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  • Drama: Monstar
  • Revised romanization: Monseuta
  • Hangul: 몬스타
  • Director: Kim Won-Suk
  • Writer: Kim Tae-Hee
  • Network: Mnet, tvN
  • Episodes: 12
  • Release Date: May 17 - August 2, 2013
  • Runtime: Fridays 21:50
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


"Monstar" depicts the lives of ordinary teens who are injured psychologically and heal themselves through the power of music.

Yoon Sul-Chan (Yong Joon-Hyung) is the vocalist for the group "Man in Black". He carries deep wounds within his mind, but doesn't express his feelings. Because of his hot temper, he causes trouble. His management company then orders him to carry himself as an ideal student. He joins a music band at school, while facing unexpected events.


  1. "Monstar" is the first drama series produced by music channel "Mnet".


Monstar-Yong Joon-Hyung.jpg Monstar-Ha Yeon-Soo.jpg Monstar-Kang Ha-Neul.jpg Monstar-Ahn Nae-Sang.jpg Monstar-Kim Min-Young.jpg
Yong Joon-Hyung Ha Yeon-Soo Kang Ha-Neul Ahn Nae-Sang Kim Min-Young
Yoon Sul-Chan Min Se-Yi Jung Sun-Woo Han Ji-Woong Sim Eun-Ha
Monstar-Park Kyu-Sun.jpg Monstar-Kang Ui-Sik.jpg Monstar-Da Hee.jpg Monstar-Moon Yong-Seok.jpg Monstar-Kim Yoo-Hyun.jpg
Park Kyu-Sun Kang Ui-Sik Da Hee Moon Yong-Suk Kim Yoo-Hyun
Cha Do-Nam Park Kyu-Dong Kim Na-Na Ma Joon-Hee Ma Hyo-Rin
Monstar-Yoon Jong-Hoon.jpg
Yoon Jong-Hoon
Shin Jae-Rok

Additional Cast Members:


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ben i loved it so much but tye ending left so many loose ends :-(.. really hoping for season 2. is there any news if they're going to make one?? grrrr its so killing me..

Suzy This show is the bomb!!!! I love it sooo much!!!! So mix feels!!! A must see!!!! Watch it right NOW!!!

Sunny I want season 2 where Se-Yi falls for Sun-Woo or Sun-Woo falls for Nana Grrrrrrrr

yuri we want season 2 :"(

mighty monica Yeah i felt its end to soon. I definitely waiting for season 2

Samara Hi I'm sorry I can't tailing my name but I want say some thing please please please make monstar season 2 please I can't for get or stop thinking about him and every time I thinking about him and wean I go to the bed and I try sleep but I can't I'm sorry for tailing this to....... And not me I want season 2 and wating to do something and this girls. Want this I know is hard to ......... But we too hard this because we can't forget him the drama is so so cute and this drama I can't for get him and min se yo and yoon seol chan good together a lot I'm so sad because I can't forget him and we not me every time I remember this drama the drama is cool a lot I'm sorry for this a lot but why I can't forget him because I want more this drama is beautiful I watch this drama and the story is beautiful I don't watch beautiful drama like this I can't doing anything to for hate this drama is cool a lot so so please doing and make season 2 is right I'm a normal girl for doing this to me but if you want make season 2 every body be happy and I,ll be Thanks for ever and every day say thanks more and more and the girls right girls I doing any things but season 2 of monstar be coming to me and the girls thanks a lot bay and my name is samara right I can't Tailing first my name but I tell my name for the season 2 of monstar please do the season I wating thanks BayBay ❤☺

chibidan I can't wait to watch the next episode of Monstar (Ep. 11). I'm really looking forward for it. I like how the story flows. The characters. I LOVE THEM ALL! I always watch it on Mnet channel every saturday at night.

saranghae Kim Na-Na (Da Hee)! I like your "cool" attitude here. I love your voice. İ love your beautiful face. I love you!


Zxc8526541400 Please make a season 2. :( We'll wait for it. Please Please Please. This is my 1st ever post so please

KpopFanatics Im very impressed. Now Im in Ep. 8 of Monstar. I only watch it on mnet channel every saturday 11:00 pm. Because of that, im so sad , here in my country.. philippines, we cannot watch it because it is not available here in our country. Im so sad but still happy because of the romantic, musical and comedy movie. Please have season 2. Thanks. I love the voice of kim nana and her attitude, they are so cool with sun-woo.

MonstarFAN Monstar is the BEST! I always watch this Korean drama every Saturday night. I hope there's a next season of Monstar.

KangRaeSeul MONSTAR Season 2 Please .... :))

mikmik@urstruli cool!...<3 everyone's charm plus their voices was so good!thumbs up!^^

anne this drama makes me pissed off! i hate how se yi treats sul chan. but i do like it cuz its cute in a way.

otoh i want its next season.. MONSTAR 2 please ..

dheren woen next season2 where?? I waiting...waiting...waiting

zulfadli like monster... :D awasome

nana hi love you jun hyung .ang monstar wow

ashlee i hope you make a second season

lordj @april, most of their songs are recorded in the studio and they lypsinc during acting/filming. But yes, they all sing and its their voices that we hear. Most of them are musical actors. :)

sabiya hi,,i waiting monstars season 2.

april hi.....i leave my comment because i really wanto to know about all member's of colorbar... when the colorbar sing, they are sing by themself voice or lipsing??? i men except da hee as nana n junhyung as seol can because they are a singer... thank for ur information friend..:)

fan9irl Monstar season 2 pls. But I hope u don't change monstar's maincast (Junhyung & Yeonsoo) later :D . I like Junhyung and Yeonsoo's character at this drama . my comment is weird heol~ but Gamsahamnida.. I'm very like this drama. This drama different than other. There're comedy, romance, sad, happy who make me laugh and cry. SEASON 2 PLEASE. Monstar jjang.


KSY94 Check our my review on this drama. It isn't great, but it has great potential in portraying some awesome music for the drama. Ad for season 2, I don't think the original cast will be cast again sadly. That's the harsh reality though I wish Dream High should have been just only one season. Well, not too be bias but here's a castlist of what I imagine of my own season 2 which should be possible happen this year. Plus, why not make it a but similar to DH1? I spillover DH.

Lee Yi-Kyung as the boy who prejudices against idols as maybe he was betrayedby one of them before. Seol-hyun from AOA: An overnight sensation idol who got herself in a very crikey scandal that she has to lay low which makes her attend high school due to some dying request from her father as he might have to leave her for his financial difficulties. Bora from SISTAR A mysterious girl who takes an instant interest in LYK's character, but there's a reason why she joins him and Seol-hyun to form a band 'Monstar'. Chanyong from 100%: Once an idol trainee, he keeps rebelling in a violent way until he joins 'Monstar' where he gains friendships and support in chasing his long lost dream of becoming a choreographer.

johan Me too..I like Monstar but the ending is 'hanging'. I wanna know what happen next? Also, I want to see more scenes of Hang-Neul & DaHee. I'm curious how they ended up.

MIchelle They should make Monstar 2!It should be about their future careers!!!!

Jowent hi, does anyone know the song title and lyrics for "Sun wo childhood memory of Se yi" ?

Fatimah Imel I think this drama is good for all teenage but the end too soon

ajo antipuesto i super love this drama..refreshing and fun..makes me laugh and cry at the same just curious whats gonna be thier future..maybe they can make part 2?what do u think..:)

joyce kpopfan ...I really love these couple so much!!! so sweet!!!

Joyce i wish to see more lovey dovey scenes between Kang Ha-Neul and Da Hee... otherwise.. just make them the lead lol

Roro Monstar's better than dreamhi.

Pusheen Season 2? :DD

Roro Did all the cast sing the song by their own voice? I mean other than, soulchan seyi nana & gyudong.

PIka-chooo i don't like the lead. Kang Ha-Neul much hotter

XYLE why ended very soon..i miss you very much Yong Joon-Hyung!!!

che ooppss it's in episode 10.

che oopps. my bad it's in episode 10 :) the young kim nana what's her name?

che what is the name of the young kim nana? the one who she dances with in the episode 7?

Ika Incomplete ending.

Aden Ha Yeon Seo's acting was so poor...

farah Cool drama but the ending was too soon or incomplete. They should have added one or two more episodes to bring the story line all together instead of ending it with another band competition.

Cyril B honestly this was a good drama but i didnt like the ending at all

ah loon Everyone knows Kim Nana sing better than Seyi, but give some credit to Seyi... Just remember, Seyi is not a singer, she's just a new actress; whereas Kim Nana (Dahee) is a singer under one of the newly formed band and she is remarkably well with strong grooving and songs with great emphasize of vocal (try to search youtube, you can find few videos with her singing solo). But I really want to listen more to Nana, especially after the rock song! Hope you can gain some popularity after this show :)

Isamar I Love this drama!! Junhyung so handsome!! I Just Wish BtoB would have more episodes!! I Love Im Hyunsik!

Sharon I really liked the story and the acting. The music was phenomenal and the best part for me and worth getting the soundtrack. Well worth watching and the 12 episodes at least gave the story justice and wasn't rushed at the end and although open ended as life is, it was a good way to end the story. Surprised to see No Min Woo in the end competition and had to check credits to make sure because they didn't focus on him well (mainly because his part wasn't important) .

lovi I like Da hee more as female lead. Ha yeon seo's beauty does not appeal to me. -.-

kira Yong Jun hyung was so good in here,commendable acting..but the girl lacked in so many aspects that i don't get it why they made her the female lead ,she doesn't have that powerful nor good voice enough for the audience to be satisfied..seriously why didn't they make Da Hee(Kim Nana) the lead ..haha can't get enough of her.

cub I loveeee this drama! :D

it's so well made. the background story of each character is amazing. the loveline is really cute like teenagers', the comedy is really fun and I laugh so much watching it =D

but I don't understand few parts.. is seol chan's mother also his biological mother? I didnt understand the part when seol chan talking about adopting in last episode with his mom and with seyi :/ and when is the right time seolchan and seyi start being bf and gf?

M.m marea I was curious about something , i didn't get the drama name , why it has to be "monstar" ??? It was really confusing ! I didn't expect the director who is famous would direct this weak !!! It was disappointing !

Liz I can't stand Shin Jae-Rok. He's really annoying.

edele santos i love this drama this is my favorite

nana one of the good drama. not perfect, but good enough and i am relieved it's just 12 episodes :) love all the characters and the songs are beautiful. the actors/actress are not just can act, but also sing very well!

bernie i really wanted sun woo and kim nana to get together.. Oh gosh sun woo is soo irritating can't he return his feelings for kim nana she has been depressed because of him. He should just forget about min se yi she belongs with Yoon seol chan or watever... ugh...

This is such a great drama though.. i loved how the main guy character starts liking the girl first and i also like he is not coldhearted like in other dramas One of my favourite characters is kim nana.. She is such a grweat actress. How could you keep a straight face on through out the whole episode.. She is an amazing actress. She stood out most. I also loved the other characters.. Threre were different type of personalities in the group colorbar which is great.. :) LOVED THIS DRAMA... <3 <3

siaiaikoh happy to see jung joon young in this drama! proud of him doing some acting after his superstar k4.. hoping for more dramas/movies from him..  :))

LovelyHope awesome drama!!! I will miss all the characters.Joon Hee oppa why so handsome??? Sul-Chan oppa nanun norul joaheyo.♥ Sun-Woo oppa saranghaeyo ♥♥♥

nano Hated this drama so boring, main girl was stupid acted dumb and arrogant through the whole thing got a bit tiresome after awhile. Skipped episodes overall disappointed. The only good thing about this drama was the singing.

MONSTAR FAN Amazing drama. who knew that it would be this good!MY friend recommended it to me and i fell in love at episode 1!! I want to send a letter to the writer asking for a season 2 so any of you guys out there who love MONSTAR send in a letter to the writer KIM TAE HEE the screenwriter or MNET ASKING FOR MORE MONSTAR!!! who wouldn't love it??

OIE6F 43BJNg Reading these comments, it seems like a whole lot of you want a season 2. Right now all I'm gonna say is that I was satisfied with the ending and to those who weren't, too bad. Oh, and get a life.

heath i loooove love love sul chan!! i think he is the cutest ******* thing ever and i love how talented he is musically, i felt i was able to connect with him emotionally when seeing his relationship with his mom. kim nana is also a ******* boss and is so cool i could die. sae yi is also the cutest thing ive seen in forever, i love all of her character quirks like how she loves x-rated anime drawings and the wonderful way she delivers jokes. the relationship between do nam and kyu dong is so cute i want to cry. the two characters i had a problem with was eun ha and sun woo.I felt like they were bothe selfish in their love for sae yi and sul chan. Eun ha was self centered and inconsiderate in telling sul chan not to have a romantic relationship with anyone, like ok you really love him despite the fact you dont want him to be happy, him and sae yi both cherished eun ha and she really hurt them when she was rude to them simply because they had fallen in love it was bull****. Sun woo is stupid because he continually sabotaged the relationship between sul chan and sae yi despite the fact that he had seen how much she loved him and the pain she was going through so i had a hard time liking him though i did like him around kim nana and i think they'd make a good match (also the actors irl seem really cute and playful with eachother i thought that was sweet). Other than that the drama was really great, the bond between all the characters was really sweet they all really loved each other. i loved how the drama focused on the friendships between all of the characters instead of just the romance

panda i think they should of put a different girl as the main character she is no good

Jungle fish So that's the end?... really it doesnt make me satisfied at all.. seems like it's needed several eps to make it better I think. Overall the storyline is good but unfortunately this drama is much limited based on aired time. WE WANT MORE WE WANT MORE.

bgirl I want to watch season 2 where Sul-chan, Se-yi and Joon-hee love triangle… And Na-na and Sun-woo together…<3<3<3

HaiiHaii I wanted that Se Yi and Sun Woo are together..

Angela Moe I agree samantha and Nagat .....I want to watch Season 2,too. I want to see more of Sun woo and Nana couple .....Please please .....If i know the script writer and director of this drama, I really want to tell them that everyone want to see Season 2 of this drama.....This drama made my heart feel empty ..I really want to see Sun woo and NaNa couple .......

TOP.Summer i don't like this ending :( really , we want season 2 , i want to see sul chan and sun woo together :’(

samantha Joon hyung.... oppa we need season 2 :( more kim nana and sun woo!

Nagat I want season 2!! With more kim nana!! They just left it open

Yoon Hye Rim I think this drama was very well written, portrayed successfully and achieved a very good feel-good vibe. Yes, I have questions and yes, there are certain curiosities that plague me just a little...but the fact is, that it's okay for a drama series to do that. Dramas don't always have to end the way YOU want it to end, what you get is at the discretion of the writer. And they GET to have that privilege, they GET to tell their story in whatever format and way they FEEL like telling it. It's a story being told, through the art form of live action and it achieved compelling, life-learning and positive results. And it was damn good for an in-house production from Mnet.There is absolutely nothing wrong with a few mysteries, so seriously stop being so spoilt and ridiculous about something meant to inspire people with a side of drama, not the other way around.

Yolanda Is this drama already end? I'm not satisfied yet. I need season 2

Ayakho Trust me, i've seen so many dramas, and Monstar is best musical drama so far. I'm in my late twenties, and i love how this highschool angst, friendship and romance potrayed. The ending?simply and meaningful; a lot uncheesy life lessons. Just Great. Totally a worth watched12+ hours drama!!

Kuaci Bring back my monstarrr!! I loveeee how it ends. Great,great,great! Season 2 pleaseee!!

lovershines The last episode disappointed me . there could have been more drama and more clearer explanations

Lisa C That was the worst ending ever. They began hinting at the class president having a secret crush on sheep girl which would have completely altered the story, but it obviously had no time to progress. The final song by All For One featured the musical talents of a completely new character that came out of no where "Oh, you mean that random exchange student from England who no one has ever seen or mentioned before but is super cute and can sing?". And how did that writer lady know that the father died because he was distracted by his daughter? Was anyone in the car with them? No. I could go on all day about how forced this ending was. It felt like all season they were expecting to have 25 episodes plus and then realized about half way through episode 12 that they had to wrap it up. So lame. As a final note, I really liked the fat girl, and I feel like her friends should have been a little more concerned that her father was beating her.

Juana Had high expectations from this because it is an tvN drama... but honestly it wasn't worth watching it. I even skipped a few episodes because it was so boring ~.~

mimi I want a 2. season with some answers!! :O

NAna WTF last episode...

Pao What????? This is it? Lame ending. I regret spending 12 hours on this.... Not worth it:(

Scyte Like seriously. Is that an END? WTF?!? I can't even guess if they won or not. But if I had to choose (depending on the mood of the end) it was a loss (?) I am really disappointed in this. I was expecting so much... Poor NaNa! Will Se Yi and Seol Chan get together? Will NaNa and Seon Woo get together? Did Ma Joong like Se Yi? Did they Win? Did Se Yi ever find out about the Ahjusshi's relation to her mother?

OMFG MY BRAIN IS TOTALLY BROKEN! Worst ending ever. Even worse than Secret Garden.

damo honestly, i'm very disappointed with the ending. when i watched the ending, i was just.. what the ... the ending do not show who won the battle, whether nana ended up with seo woo and whether seol chan ended up with se yi. dream high is better than this. sorry to say

kapoop I really liked All For One's performance in the last episode with NO MIN WOO!!! And I'm seriously in love with song they performed. If anyone knows the name pls tell me! THANKS!

Rebeca Rios I really liked it, too bad it ended in a Weird way. Hope there is a Second one to this, i would love to know if kim na-na and jung sun-woo end up together their love story

Nereyda★ Re: Final Episode 12 Really! That's how it ends!???? WHAT THE...!!!! This for sure needs another season because there are so many things that needed to be resolved...or taken to the next level. (who knows what could have happened.)

Nereyda* Re: Episode 12 Really! That's how it ends!???? WHAT THE...!!!! This for sure needs another season because there are so many things that needed to be resolved...or taken to the next level. (I don't want to have doubts about what could have happened.)

Beyondzer09 I hate the ending so much... They didn't show who won..they didn't show seyi and seol chan actually dating... I wished they just made it 16 episodes so they didn't rush the drama.. It is so rushed.. The best part was when they sang don't make me cry on their first battle..

Kim Min Chan Whoever wrote the story had a bad ending. I expected to see Majoon to like Seyi. I didnt even know who won the last ending. There was no confession. It dragged the episodes that didnt make a difference to anything. I waited for a long as time and this is what i get. I hope they make another season just to make the whole drama more understandable. Cause 12episodes are too short. It had no meaning what so ever.

214seattlegirl I hate the show. I mean the second main guy loved her first. Main characters are annoying I prefer Kim Nana and Kang han-Neul.

Lisa Pasamonte This drama makes no sense and the pace is really slow. I don't know who the writer is but she ( probably a she who is middle aged) does not know what she is doing. Let's face it... It draaaags! There is only one more episode left and not much has happened in all the episodes. None of the kids changed much, in fact, they got worse except for the fat guy who no logger hates the nerdy guy with glasses. The room president still likes that boring pretty girl who looks like a doll but is as uninteresting as she can be. Honestly? I prefer Kim Na Na to that one. She is in fact annoying because she really acts stupid and seems to waver between the two guys that like her. In fact, the most annoying one is the fat girl who seems and acts like she is entitled just because she is best friends with the pretty one and rants and raves and is offensive just because she thinks that she deserves it. What an ugly chump she is!

Jill The chemistry of SeonwooNana couple is so overstanding.

Nana I hope in the 2nd battle kim nana will be the vocalist again, I really like her voice. btw SeonwooNana couple ,Fighting!!!

Mimi 1 episode left . i want to see more scenes of jung seon woo and kim nana couple!

Nereyda* ♥ Seon Woo & Kim NaNa ♥ Just want Seon Woo to realize that Kim NaNa likes him a lot...That's why she wants to spend time with him! Find it hilarious how Do Nam & Kyu Dong are treating Kim NaNa after they saw her dance :]

Di Hey kim nana fighting!!! Jung seon woo why you still act like you don't know her feeling? :( stop care about Se Yi, just look at nana, okay oppa? ;)

Fieldy am i the only one who thinks that jung seon woo and kim nana couple is way better than the main? i really really want more of them together like for real!

gaeul can't wait to watch the next episode

Michiko jung seon woo and kim nana ♥

meimei This musical drama show is really cute and the casts are really good too! The show makes me laugh everytime. I just love the whole story and I can't wait for the upcoming episodes! :) JUNHYUNG OPPA I LOVE YOU! Don't kiss Min Se Yi again please? HAHAHA jk.

Jj I 100% agree with whoever commented below me the show kind of sucks . why potray girls who r a bit chubby like that . Way too negative . In my opinion the lead girl is a little stuck up .this show lost it and moved so slow sometimes I even asked myself if they were ever going to perfom . And when they did I was like yeah whatever . Dream high has elements that this drama lacks . Disappointed

Katie This show sucks. Really puts down overweight girls by making them seem crazy and obsessive. Very very stupid. I really dislike these kinds of stereotypes. I guess that is the real world or else they think this is what makes a show something that kids want to see. Sad, no wonder there are so many kids trying to starve themselves. Only portrayal is fat girls being stupid and unhappy. They don't even need to do that to have a good show, but they put that in there. On episode 10, the show lost me. HATE IT!!!!

Anung This drama is really good! I love how the story line make us happy at the end :) recommended one!

ayunda among all the musical dramas...this is the best! Monstar FTW! love the storyline, love the characters, love the songs, love everything in it...2 eps left and i already miss it...

JESSY ha yeon soo has the same face like IU i think they do look a like each other.

diah Kiss scene make me frusrating!!!! Junyungie oppa :(

Maivy I really hope that se yi ends up with seol chan!! They r such the best coupl!!

Tina Only 3 episodes left?nstill waiting for Nana and Seonwoo to end up with each other! <3

park a really nice drama. sul chan and se yi has been on bad terms for eight episode. glad to see the change on the 9th episode. now there is only 3 left...

flore i love the ending of ep 9:-)

Nereyda* Am loving the story line. Episode 8 & 9-wow. One should be so lucky like Se-Yi who has 2 great guys liking her. Anyways am getting sad that there are only 3 episodes left.....If only they extended it or even made a new season, it would be great. One of the best dramas in 2013!

Monika Finally, Sul-Chan and Se-Yi at the end of episode 9 kissed.

Mayakho So young and fresh,,Teenage angst ah.. Btw, love all the cover version, Gleeee

Regine I so love this drama can't wait for the next episodes. and for those who were confuse about min se yi's father, i was too, at first. but if you really listen and think about it..I THINK her father died when she was still a kid. and she knew about it after many years, when she's in her teen years. (that's what i understand)

green Can someone tell me the name of the song at the end of the drama..if i am not mistaken at the end of episode 1,2 and 7.

melly I don't like se yi ! she's not normal ... nana is best ... sb should love her :D

Anya1 loving this drama!!!! the songs.. the story... characters.. everything is just perfect!! now if only it aired twice a week!!! :)

Nereyda* It keeps getting better! Wow did Nana impress or what!? Loved that episode where they show how she started liking Seon Woo. I'm definitely team Seon-Na.

NLFuerte17 Loving this they fight, make up,stand up for each other... I like how they show each of the characters' pasts.

Zhing M. I'm hope Jeong Seon Woo and Min Se Yi end up together...! I am a big fan of B2ST, but the chemistry between Yoon Seol Chan and Min Se Yi is not that great compared to Jeong Seon Woo and Min Se Yi. Also if you think about it.... Jeong Seon Woo has had a "CRUSH" on Min Se Yi since they were kids and he managed to stay true to his heart even though Min Se Yi was in New Zealand for quite some time!!! This Love Triangle is very good, for it gives me the chills when I'm watching the show!!!! Let's hope for the best!!!! Jeong Seon Woo and Min Se Yi FTW!!!!!!!!

Nuqie To Felicia, there is a tradition which the Korean will hold a memorial ceremony for their dead family members... So, I think that seyi's father died when she was a child. Then, she knew the truth when she grew up during the ceremony... (I guess so, im sorry if I wrong)

Felicia I agreed with krisha ellaine. When did her dad passed away? There's an error in both scene when they show the day after her dad passed away and she couldn't make it to the appointment.

ehmilla No no no the cutest here is Yong Joon Hyung... He's so funny... And he's character is like real he is...

krisha ellaine let me ask the writer of monstar ... what age is min se yi when her father died ? just curious .. i think there's an error on the drama

Ota plz post More pictures :3

hash I love it and I rarely use the word love. Wish Jung woo recognizes Na Na love and reciprocates it.Am cheering for them fighting.

peejay I love this drama! It should have been shown in the major tv network. The plot and the script is so witty and often unexpectedly funny. I thought Yong Joon-Hyung (being in a boyband) would be not be so good he is a good actor. Ha Yeon-Soo's voice is so soulfull and I can not understand why some thought she does not have a good voice. I always look forward to the next episode. Why is it only once a week? I cannot understand why it does not have rating yet. The drama is better than some of those in the top 20 korean dramas. Fighting! Monstar!

Rainbow I like Kang Ha Neul !!! He is so handsome. I hope Seyi will fall in love with Sun Woo

bbee I wish this drama went up to 24 episodes soo worth watching the funky drama, crazy hero, dashing group and cute heroin ...woo awesome drama ,. and hats of to the awesome music & songs ..its beautiful. We dont care of the lyrics but we care about the sound ...:)

keith The story somewhat depicts Dream High 2, but much better.

Spazy Yeeeeee!!!! I absolutely love this korean drama!! Im hooked and on the edge of my seat for the up coming episodes.... Eeeeeeek, fingers crossed for Yong Joon-Hyung & Ha Yeon-Soo.... I dont know why, but i love them together. Its funny how he gets jealous of her always agreeing with Kang Ha-Neul.... LOLz

human i just realize that men in black member is btob members...:D

ohgawdwhy I love the drama but if it was gonna be about singing and performing, shouldn't they have picked a lead that can actually sing well. min se yi why TT TT when she's singing alone I was like....errrrr

noe I am watching this drama because of KANG HA NEUL...And i am glad that i watched it. But i feel little disappointed seeing Kang ha neul as the second lead actor instead of lead...anyway so far so good... and hoping that it will be same till the end..

KANG HA NEUL saranghae.. ^_^

karerina (@Samy89_SJSNee) how many episode are now??4??

steadystrike Lee Hee Jin looks so beautiful here. She reminds me of Rachel Leigh Cook back in the days

Lee Do Hwi Second lead syndrome... </3

Mustikahan AAA...AWESOME....>< I Like This drama.. im looking forward for this one ^^

Avis AWESOME DRAMA!!!!! To people to are curious, the person playing radio is Kang Ui-sik

Miki o.o who plays Radio?

kittykhatz I'm a sucker for musical dramas like What's up so this one is a must see for me. The 1st episode definitely sparked my interest so i'm looking forward to the next episodes...

wee_kyu13 Super COOL!!! I love this drama, even when I watched it, I don't know what are they talking about. the sub isn't release yet. but it was super awesome!!! <3 Monstar is like a combination of Shut Up Flower Boy Band and Dream High. : 3 Double cool!! ♥ ♥ Ha yeon soo looks like IU, isn't it?

rd is there any subtitle for episode 1? what's about the rating? is it good?

yufu Cant wait to ep 2 >< this drama very nice... like it! Min Se Yi look cute ^^

Kendall Does any one know when the sub will come out?

nicoe it will be shown on the 17 may :) cant wait to see my joker acting !!! huhuhu counting down now ...

jaynemontero it's good! I can't wait to watch this.....because Kang Ha-neul was there!!!

Jung nana some pages tell it will be airing on may 17th, but i'm still confused

@sh334 the drama said it started April 6 but it did not... i'm confused, can someone help plz TY:)

Miz aaaa' perfect ! want to watch with subtitles in Portuguese! *oo*

diah amazing, my joker be a main cast in the drama. i cant wait again !!!!

mia when it's gonna start ? 6 April or May?

nasy nice,can,t wait to watch this drama.I hope it will be one of the best dramas! I would love to watch this drama with a perfect english sub...

riafeatriana huhu.can't wait to see our Joker amazing acting...i also love Kang Ha Neul since To The Beautiful both handsome heroes..the girl Ha Yeon Seo is also cute..hope it will be a daebak dramas from Mnet!!!fighting MonStar!!!

Alanna Medeiros Omg~ I love to see Krystal acting! ♥♥ I just hope she does not get a role of a bad girl. I know she has the face but ... I do not want to see her as a villain. hahaha. Her name should be up there in second. Along with our beautiful Joker~~~ ♥♥♥

Kim Hayan WOW! Joker finally acting in some MUSIC-TURNED-DRAMA cable channel...Basically Mnet is following in the footsteps of MTV (Americans' music show created Teen Wolf and Awkward). Anyway, I'm hoping this drama will have cameos of rookie boy bands (those from year 2012), including CROSS GENE and BtoB. nevertheless, I'll still watch this musical drama since it sounds similar to SUFBB and based on some stories behind Superstar K, I am A Singer or any other K-pop reality shows of music auditions. Fighting, Monstar!

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