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MB kuchiki Just finished watching triangle.. this actor is so great and so intense with those big awesome eyes of his. Loved him and a fan as of now lol. Keep doing great things!

AthenaAlexandriaMagnus Your fan from the Philippines. Just looking to your eyes, I knew you are a great actor.... I am interested to your acting, so I watched your films and dramas (Death bell, Project Makeover, my wife is a gangster 3,Oh! Brothers Au Revoir UFO, Descendant of Hong Gil Dong, Prime MInister and I, History of a Salaryman/Salaryman Chohanji, and Giant) . You never failed to amazed me, and yet I am currently watching your Drama ( IRIS 2 and Triangle), although I have a busy school schedules, but this is my happiness and my life. In our Country (Philippines) you are like Ser Chief, but you became famous early ... My first Korean drama that I watched is Queen Seon Deok and I have a crush on Uhm Tae Woong .. I found kdramas as my life and happiness just like One Direction (Famous British Boyband). When I watched your films and dramas especially Oh! Brothers, I was like (OHHHH!!!! Lee Beom Soo Oppa is so cool ! He can portray any characters.) And I was like Hey Guys ! Do you watch Prime Minister and I ? (Prime Minister and I is currently playing in a local tv channel) Do You know Prime Minister ? Did you know that he is a great actor ? ... I am doing that frequently in the classroom and they know that my cellphone is full of pictures of you oppa. I also heard that you did a photoshoot here in the Philippines (2013) ... Awww ! Why didn't I know you sooner ??? ... But I really love your sense of humor, voice and acting skills ... Many dramas, film to come.... Good health to you and your family, especially your son.... Saranghae Oppa :)

myra I watch prime minister and I ,I love your hairstyle there you look handsome I love you so much!

Alleah I'm not into Korean stuff but you are the first person that really got my attention. Your acting skills is exceptional. Because of that, I got hooked on watching different films and television dramas especially if you are in it. I hope I can watch more films of yours. :D

noona i watched prime minister and what can i say? you perfectly delivered the role as prime minister hands down mr. lee beom soo :) i'm already a fan <3 from Philippines.

Jenny Watched Giant and History of a Salaryman. Oh gosh. This man is just so exceptional.

Rona You're the best! You perfected the role. I do love you so much. Hope to watch more of you here in the Philippines. Love yah!

jaimelhyn viray hello mr. Lee Beom Soo.. i'm a fan of yours and got strucked on your drama skills.. the first time i saw you handled the role of Prime minister Kwon Yool made me watched your drama over and over again.. i just wish that i could see you in person.. :( more power and God bless :)

adelina you are so good in acting.I love the way you act. it is awesome

crexenteyes03 The moment I saw your acting skills, it inspires me. For me you are a fantasy ( isn't it obvious that I like you soooo much :) ) Who am I to say this words? Well, I'm just your fan but for me you are my inspiration. For next year Lee Beom-Soo, I hope you will have more blessings to come and God bless you and your family. Happy New year!!


marivic hello...i am an avid fan of you hope you read my message to you i really love watching prime minister and i...impossible to meet you but hoping we meet someday..SARANGHAE...

maryjoy alba hi sir..im your avid fan here in the philippines..i love very much your drama prime minister and i..your so georgous..i love your acting...i hope i can watch more movies and drama of yours..god bless..

atik Love you act mr LBS,,,the prime minister and I. Is the best drama series i ever saw,,,good job sir,,,

Lilia Javier Thumbs up for Lee Beom Soo and Yoona of Prime Minister and I , best couple!

R Palupy S Oppa, i love your acting in The Prime Minister and I Perdana Mentri Kwon Yool. ^_^ God Bless U

Mizz I've seen just two of his movies,i first saw him in salaryman & i so much became his fan,then iris2 & i'm so happy he's got a twitter acct but the bad news is that he tweets only in korean.

Mulev I really really really love Lee Bum Soo. First I saw him in Prime Minister and I, then I fell in love with him and watch salaryman and watch every his dramas, movies, interviews, entertainment shows, variety shows everything about him. HE'S JUST SO DAMN GOOD ACTOR I REALLY LOVE HIS ACTING, HIS PERSONALITY, HIS HUMOUR, just him.

Dominika HELLO how are you today My name is Miss Dominika i saw your profile now and i pick interest in you as friend to share important discussion with you as friend so contact me through my email addresses (dominikaenos100@hotmail.com) or send me your own email for picture and other discussion ok i wait for your respond and have a nice day

tp Needless to say, LBS is a damn good actor. He's so versatile and able to play whatever role he's in. An amazing actor! I love him in the prime minister and I. He looks completely different and so elegant & like...a prime minister of course :D

Best wishes to you Mr. Lee!

vondora i think he is too awesome,,,,,wow he changes with every role,,,i just think that's real cool

Dayusurya His act is so good.

patricia hayden hot, sexy, big eyes...and he can act...win win win love him

Sarah Mackenzie Your acting in The Prime Minister and I demonstrated how eclectic and versatile your acting really is. It must have been very difficult for you to endure your father's death while shooting that drama series. However, your acting never ceases to amaze me especially in History of the Salaryman, Dr. Jin and Surgeon Bong, including Prime Minister and I. Keep choosing parts that challenge your acting not just for popularity. Fighting!

Bree I just finished watching History of a Salaryman and damn it's so good and funny. I saw Prime Minister and I too and his acting in both dramas are different, such a good actor. Congratulations and we're hoping for your next project.

Sheri I loved his acting in prime minister & I...he's talented and his acting is so real and nice...Keep up the good work :)

christine since i watch family outing and bum soo oppa as the guest there, i fell in love with you. you are smart, funny, handsome like my ideal man. love you so much oppa, keep giving us good act. sarang hae <3

tina u'r so cool and really talented so good luck

loesje Astounding in Giant!!! A must see! Great charisma,great actor!

tri you are my favorite korean actor.. I love you since surgeon bong dal he.. you have a great acting skill and charisma that make you special... fighting boem soo oppa...!!! am always wàiting for your next project.. :)

van gabato hyung bday is coming

dewi kang mo ea..so handsome n awesome ^_^

Isaac You rocked my world with superb acting of yours, it was simply a blast, i give kudos to the director for such beautiful casting work and director, the suspense were fantastic, i cannnt belive Gangmo would still pick up that marriage diary, however Seogmoun shouldnt have died,he suffered to such and should atleast stay with you pple b4 death

vina your face so cute and cool... hahah

Vicky Galindez giant just finished airing in my country. enjoyed it very much. smiles and tears look good on korean guys. great work, lee beom-soo!

Cos You 're always a good man, a talented and charismatic actor... with all my respect and love! Wish you all the best in your next project.

CICI Lee Beom Soo, you ROCKED in IRIS 2 and literally saved the series with your incredible acting..You are such an inspiration..all the very best in the future and I look forward to watching your acting for many years to come.

Philip Trinidad Good Actor! GIANT is my best korean drama I ever watched... xD

Yoly Really good actor!

jessa arellano i really love GIANT drama,, you are really good actor...giant drama inspired me a lot ..i really love it,,...god blessed

DaDa Does anybody else find him like very attractive? Something about him....he's just so charismatic.

J This man is such a good actor. Having first seen him in "Surgeon Bong Dal Hee" and now "Dr. Jin" ..he is so well versed, no character he can't play. He can also sing :)

Just Fans the best Korean Actor... Like what I say to Park Sang Min... I saw you first in Korean drama of Surgeon Bong Dal Hee... After that in On Air and then in Giant... But in Giant, i feel your acting is so deep like Park Sang Min,make me think that both of you is really brothers,hope is still like that,even not in Giant... Always be your self,your acting is a gift... GBU FOREVER Lee Bum Soo

reamnor Lee Beom-Su is a good great actor =D whenever i see his face i start laughing x3 i liked him in salaryman especially when he was laughing insanely because of the medicine he took XD now i'm gonna watch his new movie. wish him best luck! :D


sarah I first fell in love with you in Dr Jin and so sought you out. Next, I will watch Giant since so many praise you in it. Congratulations on the baby!

Ben You are real wonderful. After watching Giant drama, My ambition and way of thinking changed alot. Through the drama I see succes in my life. Thank you and all the best.

cher my favorite korean actor, eagerly wait for each his new project - whether it drama or film

Abdullah DUMAGERO I am really impress by watching ur film that is "GIANT" wish u all the best.

wonwan amazing actor knows how to act especially in history of a salaryman

yovita Wish all the best for him! fighting!!!

Kang mo fan_de la .. I love kang mo,fighting!my fav. Actor

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