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  • Drama: Master's Sun
  • Revised romanization: Joogoonui Taeyang
  • Hangul: 주군의 태양
  • Director: Jin Hyeok
  • Writer: Hong Jung-Eun, Hong Mi-Ran
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 17
  • Release Date: August 7 - October 3, 2013
  • Runtime: Wed. & Thu. 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Several years ago Kong-Sil (Kong Hyo-Jin) was involved in an accident. Since that incident, Kong-Sil is able to see and hear ghosts. She's also terrified of the ghosts that appear constantly around her. Because of this, she's unable to live a normal life. Kong-Sil lives in a rooftop room at an extended stay inn. She makes a living by doing odd jobs at the inn, including cleaning.

Meanwhile Joong-Won (So Ji-Sub) is the president of an extravagant shopping mall named Kingdom. He is also arrogant and calculative. Everything relates to him in terms of money.

One raining evening, Kong-Sil goes to room 404 to clean, but she sees another ghosts. She freaks out and runs up to her rooftop room. The ghost, who looks like an old woman, appears right next to her again. Kong-Sil then does the old woman ghost a favor and goes to her home. She hands the ghost's son a bankbook with more than 10,000 dollars in the account.

Joong-Won sits face to face with a man who owns land that he needs to build a golf course. The man tells Joong-Won that his deceased wife does not want him to sell the land. Joong-Won doesn't believe in ghosts and ignores him. He pulls out a contract which the man's children already signed. Joong-Won is able to get the man's signature.

On his way back from that meeting, Joong-Won is driven by his assistant (Choi Jung-Woo). The driver then sees a woman thumbing for a ride. Joong-Won tells his driver to ignore the woman, but a light suddenly shines on them and the car stops. At this time, Kong-Sil hops into the car and thanks them for picking her up. Kong-Sil unintentionally touches Joong-Won and feels something unusual. Later, the car pulls over at a highway rest stop. While walking back to the car, Joong-Won sees Kong-Sil talking to someone, but there isn't anyone else there. Thinking she might be crazy, Joong-Won turns around, but Kong-Sil grabs his arm. She discovers that whenever she touches him, the ghosts around her disappear.

Back at her rooftop room, Kong-Sil is terrified by the ghosts around her as usual. She thinks back to Joong-Won and how the ghosts disappeared when she touched him. Kong-Sil decides to go Kingdom shopping mall to meet Joong-Won again.


  1. "The Master's Sun" takes over the Wednesday & Thursday 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "I Can Hear Your Voice" and will be followed by "The Heirs October 9, 2013.
  2. Park Hyung-Sik from boy band "ZE:A" was originally cast to play the young version of Joo Joong-Won, who is now played by L. But due to his schedule ("ZE:A" will release new songs in August and he is also cast in SBS drama series "The Heirs") Park Hyung-Sik dropped out of the series prior to filming.
  3. Episode 13, originally scheduled to air Wednesday, September 18 will air on Thursday, September 19. Only 1 episode will be shown during that week. Wednesday, September 18 is the day before Chuseok Holiday (Korean Thanksgiving Day) and a day families travel to their hometowns and prepare food for the holiday.
  4. Master's Sun is extended with an extra episode and will now have 17 episodes in all. With episode 13 postponed a day to Thursday, September 18 and the originally scheduled final episode 16 scheduled to now air on Tuesday, October 2, 2013 - SBS has an open time slot for Wednesday, October 3, 2013 at 10 pm which episode 17 will now take. In addition, ratings for the drama series has steadily increased going into the final episodes.


The Master's Sun-So Ji-Sub.jpg The Master's Sun-Kong Hyo-Jin.jpg The Master's Sun-Seo In-Guk.jpg Kim Yoo-Ri
So Ji-Sub Kong Hyo-Jin Seo In-Guk Kim Yoo-Ri
Joo Joong-Won (Master) Tae Kong-Sil (Sun) Kang-Woo Tae Yi-Ryung
L Masters Sun-Choi Jung-Woo-2.jpg Kim Mi-Kyung Masters Sun-Lee Jong-Won-2.jpg Masters Sun-Jung Ka-Eun.jpg
L Choi Jung-Woo Kim Mi-Kyung Lee Jong-Won Jung Ka-Eun
Joo Joong-Won (young) Kim Gwi-Do Joo Sung-Ran Do Seok-Chul An Jin-Joo
Masters Sun-Park Hee-Von.jpg Masters Sun-Lee Jae-Won.jpg Masters Sun-Han Bo-Reum.jpg Masters Sun-Han Bo-Reum-Hanna.jpg Masters Sun-Hwang Sun-Hee.jpg
Park Hee-Von Lee Jae-Won Han Bo-Reum Han Bo-Reum Hwang Sun-Hee
Tae Kong-Ri Lee Han-Joo Cha Hee-Joo Hanna Hanna
Masters Sun-Lee Do-Hyun.jpg Masters Sun-Hong Eun-Taek.jpg Masters Sun-Ko Nak-Hyun.jpg Masters Sun-Jin Lee-Han.jpg Masters Sun-Song Min-Jung.jpg
Lee Do-Hyun Hong Eun-Taek Ko Nak-Hyun Jin Yi-Han Song Min-Jung
Lee Seung-Mo Lee Seung-Joon Joon-Seok Yoo Hye-Sung (ep.1) Kim Mi-Kyung (ep.1)
Minah Masters Sun-Kim Bo-Ra.jpg Masters Sun-Kim Sang-Joong.jpg Yoo Kyung-Ah Yoo Min-Kyu
Minah Kim Bo-Ra Kim Sang-Joong Yoo Kyung-Ah Yoo Min-Kyu
Ga-Young (ep.2) Ha Yoo-Jin (ep.2) Unsolved Mysteries TV host (ep.2) Choi Yoon-Hee (ep.3) Ji-Woo (ep.5)
Masters Sun-Kim Bo-Mi.jpg Kim Hee-Jung Masters Sun-Jung Chan.jpg Park Ji-Won Masters Sun-Seo Hyo-Rim.jpg
Kim Bo-Mi Kim Hee-Jung Jung Chan Park Ji-Won Seo Hyo-Rim
Sun-Young (ep.5) Kang Gil-Ja (ep.8) Louis Jang (ep.9) Louis Jang's wife (ep.9) Park Seo-Hyun (ep.9-10)
Masters Sun-Lee Jong-Hyuk.jpg Lee Jae-Yong Masters Sun-Lee Chun-Hee.jpg
Lee Jong-Hyuk Lee Jae-Yong Lee Chun-Hee
Lee Jae-Suk (ep.11) Chairman Lee (ep.11) Yoo Jin-Woo

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Episode Ratings

Date Episode TNmS AGB
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-08-07 1 17.5% (3rd) 21.6% (1st) 13.6% (3rd) 14.8% (3rd)
2013-08-08 2 15.9% (3rd) 19.0% (2nd) 14.4% (3rd) 15.8% (3rd)
2013-08-14 3 17.1% (2nd) 20.2% (1st) 15.2% (3rd) 16.6% (2nd)
2013-08-15 4 17.6% (3rd) 19.5% (2nd) 16.8% (3rd) 17.6% (3rd)
2013-08-21 5 17.3% (3rd) 19.5% (2nd) 16.2% (3rd) 17.4% (3rd)
2013-08-22 6 19.5% (2nd) 22.6% (1st) 16.6% (3rd) 17.5% (2nd)
2013-08-28 7 17.0% (3rd) 18.9% (2nd) 16.1% (3rd) 17.2% (3rd)
2013-08-29 8 17.6% (2nd) 20.2% (2nd) 17.8% (2nd) 19.2% (2nd)
2013-09-04 9 17.2% (3rd) 20.0% (1st) 16.8% (3rd) 18.3% (2nd)
2013-09-05 10 17.3% (3rd) 20.0% (2nd) 17.3% (3rd) 18.5% (2nd)
2013-09-11 11 17.9% (3rd) 20.8% (2nd) 18.3% (3rd) 20.0% (2nd)
2013-09-12 12 19.7% (2nd) 23.8% (1st) 19.3% (2nd) 20.4% (2nd)
2013-09-19 13 15.6% (3rd) 17.0% (2nd) 14.8% (3rd) 15.7% (3rd)
2013-09-25 14 18.4% (3rd) 20.9% (2nd) 18.4% (3rd) 20.0% (3rd)
2013-09-26 15 19.3% (2nd) 21.5% (2nd) 19.1% (2nd) 19.7% (2nd)
2013-10-02 16 18.9% (2nd) 22.3% (2nd) 19.7% (2nd) 20.9% (2nd)
2013-10-03 17 21.1% (2nd) 24.4% (2nd) 21.8% (2nd) 23.6% (2nd)

Source: TNS Media Korea & AGB Nielson

  • NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson.



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etsegenet petros I will never ever erase this drama i usually don't erase Korean series but even if i had no other space to place my document I WILL NEVER EVER ERASE THIS DRAMA this is how much i loved this drama

devishee Hi, i watch mater's sun it's very nice drama . I love all korean series

sky this is the best drama ever. my rating 9.9/10. hyo jin did a very good job in this drama.

mariem boukraa i watched the first 10 episode and i am getting to like it . it"s very funny drama . not the best but still better than others .

Jojo This is the best korean drama ever. Hong sisters managed to blend comedy, romance and horror genres well in this drama. Well done and great job. I personally think the story plot of this drama is much more exciting and interesting when compared to The Heirs and My Love From The Star XP

Mizz Diy Diy i just want to say that... it was a fantastic drama ever... love both casts... My Rating 9.8/10/..

jilcel Master Sun is one of the best korean drama i've ever watched ! I really love to watch it over and over and over again! Watching even the behind the scene at youtube ! =) I really love the team up of Joo Joong-Won (So Ji-Sub) and Tae Kong-Sil (Kong Hyo-Jin ) as well as with other characters ! Thumbs up and congratulations to everyone !! I hope that there will be a part 2 !

Maelee This drama was lovely. I enjoyed all the surprising cameos from my favorite stars. Was worth the marathon and the lead couple were good together. Truly a great drama to sink into.

Misaki I had to admit, by far this is one of the greatest Korean dramas i've ever watched. At first, it gave me a fright as i didn't read the sypnosis before watching it. Though i hate horror movies, i still watched it anyway. It has an interesting plot, adds to GHJ's and SJS's acting, it's just flawless. Moreover, the antagonists aren't as mean i thought they'd be. Anyways, 100% recommended.

Rouge Another Master piece drama, truly original and absolutely satisfying. Initially I came here for the Queen of RomCom: Gong Hyo Jin and not expecting much. BUT OH HOW I WAS WRONG, the acting of all the characters the little cute bickering scenes and of course the mystery behind the kidnapping left you wanting more with each episode. The drama captured my heart it's first few minutes with it's uniqueness and well of course the ohh so adorable character of Tea Gong Sil and ignorant Joong Won. I honestly want a season 2 or So Ji- Sub and Gong Hyo Jin in another drama, I found their chemistry and acting very amusing and enthralling. To conclude this drama was LOVE 1000x! Totally worth watching no matter what genera you prefer.

Neoruel Love this drama <3 Even though i don't like horror genre, but their chemistry.. i like it. And Gong Hyo Jin, you're always be my fav actress ^^

kfan im so loving this drama so much....!!!

KSH @ kara...maybe this drama is not your cup of tea, i think you prefer lead female with strong personality maybe, but the one in here is sensitive, delicate and fearful because of the fact she sees ghost at the opposite of the lead actor so they complete each other ...why we fans love this drama it is because it is a horror drama but light at the same time, not centered only on the main couple, it is comic, we love the music in the drama, the ost...honestly you are the first person i know who doesnt like this drama! all of my friends to whom i presented the drama has become addicted to it and to so ji sub especially... well everyone has his taste!...anyway if you want a drama with a female lead with strong personnality which is rare in kdramaland!loool you can watch my love from the stars or protect the boss(they are both comics!) and if you prefer something deeper then try the moon embracing the sun or secret of 2013 with ji sung!...God bless

Kara Im on 11th episode and I think this drama is quite boring . Main actress is like a house without electricity. I can't believe when I read all those ohhhh and ahhhhh comments. Is it really beause of the drama or mabe because o the lead actor So JS? Anyway, I try to wach it till the end, maybe It will get better

Annie Gumiho disappointed me but this drama made me realise that the Hong sisters reputation is justified. It drags now and then and has a few off moments but on the whole a well plotted drama with some stand out parts. Unlike in Gumiho, I liked the supporting cast a lot too. I am a huge Gong Hyo-Jin fan - the reason I picked up this drama - and she did not disappoint at all. But even I have to say that if - and its a big if - I had to pick one of the leads over the other it has to be SJS. Major kudos for taking a typical chaebol part and infusing it with so much character and meaning. His award is well deserved.

IRENE im Irene from Philippines, I loved So Ji-Sub and Kim Mi-Kyung. they both deserves for the awards. I loved to repeat seeing their episodes. Even if my son, love this. Hoping that the main character could do another drama or love story....goodluck, and HAPPY BITHDAY TO SO JI-SUB for tomorrow Nov. 4.

KSH This drama is a perfection...thrilling, comic, romantic, touchind, never hesitate to watch it!...sooo goood!

NeshSica Oppa , Neomu Jowa . You seem older one year from my mom , but It's okay . I love your acting well and your swimming-skill :D

Jishin I feel really sad at Cha Hana whose die... At the part when Joo Jong Won (young) apologise to her........

Cboi Just started waching the drama does kang woo get the girl or does sjs I wana know b4I waste my day off from work on the drama. Thanks you

Belle I love this drama.. It is one of my favorite:) well act and the story is not that boring^.^ even though I'm kind of scared in the beginning hahaha :D

Hanyan Sigya i love the master's sun!!! i hope you give us season 2!

gessel guarino so.....good drama lobe it very love it and repeating to watch because its loveblet and good actor and actress....its not bouring....plsss make another drama that ji sub so and hyo jin gong will be the love couple..... <3 the master's sun ^_^

pamela is someone here knows the title of the book sunny te shared the story to president joo? the one president joo practiced reading with...

bella love this drama too much, hope they meet again in the latest drama. sogong couple forever :)

Hoshima I love the ending you are so sweet Sunny Te and Johann I love you all!!!!!!!!

szhyren gosh.. i'll be forever in love in this story. i love SoGongCouple.

Michael DIoso I Hope there's a Part 2 :D Plssss!!!! ;) ^_^

rachelrae I love this drama series.Its so good and enjoyable to watch.Its the Best korean drama i ever watch. .

dana thanks for the advice

lyn @dana my dearest I was like that too I ddnt want to watch it but then when I did it became the best drama I have ever watched .I have watched 79 drama series-es from korea and this one stands out. its not horror as such but a beautiful love story and a comedy surprised you haven't watched it already

dana any advice if i should watch this drama? if it is an horror drama ? cause i don't like horror movies or dramas, is it good, is it scary ?

j dy huat i really really like this series, after i watch this on tv, i started to watch this on cd. hope there will be a part 2 for this. GO GO GO sogong couple

j dy huat i really really like this series, after i watch this on tv, i started to watch this on cd. hope there will be a part 2 for this.

seungnam i love this drama, i love to watch the master sun very much ... ajah !!

josie i really like Masters sun korean drama i love very much the story....

crazel oh my God! i really love this drama... this is so addictive....

zea bahrain Everyday after work I'm so excited what's gonna happen next.....I really love the way they act for me it's of my favorite korean drama. ....

maedeh Was one of my fav drama

ellbola i love the series but something bothered me, i really can't understand why they took the mysterious necklace. She(cha hee joo) didn't used the necklace or something that can be sell/auction it. It is possible to have a Part 2? I'm so in-love to there tandem. They called them SoGong couple :))

Jeanelyn Saladaga I Really Love watching The Master's Sun It's nice <3

judyann batisan I loVe The master sun im scared but im happy because i love korea drama.

rowel ...certainly this is a unique and amazing series! . i like this series and bigluck to all cast. my family enjoyed watching and hope we meet one of the cast....

rejer15 ..I really like this movie..!!:-) love the horror and drama.. with comedy.. unique movie ever..!!! RomComHorror Movie of the year..!!! :-D

yogore I was so surprise about the character of sjs..still holding his love not to show it to gong..My goodness..but still our gong sealed her heart and kept it until she's coming back for his love of her life.. I was crying when CEO got stabbed from his back..gong was so scared. thinking CEO is dead..she made a sacrifice that CEO will be alive.

Sharla Just finished this drama and tbh its right there with my top 3. amazing acting from So Ji-Sub (I'm hooked), kept me on my toes the whole time. love it!!

hye kyo This drama is epic! I just finished watching Cain and Abel. What a great drama! So Jisub-nim is my favorite actor! No wonder he won best actor for Cain and Abel. Anyone who watched that drama I know you will agree with me. This actor is so manly.. I want to meet him in person and tell him how great he is! But Master's Sun is the best ever! Oppa took my heart away... saranghaeyo oppa!

marie I'm at Episode 15, too bad, I'm still at work and would be able to finish it tonight. :( Gosh. I think that was Episode 14 when I was crying the whole time. it is so hard to endure. who loves who the best? the one who loves the best is the one who is willing to sacrifice his/her life. :) LOVE is sacrifice indeed. It is SELFLESS. <3 Looking forward for the best ending ever. So Far, this one, among KDRAMAS melted my heart the most. #so #inspired!

qwerty Natsu, what are you talking about? She's still skiny. How does she look fat? I think your eyes have a problem.

Natsu why she became so fat? she is shekshi on Hello Teacher. verry big difference. anyway I still like her.

Get Lost Can't help it. It's just soooo great that watching once is NOT enough. The BEST Korean Drama I have watched so far. <3 So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin, the best! Another Drama please :D

marie Grr. I am dying to watch this whole episodes but still can't find time. I love #MS PH so much! In fact, I had to alarmed my phone to 10:30pm every night just to wake up and watch it. :D I have not been abled to watch 2 night episodes and It was like driving me nuts.. I super liked SJS and KHJ's team-up. Brilliant love story! I'm beginning to face one of my greatest fears ever and that is watching/ seeing ghost films. I was like, covering my eyes and screaming to death when scary faces appears at our TV screen, now I've been abled to at least lessen my urge to scream. LOL.

KSH_fan Love your comment Selendrile! i introduiced this drama to two of my friends who are not drama watchers and they love it! finally they understood my addiction of korean drama! ah ah never failing to melt you hen?! Master's sun the best!

doo rim Saranghae oppa!!

doo rim For me this is the best drama ever! So Ji Sub-oppa put a spell on me haha! Every scene of him and Gong Hyo Jin makes my heart melts. Always fluttering! Daebak! I have watched many Korean drama but this love story is the best!!! It chills me to the bones.. Saranghae oppa!♡♡

Lyn I really enjoy Korean drama and I am from South Africa. South Africa is full of Chinese and Japanese but I don't see a lot of Koreans Would like make friends with people of the South

Selendrile believe it or not this is my first Korea drama that I watch , I always stay away from them in the past due to their reputation of melodrama ( cry , cry and more cry and somebody ALWAYS DIE ) I watch this one due to my mom keep raving about it so I thought I would watch one epi ahead of her then tell her about it just to spoil the fun ( evil me ) so I start this one with epi 9 and spend the whole night and next day watching the whole thing in one sitting even call work give out a few cough to call in sick that day so I can finish watching this , BEST DRAMA EVER I would forever compare everything else to it , where can I sign up for a request for Master's Sun 2

Aria My Favoritte Korean Drama of 2013 and For me, the Best Romantic Korean Drama :) <3 This is highly Rewatchable <3

Irene1992 Best korean drama I've ever watched

marshmellow The one and only korean drama that made me watch again and again and never failed to get me smiling in almost each episode. Masterpiece!! ♥it

taeyang love it!!!! <3


mimiya I don't get all the hype...I expected it to be much better, but it was just OK. Interesting story, but disappointed w/ So Ji-Sub. I loved him in "Always", "...Bali", "Sorry I Love You", but I thought he was very dry and stiff here, for the most part. He improved greatly in the last few episodes..... Kong Hyo-Jin also improved at the end, the first half she played her usual pathetic character, beaten by the world, hanging her head down, crying all the time. After years & years of seeing ghosts that need her help, she should not be so jumpy and afraid. By the second half, her performance improved. Also, I did not feel the love b/w the main leads, it was not a great romance. As a Hong Sisters drama, this is not one of their best, it dragged at the end....enjoyable, but not great at all.

Irene I'm from Nigeria and I love this drama but I don't understand you koreans how come the heirs rates higher than this movie or do you prefer handsome actors in a movie or the movie itself please forget about your so called cute actors they all look gay to me and think more of what the whole drama entails.

AndreaLou A very unique story and a well done drama. I thought i will not like it at first but the story really catches my attention. This made me laugh, sad and made me nearly cry. Kudos to the Actors and actresses especially Joo Joo won can't believe you can also do RomCom. I love this drama the best! Watch this and you'll never regret it :))

AndreaLou very unique story. i thought i would not gonna like it at first but it was really a very good drama. made me laugh a lot especially Jo Joo Won's character it really fit him. watch this drama and you'll never regret it :) cute ending not like other koreanovelas that has an ending that is so BITIN haha :)

AndreaLou very unique story. i thought i would not gonna like it at first but it was really a very good drama. made me laugh a lot especially Jo Joo Won's character it really fit him. watch this drama and you'll never regret it :) cute ending not like other koreanovelas that has an ending that is so BITIN haha :))

KPopCoq Love love LOVE this drama. I watched the whole thing in two days. I only wish I could go back and watch it for the first time again. Kim Yoo-Ri is adorable and is the cherry on top of what is a fantastic series.

Aria This remains to be my favorite Romantic Comedy of all time. With it's great cast, writer and director, I was swooned by this drama especially the brilliance of using the excuse of seeing ghosts for the skinship. I mean, I love all those parts and even wished there were more. This has the greatest lead chemistry that I've seen and I must say that It also have a very splendid cinematography that made more edge to this compared to other dramas. It is a very rewatchable drama and If you havent seen it, You're missing one of the best kdramas out there.

syakirmaru Please make a 2nd season or movie. I love this drama Tae Gong Shil and Jo Joo Won i love them

AlfiraLaurent I'm currently watching this drama (again!) though it was already aired last year, cos it's sooo good! I love all the casts, OSTs & the storyline itself. How the heroine is very extraordinary & literally shines the brightest though there are more elegant, prettier etc female actress acting alongside, well that deserves a big round of applause! It means that Gong-Shil does carry her character amazingly and I personally love the tone of her voice, the way she smiles & even all her flaws cos she's really beautiful inside out! Can't imagine any other actress to play as Gong-Shil but Kong Hyo-Jin herself!

Do I have to mention this cos So Ji-Sub makes this drama achieve its perfection level! He's so manly that every girl wishes to be Gong-Shil despite of her scary quirky ability to see ghosts (HAHA)... well played hero!

Wishing all the best to the director, writers & costars! Please please please do the sequel as everyone's been hoping for! But do keep the original costars will you? We will keep supporting you guys! Fighting xx

mims_ck.RN I started watching this drama last Wednesday morning, and finished it on Thursday 5:30am)... usually, it takes me 3-4 days to finish all the episodes of the previous drama that I'm watching... but after seeing the first episode of this drama, I can't help but to watch continuously all the lucky because I really love horror and romantic-comedy genres, then I found this! all rolled into one! thanks to the producers of this drama...lead roles acting are awesome with an amazing chemistry...the soundtracks really moved me...everything about this drama is perfect...looking forward for a sequel, hopefully...with same casting...Congratulations Master's Sun family...Fighting!!! <3 <3 <3

Ady I've almost thinking about this..i really love the characters specially So Ji Sub :D

Cikhanmy Just finished watching this drama last saturday. Scary, funny, sad & sweet. I never know So Ji Sub before this..but after watching this drama will watching another drama/movies of his. Awesome..and Tae Yang character so adorable. and of course So Joong Won character funny and cute. Like his hand gesture when ask people leave him. Does he has any tweeter account? Not forget, Secretary Kim, Kwan Soo and Tae Yi Ryung. Superb!!

sahel Please make the second season for The Master's Sun. I love this story too

Faris Please make the second season for The Master's Sun. I love this story so much. please director.... please....

Andrada Is there any chance to do a sequel to Master's Sun? Thank you in advance for your answer. I consider this is the best serial drama I have ever seen and I love the actors and the songs. I think the musical director is a very talented musician and the songs he composed and selected for this drama are very warm and beautiful (they remain in you mind and soul)... The entire team who contributed to this movie is good. Congratulation for this big success!!! Bravo!

Nica Lou De Lara I love this drama and I love you ji sub so...

crishelYu Please consider making the 2nd season. Please <3 T.T

wi Is this drama base on the movie spell bound....its very slimier. I just finish watching spell bound and I realize it very slimier to the masters sun.

Lillies This is absolutely the best drama ever. Along with The Greatest Love. I just can't find better than them! The story, the actors, the plot and the songs. Everything is just so GREAT about them!

Catherine THE BEST DRAMA!!!! I've already saw it three times and i will watch again!! I can't take this drama out of my head!!! I really really love this drama!!! The chemistry between the lead actors are amazing!!! The music fits perfectely in every scene!! I just loved it!!! I think i became addicted to this drama!!

lalola la wow , I really can't get out this drama out of my mind , I watch it over and over and over again .. really like the story , like the script .. the story is really something new .. I love the love story between So ji-sub and Kong Hyo-jin .. I wish if they date on real life I really ship them .. and the OST really amazing .. all songs really fit the the scenes and story :D i never had much connection with a drama since secret garden ,.. really this drama a piece of art ... really love it

XoxoJenn One of the best dramas of 2013. The story line is perfect and I really love the connection and chemistry between So Ji-Sub and Kong Hyo-Jin. Watch it you will not regret it.

Saraah Oh My Gosh !! I really loooooove this K-drama, Ji Sub Oppa is really talented <3²²²

apol one of the best dramas!!! ♥

syira This is the best ever K-drama 2013 . I really enjoyed this . Just need one day to finished it , i hope there have second series . Melting with Ji Sub , anyone please suggest me another drama that have same plotted with this. Ohhh for me another drama i had watched the best after Master Sun is Secret , please try watch it .i sure you all will enjoy it ..

cherry The best korean series I ever watch. I really love So Ji Sub. I wish there will be the second series!!!

yennycall best 2013 drama. and definitely in my top 10 fav dramas of all was bursting with chemistry i wish the main couple date in real life. GHJ is always my fav and now SJS has become one of my favs too.

Jazmin Gosh, this was by far my favorite drama of the year. I loved the chemistry between Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub. This drama was fantastic and underestimated! The ending was good but I wished they would've gotten married or something a bit more romantic. I also wished for an extra episode or maybe a special. That would've been great. Anyway I loved how this drama played out and also the transformation of the two characters! I will now watch ANYTHING with these two leads as well as the supporting actors/actresses.

puisi pelangi penasaran sama dramanya. Emang beneran seru ya?

film korea the best drama in 2013. very good story, perfect

Megura The Best Drama on 2013.

asty_noona OMO...i love this drama so much...I love So Ji Sub oppa since long time ago and always watch his drama..this is one of the best...another masterpiece since I'm Sorry I Love You...his character is damn cute lol....unlike his another role in his previous drama.. and the chemistry between So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin wow...perfect...Best Couple 2013... The Master's Sun DAEBAK!!

YH Oh god I still can't get over this drama!! I usually do not like Korean dramas but this one is unique. To me it does not seem good at first, but as I watch, DAMN I CANT STOP. The story line is so good!! Not like other k-dramas. So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin.... Perfect match. I really can't get over this drama!

rahel sbs 2013 best drama...........very good story.....very goood lead story......I watched this drama 5 was so ji sub and gong hyo jin......but im sad why gong hyo jin was not in sbs 2013 drama awards???????????why????????

joanne Perfect..... every single actor was well chosen.... it s full credit 100% ... I was never disappointed in even one second and never skipped a scene.... good joob Mr. Producer and Mr. Director!!!!

Broken Youth This was a very good drama. The story was great and the characters were pretty unique. The main leads did such a terrific job. I liked how every episode revealed a different story. Also, even though the drama had a mature feel to it, I laughed a lot throughout the series. Hyo-Jin's Aegyo is so freaking adorable and I'm not that crazy about Aegyo. Then Ji-Sub was hilarious and totally nailed the script. Towards the end the story was somewhat iffy but overall it was a job well done. I would definitely recommend this to someone who wants to try something different and the horror isn't too bad.

Mooniechan I didn't know the Hong sisters write another series! I have to say I really liked this series! Seldom am I really attracted from the very first episode. The chemistry between all the characters were splendid. I highly recommend watching. The ending left me a little bummed, but was satisfactory. Heck, I would still applaud it overall. :)

MS_fans Best couple should be So Jisub & Gong Hyojin. They look good together, they're cute. Hhh, whyyyyyy!!!!

lubberfeet I can't get over this drama... It was soooo goodddd!!! I even look up drama hyo jin was in but nothing helps cuz i stil think about this drama. Great cast, story, every episode was a great one. Im gonna re-watch it.

Mya I usually don't like Korean drama.. But this one is the best one ever!!! I absolutely love the story line and the love story. It's a must watch!!!

KHJfan It's by far one of my favorite Kdrama, wow such a beautiful chemistry between the two main characters!!! <3 @Marta I'm pretty sure the song's name is "love sick" by Tahiti. :)

Pan Pan I love that drama very much. Si Ji Sub is awesome. Kong Hyo Jin is also cute and adorable.

dflax my favorite drama aside from secret garden..

Marta Can somebody tell me the name of the song and artist of the song that is always played when they are at the coffee shop!??

dadz . . . . anyeong haseo! . i've already gave my comment about this drama, and for the second time around i've realized its my favorite korean drama so far . .i hope that more korean dramas would be able to inspire young hearts. i realized that su ji sub is a great actor . .

anti The Master's Sun Best Drama 2013. SJS and GHJ, Best Couple... ^_^

merpiks Best drama for 2013! It surpassed my expectations in a korean drama. TGS and JJW was such a perfect couple plus the ghost chasing stories.

Too bad here in the Philippines it will be shown on the flop station GMA. Say hello to poor ratings and murdery cuts. LOL

marvzdadz this drama is just too epic. i can't help it but watch. it just blew my expectations.! i thought it would be a boring drama because i don't find the cast that powerful , but to my surprise,. its a sudden ' boom ' . an effective explosion brought by the twist of the drama. kinda like to watch again . . . . . . . . . .

babymeg19 WOW. I actually was surprised how good this drama was. When I started watching and found out what this drama was about (ghosts), i was gonna quit watching but did not know when to stop because it was so interesting.

They are such a cute couple.

saranghaekyu Yoo Min Kyu so handsome :'))))))))

vivien By FAR - THE BEST DRAMA of 2013... it has everything; comedy, drama, romance, suspense, thrill and some horror... the character development is just simply great; the chemistry between the main leads and second leads is amazing; the story line is just breath taking - even the scary scenes were a little scary. Not one single dull moment. LOVED IT! LOVED IT! LOVED IT!

mia master's fan... good news for all of you...viewers voted this drama as most favorite drama of 2013 favorite comedy,favorite lead couple,best kissing scene,favorite drama character JOO JONG WON best paranormal drama,best overlord(do they mean loaded guy?),and finally who had least tear inducing world problems taeyang or eunsang of heirs both are in the race...


I never expected it would be this good. the main actror n actrres chemistry on and off screen is very good. i hope they pair them again in anther drama. 1st time I shipping this kind of couple. please date hyo jin unnie , ji sub oppa!

freak Superb ! Not like those typical comedy-romance-cry-drama. Love love love this! all the four mains are really good !

Jinggay OMG! One of the best kdramas I've ever seen. Actors, plot, pace, chemistry--PERFECT!

Magdalena This is the best & romantic K-drama that you must see... Daebakk... Love the story, love chemistry between Master and Tae Yang also cute love chemistry between Kwang Woo and Yi Ryung... Love this drama very much... Thanks to all actors & actress also the director who made this drama...I really enjoyed this drama and hope this drama wins awards... Fighting and Congratulations... Love this drama, characters and also the best ending ever as all characters are all happy endings... : )

j DAEBAK! this movie is a very good one. jinjja, saranghaeyo joo joong won oppa and tae gong shil unnie. hope they will be a couple again in the other drama or movie. i really hope they can be a real couple in the real life too, since both of them are single now. kekeke.. hwaiting!

Rhang Rhang This is one of the best korean drama i've ever watched. At first its so scary but after 2 episodes it was awesome. Tae Gong Shil and Joo Joong Won they will be considered as one if the best couple, their chemistry its overloading, hehe. I love both of you, hope to see both of you in one drama again. Fighting. ;)

Turkish Rose My favorite series of all time. the best and most electrifying on screen chemistry I've ever seen.

Sunny Wonderful drama, wonderful acting, i love it.

cyan gong hyojin, saranghae...great acting.she's not 'goddess-looking' like other k-celebs but i never get bored seeing her face. she shines..i wish i had a big sister as lovely as her

Dan This is one of the BEST DRAMA's of 2013 :) I've watched 70+ k-dramas since 2006 and I could say that it's one of the best Rom-Com's around. With it's fast-paced plot, great OST's, superb cinematography and off-the-charts chemistry, This is truly a gem from Hong Sisters. Kudos to The Master's Sun and may Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub sweep-off the SBS drama awards :) Fighting! P.S. Highly recommended and re-watch factor is extremely high too :)

Alejandro Higashiyama Being an avid fan and viewer this series was one of the worst I've seen.

n one of the best, that's for sure

Diamond Gubatun OMG, i shed lot of tears in Episode 13. I didn't realized watching Tae Yang weeping, I m weeping too. It really hurts in this situation that the love of your life cant remember you and you chose it to save him . Hold on Tae Yang, JW will be back, his love towards you is like an incurable disease that creeping/metastasized all over his body. Even he lost his memory about you, but the love still inside that cant be vanished. Well, Gong Hyo Jin, she won my heart since The Greatest Love, even she's not attractive at first sight/glance, but she has her own beauty. She has her own characteristic that even goddess women don't have it. She is a very witty woman, down to earth, friendly and lovable. Being a good actress is innate in her. I'm your avid fan Miss Gong and keep up the Good work. :)

ni I like all the actor and actress this drama.I like so ji sub action and his gentle man style.

stexaskid One of the best shows of its genera I've ever watched. The acting was superb and believable. I normally don't shed a tear or have watery eyes when watching a show, but for some reason this one got to me. You could feel what they felt. Kudos to a fantastic job of story telling and being able to tie bring seemingly different lives and being able to combine it into one that is shared by different walks of life at the same time. Could not have been done any better. I would have given it a 100 percent instead of a 98, but my finger slipped.

fanofchou @Brianzkee that the scenario that the writers created. If you make scenario like ur idea then the story line would be different and maybe it wouldn't have a sad part like it has now (when he nearly died and gong shil became very sad and stuggled to save his soul).

brianzkee The drama was great until episode 12 I kept hanging... it was supposedly sad! but it didn't made me sad at all, the reason why is that you guys didn't notice anything, something stupid out there... the fact that the CEO got stabbed instead of tae yang doesn't make sense.. take a recap... why the hell did the CEO chose to be stabbed? instead at that moment of time he could just kick that perpetrator's ass (the one who wanna stab tae yang) since he was behind that guy!!! He should have never died out there! It was that bullshit scene made me confused.. Don't you agree??

herbmom Just finished watching the drama. What fun!! I could poke holes in lots of areas, but overall, it was totally charming. Great chemistry between characters.A bit different from most kdramas with the ghosts and their individual stories. Am sorry it's over!

willow jones-heger I will miss the drama when it is over,as one would miss a friend. all the actors are so good and so convincing.the writting is good.can it ever be sequeled?

Sam My Favorite Korean drama of 2013! Honestly, I still have withdrawal sydrome with this drama.. I couldn't watch another drama without noticing simple gestures that has similarities with The Master's Sun. My favorite Gong Hyo Jin unni has been paired with the perfect leading man for her! So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin's chemistry was off the charts!!!! The Best Chemistry I've seen so far that I'm shipping them so hard to be together in real life :) Best wishes to all the cast and for all who haven't watched it, don't have second thought because this DEFINITELY is one of the best masterpieces I've seen and the REWATCHABILITY factor is extremely high!!! TWO Thumbs up!!!

p.s. You may suffer extreme withdrawal syndrome once you become addicted to this drama :) anyway, ENJOY WATCHING!!!

Natasha 10/10

I think this is the best Korean drama I've ever watched. The characters, plot, overall excitement, ending - everything is beyond perfection! This drama is a mix of horror, comedy and romance which is really great. Even though this is a horror drama, it is not really scary! In fact, it's hilarious. A definitely 2013 must watch!

I'm not gonna lie, most Korean dramas have really terrible endings. Probably because they have episodes limit (which is either 16 or 20) so they tried to speed things up, which makes the ending seriously horrible. But Master's Sun ending is not face-paced, it's calm and enjoyable to watch. The twist at the end is also unpredictable. This is probably the first Korean drama that makes me feel so many emotions - happiness, sadness, anger...

Moreover, I really love the main characters' chemistry. They both look like they really love each other so much that they are willing to die in their place. This is rare in most Korean dramas. I love Tae Gong Sil and Joo Joong Won. I wish they were real.

shwela I love it so much.Best drama ever n i like it than heirs n f4 bcos the actors take care their actings than their appearence.

Sofia Chelsea Done watching..WHOOW! Two thumbs up,it was a very great drama and it has a very nice I don`t know what should I watch next like a wonderful drama like this..joong woon oppa your very handsome and your acting was so great!Tae gong shil unnie FIGHTNG!!!!!!!!

misz_ana omo..i miss this drama so much and keep re-watched it because i'm afraid others new drama will not be as good as this the chemistry between gong hyo jin & so ji sub. i shipped sogong couple so much.please be real...ㅋㅋㅋ

evi best drama, best actors and actress, best story, best BTS (behind the scene), best time, best director, best writers <3

wahyu Honestly i like the master sun .. but i feel so ji sub like cha sung won as dok go jin in The greatest love.. (Mianhe for All so ji sub fans...)

maro I miss watching this drama like crazy its been 2 weeks since this drama ended, but still wish to see more of so ji sub and lovely Gong Hyo jin !!! they both showed awesome onscreen chemistry and a fabulous acting ,hats off to the writers for creating such a great story.

A girl who can see ghosts and the guy who is a snob and a CEO who cannot see .. but if you touch him the ghosts fly away , still not sure why he had such a power why he was sooo special but good call writers, not revealing everything to us !!! Thanks for a amazing episodes and entertaining us ! hope you come with more and more such interesting out of box stories with great punch lines. Your reference to goat and wolf, shelter and bombing squad, black whale and aquarium, shining sun , and meow meow was very very beautiful :) !!! I miss this drama , but mostly miss your sense of humor !!! hope all are rewarding nicely for such a nice drama !!!

dianosaurus This is such a great drama so interesting. Loved so ji sub so much in this. Im just wondering, was there a specific reason why it was joong won in particular who was her shelter? Did we find out?

mel lee I love, love, love the character 소지섭 plays!!! He is so perfect

Lia This drama is AWESOME! I never get bored watching it again and again, especially when Tae Yang got possessed by ghosts in Joo Goon's house. Super hilarious LMAO!

Frita Angelina cool ... love their love

LOH I love watching the main two actor n actress but it ended too abruptly .Add another three more episodes.I wish to see both in their wedding dress n the main actress to be well dressed in the continuous episodes.Bravo to the main actor for his charming ,attractive looks n smartly dress throughout the series.I enjoyed very much.Tae Yang Si acted very naturally .Bravo to u too.Unfortunately I love to watch u dress up decently when u r dating with Joo Joong Won.I love to see both of u to date each other in the off stage.

Kelsey I used to start watching a drama and then pause halfway cos it's either getting boring or the storyline is getting a bit weird BUT Master's Sun is a TOTALLY DIFFERENT STORY FOR ME! I watch it in one shot without pausing! IT'S TOOOO GOOD!!!! I like how joo joong won is always there for taeyang when the spirits are following her!! And this is the only drama when I like all the characters lol(even minor characters!)OMGOSH!!! MUST WATCH DRAMA!!!! <3 More so ji sub x gong hyo jin drama please!!!

Jan Best drama ever! I actually watched the entire episode without skipping. Love the main characters!

katy this drama was very very exciting... i really like it so ji sub <3 kong hyo jin nice couple

Sunny I really really like this drama. It's a really must- to- watch drama of the year. I love the charisma of So Ji-Sub as Joong woo here. He is just adorable and cute... <3,unlike his past projects with a dull and dark characters that didn't suit him at all. He is suited with bright and carefree characters (like this drama). I hope to see his next projects with bright personally. Oppa, you are the SUN to me! ;) Hwaiting.....

Lili The best Korean TV drama of 2013! Chapeau. Love love love both main actors.

melomag This is a must watch drama! It's a mix of almost all genre and the drama and romance between all the casts are well shown even the main characters development towards love and life. The twist is really great and it has an element of excitement as each episodes you were craving for the next. I'm just sad that it ends in 17th episode. I wish it has more! Now I don't know again how to find another drama greater than this. ;)

Laela This is honestly such a beautiful drama. It includes everything. Every episode leaves you crying or laughing. The acting is well , and I really enjoyed the two. So Ji-Sub ! Hes an amazing actor , but I prefer his look back in ' Always' or ' Only You ' . He is still very handsome. kekeke~ , Totally in my top 3 dramas ! <3 . Lets see if Heirs can top this :)

Desi If SBS really is for ratings should have another SJS & GHJ drama next perfect couple=ratings???the best drama 2013.. Am sad that it ended...but happy that Heirs is also a must watch drama..thank you SBS...!!

dramartistravel I find that the most amusing parts of Master Sun were in episodes 4 and 17. The finale has a very good touch to the storyline and dialogue. I rate this drama as superlative; on the same level as My name is Kim Sam Song in terms of wittiness, sexiness and humour in the dialogue and antics of the main cast and supporting cast. Hope that there will be more dramas like these two but with different storyline and plots of course!!!

vanessa this is my no. 1 romantic comedy so far after the Greatest love...i'm a big fan of gong hyo jin and so ji sub!!!!fighting!!!

Shairli Congrats! SBS - bts team, on screen team... from crew to actors. Daebak! Good job! Enjoy every moment, single episode of the drama. Hope to see more of this kind of drama (rom-com), more of these superb actors (SJS & GHJ) & others too.

Kay I was reading the previous accolades of this drama and fail to see why so may praises. The premise for the story was good but the script was lacking. Enough of the word sun already. I know it's in the title but much too often used in the dialogue. And So Ji Sub, what's with all the hand flourishes, and walking with your hands behind your back, the constant uptight facial expression. A bit over done there on all counts. Why something like this would be more popular to Koreans than Playful Kiss, I cannot fathom.

florence such a nice drama sbs really rocks this year

kuroi-himitsu Seeing the popularity of Master's Sun, I keep hoping for Running Man to invite the main casts, So Jisub and Gong Hyojin to their show. I'm dying to see these two in a family variety show~ After finishing the last episode, I started to miss them already~ Master's Sun is indeed my favourite and memorable kdrama of 2013. Thank you SJS and GHJ for such outstanding acting performance. And congratulation to Hong Sisters for the successful comeback!!!

kh94 WHAT AN OUTSTANDING DRAMA!! This will definitely be one of my favourite kdrama!! <3 I can't help but feel a little depressed after watching the last episode, but I'm glad I found out about this drama!!! :D Ahh...Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub's rom-com chemistry...I'm going to miss it ;(

FLORENCE TONSINF wooooooow! it's one hell a drama...i really love it. though i never got to watch it thanks to dramabeans i gotta follow the full story..without any hardships. SBS rocks this year producing good dramas like i hear your voice' the master's sun and in the near future THE HEIRS and latter MAN FROM ANOTHER STAR which stars JUN JI HYUN

HtwayLay I love this drama for 100% & Miss Gong, you are really amazing. Ji Sub Oppa also very great but I love Gong HYo Jin Unnie more.. she's really amazing actress. :) I love The Master's Sun

Wengski Hello GHJ, you proved again how amazing and excellent actress you are. I never regrets having you in my life as my greatest idol in this world. I was carried away by the master sun and i need to move on. Good luck in your up coming projects. Stay as simple as you are because you are perfect.

laugh223 Does anyone know the name of the song that was sung in the park in episode 16 where joo joong won asked taeyang not to leave??

ladygynn having my THE MASTER'S SUN syndrome... can't help but feeling sad... yes it should end it that way, it's okey if it's only 17 episodes because if it stays longer it will become boring... but ohhh... so the ending is okey but feeling sad i will not see SJS and GHJ anymore... looking forward for their next project

Chakitababe I cannot stop talking about this amazing romcom!! The re-runs are even better now...sigh, it just doesnt have that "anxiety-cant-wait-for-the-next-episode-moment", but instead WE have the power to stop, replay, rewind, and start again..LOL! TMS is the best K-Drama ever because the Hong Sisters did not hold back (compared to other K-Dramas), with all the touchy feely skinship right throughout, even with ominous kissing scenes, thank you so much. I kinda think TMS was more for the (us) older generation (not mature aged!) who dream, wish, fantasise and even agree with the crazy love, the sacrifice for that love, and the true meaning of love..sigh!! TMS exceeded my expectations so much. It wasnt the normal rich boy/poor girl heroic drama, it was a deep love story of two broken souls who longed for happiness/normality in their lives who one day found each other and clung on to each other (bunker) to claim their happiness/love through sacrifice. SJS, you are truly an artist, and doing comedy suits you, it was a challenge, but this proves you have amazing talent and skills to do anything. I love the roles that have happy endings (Road #1, Cain & Abel, Ghosts) to name a few. GHJ, a beautiful soul who encaptures everyone with a presence that is enchanting, and with the ability to be so funny. Thank you both for your on-screen chemistry that really expressed and explored everybodys feelings and emotions. Such professionalism, experience, talent and abilities to do that to your fans, WOW, what more can one say, but BRILLIANCE! Good bye JJW & TGS, I wish you both much love, kindness, happiness, and success. If what fans saw on screen appear off screen, I wish you both luck, love, best wishes and much Blessings, (fighting)!!. Thank you x

angie I hope they have a sequel with the same cast. The only complaint I had was that it seemed the last 3 episodes or so it seemed they were crammed with trying to fill the plot or explain everything before the ending. To me it just didn't seem to flow nicely towards the end. I did love this drama though and would gladly watch it again.

ai' goodbye master-taeyang, i'll be missing you all. i watch this drama from ep 1, i always curious about next episode every week, i'll be missing hat feeling too.... congratulation....!!!

Dava Congratulations. Absolutely fabulous drama. Witty, fun, creative, interesting, romantic, all the good stuff.

Gabi I seriously recommend this drama BEST DRAMA PLOT EVER.. and yes best of 2013..

I loved the fact that they never dragged any story long.. the main ghost was over before the ending,, everyone had a happy ending,, and every episode made me teary but ended laughing my a+ off ..

Im not sure how i will get over this drama.. i was so scared at the beginning but every ghost had a sad story so that made it less scary.. plus our Master and Sun would keep me smiling like a fool ^^

Nice Job Hong Sisters!

Ann G LOVED this Drama. Everything was answered and the ending was perfect. This has been the best drama of this year. It was funny and sad and creepy. Loved everything about it. You know what I loved even more was how the second leads found someone special as well rather them leaving and have us wondering what ever happened to that guy or woman. Loved how even the "evil" people of the show was funny. This is really what the k-drama world needed right now because I have watched my fair share of evil kept secrets and who did it type of plots this year. It was a good experience this time with watching something a little different. It was a break from the evil mother-n-laws and back stabbing friends and the poor woman in distress type of story. I find it nice to once in awhile to be able to watch something that I don't have to feel depress for the main lady. All of the characters grew in their own way and for once I didn't have to worry about rather or not the family would interfere with the couple happiness because these main characters showed strength. I would recommend this drama to anyone who likes a lil horror and comedy and especially if they want a break from all of the over dramatics.

Yoon Sun Young Oh thank you for this really good drama, i have cried a lot. But now it`s a happy ending. It's really my favorite drama i ever watched. I hope to see Gong Hyo Jin and Soo Ji Sub in a drama again :) ♥ Kamsahabnida chingu♥ 감사 합니다 친구♥ love y'all♥

Nur Fathihah Ouh my!! Really love this drama...!! The best drama for 2013! ♥

Alian i hope SJS ang KHJ will get together again in another drama!! ^^ clap clap clap!!! Joo Jong Won and Tae Gong Shil, you'll surely be missed!! ^^ Again, Gong Hyo Jin has cast her spell ^^ really a wonderful actress... ^^ and it's the first time that i really enjoyed watching SJS ^^ I loved Saranghabminda Miyanhabnida but it has a really tragic ending, and so did Bali...

You look really great doing a romcom!! ^^

kkk SJS and KHJ dating in real life would be a good match too ^^

kdramalover A drama worth watching. ♥ thank u for bringing a very scary, funny and cheesy journey with the cast and story. One of my faves. Evrythig else falls perfectly in its place. Need i say more? :) Very cute Ost. Touch love.

arina Best ost..wonderful supporting casts....GHS beauty is not drop dead gorgeous but the graceful kind that becomes better with age..and she is really a fantastic her in pasta..thank you..BL and crush the movie and SJS really surprised me this time...i think i prefer him playing this kind of character rather than the tragic or dramatic ones...Overall Master Sun is one fantastic and fun drama...congratulations to the casts and crew..esp the Hong sisters...

pakistani girl drama with the perfect ending with every thing nothing was left out not even the coffee ghost dustbin ghot simply everything was perfect........... loved it n will surely gonna miss this drama...sarange SJS n KHJ

pakistani girl drama with the perfect ending with every thing nothing was left out not even the coffe ghost dustbin ghot simply everything was perfect........... loveddd it n wwill surely gonna miss this drama...

Chakitababe My absolute favourite and best K-Drama for 2013!! Thank you to all those involved in creating this romcom, your masterpiece has been brilliant, so captivating each week, did not disappoint at all. The finale (Ep 17) was bitter sweet because even though we got the happy ending we wanted (and demanded!), there was still a conclusion, an end to the drama, and ending to those sleepless Wed/Thurs its back to reality, no more dreaming (sigh).. So Ji Sub, the talent and ability that you have has been exceeded with this new (comedic) side of you. Gong Hyo Jin, your beauty, your charm and sincerety on screen has been amazing to watch. I wish you both much happiness, success and blessings in your future endeavours. Thank you so much for bringing us Joo Joon Wong and Tae Gong Shil (never forgotten)

Sunny I love Tae Yi Reoung (Little Sun) and Kang Woo so much. At last, they became sweet couple :). This movie ends really well since most main actors become couples... Coool ^^

klxl wow !!!!!!!!! IM IN LOVE WITH THIS DRAMA! :( so sad it ended :((((

YufuRere aaaaaaaaaa..... LOVE THIS DRAMA!!! NANO NANO RASANYA >,<

Jenny I'm absolutely satisfied with the ending! Couldn't be more beautiful!!! As much as I hate this series to end, I absolutely adore the ending of the drama! LOVE THE CHEMISTRY IN THE END! JUST DATE ALREADY, SJS & GHJ! *Two thumbs up*

Wish it was longer. );


babyshattered greatest love still the best!

babyshattered greatest love is still the best

chunchunny If I had dismissed this drama with the excuse that because it included ghosts, the ‘frigid businessman’ character trope and a seemingly unbalanced female lead, then I would’ve easily missed out on one of this year’s most worthwhile dramas. Fortunately for me (and probably many other fans), I learned very quickly that The Master’s Sun is rich with humour (including many laugh-out-loud scenes), scares and genuinely heart-warming moments that endear the viewer to each and every character written and brought to life by the talented Hong Sisters, and the incredibly well matched cast. Though I’m saddened to see this wonderful gem of a drama end, I’m even happier for the viewing experience. (If you haven’t seen it yet , what are you waiting for?!)

Angel Absolutely can not get enough of this drama! Just finished watching episode 17 and because I do not want to spoil it I will just say towards the end I am really really really really confused! I mean I kind of get it but not really. I love the drama and all did they really have to make the last episode confusing? It makes me feel like the ended this drama too early! Did they not have enough money for an episode 18? I will go work for them if they make another episode 18 lol! :) well all good things must come to and end! However, this is an original drama that I haven't seen come from Korea in a while now and I have to say I am very pleased! Good job guys! Now make another interesting series!

Ambrose 龍頭蛇尾 (용두사미) Dragon's head, Snake's tail. Strong start, poor finish.

The first 12 episodes are absolutely wonderful; some of the best I've ever seen. GHJ is utterly irresistable and charming, and the storylines are entertaining and fulfilling. The next 4 episodes simply dragged on too much, and changed the tone of the entire series; most regretful was the complete 180 personality change of the female protagonist. Character development? Oh please, by the final episode she was back to her original self, meaning that her noble idiocy and uncharacteristic coldness during those 4 filler episodes was ultimately pointless. The final episode was a welcome return to the atmosphere of the first 12 episodes, but it was too little, too late.

If you want to watch an excellent Hong Sisters drama that is hilarious, charming, entertaining, and most importantly, CONSISTENT throughout, then give The Greatest Love a watch. It's a 10/10 drama.

I would rate TMR as a 8/10, only because the first 12 episodes are so good.

First 12 episodes: 10/10 Episodes 13-16: 6/10 Episode 17: 8/10 (I would give it a 9/10 if I weren't so jaded.)

Samantha Absolutely my Favorite Drama of 2013!

There is no word that can fit to describe how much I love this drama. This is the first time I've watched a kdrama that's airing live in Korea and I'm grateful that I did. I had fun waiting for the preview analyzing it, what would happen to the episode, analyzing the episode once again like a CSI agent, waiting for Wednesdays to come so I can continue watching the next episode. and so on. I even watched the Behing The Scenes videos millions of times, analyzing them again untilthe next episode airs. With this drama's ending last night, mixed emotions flooded within me. I know that It would be so hard to let go of this drama because it has been my life for this month. Everything here was just so perfect. I'll miss all of them, the mesmerizing OST's, crew and especially Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub which I ship so much! I can say Is that those ratings do not say much about this drama because it really deserved more!!! All about this is just so perfect and I hope they would win the SBS drama Awards because the chemistry of this Coupleis so superb! On and off screen, they are the best! I couldn't think of anyone perfectly and beautifully paired like Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub. I hope they would truly be together in real life. With that, I thank you The Master's Sun! It has been a great ride and it worth it! Thumbs up! Definitely worth watching and worth repeating amillion times! believe me!

Pani Aww ~~~ finally this time has come :((( thx hong sisters for making such a very very very very great drama this year ..... I really don't know how to describe my feeling for it... It would be so good if they date :))) I really appreciate how this drama make me and also everyone happy since ep 1 woah~~~ jjang !!!! Daebak !!!!!

The badass CAN YOU GUYS JUST DATE EACH OTHERS ALREADY?? One of the best kdrama I've ever watched with this perfect couple. The lead male So ji Sub was so handsome that make all the women melt. Gong hyo Jin was so lovely dovely that all men could falls for her. Hong Sisters such a great writers. They always created a couples on the dramas. Every moments in this drama will remains in my heart forever. I feel like SJS and GHJ have feelings for each other in real life. But who knows? That's just my opinion and I get excited every moments they're together. Please PLEASE date each other!! You guys made a Perfect couple.

sunny i had just watched ep 17 on live streaming , it was a happy ending yet it didn't impress me a lot . cuz i was expecting more from hong sisters. but it stills a great drama of all the times !!!

Irin Same as all of you guys I don't want this drama end! This is THE BESTEST korean series ever ... everything's perfect wish it could has 50 ep lol goshhh the only thing I can do just re-watch it again and again lol love The Master's Sun the awesome series 2013!

M noona This one is one of the BEST drama ever (that is if you're into rom-com), both main leads' chemistry are explosive...LOVE.IT. Great OST, Great cast, Great comedic timing...overall it's just plain daebak. Enjoyed GHJ performance very much, Love SJS to bits i'm telling you BITS. If anyone from your agency happens to read this, know that i'm sending him lots of hearts from faraway land. SJS Fighting!!! The second lead are also cute, while my fave 2nd lead of all time is still with Dr.Yoon Pil Jo from "The Greatest Love", my fave female 2nd lead goes to Kim Yoo Ri as Tae Yi Reong on "The Master's Sun", and lets not forget Secretary Kim - he's the best cupid and wingman ever! One random unimportant thing i like, i don't feel like a dirty noona oogling over SJS coz for once the main actor that i fell (hard) for is actually older than i am haha...

Mummy Zee Only one word to describe this drama...DAEBAK!!! Love the main casts..i dunno so ji sub can act rom-com....he is soooooooo cool!! And hyo jin...kuddos...she really into her caracter!!

mint cherry i really really totally fall in love with this drama..... Joo Joong Won and Tae Gong Sil are perfect together...everytime after i watch one episode, i want to watch it again...and again and again :D really don't want it end....sooo addicted for So Ji Sub!!

Zara agasshi wowowwwww.......this drama impressed me ...big time.I cried everytime i watch the episodes.i think this drama sink deep inside my heart.Sincerely,i haven't watched drama this good for ages.The horror genre is well-mixed together with romance.wowoww...excellence drama.I rated it 10/10.

carolyn Well done, u all have completely sucessful. I really really love this drama!!! They r the greatest couple n real touch my heart. Hope there will have a happy ending that might surprising us with a miracle. Even, I might expected one of them who love deepest will be die as per the fairly tales of the wolf & the sheep. But, It is too sad to see that! I am sure this drama will achive many award. Congratulation!

nadzskie totally bewitched by this drama and this couple! even when i'm at work i'm giggling like an idiot XD i hope they could work together again in the future. loveeee their chemistry! i love seeing So Jisub smiling so much when he's around Gong Hyojin. it's refreshing to see that he has a playful side. hoping for 20%+ ratings for the last episode!

teodora I will rate this drama 1 to 10 my rate 10 very good story,make up ,writer,director and super very good main actors and actress.Congratulation Masters Sun

aurelia Is episode 16 airing yet?

lotie So Ji Sub was really a revelation in the romance-comedy genre. I used to watched him on heavy drama where he really is an exceptional. It's so refreshing to watch him on Master's Sun where he can showcase his other side and I believe he did it with flying colors. Another thing is there's always a good chemistry formed whoever is his love interest in a series. Since he proved already that he can be effective in rom-com I wish he will have another team-up with Kim Ha Neul. They really look good on screen.

wildwood I knew I would like this drama from the beginning because it was by the Hong sisters but this (unless the ending gets totally screwed up) has become one of my all-time favorite k-dramas. The chemistry between the leads, as others have mentioned, is so sweetly adorable and all the little jokes and word plays- well, I'm the one that's been bewitched because I've completely fallen for this drama and So Ji Sub-Gong Hyo Jin as a couple! Love it! I want to see the end but then I'm gonna miss living in their world too...

Ann g I love this drama, but I will be a lil tick if they keep dragging their relationship out. Love the drama I just feel its unnecessary to drag their relationship out.

Angela Sad it will end soon. Best Korean Drama so far for me. Wonderful chemistry between the main actors. Funny and lovable. Love it!!

Rosi So Ji Sub suprised me as a comedic actor, he is just great (and so handsome!). Kong Hyo Jin is perfect for this role, loved her in "The greatest love" and "Pasta" she is so funny.

Kim Yoo Ri big suprise as a comedy actress, she is typecast usually as the wealthy, snobbish woman in the drama, kuddos for her acting.

I just hope the ending has Joo Joong-Won and Tae Kong-Sil together. Hated last week when she went away, with the photographer...... very upset.....

selena omg i cant wait till its tomorrow .i thought its not gona be that good but i take that back .its really,really is the best drama

LoveIt I dont want this drama end, love jisub-hyojin couple. Hopefully they will achieve best couple award.

lori Why is there only 17 episodes? This show is by far the best drana iut there. I hope the end is not as disappointing as your the best Lee Soon Shin!

ai' this drama so touched, my tears can't falling but my heart feel the pain, just like ji sub feel, hyo jin - ji sub is the great couple... i hope they take couple role in another drama.... can't wait for the last episode..

zzz omg i love this drama..good chemistry between lead actors, good characters with good actors, even i go through to find who act as coffee each characters really does have impact to me...and the important thing it has a good plot.. love love love.. i'm so in love with so ji sub.. i remember my first sad genre kdrama is sorry, i love him there...while other go hunt for flowers boys type men, i like so ji sub style.. and my fav actress.. from pasta drama.. gong hyo jin.. she really a good actress.. you will feel different level with her acting than other actress.. MASTER"S SUN daebak!!

julie i just wish they will make a good ending for this drama. because i'm not satisfied with the ending of "BIG". Also i'm half happy with the ending of "My girlfriend is a gumiho". And if that will happen this will be one of the best Korean drama I've ever watch.

Lela I look forward 2 finally know what their relationship....Please return the memory CEO Joo...pleaseee.....:P

Vonny GREAT drama. Love it. Great timing. Excellent acting.

queenvee Best kdrama of the year! So Ji Sub is rocks!

JJ i never thought i'd enjoy such a ghost kdrama like this one but woah i'm really addicted to it, SJS & kong hyu jin got a gr8 chemistry! i can't believe so ji sub ssi cld pull something comedic as this one, his facial expressions are just enough to make you laugh most times! kudos to the writers, each segment of ghost she encounters make a story so touching esp the kid who was physically abused by his mother! gol shi has helped a lot of people who died for some reason or another! ghost movie hollywood seems like overshadowed by this drama :)

ferei i don't want this drama t end.

Thia I love this drama!!! So ji sub is super handsome! Please extend the drama. The plot, the script is excellent!!

sofy Gosh this drama is soooo freaking amazing! it has been so long since a drama excited me this much. I am just obsessed with Tae kong sil and Jo joong won lovestory their chemistry is unbelievably awesome ♥♥ The master's sun for the win <33

tarasara69 i loved this drama..Gong Sil and Joong won they mean't to be each other...i hope they will be together...i hate loosing this heart will fall apart...

Grace Im soooooo inlove with this drama. The episode when joong won soul said i love you to gong shil was really sad. I cried like an idiot for next episode. It was good. Really good. Actually this is the best kdrama in 2013 in my opinion. I really hope gong shil and joong won will end up together <333 LOVE LOVE

Virginia I love this drama!!! I can watch whole day!!! So different from other dramas~!!!!^^ LIKE!! LIKE!!!

Isa I have absolutely fallen in love with this series as it allows one to float ones mind in another dimension and wonder what it is really like to be a character on the other side of the world, if you get what I mean (HA!). Much appreciation goes out to the script writers as their creative imagination has allowed one to let go of the things holding onto ones chest, if you get what I mean (*smiling*).

Leigh "gguh-jyuh" hand gesture never fails to make me laugh.. haha

Lydia Coffee Ghost Ko Nak Hyun

Zeyna.lovemasterssun Its hurt inside me to hear that this drama is going to end in ep 16 but i dont want to believe it i just wantted to see this beautiful perfect matched ,funny ,romantic ,brilliant couple more on screen with their new adventures i loved them and i started to see them as my family i love their perfect act and i just want more episodes this couple is perfect matched and i think there isnt any couple that can replace them and there wont be any they are the best they are totally great i love them i love the drama PLZ MAKE THIS DRAMA LONGEEER !!!!!!!!!PLZZZZZZZZZ BEGGING YOUUUUUUUU DIRECTOR / PRODUCER WHATEVER PLZZZ MAKE THIS DRAAMAAAAA LONGEERRRRR BEST KOREAN DRAMA AND BEST DRAMA I HAVE EVER SEEN !!!! <3

dramalover123 I am curious, what is an Asian’s idea of beauty? I think that HJ is a beauty woman, yet many call her ugly. To me, an Asian’s almond shaped eyes, high cheekbones are beautiful and exotic, and Koreans’ lips are criminal and should be outlawed, seriously SEXY to a T. Why all this plastic surgery to conform to western standard of beauty? Especially, since some hold westerners in such disdain. Yes! It may have flown right past some, but I got the significance of all your ghosts, vampires having blue eyes. I have not seen your portrayal of demons but I am sure that they too will have blue eyes. Why must some people consistently confuse drama world with the real world is beyond me. It is ridiculous that so many want the lead stars to date. If everyone felt compelled to take attraction to the distance, many women would be train wrecks and men, well their egos would be seriously deflated. (Much more to compare them with) HJ has already admitted that working so close to someone for months on end, she sometimes becomes attracted to her co-stars but the feeling dissipate in a couple of weeks, knowing this, she would be the last to just jump into a relationship with her co-stars unless there is something more than just mere attraction. By the way, I do not care who her boyfriend is or will be, nor I am certain, does she wants me to care. Ps. before sending rotten tomato admit that what I have written is true

Lee Yeon Hee I love this drama! One of the best dramas ever! It's been decided that there will be only 16 episodes, not 17.. And one special episode. I just finished 15 and I'm so sad.. Can't wait for the final episode!

silver hee joo was younger twin...what i think is... when she met her sister,she felt bad n got jealous when she had to live rough life @ orphanage... hanna grew up just fine... met nice adoptive parents... maybe thats y she plotted all dat kidnapping... n maybe hanna will try to possesed gong shil n won't live unless joong won gets rid of her...

TMSaddict best drama of the year!! hope they become a real couple<333

isbella best drama 2013 for now on..i think the song at at coffee shop by Taiti -love that song

ladylala90 i think the one who died is Hanna, not Cha Hee-Joo. Then Cha Hee-Joo act like Hanna.

Timmy The best Korean drama ever made!

LoveGirl So has anyone figured out who the coffee ghost guy is yet? I think this might drive a lot of people crazy that they didn't put him in the list of actors I mean he is in it more than the kids I think and they got listed with pictures. Please if you find out let me know! Thank you!

joo joong two the best korean drama i ever watch. this drama makes me watch online on-aired drama for the first time. cant wait to watch the next episode! saranghae joo goon! love all the way from malaysia ;)

woww It doesnt make sense that this drama is going to end in 3 more episodes!!!! They just introduced new important characters!!!

Im afraid that in order to rush up they are going to ruined it!! make a second season or make more episodes but IT just CANT END LIKE THISSSSS!!!!

EoStark Totally in love with this drama and with these 2,althought I fell in love wit So Ji Sub before...SJS you're amazing!! I love your eyes xDDDDDDD

Neringa I love it, one the best of all time.

Ann The story is relatively good, but the actors are absolutely talented. So Ji Sub and Hyo Jin are the best!! Without those 2 this drama wont be as good. I have enjoyed watching this drama.

lotie I wish there would be more scene between So Ji Sub and Lee Jong-Hyuk. I think if they create a bit of rivalry over Taeyang that is much more exciting to see rather than with Kang Woo since Kingdom Mall is always on guard with Giant Mall. Just a little bit of rivalry is enough it could be very trivial if they overdo it.

MiMin Does someone know the name of the song playing in the background when they're in the coffee shop (Kong Sil sister's)?

Elvedina So i'm not the only one who wants to know who the coffee ghost is called

ANN G No more beating around the bush with these two. First we get teased that they are getting closer and then bam memory loss and it's so many unanswered questions. 3 eps left so please don't let his memory be lost for long.

Bouba Oh God Oh God Oh God ! only 4 episodes to go ! I am dying to see how Joo Joong-Won will remember Tae Kong-Sil . & that evil Hanna buying & wearing the same Sun necklace in order to confuse Joong-Won !!! I hate her. when will he know she's the kidnapper ??!!! Great acting So Ji-Sub ! The funniest ever ! I never knew u could speak that much ! usually your roles little talkative, more facial & eyes expression . Love u !!! Kong Hyo-Jin is wonderful in her worried/on the edge/freaking out character ! Great acting by all the cast ! beautiful drama.

jan splendid acting so ji sub.. u never seize to amaze me with your acting ability.. your depth in acting always gives justice to the role you're playing.. keep it up.. very effective portrayal of a cold, emotionless but prim and proper character.. indeed great.. i love every character that play.. i've watched practicaly all your tv dramas and specially like sorry, i love you; cain and abel and glass slippers.. will add master's sun to this list now  :) will look forward to your next drama project after this one.. God bless !!

Shy Love love love this drama like its super awesome..I wish they would extend it 20 episodes should suffice..I can't take the intensity of the suspenseful plot its nerve wrecking..I so love this drama top five this year definitely;.)

On another note I hate the pic this page has of Candy Kang(Seo-In Guk) he look super hot in every thing he does don't get me wrong but his lips look weird in this pic..#JustSaying

shairli hand gesture + gochyeo! = hillarious! love both actors + storyline. daebak! wish it will continue, more than eps 17. best drama for this year, till date.

jayjay_410 Omg! I so can't for episode 14 in English Subtitle. I really am, Hopefully he remembers <3 :''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''')

khazahraa This is one of the daebak drama... Waiting for ep 14 but I think is not enugh for me if it just 17 episode........ Its such Ƌ good drama :( I hope that they will consider it again :) daebak!!

마하 Waiting so baad for EP 14 :"""""""""""""

마하 It's actually the best drama for this month and the story of the drama soo amazing and fictional

the coolest thing  in the series
is so ji sub  character 

It's full of humor and charisma in one word he's handsome OMG i cant believe he has such an cute said ~~ <3<3<3 i adore so ji sub when he says "kkojo " hahahahhah

Mila Aaaaarrrrrgggghhhh!!!!!! I can't wait for the next episode... I love Tae Yang and Joong Won...

RObin About the lack of passion during the kiss. Its because it wasnt Gong shil and the other one she pretended to be a ghost kkk but anyway i am waiting for the kiss when Gong Shil will respons too like in love haaaaaayyyyyyy Love them <3

Irene I love this drama. It is so touching. Tae and joong have great chemistry together. I wish there are 50 episodes. So sad there will only be 17. I am not Korean and I have seen tons of drama, this one is one of the best. Thank u!

Linda The best drama ever.

Abi I love this show!!!! I hope they do a Part two of it!!!! Best Drama of 2013!!!!

farah don’t like master sun using amnesia which overused in kdramaland esp after IHYV(i hear your voice) which used amnesia plot too. And I think this episode it’s not funny like previous episode. I am really confused. If ha na was the dead one and hee joo was still alive, but why in ep 3-4 when hee joo got in tae yang's body she acted like she was really hee joo not ha na x_x I'm not so satisfied with this episode,its not that bad...but i am really thankful for those kids who told him about Tae Gong Sil...i'm really curious about the next episode.i just wish Joong Won remembers everything. The only problem is i still have to wait 1 week to watch it... so disappointing..

.. i think they twist it because of extended episode!!

Sakura vote this drama for the best drama in 2013!! the new genre of this drama give us some curiosity. Though i haven't watch I Hear Your Voice yet and The Heirs hasn't aired yet but i loveeedddd TMS so much ahahahah.. i think 17 episodes is not enough for me T__T The chemistry between SJS n GHJ are awesome! i already watch Greatest Love and though GHJ gives good chemistry with CSW but i like GHJ and SJS couple more hahahaha.. their chemistry somehow feels like they are dating for real.. (if i want to compare between CSW and GHJ their chemistry more like brother and sister)

Wengski I really hate the Aunt of JJW, she slapped Tae Yang...:(

Alian Gong Hyo Jin!!! Keep up the good work!!! Didn't know you before the Master's Sun but as I was watching the drama I got more and more curious about you... So while waiting for Episode 13 I finished watching your previous drama "The Greatest Love". And while watching that drama I got even more curious and now I'm watching "Thank you" that drama you did with Jang Hyuk. ^^ Yes, you're not the shining goddess that other Korean actresses are but you're beauty looks more real. You're acting also captivates the heart may it be drama or romantic comedy ^^ I'll be watching your older dramas while waiting for the next episodes. And I'll be waiting for your future dramas ^^

mata_hari I kept thinking I've seen that Hanna somewhere in other drama. Turns out she's the vet in City Hunter who helped a lot when Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young get shot. Can't wait for the truth to be revealed. Hong Sisters rules!!

cutechu_bbuing Really interesting and cool drama cant wait for the next episode^^ So happy that it extended to one episode^^. Seriously this is SBS year with Hit dramas such as "I Can Hear Your Voice" to "My Master's Sun" and upcoming "Heirs" <3

Wengski @YELLOW....I believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder..inculcate this in your brain....

Oh by the way maybe you have to change your eye glass.

Wengski OMG, i shed lot of tears in Episode 13. I didn't realized watching Tae Yang weeping, I m weeping too. It really hurts in this situation that the love of your life cant remember you and you chose it to save him . Hold on Tae Yang, JW will be back, his love towards you is like an incurable disease that creeping/metastasized all over his body. Even he lost his memory about you, but the love still inside that cant be vanished.

Well, Gong Hyo Jin, she won my heart since The Greatest Love, even she's not attractive at first sight/glance, but she has her own beauty. She has her own characteristic that even goddess women don't have it. She is a very witty woman, down to earth, friendly and lovable.

Being a good actress is innate in her. I'm your avid fan Miss Gong and keep up the Good work. :)

sora gosh...coz SBS extend it for one episode, i forgive SBS for delaying episode 14,

Royal I am waiting impatiently for the next episode.. Good story line with talented actors and actresses:)

Sunny @YELLOW Shooo!!!! I bet you are on of those koreans who are so insecured with looks. Gong Hyo Jin has a remarkable talent and personality PLUS their chemistry is really great and that makes her pretty pretty enough!!! HOw dare you call other people ugly.

@Yellow SLAP!!! SLAP!!! Yeah you can keep your opinion. People should learn from other peoples opinion you YOU...... I won't curse coz I'm nothing like you :P

THis is entertaining ;) They are doing their part <3 It really takes my stress out ^_^

taengoo~ Wait...only 17 eps? Awwww..this is a really good drama!!! i want like 50 eps lol. Ahh! So ji sub is a great actor. Love him in Ghost (aka Phantom).

Kay @yellow are you a five year old? You spell horribly. At least spell good when your saying your opinions, gosh.

CW I am not crazy about this drama, but then this one and "Who Are You" reminds me of U.S. shows, "Medium" and "Ghost Whisperer". Thus it's kind of redundant for me personally. However, I love the chemistry between So Ji Sub and Kong Hyo Jin. These two are fun to watch and they should do something else together. I think if they are both single in real life, they ought to consider dating eachother!! Really cute together. And to the ridiculous comment about how someone looks; if you don't like how someone looks, keep it to yourself, these actors and actresses are people too and don't need to satisfy some craving you may have for appearances to be how you want them. It's rude and mean. I think they are all beautiful and talented.

Tae- yang please end this drama with happy ending . i love this drama so much , episode 12 it make me cry a lot and a lot , and i feel its unfair to Tae Gong Sil when Joo Joong Won told that he love her , but in same time he died .

yellow i think this drama aweful really idk why ppl like it ? i watched it becz of seo ji sub & seo in guk & kim myungsoo the other two girls are really UGLY for real , storyline kind suck too not scary at all , it much comedy than love i mean how he love her & how he can;t read & the ghost story are really crazy < this drama can't take best drama of the year it better if i hear your voice or gu family book or EVEN two weeks better at storyline writing , this is my opinion recpect it or not i don't care .....

marieruu I cried at the end of episode 12. OMO, I hope Joo Joong doesn't die </////3

Itachi072 WTF!! I hope Joo Joong won Doesnt die!! Love this drama sooo fuc***g Much!

mandy I'm addicted to this drama..can't wait to watch next episode.. love all about this drama , the casts and story line was perfect. I think Gong hyo jin have done a great job, she is pretty with her natural her.. and Ji sub oppa..omg.. he's such a beautiful creature on earth..his body language that he shows to tae yang was very chemistrical. Love him. Love master's sun!!!

lot paras This drama delivers a totally different So Ji Sub. I like his character here I think nobody will does it better than him. I enjoyed every scene of the story. This is the first time I watched a full ghost story that I didn't feel terrified when they pop-up. Every episode is a must wait.

Taecron @Deksha ELF PRobly coz they cant air 2 episodes this week kkk anyhow Yeah still lovin this drama!!! ^_^ So Ji Sub <3 Gong Hyo Jin fighting!!!

Aygniy Which days does each new episode come out? I LOVE IT <3

Trin Best drama ever,,,,,,,,

siri I think he will not die besides that tae yang will have to sacrifice something to get him back. beyond that he have to solve his kidnap case and tae yang accident. a lot to go... I hope there is going to be a blast in upcoming episode. waiting since ages to the episode airing..... all the cast and crew fighting..... no need of extensions but another season with same leads plz

cempaka I'm from Indonesia, and in Indonesia,, many who love this flm,, in each episode gives jaln very interesting story, I love gong hyo jin and so ji sub,,, I hope Jihadists would be the best actor winner and match in 2014,,, I really like it

lily I really really hope these writers dont do the same stupid thing they did with BIG! I hope he is still alive thats and have a temporary memory loss i dont care! but he better be alive! because you writers started off just great with BIG too for at the end finishing up with the more stupid ending ever!!! seriously!!.

Deksha ELF @Taecron When I read at September 13, SBS said that The Master's Sun will be extend 2 episodes, but now this drama will be extend only 1 episode.. I'm very love this drama..

Shalem This drama... super cool.. 3 thumbs up... i love all the cast...;))

 i cant resist  to  watch  over in over   each  episode......

Taecron @Clumsy_me: same here kkk And Im falling inLove with So Ji Sub more than Taecyeon now hahahahaha

Taecron @Deksha ELF: really!!!!?????? cOOooool 18 Episode for MASTERS SUN. IM sOOOoooo HAppy. Hope they can make it even longer to 20? hihihihihi

olivia I think he did die for a few minutes then is revived. He will then be able to see spirits also,impressing Him with her adaptability.

donyta this is a very hear-taking drama. good job for the writers, crew and of course all the actors especially my favorite Gong Hyo Jin. You are no. one, the best ever natural actress. you are so sweet and sincere. so Ji sub Oppa is so handsome my god makes me crazy lol. I love every story in the episodes very much. it's so unique, fantastic and unpredictable. please extend it to 20 or more episodes. love from Indonesia..

rary Seo Inguk a.k.a Kang Woo released a song for this drama! Finally! He sings an OST! It's called No Matter What. Check it out. OMG, how can someone be so talented. He can sing, he can act, he can makes music too :*

Sarah This is literally the BEST K-Drama I have watched.... I love everything about this drama. <3

LadyFreedom The Master's Sun is one of the BEST KDrama for 2013 :)

clumsy_me I have this weird habit where I never watch latest Korean drama until it completes. Because I really hate waiting for one episode after one episode. I'm a drama marathon type of girl. But for all these years of being a K-Drama mania, this is probably the first time I feel that waiting for this drama to complete is such a pure torture. Seriously, from all the comments, my expectation is so high!

Isha THIS is the best K-Drama everr and believe me I have watched a great deal of them. Except Lord of the Ring this to me is the best show ever

alice I love this drama so much :D

So Ji Sub and Seo In Guk are killing me with their handsomeness and Kong Hyo Jin is so lovely <3

Deksha ELF Official News : "SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama Master's Sun with number one ratings at the same time has been considered to extend its two more episodes. The news came out from major media on September 13..."

Leigh Official Written Preview of Episode 13:

주군의 영혼이 돌아오지 않자 초조해진 공실은 죽음과 삶을 얘기하던 영매사 고여사를 찾아가고, 공실의 삶을 재물로 삼는 거래를 하게되는데...

Because JooGoon's spirit is not coming back, nervous GongShil meets the spirit matchmaker Madame Go, who talks about life and dead, and makes a deal to make her life into riches, but...

ANNOUNCEMENT from SBS: 'Master's Sun' will only air one episode this week.

angi 16 episodes is not enough

devie hong sister extension please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love this drama very much,and i love with gong hyo jin and so ji sub.. they are so really sweet prefect couple... i hope they are be real couple in the real life...please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love them both so much........... gong hyo jin so really beautiful woman and so ji sub is really handsoman man.. they are so awesome couple... i loved,very loved..............

Pinkie Omg ep 12 made me cry for an extra ten minutes after the show was over. :( hope he's still alive wonderful drama in my top three

adiriz this is the most Breathtaking,stunning and makes you bite nails - korean tv show that i have ever seen!!! i really like both of the lead characters and all other characters,especially Kim Secretary! i wish the hong sister's,Director and all the stuff will make 20 episodes out of the drama,in my opinion,16 episodes is just not enough.

P S Lim A heart stopping drama that keeps me rooted to the screen. LOve the plot and the great chemistry reflected between the lead actor and actress……. EXCEPT for the lack of passion in the kiss.

From the many korean dramas I have watched over years, one of the biggest LET DOWN is the lack of on-air passion between the cast who were supposedly very much in love. Only a handful of female lead actress actually KISS with feelings. GHJ, I am sure you can do better than this than to do exhibit such lame kissing response, particularly, to such a good looking man.

GHJ, I have practically watched most of your shows, Pasta, The Greatest Love, Thank YOu, Hello My Teacher, Boomerang Family, Love Fiction...... You are indeed a multi faceted actress.

We need to see more passion in your love exhibits. Cheers!

Yanna Im from indonesia ...i like like your drama nomunomucua... i like your drama So much ...i have never been fall in love with other drama

But this drama oh jesus so nice and funny ...i just hope that You can extand more episode please.......... Waiting for new episode coming ...anyongggggg

Nolymus Ep 12 soo sad..... :( SARANGHAE both of you...... :)

amanda All the percent for this drama is really high I hope the people who are directing this will extend it the whole drama was good especailly the charcters I think all of them acted the best they could and this drama is really good!! I hope you please you extend it for your viewers and fans!!:) I'll be looking foward to all the up coing episodes from this drama and hoping it will be extended in a good wayy!:) I ove this drama soo much and the OST to this drama is soooo good all of them are rrally good especially the theme song I hope I get to see more of this gopd drama

sarah I love this drama my friend recomended it to me ans thanks to her I got to watch it! I hope the CEO dosen't die!! And also I wish tjat the drama willl be extended! This is such a good drama I think that it has a really good plot I hope I get to see these two again in a difffrent drama or even a apart teo would even be better!!

loithanoo I can't hold my tears with every episode I've watched. This drama has taught me so many life's lesson. All actors and actresses have been doing very good job :) Perfect drama of the year :)

hoda i am egyptian and i am enjoying this drama much much more than american and european ones or egyptian dramas.i believe korean dramas are really excelling .as for the master's sun drama the actors are so perfect .i wish them all the success .

claudia this drama is really great!!! the ceo can't die please, 16 episode aren't enough extend it please !!! hope that it will be a happy ending, and more ep, there are 4 ep till the end it isn't engough please DON'T MAKE HIM DIE

caroline I really extension for this drama because this drama really interesting and really good rather than other korean drama I already watch include phantom, please make it a little bit longger

Fatamii I will not forgive them too if that actually happened :(((

gong I will never forgive gong sisters if they kill ceo... Dieing to see a happy ending...Waiting patiently:D

yongsbo it was just a dream....tae gong shi fall asleep while waiting for the operation...anyways i demand extention for this unique kdrama...the cast of heirs esp. hyung lee min ho will understand...i hope they'll be consderate enough to answer our call...though im xcited for the heirs still i can tolerate for its delay..we will support it all the way.....gom se mari ga...fighting!

carla i am in love with this! every episode makes me crave for more. i cant wait for the next one. the story is unique, the characters very special, the actors are the greatest. it has taken my heart to the core! thank you for sharing this with us!

Quita I completely agree with "Slee", that was exactly my thoughts. But I still hate the fact that this drama will end like this( If it does end like this) ...

piqie98 This drama supposed to be extended... The ceo is dead also, but i'm positive that he is still in a coma and he will never be dead.... Tae Gong Shil, she act so original and good... They look better together.... I hope that Hong Sister will extend the episode..... Because this is the best drama I've ever seen among all the other drama.... Fighting for next episode!!

kim if Joo Joong-Won never dead will he and Tae Kong-Sil become the same person that can see ghosts too??But as long as Joo Joong-Won never dead that will be good so pls don't let Joo Joong-Won dead

yoo oh ar its so unfair they extended i can hear your voice why not master sun...this deserves a 20 episodes or more...i enjoyed it especially when they solved unfinished business by any wandering ghosts...please have it extended i beg!!!

bagul plss...extend this till episode 20....16 episode isnt enough..please.. please...

Adriana Arevalo He has to be alive or else I'm done with this lol Jk

Chopin NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO he cant die he just can't this isn't happening I've now watched two dramas where the main character dies Bad Guy now this?!?!?!?! It's unacceptable!!!!! T^T

sakura MR. CEO cannot die! I don't know how to react tto this all. Amazing drama and I'm sad to see it almost end. Lots of love, from the UK :)

Tina I think if he wake up forgeting her doesnt make sense cuz he gor stab in the back and not damage anything in his head! But i still hope he doesnt die! I think imma stop watching this drama if he die

ailyn planco No it can't be.....he still alive I sure.....ilove it...more episodes please

Rhiannon Joong Won better not be dead. I will cry.

Xivyloveyoux I am so sad when i watched ep.12 i hope the CEO doesn't die i cried so much

Hungry4dramas This drama is too good I don't think 16 episode is enough to cover everything, they should make it 20 episodes.

Lulu How can you have a romantic comedy with the hero dying? I really hope that he's just in a coma or having an out of body experience and recovers... won't stop watching the drama but really hoping with everything in me for a happy ending :(

Have to give props to Gong Hyo Jin for that fantastic performance at the end - I was crying along with her!

Slee Well, I am going to believe that the Hong Sisters won't let Joong-Won die, but be in a coma instead.

And that while he's a "ghost", he can go settle whatever he has to settle with Hee Joo (and maybe even work with Gong-Sil to solve his kidnap case and catch the real culprit, the twin sister). And somewhere here Hee Joo will possess Gong-Sil's body to "fight" her twin, and later will try to stay in Gong Sil's body when Joong Won wakes up. There may be some jealousy (Gong-Sil's) thrown in at this juncture when Joong Won finally meets Hee Joo in the other world.

While doing all this, he then also need to fight for attention with other ghosts asking Gong-Sil for help (adding a touch of comedy here).

And through it all, he will learn to understand Gong-Sil's world even better and also learn in the end, how he (a lamb) can live with her (the wolf), thus changing the ending of the storybook...(think the story of the book is something Hong Sisters are using to give the romance a bit of suspense).

And I will continue to believe that he didn't die. :-)

Tiffany Omg I hope it is a HAPPY ENDING!!!!!

Melon One great drama, hoping for a happy ending, from Malaysia with love XOXO

p/s Hong sisters: I will not forgive u if u kill GS and/or JW! hahaha

Jenny @PERSONAL OPINION Why? It's so entertaining! It's POPULAR FOR A REASON. And plus, there's different ghost story in every episode, the main plot is also to about how CEO began to accept Gong Shil slowly through every ghost stories... Therefore, these ghost stories actually helps to pull their relationship closer. :-) Give it try! Go and watch it! But well, it's your own choice anyway. :D

friss Anyone know whats the background music playing when inside the coffee shop scene? Its a girl group title track but whats the name of the group and title?

Taecron Well thats what makes dramas/dramas/shows etc my friend. Why not go write a better one if you can :P Besides they are different "ghost" stories in every episode and no wonder you can't relate much because you only watch clip :P Dear that wont do hehehe You are ruining its purpose :)))) There is a story and the catching/helping oft Ghosts is not the main line, Sigh you are missing a lot by just watching clips hehehe

Ohhh this is for our PERSONAL OPINION friend ^^,

For this awesome romantiv,comedy horror drama.. GREAT GREAT job, Very entertaining indeed!!!

Personal Opinion I started watching this drama with an open mind. I truly enjoyed the episodes, the ghosts and the comedy. But it just got repetitive, a ghost follows her, she uses the guy to protect herself from the ghost they hug or touch he approves or disapproves of this and they help the ghost at the end. This wouldn't be a problem if it didn't happen in almost every episode, the beginning was understandable because we were just getting started, but we are at episode 12 and the plot is barely moving forward. I stopped watching at episode 8, but I have been reading episode recaps (they are faster than watching a whole hour) to see were this is going, I also see some clips here and there. I like to watch a show for a plot and a story, romance doesn't hurt but from what I read people only watch this show for the touching, "cuteness" and the actor. I just think that this show is overrated.

happychlo Hopefully he just had a near death experience. Sure hope the don't have him wake up with amnesia about her or something like that, is always stupid and overused. I'm sure Tae Yang is going to blame herself since she kept saying she didn't want to hurt him since he was hurting. The aunt/relatives will blame her too! Of course this show always surprises me. I was thinking she was going to wind up being an angel or reaper or something. Who knows and it only has 4 episodes left. Unbelievable, this show has the potential to be much longer, surprised it is not at least 20 episodes. Oh well, love it anyway, sure hope he does not die or forget her!

Riza Love love love this show. Please it longer. And please make sure "Master" doesn't die.

shelly Episode 12 left me hanging! Is Joo joong won really dead? What is Tae yang gonna do? Cant wait for next week!!! Please make this drama a little longer...and seriously this should be #1

L Let this drama become 1st in rating..they deserved it !! Superb!

LingLing To Tika: The song is by Melody Day All About. Search "master's sun ost" on youtube :)

song maya the best ever drama i ever watch....on ep 12..i cried so so touching..i cannot wait for the next episode and one week it such a LONG PERIOD..I really excited about what will happend next..did joo joong woon really died?what will happend to taeyang..?so much question in my head...but i hope at the last this drama won't disappointed joo cannot die..hero cannot die..!!! >< please one week go faster........the master's sun...BEST BEST BEST ...AMAZING..!

Fernleaf Wowooo...Super hilarious, this is the first time I dare watch Ghost series with great anticipation (under blanket). Love So Ji-Sub and Kong Hyo-Ji!! Thanks to Hong's Sisters!! .

grace at first I don't really fans of so ji sub. but after watching this drama, I become his fans. Love his acting!! the best drama I ever watch!

Anita Abdul Malik they look compatible together.... love to see them together even in real life....Kong Hyo-Jin makes SJS smile always.....

Tala When's the next episode?

hsu mon tar ^_^ the best drama ever <3 <3 <3 i love this drama so much ! So Ji Sub <3 Gong Hyo Jin

kait kait I love his hand gester "gochyeo!!" SJS's portrayal of this char is so amazingly charming while KHJ's character portrayal is so cute!!! I can't wait for more. Anyone know what drama is competing with Master's Sun leaving them in 2nd place last week :( I hope it's going to be 1st next week!!

lili I love this drama .Love So Ji sub and Kong Hyo-Jin

lili I still feel that 16 episodes is not enough :( make it 20 please :)

ru fantastic drama. love it

AnrymT Love it!!! It does look like the ghost whisperer (Jennifer love Hewitt) where she solve ghost problems, but love the romance and the comedy on this:)))

Evangeline Escorpizo Atkinson this is one of the best KDrama i have watched so far. there are a lot of interest in this drama that i hope that there will be another series.

Grace H I love this show!!! So glad the Hong Sisters are back!

caroline i always love and like so ji sub, but in here he's really look different and I'm very surprised with him. i really love this drama and this drama inspire my thesis about korea, keep going and keep fighting so ji sub~ssi!!

kitkat Good drama...i love it too much..make it longer please! please!..

jazzy this is one drama that makes me smile a lot... stress reliever I would say...enjoyed watching it and love the characters ...

Mia I still feel that 16 episodes is not enough :( make it 20 please :)

gabriel I never liked a romantic drama until this one. Comedy and tension are at all the right places. The mystery moves along at the perfect pace and is a truly chilling story. Every secret told is another great moment. The ghost stories reflect human vices. The fashion and interior design are elegant. The soundtrack is wonderful. The characters are all so beautiful.

azrina Love this drama!! The chemistry potrayed by both Tae Yang & Joon Won is awesome. Those horror/ghost drama fans should not be looking at this drama as how the usual ghost/horror drama would be. If that is their expectation then they'll be remarking negative comment about it. This is a very well written romantic drama with just a little bit of dark element into it that had successfully given it much better flavour. Good job. Can't wait till episode 11 is aired.

lheiy... love this drama so kiliigg! can't wait to watch ep11, im thinking wat tae yang will gonna do after the love confession of joong-won. Truly one of the best kdramas i've ever watched.Keep it up.=)

bink Awesome drama! I got two others hooked. Love everything about it especially the in it face do what u want with it innuendos. So sad it's only 16 episodes.

Vy Is this drama scary? The summary said something about ghost.. If it's too scary I wouldn't want to watch it

sema my favorite drama is The Master's Sun ...

tika Great drama! Like honestly this is the highlight of my week. Does anone know the song that they play in here that goes "I'm all about"? I'm having a hard time searching it and It'll be really helpfull to me if you tell me. Thanks guys! You should really watch it if you havent yet! Enjoy guys!!

majaroh Another Hong Sisters Masterpiece! Beatifully crafted and well balanced. The first ep really got into my nerves thankfully they added comedy to lighten things up...

Davia Creative and fun drama. Jo Ji Sub exudes constrained sex appeal and romance. Interesting ghost stories. Ghost have gothic style make-up. LOL The aunt's husband becomes more entertaining as the drama progresses. He's quite funny. Love this drama!!!

Erin Love this series so much <3 At first I was so afraid because they said that the ghost is scarier than conjuring ghost!! But i found that this series is so funny yet romantic <3 <3 <3 Love the chemistry between Joong Won and Gong Shil and his trademark "Get Lost" XD

Doramafan Surprisingly good so far (ep. 10)! Amazing! Above all expectations! I hope that writers and directors go on this way, keeping us with this overwhelming feeling (please, i'm praying that they don't ruin it in this second half of the drama!)... I congratulate the producers who were able to gather all the top production variables (production, scenery, makeup, plot, cast...) in a really happy combination, but I would not be fair, if I don't highlight a particular aspect of the whole production: the remarkable performance of the couple who plays the main role. I'm certain that much of the success of it should be credited to them, which fulfill this drama with plenty of charisma, chemistry and acting talent!

dory lee Made me smile when I read Giede89's message because it's already past 4AM and am still up, too. To think that I've got students to teach in a couple of hours. haha. But I don't care either. I'm hooked.

Fannie Omg them again? Haha I loved the greatest love and I'm so excited to see familiar faces in this new drama, and they're the lead actors again wiiii ~ I haven't started yet but I sure will. It seems scary from the images but WHO CARES =D

harper Well...different strokes for different folks! But still if u don like this drama u shouldn't recommend things for others to watch ON the master's sun page! They should be able to decide if it's good or not by themselves, for me personally I love love this drama sooo much!!! I love the chemistry between the lead actors n the storyline!!! I think it's better than who are u, cuz that drama a little bit boring, no offense. N u can see by the ratings that this is much much higher than who are you's. :/ just stating w fact

Giede89 I've seen So Ji Sub in Memories in Bali which made me cry a lot, and then I'm sorry I Love you.. Those 2 made me cry like a river.. I was so busy in these past few years where I am not able to watch korean dramas a lot, but now I am back again.. I am just so hooked up of The Master's Sun that I decided to Go to bed at 4:30 n the morning... My head hurts but I don't care! I really like The way joon woo makes tae yang Go away... My favorite line now is... Go cho.... Hihihihi

Wenny Falling in love with this drama. Waiting for ep 11 The master's sun ♥

betterskies Love! this drama I was Tae yang and CEO to be together and for Kang woo to always be by her side but...Hey I'm with 16 episodes...I don't need 20 or 30 more episodes of misunderstandings between the two main roles, or for some to get amnesia, or break up and come back after 1 or 2 years. 16 episodes mean less unnecessary problems between the people and closer to the happy ever least that better be the way it ends...Its time for CEO to forget Ha jee joon(whatever the dead girlfriend name is) and move to start anew with Tae Yang!...<3 Master's Sun

aiq ooooohhh really love so ji sub and gong hyo jin in this dramaaaa...wahhhh really love.well waiting for episode 10 to be subs....

Angel Very hook! I love this drama very much, hope it will be extended to 20Episode... For sure that i will be experiencing extreme withdrawal period when this drama ends...

JOJOO OMG I just watched ep 10 and I'm was awesome....wont spoil it but best episode so far..............

tinskyyy I have watched a lot of drama, but i think this is the best drama ever... I love it. It's so heartfelt.

brenda veronica I love all about this drama, the characters, actors, plot , OST , all is amazing ♥ Thanks to producer, director, writer, cast, all staff for give us this wonderful experience. And obviously thanks to the internet Excellent actuation of Kong Hyo-Jin and So Ji-Sub, adorable couple I wish never ending ♥♥♥

Mayi They make my heart beat more...hahahaa so love love this:)


Ruby what a drama. love it so much. i cannot believe this drama is only 16 episodes. so short. at least 30 episodes please.

Mina This drama is have no idea how good this drama is (to everyone who says negative things about it).....only ep1 and 2 can be scary just a lil bit but after that is not scary at all......definitely a must watch drama......

jecay21 episode9...SJS & GHJ hmmm...a kiss finally..! ^ ^

Rumi kpop From Bulgaria. . .Omg. . I love this drama. . .Best drama ever !!!!!

Quinnie GOSH!!! THIS IS SO DAMN GOOD!! So Ji Sub is HAWT! and I can sense their fluent chemistry (with Gong Hyo Jin). Highly recommended! the Ghost are getting not-to-scary after the story progress (more intense). Its an awesome mixture of horror and comedy + romance! I have never loved ghostly drama before! But I enjoyed this to the point I sleep late (Ok, morning) to chase my friend's (started just recently)! Anywy! It worth your time!

Irish Pls pls pls extend this drama! It is so good I think Im going to die once this ends. Oh I love So Ji Sub and also Gong Hyo Jin. They're perfect togetherrrr. Omoooo can you two just become lovers in real life? Plssss extend Master's Sun!

Lilium You either going to love this drama or hate it (no middle point)..I came to love it so much <3. It is an amazing drama, and about the horror, only first two episodes could be scary to some of you but the rest is not. Highly recommended to watch.... <3

Kaki They reduced the number of episodes, or was there a mistake before? It has quite high ratings for this genre, and most dramas nowadays have 20+ ep, why would this one have only 16 ep/ be reduced? Anyway, 16 is enough, no need for super long dramas when they're good :)

Vanjie From philippines here.. I love this drama so funny... ilove all the characters...

Reyna Best korean drama since Greatest Love, and Pasta.. cannot wait to see more chilling scenes and how the main characters will act in the bizzar situations that arrise. Also love the background music, it keeps me at the edge of my seat..

TheMaterSunFan OMO ~!!! cant wait for tomo :) its EP 9 ^_^ Joong-Won and Tae Kong-Sil look so good together *_* really felt in love with them :) cant wait to see what happen. Hope JoongWon and TaeKongSil will be more close :D

zie02 I like the way they bring out the character. It's not boring. The director and writer chooses well the actor and actress for this drama. The soundtrack, it's really goes well with this drama.

CranberryJ summerbreeze---I completely agree with you; So Ji-sub is definitely hilarious in this and I love this side of his acting. I do also agree (with others) that I do love these two actors together; they have the chemistry that is needed to carry a drama like this. Like I said...I will continue to watch regardless.....

summerbreeze I'm huge Ji Sun fan too and I love the drama - it's funny and fresh. And I think Ji Sub needed something like that to show us another side of his amazing talent, he's hilarious! The only think I don't get is why they reduced the number of the episodes from 20 to 16?

CranberryJ I am a HUGE So Ji-sub fan and have watched and loved, all of his dramas....well that is until this one. I have a difficult time watching as it is just too 'silly' for me, although I think the potential of a really good drama/comedy is there; I will however, continue to a truly dedicated SJS fan. I must admit there are some very humorous scenes and I do love some of SJS when he wants her to leave him, go away, and he does that 'flick of the hand' thing...hehe...funny! Enjoy watching everyone; we all have the right to love it or hate it, regardless.

firza I found it funny that the actress who play Heejoo is older than the actor who play Kang Woo. :-D

firza Actually I found it funny that the actress who play Heejoo is older than the actor who play Kangwoo. :-D

devie this drama is very very the best drama.. i love this couple so much,they are so prefect couple of this year.. gong hyo jin is very beautiful,she is have inner beauty,kind hearted and her acting so very naturally.. she is and so ji sub is a good mixed actors.. so ji sub is very handsome man.. i love this couple very much... i'm is gong hyo jin and so ji sub fan.. they are so very an great actors.. i love them so much.. the master's sun is the best and this couple is sweet prefect romance couple... i always supporting...

jess This drama is just SO awesome that no words could describe how I FEEL about this drama! I think the Hong sister really picked the right main actor and actress, their chemistry is darn GOOD! I think is beyond just good... IT'S EXCELLENT! GOSH, ITS ONLY A FEW EPISODES AND THERE ARE ALREADY SO MANY VOTES! SO HAPPY! Hehehe! CANT WAIT FOR NEXT EPISODE TO BE RELEASE

sophia yeaaaa please dont enddd why only 16 episodess whyyyy??? :(

heba tarel this drama is F**king amazing $_$ please don't end :)

juzoinspired Despite this being partially melodramatic and not as action filled as "Two weeks," which is one of its competitors, this is a really good drama. Ghosts look more realistic than other dramas, and tries to capture situations that instill fear in the viewers. Not only does it keep me interested with the fairly straight-forward storyline, some of the cliche situations they throw in brings out the fan-boy in me (the guy acting like an ass at first, slowly developing feelings, then liking the girl). Anyway, I recommend this drama entirely!!

salome i think that kong hyo jin is perfect for this role.the chemistry between characters is intense and even though they have not displayed any kind of action just yet,i can feel air sizzling.its the kind of drama when you dont see but its there.they are the really good together and their acting is brilliant.i hope they will make more dramas together as partners.<3

.......... love all of SJS drama and movie, especially this drama because i can feel strong chemistry betweet SJS and GHJ.. I love Seo In Guk because of this drama too..

can be patient to watch next episode...


padma Best Drama this year!!

oily this is the worst horror comedy ive ever watch in my entire life. i lack the words to describe how horrible it was... poor script and story, poor acting... this is so unworthy to watch

Naeg I love this drama it's really great to watch. The actors are great and the story is wonderfull, not a dull moment yet.

Youknowwho I so love this drama!!! The best ever. I love the characters. They perfectly match their roles. I hope it will continue giving us the excitement all the way to the last episode. So Ji Sub, Kong Hyo Jin.... you are the best....!!!^^

Jen I am enjoying this drama so much that it is very hard to wait for the next episodes. While I have only enjoyed a few other k-dramas, this one is so good, I am a little hooked on k-drama's now. In my opinion So Ji Sub's character is superb as is Gong Hyo Jin's. I can tell that So Ji Sub shows a LOT of emotion through his eyes, and it gives Joo Joong Won so much depth. I also get lost in the storyline partly because Gong Shil is so believable, Gong Hyo Jin just totally becomes Gong Shil and she is a very good actress. I also LOVE that the second leads are very likable in their own way. Yi-Ryung is not much of a threat so far and seems to be becoming more intranced by Kang Woo. I am not loving Kang Woo, but he has his redeemable moments and is generally truly sweet, when he isn't spying and being fake. He seems to really be curious about Gong Shil herself now more than her connection with Joong-Won. Overall chemistry of the full cast is a great thing to see! I am swooning over the Master's Sun posters with Joo Joong-Won embracing Tae Gong-Shil both dressed in black. I hope that intense gaze he is giving her as his arms are wrapped around her waist is a clue at things to come! Like someone else said about waiting until all are out because I can't stand waiting per episode is tempting, but seems like it would be so hard, since I'm so into it now!! Great teaser to ep. 7 SBS!

Appley Loving this drama, the casts are just amazing, I hope the ending's gonna be perfect :)

sakura This drama is just amazing. Hong sisters have done a great job again. This drama is a horror comedy, so everything is the way it should be. The cast is amazing,the plot is absolutely interesting and captivating. Of course everyone has it's own opinion, but this drama is a MUST WATCH drama. I am watching at the same time "Who are you", and i also love it. You can't compare this 2 dramas, because the only thing they have in common is the fact that the protagonist can see ghosts. But everything else is different. There is no reason to compare them. They are both amazing dramas. The master's sun is like the Horror comedy movie "Chilling Romance", which honestly is more horror because of the creepy ghosts.. Anyways, before judging this drama , you should have an idea of what a "Horror-comedy " Genere is like.

darren i'm trying to stop myself from watching this until it's finished, coz i ca't stand the anticipation of waiting for the next episode but i don't know how much longer i can wait :) 16 blissful episodes with so ji sub!! love it! :D

Jj Honestly as this drama goes on ep by ep it has no substance . I blam the plot line not the actors. Like seo in guk character does not even shine . Cause I don't even get his story

dahee711 @Sam this drama is different than who are you. The plot, the story and the genre is TOTALLY different. Don't judge it before you watch it. Better cast? Better face maybe lol If you say they have better cast (ikr taecyon is so handsome) it's okay but his skill can't compare to SJS and GHJ .

wowwie @Sam - "This drama sucks like seriously why do you have to copy the other ghost drama that came out before this one called Who Are You. This one is so freaking stupid and the cast kinda sucks. The whole story line copied Who Are You and I highly recommend watching that one instead of The Master's Sun because it has a way better cast and better way of showing the ghosts and don't show the ghosts as some weird ass creatures like in this one!"

Three words for you, Sam. Get a life.

vie i actually love how tae yi ryung also a funny character, well see her in every episode just make me realize is not the main cast that funny, but the story line that make me feel for their laugh trap

tiffy this drama is soooo awesome!!!! i love it. So ji sub is soooo cute and his expressions are daebak!!! i like tae sil too. she is really funny and acts well! :)

dramafan6 This drama stands on its own. Love the lacing of the truth the supernatural and love.Wow!!!! This is so much fun to watch. Can I get me a "sweet candy Kang" to be my body guard?? Well it was just a wish.

lina THIS DRAMA IS AMAZIINNNNGGG , i reallly love it and im trying not to watch it until it all finishes airing

christine I cant wait for more ep ! Every ep has different and meaningful story.. It's too scary for me, since the ghost's face too scary n horror sense is too strong, but thanks to gong shil who acts funny n crazy kkk~

Compare to who are you, I think this is really different story. I'm watching both of them, and love them. Mystery, detective, cases, ghost, romance, comedy ! And also different level of actors n actress XD

Cudil its L in the Drama? wow, thats gonna be cool!!!!!! I really waiting this Drama! fight!!!

bhdskfo Kong Hyo-Jin acting in this drama is not that good but i think shes way better than so ji sub's acting hahah

Leigh I love this series!! The sarcastic facial expression of So Ji Sub and Gullible thinking of Gong Hyo Jin.

Plus the superb directing especially in episode 5 ending.. The Master and the Sun walking in between the glass wall while Joong won looking at her, its as if he is also a ghost (since he is living like a dead person since his Ex-GF died) chasing Gong Shil *Bow down to the director's visualization*.

And of course the Hong sisters' wit can be seen with the way they write the script. This Series is just Perfect! Match made in heaven from production to actors!

Biggi I love So Ji Sub <3 And Seo In Guk is sooo handsome *_* the drama is really funny, sometimes scary because of the ghosts :D looking forward to next epidodes

김소라 Sasa, the scary level for everyone is difference, if you see the rating, most of 19% people think its not as scary as you think :D but beside the scary ghost, they appear for a good reason. every ghost have their own sad and deep story. This movie is not all about "the ghost" but there's also a comedy plot, the way gong shil, handle the ghost is just funny, and romance between Joong Woon, who is sarcatic, with a big alter ego and pride, and also almighty manner that meet gong shil, the crazy and lunatic lady. both combination is hillarious.

And so funny when people compare who are you and the master's sun. i bet the writer did not write it on the spot, a story, especially a drama, is a long way planned product. i think korean drama sometimes appear to be in the same wave, like when they have the same time travel theme, you can mention Rooftop Prince, Queen Inhyun's Man, Dr. Jin, Faith, operation proposal at the close airing time. it doesnt mean one writer copying another writer,

And please don't compare both of the story, People who watch "who are you" probably look for the serious crime plot but people who watch "master's sun", we, mostly like the comedy plot. Me, myself, looking forward this drama because i want to see the comedy, most of it, since i always watch a serious role play by so ji sub. so this drama is interesting. And as far as i watch it, for episode 3 & 4 i dont feel dissapointed. As i expected from all the good actor and actress.

sasa i always avoid to watch horror movies or dramas bcs ghost stories is one of my biggest fear. but i'm so curious about this drama, what should i do? is this drama too scary for me or not? :/

Fullheart5 Well I like them both. Master's Sun and Who Are You. Like both casts on each drama and both storylines. Since ghosts do not really exist, who cares how they are portrayed. Loved So Ji Sub in "Always". One of my favorite movies, so to get to watch him for sixteen hours, I'll take it.

marieruu I agree with Huppy. Haha. I was scared to try this at first but then when I started watching it, it went actually good. The ghosts weren't really that scary, well, they are but not full on. And yeah, I could have just waited for this drama to finish as well before starting to watch this. Coz I can't wait for the next epis! Oh gawddd!

ella This is very my first time to see the drama which lead actress ask to sleep with lead actor.....I enjoy every moment when lead actors are together..laugh so hard

Katie This drama makes me laugh! I don't like ghosts so even if they are not scary to others, they scare me....then they make me laugh! Great drama!

oho @JustSaying haha..never thaught of getting such feedback and hatred (probably)..let me tell you something..oho and uh_oh is the same person.i thaught my comment was not submitted so i wrote another comment..when i visited this page..i was about to write such comment with intention to tell others how i feel about this it wrong if we gave the same opinion/compliment?sorry if it's bothering baddd..some people might have different point of view and vice versa you know..

  • keep throwing your confetti..this ultra sincere fan will receive it with open arms* ;)

marieruu I thought this would be really scary haha, I guessed wrong hehe. Can't wait for the next episodes!

For my opinion, this seems to be good. :) Loving the ratings so far.

fatima Is it me or when ever their is a drama there is anthor drama with similer story line like YRTBLSJ and The tale of two sisters master sun about ghost so is who are you in one of the plot about the died fiance how come both of them does not know about her being died and there is the two doctores who travelt to the past (one male and another female) the princess who came to the future the prince who came to the future the bodygaurd of the princess who came to the future and alot of other dramas with simmiler plote in the same year jusr saying and i am sorry for mu rusty english i read and understand english bout with writting i am not that good >

MPRL How on earth, am i gonna live waiting for next episodes??? :'( really love kyo hyo jin since drama 'THANK YOU' and so ji sub in 'ALWAYS' , Btw this drama REALLY has scary ghost !! keep skipping when the scary backsound playing. Hwaiting oppa ji sub nuna hyo jin :*

(i think so in guk gonna have a love line with the artist, and i support themm :P )

samsung this drama is for kids only, so plain, no horror, less comedy, i regret watching the first episode. it supposed to be a good drama as the screenwriter has two brains. what happend???????!!!!!

alina Way better than "who are you" in my opinion

JustSaying Having ghosts in both dramas doesn't mean both dramas are the same. If you watch both of them, you'd know they each have their own taste - WAY plays up on the dark, intense and sad, and TMS plays up on the bright, comedic and fun.

ava To Sam, It is Shock to read your comment. You know everyone has different taste. I love this show a lot, and actors are good, special leader actress ( both of leader actors have best actor and actress awards). They act so naturally, chemistry between them are so good. Special episode 4, I laugh so hard and so relaxing to watch it. One more thing, because I hear your voice extended 2 more episodes that why Master's Sun came out later than Who Are You, it not mean which one is copied which one. Drama and Ghost Story just created by writers, no one can prove how ghost look like. For me, more scary more interesting for me. SO if you don't like just keep quite and enjoy your show. To know which show is better , the viewers just compare rated number, Master's Sun have high rating so far...because it is hilarious and romance same time.....I believe a lot viewer will agree with me...

Feel shame for SAM

Sam This drama sucks like seriously why do you have to copy the other ghost drama that came out before this one called Who Are You. This one is so freaking stupid and the cast kinda sucks. The whole story line copied Who Are You and I highly recommend watching that one instead of The Master's Sun because it has a way better cast and better way of showing the ghosts and don't show the ghosts as some weird ass creatures like in this one!

fatima Xin not that scary just jumpy Ana she is the girlefriend of the third son on i summun you gold

egirl TWO thumbs up for this drama!! ~(^o^)/* ❤❤❤

Ju I looooove this drama <3

Xin Can somebody tell me how scary is this for a 12 year old? Im 12 and i dont have the guts to watch it :( Is it really scary?

kisla i really love this drama!!!!!❤❤❤

Ana does anybody know who plays joo joong won's girlfriend? she looks familiar

iloveyou good drama but ghost-of-the-day plot kinda cheesy lately:( luckily ghost-of-the-day concept changed in ep 4 which is a good thing:)

JustSaying @Huppy, uh-oh, oho Complimenting to show support for your favorite show is fine. Really. :) But copying another person's compliments... That's just plain insincere, isn't it? Wouldn't your own original compliments be better, or do you have nothing better to say that you have to resort to copying other people's compliments? And from Who Are You at that. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

I'm not here to preach. Way to go, ultra sincere fans! *throws confetti*

Hyunerynn HUH. I'm afraid of this story !!!!!!!!!!! OH GHOSTS

LaVonne I love this series and can't wait for each episode to come out.I was so hooked on I Can Hear Your Voice,now this and I'm sure the Heirs will be great too...All the actors are just so well cast in this,down to the two little boys even.The two main actors are just amazing the way they play off each other as they get closer...Love,love,love it.....

Huppy Gosh! I should've waited for all episodes to be released and then start watching! The feeling of waiting... Its so torturing! I swear I'm so addicted to this drama that I'm literally counting down the days for the next episode to be aired!

To be truth, I was kind of afraid to watch it, (like most of you guys, hah.) and the first 3 episodes were pretty scary, (its better now at episode 4) however what made me have that courage to continue watching it was, I find that the two main leads have GREAT CHEMISTRY! I don't know why, but this drama really attracts me a lot. I really hope that you guys would not back away just because it's a horror drama or something. Because this drama is definitely awesome! FIGHTING, MASTER'S SUN!!

uh-oh what an amusing drama.seriously!it's kinda sad that i need to wait for almost a week for the next episode..should wait and watch this drama when all the episodes are released or else you will feel i really like the relationship development between joongwon and's soo sweet and cant help myself from smiling and enjoying the moment they were together. at first i dont expect to much from this drama even i know it's a hong sisters's product since it involving ghost and horror genre..but yeah..glad that im watching it..another great drama after greatest it so much..and when watching ep04 (which is the best episode so far) so ji sub's acting kinda reminds me of dokko jin..hope this drama will have good rating like the I Hear Your Voice or better.

oho oh my!i regret watching this drama since it's only have 4episodes.i should wait it finish airing first..argh..for those planning to watch this wait until it has 10 episodes or more or else for those who love so ji sub and gong hyo jin couple and acting would end up like i love this drama so much and how the lead finally become close to each other caught my interest and i feel like there are a lot of thingy that have not been revealed yet..and this make me feel dying to wait for the next episodes.hopefully the rating will keep increasing and to the writers the hong sisters, keep it up!after watching greatest love i always look forward your work..and this is much much better than big.i thaught i would be disappointed since im not into horror or ghost drama but im wrong..and if i need to compare it with Who Are You,i think this drama's storyline is better and awsome..

sora1004 well, finally episode 3 is really enjoyable, the chemistry between kong hyo jin and so ji sub is developing. the supporting role story is also interesting. well, i'm not a person who think the ghost make up is scary (it's kinda funny actually). Basicly the story is good, i do admire Hong sister. hope Kong Hyo jin can keep her good act like episode 3 (or even better) so it can help the whole story.

L look very young in this drama ^^ looking forward for epi 4.

anna interesting drama, funny and scary, like it very much.....

Julie I loved episode 1 and 2 but episode 3 was just toooooo scary ! I can't watch it :/ I think the ghost can be a little more unscarred for us drama lovers and scary cats!

Jenny DAEEEEBAK! ♥ I thought I would hate it since it's something about supernatural/scary ghost stuff, and I would be TOO afraid to watch it (Though I'm still afraid). BUT! This drama is splendid! You can see that it's slowly developing between the two main leads! I can't wait for all episodes to be released! Two thumbs up! YAY~

SSS I'm very impressed with this drama! I was getting a tired of the stereotypical handsome rich guy falls in love with the cute/beautiful good-hearted woman plot...which is why this drama is so awesome.

Hyo jin's scared expressions seemed very realistic, especially considering the ghosts were done with varying amounts of CG and could not have looked as scary during filming. I also give her props for her creepy smiles that can't help but ugly her natural prettiness (gotta respect her guts to act as such an awkward character).

Of course the rest of the actors do a good job too. The situations between the Ji-sub and Hyo jin are the highlights of each show, as a rom-com should be, but usually with a horror twist that makes it unique. And of course there are all the makings of a classic drama square (with the romance between the male and female leads and potential competition for each).

Furthermore, there is an intriguing backstory for both lead characters (how Sun came to see ghosts and the mysterious crime of Master's past).

Enough said. :)

Olga Acting game gorgeous! Much stronger than "who you are" greeting from Russia.

jaden @soda: if u can act like the way she did,than u can give ur bacot!!

@nky Though the storyline is similar to i kind f like the lead combination far its supr intresting....lets c wat happns nxt.gr8 expectations frm the Hong sistrs. :) :)

Youknowwho I so love So Ji Sub in this series...It's good to see him play a different role. Kong Hyo Jin is awesome! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the episodes...It's scary though, but kinda love it because of the actors...Fighting!!!

soda kong hyo jin acting is so flat and expressionless. i dont know why people keep saying that shes a great actress. im not a fan of so ji soeb but i found his acting is so strange.. and he has this one boring facial expression..

mimik LOVE this show. Specially it showcase different side of Kong Hyo-Jin.

sora1004 At the first time i watch the drama, i expected something like chilling romance (horror, comedy, and romance). But after watch 2 epi i think kong hyo jin act is dull (and it change the entire concept). i'm not personally hate kong hyo jin, i love her act in the greatest love, but i think this drama is not belong to her. she cant act desperate because of the ghost (if you see ghost 24 hours and the ghost always ordering you to do something you must be piss off and desperate) and desperate because she need joong won (the only man who can stop her ghost-24-hours-nightmare). Despite kong hyo jin act, the drama itself is interesting, very touching, i love the ghost story. there is also so ji sub with his cool and almighty image, and soe in guk in suit (worth to watch ^^)

artist worst sjs acting!!!!!!!!

greg the drama is so boring and weak. i was expecting a bit of a horror-comedy but it seems to me the drama is so poor, make-up, lightnings and effects... etc. though the story is fine but the main male lead.... idk, i just dont feel him act to be honest

greg562325 the drama is kinda boring and weak. i was expecting a bit of a horror-comedy but it seems to me the drama is so poor, make-up, lightnings and effects... etc. though the story is fine but the main male lead.... i dont know i just dont feel him act

phuong oh my love - So ji Sub...can't wait for the sub of ep 2...This is a very very good film.. hoping that the rating will increasing more and you subbie

Dena I love this drama , first episode was great , love both leads and the storyline . I can't wait to watch more episodes .

devie wwoooooooooowww is have on air....... i'm so happy.. be the best drama and be the best couple of this year.... i will support

ekvar woow.. looks like a lot of fun :) I'll be watching it

sora1004 it kinda look like chilling romance/spellbound.

interesting to see so ji sub play a little bit comedi. can't wait to see it next week!

LeeSangBin Omo, its KHJ, i loved her in "the greatest love" and now with my fav actor SJS...this is DAEBAK! Saranghaeyo...<3<3<3

zil can't wait for this drama!! gong hyo jin<3... and ofcourse seo in guk is also here yey!<3<3<3

Leeda Girls day minah will be younger version of gong hyo jin right??? okay....

Nana i can't wait for this drama i just saw the 2 teaser and it made love the drama even more, of course i have not seen the drama but i am person that likes scary and comedy. From the looks of the second teaser there is going to be some funny moments. Can't wait. Love both leads they are great actor/actress. Fighting to the cast.

misz_ana aigoo...the premiers has been changed to August, 7... i'm really can't wait to watch this drama... interesting drama and actors...kong hyo jin, so ji sub and seo in guk, fighting~~~

Sa.Ho I really can't wait anymore , I'm sOoOoOo excited for this drama .

devie i think kong hyo jin more then beautiful, and she have a naturally acting and naturally beauty.. many more korean actresses look beauty but she have surgery not naturally.. kong hyo jin is the most beautiful.. her acting so great and amazing.. whatever everyone say, but i'm still choose kong hyo jin.. she is beautiful women.. she is the best .

Black_Sheep If others want to watch a more beautiful actress than hyo jin, you should watch the TVN drama " Who are you" than this because the lead actress there So E hyun is more beautiful than hyo jin but If you want a more scarier and suspense one you should watch "The Master's Sun".

devie hhahhhaha the taeser 2nd the master's sun is funny,kong hyo jin style is funny when she afraid so funny too.. i like her style and her character in this drama.. so funny.. and she is so charming.. so ji sub so cool, i like his character,he is as cold man.. so i have can't wait

Leeda Im happy because L cast in this drama,L kun >,<

Pou-retty Waah!! Kyaa!! Finally the official poster is up! Hyo Jin unni is as always, GLAMOROUSLY BEAUTIFUL! Missed her soo much since The Greatest Love! I am very excited for August!

devie i'am agree that kong hyo jin is the best actress.she have a naturally acting and naturally beauty.. i love her so much... and i'am so glad she was couple with mr handsome so ji sub... i can't wait this drama anymore.. they are be prefect couple..

MIchelle it look good is horror / romantic comedy that is first time i saw a k drama like i can wait to see how they incorporated the horror stuff

mimi love them both, can't wait for this drama!!!

Harizan I thought the lead actress was someone else. HAHA, I love Gong Hyo Jin. I love her in "greatest love" and "pasta". And I love her when she appeared in Running man.

AtsupeylaYIN I can't wait, I want to see my idol Kong Hyo-Jin, She's the best actress for me. KHJ <3 Besides this is good drama to watch for. More updates please :D thanks :D

Ayzhen I cant wait for July 31st. I'm so excited about this drama, this is good to be watch for. The best actress for me Kong Hyo-Jin <3

Ayzhen I cant wait for July 31st. I'm so excited about this drama, this is good to be watch for.

Kamja I'm very excited for this! Just knew today is their first script reading! Gosh, can't wait!!

KP can't wait for this drama to start airing :D Looks so wonderful already and has some of my fav's - I loved Ghost (Phantom) and The Greatest Love!

Peggy Wonderful to have Seo In Guk in any work with So Ji Sub. He will surely learn a lot from Ji Sub because he is such a sensitive actor. I will surely watch this drama. I look forward to Seo In Guk becoming a truly fine actor.

dramamaster Woow. love actors, screenwriters aaand sinopsis says drama is gonna be intrasing) the only BUT is,,I hope this drama wouldn't be aired at the same time as KBS's Green Scalpec, coz this oneis certainly would be a HIT, and the Joo Woon-ee's second drana this year gonna fail.. ahah, SJS one love)

Shamaine 딩동~~~!!! I haven't yet recovered from 최고의 사랑and the "독고진 -구애정" couple, but it's very nice to see and know that my favorite actress Gong Hyo Jin will be in another Hong Sisters' work! I'm not yet expecting what this will be - whether it will be a “unique” or “common” romantic comedy series - but I pour all my support for Hyo Jin! I haven’t yet watched So Ji Sub in any series but based from what I read, he is a very good actor who also deserves my support ~

By the way, again, I’ll say something being Gong Hyo Jin’s fan… Don’t say such things when you still don’t yet know how she will act this role out. Don’t take her talent for granted. She may be not that typical beauty based on the worldly standard BUT she is very gifted, flexible and awesome as an actress! Is it true that if an actress is not good-looking, her acting is also bad? Is it also true that if an actress is good-looking, her acting is also good? Not at all~ Just see for yourself how she acts when this series airs (^,~)

Dugeun-Dugeun 딩동~~~!!! I haven't yet recovered from 최고의 사랑and the "독고진 -구애정" couple, but it's very nice to see and know that my favorite actress Gong Hyo Jin will be in another Hong Sisters' work! I'm not yet expecting what this will be - whether it will be a “unique” or “common” romantic comedy series - but I pour all my support for Hyo Jin! I haven’t yet watched So Ji Sub in any series but based from what I read, he is a very good actor who also deserves my support ~

By the way, again, I’ll say something being Gong Hyo Jin’s fan… Don’t say such things when you still don’t yet know how she will act this role out. Don’t take her talent for granted. She may be not that typical beauty based on the worldly standard BUT she is very gifted, flexible and awesome as an actress! Is it true that if an actress is not good-looking, her acting is also bad? Is it also true that if an actress is good-looking, her acting is also good? Not at all~ Just see for yourself how she acts when this series airs (^,~)

Sa.Ho Both are my TOP favorite korean actors . Since Gong Hyu Jin is playing I'm really hoping it's a romantic comedy because everything I've seen from So Ji Sub made me cry . fighting to both of them

YoShiKitty They are both my most favorite actors(I loved seeing him with Im Soo Jung together as well),Can't wait til August :)) BTW I suggest anyone who has never watched "Thank You" It's a beautiful drama,GHJ did her role so great there Aww,I don't agree with anyone who thinks she doesn't suit SJS,I think she is more charming than some other actresses who are even prettier than her,cuz she looks so kind(I saw some powerful from her natural personality) and she looks smart and has so much charisma

jay i was hoping for so ji sub & im soo jung..

dee i want so ji sub with jung ryeo won or shin min ah or park min young pls.....

Tori I am hoping this is good. Especially because of the writers and director. Love So Ji-Sub oppa as an actor and loved Hyo-Jin in 'Pasta'.

ChewyIce The Hong sisters, the director that directed City Hunter, So Ji Sub (LOVED HIM IN GHOST!!) and Kong Hyo-Jin (LOVED HER IN GREATEST LOVE!!), THIS IS SOOOOO AWESOME and it's not even out yet.

Sheena I loved both Ghost and The Greatest Love sooo much. I can't wait to see this show, which will feature 2 actors that I love from 2 of my favorite shows :D

aisyah i really waiting for both of them to be pair. OMG i am so excited to watch this drama. hey, those who wish for lead actress to change, whats wrong with you people?.... ms kong hyo jin is the best.!!!!! good choice sister Hong, please dont change both lead.

misz_ana OMG!!!!August?I really can't wait...I always love Kong Hyo Jin unnie and So Ji Sub were so handsome and cool..I'm so happy and excited....

shin MY GOSH!!!~~~ I'm SCREAMING!! OMG OMG!!!! >..............< I can't wait for this!!!~ I love both Kong Hyo-Jin and So Ji-Sub!!~~ AHHHH!H!! OMG OMG OMG!!!

devie Unnie anyeong,i'am so glad if i hear that you been cast with the handsome So ji sub in the drama master the sun.. Unnie i can't wait this drama.. Unnie saranghae nado bogo sopho... Unnie,neo yeppeun... You is my favorite actress.. Unnie fighting... I can't with see you soon..

Xyrene I wish the lead actress would change, most fresh and innocent looking than Ms Hyo-Jin...

iammee Hoping that the choice of the actress will change, I have nothing against Hyo Jin but I want a more charming and beautiful actress opposite the handsome so ji sub.

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