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  • Name Yukie Nakama
  • Japanese: 仲間由紀恵 (なかま ゆきえ)
  • Birthdate: October 30, 1979
  • Birthplace: Urasoe, Okinawa, Japan
  • Height: 160cm
  • Blood Type: A
  • Talent Agency: Production Ogi


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Ollie She confirms that beauty is timeless...

rain tmg i love your acting.You're beautiful.

Mae Janice Belarmino You're my idol...i love your movies..dramas..especially Gokusen....always keep it up IDOL...hope i'll see you soon...

Timbone Wow she is everywhere. I havent really watched any of her series to completion since I love happy endings but we will see

hitomi you are so beautiful and great actress..i like all about you.. i love you..,yukiesan... fighto..0h..!

misskie when your new drama will be release ..? cannot wait for it.!

madz she is really awesome .. I'm really impressed . she's a cool actress.. I love the way she acts .. since I watched Gokusen <3 <3 <3 i admire her a lot. may she continue to have more projects and shows. . when I was younger till now I still Love her...

kaori fujiwara wow! such a beautifull actress even now, shes still remain beautifull. i love the way she talks,she smile and she laugh also the way she cry ,, more blessings and more power to you yukie chan. your my no.1 idol till the rest of my life ^^

i hope to see you.. your always in my dream :-(

Noel Yankumiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! You're the best teacher ever!!!

Han Jae Eun i really like you .. kawaii ^^ your so nice and beautifull

hope to see u for real

more bless to you and to your carrer and family ^^

doramachi A lovely actress.

Nviolet OMG! She's so beautiful. I like you. You're so hot and wonderful~ Love ya.

Natski Belated Happy Birthday. May you continue to be successful in your career.

Daniel Nelson As an American, I love her acting and think she is a very beautiful Japanese actress compared to some of her younger counter-parts. I would love to meet her as a friend to witness her broad range of emotions first-hand. Truly gifted and passionate about her work. 10/10 would bang! Over 9000 points(not sarcastic)

Natski Just saw Oh-Oku: The Women of Inner Palace. A long movie (more than 2 hours) and yet, I never got tired watching her. I loved her acting on that movie - very subtle and elegant. Will watch it again.

Edward G Pottman I'm with you, @Natski! Anyone giving Yukie less than 100% should be entitled to another chance to get it right... ;)

Natski Can I have a do over on the vote? I was going for 100% but I accidentally clicked on 99% only.

run'way So many people have the same feelings towards Yukie as I do. Unlike any other actor she seems able to connect with me (and obviously many others) right through the screen. For the other people who visit this site I have some suggestions. 'Love and Pop' is a terrific movie about compensated dating made by an older man who values young women. Plus you get to see Yukie at age 18! 'Ordinary Miracle' is one of the two best series I've seen. (Don't let the cross-dressing subplot turn you off. It is actually really important to the writer's view of the state of the Japanese family.) Make sure the translation is good (e.g. the one by Momoflower). The only performance I've seen to rival Yukie's 'Yankumi' is Tomoko Yamaguchi's in 'Long Vacation.' I too would like to see Trick 4 with Yukie and Hiroshi Abe finding a way to let their characters actually be in love. A child, maybe about 6, who is smart but not 'cute,' would I think provide a motive for them to continue to grow up. Portraying this while maintaining their characters' quirky innocence would require really good writing but the actors would certainly do their part superbly. I wish someone would do subtitles for 'Oboreru Sakana,' 'Night Hospital' and 'Face' (2001). 'Utsukushi Rinjin' is much more optimistic than it seems at first viewing; it's a redemption story, Japanese style. I hope Yukie continues to get parts that challenge her and let us experience her ability to express her inner strength and beauty.

Kath Yukie...daisuki desu!!! ^___^ 100%

Mick Jagger I don't know who the second best is, but I know who the "best" is. It's 'Yankumi' by a landslide... :)

yuva Yukie is one of the most gorgeous woman out there.

So sad you're a little older than me.

I will try to find you and get even just glimpse of your smile and take a photo of it in this lifetime.

DaDa Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but i think she's gorgeous.

Yukie will always have a special place in my heart because Gokusen was one of the first j-dramas I watched. I hope they never remake it like they did with GTO.

lulu92 please make another Trick series...

sassygirl989 No one can ever replace her as Yankumi.. she was well suited for it. she portrayed the character well to the point that she's better known as Yankumi rather than her real name.. all her dramas turned out great because she acted really well. she deserved every award she received.:)

;) who ever thinks dat Yukie Nakama is ugly well u can jst kiss mhy ass!!! she has de most beautiful heart nd soul iv ever seen!!! i luv her ur mhy star...nd dammmn girl u can fight i wish u were my teacher in real life i luv u in Shinobi wish to see u in real life ;) stay strong ;) ;) ... FIGHT...DO...OH ;) <3

yoshe you're so talented...

Ron Santo: the real "Mr. Cub" Anyone not giving Yukie Nakama a 100% rating must hate sunshine, puppy dogs, and ice cream. Even if she was only as exceedingly beautiful as she is (without the enormous likability and talent), she would deserve the highest ranking possible. The fact that she is the one and only 'Yankumi' seals the deal...

hana she's absolutely beautiful

sherasen @ ?? : are you jealous :s~

she is a good actress~ love her in Gokusen and Trick

?? she is very ugly

Sheila i hope there is a Trick season 4 and movies four....tackling love of ueda and naoko....

Helbert Tedoso I Love You Ms.Yukie Nakama.Youre so nice.

Laine -I'm addicted to Yukie Nakama san, I love her acting! :) I became a Yankumi fan since long time ago, then I got hooked and immediately collected all her series and movies like shinobi, trick, utsukushii rinjin, erai tokoro ni totsuide shimatta, untouchable, etc. .then i watched her interviews and SP dramas and bingo! I fell in love with her! :) heheh! I really admire her personality from all her interviews and I really love her innocence^_^

-I wish that I could have met her in person! I'm really hoping....

Clarisse YANKUMI! I wish I had a teacher like you.. :>

Gokusen is the best..

Rizqaria Muflikhah konbanwa anata wa kirei desu ne last month i visited Urasoe, Okinawa about 5 days there I went to Ryukyu Palace lo.. i wanna come back again to your place oiya when you will visit my conutry, Indonesia? I'll be waiting for you.. mata aimasho arigato gozaimashita ^-^

rizqa waw.. you are my inspiring woman :)

Baben Hy...can i know the member of 3D class in gokusen:the movie..i mean yuta tamamori class partner...all of them in 3D Class in gokusen:the movie??

cathy hello yukie.. "yankumi" i'm so inspired whenever i see you acting :) you make me laugh,cry, and even mad ... hehe !! i'm a filipino and i really love japanese drama, especially "GOKUSEN" :) more power for you and to all japanese actresses there :)

christopher your my idol...you are many movie and shows...i miss you to become yankumi...i wish that have gokusen 4

loveorwar hey, may true love find u! ^^ lol

Rover Your face makes me want to recite poetry. I'm suffering from puppy dog love

jessica hello yukie nakama... i am filipino but i am here in california. i love to watch all of your roles... specially in gokusen... i am one of your million fans... and i hope i will meet you in person, i cant wait to watch the gokusen the movie... thank you because you are now of one of my inspiration...

Miki Vo 私はあなたと幸せになると私の生活を守る私の妻がしたい

Arthur I love you Yukie....although I don't speak Japanese fluentley , I love to watch you....so beautiful and talented...I have laughed, and cried as I have watched your many roles....Japan really has a star in you!

Again I love you :)

Arthur Mulkey, USA

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