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  • Drama: Cruel Love / Bad Love
  • Revised romanization: Motdoen Sarang
  • Hangul: 못된사랑 / 못된 사랑
  • Director: Kwon Gye-Hong, Park Man-Young
  • Writer: Lee Yoo-Jin
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episode: 20
  • Release Date: December 3, 2007 - February 12, 2008
  • Runtime: Mon - Tues. 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


“Cruel Love” is a story between a heroine (In-jung) and two guys (Yong-ki and Soo-hwan) seeking for true love.

In-jung was a promising cellist in her early 20s, lacking for nothing. On her glory days as a successful orchestra member, to her astonishment, In-jung found out her first love, Soo-hwan, was a married man, and got 5 years imprisonment for adultery. Finally, she ends up as a fried-chicken seller in a poor village, and becomes an unrelenting woman without any hope left for her life until the end.

One day, In-jung ran across Yongki, a pop artist guy who was born on the wrong side of the blanket in the prosperous conglomerate family. Yongki lost his colleague and first love Joan for good as he was not committed enough to save her from his family’s negligence. By several coincidences, Yongki meets Injung here and there, realizing painful love in his heart.

By the time when Injung also realizes subtle love towards Yongki, Injung’s first love Soo-hwan, who ruined her life completely, appears in front of Injung, asking for her forgiveness. So, what would be Injung’s choice and what would the left look like? This is the key of the drama “Cruel Love”.


  1. "Cruel Love" takes over the KBS2 Mon. & Tues. 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Four Gold Chasers" and will be replaced by "Single Daddy in Love" on February 18, 2008


Cruel Love-Kwon Sang-Woo.jpg Cruel Love-Lee Yo-Won.jpg Cruel Love-Kim Sung-Su.jpg Cruel Love-Cha Ye-Ryeon.jpg Cruel Love-Kim Ka-Yeon.jpg
Kwon Sang-Woo Lee Yo-Won Kim Sung-Su Cha Ye-Ryun Kim Ka-Yeon
Kang Yong-Ki Na In-Jung Lee Su-Hwan Joanne/Park Shin-Young Kang Joo-Ran

Additional Cast Members:'


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Silver Fox Bad Love, bad acting, bad storyline. Do not recommend. Two thumbs down.

barbaroja this drama sucks.

sumpi Commendable acting by all the actors, crisp storyline, exquisite direction etc!!! Highly recommended for those who love and seek the best drama.

reca Great drama with great actors. I am amazed at Lee Yo Won's acting ability. So far she did very well in her dramas that I've seen: Empire of Gold, 49 Days and this one.

reca Great drama with great actors. Again I am amazed at Lee Yo Won's acting ability. So far she did very well in her dramas that I've watched: Empire of Gold, 49 Days and this one.

Erika I absolutely love Kim Sung-Su! He is so handsome! I loved his character in FullHouse! SIZZLE! Kim Sung-Su felt so guilty when he realized how he treated Lee Yo-Won and how she lost the baby! Oh MY! Kang Yong-Ki is the sweetest man ever! Oh! I love how no matter how bad she was hurting over he past he supported her and wanted to love her through all her pain!

Kimberly I love-love this movie. I take this movie to heart, my parents had car accident and my father survived but eventually past on after a few years. When I first watch it I cried and cried and I would rewind it over and over just so I can cry more. I don't mind crying because it reminds me of my parents. I am searching for movies like this, anyone has any suggestion? Greatly appreciate it. Plot and execution of the movie was great and every episode was very heart warming. Sung-Su was very charasmatic, Sang-Woo body is HOT HOT HOT and of course love his acting and his voice Ka-Yeon was a B****, "WELL PLAYED" and Yo-Won playing as homebody and innocent girl should have a little of bad side just for kicks. Other than that I don't have any complaints about the movie. Any suggestions on movies like thist?

Thank you!!

Nora Rosario I really really like this romantic drama.I like the cast especially lee yo won and kwon sang woo.They act thier roles from the heart .what a beautiful love story.I'm wondering why the rating is very low.Any way hoping for another Love story again from them.Producers pleasssse.

slt This very beautiful drama was on air from December 3, 2007 to February 12, 2008, but in episode 20, which aired on February 12, 2008 (for accuracy on 00:10:58 time), Na In-Jung reads a newspaper on the bus dated in February 12, 2009 !!! Graceful detail…

Clarkdale44 Very touching and heartbreaking drama. Lee Yo Won and Kwon Sang-Woo both was superb and performed very well in their roles. I think story was very frustrating, there was many times i felt to smash my head on wall, but i kept going until i finished. I also felt that the story was being dragged for no reason, it should have ended in 16th episode. I came to know this drama after watching 49 days.

WARNING:- Don't read further if you have yet to watch the drama: Even though the story was frustrating and annoying at times i liked its every moment. If i think about In Jung, she couldn't have avoided all the misfortunes that happened with her if only she had ended things with Su-Hwan when she found out that he is married, but yeah she loved him to the extent that she forgave him for lying. But he was coward and left her when she needed him the most. On the other hand Yong Ki supported and comforted her financially and personally. I really liked the ending, it makes me calm. Now the only thing i don't understand in the entire drama is the first 30 minutes of the first episode, how come they met and on the same day within few hours developed a relationship. This was new to me... Never seen anything like this before. It is obvious they rushed their relationship very much.I think atleast 2 episodes was necessary to form their relation. Anyway it was an OK drama for me. I will recommend it to all romance lovers if you can bear the pain of frustration.

I will give it 6/10(For great casting, direction, cinematography, decent story)

vicky Very good drama ..Thumbs up !.. love the actors and actresses in that movie. They all act very well and the emotion they show is so real. Especially I love both the main actor and main actress. Lee Yo Won is so cute and Kwon Sang Woo so handsome..Nice couple.

K I'm rewatching some of the episodes from this drama now! I don't why it got so low ratings. The acting is great, and the tension between the characters is really powerful. There were some things I didn't like though.

SPOILERS AHEAD... So I didn't like Joann's doppelganger and I didn't find the storyline interesting at all. The first half (eps 1-10) are really good and then I think the second half gets a little draggy and boring.

I'm weird, and I actually like Lee Su Hwan with In Jung. The show should have made their affair last ....more than 30 minutes of the first episode. However, I thought their chemistry was good still. Also, I feel like the show would have been better if In Jung actually CONTEMPLATED on choosing Lee Su Hwan. It was really obvious who she was going to choose in the end so that's what made it boring. If she was wavering between the two, it would have been really interesting. Also, I think the writers of the show should have made her actually give birth and keep the child. Much more dramatic, and the unfolding of the baby's father would have been good.

Despite my complains, I still really like this series and wish to find something similar :)

wisa started watching this drama a while ago but stopped....not that it got boring was so heartbreaking that I couldn't bear each episode that was to come. Hopefully I will continue watching. I just really hope they end up together.

lovelies I actually like this drama.

Davia So in S. Korea a person isn't legally liable for permanently damaging someones arm to the point that they can not do their job anymore? Also people who cause accidents are not liable for the medical costs of those they injure? Oh and also when one puts a deposit down for land there is no legality for securing that or this girl is so stupid that she didn't know that? I doubt if any of these would apply so I must surmise that the writing is about an alternate universe with no laws.

Also as I am only starting on this drama and am on episode 3 right now all I can say is that both these men are despicable.

This whole premise that a person like that changes is only real in dramas. In reality that does not happen. They just get good at covering it up.

juna very touching love touch with Sang woo my forever crush..haha i really admire him, his good in acting and of course very handsome, charming good looking..i love you Sang woo..

cen The best movie korean ... very like it kwon sang woo very handsome and cool, love you


Cullengabriela First time i've watched this movie i didn't like it but all of my friend love this so much....i've watched again......

Omg....its really kinda good story so touching n meaningfull,obout two people with darked past the girl afarait to fallin love again n give up everything to the life... And the boys he can't let go n will never let go women that his love n belive 'if love each othe will have to be togather even it sufer.....!!!

Love dosn't need reason,love have to be waiting n need passion,if we want to be happy we need to fight for our love,n have to learn how to leting go.....even is that hurt.....!!! N belive someday there is a place love can find their happiness........

mumu love love love this drama..! very touching.

lee fataza i like this drama so much. gwon sang wo is so handsome.i love it more than my life

deoman07 gosh .. i really love lee yo won ! she's so great ! for me she's one of the best korean actresses !! kwon sang woo is so hot ! i love him too !

jims of davao i love yo-won shes a best actress talaga

Nicoleen Ganda.. Kaiyak! Also happend to me. Iv been there.. Its so cruel. I also love a married man.. Firstly, i didnt know that he's married but i continue love him anyway.. Mahal n mahal namin isat isa.. Bt it came d reality that i had to end this. Nahhrapan nko and he's wife found lalo nggng magulo situation, i finally made up my mind to let him go.. For the sake of his family.. Then aftr a while i met this one guy who is in the same situation like mine,he also had an affair w a married women.. We had connection we began to go out and forget our past.. We are now together but i still feel inluv w the guy who hurt me badly.. I still love him bt i dont want to go back w him.. I dunno what to do i cant love my bf the way i love before.. Help me what to do.. =(

Nicoleen Kaiyak naman ang ending.. Ayko mangyri ky soo-hwan un..

Nerissa Cholo is so addicting.He is so handsome.Elaine you are so beautiful.

macel I really love Yaun.....he is very good in acting.....I admire you a lot.....

lisa cruel love is very realistic.

liezel I really love Yuan... he's very charming... love him so much....

april Cholo is a really very good actor..I hope you do more movies..I really admire you..I'm excited on how this story goes..

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