She doesn't know what to make of Do-hyeok.

Hae-seong Kang is the highly respected journalist for the “Daese Ilbo.” He currently dates Ho-kyeong Choi (Shin Ju-Ah), the daughter of Il-du Choi (Choi Jung-Woo) - the president of parent company Daese Corporation. Il-du Choi views Ho-kyeong somewhat like his right hand man. Often, Ho-kyeong will spin news stories to favor Il-du and the Daese Corporation. Il-du hopes Hae-seong will one day become his son-in-law. Yet, Hae-seong notices Jae-in and Do-hyeok becoming closer and becomes jealous of Do-hyeok.

One day, Do-hyeok awaits outside of prison to interview former mobster Yong-deok Jo. Yeong-deok used to be the leader of the Twin Ax gang prior to his 15 year jail sentence. On the day of his release the only persons awaiting for him are journalist Do-hyeok and a former underling. Yeong-deok visits his ex-wife who is now re-married. She calls him "trash" and wants nothing to do with him.

Yeong-deok then decides to start his own newspaper with Do-heyok named the "Yeondeok Ilbo".


  1. "Hero" will take the Wed. & Thurs. 21:55 timeslot after No Limit concludes.
  2. Actress Han Ji-Min (originally cast as main female character Jae-in Ju) dropped out of the series for personal reasons & was replaced by Kim Min-Jung prior to filming.
  3. Due to a shoulder injury Kim Min-Jung suffered while filming MBC drama "2009 Alien Baseball Team" and then re-aggravating the injury while rehearsing action scenes for "Hero," Kim Min-Jung had to withdraw from the drama series. In her place, actress Yoon So-Yi will perform as Jae-in Ju.


Hero-Jun-ki Lee.jpg Hero-So--yi Yoon.jpg Hero-Yun-shik Baek.jpg Hero-Ki-jun Eom.jpg Hero-Yeong-nam Jang.jpg
Lee Joon-Gi Yoon So-Yi Baek Yoon-Sik Uhm Ki-Joon Jang Young-Nam
Jin Do-Hyeok Ju Jae-In Jo Yong-Deok Kang Hae-Seong Jin Do-Hee
Hero-Hang-gi Kim.jpg Hero-Ji-seong Eom.jpg Hero-Jeong-woo Choi.jpg Hero-Ju-ah Shin.jpg Hero-Seung-ah Yun.jpg
Kim Hyang-Gi Uhm Ji-Sung Choi Jung-Woo Shin Ju-Ah Yoon Seung-Ah
Jin-Sol Jin Jeong Choi Il-Du Choi Ho-Kyeong Jo Yu-Ri
Hero-Jin-mo Ju.jpg Hero-Yang-ja Jo.jpg Hero-Dong-hyeong Lee.jpg Hero-Hye-suk Lee.jpg Hero-Han-wi Lee.jpg
Ju Jin-Mo Jo Yang-Ja Lee Dong-Hyeong Lee Hye-Suk Lee Han-Wi
Kong Chil-Seong Kim Bok-Sun Park Sang-Hun Myeong-Hee Na Kyeong-Man

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josephine I think this show is great! I've binge watched 10/16 episodes so far and still going strong. If I had to pick something that annoyed me for many episodes....it was wth Jae-In saw Hae-Seong.... Cuz all I saw was a jerk... and how could she not even look in Do-Hyeok's direction for so long like it just didn't seem realistic... I would stare at that any moment I go the chance. ^_^

Yumi God this is bad. I tried to watch, I really did, but I couldn't finish it. I didn't know what it was, a comedy, a drama or what. Even Lee Joon Gi couldn't save it. What a bad drama to do just before leaving for the army. I am surprised it got the ratings it did.

Lois I watched this drama a long time ago. I did not know Ji Chang Wook was in this drama! Daebak!

Keona8 I watch this drama right after "Iljimae" and I definitly fell for Lee Jun Ki in "Hero". One of my favorite drama! I recommend it!

Natsu Jun Ki Sucks!!!

Yodoleheehaw Pretty deccent drama, not too good but not bad either. It focuses more on the "revenge aspect" than "love" unlike most dramas. I only watched it because I'm a Jun Ki fan and I'll love everything he's in. :)

celcriss Lovely drama,comedy to the end.this drama is great,it depicts wat happens in the real world n great characters.To the writer and director of this drama"More heels to ur elbows.

Gasenadi Love. This. Drama!! The underdog going against the system. Media manipulation. Corruption at the top. "Redevelopment" disrespecting Life. Collusion between government and organized crime. And at all times, how REALLY dogged perseverance and unity can wrest control from some very evil powerbrokers. Also liked how the lead couple are partners, first and foremost, developing a romantic interest very, very slowly, like in real life. I want to thank everyone involved in this drama for telling it like it is! And STILL giving us hope to continue the struggle. Fighting!

J What phone is everyone using in this drama, that unlocks like a zippo lighter on the top

vivin jun ki oppa. salanghe

Thu Thu Swe Jun Ki Oppa is very lovely in Hero Drama.

evilive i've bin waiting months for this drama, but it kinda let me down. if i watch futher maybe it will get fun.

Rin yayy! im so happy<33 lee jun ki is finally working on another drama! i luv him!! x3 <33

kisha Thank God!! He is working on another drama. I love Ki.

vella oh i really want to watch it! My Jun has come bak wit a new drama! Jun Ki fighting!

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