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Wazza Saw the entire Yi-San series (first non-western series ever for me) and Han Ji-Min rocked. She is such an awesome actress.

Ceyara i like u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much i have seen u in Jewel in the Palace and Yi San you was my favourite character in Yi San you are so pretty i love u soooooooooooo moch i am from SRI LANKA!

Cath an avid fan here. she's the only k actress that i really like most. her bright smile is a vitamin. wishin' her all the best. lookin' forward on her next project. and hopin' she can find a man who truly care and make her happy.

HJM big fun Han Ji Min is one of my fav actress, she did a great great job in rooftop prince ( i loooooved this drama ❤️❤️) so if you didn't like her in hyde jekyll me she is not the problem!!! It's in the script guys okay??? So stop hating her!!!

srividhya I like Han Hi ji Min's acting very much..., plz do such a wonderful acting continued... Possibly rooftop prince -season2 ...... Park yuchun and Han ji min - superb couples ..in that roof top prince ..

Trew Amazing performance in "The Plan Man", very nice and charming singing and acting.

Mbebzz I watch 'Resurrection/Rebirth' this drama super Great for me & of course Ji min with tae woong become my Favorite couple until now... ~My Lighthouse Couple~ ^_^

charindu Your performance in "rooftop prince" was superb!!!!

Nina i freaking adoreeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuu ❤️❤️❤️

Sasmini I saw you in jewel in the palace and lee san. Mostly your acting is good at lee san.You are very talented of Sung Song Yeon. Also you are beautiful and talented. I love you. Wish you all the best.I'm from SRI LANKA.

Madhawa Talented actress, love u so much ♡♡♡♡

Ditas Porteza I can't wait to see her new drama. It's the guess that made it to reality that han ji min next leading man would be him even in fatal encounter when they were just looking for leading lady of Hyun bin. I hope something good will made my guess right again.

Hiroshi I'm hearing your sing a song 'Plan man' , your voice is very charming.

michelle cruz I cant wait to see your next drama with hyun bin my all time favorite korean actress

Excalibunny Love her in Cain & Abel and Rooftop Prince so much. She doesn't suit a villain role though.. I couldn't hate her in Fatal encounter..

tp Your performance in "rooftop prince" was superb, no wonder you won so many awards for that drama. You totally deserved it. And you looked quite beautiful. I loved loved and loved the chemistry between you and Yoochun. You guys looked so cute together. Wish there will be a rooftop prince 2 in which you Yoochun will be the leading characters with the other three guys too. Bravo!

Love Han Ji min, you look so good with Park Yoochun!!!!!! I know it's 2014 but I still love you guys together. You look perfect!!!

MsRai Please Ji-min Unnie do the new drama - Valid Love. Please please we all miss seeing you on TV....Please!!!

Ms Rai Please Ji-Min Unnie do the drama with Uhm Tae-woong. We all would love for you to do a drama soon... missing you alot on the screen.

woshi Suppa acting in rooftop prince and yi san.cheers!you look like one of my fav han hyo joo

martin sajah Would u marry me nuuna >_<

Frank Such a great actress. The very few movies and dramas she has done, she has lead roles, but, why hasn't she done more movies or dramas lately?

But now I find out she has 2 movies coming out this year, so that's good. It's been 2 years since she hasn't done anything! Like I said, she is successful and gets lead roles, but she just does not show up on TV or the theaters as much as she should. Oh well. Shes great.

mkl I can't wait to see your next upcoming drama!!! You're performance in The Fatal Encounter was awesome!! I love how versatile you are in playing both good and bad roles!!! I love it!!! :-)

Jana Han Ji Min one of my few favorite korean actress. I hope to see u in person even from a distance :)

Anonymous Hi, I'm just a fan of your drama of "Rooftop Prince", I wonder if you're listening to me. I've heard that people kept saying that you looked good with Park Yoochun. Me too, I felt the same way too. I just hoped that you would be the main female character and he'll be the main male character again. :D I really hoped so x1000000.

Yanie Ga-a i am inlove with unnie han ji min.. wishing her all the blessings in life...

Tahmineh she is great always and i like every scene of her acting. her lovely and cute appearance is suite for every romantic and comedy drama like as yi san and rooftop prince. i hope see her in another historical korean drama like yi san finally please don,t use her as negative role this is not match with han ji min characters.

Iskan I think I fall in love with her. Why is she so damn cuteeeee. I enjoy Korean and Japanese drama. Their language and the scene is so romantic,with their cute face when they are talking,hahahahaha :D

O Just watch her acting in drama Padam Padam. She is amazing actress and so cute.

Ancelia You are a amazing actress and good luck in your career..........

deary lovely and talented...love you,Han Ji min

Mary Your such an awesome and talented acts Han Ji Min.. Well done! .. i seriously fall in love your drama Lee San wind of the palace..keep it up! Hope to see more of you..love yeah..

XOXO Mary From australia

claire Please watch her performance in Padam Padam. one of the best korean drama ever! great chemistry between her and Jung Woo-Sung oppa, interesting plot, and absolutely perfect ending. Anyone must have loved her even more after watch that drama.

plcheng Hello Ji Min,

I normally do not watch Korean TV serial. However, by chance I watched the 1st episode of Rooftop Prince and I was hooked. It was a fantastic drama serial. The story was interesting, all the actors and actress have good acting skills, including the actor and actress who acted as Yong Tae Wu and Sena. But the most attractive part is the leading couple, that is you and Park Yoo Chun: there is such magical chemistry between the two of you. Both of your acting skills was excellent and it was so natural and there is a sense of sincerity in your acting, so much so that I want to believe you are actually Park Ha and Yoo Chun, Lee Gak and remain as them. It is a compliment to your acting skills.

Like many who have said before me, you and Yoo Chun look good together. You and Yoo Chun looking happiest, most natural and most matching together. These are things that none of yours or Yoo Chun's photos with other actors and actresses can match. Hope you you and Yoo Chun can act in another TV serial or movie together.

I like you natural style and your involvement in social work. Believe, like Yoo Chun has said, you have all the good traits and kind heart of Park Ha. I wish best in your career.

P L Cheng Hello Ji Min,

Like many have written before, I don't normally watch Korean TV serial. By chance I watched the 1st episode of the Rooftop Prince and I got hooked to it and I even started to learn about Korean History and culture.

Rooftop Prince is a fantastic drama serial. The story is very interesting, the supporting actors and actresses are very good. All have excellent acting skills, even the actor acted as Yong Tae Wu and Sena! The most attractive part is of course the leading couple, you and Park Yoo Chun. Both of you have such excellent and very natural acting skills. Moreover, there is this magical chemistry between the two of you that I want to believe that you are actual Park Ha and Yoo Chun is Lee Gak and wish that this can continue, although I know it is not possible. This is a real compliment to your acting skills.

I am sure thousands before me have told you that you and Yoo Chun look very matching together, and from the many photos I have seen, both of you look best, look happiest and most natural with each other when compared with you or Yo Chun taking photos with other lead actors or actresses whom you have acted against.

I like your natural style and beauty, your involvement in social works. Like Yoo Chun said, I believe you have all the good traits and the kind heart of PArk Ha. I wish all the best in your future TV serials or movies. Hope to see you and Yoo Chun acting together again.

Nat Tan I am not a really fan of drama. But after watching Rooftop Price, I love and admire your acting. Your performance is superb. Thank you for your work and best wish of luck to you. Looking forward to see you more in superb acting and selected good dramas.

Timothy unarguably the prettiest Korean actress, Fantastic smile. Loved you in Yi San hope to see you more

super idol your so lovely and beautiful

hammui nice work in Yisan.. Love u

Yoonia Wooooooooooow!! Han Ji Min you are a very talented actress!! I seriously love the drama Rooftop Prince!! And Mickyy Yoochun was awesome! And you both were so kawiiiiiiii!!! together <3 ^___^  :p Loved it! XD

Ranimah Dear Ms Han Jimin, really like your act in Rooftop Prince. You are the first korean actress that I really admire. So lovely inside and out. Good luck to you and your partner in Rooftop Prince drama.

Crest 志旼nuna, I don't quite sure if you could see our comments, however, I'll always behind you, each of your smile indeed melt my heart. Hopefully, Vitamins could expect your new dram soon, From China(Hong kong, Macau)

peter matovu i really like your way of acting jin especialy in yi san

SaZakI min-ji the best ^.^ by the way doesnt she look like Song Hye-Kyo???

گندم onni = the best ^___-

Rukky Han ji min onni i luv u so much that i wish to set ma eyes on u ur movies are outstanding i mean rooftop prince and yisan those are beautiful indeed in short words u are d best world wide actress i have seen. Keep it up onni haseyo.

Chitto Cancio Hi han ji min .i love your movie rooftop prince . You're good and gorgeous actress .keep it up .see you soon :-)

Sely Tha I like this onni. She's so cute and her face shows kindness. In addition she's close friend with song ji hyo onni, what a perfect friendship...

Min Love the way you act in yi san wish you didn't die. The king did a fantastic job as well.

ndul Mickey and Mini (MICKEY yoochun and hanji MINI) i think you are destiny. i hope yoochun and han ji min will be together in same movie,,..

debbie i love u han ji min heheheh i lke ur drama of rooftop prince hehehe i love u so much heheheh ang take care always....

ulil armstronk actually i didn't like watch korea movie, but after i watched rooftop prince,i like korea movie very much, i like your acting park ha, i think i love you park ha, you're beatifull korea girl

alex14 I so love han ji min! this is the first time I fell inlove with a korean actress. your innocence, good heart and purity captivated me the most. you are indeed beautiful inside and out. :)) I miss watching you so pls come out with a new great tv project soon. saranghaeyo han ji min-ssi! <3

Donna Fe Sevilla Hai Han Ji Min your so beautiful.Your the best actress i've ever seen in korean movies..I really like your movie rooftop prince ..so funny and very nice ..Hope that you have another tv movie with park yoochun ..Your the best couple ..

mariel i really love han ji min so much..........i do really love those actors who do charity works.....to me its perfect.......and also i love the way you act!

paul glenn i really love her .. my favorite koren actress .. im from the philippines ! and rooftop prince is the best korean novela ever !

Angel Min You instantly became my favorie korean actress after watching rooftop prince. Very grateful for RTP because I have known you :) So excited to watch all of your previous projects because I am hearing a lot of positive reviews about it. Deep inside I am hoping for you and Yoochun to find happiness in each other. But I will just patiently wait for that to happen :) More power to you, our goddess Han Ji Min <3

jazheel Rooftop prince is soooo WONDERFUL movie .. And congatulations the two of you Park Yoochun and Han Ji Min.. :) Thanks

Jenny She is one of my favourite actress! Talented, pretty, and has nice personality. Love her in 'Rooftop Prince' and 'Cain and Abel'! Two thumbs up for Han Ji Min! Hope to see her act in more shows! ♥

Tahmineh Han jin Min is one of the best korean actress that I have seen yet. She is very optimistic with any role as actress and her beauty is very unique with two bold side: cute and lovely appearance that help her to effect on any audiences so much. I like her acting so much in any shows that I have seen so that ther are amaizing me always. Beside korean famous actors she is always the best and admirable. The best her casting was as Song Seong Yeon in Yi San and then Park Ha in Rooftop Prince. I hope see you in other great drama like as Yi San again. be health and happy in your life Han Ji min

Xuan Dung One of the best love story ( You and Yi San) i ever seen. I is beautiful, toughing . Your acting is subperb, I really like you and the Drama . I watched Yi San 3 times. And once, and a while i miss You and all the episode played by you (alone or with Lee Seo Jin. Over all, The wind in The Palace (Yi San ) is an excellent and one of the best Drama of all time. Whising you all the best and good luck to you. Your name pronouce ( almost sound like in your language ) and write in Vietnamese  : XUÂN DUNG

I rate you ( Sung Song Yeon and Han Ji Min 4 and 2/3 STARS **** + 2/3 *

Abdul-Rahman Bayong to me the most admirable character in Yi San. Love the role of damo at the Art department. love ya

GER Just finished watching rooftop prince. Exactly at her birthday :D Great acting :) enjoyed it -- with much laugher and tears :|

Congrats on your birthday !!

Som Happy birthday Han Ji Min..wishin u many more prosperous years ahead if Christ tarries and for u to continue in more charitable and social activities for the less priviledged.

Ti05 Congrats become new idol....-__-

irene i really admire HAN JI-MIN so so so much !

i really like your rule in ROOFTOP PRINCE !

you're such a great actress ! k3 u :)

Prince You're such a wonderful actress. Even the way you dazzle your listeners in Lee San is just great keep it up. My entire family in Ghana loves you soo much.

ikarus marry me!! :-)

GBI Your a really pretty actress and love your acting <3 rooftop prince is awesome and I'm only on ep 2!!!! But no offense and please don't call me a hater it's just my opinion but at some times in rooftop prince you could tell your a few years older than your "OLDER" sister and Mickey... But your still AWESOME!!'

trish There are some scenes in Rooftop Prince, that u look a bit similar to Kim Tae Hee, anyway I really love your acting! You're so great! =)

cutie just finished watching Han Ji Min's drama, ''Rooftop Prince.'' And I LOVED it so much! <3 She is such a great actress!~

aquarianegarnet luv all your drama... but sad i couldn't finish watch your drama tittled wolf....it was a nice starting and wonder what would be the ending...

Ringo Cute as as button! The kind of woman who automatically has even the coarsest of men moving more delicately and speaking softer. Catch her in 'Capital Scandal' as freedom fighter "Jo Ma-ja" and see why she is worth laying down your life for... ;)

Yiu In the video of World Special Love, I've seen that you are one of the angels for the poors. What a great and wonderful work that all of you have done to let us know their needs - love. Please keep on this kind of voluntary work in the future!!

After watching the Rooftop Prince and searching the information about you and Mr. Park Yoo-chun, I really hope that you and Mr. Park can be together in real life. It seemed that you two are so match inside and outside. Pray for you and Mr. Park. May God bless you and Mr. Park !

A I didn't realize she played Ji-Na in "Padam Padam" (my favorite drama of 2011) until just recently! One of the best actresses working today!! Loved her on "Rooftop Prince"!!!

jebbi703 i just finished watching your drama rooftop prince :). you acted really well and i love your style. keep up the good work Ms Ji-Min Han. hope to see you again in ur nxt drama... fighting!!!

6002forever I only know about you when I watched Rooftop Prince for Park Yu Chun.But after seeing you act in Episode 1, I love your acting skills and I couldn't wait every week to watch you and PYC together as a cute couple. You have such great chemistry with PYC that I cry each time I watch the romantic scenes you have with him. You look like a natural beauty to me and so sweet looking and pretty. After Rooftop Prince, I have been watching all your past dramas. I really wish you success because you deserve it. I also read you have a kind heart as you do alot for charity.

mana hi my darling i love u so much for your act in yi san .kiss u

Loren Hi! I'm sure you are already aware of the deep appreciation of your audience and I want to add to it. I think you have fully personified the character that the writer of the story wants to show to the viewers, I'm not an expert, I just based this observation from the fact that you were able to elicit emotions from me as an audience when you act, It's quite amazing since I'm not Korean and I cannot even understand the language you use, so that means that your actions and facial expressions alone were able to do the trick of eliciting a response out of me as an audience, with that I want to CONGRATULATE you for a job well done, it shows how much dedication and hard work you've put in your craft in order to achieve such wonderful results.

aquarianegarnet i like her cuteness......you make me cry and laugh at the same time....saranghae!!!

hyekyoclara i love her in rooftop prince especially when she is going to start cry and her tear near of dropping from her eye

Mike W Started watching Rooftop Prince and got hooked. I love your facial expressions and your acting is great. And Um, you look fantastic! :)

MsRai Yah... Miss Han, i can't wait for your latest drama Rooftop Prince... m currently watching Padam Padam n u r doing gr8 in it... fighting!!

rodney hi just want to say well done in lee san loved the drama dont normally watch these kind of dramas but really enjoyed thank you for the experience rodney kiwi

Dorcas Hi. I real like you. in Lee San you acted well. You are real cool and patient no matter what people say and do to you. I love you may God bless and guide you in all you do

hasti i cant say any thing just i think you are best korean actress i love you and your roles in capital scandel and cain and abel wish you all the best

Faith Wow! you're such a great actress and am glad to have gotten a chance to watch korean drama in my country (kenya).am proud of the way you act out ur dramas...keep up the great work! And all the best in all that you do:-)

MsRai Your look is ever so pleasing, so sweet innocent. And it's great that you are venturing out into other characters ( Detective K)... growing and gaining experiences in your acting capabilities.... That's so cool....i think you did justice to the character that you are portraying in Detective K even though i have not catch it yet... but m hoping to watch it soon... You are one of ma fav korean artiste and hope to see more of you on screen and in the theaters.... don't let any gossips bring you down... Azza-Azza fighting... and all the best for tis 2011...!!!!

linda loved your character in yi san you made me love song yeon. keep up you have an amazing gift

Biliah I love your character . I watched wind of the palace. You are a good actress, you have a strong spirit and a kind heart. Keep it up. Hope you keep the same values in real life. Thanks for keeping me glued to the screen. I'm from Kenya

non sibi Noticed that today, 5 NOV, is your 28th b'day. Have a wonderful one. I watched Cain and Abel, you've played your role very well. Good job and waiting for your next project. Cheers...

Tyra I luved de role u played in Yi San....very undastanding,determined,loving,compassionate n sweet.kip it up

True Vu Your hardwork in Yi San was soooo good! Thank you for entertaining me. You and Lee Seo Jin should give love a chance?! If only the story was true for you guys, love the love story! God bless you.

Mi Ha you are very cute and expressive and i love the way you act, you just catch every one of us with your innocence

:)) I really admire you. I know you from 'the wind of the palace' I could see why they chose you. You have a great talent of acting never doubt about it love from romania :}}

akmm Well done Ji! In your ayes I see all Korean history. From Romania

Han So-Hoon I like your style.Soprisingly enough you and my sister have the same name. ANYWAY I LIKE YOUR STYLE KEEP IT UP

Raa Wonderfull movie and,of course, beautiful actors. I really admire you a lot and I wish I could meet you someday. All the Best!

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