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  • Name: Seo Young-Joo
  • Hangul: 서영주
  • Born: February 16, 1998
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 173cm
  • Blood Type: O


Drama Series

  • Golden Rainbow | Hwanggeum Moojigae (MBC / 2013-2014) - Kim Man-Won (young)
  • May Queen | Meiqwin (MBC / 2012) - Jang Il-Moon (young)
  • Fashion King | Paeseon Wang (SBS / 2012) - Young-Gul (teen)
  • Gye-Baek (MBC / 2011) - Kyo-Ki (young)
  • Can You Hear My Heart | Naemaeumyi Deulrini (MBC / 2011) - Jang Joon-Ha (young)
  • Hero | Hieoro (MBC / 2009) - Do-Hyeok (young)


  • Award for Best Actor ("Juvenile Offender") - 2012 (25th) Tokyo International Film Festival - October 20-28, 2012


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Rae Ah You are so good looking and a great actor keep up the good work!!! -HWAITING-

Rara He's also in The Chaser! Saw him in Episode 1. Sooo handsome this boy~~~ <3

YoonPuizz Seo Young Joo ..your so handsome and i love wachting your filming !! :*

jinane. sf I saw him in can you hear my heart, He was SoOoOo familiar to someone but I wasn't able to find out who was it, I was pretty sure that I haven't see him in another drama, Suddenly I recognized, he is just like Kuv Jumba!!!!!! OMG they look just the same! I have never seen 2 people, unrelated / age different, looking just the same like that... Siblings don't have this similarities... I'm really in shock

Vourckie yuli You'r my favorite actor and i love you in "can you hear my heart". And i love your acting ,you all the best soe young joo.:-)

loesje Fabulous young actor.So young and so many roles already. Hope you will study and not forgo your studies for acting...

Calder xoxo Your my favourite young actor I love your drama golden rainbow TRY to BE a GREAT actor LOVE you soooo much All the best Young Joo

syrine what? He's younger than me by 5 years? OMG I feel so old XD

syrine k he really looks like real young jung il woo O.O

James does anyone think he looks similar to Kev Jumba?

Cyan Can't believe you are 2 years younger than me. Watching you in Golden Rainbow makes this noona feel so happy haha. I think you'll be a hot actor when you grow up more kkkkkk

dina dongsaeng-ah, noona love you :D

Susie He is a great actor but I really wish he gets a leading role cuz every drama I watch he only show up in like the first 10 episode, really wish he gets a leading role and a good one.

samieEXO Good Actor :D he's like the young someone in everything I watch, first Can You Hear My Heart then Fashion King, May Queen, and now Golden Rainbow YAY!!!!:D

hgfdfs Hahaha, some of the comments down below me sounds like they're looking for love?

ami oh my, why you so young, boy? this nuna juz fallen for your acting ㅜㅜ

Cing Vung OMG our year, month and even the date is the

Ayaya He acted very well in Can You Hear My Heart and I was surprised but happy to see him again in Golden Rainbow! I'm going to miss him once his character grows up and Lee Jae Yoon carries on the role. He certainly looks very mature for his age, and although I'm 4 years older than him and don't want to sound like a pedo-noona, I find him quite a handsome young man. ^^ I wish him the best in his future, & hope to continue seeing him in dramas!

WatashiHanee OMG... I saw your first kissing scene on Juvenile Offender... I know that someday your gonna be one of the hottest teen in the near future... Work Harder... Your bad boy image makes me want to want you... You grown a lot... More Drama... I can't wait to see you more...

Ellen Seo Yeong Ju,you are a great boy,I am 5 years older than you.I will look forward to your great performance in your movies and TV programme.Fighting!I think you need to pay more attention to your study especially when you are admitted to a college.You will love your college life.Just stick on it instead of abandoning it.Fighting!

조슬린 Hmm i totally thought you were older than me. . Well your younger by a year so that's not bad lol I truly enjoyed your performance in can you hear my heart and can't wait to see what you did in May flower as that's my next drama I'm gonna watch! Any ways your going to be flippin gorgeous when your older as your already cute now and an even better actor! Hope to see you starring in your own drama soon (some kind of high school drama maybe? ) any ways! Good luck and 화이팅!!!

Abby I am 6 years older than him and I still find him attractive. I cant wait for him to grow up! He's gonna make one very sexy man! <3

seoyong He's only 15 and already make it to the intl award! DAEBAK! I watched Can You Hear My Heart and so not accepting the changing Maroo at first. Lol. Fighting Maroo-yaah. Noona saranghaeyooooo <3

leafes woow, he won a best actor in a international movie awards at a young age. i also felt that he's acting as young junha in can you hear my heart is good

nanasayhi Wahhhh....he is just a yr older than me at yet so TALL! My korean friend he is only 170 n hes 16..omo marry me!!!! Heh!

aaaaaarrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiii young joo be the best for ur life! love you !!! young joo !!

sutapa barua OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are the same age as me but such a good actor in Can You Hear My Heart sooooo cute love you good luck with all the movies you make

Park jeong min (jimin) Woww the next actor ! Very handsome :)

salmawati What a talented a korean next superstar....ok!!!!!

lia seo young joo 특별 젊은서야 주야 seo young joo is the best.

leava seo young joo.. you look so cool & prettyboy, making many teenagers being frozen, but u're so younger, huft

azurymint I wonder if he got nose job since his nose looks bit different in may queen and his other drama that i watched: can u hear my heart. Well, maybe it's true that korean can get plastic surgery once they turn 14. His acting is good though...

InSu I hope he's learing English, his talent is too big for Korea. Watch him in May Queen. His actting range is pretty wide and he's only 14yrs old! Surgeons manufacture beatiful stars by the 1,000s and his face can be replaced by 100's of other pretty faces but talent is something one is born with.

sisil cepet gede ya...

AJ He's also in I love Lee Tae Ri right? One of the main character's friends. Ah. I really love him. Didn't expect him to be younger than me. TT.TT

Kawarami Oppa! Sarang heyo! You were very good in 'Can You Hear My Heart', please keep acting amazingly. Oppa, you are very good looking, too >_< hehe...FIGHTING!!

SaranghaeAsia Oppa you are so cute!

kimmie he's soooo handsome....<3 him

quynhdao omo he's my age but seems so tall

cocoj@bi LLLLLOOOOOLLLLLZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cocoj@bi Sup dude!

Pretty good acting in 'Can You Hear My Heart!' 
 Have fun 4 da rest of ur lyf!
        Laters gee :D

Cemore im older than you :/.... well your very handsome and cute... Love you!

kpopfan Wow, I saw him in Can You Hear My Heart when my mom was watching it on TV. Oppa, you're so good looking!

Soo-young Oppa sarange<3 ur soo handsome oppa hehe

poche101 you're really such a great child actor!!!!! my daughter really likes you but i'ts hard to look for your pix in the internet

me oh im older 2 years. noona loves you, little maroo. nice! lol

lulu I really loved his acting on the drama Can you hear my heart so talented :))

NhunggNguyenn how come your so hot and you have call me noona DX .. (i am older than him 1 year)

akashi ur so hot ur so hadsome saranghae!!!!!!SEO YOUNG JOO

kryztal Seo young joo the best........FIGHTING Love Can You Hear My Heart..........

kimkimi seo young-joo fighting i luv u

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