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  • Name No Min-Woo
  • Hangul: 노민우
  • Birthdate: May 29, 1986
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 183 cm
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Star Sign: Gemini


  1. Drummer for rock band "TRAX".


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Mars He is a very talented actors .. his new drama "My Unfortunate Boyfriend" super good !! must watch drama ♥♥♥ but he need to remember to Eat he is so thin XD .. Fighting !!

its me Hey mino it is me! ! You are the only actor who made like you the most just with mesmerising eyes which gleam so bright that every time i see it i just forget the whole world behind me. I have seen all your dramas except midas because i didn't want it to end that way. You have got a beautiful hair and skin. After seeing you i started noticing the way other actors act and i bet you are amazing no words can measure your talent i will always support you and i will b e your fan till the end. All the very best for your next project @

paitwua vue This is so cool he is my favorite but he looks better in the movie the nine tail fox he looks so much cuter in it.

forget me not i really like you,so cute and talented,had watched your movies and my fave is my girlfriend is did a good job

Dawn I love absolutely everything that you do No. I believe your talent is boundless. I've watched every drama you've been in with great excitement. I recently watched an old episode of Strong Heart, that you appeared in. I wondered the whole time, why your weren't showcased more. I hated that they cut out your drum playing exhibit. I love seeing you play music. I hope that someday you will come to the United States, and so a showcase. I know that you have fans everywhere. Continue to work hard, so that you can come to America and do a fan meet too.

I seriously envy Asian fans, as they get to see you all the time.

I'll end by saying I look forward to the drama coming to MBC, as that's a cable network I subscribe to on cable and I can't wait to see you.

I wish you continued success in your music and acting career, as well as your health and love life.


min woo :D he was handsome but now he's just... pretty. like a girl pretty

CW It's amazing this multi-talent isn't noticed more! NMW has androgynous beauty that is like no other. He is not a "stick out" kind of guy, yet at the same time, he is. His eyes are intense, pure and you feel like he can read your thoughts with those eyes. Never mind the rest, his eyes alone could carry you. That said, I feel he is often not put in roles that would have been great for him. But time will tell he's still young yet. I think he would have been great in the lead for "My Love from Another Star". I can see him in something that deals with him as a wise person long beyond his years. Someone that isn't typically moved by ordinary things. Something along those lines. He mentioned somewhere about wanting to do Boys Over Flowers, I think though, that would be a huge mistake. Lee Min Ho nailed it, it won't come back again, even LMH himself couldn't bring it back in "Heirs" , so just let that go. NMW needs to make his own path, not tail onto someone else's stuff. He has it, he could do it, but he needs to be cast better. I'm really behind this actor. I support his efforts.....

jojo This actor started off good looking especially in "Pasta". But now he looks emaciated and girly.

Lilith Are all of his fans so brainless, obsessed and illiterate? O_o

I wish you the best of luck Oppa in your future projects! I also hope that you will get cast in many good movies because you are a talented actor! Good luck and stay healthy and happy!

meggi He has such as beautiful face.... woow

PinkeyGD I love u so much in Full house take 2.. U r better than lee min ho(BOF).. but so sad that there's no award for that drama.. :-( Ur guitar skill is excellent in Rock Rock Rock! ❤❤❤

Neete you are doing great in the Greatest Wedding, love those smiles, those shy smiles when TaeYeon was thinking of Gi-Young, so captivating

Keep up the good work

melek No min woo şarkılarını da oyunculunu da çok seviyorum

Myra omg No min -wou I am a total fan of urs and I love u and ur smile I wished I met u in person lol well I love how u came out on Midas but I cant believe u character dies lol well ur awesome big hugs and kisses lol bye

Temitayo Hey No min -woo, I love nd adore u so much. Especially ur hair nd ur smile, just keep smiling bro, love u soooo much.

Night 'Sup man! Sorry I don't exactly watch Korean dramas. So I don't exactly know the dramas you acted. Haha..I watched Full House Take 2.. well part of it. I thought you were a major jerk in the first few episodes like Severus Snape (you know in Harry Potter?). But that just means you are awesome. On behalf of my crazy friend who totally adores you(Her laptop died and could never be resurrected so she can't write it. )... GOOD LUCK DUDE!! YOU DID A GREAT JOB!!

zaynab jana u r sooo cute and handsome ......i js love u very much ......u r awesome <3 <3 <3 <3

Helen Heyy XD , full house 2 is the first korean movie...darma series ive ever seen and i instantly fell inlove with your smile. Keep up the good work and your fans will always be cheering you on ^^

Darlin Hello No Min Woo.. always keep up the good work! I really like you the way you sing and dance. :) take good care of yourself always! smile ;) <3 more career comes to you! saranghe

Ensku he starred in the frozen flower? how I did not notice him!

neth hello no min-woo !!i wish you come to philippines !! stay strong no min-woo 'ADVANCE HAPPY B-DAY" more b-days to come ,,,,, god bless you !!!! saranghae yo!!!!!!!! <3 heartstrong and hardworking!!!!

Lisa Hello oppa, i love you and i hope that you Will come to Sweden

Dany Keosunso I have watched your song "Touch". You were vety pity. Somehow I know you are a very strong boy.

I have watched your movie "My girlfriend is a Gumiho". I haven't watched the full series yet, but I like it very much especially the spot in jungle.

One major question is why your TRAX band is not famous like other Korean boybands?

I wish you all the best.

감사미다. 사랑해, 꿀

Genesis I am currently watching you in God's Gift - 14's an awesome drama. I love you in the role of Te-Oh aka Snake Eyes. Once again, it is always good to see you in dramas, no matter how small the role. I remain confused as to your role in the death of your brother, the murders and how you are trying to reveal the truth. I am also not to sure what your role is with the chairman/grandpa he your father, I'm going to have to go back several episodes and re-watch maybe I missed that connections. In this latest episode, I don't like how they are sealing up your lips by threatening your pregnant girlfriend....but I can understand why you'd chose to keep quiet now. I really wish your drama had higher ratings. I mean I know I'm watching and by the comments of others, someone is watching...but nevertheless, you are a beautiful man and keep up the awesome work.

American Fan!!

Juliecious For me Minew is the best but I'm kinda sad cause he is so underrated.. He can sing and play 3 kinds of musical instrument, plus he can compose music. He can speak 3 languages or dialect (whatever).. He is a good actor and of course how can we forget the fact that he is very handsome.. (Very pretty too).. His career is doing well but he deserves more than what he is right now! I have nothing against him acting feminine and girly but I think people would love to see him acting like a good looking prince and not like a very beautiful princess!

samanta hi no min woo best actor korean series midas wanderful best best actor

Michelle @asiat i think is this because they way the make up him on Blade and petal that why it look like it He so handsome.

asiat is it me or this guy looks more like a woman these days......min woo oppa saranghae

Laura No Min Woo: You have to work harder, because i wanna see you like the principal star in a drama. However i think you are doing ok. Ganbatte!!!!

Rina Rai God Bless You Mr.Haki :') I really love the way you gave your performance on drama called''My Girlfriend is Gumiho" (Y) Good Job.*_*

No hyun min Oppa you are the best! I love you since I watched Pasta But recently you are so thin I think If you ate much more you would be much more handsome. Oppa fighting!!

luris uufff que guapo me encantas, excelente actor

Ei Thandar Phyu Min Woo opa You are the most handsome boy.I love you very very very very very much.opa daisuki

gdr does anyone think that he somehow resembels kim-jae wook?..they look alike!!..and both are goodlooking ;))

hail i like him in Pasta..he's like a living handsome manga character:)))good luck wi yr next projects

anzzana oPPa uw MOvies r XOO cool chu aah eee uw ma BIggeST fan KeEp wrkNG haRD...........tKE cre:)

billa Annyeong min woo oppa! You are multi-talented. Your acting in full house 2 and rock rock rock is the best. Your telent in music, I'm not doubt it. Handsome, can play drum, gitar and piano, good voice,music director, lyricist and composer too. Your are complete person I've ever see. I always wish the best to you. I love no min woo (from hwanja indonesia)

im Omg!!!! his so sexy in my girlfriend is a gmiho, so i had to write this comment lol. Throughout the entire drama i just stared at him and his sexiness lol and the song that come up when he appear suited him the most <3 if there is the most sexiest man award then it should go to him!!! hahaha

kyky no min woo you are so sexy boy

PATRICIA HAYDEN Baby is crazy, hot, and sexy on top of that he can act...I've seen him in Frozen Flower, Full House 2, Gumiho,and Sword and I'm an expert on this guy..his confidence is what propels him into stardom...he can pull any part off...oh yeah I saw him in Midas awesome...I worry about his weight...he has gotten too tiny...get a grip boy and eat...fill out that perfect face and make mama happy

Genesis I have read some really stupid, and I mean stupid comments from people....No Min Woo's sexuality should not be a question. He is an INCREDIBLY talented person (love the way he plays the guitar, drums and piano), and also INCREDIBLY handsome (gots to thank the Lord for making something like that).

I wish people would stop asking "is he gay" and think about how you'd feel if someone was always calling into question you sexuality. Personnally, it shouldn't matter because it's his own business if he is or isn't. I love what Min Woo does...exceptional music ability and his acting skill is continually getting better.

If by chance Min Woo, you ever read this....thanks for being stunningly beautiful, graceful, and charming....thank you for playing music that all of your TRUE fans love and doing dramas and movies that showcase your talents.

Many blessings to you in your career and personal well being.

American Fan, Genesis

ara nica annyeong haseyo bang beob eun ???? wanjeonhan :)

Cedric Looney You're an amazing actor and I love you in My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox :) keep up the good work :D

keshia omg i love you so much nominwoo yhu are one of my favorite actor i watch everything yhu have so far and i hope yhu keep doing that may god bless yhu and one day i hope i can meet yhu yhu are so sexy handsome pretty just beautiful dont care what the haters say just keep doing yhu no matter what as yhur fans i will always love yhu .........................................THEBSTACTOR/SINGER EVER


Dianne So good to see him enter at mid-drama of "Sword and Flower" (Blade and Petal). His performance was EXCELLENT! Everything I've seen him in has been superb, so I wasn't surprised (and I think I've seen everything he's made thus far so it's time to start another drama or movie...) Thanks so much for the memories... GOD be with you in your next project!!!

Resa No Min-Woo. So nice looking yet the part he's playing in The Blade and the Petal is very mean spirited! I will not hold that against Him. It just shows that he is a great actor. Keep up the good work! A fan in USA

zeinab Hello,how are you min woo? I'm living in iran .i am one of the fans forever south korea.

you are one of the best artists of south korea  also very very attractive & you are the bests. i am very love you.

Hilmiah Watch Full House Take 2!! 100% have to watch!

mariz watch full house his the main actor ther

janit hi no min woo best actor series midas best singer nawal mirocco

Hana Oppa you were so hot in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, I wish you were the star. I scream everytime I see you in a scene! You're so hot! You're so very very hot! I wish you do more good dramas and movies I want to see more of you! I love you!! ♥

N Oppa your so handsome and cool i love the movie my gf is a nine tailed fox you were looking cool and your a good actor i hope someday i can see you :) i love you.. >3 take care of your self and be healthy <3

Shahera5 Saw you on last episode of Monstar and for a moment thought I was looking at an incarnation of Kim Jaejoong. The two of them don't look exactly the same but have similar qualities in both expressing the idea of beautiful more than handsome. What is with all these amazingly handsome men born in 1986?!

Min Woo ROCKS I LOVE YOU NO MIN WOO! He's amazing, and totally loved him in Nine-tailed fox!!! You're amazing never stop! Hwaiting! He's reaaaaaaaaaaaallly good looking, makes my heart beat alll the time~ you're the handsomest person for me~~ <3333333333333

No Jung Eun Cool eyes and good acting ^_^

margareth Hii Min woo, you're very talented. you can play guitar, piano and drum very well. Your voice is good too. Your act is awesome.A Model too. You're perfect. Saranghae oppa<3 from Indonesia

selma saranghe <3 i hope to meet you someday.

everything best from Bosnia.

margareth youre cool everyway. YOU ARE COOL

Daviey Babauta You're very Handsome!!! :D

Agnesia You're so Amazing...!!!

fyqa fall in love with him :) he has a very very pretty face! so handsome plus beautiful:)

Bella Wish to see u in runnigman.. Hehe..

Mintrap WOW ! u so cool can i plz play drums wif u seem so cool tell me more about yourself!<33333

arpit I liked his role in my gf is gumiho..he was so good..

alma Oh my God! He's just too pretty for a guy! So gorgeous and also androgyne! I like him so muuch, but he definitely need some muscles...

Mairaaawr Ahhhhh~! He so cute. I'm melting~~~ magaddd ♥.♥

kaherine OMG !!!!!!!!!!!! he is so perfect !! i love his eyes , i love his lips !!! i love all of he !!! awww no min woo has a style so `fresh and perfect !!! i'm fallen in love when i see him in my gilfriend is a gumiho !!!!!!! i like that the gumiho fallen in love of he.

ami_lyn no min woo.... so cute of you :*

Thiri Hnin Kyaw Oppa ......... Fighting I am always a fans for you.......... i like your voice , specially the song TRAP love you...... <3

Maha oppa saranghe <3 I love u so much I'm not from Korea but I'm watching u here from Egypt you'r so cute and good looking and I loved u really much in full house and I really loved the drama :)

Mhelvz no minwoo!!!! awww!!! your so cute and love ur acting!!!! i will surely watched all your movies and all series!!!! chukkae!!!! ur appearance was so great including your actions!!!! SARANGHE!!!

sang hyun jung he is awesome.....i love him....

yeni watching my grilfriend is gumiho hem verry nice....oh oppa no min wo so handsome, cool in this movie....i like you self, year or someone i can meet you? yeh i go to south korea maybe can meet you...oppa cuae, cukae, sharanghye.....forever ever i love you.....

lee kyung nan nan jeongmal saranghae no min woo oppa yeongwonhi <3

Joanne @Hana I totally agree, that's why I started to like Joon because he looks like Min Woo ^.^

Alejandra que guapisimo... me re gusta... ^.^

Alejandra Q GUAPISIMO... ^.^ ohh me gusta muuucho.. jiji

Hana He looks so much like Lee Joon Mblaq, isnt it? o_O

TarJane Minewwwwww! OppA!

Love U till My Heart Stop Beating*

TarJane Nal Sangcheohage Geo Seun Neol Bogoshipoyo

Sesuatu Yang Melukaiku Adalah Merindukanmu

Saranghaetha MinWoo OppA!

Mowglia007 Saranghae Mineww OppA!

U re My Prey & My Heartbeat!!!!!!! Keep Healthy & Good Luck!


Mowglia007 Saranhae Mineww OppA!

Good Luck In Full House 2

Will Be Great Drama Allready!!!

Jesse Absolutely love No Min-Woo, so looking forward to seeing him in more dramas and movies in the future ^_^ I really want to see him play the lead role when he is acting in the future ! No Min-Woo oppa, Fighting! ! !

Jesse Absolutely love No Min-Woo, so looking forward to seeing him in more dramas and movies in the future ^_^ I really want to see him play the lead role when he's acting! No Min-Woo oppa, Fighting!!!

inggie wang Omo!! Omo!! you're so cute and handsome boy...

Ajussi sarangeo....

SakuraBi i know its weird to call a guy gorgeous.. but he is!! xD i loved him in ROCK ROCK ROCK

sima u r soooooooo handsome i love so much

De Wie He's not that pretty as u thought. arrogant and unfriendly...sigh

sarah speechless,brethless,on the edge of becoming obssesed

shahrzad u r very handsome.u r hot too.your eyes are beautiful


skyshredsl One sexy face tht is <3 <3 :3

bommie park min-woo !! OMO u poisoned my eyes . i love your angelic face i love ur eyes and kissable lips ! awts SARANGHAE ! :*** mwuah mwuah ! :***

indrea imutzzz no min woo!!!!!!!!!!!!! i like yuuuu!!!!!! you is very very handsame!!!!!! (-_-) ;D

mastukhi ariska elforever no min woo saranghaeyo!!!!!????? ;p

mastukhi ariska elforever no min woo saranghaeyo!!!!!!!!!!!

bayumaya min woo, if one day you not famous again, i still love you and you always in my mind. good luck in Full House 2.

Ha na No min woo ...saranghe ya ...

  i love ur smile and ur style ....
  i love ur eye and ur lips and so all
   u r sooooooooo handsome   .

Camelia No Min Woo:)!! You are awesome:) I like your character a lot in my gf is a gumiho. Cool, calm, handsome,.. U poison my heart LOL:)

sharie Saranghaeyo no min woo ,, i love you so.. i want to hug you.. you're so cool

dheshie just one word for you .... it is ferfect.... very very very very ferfect when i see you in " my girlfreind is gumiho " ....

tharani i love u u look so handsomeand a talented artist

Amliana Sagita Dewi Saranghaeyo...No Min Woo.. you're so handsome and very,,,very,,,cool....

kholod Supeeeeeeeeeeer HOT $_$

KEN S. i love you more than the eyes can see,better than the ears can hear and sweeter compare to the senses combine... saranghe, No Min Ho...

anon He's rather good looking, but he was not that great of an actor in gumiho. Maybe he'll improve soon. Good to hear that he'll be in Full House 2.

sam hi..! you're such a cutie! and sooooooooo HOT..! ♥♥♥

sepandar u are very very beautiful

Clara He is the first actor on TV that stunned me with his dashing looks. APPROVED!! 10000%. I am sure he gets all the girls all the time... Good for you! Best of luck!


O He's quite interesting huh. He's so damn hot! I like his role in 'My Girlfriend is a Gumiho' ;)

rai man he is so damn hot and cute and areally good actore i love him ^O^

shiva very very beautiful

Karen YOUR FREAKING AWESOME ! BUT ! I reckon he should have looked more like how he looked in 'My girlfriend is a Gumiho' in Pasta. I don't like he's long hair >:D

May He's so beautiful & I really love his eyes and smile :D

kath he looks good=)...

Salma SEXY OVERLOAD! It hurts to take my eyes off yu, so dayum irresistible! Geez how are yu making that simple expression on your face without knowing that yu are making girls (maybe guys too?) faint and fall for yu? ♡ ....I want to eat yu... omnomnommmms

ptryzzia aunne why are you so hot i really like it cant take my eyes off to you.your so attractive gosh!!!SARANGHAE

chen chen your are the best.....:) I like it

psyche I love all of his roles especially on Midas he is the only reason why I'm watching it :) I hope it's august already so I can watch Ghastly he is a detective there....

hannah No min woo is so cute!!! I watched all his vids he plays a lot of instruments!!! and he is also good in acting he's so talented!!!

Heain I desperately loving No Min Woo.....coz he always gorjasss in every appearance....multi talented man,,obsessed with music and evolving with act..... I dont need any reason to dying love him so much

kenchai Omo!!! No Min Woo is so Cute!!! I love him already can't wait to see much of him also

juniel well what can I say he is really a good actor hands down for his acting in MGIAG & Midas...hope to see more of him especially in lead roles that has a happy ending

cj he is like a fallen angel to me he's so cute and fragile :) and a talented guy

cicyjarje love u min woo oppa..:)

Mimi Pasta would have been boring without you, you really do stand out. In my GF is a gumiho, you portrayed a really cool teacher.In Midas, I wished there were scenes with you. I hope you will get the lead role in the next drama. You do look best with long hair though, let it grow again.

evie very talented actor... good looking, nice acting, cool, nice skin... wow... wish him all the best... first see in My Girl Friend is Gumiho... then Pasta... great....

karly woww .. is really handsome. want to live in Korea to know :P >.<

Debra K Hi, WHen i saw "Pasta", you stand out the most in the show as the most attractive. Will be watching more of your shows. A new fan is born.


Hana Oppa! I love u !!,, I have to say when you died in Midas, I cried my heart out for you!!! I hope you can be in a drama where you get the girl ! Hwaiting! I will support you in every way and I'm going to watch Rock,Rock,Rock too!!!! ^^

ema very...very...cute i love u....... succesfull for u...

ghiendzhee 정말 멋진! 당신을 사랑합니다!

beatriz "SARANGHE" NO MIN WOO^_^

azza hei is good looking boooyyyy.... I like himmmm....:DDD

septia ayu damara your are so verry verry handsome oppa :)

juLiE^^ ^^, ReALLy lIkE YOu..

juLiE^^ ^.. ur ThE MaN!! <3

  I LOvE dR. pArk..^^,

_dennise_ wow ! ur so perfect ! cute _ handsome _ hot_ and also ..... talented ! and you are very kind and generous ! .....keep helping MAKI !.....

angel and her lips is so kissable . I wish i met him someday i like you very very much NO MIN -WOO

angel The man of my dream. haha ! he is so cool ! and I like her voice ! ..

angel he is so cute and handsome . i like him ! and I like her eyes to . ! SARANGHE ! ...

joey his eyes are elliptical, pretty as a girl

sam ..oohh .. i really like no min woo soooo mUch♥♥ ..his eyes, nose, lips everything!!! i wish i could met you someday ..take care always god bless.. ! mwaaahh♥♥

jacque28 omg! why do you have to become so great looking!:> nuh noon jahl seng geeyot so:> i like you so much!

alhex he's my idol ..!

i like him very much ! ..

jeanette i love nd like a lot his eyes!!!!

leianne no min woo your so hadsome!!!!!!!

lee an ang wat a nyc guy...

lee an ang hai...huhuhuhuhu...i lyk ur ..i wnt u 2 b my boy1 oh my god!!!!u look sooo much cute nd hot bhow i wsh 2 kiss nd hug u soon!!!im a filipina half we b a goood friend soon! i have 2 years left to study english here in the phil.. after this i wanna see u soon

janz u're so handsome no min-woo . . .. .I Like u soOoooo much . . .more sucess! stay cool and seductive . .. .

enoc he has a charesmatic look:)

enoc i agree to what you've said eigielee, he is more appealing than lee min ho.....hehehehehe that's really true....

gitty saranghaeyo,,no min woo... <3

juliet please visit VSU in Baybay Leyte...:-)

juliet he is so handsome, cool and cute... <3 GOD Bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

engielee for My own opinion i guess he is more appealing that lee min ho.. i mean no offense to min ho's fans but no min woo just need a big break to be introduce to more people..

neea visit indonesia please... give me a reply

shokufe he is so cute and i love him so much

Heather It's crazy to think that he is Rose from TraX. Crazy musician he is!

Cherry ok..he's the famous one among others in Pasta..#75? great.. i am the last person on earth who just knew him.. oh my..just fell in love with this guy..^^

Jasmine Gosh! Handsome and cool boy. Love him!! The coolest person in Pasta.

Angelica i really love him He is Handsome and Hot

mary grace tejeda ...park dong joo.... my GoD!

I really admire You!! how I wish I could see you in person!!! haaaay my new addicttion again... hehehe:-)

Soot Wow he is so beautiful!

sepandar hi is very very cute

lika oh my god min woo's role as park dong ju really touches my heart.he plays the character wonderfully,i love his acting and expressions,wish to see him more

soda No min woo u are very very very good looking & handsame isee u in gomhoo you are cute i,m happy really . nice to see u

ea please make him in a tv drama where he is the lead role~ ppleaseeee,,, neomu neomu neomu neomu nan jeongmal dangsin-eul joh-ahaeyo!!!

zitszack OMG!! another pretty boy!!!! he looks gay when lee seung gi grab his hand at his wedding in My girlfriend is a gumiho .. its very funny and cute


  • nod nod* agreed with LadyBug , make him the lead role ..

Ladybug Handsome and sexy! We need more kdramas and dis time make him the lead role!

Reviana omo ~~ so love him ~ hope to see him in more dramas ^.^

mahsa wow. heyyyyyyy min woo your casting a shadow on my heart . ur amazing

mahsa heyyyyyyy min woo your casting a shadow on my heart . ur amazing

pedonuna! i'm in love with this mofo! I think about him all the time! That's what pedo nuna's do best i guess!

farzane heyyyyyyy, u are sweet very very, i see u in pasta, u are one the best, very gooooooooooooooooood, thanke uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

elaizakitty I really Reallly like you and my girlfriend is a nine tailed fox!!!!!!!

Mahta He's so Sweet! i luv him. :x :x :x

unimportant person he's pretty boy i think... But in my gf is a nine tail fox i think he's be a manly one lol omg i think i fall in love with him...

arie handsome.... i love

Fanny You're just too cute to become a you so much! :)

hime i know him from sgb...:) then, i watched cool... now...i watched him in My Girlfriend is gumiho....totally smart, nice and handsome guy.. sarang hae no min woo... i love to see how he plays drum i love to see how he plays guitar i love to see how he plays piano i love to see how he sings ........................................daegha...nomu nomu nomu chuwayei...i really realy really like him...:)

mina i love u r gr8 ....i think i must come to korea!

Asc You are a very cool, handsome guy and I admire you

oan upaaaaaaaaaaa.... Saranghae............

aya OK. I loved you in PASTA. But in my girlfriend is a gumiho YOU STOLE MY HEART. The director was not fair because i can't hate even though ur the villain.

dee ruth i cant sleeping thinking of him…very charismatic actor..his smile in MGIG make me felt young again???.. i looking for his new movie or dramas…but pls stay be a man ok…

Lady Li ..No Min-WoO uR diFfinetELy HOT anD SuPer cUte. ..i Like sEeinG u sMiLe.. ..HopE i CAn sEe u in pErsOn.. ..Love wAtching u at mY giRLfriend is a Nine taiLed fOx..;-)

heng always bring a guitar in Tae-hee, Hye-gyo, Ji-hyun, so funny

Juju he's an amazing actor :) Too bad he's gay!

七月 我覺得他還滿漂亮的耶 如果他伴女裝應該比我還漂亮一百倍吧 如果他是女生 我會自卑到死 諾珉宇加油~

sunshine I LOVE HIM!! his skin is the greatest!!!!

Louisa HOW CAN A MAN HOT LIKE THIS GO UNNOTICED FROM THE SPOT LIGHT FOR SO LONG??? honestly,i think hes even prettier than SJ's heechul. i can only define heechul as pretty, but no minwoo can be HOTTTTTTTTTT~~ and PRETYYYYYYY at the same time. seriously. his hair in MGIG is soooooo freaking hotttttttttttttt. i didnt know pitch black hair can be so hot.OMG. but does anyone think hes the hotter version of SJ's sungmin??

maya he stole my heart in MGIG and now one of the major factors in watching it!! he's smokin' hot and supeeerr sexyy!!

he has a good heart as well ~ i was so touched by his story in Strong Heart <3

SERA(unknown) I wish i could touch his hair... its so cute!!!!

Rosie Gawsh he is HAWT!!! He needs to be in more dramas!!!! :P

SERA(unknown) Hai I think he should act in more dramas and should have the main roll because he has acting skills. Hope to see you soon!!!!

yellowninja ok??????????????????????????? he's a woman didn't you guys know?

kishniquin i love him he's so hot in the drama my girlfriend is a gumiho

ashley (최희원) hey~ i love love love love love love ur style and most definally ur hair. also good luck on ur new drama! ill support u always! 사랑해~

Tania Is Min Woo gay by any chance, cause he has acted gay in movies and dramas! And he makes himself look feminine! He has an awesome face and I'm so jealous Min Wooshi!!!!!

Ji.Q i like his smile :X:X:X .... so sweet :X:X:X

debbie bautiful in pasta drama

emita su cabello es genial actúa super no lo conocía hasta pasta buen dorama xD ME PUEDE ENCANTAR Y ESA PARTE DONDE TOCA LA BATERÍA O DONDE SE QUITA EL CASCO ES GENIAL LO AMO ESTOY ENAMORADA PUEDES CREERLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

francine he's freakin' beautiful! Philip is the coolest character in PASTA and NMW is perfect to play this role. Cool hair, shy demeanor but rides a bike and makes playing drums looks so hot! he makes you forget about the lead characters in the show! :)

Tiara GODDAMMIT. that is one fine ass sexy ass asian boy.

mel he is so hot in the drama pasta!!!!!!!!!!!!! his hair

Glow Aww. . .Happy Late Birthday! :)

just me i love him so much

Yishee He is beautiful I love since I met him in the band of The TRAX Rose was the soul of the band, when he was so afraid I was not to know anything about him I'm happy that he is acting, but I still think his is the music. ^^

kayna oh my god im totally in love with him....with his smile....his dimple....oh gosh....i saw him first on star bell challenge on KBS world.....cant keep my eyes out of him....

JustMe OMG!!!! His birthday same wit me but different 4 yrs from mine I'm totally luv with his hot face once I saw it 1st in Star Golden Bell this evening in KBS Oppa, Fighting!!!

Rinn I luv him so soo sooooo much!!

hannah now he looks good,normal,not when he had his hair blond

Sara he has alot of style... he even plays the drums... i`m really looking foward to see him as lead actor in a drama or a movie and see is career as an actor grow. No Min Woo fighting!!!


shulin so love with him.... the face when he cook in the kitchen and so on...


diana gee! what a gorgeous guy.

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