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Hannie I'm so happy to see her back on screen for Fall in Love with Soon Jung <3

werner Waiting for your new drama Falling for Innocent.

Benny I love your great performance :) Looking forward to your upcoming series, "Falling for innocence" on April 3rd 2015 ❤️

Kun nas I love u so much,kim so yeon,keep it up

dramakid i never knew you were friends with Park shin hye unni(just saw both of u on instagram)anybody that is friends with my shin hye unni,is also a friend of mine

Rishika the hairstyle in iris suits yu a lot

Jen Her acting in two weeks was amazing. I love her!

rose byrne I love you Kim so yeon. i will always support your acting career and be healthy.. take care ms Kim.

otto I love her acting in iris. she is perfect for the action roles. hope to see her more in drama or movie soon.

Aria She's an actress who can really act well. She's one of the coolest and sophisticated actresses around. She's a versatile actress who can do different roles from being a cute to a cool action character to a gorgeous woman and she can be a villain too. I'm really looking forward to more of her projects in the future. Kim So Yeon fighting!!! <3

Romy KSY I love her in many drama and images in her magazine. She is beautiful an d also skillful. Hope her get another role of drama or movie soon. I will support her.

Romy KSY,,I love her in many drama and images in her magazine ,she pose like a professional model. Hope she get another role of drama or movie soon. I will support her.

bora she is so lovely. I really love her..

Park ye won Hope she to see her next project as action drama. She so awesome in action scene. Really cool.

wizard535 Her hairstyle in IRIS really suited her <3

soyeon_fans hope u will come out with new drama and new male lead... love ur acting so much .saranghae unni .

kherg I really love this lady. she both beautiful and talented.

Allen I really like you in INR3! Hoping you to have more acting project as a lead actress. Fighting Shing Shing!

micky I finished INR3 this is one of my favorite drama. Never regret with her performance.

CICI Kim So Yeon, I loved seeing you in INR 3.You're such a great actress. I didn't like what they did with your character, making JY let Wan overstep her boundaries time & time again. IMO, you have the energy of a strong self confidence as a woman, so it's not believable when a writer or director makes you do a weak part. You are great at being vulnerable but a weak pushover? Not you.Your scenes with Nam Gung Min were my favorite and I'd like to see you act with him again. Both of you had beautiful chemistry together and if I could whisper in your ear, I'd say (you should date him, you two are gorgeous together <3 ) I hope you will have the female lead role in IRIS 3 cuz you ROCK in action dramas!

nadjoong I love so yeon since all about eve . shes is great act0r . she act very well in all her drama . I need Romance is daebakk . I love u unni ... -malaysiafans_

nanami shing shing in I need romance 3! I love her..

sara I ve been watching I need romance 3 recently.. I love her so much and she did a great job to portray her roles in this drama. her chemistry with her costar, sung joon also great and they both looks good together.

kyra lovely 1st i didnt really like her when i watchd Prosecutor Princess..but at the end i realize she's soo charming...

HelloKitty You're the best!! Your such a good actress and your so pretty!! I loved you in 2 weeks and IRIS! Also in Prosecutor Princess! I love you!! Hope you continue doing dramas and movies!!!!! Hopefully, you'll be in a action drama again cause you do REALLY well in those and i love how you act in them!! So cool!! May god be with you throughout your career!!

kitty I love you Kim so yeon..

kyimin may be sucessful. l will alway watch your dramas. fighting!

Ace08 KIM SO YEON I love you!!! You're such a good actres stay safe always and keep moving forward!!! I love IRIS drama and movie!!!

jamilu iliyasu she is both talented and amasing actress.

hannah Hello I'm Hannalyn.... again! from Philippines, I'm one of your biggest fan... even were not in the same country, not even the same culture. Your look is captivating and I adore your fabulous performance in this Korean Drama and movie (IRIS). I like your short hair. I love you.. my greatest idol, stay nice and always keep your feet on the ground whatever life's greatest opportunities will offer you.. :))

hannah I LOVE IRIS and i love You for being may idoL. hello I was turned hannalyn Philippines even remotely meeting place where you live super idol income due to coming to acting and nice face and your attitude .. I love you as a idol . would always be good person and Invalid captivating high .. ok? always careful .. and extra skills to the best iris korean drama I like those short hair you .. ) YOU'RE THE BEST .. :)

CICI Dear Kim So Yeon, I'm watching IRIS again and part of the reason is you. You were magnificent in it and it really showed how talented of an actress you are. IRIS 2 really blew it In my opinion, by not having you in a leading role. I hope if there is an IRIS 3, whoever the writers are, they will pick you because I think you are the best. You are such a great actress, good luck in the future & hope to see you in more dramas esp. IRIS 3.

Dr. Hubert Hechabarria Kim So-Yeon, is my favorite actress in all of South Korea. I have watched "IRIS" a total of three times, because Kim So-Yeon, continues to amaze me with her excellent acting skills to play a hard core North Koren spy cold blooded and while in Japan tracking her target she is able to show you her very sensual and sexy side that is the true Kim So-Yeon. (I studied medicine for ten years in Tokyo, lived in Soul for two years and studied Acupuncture in Beijing, China for four years). I live eat and sleep Asian culture, and I will always rate Kim So-Yeon the # 1 Asian actress. Hope to see you in many more roles.

sunny she is cute,pretty and exquisite.i wish to see u eye ball to eye u

A COOL First, I saw in All About Eve, Then I like you more in "Prosecutor Princess" It's the best drama that I've ever seen I'll wait you in the next project..

Korea dram lover Kim so yoon.. I like&love your act as antagonis in all about eve or as protagonis in princess prosecutor.. I hope there is other great drama like prosecutor princess and you act at this drama

Jw I love her acting in Prosecutor Princess . Prosecutor Princess is the best drama i've ever watched . I really love it , and both the main actor and actress . I really hope there's season two , it's a really great show .

bloomingdale Miss Kim So-Yeon,

Great acting skills you have, a real charmer. Keep up the good work. I saw you first in prosecutor princess , dint like you in the first episode , just for time pass watched episode 2 and continued till end :) you are the reason for that. Your acting is real, loved your style, loved the way you delivered the dialogue very zingy and peppy ... off course great story and direction ha ha you made my tummy ache .... The chemistry between you and your mom was amazing loved it ... you are the reason i watched IRIS. Your brooding looks was eye-catcher, you dived in to the character hats of for that. Great acting and great style . Best wishes

ko soe hi

    you are so my eye......
                                                      be happy all the time...

maia i find her pretty in long hair...don't like her hair in prosecutor princess..she seemed to old for PSH. but her acting is excellent.

jb She looks a lot like kumiko aso....which is a good thing. Very pretty

Sathrain Love you! Short hair Baby :)

MoRe It's too bad she hasn't an complete and first person role like her character in Iris. she has act perfect. if in the future i get to see a new action drama from her i will absolutely watch it completely because she has improved her ability in action dramas in Iris. waiting for her news...

Bobur Amazing and attractive!.....Fly High!

jovelyn It's like I'm watching from latest to oldest projects you've done. I have first watch Dr. Champ, then Prosecutor Princess, Iris and now All About Eve. and guess what I'm loving you more and more. I'll support you all the way. This is the first time that I've ever post a comment for an actress that I like. More projects to come and Fighting!

jovelyn Ms. Kim So Yeon you are so beautiful. I'm a big fan. Beautiful and talented. You're acting skills is superb! and by the way I love the way you dance ;) For me you're the best Korean actress ever!

kfan prosecutor MA HYE-RI!!!!!!!!!!!! she's definitely one of d finest korean actress today... Her role as a naive prosecutor was very moving!!!! I hope she gets more HYE-RI ish roles and not on d very serious one.....

on ji i can't wait for her new movie 'coffee russsia' im looking forward for that!! she is beautiful and sexy too....

cullengabriela i really....really like her and all of her roled.......except.....yoengmie in all about eve....when she stared at me.....feels like gonna killed me......!!!

Jija She's is the most beautiful Korean actress and her acting skill is very good

koko she beautiful...

jimmmy i"ve seen her in iris. she really sexy i think. one of my favourite actress in korea right now.

rara OMG.. she beautiful. ive seen he in iris and prosecutor princess. she is very talented actress and can act very well

kimi i saw her in athena as cameo today. she still beautiful and sexy like she was in iris even with a long hair. her acting also awesome and charismatic.

qee she is cute in prosecutor princess! i really like her.

yoyo ma hye ri!!!! i love you kim so yeon. you are beautiful and talented too.

pola i really like you in Iris. natural beauty i think.

wanna KSY really beautiful. very talented and sexy in short hair. love her as Ma hye ri.

gigi kim she was so beautiful. love her so much. she can really act well..

miki she so sexy in IRIS.

samatha love her alot in IRIS and PP. she really can act well and have a nice figure.

babe i really love of my fav actress in korean right now.

lala she is really beautiful n sexy in one way... i love her since she act in all about eve..

Awee She is one of the most beautiful Korean actresses I have ever seen in dramas (and i watch a lot). I hope she makes some more so i can enjoy her acting!

Matt She is awesome!! I love her in IRIS!

ynia_dea a versatile actress! one of the best! you will hate her in ALL ABOUT EVE you will be amazed on her role in IRIS you will love her in PROSECUTOR PRINCESS she's one of my fave Korean actress ^___^

Cipher she looks way better in Iris, Her hair in Iris suits her imo, leave your hair short :P

Enna I really loved her in Iris!

Tri She is the most beautiful actress that i have ever seen in my life.

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