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Haruka Ayase, born as Aya Tademaru on March 24, 1985 in Hiroshima Prefecture, is a popular Japanese actress, model, & singer. Her immediate family consists of her father, mother, and one brother. As a youth, Haruka was active in sports, playing basketball in middle school and competing in the Chugoku region Ekiden tournament (long-distance relay race) during junior high school. Then, during her freshman year in high school, Haruka started her career in the entertainment world by successfully auditioning for the 25th Horipro Talent Scout Caravan. At first her parents objected to Haruka pursuing a career in entertainment, but relented once they noticed her determination. Upon her arrival in Tokyo, Haruka worked out frequently and trimmed her weight by 6 kilograms.

Haruka started her career first as a gravure idol, releasing a photobook and DVD. She then branched off into acting landing small roles in televsion dramas, with the 2003 Fuji TV drama "The Way I Live" (Boku no Ikiru Michi) making a positive impression on the public. Her career then went into overdrive with her popular performance as Hirose Aki in the 2004 TBS televsion drama "Crying Out Love, in the Center of the World." Haruka beat out 723 contestants for the role of Hirose Aki in "Crying Out Love, in the Center of the World."

More recently, Haruka has become just as popular on the big screen performing as the leading actress in such films as "Cyborg Girl" "Happy Flight" "Ichi" and "Oppai Volleyball." Her diversity as an actress should also be noted as Haruka performed as a cyborg in "Cyborg Girl", an airline stewardess in "Happy Flight," blind swordswoman in "Ichi" and a junior high volleyball coach in "Oppai Volleyball".

Haruka has also created a successful career in music, releasing her for first single "Period" in 2006. Her debut single went straight to #8 on the weekly Oricon singles chart. She also released two other singles, "Kosaten Days" (2006) and "Hikoki Gumo" (2007), which received similar levels of success.


  • Her name "Haruka Ayase" was chosen by fans in a poll when she first made her debut.



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Darko This is my favorite actress, through her I actually discovered my love for films. Really LOVE, LOVE her.

kurenai I think she's the queen of Japanese romantic comedy :))

Japanophile2014 for a second or so I thought Ichi was going to fill her lungs with air and scream "TOMA!!"

boy! was I wrong!

thangboi She is one of the most beautiful asian actress i've ever seen... <3 her!

kiky I'am waiting for cyborg girl continue, i really love haruka ayase, very awesome movie and very beautiful girl....

Jang Hae Joo Anyone knows how to be a cybordyne? I wanna be Haruka's bodyguard.

Piero C. Don't know...I think you won't ever read this...anyway...It's been a sort of love at first sight :)

Roxana Hello there!I'm so proud to be born in the same day as Haruka(24/03/1985) . I like her acting very much and i wish her and Shun Oguri would make a romantic comedy some day. I have the feeling that the chemistry between those two would be explosive:) Kisses and hugs from Romania!

DaDa One of my favorite j-actresses. I love watching her act even if I don't like the drama or movie. Looking forward to seeing more of her projects. :-D Is it just me or does anybody else think she is the japanese version of Lee Min Jung?

carlos dotaro hello miss haruka i like your movies so much.. happy birth day....

agy rama only u can make me fall in to the dream anytime I sleep

tamatheturtle omg i love her!!!! she is my 2nd fav actress everrrr!!!!!!!! (1st is Aya Ueto!) she is so cute & just AMAZING! i hope she is in many more dramas and movies!! can't wait for Hotaru no Hikari movie! imma die waiting for it! XD

zero he.. i'm like the 'loser' in your movie Cyborg Girl which so many here seem to love ;) i'm sure you don't read these msgs.. so who cares, right? ;) hehe.. sigh.. here's for the one-in-a-million chance you might read this.. 8| he.. sigh.. take care aya ;) kisses, sam

eugene i will never forget your movies and you name :D

muhammad Wow.. I am Proud of you Ayase Haruka

anon001 can some one change ayase-chan profile picture? there are a lot of kawaii photo of her out there

Ayase-chan is LOVE!

wish for accidently meet her someday..it would be very pleasant surprise~huwa.. > _ <

Hendra Such promising nad beautiful japanese actress. You got potential if staring in Hollywood movie :)..Wish you all the best in your acting carrier and happy always.

Peaches Ayase Haruka is an amazing actress!! no one can pull off cute and innocent better than her <3

Ash Neo Haruka Ayase is my elder sister, so im sorry fans. Guess u all have to leave, hotwheels.

Gabriel はじめまして.Gabrielです.アルゼンチン人ですが、アメリカにすんでいます.日本語を勉強しています. My favorite role is ホタル. "いえがいちばん!"..that is very true.

katie She's great in acting; one of my favourite actresses


    • wooow** ........ Cyborg Girl ........ was awesome !! ........ hope she keeps those talents up  :-)

Reality Check They don't read stuff here, folks. Move along now.

ayas i love you ayase san... you strengthen my dream for living in japan.. arigato gozaimasu ayase san :)

Ade helmi Hai haruka san im ade helmi on indonesia im just your heavy fans i like your cyborg she movie its make my heart going cry and make my eyes never stop for tears...... I hope you reply my comment.

harsa Hy haruka mya name harsa im from Indonesian ... i hope u visit to BALI.. I love you haruka..

Joe A very talented and beautiful actress, loved her in Cyborg She and The Magic Hour.

rei Hajimemashite Aya San,Anata wa totemo kawaii desu. Domo arigato for your very nice movie "Ichi". ki o tsukete kudasai. Norikorei

Lance Haruka Ayase! Im From Philippines! and I Love your Movie Cyborg Girl im so touched! I love the twist and the lines its all great and above all the rest your movie Cyborg Girl is the best! i cant even believe that i cried and even my cousins cant believe that i cried because i can feel your heart!! OHH GOD! I LOVE IT! I WANTED TO EXPRESS IT THROUGH TEARS! and i watched this great movie for 6 TIMES in 1 NIGHT! im so inloved! haha and 1 more thing that made me love Haruka Ayase IS SHE CAN DANCE!!!!! Haruka Ayase your my CYBORG GIRL!! i wish u all the best! and Good luck!

damn this tears! <3 <3 <3

Jedy I love U haruka ayase..:-)

deryck i feel your heart.. T_T

panga Auase Haruka is such a great actress! She's so good in Hotaru no Hikari! Can't wait to watch Mr. Brain!

san My goodness you loook so sweet. I almost fail in love, but life is not real. It all just a dream (sweet dream), far to reach. Thanks for be here for all dreamer. However not let your dream destroy your life. Love

tintino haruka ayase performed very well in ¨Cyborg girl¨ .... kudos to you and to keisuke koide for a well-acted movie... and to the director and scriptwriter as well, Mr Kwak, thanx for giving us great movies like this one and My Sassy Girl...! hoorayyyy!!

ayanami mitchiru hi haruka im your one of your biggest fan.............keep up the good work girl take care

Hoang Viet Thanh I'm from Viet Nam , i love u very ..........much when I watch " Cyborg girl " and I search everything about you , I saw all film and i very like it ... I'm a student of FPT University when i go to Japan i want to see you...:) :)

AhHa Nothing but beauty :)

Hoang Chi Thanh Hi Haruka Ayase.I`m from Viet Nam.I`m 19 ys old.I`m studying The University of Technology in HCM city.I have just watch The Cyborg girl film 30 minutes ago.I like it very much.Do you know?you is similiar with my best friend...first friend in 1th class.when i was 6 ys old.d u know?i lost her forever when i was 10 years old.she very beautiful,short hair like you.I cry when i see you act in that film.Because you remind me think about my friend...Jiro ..the man acted with you..is idiot..like me,I cant say''i miss you'' to my friend...until she gone(to the heaven) i say nothing.it`s about 9 ys ago....I want tell you my story.Because you..like her .The one one like her.I wish i met you...just 1 time..but it`s my dream...i cant find your mail..in google search.so i give my story..in here.hope you read it...athough when 61 years in the future

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