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  • Name: Park Hyung-Sik
  • Hangul: 박형식
  • Born: November 16, 1991
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 184cm
  • Blood Type: AB


  1. Member of K-pop group "ZE:A".

Drama Series



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melissa I can't wait until I find the perfect Korean boyfriend that is when I move to Korea and learn the language

Gabriela Gonçalves Kosaka I'm in love with Korea! I'm interested in Korean History and ancient culture. I've seen a few dramas on KBS World and My favourites are You Are The Best and What Happens To My Family. All the characters are just great!!! But YOU are simply one of the best! Thank you for giving us such a nice well interpreted character! So vivid and authentic, the watchers start to love you Cha Dalbong just the way you are, so pure and sincere and also so strong and beloved by your family and that girl, which is simply one of the best, too. Thank you so much again! My best to you and the people of Korea with love from Portugal :)

Patty He is such an amazing actor and I admire his cuteness.

lhay Love him in What Happens to my Famil, with couple Nam ji Hyun, gosh they're so CUTE!

dadz . . chukahamnida! for winning best new actor nd best couple ward. At last, you've won an award.

Lential Omg....I can't believe he is born on November 16(My birthday) SO HAPPY

dadz . . .congratulation for zea for climbing up to top 22 for kpop popularity ranking 2014 especially park hyung sik

Rach I didn't recognize him at The Heirs but his character there was very funny. He is a good actor especially at What Happens To my Family I am really moved with Dalbong and Seoul's love story.

Zara Am I the only one who thinks he looks like EXO Suho? o.O

Jasmine Look a like Ji Sung (secret Love) at his young age

harin hyungsik is such amazing person :) i love all of him :) he is kind.. hope he and the rest of ze:a success in future :D

harriet he is now at philippines, helping my town in leyte that destroyed by yolanda (haiyan)... my god! my friends are lucky they got to talk to him and be his friend... i wish im still there!

mich . .. . anyeong haseyo! PARK HYUNG SIK is a very talented guy. He excel in both music and acting. Eventhough ze:a is not so famous, I love their music . I hope they could be famous in the near future. And I HOPE THAT i CAN SEE PARK HYUNG SIK AGAin in some korean dramas . I promise that I would watch no matter what . . . fighting!

dadz At first,I've seen this talented guy in the korean drama series "nine;nine times time travel" and he nailed it. His innocent character there suits him. Then i started watching "Sirius" because of him. after that, i have also seen him in the star studded series ' THE HEIRS". I am very happy that he is now one of the most anticipated actor for the year 2014.

   fighting!! . . . . . .. . . .  . ..  . . . .  . .

dadz . . . . .i miss my idol . ... ........ . .. . .when will i see you again in korean dramas? .. .... ... .... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..

SecretL He reminds me Ji Sung

mich . .. . . .park hyung sik is the most talented member of ZE:A . .. . ... .the way he sing, the way he dance . . . . . .it's fantastic. . . . . . .and my number two favorite actor after KIM WOO BIN ...... . .. .. . . . . . .. fighting!!

tata young oppa, saranghaeeeeee!! from malaysia ^_^

@Spar_Sparkyu Oppa,saranghae ^_^ you cute and handsome

Yin Nwe He is handsome and so cute!!!! Fighting!!!!

Lia he is handsome guy and he is amazing.. keep doing fantastic job and i always support you forever.. keep moving fighting

itsmeHannaMae hyungsik ACTING JJang! i like HYUNGSIK more than SIWAN. Specially ACTOR PARK HYUNGSIK

Jane You're too adorable haha!

CEline HYung sik -nim , did you have any different experience when you act in the heirs and sirius??

ft_mystey he's so cute with charming smile...!!! good job for him..:P

jasmine oppa!!!u r so cute.....neeonen nae nampyun iyeyu!!!!!kkkk!!!chaebal nae maemi pada choseyu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!kkkkkkk.....neomo sarang hae yu^^^^kiiiiiiisssss u

wida fitri yanti hyungshikkie neomu neomu saranghae :* i hope u can come to my country jakarta indonesia :) always pray u and all member ze a will be show in here .. ILYSM ^^

fatie i like you very much..when you act in drama sirius as do eun chang and do shin woo,i always think about you.hyung sik oppa saranghae..

ChaeRi Omo! Hyung-Sik Oppa! <3 Cheongmal Saranghae!

Sha Saranghae Hyunsik oppa I LOVE YOU!!!!!

KyunAh the expression in this photo like Jae Hyo or B-Bomb of BlockB :D

mey Fighting oppa shik. ♥ I hope I see u in jakarta ☺ pliss come to indonesia Hehehe goodluck for ZE:A all members too :) fightingggggg opaa !!!

fatoomchan he so talented, i watch Sirius drama & nine and i fallen love with him ^_^ also Iam biggest fan for ze:a band ...fighting oppa

EuniceZE:ASUJU He has such a natural and good acting skills like siwan. I hope more people will get to know him soon. His such a kind and gentleman guy and is seriously too cute. I hope more people can get to know ZE:A more. They had a lot of hardwork before debuting but mo one realised them. By the way, the nine drama is seriously damn nice after watch 3 episode. You guys really shld watch it!

384c For a rookie his acting was really good in the KBS Special, Sirius. Good-looking and talented guy.

z25375 Yea!!!!that's right let's support them... I really love both of them... & they seem so happy together..

RSL425 That's what i was thinking... Yea me too i really want to see them in really life.. :-D i wish we can support them...

a15t3 I watch Hyung Shik in recent The Romantic & Idol variety show. He seems to be decent and have good personality, easy to adapt eventhough there is 2 years gap with Ji Hyun. They pair up perfectly. Hyung Shik needs to learn to be more spontaneous to match better with Ji Hyun.. I love to see this couple in real life :)

Moonzz he is so cute:D

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