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  • Name: Lee Yo-Won
  • Hangul: 이요원
  • Birthdate: April 09, 1980
  • Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  • Height: 172cm
  • Blood Type: B
  • Family: Park Jin-Woo (Professional Golfer and Bussinessman), Park Ae-Rin (daughter), Lee Joong-Moon (cousin)
  • University: Dankook University


Lee Yo-Won was born on April 4, 1980 in Seongnam City, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. In 1997, during her sophomore year in high school, Lee Yo-Won applied for a modelling contest and was picked as the winner. After the contest she debuted in the monthly fashion magazine "Figaro" (휘가로) for its November issue.[1] In 1998, Lee Yo-Won made her acting debut in the film "Scent of a Man". While acting for her first movie, Lee Yo-Won sometimes teared up because staff members only applauded the other actors for their work. Then some staff members noticed her tears and mentioned she was good at tearing up. That was the first time she positive words about her acting. With her confidence building and gaining more attention from the staff members Lee Yo-Won realized she wanted to pursue acting as a profession.[2]

For her second film, Lee Yo-Won played gas station attendent Galchi in the hit movie "Attack the Gas Station!" - which sold 2.4 million tickets. Thanks to the popularity of that film Lee Yo-Won started to gain recognition from the public. Lee Yo-Won then acted in several television dramas.

In 2001, Lee Yo-Won's big breakthrough came in the KBS TV drama "Blue Love" (Pureun Angae). For the first time Lee Yo-Won played the lead character in a TV drama and the series became a big hit. The drama itself contained a controversial (for its time) storyline involving a woman in her early 20's becoming involved romantically with a married man in his 40's.

In the same year, 2001, Lee Yo-Won acted as one of the three main characters in the critically praised indie film "Take Care of My Cat" directed by female director Jeong Jae-Eun. The film was chosen as one of the 5 best films of 2001 by "Cine Seoul" magazine. Lee Yo-Won would also mentioned in a 2009 interview with "Elle Korea" fashion magazine that "Take Care of My Cat" was her most memorable work.[3]

In 2003, at the age of 22, Lee Yo-Won made the surprising announcement that she will marry. By the end of January, Lee Yo-Won married professional golfer & businessman Park Jin-Woo. Lee Yo-Won temporarily put her acting career on hold while she went to the U.S. with her husband to study. In 2004, Lee Yo-Won had her first child. In an interview with TV show "Section TV - S Diary" on MBC, Lee Yo-Won mentioned that at the time of her marriage she was tired of acting and the demands placed on her.[4]

In 2005, Lee Yo-Won made her acting comeback in the SBS drama series "Fashion 70's". She chose the role for three reason: because it was a historical drama, that it was directed by Lee Jae-Kyu (who previously directed popular female oriented detective drama "Damo: The Legendary Police Woman") and that it dealt with a woman's career and success rather than a pure love story.[5]

After "Fashion 70's," Lee Yo-Won acted in various drama and movies. In 2009, Lee Yo-Won performed in another smash-hit television series, this time in the MBC historical drama "The Great Queen Seondeok". Lee Yo-Won played main characer Queen Seondeok, who possessed extraordinary intelligence and strength. In an interview with "Star News," Lee Yo-Won stated she was tired of playing woman who were fragile and weak and eagerly took the role of Queen Seondeok because of this.[6]

In 2010, Lee Yo-Won's next film "The Recipe" was released in late October. She appeared at the world premiere for "The Recipe" during the Pusan International Film Festival (in which AsianMediaWiki attended). During the question and answer session Lee Yo-Won stated she chose the film, because she wanted to work with another female director due to her great experience with "Take Care of My Cat." Although she was initially relunctant to take on another role of a "fragile woman," the movie's producer Jang Jin and movie director Lee Seo-Goon convinced her this would be the right role for her.


Drama Series


  • 2013 SBS Drama Awards : Best Actress ("Empire of Gold")
  • 2013 SBS Drama Awards : Ten Star Award ("Empire of Gold")
  • 2011 SBS Drama Awards : Best Actress for Producer's Choice Award - (49 Days)
  • 2011 SBS Drama Awards : Top Ten Star Award - (49 Days)
  • 2010 Indosiar Mania Awards: Most Favorite Asian Actress - (Queen Seon Deok)
  • 2010 Asia Model Festival Awards: Special Award for Asian Drama - ( Queen Seon Deok)
  • 2009 10th Korean Media Ceremony: Photogenic Award - (Queen Seon Deok)
  • 2009 Grime Awards: Best Actress Award - (Queen Seon Deok)
  • 2009 MBC Drama Awards: Best Couple Award (with Kim Nam Gil - Queen Seon Deok)
  • 2009 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Award Actress -(Queen Seon Deok)
  • 2007 SBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Award - Actress - (Surgeon Bong Dal Hee)
  • 2007 SBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award (with Lee Bum Soo - (Surgeon Bong Dal Hee)
  • 2007 SBS Drama Awards: Popularity Award - (Surgeon Bong Dal Hee)
  • 2007 SBS Drama Awards: Netizens' Choice Award - (Surgeon Bong Dal Hee)
  • 2007 SBS Drama Awards: Top Ten Stars Award - (Surgeon Bong Dal Hee)
  • 2005 SBS Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Special Planning Drama - Actress - (Fashion 70's)
  • 2005 SBS Drama Awards: Top Ten Stars Award (Fashion 70's)
  • 2002 SBS Drama Awards: New Star Award (Daemang)
  • 2001 22nd Blue Dragon Awards: Best New Actress Award -("Take Care of My Cat")
  • 2001 9th Spring History Film Festival: Best Actress Award - ("Take Care of My Cat")
  • 2001 37th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best New Actress Award - ("Take Care of My Cat")
  • 2001 KBS Drama Awards: Popularity Award


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Vernalissa You really did a good job in The Great Queen Seon Deok. I cried so much wathing it and there were week ends I did not even sleep because I can't wait for the next episode. I wish you well in all your undertakings.

sandalima dewmini (SL) happy birthday !! best of luck.

WAHDANIA my favorite actress, luv u unnie keep faighting and healty <3

Adhe Talla LYW eonni, when will you do a new drama. I miss you so much. I extremely want to watch your acting. Please, come back soon. We love you!!!!!!!

John M After watching your fine shows and other Korean dramas on Hulu and Netflix, I don't much care for watching most American T.V. anymore. Korean T.V. inspires and lifts the Spirit.

Peace and Light, JM

Per Harald Love you in The Great Queen Seondeok. Best tv-show ever. I have seen a lot of tv show from Norway( my country), Sweden, Denmark, US and UK. This show vipe the floor with them. Following several Korean tv-show on netflix. Like how they are filmed and how the actors act.

heartskyn one of the good actress in korea is LeeYoWon I like her acting

Deborah Yo Won Unni, I loved you in Queen Seon Deok. My favorite scene was when you claimed your throne and Mi-Sil was trying to shoot you with an arrow and you stood up as if to say "Come and get me b*tch!" I loved it! And I love you! Stay Strong! See you through the screen!

benny yu Lee yo won when is you're next drama or movie

ryan Lee yo won saranghae i love u,your so pretty, i like ur movie fists of legend

Barry K I found the series Queen of Seon Deok so fascinating that I watched all 63 episodes in a weeks time. Riveting and captivating acting performances by all the cast and of course by Lee Yo-Won. I as an American believe this series should be an assignment for High School students because of the moral values that are displayed and the psychology inserted in the story. Even having to read the sub-titles did not distract me from the story as they were well translated for me as a non-Korean linguist.

anonymous To michelle lol do u go to SIS? I go there too.

jemmy Hii unie,I'm ur fan and its great that I was also born on 4th April

Arash congratulations my dearest Lee Yo won on your second daughter. I wish u and your family a long and happy life. best of wish

michelle her daughter goes to our school her name is erin park

JiHyun UNNIE! i really iss you! ::((( 49 days the best <3

noralyn Please another LEE YO WON and KWON SANG WOO romance drama like bad love.I admire them both that much.

NORALYN LEE YO WON my idol,I'm a Filipina working her in Kuwait,First time I watch Korean drama. I'm watching Bad love also known as cruel love it's a drama and I like it that much thanks to GMA pinoy TV. Hoping for another romance for LEE YO WON and KWON SANG WOO.I Really like them both. This two had good chemistry. God Bless to both of you.

April Joy Quinain You're the best LEE YO WON.. Saranghae...Please make dramas again..I am a woman yet you stole my heart.. especially in Queen Seon Deok.. A magnificent portrayal.. I am from the philippines who idolize u the most... <3 <3 <3

Adhe Talla Yo-won eonni palli dorawa, come back to dramaland soon, please... saranghae.

Emily Lee Yo Won ur my favorite actress and so inspiring. Queen Seondeok was amazing with such great acting skills. Ur a leading actress and one of the best

ashani upeksha You're the most beautiful actress in Korea;beautiful than han hyoo joo.Love you>sri lanka

Judy USA I have just finished watching The Great Queen Seondeok and enjoyed it very much. I decided I will have to watch it again to understand it better. The series was beautifully done, and I was also impressed with the music. I have been trying to find piano sheet music for some of the music and am not having any luck. Do you know of anyone I can contact to get help with this? Either people and e-mail addresses or websites? Thank you so much. You are a beautiful actress with great talent, and I look forward to seeing more of your work. Best wishes to you and your cute family. Judy

tae shi ni Unni.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY....!!!! saeng il...!!!! may your all wishes come true...

tae shi ni Anneyonghaseyo unni.. Happy Birthday ... may your all wishes come true...

ashani upeksha Nowaday's it's holiday for us,so I'am watching "queen Seon Duk''.......I'm still watching ep 20.you re very beautiful as geoukuman .The drama is also wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ananta She is very charming in Fashion 70s :)

Sumith ranga Hi! Lee yo won. You look so beautiful, & your acting is very natural in king's doctor drema. it is my best tele drama...now I fell in Love with the Korean culture also... i want say again your acting is very good. i wish you all the best.God bless! and keep up the good work!

roash These days 'HORSE DOCTOR' is telecasting in our country. you're so cute in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WATHSALA You are very beutiful..lee yo won....are you married?????????we like if you can marry kyung yon...you two are little & lovely,pretty couple

praneeshya Hi! Lee yo won. We like you very much...... We like your horse doctor(Isiwara wedaduru) tele drama.. You look so beautiful, & your acting is very natural. plz.. visit Sri Lanka. ALL THE BEST YOU...!

jeewani Hi lee yo won. I am from Sri Lanka. we are realy like you. isiwara wedaduru(horse doctor) is our favourite teledrama.your acting is very good. i wish you all the best.

jeewani Hi Lee yo won. I am from Sri Lanka. we realy realy like you.Isiwara wedaduru(Horse doctor) ismy favourite teledrama. your acting is very good.I wish you all the best.

shelly slim hi! am your top fan from Tanzania...........i love watching great queen seon deok and it's actually my favourite series. I hope one of these days you will visit Tanzania and i will get to meet you in person. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU LEE!!

rowena tilucan hi! im your number 1 fan rowena tilucan from philippines... I love watching Queen Seon Deok, Horse Healer, cruel love, pure love and more.... Queen seon deok and Horse healer is still the best korean novela for me... i hope i meet you in person....

i really love to have a copy of your movie Queen Seon Deok but i can't find here....

God bless! and keep up the good work!

Alpha Hey, I am from Rwanda, EAST Africa. After watching the Great Queen Soendoek Historical drama, I fell in Love with the Korean culture. This is my best historical drama I ever watched in my life, and there will not another one better that that. Please visit Rwanda and introduce the Korean History to the history-hungry Rwandan youth. Love you so much.

jaime i watched the entire queen seondock show and i was very impressed of your performance.

mayann h! im may ann from phil..i watched your drama series the great queen seon deok...i really like it

tae shi ni (nithya) Hai Lee Yo Won . I am from Sri Lanka. I watched the drama "THE HORSE DOCTOR".In these days Horse Doctor is telecasting in our country as "ISIWARA WEDADURU" You've done your character of Jinnyung perfectly. By the way I like you very much. And also I love you very much..... Kang Jin Nyung... SARANGHA.......

Ashani upeksha your acting is perfect.......you have acted nicely in horse doctor .i'am from sri lanka ...horse doctor was translated in our language and instead of horse doctor ''isiwara wedaduru'' was used............i love you very much jinyong...............

jinendra Isiwara wedaduru is a nice drama. your acting are very successful. I wish you all the best.

manoji watched horse doctor and 49 days. you've got extremey beautiful eyes and your daughter's really cute!!!!!!! we luv u soooooooooooo much!!!!!!!

kavee your are very beautiful.i fish all the best!

zara lyn Lee Yo-Won I am Zara Lyn From Philippines. We love Korean movies here and i am actually your fan.Keep it up,FIGHTING!

Masha Actually your performance in HORSE DOCTOR is perfect.I wish u all the best 4 your future.

patin She is the actress I love to watch!!! Once again she amazed me in Empire of Gold. What is next Lee Yo Won????

Hanee Unni Your so pretty.. I adore you so much... Best of luck in 2014... More Drama's to come... I wish I could see you in person someday... GO! GO! GO!... AJA AJA AJA... FIGHTING UNNI....

jinuki perera "Isiwara wededuru" is a nice drama .

syams Fan Yo won unnie from Malaysia. Unnie Jang! She is among the best actress I ever seen. She can be pure, innocent, cute, clumsy, stiff cold also cool n charisma. Fall in love every time I see unnie act. When her new project? I keep waiting for her new movie or drama. Her acting drama or movie always give me some thought n precious moral.. like enlighten me. Unnie really lovable person. I love you. I really do. Fighting Unnie <3

Kirsten Lovely down to earth and engaging actress. I have just finished watching 49 days again and gave myself a wicked headache from all the crying. I would really love to see this beautiful sweet actress paired up in a romcom with my favorite dashingly handsome and the best lawyer actor ever, Kim J Hoon. I think they could make an awesome series together. Lee Yo Won, you go Girl! You are obviously one of the best out there considering your awards and longevity. Thank you for your hard work! *-*

Georgina I really really love Lee Yo Won!! From the very first time I saw her in the drama Cruel love!! After that.. I'm always updated..!! But sadly, i haven't watched empire of gold! But i'll watch it soon! Cause i heard it was good! :)

camille She was really awesome in Empire of Gold. She was perfect playing the character Seo Yoon. I'll be waiting for her next project.

SarangheeLeeyowon whats next for Lee Yo-Won? i'm very excited!! <3

iloveyouLeeYo-Won i love you lee yo-won i wish the best for you and for your family..stay healthy be happy. and congratulation for the success of Empire of Gold. your acting never fades since you entered the showbiz. we love you here from the Philippines. <3

cagatay i love you.regards from turkey.and take be careful all yours live.

Ann She is an excellent actress. She can play soft and cold naturally. I love her simple style too. I wish there will be more actresses that can act well like her.

Mary Hi lee yo won and kim nam gil after watching the great queen of seondeok, I will really love watching you two together. Is there any other movie you two are in. I will like watching another movie of two.

mina i love her.she act well in 49days and qeen seondok

pchoovet So great acting in Empire of gold

pchoovet Lee yo won made so great acting and she look so beautiful in Empire of gold

amir You're a great actress. You're a beautiful actress. I Love you so much. I Love you in the serial The Great Queen Seondeok. I Love you in 49 Days. Good luck to you

Ferdy A very fine actress... Refined, subtle, but very effective. She plays her role very well...

HANA I love you in your all dramas and movies.

jerome madiaga you are the best actress and cute, 'i like to watch more about your movie' becouse of your drama you inspired me and i hope that i will see you in personal,,take care always 'your fans from philippines',...

fdsadfas I just loved you in 49 days cuz of your awesome acting!! ima watch every drama of yours now :)

n132 Onnie, you're so pretty and talented actress. Love u so much

sj Waiting with patience for your new drama Golden Empire Ms. Yowon.... I am praying also for a successful & brilliant performance. Take care!

Adhe Talla To my beautiful Lee Yo Won eonni, I just wanna say Saengil chukkahamida. I always wait for your next n next project in the future, coz i like u so much. Wish u all the best. Sarangheyo.

recaboy beautiful & talented actress.

camille She did a wonderful job in Horse Doctor.

Batrizy best actress ever

black_blood I love Lee Yo Won.

maddie if I may add to all that has already been said... You are a model for many, and an example for me. At such a young age, and you already knew what you were born to do in your life. That is remarkable. Thank you for sharing your passion with us. I really learned a lot from your movies. You have an incredible talent... Thank you. - USA

riafeatriana i really love her character in Bad Love n 49 Days..she really great in being a pitiful woman that always cry...just watching japanese movie Chonmage Purin,i discovered that she really resemblanced the actress named Rie Tomosaka....they look alike makes me felt that i'm watching Lee Yo Won in a japanese movie..lol

Mitch Much Thanks in your character roles in Surgeon Bong Dal Hee & 49 Days. You're so great!

shejoyeu sun hi! I love your 49 days!It was fabuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuulas!i wish for you the best things...:)

Behnaz I really love lee yo won , she is really a great actress , I saw almost all her series ans all of them are very very good, and she played them extremely good. I hope she will be more and more successful in her life and job. 정말 사랑 해요 이요원. I hope to see you.

Archie Orara I got hooked watching "The Great Queen Seondeok". Music is excellent. Actors/Actresses-outstanding. Great directing keeping on the hook. Excellent quality picture in all aspects. Lee Yo-Won got me hook in all her pictures now.

David I like you in this drama....u look so cute

fred ephraim your so cute in the GREAT QUEEN why dint you marry YUSIN?

Bidam4eva @Edna I agree she's a good actor, I like Bidam too

Marwa Unnnnnnnie I just want to say how much I love and admire you, you are so feminine so classy and extremely elegant. You're without doubt korea's best actress and the world's one and only Lee Yo-Won. I love everything about you, your natural beautiful face, your sincere acting, your mature way of dealing with things... I can feel it from your acting unnie your very much mature I look up to you. So far you have never disappointed me, never have I regretted watching any of your dramas you're always choosing wisely and I do appreciate that. Please keep doing what you do I'm always waiting for your new drama and now I'm looking forward to "Horse Doctor" I hope it does as good as your previous dramas and even better. Lee Yo-Won Unnie Good Luck "FIGHTING" Korea is blessed to have you as an actress.

Unnnnnnnnnnie Saranghea <3<3

ann i hope u can work again with kim nam-gil. i love your team-up in queen seondeok

rynn wow.. i actually never realize that u are really famous actress and have so many fans.. ;) well, all i want to say is all the best to u unnie!! fighting!

joy Amazing actress... I'm waiting for her next project.

Hana I love you unnie,im so excited for your upcoming movie and teleserye :) i really want to meet u.

hana your the best unnie,im so excited for ur new show HORSE DOCTOR. :D

hana ur the best unnie,im so excited for your new show HORSE DOCTOR..

Edna Lee you were so cool in the great queen soendoek i love the movie, where is Bidam i like him a lot too. i am a ugandan

hana love you unnie

lala-nasibi Hello Surgeon Bong Dal Hee i hope you read my comment i really thanks of you because your acting in this drama you change my idea about medical at first i afraid from this field and now i want to be a hear medical in Future...i can see another your dramas because i must to study more and try to try to can be a doctor and when i finish my lesson in this major i go a trip to korea and hope to see you in that date good luck in your Profession life in acting.......thanks surgeon bong dal hee

vanj lee yowon is great actress hoping that there's upcoming show and i missed her somuch! annyong lee yo won shh! SARANGHEOYO

Hong phuc Exactly one month after your birthday, it's too late but I want to say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!". I am waiting for your new film. I love you!

joy Wow!!! Such a long list of AWARDS!!! I really like her, so beautiful & an excellent actress. Looking forward to seeing her more on screen.

tolhilda hi LYW u are realy so cute in 49 days i wish i see u just one hours face of...

araphat kibwana when i fail to watch one epsode in you are meve which yu were actin a lady who survive to be a qeen (qeen seondeok) i fill like some one suffer from luckik to love

araphat kibwana i like the way yu actin yu are so strongly love yu princence deokman

charlz I love you too much..if you were not married i could die fighting to marry you..i love the way you know what you are doing...great actress of all time for sure

msdanna wow new look for the asianwiki

mis i will wait patiently for your new production :)

ali I love lee yo won

msdanna today is ms lee yo won's birthday. i wish that her new film will be a smash hit. cant wait for the devotion of suspect x. i am going to see the different side of her as a new actress and i hope she will collaborate with kim nam gil for a new project... happy 33rd birthday anyways she doesn't look like her age...

my linh I hope she will always be beautiful, and play more video. I will always watch over lee yo won. I love her very much.

hong phuc I love you and all of your films you do. Wish you have good health!Wish you always happy with your family, wish you good luck and all good things to you. Hope you will come to Viet Nam one day. We love you! Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam 10pm, February 28, 2012

Ann I love this actress! She is sooo good at acting, i mean come on! LOOK AT HER AWARDS for an actress, that's a a lot!!!! WE LOVES YOU!!! FIGHTING! <3

houka Can't get enough of her in 49 Days, Queen Seonduk & Surgeon Bong Dal Hee. Great actress!

rannyfrancisco52 lee yo won, you were great in surgeon bong dal hee... i downloaded the whole drama and i do not get tired watching it over and over... matured, superb acting, the role fits you to a T and you look good with lee bum so. the writers created great characters in drs. bong and ahn. they are so lovable and admirable. please have them star in more korean dramas... good luck on their careers.

Smil3u Oh lee yo won im so crazy about u! Ur dramas r so damn cool. You're so cute too. I really hope u can a comeback movie with KNG. u guys look cute together

kay Zin i like your acting & all drama.

houka Great actress!!!

mata mata She is my first Korean actress idol. I love her.

Guest Family: Lee Yo-Won cousin is actor Lee Joong Moon. -- Dramawiki.com

fea i have watched all her firms and most of her dramas, love her! I'm fascinated with her acting, an actress indeed!

Shetalla Eonni,, when will you cast in ur new drama????????? I can't wait 4 ur new drama project,,,,,, eonni,,,, hwaiting,,, neomu neomu joahe,,, neomu neomu bogoshippo

Vita I like lee yo won onni i like all of your dramas that i've ever seen. You're good actreess for me..

Shams I really love queen seon deok..

Kaybee One of the BEST Korean actress of our time!!! APPLAUSE!!!

linda i love lee yo won, she's a good actress and very pretty

linda i like lee yo won, she's a great actress, she's good in 49 days , i really really like her

ejane i love Lee Yo Won!! my first Korean idol... like i always said she is so charming and adorable!! she is so talented!

joy LOve her very much in 49 Days. Such a great & beautiful actress.

eloisa montablan In life we can't change people...the only thing we can do is change who we allow in our circle, if they're not worthy tell them to keep moving!

i love you ms. lee yo won.. i hope you become my friend even though your a celebrity... i'm your no.1 fan here in phil. i really like all your movies.. i hope you will visit here...

Gelyn Ms. Lee Yo Won., you're the best. xD Nomu nomu nomu nomu Chua! xD a very great actress and very pretty too. you're also tall. How I love everything about you. ^^ Wish to see you in more and more and more dramas and movies. More power!!! ^^

athi long live her majesty.. becouse your acting I've dream go to south korea.. so .. weit me..!! heheheh..

jesse hi miss lee yo won..... i missed your tandem with kim nam gil so much! we're still waiting for the two of you to have another movie/drama with a happy ending this time... i really hope that the producers will come up with the decision for you and kim nam gil to be partners again in another movie...please...... a comeback movie for kim nam gil after his military service with you as his leading lady..i love you.... till then..

Dinie Najwa lee yo won is my best actress...I LIKE her so much...she's really good in all the movies and drama because she can make me cry and happy when I see her acting...I hope can meet her one day...I am from Malaysia...

dee I like your action..i want to meet you direct in Indonesia.u are very cool in the 49 days drama.u are the best..sarang hae yo..Lee Yo-Won.

angel great actress! like u in 49 days! and since then, im trying to find all ur movies and series to watch!

shy doekman and yushin in Queen Seon Doek!! an amazing but tragic love story!!! how sad!

shy @lee yu won ur very good actess! ur my number 1 idol! i dream of going to Korea someday just to see u! you played a great and amazing role in your series QUEEN SEON DOEK! i really like you with uhm tae wong! hope you will have a movie or another series with him someday! take care! (YUDOEK MOMENTZZ!!) i really love that!!!

Eixelalexie I agree... i've watched Queen Seon Deok and im really amazed of her act. :D i really like her!! take care lee!!!!! :D

cheerfulj she is beautiful and very good actress

kyo hye won saranghaeyo!!?

u know ur my #1 idol i hope i will be a korean someday and i hope i can visit here in the korea!!?


rena asis ur my idol..

i hope u wil visit da phils.somday!!??


kaera LEE YO WOn, i Miss you !!

i wanna see you in 49 DAYS !!!!

sheila mar i really really like you........your are very baeutiful girl.....you are talented.she's really good in her movie.................

limht Hi,

Cruel love was excellent to watch. Fine acting skills.

sabrina I just love when she did that drama... she is really really really good at acting... love it so much... see ya

jani just finished my QSD marathon, i watched all episodes in one week. now i'd like only an autograph from Lee Yo Won and i will die happy.

hikari aku suka yo won....... cantik.

joy I just love Lee Yo Won, she's a great actress & so beautiful!

Ki Got to see Lee Yo-Won in person during the world premiere of "The Recipe" at the Pusan International Film Festival. Must gush and say she is an absolute beautiful woman. Looking forwards to seeing her future projects.

gem i really LOVe T

Gean P.S send me a profile about Queen Sheodeok I love her History. Thanks!

Gean Hi! Ms.Lee, Your so great! I admire you and so addicted with your movie as queen Sheondeok super the best drama i ever seen.I like you with Kim Yushin, Please another movie bout of you. Love yahhh...

p You were the best actress in Queen Seondeok. I Love u. You are the one. You are the best.

aquarianvi my salute to you Lee Yo Won, you're such a versatile actress! beautiful and adorable! I really love QSD, it is a superb movie drama that everyone will get in love, will never forget it. .surely it is something to cherish on in one's life! I love seeing you and Kim Nam Gil together in another project. . your chemistry with KNG is perfect! you're such an adorable couple!. .wish it's for real! hhmmm. . i admire you both.KNG is so irresistible and a good actor! the two of you are great! take care. . .

han sokhemborvor I'm Cambodian. Since i have watched your performance in Queen Seon Deok, I like u so much... . You're a great actress. I'm waiting to watch another drama that u perform. Wish you were successful in your job forever and wish you were more and more beautiful.

jane hi....lee yo won your are great actress...i like queen seon deok,,,may the Lord bless you....have a nice day..

eugene I really love her in Queen Seondeok. Great acting. I love Deokman and Bidam

sarah i like ms lee yo won...i'm sarah from the phillippines. we hope you can come for a visit. you're really good in movies and drama. queen seon deok is the best drama.

camille awesome & wonderful actress...just love her. hope she will make more movies & dramas. thanks lee yo won... you're the best!

shainah ang OA mo naman ellaine!!! you'll die?? weh??? ahahaha!!:))

shainah @joyowon:tama!!! hahah!!))

joyowon @@@@@ To: MISS LEE YO-WON @@@@@

Beauty and brains rolled into one!    .....  You're simply the B-E-S-T!!!   .....  Need we say more?!?


Aja-aja!  .....  Hwaiting!!!!

PS: Come and visit us and enjoy some relaxation at some of our beaches...hehehe! Seriously, we just love to see you around...Please??? It will be our honor. Till then! Take care and GOD bless!

Your most avid fan,


dang hello lee yo won! i'm from phils. and i really love ur drama series QUEEN SEON DEOK.... congratulation!

lynn i really really like u lee yo won,your the best among the rest.love you muah,always take care.god bless!!!

Husker Hi Lee Yo-Won! I have to tell you that you were simply fantastic in the Great Queen Seondeok (I have all the CD's to cherish for later on). Keep those long pony-tails, makes you absolutely gorgeous.....especially in those battle garbs....ugh, so hot!! Here in America, we hope to see you on MBC with some other stuff, please don't disappoint, we'll be watching!

lashynne annyong hamnida

arya I love girl........... I am waiting your next drama

red if it was not based on history of Korea..i would pessimistically accuse the script writers of being "kill joy" because they could have chosen a better end without making it so disastrous...i love the story but still i can't accept how it ended! They were able to stop all the country's threat but never able to accomplish their third mission which is to unify the three kingdoms. it's a long long way to go i know...when the queen asked Kim Yushin to run away my heart was really squeezed that i couldn't stop my tears to fall but when i saw her hand fell and noticed her head down i felt disappointed...GrRrRrrrr, why did she die?!...i can afford to have another sleepless night to see a more heart lifting conclusion than to weigh my feeling of disappointment..GrRrRrrrrr..why didn't she stay alive to accommodate Yushin's sincerity! GrRrRrrrrr...I was deeply hoping that it never ended that way!

Hehe, i love all its stars. They made the story real in our time...

Thank you for i learned so much from Queen Seon Deok. It was really fantastic...


dorie Love Lee Yo Won..She is a good actress at Queen Seon Deok. Fell in love with her and watched Queen Seon Deok twice. Been promoting it everyone. Now got hooked with Korean dramas..learning to speak their language. It is funny how I tried to talk to my Korean officemate, but the terms I am actually using are outdated..he..he..he..

I love Kim Nam Gil..perfect chemistry for the 2. Hope they will get back together again in another drama. I just finished Jumong and my husband loved Ysan. My sisters and my teenage children think we are addicted.


nika I really love Lee Yo Won in Queen Seondeok, she's the best & fits so well as Deokman & Seondeok. She's very talented & beautiful.

Dana it is the best movie I ever seen

Valentina Hye!I really like you,you're a great actress.We all love you in Romania because of "Queen Seondeok".

pexwille I can't imagine how i become a fan of yours Ms. Lee Yo Won. Because of queen seon deok, i never miss a night watching you and admired you much. more power!!! it's the first time i become a fan; and it's with you.

ayza Cok ilginc bir film!Ben seviyorum!OOo,yazacaklarimi unuttum...

haide erika hi lee yo won, you know what i admired your performance and i watched queen Seon Deok everyday... I hope we will met someday And I wish have a concert here in the philppines. Thank and god bless....

Kati hello Lee Yo ...we love you...your the best. from Romania..:*

fan Hi Lee Yo Won! You are good and beautiful. Your acting is good!

marius lee yo won the best. ROMANIA love you.

erika You are the BEST

Marius From Romania, with LOVE !!!!!

Labella Sanchez i like lee yo won... especially when she opposses mishil (i like the one playing mishil too... i liker her since the spring day series... don't know her name though) wish she and lee yo won would have a new series again... playing half sisters... hehehehe :) love you lee yo won!

suou LYW is perfect as Deokman/Queen Seon Deok. I can't imagine other actress beside her to play the role. Superb acting, beautiful physique. Hope to see her again soon in another dramas.

Aileene Wow, here's to my top Korean actress since watching Queen Seondok... Effortlessly elegant and feminine ... Excellent performance. Saw you in Cruel Love, but it was in QSD that I was impressed. You were perfect for the role in that well-written historical drama, compelling non-fiction material.

ethanliew92 saranghamida! From Malaysia with love. Please visit Malaysia! We have a lot of fans waiting for you. Although I watched QSD only but indeed I fell in love with your beauty and acting.. Now my top 3 actress are:

1) Lee Yo-Won 2) Ko Hyeun-Jeong 3) Yoon Eun-Hye

You're still the 1st in my list.. Keep up the good work! xD

loveLy I really really like you Yo Won Lee.. ♥♥muah(^_^)

nikko wew!!!! i really like u deokman!! ^^ ur #1 fans hir!!

mark i love u lee yo won!! you're soooo beautiful!!.......manila phils.

fish I love your great beauty and acting.You are an excellent actress. I am from Singapore

isti I love the great queen seondeok especially as Lee Yo Won she's very beautiful I'm from Indonesia

sisil_silla queen seondeok = lee yo won... If this story not based on true story... I hope it happy ending

sisil_silla lee really good to be a queen seondeok... the way she play it make me feel the sadness

Gapunk Lee Yo Won the best... You are the Queen.

margaretha we love youuuuuu....!!!!!!!! from Indonesia with love.

meng idol kita... :D

Maria come to Indonesia please with all major cast of TGQSD

Jingle very beautiful and very talented actress.

Lia Natalia In the real life, are you married to Nam-Gil Kim ?

rick I'm from the U.S. (Caucasian) and have been watching The Great Queen Seondeok since September, what a great mini-series this is! Although I can't understand what is being said, I'm able to keep up by reading the English subtitles. I can't seem to get enough of this mini-series...fantastic acting by all characters, especially Lee Yo-Won, perfect as the Queen. Hope to see you in some stuff like this in the future, keep up the good work! I'll be watching!

anggi wow..... the greet emank greet banetz....... pokokx bagus banetz......

ririn ayano u vry beauty.............................. i Like u sister......................

vida you're so beautiful, at The Great Seondeok is Wonderful

neea i love queen seondeok lee yo won cool...

agnes we wait you and all your groups (THE GREAT QUEEN SEONDEOK) to come to INDONESIA

GBU all your ways

Jesus bless

                                                                                                    -AGNES-  +_+

deethz the great queen seon deok is the great cinema... wonderfull acting and smart leader... !!! i'd love it so much

Lisa Yo Won Lee...You are so beutiful......When come to Indonesian????I'm your big fans!!!!!!

Fia Anneyong Haseo!!!!I like U..When come to Indonesian Gamshamida...

fia I like your drama Yo Won Lee.....(queen seondeok)is the best

w.juanda the greet queenn ._^_bgs bangt .......perjuangkan tahtamu deokman....._^_!

siaL_cume pa kbr nyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee??? lma ta' jumpe !!!!!!!

Atma Perfect...i like lee yo won.

ni girl lee yo won perfect...

ceqo lee yo won the best

rina greet queenn.. ummp u're so beautifull act..

Qikido so great queen.... lee yo won!!!

novie I like u../ when come to indonesia??

Happyjh I think she's a talented actress. She's really good in all the movies & dramas I've seen that she was in.

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